yes i baked

A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

What Baking Can Do
Laura Osnes
What Baking Can Do

“I did have a conversation about a month ago that for 24 hours got me very excited about the prospect of possibly getting to bake pies on Broadway. But it’s not happening and it’s probably for the best because I’m really not right for the role. But baking does just so happen to be one of my favorite past times, which I used to do with my mother.”

Okay, so first attempt complete!

Here’s some Draco Malfoy-inspired cupcakes (credit goes to @bixgirl1 for the bomb af flavor profile idea): champagne-chiffon cupcakes filled with strawberry pastry cream topped with champagne-rose meringue!

Forgive the terrible quality of the photos, please… I’m still looking for my camera, and when I find it, I will post something better. :’(

I’m taking them to some frands, so I will report back on if they taste like Draco (… or at least if they taste good, because I’m pretty sure there’s only one person that actually knows what Draco *tastes* like, if you know what I mean).

Did I ever tell you guys that technically I’m not allowed to eat cosmic brownies?  When I was in high school, having a late growth spurt, I was eating A LOT… even more than usual lol, and that was when my ma taught me how to really cook more than little simple things.  She just couldn’t keep up with how hungry I was!  But anyways, one time she had just gone shopping and bought this 12 pack box of cosmic brownies (my favorite after school snack), and while I was supposed to be putting the groceries away, I ate all twelve of them.  She was kind of annoyed because that box cost $4 and I inhaled them in 90 seconds, so she said I couldn’t have any more cosmic brownies.  But because she was annoyed, she completely forgot she even said it… but I (obviously) never forgot.  Fast forward to today, I stopped by to visit her during my lunch hour, and I noticed a box of them in the cupboard.  I was 👀 af because they’re really tasty, so she offered them to me, and when I reminded her why I couldn’t have them, she laughed and told me I was a treasure.