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Okay, I've been looking at Misha's pics today (because reasons), and it struck me again how they ugly him down for the show? Admittedly they do it to most characters except maybe Crowley, but Cas... Misha is a really gorgeous man, you can see on his Twitter and during cons, but when I watch season 12 I feel they make him look older and more tired than he really is. And don't get me started on the new coat! Any ideas why they do it? Is it the narrative or something else?

Hello, my lovely! How nice to hear from you! Oh, there are always reasons for Misha-picture looking. I know those reasons well. My, my, here’s one right here.


And yes, I am in total agreement with you - this gorgeous man is lumped into a weird-ass coat and an oversized tie that honestly make him look like… I think I read the term “potato” somewhere - could very well be a @tinkdw quote - and it is rather frustrating because HE IS NOT A POTATO. (I refer to the above smoulder of If I Asked You To You’d Get Naked Right Now I Know You Would) (yes) (yes I would) 

So why make him look like a spud rather than a stud?

I have this friend who I discussed this with rather recently **Tink** and she said that it must be a conscious choice by wardrobe to make him look just a little out of place, a little uncomfortable, a little left off-centre. Because he does, doesn’t he? This whole season has dealt so much with “belonging”. For Mary, but especially for Cas, because where Mary found a place for her hunter-self with the BMoL, Cas has more or less just drifted. (until now, thank you Lucifer’s unborn son) 

So yeah, I believe it is the narrative informing wardrobe. And the narrative this season especially has dictated that Cas is not content, is not certain of where he belongs or even where he wants to belong (he sort of knows where he wants to belong, but he’s not convinced he does belong there), and he has been depressed about this the whole season: hence the seeming tired, despondent, lost. He has been so, so lost. He’s shedding all of this baggage now, though. 

I mean… 


(Sidebar: that dead body in the background, guys. *scrunchy face* Sorry to add to finale angst, but Luci is clearly on a killing spree. I’m a little excited to see him back and powerful again. But my money is on TFW. If the boys can manage to assemble, that is…)

Thanks for the ask, margarittet!! xx

Michael Scofield x Reader

So, I may or may not have a new addiction. I have managed to watch the 4 seasons of Prison Break and I also just caught up on season 5. I’m not going to lie I am a little obsessed. So, I just had write something.

Word Count: 1000+ (yes, I got carried away. Couldn’t help myself)

“Talk to him, because standing here watching him isn’t going to solve anything.” Lincoln placed a hand on your shoulder and gave you a light squeeze. Lincoln was always like an older brother to you, he always was looking out for you, just like he did Michael. You gave him a light squeeze back and walked outside over Michael, but keep a fair distance.

“I just want to know why you did it.” Michael was standing near the water with both of his hands in his pockets not bother to look at you. You didn’t blame him; you would hate yourself if he did the same thing to you. It was now or never, you needed to tell him the truth about why you left and went into hiding.

“I didn’t have a choice. They wanted me dead because of the information I had on them. I had to go into hiding.” Michael finally turned around to come face to face with you. His hands were still in his pocket. “I was just an FBI field agent whose father approached them two years ago with information on the company. I had no idea he worked for them, he gave files so that I could help bring down the company and because they had betrayed him. They killed him because he wouldn’t give up where the files went.”

“All you left was a note telling me that you had a plan of your own. I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t know if you were even okay.” Michael took his hands out of his pockets and placed them on the top of his head, which is a thing he does when he’s frustrated.

“I had a plan, but I had hit a bump in the road. I remember the part of your plan when you and Linc were supposed to go to Panama City. So, after my plan failed I had no idea what my next plan was. So, I got on a plane and traveled Panama City to meet up with you and Linc and fill you in and go from there.” Michael took a step closer to you closing the gap between the two of you. “Before I could find you and Linc, The Company grabbed me.”

Michael didn’t need you to tell him what they did to you after the grabbed you. He took another step closer to you which gave the two of you only a few inches away from each other.  Reaching out to you, he grabbed both of your hands. He looked down at your conjoined hands and squeezed them to reassure you that you were safe here.

“Michael, I love you and I am sorry I left.” Michael pulled you closer as you placed a hand on his chest. “I want to make things right. I want to bring down the company. I want them to pay for what they did to my father.” He leaned forward slowly, his hand brushing the hair out of your face and in an instant, his lips were on yours. The kiss was rough and smooth; it was perfect. The kiss reminded you of the time where Michael had shown up to be your knight and shining armor at your senior prom. That night was the first time he had ever kissed you and you knew he was always going to be your knight and shining armor. After pulling away from Michael he leaves his one hand on your cheek which you cover with your own.

“I never thought I see your face again and now that I have you back I’m not letting you go. I love you. We are going to bring down The Company and we are going to make sure it happens.” Michael wrapped his arms around your shoulders as you placed your arms around his upper body right beneath is arms.

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You, Michael and Lincoln, were at a safe house that you had been using for that last 2 months. It was off The Companies and anyone else radar, you weren’t sure how much longer you can stay here, but as of right, it was going to have to do. You had passed on all the information you had on The Company to Linc and Michel so that they could look over what you had collected. After about an hour Michael had walked into the bedroom where you were sitting on the bed looking at a file folder.

“I got something for you.” You looked up at the file and saw Michael walk closer to the bed with something behind his back. As he sat on the bed in front of you he showed what was behind his back, a heart shaped origami.

“You kept it.” A smile grew across your face as Michael handed you the heart. “Why did you keep it?” You put the files you were looking at on the bedside table.

“You promised me one day. I just want to make sure you intend to keep it.” You opened the heart which then revealed the note you left Michael.

The note read: I have a plan of my own to make things right. Trust me. I love you. P.S. I intend to keep my promise. Wait for me. – Y/N

“Well, I did promise you I would marry you one day and hopefully that one day is soon.” You folded the heart back up and placed it on the bedside table along with the file folder. Leaning forward you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned your forehead against his. Michael placed both of his hands on your waist and pulled you closer to him as he embedded a kiss on you. Kissing Michael made everything else disappeared. Michael was certainly your knight and shining armor.

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You run your hands up his shirt tugging at it to take it off, as he takes it off you stare at the tattoos that covered his body. You lightly traced the tattoos on his torso and arms, you never actually had a change to exam them when he first got it done. You must have been staring too long because Michael gently grabbed your face again and connected his lips to yours. He then had grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it over your head. As soon as your shirt was off it relieved the scars of burn marks on the side of your stomach. Michael lightly traced the scars knowing where they came from.

“There not as back as they look.” You kissed him to reassure him that you were okay. As you kissed him you pulled him down with you as you laid back on the bed.

“God I love you.” Michael was hovering over your body with one hand on your waist and the other on the side of your head supporting himself.

“Stop talking and kiss me.” He chuckled and did as he was commanded and the rest of the night was magical.

Well there you have it. I worked on this for days now and I not too happy about it, but I might have something else in the works so we will see and of course I will let you guys know :)

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