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yes haha i've been here for a little over a month, but i stopped posting here for weeks because i felt too shy :') but i got a lot of encouragement and read a lot about how to take nice pictures fot studyblr/gram sooo here i am!!! i am really happy i'm going well so far! and yes lol i feel shy to tag people so i only tag a few. can you tell me other people you tag too?

Oh, hey look, my little Windows Sticky Note finally came into use.  I’ve been keeping track of all the blogs I follow and their tracked tags.  Hang in there because this is going to be a super long post.  These are all in alphabetical order by URLs, with my most used tags in bold and tags for my favorite blogs italicized.  If anyone who sees this wants to add or correct a tag, feel free to message me.

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She’s Not Normal

Anonymous asked: Hey Meg! Can I request a Legolas x Fem!Reader who’s an elf? Like, she has very un-elf like characteristics and she’s been with Legolas for a long time (in secret) but she’s afraid that no one would really accept them together. Since, he’s like… The epitome of elf perfection. Thanks!!

Here you go!!! I do not own Legolas or Thranduil. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien

Warnings: slight angst and fluff. Thranduil is a douche. 

Pairings: Legolas x fem!elf reader

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

You groaned to yourself as you tripped over another tree root in the forest. If not for the fact that you had pointed ears, no one would even know you were an elf. You were not like other elves. You were clumsy and you gave into your emotions easily. You had the beauty of an elf and the fighting skills, but that’s where the similarities ended. The whispers of the others never failed to reach your ears. “She’s not normal.” That’s what they always said. They really didn’t like you and, if they knew your secret, they’d probably hate you.

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Any good reference images of these interpretations of the human characters? (I want to draw them, and I am also bad at finding referencing images, so I was just wondering if there are any things that are or I could use as reference images)

((aw jeez you wanna draw these nerds?? ; w ; heck ye you’d make my day, unfortunately I don’t have any proper fullbody refs yet (i need to get on making that height sheet OTL) so all there is so far is ask responses. If you wanna scroll through the blog without going through the self-reblogs and misc posts, try the blog’s batim tag. I know there’s a few posts that have fullbody shots for some of the characters, like joey (bendy’s a bit in the way tho), sammy, and wally - I don’t have any such shots for Henry or Susie tho :c the best I can do for them is this post for henry and this post for susie? dunno if that helps at all. regardless of if you use this stuff or wait ‘till the height chart is done, happy drawing anon! pls send me the draws when you’re done, I love seeing art from people :3 :3 :3))

20-20 Tag Meme

tagged by @aphhun thank you, beautiful!

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!

a - age: old enough

b - birthplace: suburb of Detroit

c - current time: 1:01 am

d - drink you last had: ginger ale 

e - easiest person to talk to: used to be my sister…

f - favourite song: From These Wounds by Funeral (it’s just one of many)

g - grossest memory: the kid getting a stomach bug 3 times in one month. fun clean up…

h - horror yes or horror no: horror YES

i - in love?: nope but i have some crushes

j - jealous of people?: yes

k - killed someone?: no

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: i am one of those stupid people that has experienced love at first sight. didn’t work out. hope not to experience it again

m - middle name: it’s a flower

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: for people in my family to stop getting sick or injured

p - person you called last: my mom (i was having a hard time finding the olive oil she wanted)

q - question you’re always asked: lately? how are you doing? or are you okay?

r - reason to smile: the bean

s - song you sang last: No Rain by Blind Melon 

u - underwear color: pink with black trim

v - vacation: anywhere that’s not here. germany, japan, the moon? the keys would be nice too

x - x-rays: spine and shitty teeth

y - your favourite food: curry! 

z- zodiac sign: Gemini 

tagging: @theinsanefox @severeminx @phaytesworld @nanamo @kanekkis @kymbawee @blownwish-blog @michelecrispychip @d2diamond @victuri-oh-nice @meimagino @raindrops-on-summerday

New & Improved Blog:

Yes it is Sweetpea!!(:

I have decided to just use one blog so it is easier and I have kept the blog name dream-carat-17 to make it easier for all of my followers. I will tag all of the followers from my previous side blogs and from here you can all choose if you want to keep following me

What is going to be on this new blog?

  • My scenarios
  • Links to my fics

  • And other things like idols/my biases

> Also I am sorry if I tagged anyone who is already following this blog

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Tag Meme

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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A - Age: 18
B - Birthplace: Illinois
C - Current Time: 1:47 AM US Central Time (when I got to this question), 2:03 AM CST (when I finished)
D - Drink You Last Had: Ginger ale
E - Easiest Person To Talk To: My qpp
F - Favourite Song: It changes a lot but rn I’m obsessed with 3 of Allegrolite’s RVB fan songs: GONE, The McScouty Rap, and Big Bad Mercenaries
H - Horror Yes or Horror No: No!!!!!!!!
I - In Love: …This may sound silly but I think of my feelings for my QPP as being platonically in love. But romantically? Not at the moment.

J - Jealous of People: Is this a yes or no question? I do get jealous of people, so… yes
K - Killed Someone: No!!! What kind of question
L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: I honestly have no clue what this is asking
M - Middle Name: Gabriella
N - Number of Siblings: 1
O - One Wish: My wish for a long time has been that I could fly.
P - Person You Called Last: Home phone
Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “Where’s your name from?”
R - Reason to Smile: My qpp. <3 <3 <3
S - Song You Sang Last: Big Bad Mercenaries
T - Time You Woke Up: 1:15 pm
U - Underwear Color: A bit personal… but… orange with blue trim, atm.

V - Vacation Destination: I’m leaving for West Virginia in a few days and then we’re going to Virginia Beach
W - Worst Habit: I send strings of messages no one except me cares about to my groupchat. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason one of my friends left with no explanation after one of said strings around 3 am last night.
X - X-rays: Only ever had them on my teeth and wrist.
Y - Your favourite food: Paprika potatoes
Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp

I tag: Only going to tag ppl who are following me, I don’t want to randomly tag anyone who has no idea who I even am bc RSD lmao

1. @grassepi 2. @hollowfacade 3. @kobe-guy (don’t know why it won’t let me tag you???) 4. @exhaustioninducedapathy 5. @draco-shion 6. @isaixel 7. @oboistmusic 8. @grand-king-toru 9. @ottottatertots 10. @indigoreign95 11. @ninjamelissajulien 12. @timekeeper31289 13. @cassistrash 14. @bread-making-vikings 15. @felinefan 16. @going-88mph 17. @badly-salted-pretzel 18. @kieram13 19. @skelladad 20. @super-frickin-rad 

God I hate trying to decide who to tag for these things but god I love being tagged thank you @gaberdeen 

This is not just a kink for me… it’s my lifestyle too..

I put up a post about me coming out to my best friend about it expecting some support or advice, and all i got was people being negative because i used the princess tag…
Yes i get that my blog isn’t sfw. But that post was.
Now i’m feeling like utter crap because of this.
Staying off Tumblr today.
Just bringing me down and making me feel worse about myself.

Yes, I am proud to present to you my first printable. There are more on the way, but I made this one specifically for my school shopping guide. I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you use it, take a photo and tag me in it :)

Can be downloaded from here. The download shouldn’t have any gaps between the bullet point and the lines for ‘other’ like it shows, but if it does, let me know :)

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I am sobbing thank u for so many fic recs on your blog thank u so much💛💛💛

!!!!!!!!! you are very welcome!! I usually only reblog fic recs from other people when they include friend stuff/my own works because I don’t want to rec anything that I haven’t personally read - but if you want to know what fics I personally recommend you can check my fic rec tag. I put what I think of the fics in the tags and they are pretty much spoiler free (though kinda hard to read, I’ll admit, since my font is small). It’s very useful though if you want to see whether a certain fic really is your taste. If you just want a list to check out/reblog instead of a whole tag to skim through, I also put two of my own together, you can find them here and here. Have fun reading!! :D 💛💛💛

sunflowers-and-swear-words  asked:

Wait hold on I read your tags, you're on the asexual spectrum too??

Yes I am!! I just don’t talk abt it much on this blog bc I talk about fuckin people so much that some people would probs be like okay honey quit lyin (I can’t blame them, sometimes IM like okay honey quit lyin 😂). But I mean I’ve been on the a-spec my whole life, I like kinda identify as grey-ace, just to make things simpler 😂 like I can literally count the # of people I’m sexually attracted to irl on one hand 😂

I used to be like Lowkey sex repulsed, but media has desensitized me, plus orgasms are fun 😂😂😂

Five minute drabble challenge: Safe word!

I was tagged by @torn-and-frayed (I hate you!! :P - but go read her stuff she is wicked awesome) Now I pay it forward to @harley7509 @ashleymalfoy (it wouldn’t let me tag your fic blog for some reason sorry hun!), @superwholock56 and @salvachester ;) You guys have to write for 5 minutes only, no editing is allowed. 

Warning: S11 Spoilers!

A/N: So my mom had this headcanon thing a while back when Cas said yes to Lucifer and I am just kinda playing around with that a little bit and kinda took a joking angle to it - but I am in love with the idea so I may use it somehow in a later fic. Maybe a Cas x reader one. Who knows :)

Pairing: Dean x reader (with a little twist)

“You what?” You stared at Dean in disbelief as you slowly backed away from him. 

“I am sorry sweetheart! It was the only way to save him. To make sure Lucifer didn’t kill him. Burn him out. I couldn’t let him stayed trapped in there with him any longer. We will get his vessel back but until then…” Dean’s words fadded out as he scanned your face for emotions. For any sign of what you were feeling! 

“So who did I just kiss?!” you stuttered and stared at the man you knew so well. The man you had been with for the last 2 years. The man you were very much in love with. Unsure of what to do with the information he had just laid on you. Unsure of if the man if front of you were really even Dean. 

“Me!! Y/N. Dean! I am still me sweetheart!” Dean took a step towards you and wrapped you back into his arms and you felt your body relax. Dean smiled as he felt the tension leave his body and he leaned in brushing his lips over yours but as you were just about to kiss him his demeanor changed. 

“Y/N! I assure you I am not going to spy on you two! You don’t have to worry. I can lock myself away when ever you need me too.” 

“Cas?!” you gulped and pushed the man standing in front of you of you, “what the hell!!” 

“I am sorry Y/N I didn’t mean to make you feel akward!” Cas tried. He looked like Dean but he held himself diffently and his voice was lower. There was no doubt it was Cas talking to you through your boyfriends mouth. 

“Then maybe don’t do that!!” you snapped at the angel who sent you an apologettic look. “I will leave you two alone then!” 

“Y/N what are you doing? Why are you…” Dean looked at you with a confused look on his face and your eyes opened wide, “Dean?! I am going to get whiplash!” you sighed!

“Wait did he just? Did I?” Dean tried to understand what was going on and as you nodded Dean yelled out into the room, “damnit Cas! Personal space man!!” 

You bit your lip trying to hold back your laugh but when Dean glared at you as if he was affraid you were going crazy your head fell backwards and you laughed. 

“What’s so funny?” Dean demanded to know and you wrapped your arms around his neck, “oh we are going to need a safeword honey!”  

So this MAY be my insomnia talking, but I’ve decided to use Alona Tal as an FC on this blog! xP My main reasoning is yolo (cause yes it’s 2017 - that’s how cool I am). Thanks, @musingrps for your opinion! xD


Some newer watchers are probably not aware that I love bugs. Anyway, you are being warned!

Found this little lady earwig in our tub, a bit damp and unhappy. I had a mini photoshoot before turning her back outside: unfortunately, it was still raining. I am sure she didn’t mind, ha!

No, she didn’t pinch me, and even if she did, I wouldn’t have likely felt it. And no they don’t crawl in ears. I swear they are harmless. Just misunderstood, as all invertebrates.

I do use all common tags, but aside from that, yes, this blog is occasionally a bug zone.

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How can you defend Islam? Do you any idea what their religion has done to this world? In Islamic states (YES THEY ARE REAL MUSLIMS), women are treated like shit and non-believers are MURDERED! You're a feminist so you should be against them. Obviously, not all Muslims are like that but enough so that millions of people have died at their hands. I'm not hating on you; I'm just disagreeing with you. Sorry if this comes across as aggressive but I'm really angry about the shootings right now.

How can I defend Islam? 

Question is, how can you villainize an entire religion based on the actions of a radical few? 

(Also, Christianity has done some dark shit in its time, and I don’t see Christians getting this reaction and getting made to apologise every time some extremist Christian somewhere does something evil in the name of their faith. Let’s not pretend this is a problem all religions get. This is currently exclusive to Islam.) 

Of course I defend Islam. Who do you think is going to get the backlash now? Muslims. That’s who. And people like yourself are going to make everything worse for them. Do you think most Muslims wanted this to happen? I mean, even now they’re being forced to speak out against something they had nothing to do with, just to defend themselves from being harmed and hated because they share a religion (in name) with the murderers. Muslims in France are having a rough enough time as it is, without this added to their troubles. 

The problem is not Islam. I can’t believe you’ve even come to my ask box with that first sentence. If you’d asked why I defend radical Islamic extremists, I’d tell you I don’t. Islam is not the problem. It’s not Islam. You’re getting into dangerous territory already. 

It’s not your fault. You’re angry, you’re upset, maybe scared. But the media and society is trying to whip you and people like you up into a frenzy where Muslims and Islam become the enemy. Because when people are frightened they want an enemy. When people are scared they swallow lies more easily because they want the world to be black and white. 

You’re playing right into the hands of islamophobes right now. Don’t let it happen. The enemy is not Islam. Hate the radical murderous extremists who do terrible things. They are the villains here. 

And they’re not the only villains either, seeing the disgusting way so many people are jumping on the bandwagon to act like Muslims are now public enemy number one. You know that’s always been there in people, and now they’re using this horrendous shooting as an excuse to be able to speak their islamophobic, vile thoughts without repercussions. 

That’s dangerous. 

Yes, there are corrupt Muslims. I don’t even know why I am still having to say this stuff. Every day I blog about oppression and privilege. Check out my tags if you want to. Do you think I support the evils that have been done in the name of Islam? Seriously? Because I don’t. 

As a feminist I support Muslims because I can see they are being scapegoated right now. How do you think it’s going to be for Muslim women in the west now? It’s going to get worse and worse because people are becoming steadily less and less opposed to people being islamophobic. I’m here for my Muslim sisters. I don’t know who you’re here for, apart from the Islamaphobic media. 

I’d rethink if I were you. It’s easy to imagine the world is made of good and evil, but you know that’s not the way it is. You know the media has an agenda. Don’t fall for it. 

It happened!

I’ve just passed 1000 followers…how, what, when, why, how?!?

I should do something now shouldn’t I? But I don’t have any stuff to give away and I don’t know how that promo thing works…

Wait, come to think of it I do give stuff away, all the time actually, in the form of my writing: smutty and less smutty, one shots and multi chapters, Tom, Loki, Adam, Oakley and Thomas Sharpe, you can find them all right here:

Good, so now I avoided doing a giveaway and promoted myself, I’m sure that’s not the right way to do this…

Here’s what I am going to do: I am going to thank you, every single one of you, I know some of you better than others but please know that every new follower puts a smile on my face and I appreciate you all and am always looking forward to getting to know you better.
Talk to me, about anything not just Tom related stuff, tag me in your posts (you follow me, you know what I like), let me know if you want me to tag you in stuff, if you want me to follow you back just ask and I will, don’t ever be shy with me! (seriously I’m shy enough for the both of us!)

I may be here for Tom but I’m just as much here for the interaction, it’s what makes this whole thing worth staying!

So to prove to you all exactly how thankful I am, let me show you some torture love:

(pics and gifs not mine)

Alright, somebody stop me! I had a point but what was it again…oh yes:

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I have done over 200 hoodies now, and gone through over 400 notes. I am feeling accomplished, even though there are many more to go. To quickly answer some brief questions;

Yes, you may use YOUR hoodie as your icon, sidebar image, repost on your blog, or however you may please (I prefer having credit for the art though). c:

I haven’t done them all yet (I still have maybe 600 to go), please don’t message me asking me whether I have done yours. You can view my Pokeholidays tag, where all the completed ones are. I’m still busy working on them though, so continue watching the tag.

Happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, happy holidays, and happy whatever else you may celebrate! I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season!

I am not accepting any more hoodie forms, but keep watching for the next holiday giveaway I do (probably Valentines)! c:

Please watch the Pokeholidays tag for completed hoodies, and any pokeholidays related questions! c:

kissing-monsters  asked:

That seal hunting post was an incredibly unpleasant shock on a plant-based blog. I don't think you're concerned by loss of followers from it, which is fine, but wow. I actually don't disagree with you on the issue, but when I follow a blog about plants that seems to have a consistent theme, I don't expect to have to see animals being bludgeoned graphically to death.

You can thank the vegans over at PETA for those images. I tagged them as “gore,” so you can filter them out if need be.

I mostly blog about seeds, yes, but I am also a person who studied anthropology, and I am interested in – and write about – all aspects of sustainable food production. This includes hunting and animal husbandry.

I also use animal parts as a vital part of my organic soil building, and products like bone meal, blood meal, and fish emulsion are integral to cultivation in general.

I also have a a track record of posting images of myself related to animals, since this blog began.

I have posted pictures of myself hunting with Falcons in Qatar, and fishing here in Denmark.

And I have posted pictures of myself interacting with a wide variety of domestic animals – including, but not limited to – horses, donkeys, chickens, and bunnies.

I also write about how my family has been heavily involved in Angus cattle ranching and breeding, in addition to agriculture.

The size of the archives on zoochory, birds, and squirrels alone should give you an idea of the ways in which I view plant and animal life as extremely interconnected, to the point where I can’t write about one without writing about the other.

Basically, you can expect to see animals, and you can expect to see hunting here. I’m not going to censor processes of life and subsistence that aren’t pretty, and I’ve done my due diligence in tagging them.

anonymous asked:

I just saw your reply to that other anon who just asked for a simple request. So as a response you are being a total bitch to him/her and then you are trying to give us all a lesson about respecting each other? How about you go back to kindergarden and quit running urbex themed blogs if you prefer to post photos of yourself. I can assure you that we all would be happier (well except for the white knights) if you would give this blog to someone else who can take better care of it.

Ahem. Let me start by saying: we get this constantly. I run this blog for me. Not all of you (however I am glad you all do enjoy it). As I said, and most know I work a fulltime job which is incredibly demanding (like today I’m doing 12hours of overtime). People don’t ask us politely anymore to tag posts not abandoned (we slip up sometimes we’re human) they basically demand it. So yes, I was rude to said anon. And I’ll be rude to you as well. If you have a problem with my blog address me off anon so we can work something out. I’m very personable and approachable.
Also! We run a fantastic blog. Maybe it isn’t up to your standards but were not changing it. If you think it could be run better create your own themed blog. Its my blog and I can and will post what I want when I want.
So good day sir. But I don’t have anymore time for your nonsense my break is over and my patients await my return.

(My sass is on point today.. and thanks to those sending kind asks)

Response to Notes on Open Letter to WTNV Fandom

Okay. So, considering my Open Letter to WTNV Fandom is now (as of time of this writing) at 750 notes (which is 749 more than I expected) maybe it’s about time to address the reblogs. I’ve said repeatedly I don’t have time to track each one down and respond individually because my blog will become nothing but endless reblog arguments, which I am not interested in. So. Below are the most common things I have heard in tags and reblogs (Yes. I read every tag and every reblog.)

I PROMISE TO KEEP MY TLDRS FREE FROM SARCASM. Because I know I’m long winded. Even though it irritates me.

Disclaimer: Tag and reblog numbers are combined because I cannot possibly open every single reblog that only has tags, I used tagviewer for the tags. Also numbers classified under Neutral may boost negative response numbers, because some people just tagged things that didn’t classify their opinion, and I couldn’t tell by the tag. I took the most outstanding trait of the tag or reply and counted it under one category, or a combo category.

I did not even count the Ask responses I received, all but two of which are published for you to see on the #wtnvletter tag. Two wished to remain private.

 TLDR: Responding to notes. tag + reblog = numbers below


  • General support (including Thank Yous): 60
  • Feel this is important: 12
  • This/bless this/read this: 18
  • Gentle pleas to be kind to each other within fandom/can we discuss this topic without screaming: 7
  • Injured by/scared of the fandom: 13
  • Cannot listen to podcasts/post fan-material or opinions anymore: 8
  • Demands/requests to stop policing headcanons: 14
  • Someone said it: 5
  • Worried about direction fandom is taking/change things: 8
  • WTNV is worst fandom/friends resistant to joining/friends hurt: 6

I’m not making up these responses. Look through the tags yourself. This is a good chunk of the fandom here, some ex-fandom. Does this tell you anything?


  • Neutral/unsure of category because of tags: 52
  • First they’ve heard of it: 15



  • Personal attacks/cursing/this post is complete BS: 4
  • I hope more people leave the fandom/I don’t believe you: 5

*slow clap GLaDOS style*

  • Takes issue with Brony comparison/word-twisting segway about bronies: 3

For the Brony comparison, I have two things to say. First, thank you for educating me on the fact that there was a campaign against a 16 year old by the bronies involving rape and death threats. I was completely unaware of this, and will research it, unless one of you is kind enough to provide me a link.

Second, not once did I say that WTNV’s issues with race were similar to the issue stated above. Not. Once. Exactly what I said was “I do not enjoy the extremely vocal, forceful, and spiteful part of the (MLP) fandom. Not all Bronies are like that, but Bronies are often typified by their loudest, angriest components. In that case, my good Nightvaliens, you are worse than Bronies.” Important parts bolded. How that turned into me suddenly comparing social justice warriors to rapists and pedophiles I will never know.

TLDR: Brony point blown totally out of context.

  • Anti-SJW: 3 or 4 (did not count exact, more recent label)

Let. Me. Ask. You. Something.

What is a Social Justice Warrior supposed to do?

Because I have been under the impression all this time that Social Justice Warriors are the ones that go after the people with malicious intent in a given social issue, giving THOSE people the brunt of their anger, while trying to gently educate people who don’t understand and never meant any harm. Am I wrong?

It FEELS like, too often, the term SJW gives SOME the license to bully. In my note I specifically said that if someone is intentionally causing misery to X demographic, be my guest, go shred them. But that it is not appropriate to slam people who have no ill intent.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of words to cause change, for great good or great harm. I have a cause too. And my cause is calling out the abuse of one. Human. Being. By another. Through their misuse and weaponization of words. For this reason I have greatly censored my reaction to several of the above reblogs/tags in writing this.

It’s not just “being mean doesn’t solve anything”. It’s “Cruel words breed exactly the sentiments you say you’re trying to avoid.”

TLDR: No. Not anti-SJW. Anti-cruelty, anti-creativity-controlling.


  • General disapproval: 3


  • Rational responses using logic and basis, if a bit angry: 6

I appreciate your viewpoints even if we disagree. I admit I wrote the letter defensively, angry at seeing how many people have been hurt. But there is something very wrong if there is this much bitterness around. Yes, there is blame to share, but that is the point. It is not just one faction’s blame. The knee-jerk reaction breeds worse poison that rots the whole, and I don’t think anyone wants that. I’m more than happy to discuss with anyone the content of my letter in messages, private or not.

I realize you have no way of knowing this based on the letter I wrote, but I am not someone who enjoys confrontation. It takes great incivility to drive me to anger, and in that letter I did not 100% lose my marbles, as I have in the past. (I’m not even sure that linked note presented any kind of coherent argument, I was seeing red.) I did not 100% lose my marbles because there is validity in what you say, yes there needs to be representation, but attacking people for attempting to express their fandom love is not helpful, it’s abusive, and is alienating quite a few people. And not just the “assholes” you think you’re pushing away or shutting up.

The letter was reaction to hurt and abuse I’ve seen. It was a reaction to seeing people, who already struggle to produce creativity, completely shut down because of an aspect of their expression. Civil discussion is more than welcome. I’m not perfect, but I try my best to be honest and calm when people are honest and calm with me.

TLDR: Respectfully disagree. Message me if you want to talk. I don’t bite rational people.

  • Angry at me because they appreciate Nightvale for making them look at their own privilege more: 2

Bravo. Good. I am glad. I admit I also need to understand more about my own privilege. But it should never ever come in the form of a backhand to the face, or a kick in the teeth. And that, more often than not, is how I have seen it dealt out. Emphasis on what I have seen. And if you want to say I’m oversensitive, please, refer to the people above in the Positive section who are now afraid to post anything, or have been hurt badly by people in the fandom.

TLDR: Self-examination good. Method of rage education questionable.

  • Don’t shame the whole fandom because of a few of us: 7

This is the most difficult to address, although I have done it a few times now. Here is my response concerning this. My blog format jumbled it up, so you might want to read the person’s main post which is bold and toward the end of the note for some reason. Then go back up and I answered several points.

TLDR: I know it’s not all of you. Telling you what the fandom appears like from the outside. Emphasis on “appears”.


Positives: Thank you.

Neutrals: ….okay?

Negatives: Believe it or not, this is not me attempting to undermine social justice. But social justice was never supposed to steamroll and abuse. And whether YOU IN PARTICULAR READING THIS have or have not partaken in the abuse, it is happening in the fandom. And it is happening way too much. And that is undermining the entire fandom. And if the fandom wants to survive, the entire fandom has to figure out a solution. And THAT is what I meant.

Open to Asks. No time to respond to every reblog. I do, however, read all reblogs and tags.

Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.