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The show handled the Winterfell rape infinitely better than the books. Which made the brutal torture and rape of Jeyne all about Theon. And forced it on a character few readers actually cared about or identified with. And Sophie Turner did the best she could in interviews. You don't magically become capable of handling the topic because you turn 18. People aren't angry about rape being used as a trivial way to prop up a man they are angry the show refused to take that route.

Going to answer your points out of order.

1)  About ST being an adult and her ability to make public commentary on handling a sensitive, real world subject.  Here’s the thing…  if I admit I’m uninformed about a topic but I make public statements lecturing other people on that topic, I deserve to get called out on it.  That’s what being an adult is.  You have to own your words and actions, 18 or 88.  I would not have blamed her if she had decided to not speak on it, but she was a chief defender of that scene.  D&D, middle-aged men, certainly avoided speaking about it and it was shitty that they let a young adult run interference for their decisions.  It’s not that ST is responsible for not “automatically” obtaining wisdom and insight at 18.  It’s readily volunteering to publically criticize people who reasonably questioned why this “had to” take place when she stated her knowledge was limited.  She was chastising them for somehow taking away from talking about sexual assault in real life, as if how that is presented in media has no bearing on real life or has no place in the “real” conversation.  Look, I’m not saying she deserved to be crucified over it.  I’m saying it was a jackass, uninformed thing to say that no one forced her to make.  She’s a big girl and can take her lumps just like any other adult.     

2)  I have never heard one person say they were upset they didn’t make this more about Theon’s development.  I don’t know how you concluded this was why people were upset.  If you recall, the camera actually fixated quite a long time on Theon’s face, leading many people to think “Oh my God, they are making this about how it affects Theon.”  Actually that unintentional (and unfortunate) decision came when the director just liked how Alfie Allen was reacting in the background.  If they didn’t want to focus on Sophie’s face, they could have chose some object in the room to focus on instead or cut to black much earlier.  So yeah there was a level of thoughtlessness there to how it was shot and the final cut, which does not support the idea of the show handling it well.

3)  Exactly how did the show handle this better when no one can logically explain why Sansa “had to” be in Winterfell to begin with?  Littlefinger gives her a bizarre, vague pep talk about “avenging” her family through marrying Ramsey Bolton.  LF lso gives away his prize pawn for literally nothing in return for his character.  Sansa decides to go along with this without questioning how exactly she is supposed to “avenge” her family.  How does legitimizing through marriage the usurper’s claim to Winterfell supposed to give Sansa the advantage?  None of this made any sense.  It was a completely forced plot to get Sansa in the position to be raped by the big bad.  Did we need the scene for the audience to discover how monstrous Ramsey really is?  No.  We already knew he was a rapist and sadist through Theon well before this happened.  Oh btw, how does the show handle Theon’s trauma from being (implied) raped, tortured, and sexually mutilated?  Take every opportunity to make him a joke.  Yes, they handle it so much better.  I have interview quotes from D&D here in this post stating their thinking behind using “painful experience” to make Sansa badass, which is the core of the rape-revenge trope.  I would highly recommended the breakdown videos of @knightsinquisitor for all of D&D’s decisions compiled from interviews and dvd commentary.  Specifically:

If @knightsinquisitor has anything to add, please feel free.

4)  As for the book handling of Jeyne’s story and rape in general, there’s some criticisms I agree with and some I don’t.  One thing is for certain, I have a clear understanding of the logical chain of events that led to Jeyne being in Winterfell.  Theon may be the witness in his POV to Jeyne’s story, but I don’t find it makes her story all about him.  No more than telling Sandor’s story through Arya and Sansa’s POV makes it all about the girls.  I cannot speak for all readers in how much they care about Jeyne Poole, but I haven’t found anyone who wasn’t sympathetic to her story since the purging of the Stark men in KL.  Littlefinger is 100% responsible for her situation.  He assisted with the Stark downfall which killed her father, he sent her to a brothel, then he sent her to WF to impersonate Arya.  She’s a key component of the plot there.  We have the northern houses rallying for last stand against the Boltons and Freys “for Ned’s little girl.”  We have the rescue mission attempt by Mance Rayder and the spearwives.  Theon is agrees to help, but he’s not the major actor here.  So no, I don’t see how George is making it all about Theon.  Jeyne is still alive and many readers reasonably speculate that she could be the key witness that brings down LF permanently.  Learning Jeyne’s story may be the tipping point that motivates Sansa to execute LF, because as of now she still believes he saved her life.  She doesn’t know that he orchestrated everything.  Whatever happens, Jeyne is still alive and in play for a reason. So she may have started as relatively minor, but it does look like her story has major ripple effects.  People are coming to her aid and are bent on raining down justice on the Boltons.  

The show handling is a cheap imitation of all these plot intricacies.  How did Sansa’s rape affect the Northern plot in the show?  Did the North rally for her and seek justice?  Hell no.  It’s not like what Ramsay was doing was a secret.  Worse, Sansa had to go crawling back to LF to ask him to bring the KotV.  Lyanna Mormont mocks her for a forced marriage to Tyrion and her nightmare marriage to Ramsay.  I cannot see, for the life of me, how I am supposed to consider this better treatment.           

  • ah ro: alright, sun woo, what’s it gonna take for you to feel loved? what, you wanna get married? you wanna live happily ever aft-
  • sun woo: yeah.
  • ah ro: what? what did you just say?
  • sun woo: you asked me to marry you. i’m saying yes.
  • ah ro: no... i meant when you said that-
  • sun woo: what? now you don’t wanna get married?
  • ah ro: no, i guess-
  • sun woo: we’ve only been engaged 15 seconds and you’re already getting cold feet.

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iirc, hermann hesse's demian was mentioned in tokyo ghoul manga, right ?_?

Anon you make my heart burn (did you figure out after my other literature posts that I love to talk about this stuff ;D).

Yes, it was mentioned in TG, but it’s not the quote “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world” why I’m so happy that you send me this message because a lot of people already talked about it.

There’s another reason why I think Hermann Hesse’s Demian shows us once again how scary Ishida can be. And do you want to know the reason? I think we should have expected that Hide will disappear at the end of the manga and that Sasaki Haise will resemble him (not just because Kaneki tends to imitate traits or because of his better life at the start of :Re (his ‘happy dream’)). It’s once again because of foreshadowing.  Demian might even explain why it will take some time till Hide appears again (I still believe he’s alive).

Ishida uses literature references a lot, but I think people should know it’s not only the mentioned quote  which tells us more about the story, but the whole book/poem  etc. can be seen as a form of foreshadowing (for example Crossbread can be seen as a parallel between Arima and Sasaki).

So let’s talk a bit about Herman Hesse’s Demian.  The quote was mentioned in chapter 8 during Kaneki’s and Nishiki’s fight after Kaneki realized that Hide saved him a lot of times. Demian is also a story about the struggle between two worlds (world of illusion vs. the real world). And it’s really interesting that the friendship between the two main characters Emil Sinclair and Max Demian shows parallels to Kaneki’s and Hide’s friendship (I think it’s not a coincidence that the quote appeared in a chapter where Hide plays a role because Sinclair (the person who Kaneki shows similarities to) reads this quote on a piece of paper which is actually from Demian (the person who shows similarities to Hide).

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to write a long post about this. Not sure if anyone will even read all of this, but it’s really one of the many reasons why I love Ishida so much.

Emil Sinclair (Kaneki) and Demian (Hide):

Emil is the protagonist of the novel and Demian is his childhood friend. Both meet each other because Franz Kromer bullied Emil (Hide noticed that Kaneki doesn’t have friends and often defended him). Like Hide, Demian is also a new pupil. Both Demian and Hide influence their friends in some ways (even when they are not present).  

This post would turn out even longer if I talk about all the similarities, so I will just talk about the most important ones and use a lot of quotes from the book later.

(I will put this under a read more once again)

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  • Wendy: You're pregnant.
  • Lucy: Aw man, Happy told you?
  • Wendy: Nope. You’re drinking decaf coffee, which you usually only do in the afternoon, you’re wearing an empire waist dress and loose shoes ‘cause your feet are already swelling. I’d put you at nine, maybe ten weeks.
  • Lucy: God, you're observant.
  • Wendy: Yes, yes I am. By the way, when did you make the switch to boxer briefs?
  • Cobra: Yesterday!

“Once you listen to the lyrics of the songs Styles had previewed, it’s pretty hard to deny that he is one hell of a songwriter. But now that all 10 tracks are available to the world, there’s six more songs that further showcase how he’s evolved. There’s lines that are suggestive (morphine! sex!), heartbreaking (“I’m empty, I know”) and downright deep (“You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky”) across the entire album, displaying Styles’ versatility and his boldness as a solo artist. Above all, what these lyrics prove is that Styles has already moved from boy-band member to mature singer-songwriter – or perhaps rock star – in his post-1D career.”

This is a quote written by Billboard for an article about Harry Styles brand-spankin’ new album several days ago.

Can I just say…whose student loans did they pay off in order to get this article written?

“Once you’ve listened to the lyrics of the songs Styles had previewed, it’s pretty hard to deny that he’s one hell of a songwriter.“

WTF. Okay. Is Harry a decent singer? Yes, he is. Is Harry a decent guitar player? He appears to be, sure. Is Harry a decent performer? Hell yes, he most certainly is. Is Harry a good songwriter? …judging by the lyrics found on his album, I would have to say no. The only song that is lyrically very well done on my opinion is that of Two Ghosts, which is ironic considering the that he wrote that years ago while still in One Direction. Harry did his BEST lyrical writing in 1D. Just listen to the songs he’s credited on! (Where do Broken Hearts Go, If I Could Fly, Olivia…) Although…It does beg an interesting question: were those songs only, lyrically, THAT good because of who he was writing with at the time? Is this new album really what his songwriting sound like? If so, then can we get an album written by all of the people that he wrote with in the past? I want their songs instead.

”…There’s lines that are suggestive (morphine! sex!)…“

This just makes me laugh. Harry is anything but suggestive and subtle when it comes to lyrical writing. He’s very foreword with his lyrics to the point that it’s almost uncomfortable sometimes. He’s either too foreword or too subtle. There is no in between with him. Also, he’s been singing about sex for YEARS! Even going all the way back to 1D’s first album. Why is that suddenly such a huge deal? Drugs? No, he hasn’t been singing about that for years, that’s a new development. But he’s so obvious about it in the lyrics that’s it’s almost embarrassing. Even some of the most beloved singers in history were never that foreword when it came to drugs. They were very subtle:

Take Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles for example. If you were not aware, that song is about LSD. I know. SHOCKER.

What about Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana? Who knows whatever the heck that song is actually about but I’m pretty sure it references drugs at one point or another but who can really tell?

Do you see the difference?

”…heartbreaking (I’m empty, I know)“

…this is what’s considered a heart breaking line in this day and age? Lord help the music industry since Harry’s being considered the savior of it!! You want a heartbreaking lyric? Take one from musical theater. Actually, why don’t I just give you the whole damn verse. On My Own from Les Miserables:

I love him / but when the night is over / he is gone / the river’s just a river

without him / the world around me changes / the trees are bare / and everywhere the streets of full of strangers

I love him / but everyday I’m learning / all my life / I’ve only been pretending

Without me / his world will go on turning / a world that’s full of happiness that I have never known

Okay. Maybe it is a bit unfair of me to compare to broadway lyrical writers since that’s on a completely different level of songwriting skill. Fine. Then allow me to give you a heartbreaking lyric from Taylor fucking Swift. Yes, her reputation and attitude can take away from her talent and music but she is a fucking INCREDIBLE songwriter and yes, I will fight you on that.

you call me up again just to break me like a promise / so casually cruel in the name of being honest / I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here / cause I remember it all, all, all too well

Can you tell the difference?

“…and downright deep (“You can’t bride the door on your way to the sky”)“

Okay…sure…deep…now tell me why it’s deep. Tell me what the frick that line means to you. Cause I can’t figure out what the hell that’s supposed to the mean be it a dying mother talking to her newborn child, someone referencing an apocalyptic world, or Harry just saying what he thinks about life.

Do not try to tell me that Harry is ‘one hell of a songwriter’ when he literally repeats the same phrase in every chorus in every song on the album. When some singers don’t even include choruses. Take Vienna or Piano Man by Billy Joel or Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

But Harry? He hasn’t quite mastered that skill yet.

MMITH: ‘I gotta get better’

SOTT: ‘We never learn / we’ve been hear before / why are we always stuck and running from / the bullets’

C: ‘she’s a good girl / she’s a such a good girl / she feels so good’

*i’m skipping TB because, like I said before, that is the BEST written song on the album*

SC: ‘sweet creature / sweet creature’

OA: ‘she’s an angel / only angel’

K: ‘I’m having your baby / it’s none of your business’

ESNY: ‘oh tell me something i don’t already know’

W: ‘Woman’ ….lalalala

*FTDT is, again, one of the better written songs off the album. Though not as well-written as TG in my humble opinion*

Do not try to convince me that Harry is some brilliant songwriter who never got to express his talents in 1D. If anything, that band produced some of his best songwriting thus far. I’m now doubting if that was actually him…

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1. Nicknames: Ronnie; only my boyfriend calls me sweetie/babe/baby

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27. Nationality: Mexican and Jewish

28. Fav Song: yo i got bpd my fav song changes every hour

29. Last Book I Read: Tom Cat in Love by Tim O'Brien

30. Top 3 Fictional Universes I Want to Join: BNHA (obviously), The Office, Grey’s Anatomy

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welivetoserve replied to your post: “His ears are pierced but I think that’s it. But…

“Ha ha, so funny.” He said sarcastically then rolled his eyes with a smile. “There’s probably a few small restaurants near the food court too so maybe I can treat you to a better meal, since I did spend a couple thousand dollars already, why not spend an extra 50.”

                   "Don’t be silly! I’m happy to go for something easy. You should save your money for the wedding.” Yes, she was going to be teasing him for a while now. It was just so amazing! “I can’t wait. Are you going to do it on Christmas day?”

That Photo Of Me Online...

So, I’m putting it all on the table today. There is a photo of me online.

I didn’t put it there. I don’t generally post or even share photos of myself on the internet, but recently I allowed a friend to take a picture of me and shortly after, that picture ended up in the center of a rather unpleasant meme.

You probably already guessed which meme that is, so let me admit, yes that is me, Ari Bach, author of the Valhalla Trilogy and this blog, and that really is me without any Photoshop. BUT- I never condoned the meme now based on that photo and I absolutely never said or did what it quotes me as having said and done.

I believe that crocodiles are one of the coolest animals in the world and I would never, ever harm one as the meme suggests. Wild animals, in my experience, just want to be left alone and that’s what I do, I leave them alone. So the claims of the meme are completely false, even if the photo is real. Secondly, I want to clarify that the sword was fake, a plastic prop sword from a movie I worked on some years ago. And thirdly, I am fully aware that crocodiles don’t eat bike tires and I would never try to feed one to a crocodile. I never even touched the bike tire, it was just there in the background and was never used as the meme suggests, it was never coated in Vaseline, and it was never “given to an orphanage” after the picture was taken.

Also problematic is the obvious controversy surrounding the inappropriate viewpoints the meme suggests I hold. I want to make it very clear that although I was wearing “corpse paint” like the metal band mentioned, I do not share their views on Donald Trump and I will be voting for Bernie Sanders myself.

Finally, please let me say that I feel very wronged by the posting of and misuse of this photograph. That was meant to be a private and solemn moment between me, the crocodile, the photographer, the clown, the man in the zebra stockings and of course, Robert Downey Jr. It was wrong to post, it was wrong to meme counter to my real beliefs, and I will be pursuing legal action against the Yakuza for posting it as they did.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.