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um, i didn't say i was a shipper? i'm just tired of all this drama, and i honestly couldn't remember if you or someone else made that post? like, yeah, tell someone to fuck off if someone uses a thing you love and a thing you hate at the same time to attack you. you're completely in the right to do that. sorry if you thought i was trying to cause a confrontation, that was not my intention, i just wanted to figure out something i was honestly confused about

I apologize if that came off as confrontational. 

Yes, I did make that post, and believe me when I say no one is more tired of drama than me. I would like nothing more than these shippers to be able to have their corner of the fandom and those of us who despise the ship to have ours without either attacking the other for what they choose to do on their own blogs. I should be able to vent-post about my feelings about this kind of thing without worrying about people acting like I’m insulting their grandmothers because I don’t like the fiction they choose to participate in. 

a year of writing in 2016

This is everything I’ve written this year in the Haikyuu!! fandom! I can’t believe how wonderful a ride this has been, I have met so many wonderful people and have somehow managed to write 419,270 words over a course of 42 works! Over 50% rarepairs! Thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments, leaves kudos or just enjoys my fics; you’re keeping me writing! Comparing my old stuff to more recent work makes me so proud as I feel like I can really see growth. Here is my Haikyuu!! fanfiction masterpost!


When Colours Mix -  204k words

- Beam Me Up, Hajime! - E. IwaOi, main focus. 186k words. Incomplete, ch. 96/100

- I’m Not Good With People… - E. KenLev. 17k words Incomplete.



First Snowfall T. 2.6k words.

Together, We’re Infinite M. 9k words.

The Schedule M. 2.1k words.

Volleybeer E. 3.5k words.

What Matters Most E. 14.5k words.


Sometimes You’ve Gotta Fall Before You Can Fly - M. 52k words.

The Cure For Sleeplessness - T. 2k words.

Are You Serious? - T. 1k words.

Hold Each Other - G. 1.5k words.

Everything is Grey - M. 3.5k words.

The Bento - T. 657 words.

Who Do You Love. M. 1.2k words.


Youth - M. 6.5k words.

Blackout - T. 1.2k words.

Miscellaneous Rarepairs

Is It Wrong? - M. IwaOiKage. 5.5k words.

Too Close - G. IwaOiKage. 2k words. 

Inked - G. KageTsuki. 2.8k words.

Escape from the Rain - E. BokuTsuki. 2.4k words.

More Interesting than Calculus - E. BokuTsuki. 1k words.

Stronger, Smarter… and more Sexually Attractive. M. IwaOiTeru. 1.2k words.

That Was Sick - E. IwaOiTeru. 2k words.

Learning to Fly - T. IwaTeru. 13.5k words.

Words Are Hard - G. IwaKyou. 1.6k words.


You’re My Ace - IwaOi. 16.5k words.

- Five Reasons Why. G. 13k words.

- Happy Birthday, Hajime. G. 1.3k words.

- My Favourite Constellation. G. 1k words.

- Strength and Loyalty. G. 1.3k words.

IwaOi Oneshots

First Christmas. M. 3.7k words.

It’s Just Us. G. 2.1k words.

It’s… Something. M. 2k words.

Snow Day. T. 1k words.

Trying to Find A Balance. G. 1k words.

Tuesdays. T. 867 words.

We Made It - G. 1.3k words.

We’re Better Together. M. 2.5k words.


Enough is Enough - E. KyouHaba. 4.2k words.

Light The Sky - G. KenHina. 1.6k words.

Pushing Buttons - M. BoKuroo. 560 words.

Drabble Collection

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I know you just answered a PJO ask but I was wondering where Allura and Coran would fit in ?

Previous ask: Paladins and their designated godly parents

Hmmmmm now that you’ve mentioned it…

Allura is a daughter of Ares. Now, mostly people think children of Ares are bullies, hot-tempered and arrogant simply because their godly father if the God of War. Allura is one of those who are cool headed. She’s the counselor of Cabin 5 for a reason. Sure, the others are scared of her because she emits this aura of authority. She’s one of the oldest demigods so she knows a whole lot more than everyone. Most see her as one of the highest “ranked” demigods since she shoulders a lot of responsibilities, but when Shiro arrived, she was partly glad and annoyed that suddenly being a son of Zeus made Shiro the big shot in camp. Most of her tasks were given to Shiro, at first she was a bit hostile towards him that even Keith started to dislike her. But once she realized that they were on the same side, she tried to be civilized and soon Shiro (plus Keith cause he sticks like a glue) and her are planning battle strategies with Pidge. During capture the flag, they’re usually on the opposing side, it brings out her competitiveness. She says “Don’t underestimate a daughter of Ares just because your Daddy is a bigshot up there” to Shiro when they’re face to face.  Keith instantly goes in front of Shiro and attacks Allura to which Shiro is always surprised and tries to stop him. “She was insulting your Dad, Shiro!” And this was when Allura noticed that something was going on between the sons of Zeus and Hades.

Coran is definitely the oldest demigod. He was supposed to leave camp when he reached a certain age but Apollo, his godly father, wanted him to stay and help run the camp because Coran was capable of doing so. He’s cheerful, insightful, full of knowledge and just downright the perfect guy you get to meet first when you enter camp. He’s kind to everyone and he would just randomly spout out some random trivia that demigods both love and hate at the same time. Keith, Pidge and Hunk are usually the ones who love his trivia and they tend to remember them and those have helped them during their quests. Coran is a gorgeous man. During his early years, whenever he retells the story, he was apparently the James Dean of his teenage years. Girls and boys crushing on him everywhere, being the son of Apollo does that to everyone. He has healing powers and he always nags Keith for always visiting him in the infirmary. “What is it this time, son of Hades?” And Keith mutters a different excuse every time. Coran later soon found out that the child of Hades just needed to release steam for his “feelings” in which Coran smiled to because he knew. He tells Keith to find other outlets and perhaps talk it out. A few days later, he finds the young demigod walking side by side a son of Zeus with a big smile on his face, their pinkies intertwined. B)

Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Never Had a Damn Day Off

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [watching very loud TV]
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sitting next to him, wearing glasses and reading a book called Coming to Terms With Your Traumatic Life]
Luke: [staring at them, annoyed] You know, eventually one of us is going to have to go talk to him. 
Anakin: [still watching TV, disinterested] …talk to who, son? 
Luke: …Ben, dad.
Obi-Wan: [smiling] Why, I’m right here, Luke. And you can talk to me any time. 
Luke: You know who I’m talking about, Obi-Wan. Knock it off. 
Anakin: …don’t sass your Obi-Wan like that, Luke. 
Luke: [shutting off the TV] GUYS. BEN. DARK SIDE. LITTLE HELP HERE. Are you seriously just going to sit here and watch soap operas while the universe goes to hell again?! One of us has to try and talk some sense into him! I think it should be one of you. 
Anakin: [immediately] Not it. [looks at Obi-Wan]
Obi-Wan: Ohhhh, no. I’ve put in my time trying to make people in this family see reason. I’m not helping that brat. It’s bad enough Leia gave him my name. 
Anakin: …there you go! He’s Ben, you’re Ben….you’re his, uh, Great Uncle? Just give him that face you always used to give me when I did something stupid. 
Obi-Wan: [makes a face]
Anakin: That’s the one! There. See? You already know what to do. You’ve got this. 
Obi-Wan: [defeated sigh]


Welp. This is real.

“Hello again Lance.”

“Oh hey Lotor, came back for more?”

“Oh yes, I did.”

OMG YOU GUYS! I can’t believe my last piece has almost 900 notes! Thanks so much! And since it went so well I’m inspired to continue this little story! Lance is still captured on a Galra ship. It’s not looking very good. But hey he still has his bad ass sass! Anyway, I didn’t really want to put Lotor in this one because I kind of wanted to leave it to your guys imagination. But to me I hope he’s a little swave and methodical, basically kind of the complete opposite of how he was in the original lol I do hope he does end up with that helmet though because come on, it’s a great helmet. 

Also if anyone wants to (*cough*) write a fan fiction based on my work (*cough*) and um send it to me to read (I can’t write fan fiction for shit) that’d be great! Thanks again you guys! Enjoy! 

Poems for your OTP (Valentine's Edition)

my name is Swan –
badde guys i fite,
with fysts and swordes,
and magike lite,

but wen at home
and in oure nook
with my tru luve,
i kiss my Hook

my name is Hook –
a pyrate dred,
and wen i’m either
live or ded,

in lether blak,
or coate of fawn,
i shower luve –
i kiss my Swan

Commission for @teamcoolshark! Based on their work-in-progress fic~ 

Thank you again!!! 


Do you ever think, that if you imagined or believed in something it would come true, simply by will?
Yes, actually I did believe that. But I’m slowly having to admit, that’s just not  the real world, even if I want it to be.
          Well I guess it all depends on what your definition of R E A L is

Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.

I'm Supercorp Trash But I'm Rooting For Lena and Winn

Hear me out.

Lena’s spent pretty much all of her life surrounded by darkness. I dunno if they’ve confirmed exactly when Lex Luthor went to jail, but Lena’s ascent to CEO following his arrest seems quite recent. That means realistically she’s been locked in a family dynamic where her only protector turned out to be a genocidal monster until maybe a year ago. Winn Schott is a guide to get her to the light. He’s the only person (outside of Maggie) that could really help Lena in the way that she so desperately needs right now.

I live and die for Kara Danvers, but Kara can’t empathize with or validate Lena’s darkness. She’s got her own separate issues (abandonment), but there’s a special darkness to realizing your family’s violent and destructive. I don’t mean “made a morally gray decision” like Kara’s mother. I mean recognizing that the people you love are hateful and cruel and that no matter how much you love them, they won’t change. Winn knows that just as acutely as Lena does. And Winn is also proof for Lena - proof that there’s a way out. Proof that you can come from that violence and darkness and pain and find your way toward doing real good in the world.

Yes, Lena could get there on her own, but that path is so hard by yourself. Then you layer on a friendship with Supergirl where Supergirl can’t quite get how Lena might be worried that it’s only a matter of time before she goes evil and boom - ready-made recipe for Lena to backslide each time she thinks she’s making progress. Having someone who’s only a few steps ahead of you on that journey out of darkness means you always know where you’re going. You have someone who can forgive your moments of darkness while acknowledging that you still have to do the work. Lena would because she wants to measure up to Supergirl’s expectations.

Once Lena finds her way out of that darkness - once she can accept that the Luthor name can stand for good and that her inheritance is more than genocide and pain, then Lena and Kara fit together. Then they get to be endgame.

Anyway, that’s my long-winded speech on why I think Lena/Winn would be a Winn/win situation.

Kou: *practicing his singing*

Ayato: Looks like that practice is useless. Even I could sing better than that!

Kou: You’re right. The only thing more useless than my singing lessons are your dad’s condoms.