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Solas Smut Saturday Ideas

@bearlytolerable, @varriccallsme-foxlette, @tel-abelas-mofo, @love-in-nature, @thevikingwoman, @galadrieljones, @fadewalking@ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO TAKE PART/ENJOY THE CONTENT. yes that includes you, lurking human

yooo hello my dudes i’m gonna write some things help me decide which one/s. most, if not all, will at some point get written if there’s enough motivation on my end. i am very busy, but also a human disaster who lives for this and wants to get some practice in

i’m going to vaguely refer to my elf trash as ‘eirwen’ so you can imagine it’s lavellan or surana. tbh i’ll probably be writing it as surana but tagging it as solavellan soooooo either way it ought to work. the focus is on the smut anyway, so it shouldn’t really matter. 

anyway ideas! please vote in the replies or in reblogs or whatever idrc

1- canon divergent, in which solas is a Weak Man and gives in when he sees her again in the vir dirthara. might be angsty. actually, will almost definitely be angsty. 

2- modern au, in which solas is a professor, eirwen is his student, and their relationship is more than professional. involves desk fucking

3- same modern au, but now they’re in a car and it’s Dangerous

4- fucking on the battlements in skyhold. involves covering her mouth and making her be quiet while giving her every reason not to be.

5- solas ‘torturing’ her with magic at the winter palace before finding a quiet place somewhere to work out their frustrations

i have more but here’s what i have for now. pls vote

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Age: 18
Biggest fear: the lack of control i have over literally everything
Current time: 12:15 am
Drink you last had: water
Everyday starts with: should be a blunt but i get up and pee hella hard
Favorite song currently: ScHoolboy Q - Situations
Ghosts, are they real?: yes, they’re irritating.
Hometown: i dont have one
In love with: Love
Jealous: i dont do jealousy anymore
Killed someone: yall the feds??
Last time you cried: February 20th.

Middle name: Maiah

Number of siblings: 5
Person you last called/texted: my mommy
Question you’re always asked: “aha so do you like dicks and sandwiches haha?”
Reasons to smile: im a pretty bitch & photosynthesis is a thing
Song last song: Alicia Keys - Slow Down
Time you woke up: officially? 10am.
Underwear: they pink w/ lil black heart
Vacation destination: somewhere near the Galápagos islands
X rays you’ve had: my ankle and my lungs
Your favorite food: carne asada fries
Zodiac sign: Aries♈ I tag @mysticaljellybean @naturesafro @krispykremeheaux @tamboochie @lividlovers @themasterpupil @trufflebootybuttercream @a-n-a-l-o-g @somethingspecial @afrojoza @dollamenuaire @quentinchaucerauthor @theimaginarythoughts @throes-of-redemption @darkchild1224 @dmc-dmc @charliehotchkiss @thagreatvino @thabootyscholar @jmonetx @4kaykaylove @fuckyourstyl @yvnq-lee annnnd @kill-samurai

you know, some ships really aren’t my cup of tea, but you don’t see me bitching at people that do enjoy it. because I am not a punk ass bitch. take a seat and shut up.

update: i am home, and to the shock of absolutely nobody, i feel like making it a timeless kinda evening

so if you have fic prompts/burning questions/meta requests/crazy theories, hit me up, let’s have some fun

i will tag the posts timeless talk and other characters/ships etc, so yes, floor is yours, ladies n’ gentlefolk

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Are you named after someone? nope

When was the last time you cried? i cry every single day

What is your favourite lunch meat? lebanon bologna

Do you have kids? is this seriously a tumblr question? no, and never.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? i have no fucking clue. i’m an acquired taste

Do you use sarcasm? no, never.

Do you still have your tonsils? yes. they don’t remove them that frequently anymore. most people do.

Would you bungee jump? maybe to save my dog’s life. i am terrified of heights.

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I was tagged by the lovely Amelia @escapingreality51 and KC @twatcitytrick

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name: Natasha
nickname: Tash (I know, it took hours to come up with) also in some crowds i am natastrophe because i am clumsy af, yes even when sober but especially after wine
gender: Female
star sign: Capricorn
height: 5′10″
sexual orientation: bisexual
hogwarts house: umm…umm… no comment (confession: I have never read Harry Potter nor watched the films so this means nothing to me. please don’t judge me)
fav colour: blue
fav animal: Dogs and polar bears
average hours of sleep: I mean, I aim for 8 hours every night. Lately that’s a pipe dream and I blame Robron 
cat or dog person: 100% dogs
favorite fictional person: I cannot see past Aaron Dingle and Robert Jacob Sugden any more
# of blankets I sleep with: A duvet plus a blanket
fav singer/band: Of all time? Probably Stone Roses. Or The Smiths. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Blossoms. and Bear’s Den very recently (since Monday, I wonder why?!)
dream trip: Reykjavik, New York, San Francisco or the Maldives 
dream job: I always wanted to be an actress, but I adore my job now as a college teacher and wouldn’t change it for the world
when was your blog created: 2nd Jan 2017
current # of followers: 332
what made you create a tumblr: I had one for stendan a few years ago (twenteseven - no idea if it’s even still active? I’ve not logged into it for years) when I used to write fanfic for them and when I got into robron, tumblr was the first place I headed to, as a lurker for ages, until I felt the need to write fanfiction for them and created a tumblr to go alongside it. 

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

Youngjae’s Valentine

( Happy Valentines Day! This is actually my first sorta comic and it was trouble.. but I am glad to have finished it and give my fav otter a happy vibe. It’s a bit late but I hope everyone likes it ; u ; - N )


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

[ 00 - 01 - … - Halloween special - christmas special ]


it occurred to me tonight that…none of you know what I look like. which weirds me out a bit? I rant a lot on this blog and talk to quite a few of you and none of you have seen my face (except becca and jayne cause they’re stuck on this island with me) soooo here are two pictures of me awkwardly smiling after my cousins wedding. goodnight friends 🐢
(please do not re/bl0g)


Since Danganronpa V3 is coming out soon, I request EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE to PLEASE TAG “SPOILERS” in WHATEVER NDRV3 related post you’re showing off, if you do so, then you will be able to PREVENT EVERYONE WHO DIDN’T PLAY THE GAME FROM GETTING SPOILED, including me, since I cannot read Japanese and the game will take a while to get translated to English, so please, TAGGING YOUR POST WITH A SMALL “spoilers” WARNING WILL DO YOU NO HARM AND IT WILL HELP US ALOT!

Sorry for ranting alot, but this is important for both you and me, getting spoiled with game content is very unfortunate, please, and thank you!

Make sure to reblog this so others can know, you don’t wanna stay off the internet for almost a year just so you don’t get spoiled!


Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!

Television women loving women appreciation week

Because 2016 sucked a lot, I believe the right thing to do is start 2017 better. A lot better. I would love for you to join in the TV wlw appreciation week. Make fic prompts, gifsets, graphics anything you like with any TV wlw character you love. If there will be enough content I would love to make a little tradition out of this, because I believe we will have new characters in play every year (yes, I am an optimist :)).

Day 1 - Favourite wlw character
Day 2 - Your wlw OTP
Day 3 - Your first wlw ship (subtext)
Day 4 - Favourite coming out scene (or moment you found out the character is wlw)
Day 5 - Favourite wlw kiss
Day 6 - Favourite badass moment
Day 7 - Favourite quote or free choice

Please don’t forget to tag your creations with #wlweek17. I’m gonna try and reblog everything you guys post with this tag, but since my blog isn’t big enough I’ve asked a few bigger blogs for help with reblogging tagged content. So these blogs (whom I thank very much) are gonna be following the tag in the week 16.-22.1.2017 and reblogging your creations:

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Thank you very much again and please help spread the word!
Everyone is of course welcome to follow the tag and help spread wlw love here on tumblr.

did i ever show you this edit i made