yes i celebrate this day

Thank you

To those of you who give us voices, To those of you who give us faces,

 To those of you who give us personalities, To those of you who give us songs,

To those of you who share our songs, To those of you who write our stories,

To those of you who help us dance, to those of you who make us move

To those of you who give us love, To those of you who love us so

Without these gifts we cannot be.

Thank you for helping us become VOCALOID

on earth c valentines day is a holiday inspired by rosemary’s legendary love/dedication and y'all can’t convince me otherwise

Valentine (A TTFOU One Shot)

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT connected whatsoever to the current timeline of TTFOU, it’s just a fluffly little drabble to break up the angst and to celebrate Valentine’s Day! And YES I am aware that technically John and Alex are currently not together but hey. whatever. :-) enjoy! (and let me know if i could continue writing these!)

WORDS: 1,013

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“Tie or bow tie?” Lafayette mused, holding each up to his chest in turn.

Alexander and John were laying entangled on Lafayette’s bed watching him get ready.

“How about…neither?” Alexander asked, leaving John laughing into the pillow.

“Yeah,” he added. “Stop being lame and stay here to watch movies with us.”

Lafayette stuck out his tongue and threw the tie on the bed, opting for the pale pink bow tie. 

“No way. I’m taking Herc out and there’s nothing you two freaks can do about it. If you want to waste the most romantic day of the year laying in bed and watching movies, go ahead, but I’m not going to do that.”

John and Alexander exchanged a knowing glance and started laughing. “Laf,” Alexander explained, leaning forward over his criss-crossed legs. “We are not going to just be watching movies. Don’t kid yourself, my dear.”

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  • family: ah yes, tomorrow, christmas, the day we celebrate christ's birthday
  • me:
  • me: i can think of a few more important birthdays to celebrate
  • me: like victor nikiforov and levi ackerman
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: but yes, let us celebrate

And that’s how some students from UA accidentally rickrolled a whole nation

7/7 Happy Birthday, Yamada Hizashi aka Present Mic! 

He’s just my absolute fave so of course I had to draw something.

You can’t tell me he wouldn’t be proud of them for that high quality rickroll, even if their plans didn’t involve a nation-wide broadcast 
He’s probably also the kinda person to genuinely enjoy a mixtape with like 15 times just never gonna give you up

Clear's Birthday Drama CD
Clear's Birthday Drama CD

I’m back with Clear’s story, last one will Mink soon. Audio (Spanish) and here (Portuguese). Story in Aoba’s POV TRANSLATION ARE NOT OFFICIAL, JUST MINE. Enjoy!~ Warning: extremely heartfelt and will make your feels hurt.   

Aoba: Ahhh, that was delicious. Since we had dinner already, now to take a shower and to go to sleep. 

Clear: That’s right. Today’s dinner was also delightful.

Aoba: The night is very cold. Even with the heater, our feet feel frozen. Clear, you’re not cold?

Clear: No, if I am cold, I can stick to Ren-san and everything will be all well.

Ren: It’s not that I mind, but… I am surprised when you embrace me suddenly. So warn me.

Clear: Okay! By the way, Aoba-san…

Aoba: Hmm?

Clear: Um…I want to ask you about something, but…

Aoba: Hm.

Clear: Um… Birthdays are fun, right?!

Aoba: Eh?

Clear: Birthdays are celebrated with everyone, right?

Aoba: Ah… yeah, that’s right.

Clear: Many people gather, eat cake, and give gifts, is that not so? Aoba-san has been in one?

Aoba: Long time ago, Granny made a feast for me, did the food and cake. Even now, she does small parties for me.

Clear: I see… How nice… Seems fun…

Aoba: But, why did you asked about birthdays? Saw something?

Clear: Yes, the other day I saw someone celebrating their birthday on the television. It was a very biiiiiig place; there were many people gathered and also a man and a woman cut a huuuuuuge cake! Did those two celebrate their birthdays on the same day? It was still exciting and grand!

Aoba: Erm… Wouldn’t that be a wedding?

Clear: Eh?! Really?

Ren: If a man and a woman were cutting a cake, it was certainly a wedding.

Aoba: I’ve never heard of a birthday party at a wedding

Clear: Is..Is that so..?

Aoba: Although, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a celebration.

Clear: I understand… Even so, I’m still confused. But the fact that people do meet and celebrate does not change that it is the same, isn’t it?

Aoba: Yeah.

Clear: In that case, I cannot do a party like the one on television. However, I will prepare a grand feast for Aoba.

Aoba: But, what about your birthday?  

Clear: I don’t have birthday. I have knowledge of the concept of a birthday, but I really don’t know what is being done in one.

Aoba: Oh, I see… You…

Clear: Yes.

Aoba: You know… I have an idea…

Clear: What is it?

Aoba: What if…

*change scenery*

Clear: Uwaaaa…. Finally, we arrived at the Aquarium! As expected from platinum jail, this is enormous!

Aoba: Well, I thought this is a good place, since it is a very large building and now that everyone has free access.

Ren: The weather today is good. The Sun is also very warm; this schedule is excellent.

Aoba: You mean that today it is a good day for a walk.

Clear: It certainly is. I am very happy!

Aoba: Then, come on, let’s buy the tickets.

Clear: Okay! It’s amazing! It looks like a blue world! Also, there are several types of fish!

Aoba: You’re right. Let’s see them in order.

Clear: Yes! Is this the first time Aoba-san and Ren-san come to an aquarium?

Aoba: It’s not my first time, but it’s been so long, I don’t remember.

Ren: This is my first time.

Clear: Really? Then Ren-san is like me. This is very fun, right?

Ren: Yes, it is.

Clear: …Jellyfishes…

Aoba: They’re beautiful, right?

Clear: Yes…This is the first time I see them in real life. I am… very touched.

Aoba: They ….have been in the Aquarium for so long. Don’t they feel that the Aquarium is too tight?

Clear: That is true… How come? Perhaps there are jellyfishes that they feel like that as well, but perhaps there inside is their whole world.

Aoba: There inside is… all its world…

Clear: Yes, I do not know very well, but I guess they do not complain of a place like this. The place where they have become accustomed to. A world where they can live better. In addition, the people who come here with a smile, isn’t that right? If it was me, it would be nice to know that the people who come all day are happy to see me. Like me, I am happy to spend all day with Aoba-san, who is always smiling.

Aoba: Heh, I see…

Clear: I’m really happy to have come here, Aoba-san. Thank you very much.

Aoba: Then… from now on I can bring you here as many times.

Clear: Yes, from now on, we will come here as often.

Aoba: Yeah, then… let’s see what’s left.

Clear: Okay! … Aoba-san… I…  

Aoba: Wait. Happy birthday, Clear.  

Clear: Thank you so much.

Ren: Happy birthday, Clear.

Clear: You too, Ren-san, thank you very much. Today was the first time I went with Aoba-san and Ren-san to an aquarium. It was the first time I saw the jellyfishes. Because of Aoba-san’s suggestion, I had a very wonderful day.  

Aoba: You know, I have an idea, but…

Clear: Hmm? What is it?

Aoba: What if the day your grandfather adopted you, the day that he found you, would be your birthday? Since it is a very important day, if you don’t mind.

Clear: February 20 - the day I was adopted. Today, I am truly happy. It really is the happiest birthday I’ve ever had.

Aoba: But your birthday is just beginning. We have more things to see in the Aquarium. And when we get home, food made by Granny and a cake will be awaiting us.

Clear: Yes, I will be very eager!

Noiz’s birthday

Koujaku’s birthday

Ren’s birthday 

Mink’s birthday 

- I believe all audios are working by the way. 

Oops... Vision x Reader.


word count: 1,266

“Excuse me, Y/N?” You kept your eyes on your work through the microscope.
“Yeah, Jarvis?” When there was no response, you finally glanced up to see the Vision standing on the other side of the table. “Oh, dang it!” You scribbled a final note down and threw the pen onto the table. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Vision just kept his golden eyes on you and gave a smile.
“It’s quite alright, Y/N.”
“No, it isn’t.” You walked around the table and stood in front of him, hanging your head a little. “I’m really sorry, Vision. I know that you aren’t Jarvis. It just catches me off guard still.”
“All is well. Don’t worry about it.” You smiled up at him and changed the subject.
“You were going to tell me something?”
“Ah, yes. I believe it is tradition for humans to celebrate the day that they were born.”
“Yep! Birthdays are a big deal.”
“And yours is today, am I right?” Oh, right. You had completely forgotten! Most of the team was out on either a mission or taking time off, so you had just gotten in you down world.
“Uh, yeah. Yeah it is.”
“So, why are you not celebrating? Shouldn’t there be a grand gathering like Stark had for his own birthday?” Stark did know how to throw a party.
“I just got caught up in my work I guess.”
“Mhm. How do you wish to celebrate then?”
“I have a lot of work here to finish up, so maybe tonight you and I can just hang out. I’ll get us food and we can watch a movie. Since the others aren’t here, it’ll be nice to just relax.”
Vision nodded and gave a “Very good miss,” just like Jarvis used to. Boy, did you miss him sometimes.

You went back to your work and continued scribbling in the file about the effects of a certain protein strain on red blood cells. To keep you focused, you played music and the afternoon continued to pass. When you went to pour another cup of coffee, you saw that it was actually past 6:00 and had been working for 10 hours. You promised Vision to relax with him tonight, so you cleaned your equipment and put your files away before heading out of the lab.  Suddenly the fire alarm started to off and Friday, the new AI, came over the speaker.

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Cam Imagine

You weren’t super specific on what you wanted but I tried! Hope you like it.

The sun peaked through the curtains in my bedroom. Today was going to be a good day. Cam was probably in the kitchen making me a ‘One Year Anniversary breakfast’ right this moment. Yes today was going to be a good one.

Sliding out of bed with a stretch and a yawn, I made my way to the door. The apartment seemed eerily quiet. “Babe?” I called out. A few seconds pass and then a minute, no reply. Maybe he’s out buying my present? No matter, I had to shower and get ready for the day anyway. Scooping my phone from the night stand I check it for any messages from him but I see nothing.

I decided to leave it alone, he’d either text me by the time I was done showering or he would be home.

After showering and getting dressed, I was quickly getting irritated. If he didn’t come home soon we wouldn’t be able to do anything today. Where could he be? 

I sent him a text and after a long 15 minutes of no reply I called him, only to get his voicemail. “Cam, where are you? I thought you‘d be home by now. Give me a call or text me back. Bye.” I huffed in anger, what the fuck was taking him so long.

I busied myself around the apartment. After 3 hours of cleaning he still hadn’t showed. Anger turned into fear, maybe something happened to him. But that fear was short lived as I saw that he was on snapchat less than an hour ago.

He’s with Aaron, figures. Alright Cam I can play this game, I thought to myself. Picking up my phone, I was hurt he hadn’t even texted me. The nerve of some people.

“Hey Y/N?” Aaron sounded confused when he answered the call and rightfully so. Out of the entire year I’d been dating Cameron I don’t think I had called Aaron once.

“Is Cam with you?” I tried not to sound angry but that was a fail.

“Yeah, do you wanna talk to him? Here.” 

“Y/N? What is it?” Cam sounded nonchalant, that only served to fuel my anger.

“What is it? That’s what you have to say to me right now Cameron, are you serious?” I was pissed, “You’re gone before I wake up, no note, no texts, you haven’t called me back. What the fuck Cam?“ I was seeing red now.

“Well if I knew it was going to be such a problem I would have shot you a text. Sorry babe.” That was the icing on top of the shit cake, did he forget?

“Cam, what day is it?”

“Thursday?” He was confused, he forgot. Of course he did. That didn’t even warrant a reply in my opinion, so I just hung up the phone and switched it off.

If he had forgotten our anniversary I wasn’t going to stress over it, well not a lot at least… I set about making dinner. I would celebrate this day by myself.
Ah, yes just what I needed. To eat my favorite food, by myself. On my anniversary.

A drink, I need a drink. A stiff one. Drink after drink, hour after hour. He wasn’t home and maybe he wasn’t coming home. Good I didn’t want to see him anyway. I was not going to cry, I refused. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I think the realization that he didn’t care enough to remember or even come home when he knew I was mad, that hurt. A sob escaped my mouth and I resolved into a puddle of tears. So much for not crying huh.

“Y/N why are you crying, oh god are you drunk? You smell like a liquor cabinet. Jesus babe what happened?” I was imagining this, wasn’t I? Cam stepped further into the apartment, rising from my spot on the couch I reached out for him. When my outstretched hand was met with warm skin I knew I was in fact not imagining this.

“Cam,” I sounded sad, hell I was sad. “I didn’t even hear you come in. How was your day? I enjoyed our anniversary by myself. Such an eventful day.” Was that my voice? I sounded bitter.

It was like a light bulb over his head, things finally clicked. “Oh baby, I am so sorry. I-.” I waved my hand to stop him.

“Don’t apologize Cam, the days over now.. Nothing to be sorry about, now if you’ll excuse me I am highly intoxicated and need to be in bed.”

The alcohol made me somewhat less angry, was I still mad? Yes, admittedly I was still a little angry but I would get over it.

“Come on lets get you in bed babe.” Cam mumbled, he grabbed me by the arm and lead me to our bedroom. “I’ll make this up to you, I promise. I didn’t mean to forget.” I hmm’d in response, my eyes drooped shut. “I love you Y/N, I’m really sorry.” And I fell asleep.

As fall approaches:

Me, a mostly reasonable person who sometimes thinks about things: “Sometimes it’s nice to create our own reasons for celebrating the smaller things, especially in more stressful times…”

Me, a Scorpio Races fan, on the 1st of November: *bursts through the door with November cakes on a platter, ribbons around my wrist, and salt in my hair* “TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER AND SO, TODAY, SOMEONE WILL DIE!”

Yes, that is a day that I celebrate…


HAPPY TROYLER KISS ANNIVERSARY! I hope this is a wonderful day for everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a year since they kissed. Honestly I thought the livestreams in 2014 would be the best thing ever to happen, because they were great, but then they kissed and life couldn’t get any better. So to troyesivan and tyleroakley thank you for giving this to us and for killing the whole fandom. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. <333

She is a party/wedding planner who throws the most elegant balls and celebrations. She makes & decorates the desserts for them too. High class but in an inviting way.

June 17th

Today is June 17th, Iceland’s national day! On this day Iceland celebrates becoming an independent republic in 1944, as well as establishing a constitution.  

The year 1830 is often considered to mark the beginning of the independence movement, after Iceland had been ruled by Norwegian and Danish monarchies since 1262. In Europe, revolutions happened left and right and Icelanders in Denmark were inspired by these ideas and took them back home to Iceland. One of those people was Jón Sigurðsson, a pastor’s son who went to Denmark to study grammar and history before later on becoming the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement. Iceland had been ruled by other countries for over 600 years by now, and the Icelandic language and culture were deemed inferior to Danish language and culture.

In 1851 there was held an international meeting in Reykjavík about Iceland’s position within the Danish state. The Icelandic representatives put forward demands for Iceland’s independence but the Danes denied their requests. Jón Sigurðsson and his men protested and the meeting was dissolved. In 1874 the Icelanders celebrated the 1000 anniversary of the colonisation of Iceland. On this occasion the Danish king gave Iceland its own constitution, something that gave Iceland more rights. 

The meeting in Reykjavik

In a referendum in May 1944 an overwhelming majority of Icelanders supported the unilateral abolition of the union act agreement and a new constitution of the republic of Iceland was formed. On 17th of June 1944, Iceland became a republic and the nation’s independence was officially completed. It was decided to establish the republic at a ceremony at Þingvellir on the birthday of Jón Sigurðsson. 

Icelandic people celebrate their national day a lot like Norwegians (maybe not that surprising, since Iceland was settled by Norwegian immigrants). They march together with waving flags all over the country, both in the biggest cities as well as in smaller places. It is mostly a day for children.

They also have marching bands and people singing patriotic songs.

People dress up in their folk costumes, Þjóðbúningurinn, and as you can see, they look very similar to the Norwegian ones.

But it is not only Icelandic independence that is celebrated. This day also focuses on Icelandic nature in a national romantic way.

The Icelandic national anthem:

Lofsöngur (Song of praise)

I wish everyone in Iceland a very happy and joyful independence day!

Til hamingju með daginn, Ísland!

And thank you so much to  @excitedchildren for helping me write this :)