yes i am still using ref

i am utterly LIVID and need to rant about the NFL right now.

Ok, i am putting aside my die hard “fanness” for the patriots, and am gonna talk about this as a “sports fan” so im gonna try very hard to NOT be biased.

Patriots confirmed to using 11 out of 12 deflated balls. in which deflated by TWO POUNDS.
NOW. YES patriots dont have the best track record, and we are still living down Billacheat. But lets put that aside.

these balls go through INSPECTION BY THE NFL before the games. So WHY WHY WHY on earth did these balls pass inspection if they are missing TWO FUCKING POUNDS?!

2. The refs touch the ball after every single fucking play, WHY was nothing mentioned?

yes there was an moment where they believed they were using a kick ball so they inspected and switched to a ball that PASSED their inspection.

How does ANY of this make sense? how do you go an entire game, and wait till the game is over to say patriots cheated? EXCUSE ME, do NFL refs not do their job? IF patriots did infact use deflated balls, WHY are the refs not pointing it out?


I honestly believe NFL should have kept this under wraps because this just shows ANOTHER crack in their system. How they have SHITTY refs, and the entire league is fucked up and rigged.

IF i was a colts fan, id be utterly pissed right now (even though these balls had nothing to do with the outcome of the game), but im a patriots fan im still equally as pissed at the nfl for pulling off shit like this.

there is no reason why the balls are being inspected AFTER the game and not before. AFTER the game, the balls are worn out and spiked out, how can you start an investigation with USED balls?

i am fully up to debate on this. it just makes no utter sense to me, how patriots are being criticized because the nfl refs cant do their fucking job. they call a flag on patriots when the guys breathe too heavily, but apparently dont notice 11 balls being 2 lbs underweight? get that bullshit away from me