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ColdFlash AU: Evil!Barry

The Flash has disappeared. And in his absence Central City was ripe for the taking; thugs and villains of all kinds started creating mayhem and wreaking havoc, but no one has been more frightening to the people of Central than the mysterious speedster in black. No one knows who he is or where he came from. No one knows what he wants. 

With The Flash gone, Len is afraid for his sister’s life. He demands they go back to his city, and for once, Rip doesn’t argue with him. They both know without anyone to protect Central there might be no city for Savage to conquer in the future.

Len’s feet barely touch the city’s ground for twenty seconds before he is suddenly whisked away from his friends in the blink of an eye, he doesn’t even manage to reach out for his gun before his hands get cuffed to a pole. A shadowed figure stands before him, and Len knows it’s the man they came for. Unarmed in a secluded place with no back-up, Len knows he’s screwed, but he schools his expression into its familiar cold demeanour, “Who are you?” he shouts, “What do you want?”

The silhouette of the man steps closer, the shadow gives way to light, and Len doesn’t believe his eyes- Barry Allen stands before him, looking the same but also different, all clad in black instead of red, no trace of that usual glint in his eyes. Barry blinks and his eyes turn black, deep and hollow and terrifying, making Len feel as if his soul is being devoured, “You know who I am.” Barry drawls, his voice unnaturally off and demonic, sounding like ten people are talking at once. “And what I want is simple, really,” 

The voice sends a tremor up Len’s spine, he visibly shakes and Barry comes closer- no, not Barry, the man in front of him might be many things, but there is no way he is the hero that Len once knew. 

“I want you, Lenny.” a thousand voice says at once.  

  • Mom: my phone is dead lemme borrow yours
  • Me: um k hold on a sec
  • Me: *deletes all incriminating texts, photos, browser history, closes all apps and removes SIM card*

”Which Pines Will Survive?”

I am so excited/terrified for Weirdmageddon Part 2, so I decided to do a few Screen Cap Redraws from Weirdmageddon in a more cute style because why not? Each individual piece and their reference images are below :)

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anonymous asked:

What would happen if Bystander got permanently stuck in Terry's body?

((Hmmm Bystander can’t possess Terry. Here, lemme do a quick diagram that should help explain since I’m crap at it))

This is the Verse. It is Not Nice. Don’t touch it or you may get torn down to your base concept and consumed. Lovely for a vacation this time of the year.

Soooo the verse starts churning out Vibes, maintaining a connection through their soul. The verse is inherently destructive and, well, hungry, so it constantly eats and remakes the Vibe’s soul - usually in slow increments, unless the Vibe refuses to keep feeding it souls and magic. 

The verse has a connection to each of the Vibes (I’ve only included a few here). Broker’s is a bit frayed thanks to their jaunt in the Core of one AU, resulting in their slightly lessened abilities. Cray’s, on the other hand, is a little stronger due to Bystander possessing him so much. 

Each Vibe is connected to the other’s in a sort of mental network, facilitated by the verse. This translates to things like memories and emotions passing along the connection, often not very clear ones. They can also dip into this pool of shared information at times, though most prefer not to. If a Vibe feels a particularly strong emotion (e.g. grief) it can send a sort of shockwave that is more noticeable. 

Cray’s connection was worn down, so he only sends and gets brief flickers. Meanwhile. Broker only receives them - they don’t send anything out themselves. 

It actually looks more like this - a kind of web of connections, metaphor wise. But my way is clearer and easier to draw so.

Bystander has a very strong connection to the verse, and no actual discernible presence of his own. By that, I mean he doesn’t have a soul or a body. He takes over a Vibe’s body by suppressing their will and messing with their mind, putting it under his control. He can sometimes play with the Vibes’ thoughts but tends to be a little more blunt than that. 

Using the network between Vibes and the verse, he hops from one to another. By going through the network he can sense when a particular Vibe is weaker mentally; having a breakdown, for example. 

Terry, however, isn’t really a part of the network. He’s connected to the verse but that’s it. He was a sort of…prototype Vibe, and the verse messed up in its design of him. He can have, at times, a very loose connection, but his mind is so…odd that the Vibes don’t even recognise him as a Vibe, or a conscious mind. Bystander is able to get brief glimpses of him and, well, promptly sees he should stay far away. 

I hope that explained things! xD 

joyfullynervouscreator  asked:

Did grumpy!witch!Dwalin lose a bet with coy!devil!Nori?

ah yes, my lovely Halloween background that I never changed back~ Poor Dwalin is being teased by a little Devil Nori, he can’t help but be grumpy about it. It’s probably also something he knows he can’t retaliate against, cause he’s not that good with coming up with insults or clever teasing, something Nori always takes advantage of

anonymous asked:

I love your work very much and it's very nice that you spend time with answering so many questions. I have a question, too: How do you work with the acrylic inks? Do you have a palette or do you mix colors on the paper? Do you throw the inks in little containers or do you use the inks from the containers directly? Thanks for your answer! Jorin

Hi Jorin! 90% of the time I mix colors directly on the painting. Colors are defined by neighboring colors– a blue mixed on a grey palette will look different when placed on the page next to bright orange. So I see little sense in mixing colors on a palette when they’ll be influenced and changed by colors on the page. 

Above is an example of the “color in context” optical illusion: the x’s are the same color, but appear to be different shades when the background color changes. 

And yes, I dip my brushes directly into the ink pots. After several uses the colors gradually become muddy. Luckily, the jars don’t hold much liquid, so by the time the color has changed I am usually ready to open a fresh one. Alternatively, I’ll use the jar’s cap to hold a teaspoon of ink and dip into that. If the color stays clean, I’ll pour the ink back into its bottle.