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Yes, I did in fact end up donating to the Escaflowne Kickstarter… but NOT because I wanted a new English Dub (truthfully I am never thrilled when Funimation does new English Dubs because they keep recycling through their cast of voice actors so all of the anime ends up the same… plus I have such a soft spot for the original voice cast–Kelly Sheridan, Kirby Morrow–AND THE FACT that fuccboi Vic Mignogna is cast as Folken—like he could EVER HOPE TO MEASURE UP TO THE RICH, SEXY DULCET TONES OF PAUL DOBSEN I CAN’T EVEN *screeches angrily* GO AWAY I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING– trying to do the brother voice connection thing that you did in FMA funimation to gain fans STAHP IT. I once met Paul Dobsen at an Inuyasha signing JUST TO TELL HIM that my fave role I ever saw him in was Folken.) –I really wanted to see all of the uncut content. If you caught Escaflowne back when it was super hacked up when it had it’s run on Fox Kids–blegh. This will be your chance to see it in all of it’s beautiful glory. Plus, the Kickstarter comes with all sorts of perks like an artbook (which Nobuteru Yuki is one of my fave artists growing up so I MUST HAVE IT) exclusive packaging/special items, and my personal fave–Hitomi’s tarot card deck!

And YES the soundtrack was done by the super talented Hajime Mizoguchi and the FLAWLESS Yoko Kanno of Cowboy Bebop fame. Music is so good you guys you don’t even understand… and Maaya Sakamoto voicing leading lady Hitomi and singing all of the accompanying songs which if I remember correctly—this was her first voice acting role! She was doing it while she was still in high school.  But Escaflowne was one of those series that I felt had everything that I ever wanted ever–romance, action, giant medieval robots, amazing story, wonderful, world building and endearing, nuanced characters–mystical and scientific elements mixed with historical figures….AND A MECHA THAT ALSO TURNS INTO A FUCKING DRAGON?!

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This series still holds up pretty well, and it still stands as one of my top favorite animes of all time if not my favorite, period. I COULD SCREAM ABOUT THIS SERIES FOREVER. 10/10 would recommend!