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Ayato Kirishima Appreciation Post

I feel like no-one really appreciates this kid. He gets ignored, pushed aside and widely known as JUST an asshole. People almost REFUSE to look any deeper into his story, his side - which I argue to be almost as sad as Kaneki’s. Just not as tragic.

I can already tell this is going to be long, so I’ll make a cut. Love Ayato? Maybe you want to understand why anyone would? Read on.

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Interesting parts during James Dashner Google Hangout

He was interviewed on June 30, 2016 : his editor, Krista, read him questions written by the fans, and here’s what I’ll remember :D

Regarding the Fever Code :

- Here is a good question : in the Fever Code do we get to see how the characters (like Newt, and Alby and Minho…) were before the memory swipe?

- Absolutely, yep. I keep joking with people that in this book in some ways we have resurected certain characters that people love, because it’s a prequel, so they haven’t had a chance to meet their untimely demise yet. So, yeah, in The Fever Code, you will see all this people that most of you have fallen in love with, we’ll see Newt, we’ll see Chuck, we’ll see Alby, and we’ll see Teresa, and some of them are major characters in the books some of them are minor, but you will pretty much see everyone you know and love from the original trilogy in this book The Fever Code and they will have their full memories, and the whole thing, even the memories, well… I better quit talking but…. there’s some cool interesting things along the way.

Regarding Newtmas (or any ship, really) :

- Okay so, I am NOT a very versed… I haven’t much knowledge of fanfiction in terms of reading, I don’t really read fanfiction, I don’t know if you do, James, but I know that I am fully aware of the Newtmas ship and you have a fan who asks : did you ever think that was a thing that would  arise? I think that when you started writing the book there weren’t many ships, there weren’t many fanfiction or shipping but… what do you think of it? the Newtmas? …Or maybe I should slip it?

- No, no, I got it. Of all the insane crazy passionate things that my fans have bombarded me with, Newtmas has to be simultaneously the most awesome but also the most crazy-hilarious and… it just provided so many opportunities for fans to argue and get to know each other. But I think it didn’t really develop until the second and third books came around and it really exploded during the movies, just because people get to know the characters more and more and… Yes, there’s a lot of people around there who think that Thomas and Newt have this thing going on. *laughs gently and smiles* And they’re very insistent, trying to make me clarify or you know, put my stamp of approval on it. Which I refuse to do completely, because that’s the magic of reading and storytelling, it’s that we all take our own things from it. So, often, (and people may think this is a cop out, but…) to the really passionnate Newtmas fans… and you know, I don’t ever meant to make (a lot? a laugh?) of it or anything…. I just tell them : “hey! if you believe in it, then 100% absolutely positively it’s true because  that’s the contract I create with my readers”. I write the book and then they read it and they interpret it and so… It’s like telling someone, if they think an apple is delicious, you can’t say “no, you’re wrong, an apple is not delicious”. You are in charge of the book when you read it, and so if you think it’s true, it IS true, and if you like it, that’s the way it is. You’re in charge. You’re the receiver on this contract, so… Is that a good enough answer?

- I like that answer. I also think that in my mind, they are in love, in a brother-… like they are a deep family-brotherhood, they would do anything, they have obviously done anything for each other, but I also love both the visuals- the actors and the movies, and I think that they are cute, and… they’d be cute. As a couple. *she laughs, a little embarassed*   

- Oh yeah, it was already a thing with the books, but then the movies made it explode ten fold because you have Dylan O’Brian and Thomas Brodie Sangster. But there’s no doubt that those two characters are just so important, and that’s one of the central theme in the series, friendship and loyalty, and nobody displays that better than these two guys, so merry Newtmas to all you Newtmas fans!

Extra info :

  • apart from Newt’s prologue, everything will be in Thomas’ POV (…..damn).
  • JD likes Brenda and Teresa both, he doesn’t prefer one or the other, and he didn’t intend it to be something like a huge romantic triangle.
  • the Hogwarts sorting question was interesting but aouch, JD doesn’t really know his HP basics. (But he could see the boys in Slytherin. All together.)
  • Some love for Gally by JD, thank you