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Close Encounter pt. 1: Sirius x Muggle!Reader

Request: a oneshot where the reader goes to a party in the summer with lily and marauders are there (reader is Lily’s friend and knows she’s a witch and about hogwarts/James but hasn’t met the rest of the marauders). And maybe reader and Sirius get to talking at the party (Lily’s maybe off with James?) and they kiss then the next day reader goes on the date with James friend Lily’s been wanting to set her up with for ages. She gets to the date&Sirius is her date? And super cute date pls? Either like Lily’s best friend from a young age as a muggle or she goes to beauxbatons maybe but whichever you prefer is fine for me☺️

Warnings: none

A/N: I set this modern, because I don’t know how parties worked in the 70′s whoops I’ll ask my mom later. Also this one was turning too long, so it’ll be a two parter ;)


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“Lil, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Of course!” she says, putting the finishing touches on my makeup. I turn around and examine my reflection in the mirror.

“Whoa.” My (y/h/c) locks are in perfect, fat curls, and my makeup expertly accents my (y/e/c) eyes. “I look great. It’s almost like magic,” I say, tickling Lily in the stomach.

“Oh, shut up,” she giggles. “I still know how to do things the normal way, you know.”

MY normal way, or YOUR normal way?” I tease with a smirk, and she smacks my arm.

OUR normal way. Honestly, I’m not even sure you’re allowed to know about my magic.”

“Oh please,” I huff, plopping down on her bed. “I would’ve figured it out sooner or later. Remember the time you set Ashley Randolph’s homework on fire when you saw her cheating?”

“We were eight and I didn’t do it on purpose!” she groans, collapsing on the bed next to me. I sigh, brushing my hair behind my ear. She turns to me and offers a small sad smile. “It’s not quite fair, is it? Me being a witch and you not being at school with me?”

“I don’t know if fair is the right word,” I respond, giving her hand a quick squeeze. “I mean, it’s not like it used to be. But I’ve had six years to adjust. I’ll survive.”

She smiles again, for real this time, and pulls me into a hug.

“I wish you could be at Hogwarts with me. You’d love it there.”

“I don’t know. Castles have never really been my thing,” I reply glancing over at my leather jacket hanging on the back of her door. “So I’m finally going to meet these other friends of yours, eh?”

“YES!” she exclaims, practically bursting with excitement. “Merlin’s Beard, you’re going to love them.”

“’Merlin’s Beard?’” I quote, giving her a look. “Honestly, Lil?”

“Listen, it’s a popular phrase among us magic-folk, alright?” she quips, throwing my shirt at me. I laugh, and change into it, along with a pair of white skinny jeans and black heels.

“You ready?” she asks grabbing my hand.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I respond.

“Just hold on tight, and don’t let go. This is going to feel pretty awful, okay?”

“Honestly, couldn’t we just drive?” I ask, whining slightly.

“No. It’s a four hour drive, (Y/N).”

“Fine,” I sigh. And just like that, I hear a crack and feel myself yanked as if from all directions and then feel an intense pressure around me like I’m being squeezed through a small tube, and finally I feel my feet hit the floor again.

“Whoa.” I say, regaining my balance. “That… was not normal.”

“That’s apparating,” she says with a shrug and heads up the path we’ve landed on, leading up to the house in front of us. “Welcome to your first real taste of magic.”

I can hear music from inside the doors, and I anxiously tug at the hem of my shirt as we walk up the path. I honestly have no idea what to expect…. How do wizards party?

Lily walks up to the front door and taps the knocker a single time.

“Lily, no one’s going to hear that over the music in there,” I scoff. She smirks at me and turns her attention back to the knocker. I follow her gaze and gasp at the sight. The knocker has turned into a golden, fat face with a bold mustache, gazing back at my best friend, and I feel my jaw hit the floor.

“Password?” it asks her.

Lily rolls her eyes, and replies, “James Potter is the best,” and the door swings open.

I laugh and follow her in, and my jaw drops again. I don’t know what I was expecting–flashing lights, and loud music, and beer and mixed drinks, yeah. But there were no speakers–the music came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It quiets when you were talking to someone, loudened when you were dancing, and surrounded you from all sides. The lights blink from invisible sources, dancing through the air in various colors that keep from blinding you. The drinks? there’s this table at the far side of the room with empty goblets. Lily leads me through the crowded room to the table and grabs one for each of us, and at her touch, it fills with a drink, and I take a sip.

“What is this?” I ask, mesmerized by the foamy drink.

“Not sure,” she replies, quickly downing her entire goblet and placing it back on the table. I laugh, follow suit, and watch as hers begins to refill under her touch, while mine sits empty and unmoving. I see an embarrassed blush reach her cheeks as she looks at my vacant goblet. She reaches over and it begins to refill again under her touch. She smiles at me apologetically, and I shrug back at her with a smile.

“So, where is this ‘James Potter’ then?” I ask, bumping my hip against hers, as the music quiets slightly around me.

“You called?” I hear from behind me, and turn to see a tall boy, probably about 17 just like us, with dark, messy hair, hazel eyes, a goofy grin, and glasses.

“James!” Lily says with a hint of delight, and his grin grows even wider.

“Evans,” he replies, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. “This your friend, then?”

“Yeah, James, this is (Y/N)! (Y/N), James.”

“Pleasure.” I extend my hand to him, and he shakes it chuckling at me.

“She’s certainly got the right look, but I don’t know, Lil, she may be too nice for him,” he says, leaning towards Lily as if I can’t hear him. She throws her head back laughing.

“Oh, please,” she laughs.

“I’m sorry, who?” I cut in.

“You know that boy I’ve been writing you about? The one who I keep saying you’d be perfect for?” she asks.

“The one who you refuse to tell me his name?”

“Yeah,” she says. But doesn’t continue.

“Is that all?”

“Yep,” she says with a smile, turning to face James.

“Alright, then,” I groan. “James, could I use your bathroom?”

“Up the stairs, second door on the right.”


I make my way back down the stairs, pausing on the last one so I have a view over the people’s heads, my drink still in hand, but Lily and James are nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, shit,” I say, searching the crowd for a head of red hair and find nothing.

“Looking for someone?” I hear from the stairs behind me, and turn to find a tall bloke with black hair and a leather jacket. Damn, I think to myself as I take in this rather gorgeous young man in front of me.

“Er, yeah, sort of. It’s not important though, I’ll just find her later.” I take a small sip from my drink and move off the stairs to the side, so I’m not straining my neck to look up at this guy, and he follows.

“This is crazy,” I say looking around the room, and he chuckles.

“Never been to a party before?”

“Not one like this.”

“James certainly knows how to throw a party.” I smile back at him before finishing off my drink. “Can I get you another?” he asks, gesturing to my empty goblet.

“Yes, please.” I hand it to him and he walks over to the table, tapping the glasses on the top before walking back over, the drink refilled.

“Question,” I say, as I take the goblet back from him. “Why not just make them bottomless drinks?”

He chuckles, “We’ve thought about it. Mostly so people don’t lose track of how much they’ve had and end up like Peter over there.” He points into the crowded dance floor at a boy who’s dancing like there’s no tomorrow, and I laugh at the sight.

“Alright, fair enough,” I say, taking another sip of the drink.

“So you’re not from Hogwarts, are you?” he asks, leaning his arm against the wall, slightly above my head.

“No, I’m not,” I smirk back. “Is that how you know James, then?”

He chuckles, “That’s how we met, yeah.”

I feel a buzz in my back pocket, and pull the phone out to see a blurry screen going slightly haywire.

“Oh, shit,” I say, trying to find the issue.

“Oh, that’s not going to work in here. Too much magic around,” he explains to me.

“Right,” I say, shoving the useless block of technology back in my pocket.

He smiles and leans a little closer. “Are you muggleborn, then?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

30 minutes pass of the two of us talking and laughing and flirting and the boy asks me to dance. I agree, and he takes my goblet back to the table, before pulling me onto the dance floor. The moment my foot touches down on the hardwood floor, the music changes and a slow song begins. He pulls me close to him by my hips, and I wrap my arms around his neck. I don’t know the song, but I just look up into his grey eyes and he looks down into mine as the music surrounds us. I see his eyes flicker down to my lips, and without a moment’s hesitation, I press my lips against his hard. He responds immediately, moving his lips against mine and I melt into the kiss, bringing my hand up and tangling my fingers in his long hair. His lips part as a slight moan escapes, and I take the opportunity to deepen the kiss even further. In no time at all, he and I are full on making out on the dance floor… in a room full of strangers. And as the song ends and the next begins, I pull away from the kiss and look up into his eyes, biting my lip slightly.

“I should probably go find my friend.” I feel the warmth spread to my cheeks, and see him grin a bit too.

“I think you owe me your name, first,” he responds, taking my hands in his.

“(Y/N). And yours?”

“Sirius,” he says.

“Well, Sirius. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime?”

“Soon, I hope,” he says, pressing his lips to mine again.

After a long kiss, I pull away and say, “Very soon.”

Writers Who Write

If you’re a writer
and today you wrote
even if it got not
one single note

If you dared 
to share your heart
took a stand
or stood apart

Keep on be strong
accolades are often lies
yet you’re a winner
in my heart and eyes

For our newer or possibly overlooked friends, there’s a quote from Joseph Campbell,that I love to share.  “Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls”.  Long ago I “borrowed” the first part of the quote and changed it slightly to follow your heart.  I like most of us haven’t always heeded my own advice, but when I have, regardless of any apparent outcome, the resulting feelings of peace and personal growth have always been positive.  Please, do follow your heart, and yes, writers who write are winners.  Love, Mike   

High School AU

Summary: HI!! Can you do a high school AU where the reader is like the star athlete and everyone loves her and Dean is the bad boy loner who no one messes with and they get partnered for a project and he tries to win her over? I know it’s weird but I feel like you will do an amazing job and I love you

Characters: Eventual Dean x Reader

A/N: So I’m going to start the beauty and the beast one soon!!! But here is a different one, it’s written a bit differently so let me know what you think! 2nd part?

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Back then things were simpler, that is what people say when talking about their childhood right? I had considered starting it with “once upon a time” but that seemed a little too cliché for my taste, or well our taste.

Either way the beginning isn’t what matters but rather the end. That’s where I’m living isn’t it, the end. Though I don’t like the prospect of calling the situation I’m currently in ‘the end’ for that defeats the whole purpose of writing this letter.

It had started as a warning to my younger self-well you- but for obvious reasons that will do nothing to fix my current situation. So rather than a warning I’m going to use it as a sort of way of backtracking in my footsteps to figure out where I went wrong. And in order to do that I need to go back to the beginning, the beginning of this not-end. And thus I start with:

Back then things were simpler. High school was separated into natural, self-occurring groups that were not to mingle except a few cases. Preps and Jocks were not to interact with nerds unless when it came to bullying them and vice versa (though of course nerds were not to bully jocks but rather begrudgingly tutor them). Same was true with the drama nerds, band geeks, goths, etc. (I’m not going to keep listing them since you are me and I know you understand what I’m trying to say by now)

But there was one thing this natural order was not ready to encounter: Dean Winchester.

He was the first person for whom this cliché order could not find a niche. He was certainly good-looking enough to be considered a jock, something that I-erm you (I promise I’m going to try and stick to the second person well writing this) had seen firsthand. He had been given countless invites to parties, none of which he actually attended, and even asked to try out for the football team, to which he had replied quite eloquently “fuck no”.

And with those parting words the jocks thus withdrew themselves and let the other cliques swoop in and compete for this enigma of a person. He certainly seemed aloof enough to be a goth though they quickly rejected him as well claiming he “didn’t belong”

Then came band and drama people who both quickly withdrew their hats from the ring due to his lack of interest in either of their “hobbies” (as long as I’m writing this as a warning I might as well throw this one in, do not refer to band as a hobby when talking to Sydney in 10nth grade, that is how you get suspended for a week after she starts a fight).

The nerds soon followed as after just a week Dean proved himself to be nothing of a genius with straight D’s.

 And so Dean was cast out, maintaining a shred of popularity due to his good looks which often earned him heated make out sessions in janitor’s closets in between classes with pretty much any girl in the school.

However, let’s face it, even when the school dropped its fascination with the new kid after he was deemed an outcast you never dropped yours.

Many of your lunchtimes were spent watching him with some fascination as he sat at the last table in the lunch room, his arm often slung over some girls shoulders as he pretended to be interested in whatever she was saying.

That was Dean Winchester, the kid who managed to briefly knock your school off its feet. Or at least that was the only Dean Winchester your school ever knew, you on the other hand somehow managed to get lucky enough to know a different one, a better one.

And I suppose that story begins some three weeks after his first arrival in your physics class. Either the best or worst day of your (our?) life. A question that before had, in my mind, a definitive answer. Now I’m not so sure.


You walked into class as if it were any normal day, and at the time it had seemed so. You took your normal seat towards the back of class surrounded by your friends, only one of whom was currently in class.

No sooner had you sat in your seat had Charlie swung around and sat herself on top of your desk, placing her feet on either side of you on your chair and resting her elbows on her knees to hold up her head.

“So rumor has it that coach is planning on starting Amanda at shortstop” She all but groaned.

Your eyebrows immediately scrunched together “but she plays first”

Charily nodded her head “Amanda’s pissed because she’s never played shortstop and Hailey’s pissed because this means she isn’t starting and the rest of the team’s pissed because this means we lose two of our starters.”

“So coach managed to piss off the entire team in one decision” You chuckled slightly “that’s got to be a record”

Charlie shot you a glance that clearly showed she wasn’t happy about this causing your chuckles to die down quickly “She says she wants to change around our lineup in order to, and I’m quoting this ‘shake things up a bit’”

“right because when we are playing a so far undefeated season that means we should change things” You answered sarcastically “That will help us get to districts”

“Oh we’re getting to districts” Charlie responded immediately “if anything you can single handedly get us there”

You rolled your eyes “I can not carry the team to districts”

“You definitely could” Charlie answered with a slight chuckle “tell her Misha” She raised her voice slightly as Misha took his seat.

“yes” He answered confidently with a nod “now what are we talking about?”

“Please you can’t ask Misha” You shook your head “he’s never even been to a softball game”

“I’ll have you know I once made it all the way to third base” Misha said with a smug grin that made both you and Charlie both simultaneously roll your eyes.

“If only you could score a home run” Gabe’s voice rang in a sing-song manner as he strolled past you taking the desk behind you causing you and Charlie to laugh and Misha glare at him.

“Tell me do you just appear whenever a sexual innuendo is being made or is it merely a coincidence” Charlie asked.

“It’s more I appear whenever the opportunity to insult Misha presents itself.”

“Ah so you’re around Misha a lot then” You said with a grin on your face.

“I really don’t understand why I hang out with you losers” Misha mumbled, turning around in his seat to face the front of the class just as the bell rang.

“It’s because deep down you know you can’t do any better” Charlie laughed as she jumped off of your desk and sat down in her own seat.

“Morning class” You teacher began talking immediately “cutting right to the chase I’m assigning a project”

She paused for effect, as if she were waiting for the class to erupt into a chant of excitement “you and a partner will be designing some sort of physics experiment, whatever you want really, to present to the elementary school kids on their field trip here”

Immediately Charlie put her hand over her shoulder and you gave her a soft high-five as a sort of acknowledgment that the two of you would be partners.

 “Now you guys are in a real treat because I’ve already picked your partners” She answered with fake excitement in her voice as the rest of the class erupted into groans. “the list of partners is up here along with the rubric so just try not to hurt yourself.” And with that she sat down at her desk.

You glared over at Misha with a look that said ‘kill me now’. “If I get stuck with a bad partner can I trust you to stab me in the eye with this pencil?” He asked holding up his pencil.

You nodded “of course what are friends for”

He put a hand over his heart and nodded, “thanks I always knew I could count on you”

You laughed and stood up, walking to the front of the class and grabbing a rubric before walking up to the sign.

A long list of names in two columns was written. You searched for your name, quickly finding it near the bottom and followed it to the other column, where written was a name you had never expected to hear again: Dean Winchester.

A voice sounded just above your shoulder causing you to jump slightly “I believe that means we’re partners”.


Ok I really want to add more to this story than one part will allow so what do you think, should I make it a multiple part story?

Part 2