yes i ate one by itself


L-Corp stands tall and bright, not quite looming overhead, but there’s no mistaking it. Usually when Kara flies over at this time of night, only a few lights are left on, but now it’s a beacon against the stars.

There’s a faint heartbeat in her ears, steady and sure, and Kara follows it as she steps through the doors. The guards barely offer her a glance anymore, waving her through after she steps through the detector. 

Her back aches, and her shoulders protest as her arms hang by her sides. She needs to go home and curl up under the blankets, hide away from whatever is her fate at the hands of Snapper in the morning.

She wants to go see Lena. So she does.

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bisexualomoi  asked:

27, 29, 32 💛

What was the last movie you saw?: the Jason movie that came out in 1983!!! watched it last night while my lungs gave out and while i ate popcorn :-)

Do you have any obsession right now?: (aside from tloml Edward🤔) YES i just … i love dark eye makeup… when i see ANYONE with dark eye makeup i will black out. its literally.. so beautiful its all i watch. ALSO i love the look of a hand full of rings and and the wrist has a watch ?? the look itself is CUTE. ALSO this isn’t a short lived thing but I’ve been OBSESSED with masks for a LONG TIMEEEE. i collect creepy ones and i have them hung on my wall(some, anyway) 

what is your astrological sign?: stupit ass cancer