yes i am that shallow


A tribute to my two favourite moments of selflessness in the finale.

Mako’s character development was so well done and highlighted so nicely. I loved his heroic (almost) sacrifice. The animation was super pretty and it was great to see his hair dishevelled (yes, I am shallow, fight me)

And Korra bending the spirit ray laser thing.
She didn’t even hesitate. She risked everything for the chance to save the life of a dictator who had tried to kill her multiple times (and had very nearly succeeded).
Korra’s so brave and kind and impulsive and fierce. I love her so very much <3 

why violetarcher prefers fem!hakuno to male hakuno even though they're the same exact character really:

1. Fem!Hakuno is cuter.  So much cuter. Yes, I am this shallow. Have you seen her jumping in game? It’s adorable.

In-game, she’s also a lot more expressive than M!Hakuno, who tends to react to events by…not reacting to events, which is why the Japanese fandom jokingly dubbed him “the block of wood”. I’ll take my cute bouncing girl over lumber any day, thanks.

2. Male Protagonist + female harem=so overdone as a concept it’s been burnt to a gritty crisp. Female Protagonist + female harem=less common (though this is starting to change), more interesting, especially when the female protagonist is written identically to the male protagonist.

This is the biggest reason why I prefer Fem!Hakuno and, IMO, also why Fem!Hakuno is overwhelmingly more popular in the Japanese fandom than M!Hakuno and why the Extra games seem to have a large female fanbase, even though the games are obviously aimed at a male audience (especially CCC, jesus damn).

M!Hakuno is boring because he’s something that’s been done a million times already: besides the harem aspect, the significant masters in the Fate franchise are overwhelmingly male. Fem!Hakuno isn’t the same old thing served up yet again in a new package: she’s a girl, but she’s also not written as A Girl, if you get what I mean (I’ve seen fanartists on Pixiv praise Fem!Hakuno as a “strong woman”) and there’s no fanservice of her in-game, unless you count some of the alternate costumes, but even those are subdued, not skimpy and not really that fanservicey compared to some of the other female character designs.

I think that this might be why the Japanese fandom also seems so reluctant to explicitly sexualize Fem!Hakuno: for once, she’s a female character who’s not there to be The Girl, not there to pander to men, but be completely equal to them, there to Get Shit Done, to be the one in charge, and to be the undisputed center of power upon which the entire story revolves, especially in CCC.

Female characters like this are black fucking swans and far more appealing than yet another male lead doing the same old, same old.

(Which is why it’s so frustrating and sad to see a lot of fanartists fall right back into tired gender stereotypes with Fem!Hakuno despite her popularity probably coming from NOT conforming to those stereotypes but that’s another post)

3. I thrive on difficult relationships. M!Hakuno/Gilgamesh is pretty much “lol, mongrels/I’ll kill you if you look at me funny” and then either Enkidu Redux if you get Gil’s ending or “Go have fun with your woman, bro” if you get the CCC ending.

While most of the above also applies to Fem!Hakuno, she has another, much more problematic aspect of Gilgamesh to deal with: she’s paired with the Original Sexist, a man who collected women like trophies, raped his way through his kingdom and who cheerfully comments in game   the only way men and women can relate to each other is sexually (while simultaneously insisting that the idea of him having sexual interest in Fem!Hakuno is laughable) and that for women, true wealth isn’t money or power, but what she receives with her womb (i.e., her ability to bear children).

Since Fem!Hakuno is written to be exactly the same as M!Hakuno, the game never really does anything with this undercurrent other than Gil’s comments, and Hakuno is pretty quick to jump on Gil when he starts to spout crap like the above, even if it’s only mentally. But the undercurrent is there, even if the game largely ignores it.

So, what happens after Gil’s ending, when the two of them, alone together and dependent on the other in a completely foreign world, start to become even closer?

For me, working out the dynamics between a Hakuno trying to navigate a relationship with Gilgamesh while being uncomfortably aware of his history and attitudes towards women and Gilgamesh finally coming to the realization that being a giant sexist douchebag is negatively impacting his relationship with the first woman he’s ever truly cared about is a hell of lot more difficult and interesting than writing about a Hakuno who doesn’t have to face down that particular dragon in his relationship with Gil.

letsmoveourbootybutts  asked:

I'm a Jew, I have family and friends of family who were in concentration camps. Some of whom didn't survive. You cannot take an image that symbolizes the deaths of six million of my people and pretend it's some kind of artist statement to make people uncomfortable ok? It made too many of my people dead to be used for your shallow artistry.


yes i can. i am. 

six million of your people?… what makes Jewish people your people? because your Jewish?… are Catholics not your people? why create barriers between… people? Hitler created these same distinguishing barriers between people. 

Jewish people are my people too. —–all people are our people—– why not just ONE PEOPLE?

Jewish people = my people. 

African people = my people. 

Asians = my people. 

Native Americans = my people.

Homosexual people = my people.

Christians = my people.

Atheists = my people.

Vegans = my people.

Carnivores = my people.

People = my people.

……my art is not shallow. it’s exceptionally deep. you won’t understand it until you make an effort to swim down, touch the bottom and resurface. 

as for those six million…i’m sorry for OUR loss.