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What’s up, guys, gals, and my non-binary pals!

A little tribute I’ve been wanting to do for quite a few months now, a tribute to 2 fantastic artists and comic makers!

Yes, I am taller than both of you, sorry. Both my parents are tall, but I’m actually the shortest in my family. It’s really strange to go from shortest in the immediate vicinity to one of the tallest.

Who are these two awesome bros? @ulreki and @phantomtype. Check ‘em out, they’re lit

Alternate where we’re more socially acceptable to go out in public. I’m actually wearing that shirt right now. I was totally prepared to draw out Dan’s Saiyan shirt but it was 5 in the morning and had an older Omar Sebali quote on my mind sorry ‘bout that

Oh hey! I recorded myself!


magic, dick. magic happened.

for @dickdamiweek‘s day 6 prompt (DILF!Damian) which i turned into magical age swap. jason was such a fuckin’ sweetie, ok. a sweetie with a sailor mouth.

Initially they think it’s just a cosmetic change, and Jason complains very, very colorfully, which doesn’t quite hide his nervousness. But then Jason hugs Alfred and willingly holds Damian’s hand as long as Damian is telling him stories about League history. And when Tim tracks down the artifact despite minimal evidence, Damian opens his mouth and says, “Excellent, as usual.”

Damian doesn’t get why everyone stares.

And when they figure out the artifact really truly swapped their ages physically and mentally, Damian says quietly to himself, startled, “I am of age.” Slowly, he turns to Dick with an intense look.

“Uh?” Dick says, and tiny Jason forgets he’s freaked out long enough to start cackling.

@echollama asked: Hello there! For your outfit challenge, could we get Penny in F4 please?

Yes you may, you nice polite child! Forgive me for being so slow with these suggestions guys, but I’m still doing them!

Real talk though this would totally be the pajama shirt Penny would wear to her first sleep over at Ruby’s. Had she made it that far. ✧・゚: *

BTS reaction: their s/o asking them to choke them or tie them up during sex.

Anon requested: 

Hello! If you have time, can you do “BTS react to their s/o asking them to choke them or to tie them up during sex”? Thanks!!

A/N - NSFW!! (obviously). Also, I need some holy water after writing this. 


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You were sitting on Jin’s bed almost fully naked, as he was taking his own clothes off, when you decided to ask him the question that you’ve wanted to ask him for a really long time.

“Daddy?” You asked while watching him take off his T-shirt.

“Yes princess?” He asked, pausing. 

“I know we’ve never done this before but, can you tie me up tonight?” 

Jin didn’t know how to react at first.

“Are you sure you want that princess?” He asked with a kind of concerned look on his face.

You nodded and his concerned expression was replaced with a smirk as he took off the rest of his clothes.

“Your wish is my command!”


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The two of you were about to reach your climaxes as Yoongi was thrusting into you from behind when you half-shouted:


Suga smirked at that getting even more turned on. He gripped your chin with his hand and made you look at him. 

“What did you just say? Can you please repeat that princess? What do you want me to do to you?”

“Omg I’m so close!” you moaned before repeating your request. “I WANT YOU TO C-C-CHOKE ME! P-PLEASE!” 

Yoongi let out a low chuckle before wrapping his hands around your neck and sqeezing, not too hard, but just enough to satisfy you.


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Hobi’s head was between your legs as he was eating you out - his tongue sliding up and down your slit while his thumb was massaging your clit. You were moaning his name out in pleasure, but you wanted something more. 

“H-Hobi?” You managed to whisper in between moans.

“Yes love?” He asked and pulled away so he can look at you, his lips covered in your juices.

“C-can you please…tie me up?” You asked shyly.

Hoseok smirked at your request and looked at you. 

“I would love to do that,” he said with a devilish look on his face. “But only if you ask properly.”

“Pease Daddy! Please, tie me up to the bed and fuck me senseless!” 

“With pleasure.” he said before leaning in and kissing you, a little too roughly. 


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You were riding Namjoon, raising and lowering your hips and slowly increasing your pace. That’s when out of nowhere you moaned out:

“C-choke me!”

Namjoon smirked and raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“What was that?”

“CHOKE ME!”, you repeated louder this time. 

“Am I going crazy? Or did my pretty little slut just asked her Daddy to choke her?”


“As you wish…” He smiled and started choking you, just hard enough for your eyes to start filling up with tears. 


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When Jimin walked in and saw you laying on his bed, wearing nothing but one of his ties he immediately attacked your lips with his pressing you to the bed. He pulled away just so he can pull of his shirt and unbuckle his belt. 

“What’s the tie for?” Jimin asked, looking at you.

“Well, I actually wanted you to tie me up with it…” You answered quietly. 

“Ah!” He said smirking, “I knew it had a purpose!”  

The two of you chuckled and he tied your wrists together behind your back and left a hickey on your neck before pulling away.


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You were riding Taehyung’s thigh, his hands sneaking around to squeeze your breasts as he was enjoying it just as much as you were. You were close to reaching your climax. 

“OH MY GOSH! TAE PLEASE CHOKE ME!” You moaned surprising yourself.

He gripped your chin and you felt his hot breath on your ear.

“Are you sure about that?” He whispered in your ear in his deep voice. “Because, once I start being rough with you I won’t be able to stop…”

“Yes, please!” You moaned quietly.

“Okay then…” He answered, nibbling on your earlobe slightly, before fulfilling your wish.


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You were making out on his bed, your make out session slowly getting more and more intense. At some point the two of you were completely naked, you straddling his lap while he watched you, devouring you with his eyes.

“I want to try something new tonight…” You whispered in his ear.

“Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow. “What is it princess?” 

“I want you to tie me up and fuck me harder than you’ve ever had…” You said in the most seductive voice you could manage. 

Jungkook gave you an uncertain look. 

“It’s okay Jungkook…Show me exactly how rough you can be…”

“Will do, princess…” he smirked.


I Don’t Need Your Assistance

Pairing/Characters: Celebrity!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (FR), swearing, angst if u squint
Having an internationally known actor as your boss wasn’t really bad. Not until after a one night stand do you realise that you’re in love with him and there’s something else too, that something else leads you to quit your job.
Word Count:
This is for Tay’s AU Writing Challenge @tatortot2701! I chose the prompt “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn”! Bucky is pretty much just Sebastian in this AU! Enjoyyyy!

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*folds hands* look, all I want is keith+lance being Dads after the war is over

  • a lot of people die in the final Galra vs. Garrison battle, and keith and lance adopt a little girl whose family was killed while fighting. she’s almost a year old and becomes their whole world in three hours flat
  • Lance can’t believe it the first time he walks into the living room and sees Keith giving the little girl airplane rides and blowing raspberries and laughing, but he quickly gets used to it bc it happens like all the time
  • also Lance buys a little baby sling and carries his kid around like Sacagawea or smth
    • “Lance, do you really need to take her with you to the doctor? I can watch her.”
    • “Duh, yes, how else am I going to show our daughter off and get free lollipops?” 
  • keith slips into Dad clothing style really quickly. He was given red Crocs for his birthday from Hunk and wears them everywhere
    • “Keith I’m not letting you go to look at preschools wearing those things. You’re committing fashion murder right now.”
    • “What? I think I look fine,” Keith says, standing in his red Crocs, red socks, Dad Jean Shorts™, and a flannel shirt with his hair half tied back.
    • Lance hunts down Hunk: “Never,” he hisses, “give my husband rubber sandals again. You stay away from my family, you monster.” (then hugs hunk for a long time bc he loves his friend)
  • keith and lance will spend entire evenings laying on the living room floor with their daughter between them, just smiling dreamily.
  • also he’s not even 30 but keith is already falling asleep at 8 pm on the couch and lance just smiles and kisses him on the forehead goodnight
  • lance starts drinking a lot of coffee and keith thinks this is weird bc the boy hates it? his only fluids come from chocolate milk and syrup 
    • “Uh, dude, you know you don’t have to drink coffee just bc we’re dads now right?”
    • Lance slams the mug down: “oh thank gOD”
imagine you work at a fetal daycare

(if people like this I can think of lots more to write in this scenario! So I hope everyone likes it)I hated my office job, so I wasn’t too sad when I got laid off. A new daycare was opening on the other side of town so I thought I’d apply - I love kids and wanted some of my own one day. But it wasn’t a normal sort of daycare. I thought they seemed weirdly obsessed with health screenings and drug tests and stuff but I didn’t find out why until my first day.

I don’t really know how the technology works. It’s all very secret and patented and all kinds of things. They just told me a lot about how safe it was. All I know is, you get in one pod thing, and a pregnant woman gets in the other, and you’re both strapped in in all kinds of places, and when the technician has finished pushing buttons you’re the one who’s pregnant. Then she can go off and do what she wants - like go on a flight, or get drunk, or just feel normal for a while - and at the end of your shift she takes her baby back.

They charge these women a lot so the pay is good, and the facilities are fantastic - you can’t leave the site while you’re carrying, but they have hotel rooms if you need to stay over, and all your meals are provided (it’s very heavy on the health food but that’s okay).

Some of the staff don’t stay very long - they say it’s ‘too weird’, or they just hate being pregnant. But I love it! I didn’t realise I would. I don’t want an actual baby right now, but I love feeling pregnant, especially since I don’t have to do anything but enjoy it. I love having a round belly to stroke, I know I look really cute, and I love feeling the babies move around. I’ve worked here six months now. I’m only scheduled to work three days a week - the pay is that good that you can easily manage on that - but I come in most days. The manager knows she can always call me if they’re busy.

And who needs a day off when I’m being paid to spend all evening watching TV! The client has gone to her best friend’s bachelorette party, and was talking very excitedly about how drunk she was going to get, so I’m here overnight, and possibly overnight tomorrow as well (she won’t take her baby back until her blood alcohol level is low enough). Right now I’m eight months pregnant.

And I feel great. I’m sitting up in the bed, with a big pile of pillows behind me, watching a movie. I’ve got a delicious smoothie. And I’ve got my pajamas on, but they don’t really fit, with the waistband tucked down under my huge belly and the top folded up under my breasts. I can feel the baby kicking and wonder if it knows it’s somewhere new.

I put the smoothie down and stroke my hands over my belly. At first it was so strange to me, being suddenly very pregnant, but now I’m used to it. I love when my skin feels so tight and stretched. Third trimester transfers are definitely my favourite.

“It’s okay, baby,” I say. “I’m just the babysitter. Mommy will be back soon.” It kicks me again and I feel the skin stretch slightly at that point. “You should be glad you’ve got plenty of room in there,” I said. “Sometimes it gets crowded.”

The first couple of months I worked here they just gave me one baby at a time. Once I was used to that I started getting more. If it’s just one first trimester baby you hardly notice it at all - you don’t get as sick as the actual mother, I don’t know why, just sometimes a little bit. Two or three and you start to show. The most babies I’ve carried at once was five, but that was only for an hour or so until one client returned (I asked the technician how she was sure she gave people their right baby back and she went on a long speech about DNA tagging that I didn’t understand, I just hope she gets it right every time!). I was pretty big then, bigger than this, I think two of those babies were second trimester and three first. I felt so full, it was fantastic. Since then we haven’t been so busy, and we’ve had some new staff. A few of them are talking about quitting, though, so maybe we’ll be short-staffed again soon.

I hope so. If I’m here a couple of days with this baby there’s a good chance they’ll give me another. I stroke my belly again, trying to push it forward even more. I think about that day I carried five babies. The manager called me up, sounding seriously stressed, because only one other staff member had turned up and she had a dozen clients booked in. When I got here and went into her office I could see what she meant - she was leant back in her chair, barely able to reach her desk over her belly, that was clearly stuffed full. That’s how I know we’re really busy - she’s so dedicated and hates to turn anyone down! She did have to make a couple of walk-ins wait until some clients had collected their babies. I’m sure I could have fit one more. Maybe I’ll manage six another time.

I’m in luck tonight. The movie has just finished and I’m thinking about taking a bath when there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Hi, Cathy,” my manager says. Sometimes she wears a suit but tonight she’s in uniform - a tight, stretchy purple t-shirt and black leggings - and when I look, sure enough she has a medium-sized bump under her top. “How’re you doing?”

“I’m great,” I say, because I am. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you could do me a favour,” she said. “Mel has called in sick and -”

“It’s fine,” I say. “I’m here anyway.”

“It’s a single pregnancy, 21 weeks. I’d take it myself but I have a lot of running about to do. Can you manage?”

“Sure, no problem.”

“You’re sure?”


My manager sighs. “Oh, you’re a star. Come on, then,” and she helps pull me up from the bed. I’m already so big that getting up is a problem. I think about how much bigger I’ll be in a few minutes and bite my lip in anticipation.

It takes me a few minutes to waddle along to the transfer room. A nervous-looking pregnant woman watches me strap myself in. “Is this okay?” she says. “If she’s already, you know…”

“It’s fine,” the technician assures her. “We do this all the time.”

I close my eyes. I pulled my pajama top down over my belly when I left my room but it barely stretches. I adjust it surreptitiously so that it doesn’t suddenly ping up or tear when the transfer happens. I should have changed back into my uniform (that top really is SUPER stretchy) but it’s hard when you’re already huge.

“Here we go,” the technician says, and I sigh as I feel my belly stretch that much more. The fabric of my pajama top is stretched super tight now, so tight I can hardly breathe. When I get back to my room I’m going to take it off.

The client leaves, thanking everyone profusely for ‘fitting her in’. “Did you manage to fit her in, Cathy?” the tech says after she’s gone. I just about manage to reach round my massive belly. “I think so,” I said. “Wow, that’s more than I thought it would be.”

“You’re so good at this,” she says, taking my arm and helping me waddle back to my room. “I wish we had a whole team just like you.”

“You’ve never been tempted to give it a go?” I ask. She laughs.

“I’m the only one who knows how to work the machine! I can’t do it to myself. Although she’s tried to talk me into it, I’m not sure. It looks pretty uncomfortable.”

“I actually love it,” I confess. “I’d love to see how many babies I can carry at once.”

“Really?” she looks at me thoughtfully. “What’s your record so far?”


“I’ll look at the bookings. See what I can do.” She grins at me as she opens my room door and helps me inside. “If that’s what you want. Now get some rest.”

She leaves and I shut the door behind her and sit down on the bed. Finally I can pull off my pajama top and I look down at myself. Sitting down, my belly reaches right to my knees. I feel magnificent. The babies are squirming and kicking and I know I won’t get much sleep tonight, but that’s okay. I want to enjoy this.

plaid as a fabric has such a weird Rich history like this is such a .strange thing to be thinking about butits 4 in the morning and i know a lot about this so yes i just think its cool i mean it went from being the way the gaelic scots displayed their fealty to their clan to a staple of catholic school uniforms to the shirt of the classic lumberjack to the Notable everyday-wear of lesbians thats some dynamic fabric right there god i love plaid

Nine to Five (Part 9)

Pairing: Father!Stiles x Reader

A/n: You can thank me later, here is my ask box to FREAK OUT

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

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You wander into the Stilinski’s household, a smile gracing your face at the sight of Rosie and Stiles sitting at the breakfast counter together - finishing off their breakfast. “Good Morning.” You greet the pair of them, who give you the exact same grin.

“Daddy, can I give it to her now?” Rosie half whispers to Stiles, making you raise a brow in his direction. The sight of him in a black suit still sent shivers down your spine even though it was something you seen every morning.

“Yes, pumpkin.”

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The perks of being a librarian

For @princey-and-hottopic because i saw your post and it inspired me.


The thing Logan enjoyed the most about working in a library - asides from all the books he could read for free - was surely the wide range of different personalities that appeared there.

Logan didn’t have many friends. He, as the cashier of the library, didn’t really have to talk to anyone apart from the usual ‘this book is late and you need to pay this certain amount’. Besides that… he tended to stay quiet ajd read a book.

But some of those… wide personality rage of people would sometimes stop and interact with him.

Usually asking for a section of books, or to ask if certain book was good or not, sometimes he would have to make a conversation out of his usual quiet self. And that they was no different.

Expect for one single thing.

“Logan!” Patton, the florist, said as quietly as his excited self allowed, walking to the counter and making Logan sit up straight. “Good morning!”

“Good morning Patton” he said, heart beating on his throat. Since the first time he had seen that young florist in the library, looking for some catalog of some kind of plants, Logan hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. “What are you doing here today?”

“Honestly? Just chilling” he answered, leaning down and supporting his head with his arms. “How are you doing?”

“Normal, as usual” he said, smiling shyly as he stares. “Any book you would like to search today? Last week a new book about camelias arrived, if you’re interested.”

“Actually I… I just wanted to know if you’re free later tonight?” He asked, and Logan swore to god he did not blush.

“Um… I’m free after my shift. It ends at five pm. Why?” He asked, tilting his head, confused. Patton hummed and smiled.

“Well… we know each other for a few weeks now… and I would really love to go on a date with you” he said, and Logan’s eyes widened before he nodded slowly.

“Oh um… s-sure. Six pm then? And where?” He asks, and Patton grinned, handing him a small bouquet of flowers with a card.

“The address is inside. Until later” he giggled, leaning down and kissing Logan on the cheek, making him go all red.

As Patton left the library, Logan had a few minutes to make himself presentable again, holding the flowers on his hand and smiling just as someone slammed their hands on the counter. He looked up slowly, ready to complain, before he rolled his eyes as he saw who it was.

“Roman, why did you slam the counter?” He asked, annoyed, and the actor stared at him, eyes wide.

“I need a hamlet book for yesterday Logan. Where?” He asked, and Logan rolled his eyes again, standing up slowly. “Come on Lo!”

“Why are you always late for your college assignments?” He teased while walking to the aisle, holding the flowers close and getting one of the books. “Here”

“Sorry Logan, if I need to do things and can’t always think of college first” he said, and sighed relieved as he got the book. “Thanks”

“What are you doing that is so special that you don’t have time for college?” He asked as they walked to the counter, where he checked the book out and gave it to Roman. The actor rubbed the back of his head and blushed and Logan smirked. “Oh… the punk kid?”

“W-what how do you know?!” He gasped and Logan laughed, quietly, shaking his head.

“You are wearing his shirt” he said simply and Roman went red, looking down slowly and groaning when he checked that yes, he was wearing Ann’s steam punk shirt.

“Damn it. Wait. How do you know its his shirt?” He asked, confused, and Logan rolled his eyes.

“This city is small and this is the only quality library of it. He comes here too Roman” he said, and chuckled. “He is very nice besides his appearances. Very intelligent, likes books… maybe he could teacher you something”

“Oh shut up” Roman groaned and looked at his lap, only then noticing the flowers and smirking. “Well it seems as if I am not the only one who has got a date tonight”

Logan blushed furiously and held rhe flowers close, smiling shyly.

“Shut up and go do your homework Roman”

“Alright, but I want details” he said and smirked widely. “Is it the florist next door? I love his flowers and that card is surely his” he said, and Logan blushed a little more before waving Roman away.

“Go do your homework!” He said, pushing him away from the counter and holding his flowers close as he walked away, laughing.

He sighed and looked back up when another costumer came to ask about a new section of books.

He couldn’t wait for that night to come.

Silly Bat’ - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just a short silly fic BECAUSE WHY NOT RIGHT ?! I like to imagine that when Bruce doesn’t have the stress of taking care of Wayne Inc or of his nightly activities on his back, he’s just a very funny and kinda weird man…So I wrote something about it, hope you’ll like it

Awesome fan art of this story here : clickclickclick by @demigodslytherin.

(My masterlist blog here :


There were times, when it was just you and Bruce, where you genuinely wondered if your husband wasn’t completely crazy. 

Not in a bad way. Not in a “Joker” or “Harley Quinn” way. Nooooo. In a “that man is completely silly, and I’m really starting to question his sanity…is he on drugs ? Drunk ? I don’t know, but it’s funny” way. Yes. Exactly in that way. 

Often, when it was just the two of you, behind closed door, he would…loosen up. And not just a bit. He would loosen up completely and go on full “goofball mode”. 

You couldn’t count the number of times he started a pillow fight, a war with water guns (though since Alfred yelled at you two as if you were children making a mess, you switched from water guns to nerf guns), a tickle fight or a stupid and ridiculous fashion show etc etc. 

You still remembered how your abs hurt after the fit of laughter you had when he came out of the bathroom wearing an awful bright green tuxedo vest a random fashion house send him, without an undershirt, flexing all of the muscle of his chest and all, some sweatpants on of which he tucked the lower part in cowboy boots Clark gave him, and a lampshade as a hat…Where was he even finding those ideas ?

Yes. When it was just you and him, he was a different person. That no one else but you, not even his children, not even Alfred, or any of his close friends would ever see. A Bruce completely carefree, and also slightly insane…but hilarious. 

Every time you ended up having the Manor to yourself (which was very rarely, with five children and a butler who almost never took days off), it would even be better, your playground being bigger. 

One of your favorite “Silly Bat” time was when you played hide and seek (yes, grown ass adults could totally play hide and seek) and you went to hide in a tree in the garden…And got found by Clark. 

The embarrassment on Bruce’s face when he was trying to explain what you two were doing was priceless…In the end, he said that you were playing a “sexual version of hide and seek”, because it was easier to explain than to tell his friend that he was actually playing the actual game, like a damn child, with his beautiful wife…

Clark was impressed. After all, he found you in a tree, so he wondered how you two were going to make lo…Your laughter stopped his trail of thoughts. Your superfriend misinterpreted your laugh, thinking you were mocking him because he was blushing, and that was good (for Bruce). It settled the end of the story. 

Soon enough, Superman was laughing too, and it took everything in Bruce to not even crack a smile, to keep his stoic stance, and slightly bored facial expression, so that he wouldn’t get discovered. Ooh you loved that man. 

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#26: “I’m stuck! Help me!” 

#43: “Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk”

warning: cursing, partying
word count: 1,433
a/n: I know that drabbles are supposed to be 500-1,000 words but I’m pretty sure mine are going to be around 1,000-1,500 words. Feel free to request more! and as always, I love Zach Dempsey!

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Hot Topic now sells official Mystic Messenger shirts!! Now we can all wear one of the best otome games merchandise in shirt form!! Every time we see someone else with a Mystic Messenger shirt on I think we always need to compliment them so make sure to do so my friends!! I hope to see a lot of you with your Mystic Messenger shirts on soon!! ^^

(Yes I go online shopping at 4:30 am whenever I can’t sleep don’t judge me)

Crying because I’m imagining the inevitable Brotzman family dinner where Todd and Amanda bring their respective partners over for a formal introduction.

Feat. Dirk Gently “I crawled through your sons window and got him electrocuted, did he ever tell you about the time he was a suspect in four separate murders, the reason he wasn’t returning your calls for a few months was because he was actually breaking me out of CIA custody, why yes I am wearing his band shirt” and Farah Black “our first date was drinking wine from plastic cups while being watched by a cultist inhabiting the body of an FBI agent, our second date was beating up a SWAT Team to save a girl and a corgi I enjoy listening to Amanda play the drums when she’s not busy vandalizing public property with her anarchist friends”.

With special guest appearances the Rowdy 3 (who would also like to attend the dinner but content themselves with throwing a brick through the window, if it worked on Amanda it’ll work on Amanda’s parents).

concept: chat noir wearing a shirt that says ‘if found, return to ladybug’

and ladybug wearing a shirt that says ‘i am ladybug’

(no ‘keep him’ quips, no ‘not ladybug’ quips, just full admittance that yes, that is her kitty, yes, if he gets lost she would like him back, and yes, she wants to keep him by her side)