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the iconic mildliners™!! as much as im obsessed with them, i gotta have some real talk here. yes almost all studygrams/studyblrs have them, they look so aesthetically pleasing, and they might seem like they can change your life forever but tbh you don’t have to spend $11 on 5 of them, you can get 10 for $4 in Daiso for the same exact colours (yes, i bought the Daiso ones just to compare and i can guarantee you the cool and the fluorescent sets are identical.) AND YOU DONT NEED THEM TO START A STUDY ACCOUNT!!! it was super hard to search for especially in where im from, but if you dont live in the US, get it from eBay and i promise you i searched for days for the cheapest place and eBay is where you can get all 4 sets for $30! this wasn’t sponsored, but i just thought id help everyone who desires to buy them to get a cheap deal. anyways i hope all of you have a good and productive day or night! 

Sugar Daddy (Jungkook x Reader)

@yameme HERE’S YOUR DADDY JUNGKOOK SMUT. CALLIN’ YOU OUT. HAAHA. enjoy~ I hope I did well~

Genre: Smut

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2,545

Warnings: Daddy kink, fingering, dirty talk, etc.

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You’re a pretty average college student…sort of.

You receive passing grades, have a nice group of friends, and attend class regularly. But…you don’t live in a dorm, and you don’t have a ‘job’. Strangers reactions are always confused when you tell them that—because how can you survive when you’re not making money?—and usually they just assume your parents are wealthy and are putting you through school. And sure, your parents are lending you a hand in paying tuition costs, but they’re not that generous. Or rich.

Your phone buzzing in your pocket is what knocks you out of your daydreaming, and you flinch, eyes flickering to where your professor is standing in front of the white board. Luckily, he doesn’t catch your slip up—the rule of the room being that phones must be on silent—and you slyly pull the device out from the pocket of your bag.


Come over after your class. I’ll buy you those heels you wanted the other day.

Licking your lips, you stare at the words on the screen for a good minute, your thighs unconsciously rubbing together in anticipation. Usually you meet at night—after Jungkook is done with his days, and you’ve finished your classes—but he wants to meet now? In the middle of the afternoon?

You try not to smile, imagining how worked up something must of made him today for him to ask of you out of the blue like this. However, nonetheless, you reply that you’ll be over soon and deposit your phone back into your bag, hiding your excitement behind your hand for the remainder of the class.

When your professor finally dismisses you, you don’t waste a moment before grabbing your bag and bustling out of the room—your knee-length dress fluttering behind you.

Exiting the building, you hurriedly make your way to the usual rendezvous point, smiling when you spot a familiar black car parked in the pick-up area for students. As you approach the vehicle the lock on the back door pops up, and you scoot inside, setting your bag on the ground and flashing a polite look to the familiar, well-dressed driver.

“Miss,” he nods in acknowledgment and then shifts gears, pulling away from the university and starting towards the middle of the city. Cars bustle up and down the street, and you stare out the tinted window along the practically memorized route.

You’d traveled to Jungkook’s residence far too many times now…

Pulling up to the building, you ready your bag and thank Jungkook’s driver for the ride, stepping out of the car and kicking the door closed behind you. Gliding across the lobby of the luxurious apartment building, you step into the elevator and press the button for the floor you need, silently leaning against the railing and waiting as the doors slide closed.

You hate to admit it but your panties are already feeling quiet damp, your mind having conjured up many…images along the ride. Obviously, your relationship with Jungkook isn’t exactly…a romantic, two-kids-in-love type relationship. It’s more….business.

Teasing, sex, hungry eyes, wandering hands, payment. He’s the reason you don’t work. The reason you have far more nice clothing and items than a college student needs. He’s your dark knight—which you had happened to meet about a six months ago, in the dark depths of a club on the far end of town. But more so than a dark knight, he’s your…sugar daddy.

You can’t help shake your head at the term. It hardly feels right, considering that he’s only in his late 20’s, but—technically speaking—you are his sugar baby. His very much beloved, very much called upon sugar baby.

At first you’d been doubtful of his proposal when he’d told you about it on the cold street outside the night club—your car engine shot and no way to get home. He’d offered you a ride, which had turned into a drunken, passionate make-out in the backseat, and then a re-route to his house. When you woke the next morning you had barely remembered what had happened, but you remembered Jungkook—how could you not? He was more stunning than a marble statue in an art museum.

“Let me take care of you,” he had said, brushing your hair out of your eyes, touch gentle, and without thinking much you had agreed.

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I re-arranged some furniture today and was finally able to give my Sir Patrick cardboard cutout the place he deserves: Right next to my Sir Patrick movie collection.


So a few of you have been asking what psychiatry book I prefer, and after nearly 6 weeks of trying different books I found this one. And it is PERFECT. It’s small, it’s colourful, and it’s concise with just the right amount of information. I barely ever buy books but I actually bought this one because it’s so good! So yes I thoroughly recommend this.

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9 with Derek please!!!

Derek Hale - “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

You were surrounded by books, surrounded by things you should know by tomorrow morning. You knew you should have started studying sooner. You knew you were hopelessly late. But that didn’t mean you were going to give up.

Things had been chaotic lately. And chaotic was even an understatement. Studying had not really seemed important.

But somehow you didn’t want those things to ruin your entire academic year for your either. You had worked hard. You had attended as many classes as you could. You had been in time with almost all your reports. And now you were going to ace this test too.

“Shouldn’t you be…” Derek leaned against the doorframe and he raised his eyebrows when he noticed the mess you had made. “It’s almost midnight.”

“I know.” You didn’t even bother to look up. Your notebook was balancing on your knees and you were biting the back of your pen while you concentrated on the countless of words you still had to read and memorize.

Derek walked towards you and he sat down on the edge of the bed. “You know it’s not a problem if you don’t pass this year, do you?” He spoke softly. “I have more than enough money to pay your tuition fee for another year.”

“I know.” You grabbed your yellow marker and highlighted an important sentence in one of your textbooks. Normally you hated writing in your textbooks, but desperate times called for desperate measures. “But I want to give it a try.”

“You’re gonna study all night?” Derek placed his hand on your lower back. “You’re gonna study all those books in one night?”

“Yes, I will.” You nodded. “I’ve bought extra coffee and energy drinks today. Tomorrow morning I’ll empty a few cans of Red Bull. And after the test is over I will sleep for at least three days straight. That is, if your world lets me.” You curled your lips up into a smile. “I know it sounds ridiculous and ambitious, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it would work out?”

“It would totally be amazing.” Derek nodded. “Just one more question.” Derek cocked his head and he locked his glance with yours. “Where am I gonna sleep tonight? You can’t banish me. This is my bed too.” He kissed your forehead.

“You have a comfortable couch in the living room. I’ve heard that Scott has an spare bedroom too. I’m sure you can figure something out.” You turned the page and made a few notes. “Although, I was actually hoping you’d make me breakfast tomorrow morning. So it would be great if you’d go for the couch.”

Derek grinned and the smile brightened when he realized that you were serious. “You’ll get your breakfast tomorrow morning.” He kissed your lips and then he stood up again. “Good luck with studying.”

“Thank you.” You smiled back at him and then you stuck the pen between your lips again. “Sleep well.”

Always a Bridesmaid 1/3

Felicity must return to her hometown for the first time since high school to stand in her friend Sara’s wedding.  While many things have changed for Felicity some have not and she has begun to wonder what happened to her old high school crush Oliver Queen.

This is for all, who like me, have had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing!  Also available on AO3.

                                   Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me?

May 2017

Felicity Smoak walked into her empty loft, kicked off her shoes and threw her keys on the hallway table. Her week was done and she could not wait to slip into her comfy clothes, sip some wine and watch TV. The weekend was hers for the taking!

She had just settled into her couch, where she spent far too little time, when her phone buzzed. She actually contemplated not answering, but when she saw it was her high school best friend Sara Lance, she rushed to answer.

“Hey you! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in forever. What’s new?” Felicity really did miss Sara. She was one of few people, she felt truly understood her.

“I have news!!!” Sara sounded so excited.

“Oooh do tell!”

“I’m getting MARRIED!!!!”

“OH MY GOD! Sara I am SO happy for you and Nyssa!!! Tell me all about it! Who did the proposing? I need details!! Remember I live vicariously through you!”

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attention monbebe’s! it’s been an emotional ride, but Monsta X finally did it and got their first ever win! hopefully their wins don’t stop here, but today we’re going to celebrate their win! because i’m k-pop trash, I buy physical and digital albums of my favorite groups, and one of those groups just so happens to be Monsta X! Monsta X just released their new mini album ‘The Code’ and I bought four (yes four) physical albums! Now I plan on keeping one, and giving one to a friend who also happens to stan this fantastic group, but that leaves two albums that I think deserve a good home, so i’m giving them away! So let’s get into the goods, shall we? 

What comes with the album?

Well monbebe’s, it comes with the CD, booklet, a personal booklet, and two photo cards!

Are there any rules as to who can win?

Anyone can win as long as they like or reblog this post. You can reblog as many times as you like, and i’ll use a random number generator to figure out who the winner is

When does the giveaway end?

It’ll end November 29th at the latest. I expedited the shipment so it’ll come in soon, and i’ll figure out the end date once I get the package in the mail.

Do we have to follow you in order to win?

I know y’all just gonna unfollow me afterwards lol so no you don’t have to follow me to win.

Anything else we should know?

Surprise! I bought a set and not just one album! So there will actually be TWO winners and not just one! Reblog to your hearts content. 

Please know that I love Monsta X and i’m so proud of them, and I wanted to do something for the fandom since they’ve shown me nothing but kindness since I arrived early this year. I hope you guys have fun and whoever wins these albums I hope you enjoy them, and be on the lookout for another giveaway shortly!

Good luck!