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Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

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fo4 companions as aesthetics
  • Cait: broken toothed smiles, shattered vintage liquor bottles, torn lace and bite marks, winter mornings at cold harbors, old tattoos with new ink crossing over and through.
  • Codsworth: freshly mowed grass, beds with mounds of fluffed pillows, apple pies cooling on windowsills, songbirds perched on telephone wires, photo albums added to since childhood.
  • Curie: fresh bouquets in glass vases, bay windows with sea views, fine china filled with herbal tea, old bicycles with wicker baskets, barefoot walks down rainy streets.
  • Danse: swords cast into mountaintops, metal bunkers hidden in dark woods, waves washing over jagged rocks, freshly fallen snow at daybreak, dark clouds with silver linings.
  • Deacon: out of context stills from 90s cartoons, roadside diners lost in the desert, second hand tie-dye shirts, endless horizons with wild skies, empty amusement parks at dusk.
  • Dogmeat: warm slippers, homemade cookies fresh from the oven, burning log fires, legs and paws tangled in fleece blankets, light spilling through drawn curtains.
  • Hancock: torn paintings and broken statues, anarchistic graffiti on monuments, ornate knives and quills, after-parties in palaces, handwritten letters with fingerprint marks.
  • MacCready: comic panels on cork boards, blurry photos of sappy drunks, dollar bills with false promises written on, walking highways at midnight, crumpled pictures of ex-lovers.
  • Nick: neon signs reflected in puddles on city streets, title cards from old movies, stars above skylines, smokey jazz bars with dimmed lights, partners rushing into an embrace.
  • Piper: old books and rumpled sheets, polaroids tinted with age, black coffee spilled onto hastily scribbled words, lipstick stains on cigarettes, clothes abandoned at the door.
  • Preston: patchwork sewn coats and quilts, campfires fading on forest floors, overgrown treehouses, flying burned and torn flags, wooden swords and old toys hidden beneath beds.
  • Strong: broken chain links, abandoned buildings with rusted walls, bandages pulled taut against skin, thorns and vines wrapped around wire fences, vandalized warning signs.
  • X6-88: leather cloaks and silk scarves, towers with mirrored windows, clean cut diamonds, geometric statues in stark colors and fine lines, skyline pools reflecting full moons.
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you’re a fairy godmother??? omg

let me tell u a lil story abt my cousin mckenzie ok here u go are u ready ??? 

so i am born catholic whatver, my aunt donna was/is my godmother and she has 2 sons who are like 30 and 33? 34?? and then she adopted a girl mckenzie who is now 11 (who is 3 months younger than my lil sister who we also adopted from a baby) ANYWAY because her and my sister were so close in age, my aunt baby sat my dad’s daughter 

my mom and my dad split when i was like 5, and my aunt is my MOM’S sister but my mom and dad are bffs so it was all gucci …….. so i spent a lot of time with my little cousin and my little sister because, well, they were kids and they’re awesome 

fast forward to like,,,, when they both were 4 and mckeznie is finally getting baptized. my aunt asked me to be her godmother and of course i said yes because??? this kid is my life ? she’s like a second lil sister???

SO i’m going to pick up maddie and mckeznie at dance, and lil 4 year old mckenzie ran out of her dance class and hugged me and said, so happily, “you’re going to be my fairy godmother!” 


i went to disney with my dad and my step mom and my lil sister, and last minute my aunt and uncle drove mckenzie out with us. unfortunately, my sister had booked a princess make over and there were no spots left for mckenzie. so my fuckin 19 year old anxious ass self ran through the magic kingdom on my own looking for a dress, hair accessories and fucking make up because i was gonna give her a princess makeover myself

anyway, when all was said and done a woman saw me in the change room of the actual place and was like “hey, let me do the real one, i have 30 minutes of spare time and i think she deserves it” SO she got her real princess make over, hair and everything, and after it was all done and we were walking out, she hugged me in her little shy voice and said, “you really are my fairy godmother”  

and this was my sister and mckenzie after that

for n-chu4ever​ because her Fire!John AU is what I do on my weekends <33

John was at Harvard when Scott suggested, lightly teasing, that he really should get his nose out of his books for five minutes and please get a hobby, for god’s sake little brother. The elder Tracy forwards John a list of his University’s Societies, with the thinking that John will at least be half tempted by maybe the Gaming Analytics Group or the Chess Club or the Robotics Club or anything that doesn’t involve John having his eye pressed to a telescope 24 hours a bloody day. Hell, he can join Anime Soc for all Scott cares because John, pale and interaction starved, just seriously needs to get out more.

But then John, for some bizarre, unfathomable reason, decides it’s the Harvard College Magicians Society that he wants to join and Scott stares at him like he’s grown another head (which, with the amount of time he spends the Uni labs, Scott thinks quite likely).

Magic, John?” Big brother blinks, “Magic, really?” Because John is science and facts and space and his head stuck in the stars or in the lab or to a telescope and magic is the least-John thing he can possibly imagine.

“I’m interested in the tricks behind it.” John just calmly smiles, packing his books away on the other end of the holocall. “They have a circus skills division with fire performances too, and I wouldn’t mind learning some staff or poi or those spinny things on a string or something. And not just for the scientific interest I have in combustion.” He grins, glancing up at his brother. “You’re right, Scotty boy. I really do need a hobby.”

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Gently, we howl at the stars together. Gently, we swallow each other whole.
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I actually don’t want BAP to be as popular as Bigbang or EXO. I want them to be where Block B is atm. I feel like due to the fame and expectations Bigbang and EXO members are more burdened than happy. Like they HAVE to make music that will be a crowd pleaser or people will start calling them flops and has beens. I would rather BAP turn into Block B. Releasing their music the way they like it and taking their time and having fun while doing it. And in the long run I want BAP to have a relationship with Babyz like Shinhwa has with their fans. Full of sarcastic banters and so much love.

so… cerbreus mentioned nico with a crew cut and i honestly just. the first thing i thought of was “jason gives nico a hair cut” but then we all know that is a bAD IDEA 

                                              go down a savage, go down fighting.
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i am beyond proud of troye - to know that someone who started off by making covers of other peoples songs now has not only an extremely successful EP but an album ready to release, alongside music video(s), merch and even a potential tour is absolutely amazing; all the hard word, all the late night studio sessions, all the cryptic tweets and months spent perfecting this LP are going to be worth absolutely every single second - i can’t wait for you to let the rest of the world in on the secret of just how incredible you are!

i’d like to say i was actually going for something serious (sorry)

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I just realised that this is literally how I got into Seventeen