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Star Light, Star Bright

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Star Light, Star Bright
Ship: Shooting Star/ Guardian Angel!Jimin | Reader
Description: When you wish upon a star, you never really think he’d come to visit.
Warnings: Fluff, Intercourse, Fingering, Slight Cum Play, Slight Dirty Talk, ANGST
Word Count: 7,595
A/N: Fluffier (sorta) than my other writings, and maybe not as dirty. It’s still there though. I was starting to think I’d never get around to writing this but I’m so glad I finally finished!

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Rising Waters

SUMMARY: Being the sherriff’s daughter has its ups and downs. Up: free rides after your car has broken down during torrential downpours. Down: this ride happens to be Deputy Jordan Parrish, leading to a new development.

WORD COUNT: 2,707 words


NOTES: none :) and you might spot some s.f.fitz lines because my friend send me a lot of quotes from his writings and it kind of influenced this piece (and there is much more after this but I don’t think I’ll be posting it…)

(Y/n) growls under her breath, kicking the back tire hard as rain comes down harder. Her Jeep just gave up on her after a very late night round of lacrosse practice at the school, and with a massive storm heading to the town, she can’t imagine how she’ll get home.

A car horn grabs her attention and she turns around, shielding her eyes from the downpour as a deputy’s car pulls up. The passenger window is rolled down to reveal Parrish, and she let’s out a relieved sigh.

“Need a ride?” he calls out as thunder shakes the ground. She nods and grabs her backpack from the keep, quickly climbing into the front seat of the SUV.

“You are my favorite person right now,” she says as she sighs again. Parrish chuckles and pulls out of the school parking lot, turning left towards (y/n)’s house.

“What happened to the Jeep?” he asks, and she looks at him.

“It’s one of the oldest prices of crap on the road,” she tells him. “I guess the engine finally quit on me.” He chuckles but stops as he sees the street in front of him.

“Shit,” he hisses, and (y/n) looks through the torrential rain. The streets are flooded, the water rising quick. “All the other roads are blocked to your house.”

“Damn,” she hisses, and he backs up to continue going straight before the water can reach his car. “What now?”

“The station is bare staffed right now,” he explains. “Your father went home hours ago, and from what I hear, your brother is home.”

(Y/n) sighs and leans back, shivering in the wet clothes. Parrish looks over and frowns.

“You’ll stay with me until the rain quits,” he says, turning right.

“Are you sure?” she asks, putting her arms around herself for warmth.

“Yeah, I’ll call your dad when we get to my place,” he says with a nod. He looks to her and she gives him a grateful smile, one he makes sure to return.

They pull into his apartment complex just a few minutes later and the water is up to the middle of the lifted tires. (Y/n) grips her bag and they give a nod to each other, sprinting out of the car and up the stairs. They laughs loudly, almost over the sound of the thunder, and Parrish opens his apartment door.

(y/n) drops her bag and they take off their soaked shoes as he shuts and locks the door. She looks at him, his clothes soaked like her and hair messy, and she can’t help but laugh.

“What?” Parrish asks, running his hands through his hair. “You should see yourself.” She laughs harder and he grins. “Come in, I’ve got some clothes you can change into.”

He leads her to his bedroom and as they walk through his apartment, she realizes how cluttered it is. Bullets and wires lie on the tables, books on the floor in pikes up to her knees. But the organized chaos feels welcoming to her, and she smiles a little.

“Here,” he says, tossing her a BCPD shirt, one long enough to go mid thigh on her. She nods and he points to the bathroom. “I’ll find a pair of shorts-”

“This should be fine,” she tells him, figuring the shirt could double as a dress. “Thanks.” She walks into the bathroom and changes out of the wet clothes quickly, hating the feeling of the cold fabric on her skin. She sets her clothes on the edge of the bathtub and runs her fingers through her hair. She slides the shirt on and it goes just a few inches below her waist, enough to cover her to where she’s comfortable with it.

She opens the bathroom door and sees Parrish is still changing in the bedroom. He has his shirt off but a pair of sweatpants on, his hair disheveled as he slides a shirt on. (Y/n) can’t seem to do anything but stare, until she snaps herself out of the daze and walks out to him.

“See?” she shows him. “Basically a dress.” He laughs, grabbing his phone.

“I better call your dad now,” he says and she nods as they walk to the living room. They sit on the couch and (y/n) picks up some stray bullets, rolling them around in her hand.

“Hey Stilinski,” Parrish says, grabbing her attention. “(Y/n)’s Jeep broke down and all the roads to your house were blocked, so she’s with me until it clears up.” (Y/n) can’t hear what her father says. She lies down, putting her legs on his lap and resting her head on the pillow. Parrish laughs at her, pulling her legs closer.

“Yes sir, I’m taking the couch,” he says, and (y/n) sits up.

“No, I am,” she tries to shout into the phone, but Parrish playfully pushes her back down. She scrunches her nose, a look he happens to adore on her, and crosses her arms.

Parrish hangs up the phone and looks to her. “I’m taking the couch,” he repeats slowly as he stands, and she stands with him.

“That’s not fair!” she argues. “This is your place, not mine-”

“You’re the guest, and just so happened to be sheriff’s daughter,” he says, looking down at her as he steps closer. “No way in hell I’m not taking the couch.”

She groans in frustration, falling back onto the couch and crossing her arms as she lies down. “Not if I fall asleep first,” she says with an involuntary yawn, grabbing the blanket at her feet and covering up.

“Why are you so stubborn?” he mumbles, turning the lights off. She smiles at him as he walks to his bedroom, where he climbs under the covers but makes sure to keep the door open. The sound of thunder echoes through the apartment and not before long, (y/n) ends up falling asleep on the couch.

Parrish waits about half an hour, making sure she really is asleep, and walks back out to the living room. He slides his arms under her legs and back carefully, her head naturally resting on his chest. He carries her into the bedroom and he sets her down on the bed, covering her up with a victorious grin.

“Damn you, Jordan,” she growls lowly, burying her face into the pillow. He just laughs and walks back out to the couch, taking his spot and covering up.

Not even five minutes pass before (y/n) shuffles out to him, lightning the only thing guiding her to the couch. She takes his hand and pulls him up, making him frown as she drags him to the bedroom. She climbs under the covers and continues to pull him, and he laughs as he’s forced to lie under the covers.

“There,” she says, putting her face into a pillow and keeping only a few inches of room between them on the large bed. “We both win.” He laughs covers her up more. He takes his shirt off and sets it next to him, and they both fall asleep to the sound of the storms.


She doesn’t know if it was the thunder that shook the apartment that woke her, or the flashes of lightning, but she wakes as the clock on the nightstand reads 2:17.

She frowns and sits up, looking over to Parrish. She catches a glimpse of his face as lightning strikes outside. It’s riddled with pain and he grips the sheets with white knuckles. He tosses and turns, and she realizes he’s having a nightmare.

“Jordan,” she whispers, placing a hand on his shoulder. He growls under his breath, still asleep, and she shakes his arm. “Jordan, you need to wake up,” she says a little louder. Lightning strikes and a roll of thunder hits the apartment, making him sit up with wide eyes and involuntarily grab her wrist tight.

“Jordan!” she shouts and he quickly releases her hand, panting as he looks at her.

“Oh my god,” he mutters, running a hand down his face. (Y/n) ignores the dull pain in her wrist and scoots to him, placing a light hand on his cheek.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asks quietly, and he closes his eyes, letting her hand support him. She frowns, pulling him into a hug. “Want to tell me what that was about?” she asks, running a hand up and down his bare back. He shakes his head and grips her shirt in his fists, burying his face in her neck. She frowns more, nodding.

She lies down, pulling him with her so that his head lies on her chest. He wraps his arms around her tight, like she’s the only thing keeping him grounded at the moment. He lies on top of her and it doesn’t bother her, his weight and shape almost fitting to her body. She runs a hand through his hair and she can feel his laboured breaths, his chest struggling to stay steady.

“Do these happen often?” she asks.

“Every night,” he whispers into her shirt. “Ever since the army, mission gone wrong.” She purses her lips, finally realizing it’s PTSD that haunts his mind.

“When was the last time you got real sleep?”

“Before I was deployed,” he answers, and she squeezes her eyes shut. She swears she can feel his pain, like it’s radiating to her, and she wants to cry knowing he’s in pain.

“Sleep,” she whispers, pulling the covers over him to his shoulders. She runs a hand through his hair still and he holds her like she’s his anchor during a storm at sea. “Just sleep.” He closes his eyes and focuses on her heartbeat, and soon, he’s asleep in a dreamless state for once.


Parrish wakes first, the sunlight and absence of rain causing him to rise. He blinks his eyes open and looks down at (y/n), who lies asleep in his arms now. She has her face in his bare chest, one hand lying on his chest and another wrapped around him. One hand of his lies on her hip, another on her back under her shirt.

He lies his head down on the pillow and watches her, taking in how peaceful she looks and how right this feels. He realizes then that he wouldn’t mind waking up like this every morning, with her in his arms and him holding her this close. He realizes that she keeps him calm at night, and that that was the first dreamless sleep he had gotten since years ago before the army. He realizes he needs her, and he pulls her closer as he does.

(Y/n) shifts, nuzzling her face into his shoulder as she drapes a leg over his. He holds back a chuckle and buries his face in her hair, taking in the scent of rain and dew.

She blinks her eyes open, her lips accidentally on his collarbone. She closes her eyes again, leaving her lips where they are, and Parrish runs his hands up her back to pull her even closer.

She likes this, she admits to herself. She likes how he has her so close and how his rough hands are somehow so soft on her hip and back. She doesn’t mind her shirt is rose up, because she realizes just how much she trusts him. She loves how he’s like a heater, and he loves how she’s as cold as ice, and how they seem to balance each other out is beyond reason to anyone in the world.

Both awake now, yet dazed by each other’s touch, remain still and in embrace for the longest time, neither wanting to move away. But the sharp ring of his cellphone on the nightstand pulls them to reality, and he sighs as it rings aloud.

“Are you going to get that?” she asks, her lips tracing his collarbone as she does.

“It can wait,” he mumbles.

(Y/n) just nods and soon the ringing stops, allowing them to close their eyes and relax their bodies to fit like puzzle pieces.

Someone knocks on the front door and both shoot up, eyes wide as they look at each other. Knocking echoes the apartment again and Parrish rushes out of bed, slipping his shirt on and covering her up.

“Pretend you’re asleep!” he hisses, and she throws herself onto the pillow and tries to look at peaceful and possible.

Parrish looks at the couch and nods as he sees it looks like he slept there, and he opens the door as he brushes a hand through his hair. It’s Stiles, an annoyed look on his face as he pushes himself into the apartment. Parrish just stares at him.

“I’m here to pick my sis up,” he tells him, looking around. “Do you believe in cleaning up, or is that just against your beliefs?” Parrish rolls his eyes and Stiles walks to the bedroom, Parrish chasing after him.

Stiles walks in, crossing his arms when he sees his twin. “I know you’re awake,” he says in a bored tone, but she stays still. Stiles sighs and jumps on the bed, Parrish laughing as (y/n) curses under her breath.

“Hey, you two didn’t fool around, did you?” Stiles asks, and (y/n) kicks him off the bed. “Ouch, okay, I’ll take that as a no…” Stiles stands up, brushing his shirt off. “Dad got the Jeep into the shop, he told me to come get you.” She groans as she sits up, running her fingers through her knotted hair.

“Whatever,” she hisses. Parrish watches her with crossed arms and Stiles looks back and forth between them.

“Are you two sure you didn’t-” (Y/n) throws a pillow at him, making him stumble back as he laughs and throws it back at her. “I’ll be out in the car,” he calls out as he leaves, the front door slamming shut.

(Y/n) moans as she stretches, standing up and popping her back. She pulls Parrish back to the bed and he laughs as they lie down, Serilda laying on top of him.

“You slept the rest of the night,” she mutters into his chest, and his hands trace up her body and under her shirt. She smiles into his shirt as his hands wraps around her sides, big enough to hold her easily.

“You’re brother is waiting outside,” he whispers into her hair and she groans, sitting up and straddling him. She puts her hands on his chest and his find their way to her hips again. He looks up at her as she pulls her hair into a messy bun, and he can’t help but fall in love with every freckle she has that paints her cheeks.

“You’re staring,” she says, and he grins.

“How could I not?” She smiles wide, biting her cheek as she tries to look away. Parrish sits up, keeping her on his lap, and kisses her softly. He was chilled by the innocence of her kiss and how her lips locked with his, how her hands pulled his face closer to her and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He realizes he loves her, and that this was the beginning and ending to everything they know.

Stiles honks outside and they pause, (y/n) leaning back but keeping her eyes locked on his. She kisses him once more, and it feels like the longest kiss in the shortest seconds. She pulls back and climbs out of bed, running to the bathroom and shoving her clothes into her bag, Parrish watching her the whole time. She looks back at him as she leaves the bedroom, and she pauses for a moment.

“You know where to find me if you can’t sleep,” she says with a small smile. And with that, she leaves, and Parrish is left by himself to sort out his love sick mind.

Jealous // Cole Sprouse

Hiii :) I’m not sure if you’re taking requests but if you are, please could you write something super fluffy where you’re best friends with Dylan and Cole’s your boyfriend and he gets jealous of all the time you spend with dylan or something? I don’t know, basically just something really cute with both my boys :) xx

Warnings: Angst, Arguing

Word Count: 1,367

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse

A/N: I merged this in with the song ‘Woman’ by Harry Styles because I thought it fit well. I’m not sure, but yeah. There will be a part 2 x

—- —-

“Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?” You spoke, walking into the living room of your and Cole’s shared apartment, looking at the blonde who was sitting on the couch. You handed the bowl of popcorn to Dylan, sitting down next to him and looking at your phone to see if Cole had messaged you.

“When does Cole get back?” Dylan asked, already looking on the ‘Romantic Comedies’ sub-genre on Netflix, scrolling through the movies. You looked at your phone, seeing the time he had texted you. “He get backs after midnight, so yeah.” You grabbed a few pieces of popcorn, popping them in your mouth and waiting for Dylan to pick a movie.

Since Cole had gone somewhere close by with the cast for an interview of some sort, you had stayed behind, since he would only be gone for a day. You had invited his brother over, since you were quite bored and you needed someone to watch a movie with. You and Dylan had quite a close relationship, since he was one of your best friends, and had introduced you to Cole.


“Okay, okay!” You laughed, handing Dylan the controller, letting him pick the movie again. You had just finished watching the second movie (you had picked both of them) and Dylan wanted to pick the next one. “What is the time?” You asked, grabbing his wrist to look at the watch. It was only 10:25 at night. You took a deep breath, standing up and stretching your arms above your head, feeling the bones pop in your back.

Dylan was sat on the couch, going through the movies on Netflix once again as you walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge. “Do you want a drink, Dyl?!” You called out, pulling the jug of orange juice from the fridge, placing it on the counter. “Yeah, sure!” He called out. You poured the juice into two cups, about to grab them when you heard your phone ring. “Can you answer that?” You asked, putting the jug back in the fridge. Hearing Dylan on your phone made you a bit nervous. What if it was your boss, or your doctor or your parents?

You walked into the living room, placing the cups down on the coffee table. Dylan’s arm was resting across the back of the couch, ankle resting on his knee as he spoke to the person on the other line of your phone. “Who is it?” You asked quietly, sitting on the edge of the coffee table and taking a sip from the cup.

“Cole,” Dylan spoke, a smile on his lips. “Want to talk to him?” Dylan handed the phone to you, making you smile. You held the phone to your ear, standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

“Hey there, handsome.” You grinned, leaning against the counter and hearing his voice through the speaker. “Hey there, beautiful. How are you?” He asked. You could hear the rest of the cast chatting, and you could just imagine him leaning against the window, looking at the scenery passing by and his headphones shoved in his ear, a smile on his lips as the others all teased him about him being lovey-dovey.

“I’m going good, thank you. Dylan’s just been invited over because I have nothing to do. So we’re just watching movies.” You ran your fingers through your hair, hearing the huff in his voice. “What?”

“Nothing. Just, hang tight. I’ll be home soon.” He took a deep breath, hesitating on the last three words. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”


I’m selfish, I know.

But I don’t ever want to see you with him.

I’m selfish, I know.

I told you, but I know you never listen.

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in,

While he’s touching your skin.

He’s right where I should, where I should be,

But you’re making me bleed.

Cole walked into the apartment, being as quiet as he could. It was past 1am and the car had just dropped him off. He dropped his back pack at the door, kicking off his shoes and hanging his jacket on the hooks mounted to the wall. He saw that the TV was still on, so he walked towards the lounge. Seeing the familiar head of his brother, he had hoped that you had fallen asleep on either the other end of the couch, or in your shared bedroom.

“Dylan?” He whispered, not sure if he was awake. When he got no response, he sighed, tiptoeing towards the TV. He ran his fingers through his hair, looking on the couch. Once he had seen how you and Dylan were positioned, he felt… jealous. Your head was rested on Dylan’s thigh, soft snores and parted lips. Dylan was slouched quite weirdly, making sure you were comfortable. His arm was resting on your side, but he did look like he was about to fall over.

Cole took a deep breath, gently nudging you, in hopes that you would wake up the first time. You were usually a light sleeper, which was annoying when he woke up early for meetings, but you’d end up going back to sleep after he left. “Babe?” Cole whispered, looking up at Dylan, making sure he didn’t wake up his twin.

A small sound came from your lips, your eyelids fluttering as you looked up at the blurry figure in front of you. You took a deep breath, slowly sitting up and rubbing your eyes. You were still a bit drowsy, but a lazy smile came across your lips as you saw the figure of your boyfriend kneeling in front of you. “Hey, there.” You smiled, taking his hands as he pulled you up, bringing you to your chest.

“C’mon, let’s get you to bed.” Cole let you go, but still held your hand. “Is Dylan going to be comfortable on the couch? We can wake him up and let him sleep in the guest room,” you spoke softly, looking over your shoulder, seeing Dylan’s figure still sitting up. Cole sighed, rolling his eyes. “He’s going to be fine, (y/n). I’ll wake him up after I get you to bed.” Cole opened the bedroom door, letting you walk in first. He closed the door softly behind the both of you

“How was the interview?” You murmured, pulling your shirt off and undoing your bra. You looked through your drawers, pulling out a shirt and putting it on. You slipped your leggings off, dumping the dirty clothes in the basket and stretching your arms above your head. “It was decent. The usual. They tried to get season 2 out of us. But yeah.” Cole shrugged. He was still a little annoyed about how you had been spending time with Dylan and that you didn’t tell him. You looked at him, furrowing your eyebrows a little. “Are you okay?” You asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t ever want to see you with Dylan. Especially not like that,” Cole blurted out, crossing his arms over his chest. “Do you know how that makes me feel?”

“Cole… He’s my best friend…” You looked up at the brunette, biting your lip. “No. He is my brother, and I don’t want you hanging around him anymore! I know, I’m selfish. Yes, I am! You’re mine and I don’t want him stealing you away!” Cole exclaimed, making you stand up, pulling a pair of plaid pants on.

“You’re crazy!” You exclaimed, walking out of the bedroom and to the couch, seeing Dylan still asleep, but now laying down. You threw a blanket over him, grabbing your phone and turning the TV off. You huffed, seeing him following you. “You are absolutely crazy and I am sleeping in the spare bedroom until you get your marbles back!” You whisper-yelled, opening the spare room door and going to close it in his face, but he was quick and knew your movements.

“(Y/N)!” Cole groaned, standing in the doorway, but you pushed him into the hallway.

“I’ll talk to you in the morning.” You hissed, shutting the door in his face.

k-drama, k-iss.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

 Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: fluff + kiss scene

Word Count: 1,827

Author’s Note: a little scenario I thought of for this week. Been busy writing college essays, but I still wanted to post something… hope you like it!

“Yes….yes….yes….YES!! Finally!” you scream, pumping your fists in the air in victory. A big smile appears on your face, as you continue to squeal on the inside. You lean back into the couch in Taehyung’s living room. 

“It’s a good day,” you think before focusing your eyes back on your laptop screen. 

Your arms freeze in the air and your smile immediately drops. This long awaited celebration has been cut short. 

“Are you freaking serious!?!” you exclaim, “I waited twelve episodes….I waited a month and half for THIS!?!” You let out a groan and plop against the back of the couch. In your defeated state, you hear Taehyung finally speak up. 

“What’s wrong with you? What happened?” asks Taehyung looking up from the phone in his hand. 

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (3/15)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

AU Summary: The Avengers try to convince Y/N to stay and join earth’s mightiest heroes, without knowing the specifics of her abilities

Notes: yes i update fast for the first 10 (??) chapters. there might be one more coming in less than 12 hours tbh

 Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4


“Are you Lady Y/N?” he asked as soon as he was sure no one else was out to get her. For now, at least.

“I am.” she nodded.

“Then we better hurry.”

“W-wait. I am not going to SHIE—”

But it was too late to turn back since Thor suddenly pulled her close and used his hammer to fly out into the sky.

Her eyes were closed shut the whole time but then when she felt her feet touch the floor, she quickly pulled away from Thor’s tight grasp on her waist. But when she was walking backwards, her back bumped into something firm. Slowly, Y/N turned around and was standing in front of Steve.

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April fools

Title: April fools

Anonymous asked: “Could you do a Moriarty x reader in April fools ?”

Characters: Moriarty, Sherlock and you

Pairing: Moriarty x reader, implied!sherlock x reader

Warnings: strong language, talking about fake suicide

Word count: 539


“I thought you were dead!” you screamed, tears rolling down your cheeks. “you left me alone for 2 fucking years, you asshole!” you cried out. All of it was true, Moriarty had faked his own death, making it seem real to the whole world, and to you. “I told you, I would never leave you. Didn’t you get my message?” Moriarty asked you. “what message? All I’ve gotten was grief” you said, still yelling. “the billboard? The whole ‘did you miss me?’ vibe?” he asked, seemingly agitated with your oblivion. “how in hell should I’ve known that was meant for me?! It was broadcast in the whole country! Maybe a message saying ‘hey, Y/N, guess what? Not dead’ would have been more fitting! Why would you even fake your death?!” you screamed. “april fools?” he answered, smug smile on his face. “get out” you said. “Y/N, come here, please” he said, trying to hug you. “get away from me! Leave!” you screamed, stepping away from him and opening the door.

“Y/N, please, it was just a joke. I need you, please” that was the sixth voice-mail that day. Ever since you had cast him out, he had been leaving voice-mails. In truth, you did miss him, more than you imagined. His death had been incredibly hard on you and seeing alive in the flesh, only made you want to slap him. Feel if he was real, just wanting to know if this was a cruel joke again or if he really came back.

“I need your help” you said. “on my way” the voice on the phone said.

“Y/N?” Moriarty called out. You had agreed to talk things out with Moriarty. “the door’s open” you yelled. “thank you for agreeing, I know that it’s all my fault and I want to….” Moriarty said, stopping dead in his tracks, as he saw the scene in front of him. “please, sit” you told him, looking stern. “no, not before you tell me what he’s doing here!” Moriarty yelled, shocked. “I moved on, alright!” you yelled. “no! Not with him!” Moriarty said, pointing at the so familiar man sitting next to you. “Sherlock was there for me when you left me! Yes, he faked his own suicide but at least he had the decency to tell me!” you replied. “I’m not letting you hurt her” Moriarty said to Sherlock. “if there’s nothing else you want to discuss, I want you to leave” you said. “I’m not leaving you, Y/N” Moriarty repeated. Slowly you got of the couch, standing in front of him. “good, because neither am I” you said, grabbing him by his tie, pulling him down and kissing him. After you broke the kiss and saw the confusion on his face, you whispered in his ear: “april fools, you son of a bitch”. A mixture of anger and relief colored his face. “Sherlock owed me one” you explained. “well, if that’s all” Sherlock said, leaving the two of you alone. “you better make sure to never do something like that to me again, or else I’m the one shooting you in the head” you said, kissing him once again. “don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere” he said, stroking your hair.



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I honestly have no memory of having written this (or: Aaron Sorkin and Julian Fellowes are BOTH going to kill me)

I was Googling around among the old posts for something that needs to go into a reply to an ask when I stumbled across this. Now I’m wondering what I was smoking. Because it’s fun, if I do say so myself.

It started with this comment and reply:


So I just heard that Michelle Obama is such a hardcore Sherlockian
She actually called BBC and asked for season three
And they gave her the sloppily put together tapes of season three
Michelle Obama literally called BBC for season three and they gave it to her

And my reply:

This would be wonderful if there was any way it could be true, as none of S3 has even been shot yet. Shooting starts in March.

Also: to they best of my knowledge the production company does not do the kind of “storyboard video” that a major film might do. So, nothing like that would be making its way to the White House either.

…Sorry. (But what was the source of this rumor, I wonder?“

To which the answer, per remaaarkable, was:

I believe the Sherlock rumor stems from the fact that Michelle Obama asked for Downton Abbey early at some point–but I think it was the Christmas special or something.

And then suddenly this happened:


PRESIDENT JED BARTLET sits behind his desk in the Oval Office. He looks annoyed as LEO McGARRY, his Chief of Staff, walks in.

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anonymous asked:

2nd prompt from the #2 list with wolfstar, please? Also how are you?

I’m good, thanks for asking! School is now becoming less stressful :) I hope you enjoy– I L O V E D this prompt! I just made it so somehow Sirius can feel emotions when he touches or when he is touched by someone :)

It was over this time, Sirius was sure of it. He’d gone too far, pushed too hard, taken too much for granted. He expected too much forgiveness from Remus, he knew that. It was his fault that something he wanted so much was always running away from him, trusting him, then running away again. Not running, Sirius thought to himself as he raced after Remus, forced.

He stopped in the street, palm pressing to the side of a brick building as he caught his breath. There weren’t that many people out, a stray mother and her children enjoying the last of the day’s June light, a strolling couple. But that was it… so, it really shouldn’t have been this easy to lose Remus among them and yet, there Sirius stood, eyes casting about frantically with no results. He started running lightly again, eyes searching for the familiar mop of hair that would look soft and blonde in this light.

He ran smack dab into a briskly walking man in a suit, causing him to get cursed out quite crossly.

“Shit, s-“ Sirius stumbled, grabbing the man’s shoulder briefly and instantly getting hit by a powerful wave of annoyance and stress. Sirius winced, letting go, “Sorry.”

The man shuffled away and Sirius’ head turned frantically forward again, desperately trying to shake off the stress that wasn’t his—he had enough on his own right now.

He turned corner after corner, ran down streets and alleys, peaked into shops. Nothing. The light was nearly gone now and he didn’t even want to think about how far away he was from their flat.

“Fuck, Remus…” He pushed his hands through his hair and started trudging back. If Remus didn’t want to be found, he wouldn’t be. Sirius knew him well enough to be able to deduce that much, no matter how much it hurt.

The night breeze was warm but his feet ached, his chest ached. You deserve it his mind told him and he couldn’t disagree.

Why had he lied about the party? He knew if Remus found out he would think it was because Sirius didn’t want to be seen with him. Of all the time they’d been together, of all the times Sirius had proved to Remus that he didn’t give a damn about others, this was the fear Remus held onto. Sirius just knew Remus didn’t like those things, that’s all. It wasn’t his scene and that was fine. Sirius didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. He knew if he told him that Remus would feel obligated to go, so he didn’t. He should have, fuck. And then Remus had to walk in after finding out from James and see what’s-her-face all over Sirius—god, she’d been drunk—and he’d thought- fuck, the look on Remus’ face…

“Fuck.” Sirius sighed, turning onto their street.

He opened the door to their flat, and had kicked his shoes off, thrown his keys down, and cursed himself out loud a few more times before he finally looked up and realized he was not alone. That Remus was standing by the couch quietly, shuffling his feet.

“Wh… Re-“

“I don’t know why I’m here.” Remus stared at his socked feet as he spoke.

No shoes Sirius quietly noted, he’s not going to run out on me again. Good. Then he felt protective and greedy for thinking it. You deserve to be run out on at least a few more times.

“I-“ Please look at me, “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Are you?” Remus’ voice was quiet, lip between his teeth.

“Yes.” Sirius stepped forward, “God, yes, Remus of course I am-”

Sirius reached out and Remus flinched back, locking his hands behind his back, hiding them from Sirius.

“No. You don’t get to do that right now.” Remus’ voice was still quiet.

“Fuck. Fuck, no, Re, I wasn’t doing anything. I’m not- I wasn’t thinking-“

God, he wasn’t trying to read Remus, he was just trying to hold him. He just needed the contact.

“Yeah? Well, you don’t seem to be doing a whole lot of that right now. Thinking.”

“Nothing happened. Remus,” Sirius put his hands up when Remus glared at them as they started to reach out again, “Remus nothing would ever happen, okay? You know that. This isn’t about that-“

Remus scoffed, and Sirius could feel his anger building without having to touch him, “Oh, I’m sorry, what is this about then?”

Sirius tugged at his hair, “You think I didn’t want you at that party with me.”

“Am I right?”

“No!” Sirius practically shouted, “God. Remus-“

“I know what people think of me.” Even as Remus said it, he had already started to feel a little childish. He was starting to just pick a fight than actually still be having one with Sirius. Yet he couldn’t seem to stop, “I know what you think of me.”

Sirius threw his hands into the air, “Good, so you do know that I fucking worship the ground you walk on. That’s good to know.”

Remus cheeks flushed despite himself. Sirius sat on the couch with a huff.

Remus had to admit, as he stood there, hands locked around himself… Sirius had taken Remus by surprise.

Remus huffed this time too, pressing a palm over his eyes and biting his lip. He paused like that, willing himself to forget about his pride.

You’re being pathetic and insecure. He knew he was.

Besides, he could already feel the warmth overriding the anger—irrational anger—so what was the point anyway?

“I’m being-“ Remus kept his hands over his eyes a moment longer before letting it fall and meeting Sirius’ soft stare, “I’m being stupid.”

He let his shoulders slump and dropped onto Sirius’ lap on the couch, thighs pressed to hips. He pressed his palms to Sirius’ neck and watched as his eyes slipped closed and his body shuttered. He tried to force sorry and I love you through his touch and into Sirius’ skin. Do those count as emotions, phrases?

Sirius’ eyes opened slowly, hands coming up to cover Remus’, keeping them there, “Not stupid. Just… Wrong.” He said quietly, and they both smiled.

“You got me a bit with that last one.” Remus said, and Sirius felt him press against his chest, sinking more into their embrace. Remus’ fingers drummed against his skin and he was flooded with another surge of Remus’ feelings, love overriding them all.

He’d never get tired of that. To hear ‘I love you’ was one thing, to feel it was another. It was warm and it sparked just underneath his skin, making its home there.

“I’ll be sure to let you know I worship you more often then.” Sirius said the phrase into Remus’ lips, they were so close now.

Another flare of love and bashfulness flashed up so strongly it nearly made Sirius’ heart falter, and he let out a soft “whoa” despite himself.

A wave of happiness, pure utter happiness, left trails behind Remus’ fingers over his neck and shoulders.

“Am I overwhelming you?” He whispered, teeth grazing Sirius’ bottom lip.

Sirius let out a breath, the fire crackling beneath his skin, around his heart, “Only too often…”

Then Remus’ lips were on his and he was ablaze in a place he never wanted to leave, surrounded by Remus’ mind, nestled deep next to wherever his emotions lie.

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Snarky. Kissing. Unplanned. (Sterek)

Filling Sterek Prompts Live Nightly!


Stiles jerked awake to the sound of his name, flailing around until his hand came into contact with a solid surface. The sound of quiet laughter registered as he looked blearily up at Derek, who was leaning over the back of the loveseat looking down at him.

“Shut up, I’m awake,” Stiles said, a little sleep slurred and well aware he was fooling no one. Partially because… there was no one to fool. “Where’d everyone go?”

“Home, like responsible teenagers,” Derek said, rocking forward a little on his folded arms but not leaving his perch. “I assume you can’t relate.”

Stiles hit him with a pillow, or tried to, because Derek just grabbed the pillow and dropped it back at Stiles’ feet without any effort at all. Unfair. “I am a responsible adult,” Stiles informed him hautily, scrubbing at one eye. Fuck, he still had to drive home.

“Barely,” Derek said, and Stiles pulled a face.

“I am a responsible eighteen and three months… person,” Stiles amended, then squinted up at Derek. “Eighteen is a legal adult, Derek. My original statement stands.”

“But you’re not,” Derek said, standing up and walking around the back of the couch to head for the door to see Stiles out. “And you should, unless you’re planning on crashing here.”

“Yes, that would go well,” Stiles said, kicking one leg out to level himself into a semblance of sitting. He scrubbed at his face with both hands before clambering to his feet. He was already going to be late getting home, and his dad was never happy about that. It’s like it didn’t even matter that he was attending secret werewolf pack meetings to help protect the entire town from destruction by the supernatural on a regular basis. “Plus, if I stayed, you’d have to make me breakfast. How would I explain that to Scott?”

“You’re right, he would assume things,” Derek agreed, in a tone that said he totally didn’t agree at all. “Scott is well known for being the one to jump to crazy conclusions.”

“Who said anything about crazy conclusions?” Stiles protested, even though that’s exactly what he’d been implying. “I meant I’d have to explain how you suddenly learned to cook!”

Derek ushered him toward the exit. “I can cook,” he said. “Scott knows that.”

Stiles dug in his heels and turned to look at Derek, surprised at how closely he’d been following. Derek looked a little surprised too, but didn’t back up. “You cook for Scott? Did you teach him? You know, he was worried about eating raw meat as a wolf, when he first got turned. I told him it wasn’t like werewolves carry around little werewolf mmph-”

Stiles’ rambling was interrupted by the press of Derek’s lips. He made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a squeak before just going with it, pressing back into the kiss. His eyes slid closed and he let Derek walk him back another step, two, until he was up against the front door. Derek’s hand was gentle and warm along his jaw, thumb stroking his cheek, and Stiles thought he could easily stay here just like this forever, stuck in the warm slide of lips and tongue, and the heady feel of Derek’s hands on him.

When Derek finally pulled back, it wasn’t far, and he looked about as surprised as Stiles felt. Stiles swallowed thickly, licking his lips and enjoying the way Derek’s eyes instantly dropped to follow the motion.

“You- you could have just covered my mouth with your hand, if you wanted me to be quiet,” Stiles said, quiet, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“You licked my hand last time I did that,” Derek said.

“So you thought it would better if I licked your lips?” Stiles asked incredulously.

“Well?” Derek said, like it should be obvious, and Stiles realized that… well. It was. It was so much better.

“Touche,” he said, reaching for the doorknob. Derek’s hand swiftly covered his, stopping him.

“Stay,” Derek said softly.

“Shouldn’t I be the one saying that to you?” Stiles asked, with no sense of self preservation. This was why he could not have nice things, but it was just so worth it to see the way Derek closed his eyes and silently asked himself why do I put up with this?

Before Derek could say anything, Stiles decided to remind him why, curling his fingers into the rough fabric of Derek’s shirt and pulling him in for another kiss. He would stay, if Derek still wanted him to. He had to explain it to his father either way. He might as well get breakfast out of it.

Battle Wounds

I just wanted to say thank you guys for participating in Drabble Night. I had a lot of fun writing those and I feel like writing quick things helped my progress through my writers block. Requested by an anon for a Loki x Reader: “ someone attacks the avengers when they don’t expect it and their lover jumps in front of them getting injured like hell in the process,they survive of course but scare the living daylights out of their lover” Requests are closed at the moment. Enjoy!


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I laughed, doubling over to ease my cramping stomach. A cold hand rubbed my back gently, soothing any pain that was there. I straighten up after a few seconds wiping tears from my eyes. “Oh my god Loki I can’t believe you actually did that.” I said falling against his hard chest, pushing his back further into the cushy couch. He wrapped his arms around me, reducing the space between our bodies. I rested my head on Loki’s shoulder and sighed, my abs sore. I felt his cool hands grip my hips, as his lips ghosted over my neck. I shuttered from the slight contact and tilted my neck, giving him more room to work with.

Loki hummed happily and attached his lips just behind my ear, sucking gently. I moaned quietly and gripped his hands. Satisfied with my response, he nibbled the bottom of my ear before kissing it. I tried to turn around on his lap, only to find his hands held me in place. “Loki” I whimpered squirming as he sucked on a pressure point. I heard him let out a satisfied puff of air before releasing his hands and helping me turn around.

Just as I was about to finally connect his lips with mine, a grey robot drifted into the room. I jumped off Loki’s lap and grabbed his hand, pulling him down as the robot shot a laser beam at the couch denigrating it. I pulled a hand gun from the waist band of my pants and shot at the android. My bullets bounced off harmlessly. “Why isn’t the alarm going off?” Loki whispered, suddenly in full battle armor. I tilted my head to the side in thought, realizing that Loki and I were the only two who knew about the robot. “TONY!!!!” I screamed, my voice echoing through the tower. “Damn, their out on a mission today.” I whispered to Loki who nodded in agreement.

I rolled as the bot shot another beam right where I would have been if I hadn’t moved. Loki stood, his cape somehow flowing though there was no wind. “I am Loki of Asgard, and I demand-” he began. “Ahhh Loki. Yes” The bot said. I froze as I heard the bot’s voice. “I know all about you.” I peeked out from behind the couch to see Loki standing tall and proud, his scepter grasped firmly in his hand. He stayed silent, sizing up the bot. “You’re from Asgard. Yes that’s right I know about Asgard. You’re beloved home.” Loki snorted, a sneer on his face. “I don’t know where you have gotten your information, but you are mistaken.”

The bot fixed its metal face into a grin that sent shivers to my core. “My mistake. I had forgotten that you were banished by none other than your older brother Thor.” I bit my lip knowing that if the bot kept talking, Loki would loose his temper and probably reduce the tower to dust. I unsheathed a knife and crept around the sofa, behind the bot, making sure to stay out of sight. “Always second best to him. It seems that even when you tried to please your father, you failed. You would never be good enough to rule a kingdom. So Thor got to rule, even though he’d much rather be out fighting like some brute.” Loki stood stiffly, his eyes trained on the bot’s metal ones. “Who are you?” He hissed, his grip on his scepter turning his knuckles white. “I an Ultron.” he said spreading his hands out. “And I am truly sorry I have to do this, but that little friend you were just with has an incredible resume.” Loki tensed his jaw, at the mention of me, and began discretely tilting his scepter at Ultron.

I crawled onto the balcony above Ultron and Loki, quietly unnerving my boyfriend. “My research also tell me she has an incredible body that will come in handy when searching for new recruits.” Ultron said, eyes full of malice. I jumped from the balcony and drove my knife into Ultron’s neck, before I pulled it out and stabbed him again, ferociously trying to gain access to his wiring. Through all the chaos I saw Loki trying to aim his beam without hitting me. “Stay back.” I yelled as the bot began to fly through the air. I swung me knife as he turned harshly, making me slice my own hand. I yelled out and fell from the air; falling onto the hard tile floor of the kitchen. “Ughhh” I groaned forcing myself to get up. “Stay down love its alright.” Loki said softly rubbing my shoulder. I brushed his hand off and threw my knife at the bot as it flew by. “Ow.” he said, running into a wall.

I pounced as the bot fell, ignoring the pleads from Loki to rest.  I ripped my knife out and jammed it where the heart should be, satisfied when a pained sound escaped Ultron. Repeating my motions over and over again, I felt my wrist crack from the repetitive actions but I didn’t stop until the light had died from Ultron’s eyes and Loki grabbed my wrist, making me yelp in pain. “(Y/n) stop you’re going to hurt yourself.” he said placing his hand on my hip and firmly pulling me towards him. I fought to control my ragged breath, as I slumped against his chest, giving in to the exhaustion. He gently picked me up bridal style and placed me on the burned sofa. He tore a strip off of his cape and took my bleeding hand in his. I flinched as the rough fabric touched my hand. “This is only until Bruce gets back and he can fix it properly.” Loki said sternly meeting my eyes with his blue ones.

A ding from the far side of the room made me jump, wincing in pain as I twitched my sore wrist. “What the hell happened in here? Why is there blood all over the floor?” Tony yelled as he and the rest of the team emptied into the living room from the elevator. I grimaced as I opened my mouth to explain the damage I caused. Loki stood and turned to the team. “Why don’t you tell us Stark?” he said pointing to the ruins that was once Ultron.  

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Injured Football Player Ch20

Originally posted by pinkywinky44

Summary: Little Charlie does what she is told not to and ends up getting hurt.

Word Count: 1606 (sorry it’s a little long)

A/N: Oh little Charlie, getting into trouble! Hope y’all enjoy!

Chapter 19

 “Charlotte Rae, you are going to fall off that couch if you do not sit down,” you scolded your daughter.

 She looked at you, still standing on the couch.

 “Charlotte, what did I say? Sit on your butt down right now.”

 “What’s wrong?” Bucky asked walking in from the backyard. When he saw his daughter standing on the couch he gave her a stern look, “I am going to bust your butt if you do not sit down right now.”

 Charlie sat down the second Bucky spoke, “Yes, sir,” she spoke softly.

 You sighed when Bucky walked up to you, “Tell me why she listens to you and not me?”

 He kissed your cheek, “She does. But you know what it is like when your dad tells you what to do. Hey, I need you to sign some papers in my office for the new renovations.”

 You wiped your hands and nodded, “Okay.”

 You were sitting at Bucky’s desk signing the papers when you heard a crash, followed by Charlie scream. You and Bucky sprinted out of his office and to the living room. Charlie was on the ground holding her left arm screaming at the top of her lungs.

 You scooped up the screaming toddler, “Charlie, what happened? Tell me what happened.”

 “I-I-I jumped,” she sobbed.

 “You jumped on the couch?” Bucky asked.

 “Y-y-y-es, sir-r-r-,” she sobbed.

 “Did we tell you not to jump on the couch?” he started to raise his voice.

 “Bucky,” you spoke.

 “No, Y/N, we told her not to jump on the couch, and she needs to know what she did was wrong,” he started to yell.

 “James, stop,” you yelled back, holding your still screaming daughter, “She obviously broke her arm and right now is not the time to yell at her!”

 Bucky looked down at Charlie who was cling onto you tightly as she cried. He realized that his child hurt herself and needed to take care of her, “Come on, let’s get her to the hospital. Come here baby,” he held out his arms Charlie.

 She turned away and cried into your neck, “Mam-m-ma!”

 “I got you baby,” you stood up and walked to the garage, “We are going to go to the doctor right now.”

 Bucky opened the car door and tried to take Charlie from you to put her in her car seat. When he reached for her, she pushed his hand away and cried for you.

 You put her in the car seat and closed the door. When you looked at Bucky, you saw the tears in his eyes, “James, we have to get her to the hospital.”

 He nodded and cleared his throat, “Okay.” 

 Thirty minutes later Dr. Sam Wilson was walking into the hospital room with Charlie’s x-ray.

 “Alright y’all,” he put up the x-rays, “Little Charlie here has a compound humorous fracture. That means that we need to get in there now and set it with some screws.”

 You nodded, “How long will she be in surgery?”

 “Probably between two and three hours,” Dr. Wilson looked between you and Bucky, “We are going to take her back there right now. So, y’all give your kisses and a nurse it going to take her back.”

 “Thank you, Doctor,” you gave a weak smile and shook his hand.

 You walked over to your daughter in the bed and gave her kisses, “Okay, baby Rae. Dr. Sam is going to take you back and fix your arm okay?”

 “You go with me, mama?” Charlie asked.

 “I can’t go back with you, sweetie. A nice nurse is going to take you.”

 “No, Mama,” she started to cry again.

 “Shh,” you brushed hair out of her face and wiped tears off her cheeks, “I promise, everything will be fine. Daddy and I will be with you till you have to go back, and we will be right here when you get out. And I am sure Nana and Pops, and Aunt Mimi and Tevie will be here too when you wake up. But you got to be a big girl, okay?”

 She nodded slowly while her bottom lip quivered, “Okay, mama.”

 The nurse walked in and smiled, “Okay sweetie, it’s time to go back and get better! Mom and Dad, give your kisses.”

 “Alright baby girl,” you kissed her forehead, “Mama loves you very much.”

 “Love you mama,” she said quietly.

 “We will be right here when you get out Rae,” Bucky dipped down to give Charlie a kiss, but she pulled away.

 You saw the pain in Bucky’s eyes. You nodded to the nurse, letting her know to go ahead and take Charlie.

 “Bye-bye Mama,” Charlie waved at you.

 “Bye baby,” you waved back and watched her disappear behind the double doors. You walked back into her room to see Bucky sitting in the chair with his face in his hand. You heard a soft sob escape from his big frame. You walked over and moved his hand so you could sit in his lap. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close, “She is going to be okay.”

 Bucky tucked his face into your neck, “She was hurt and I yelled at her. I yelled at my hurt child.”

 “You were trying to make sure she understood that she should have done as we said,” you ran your fingers through his hair.

 “Y/N, she was screaming in pain and I just disregarded it. And now she is terrified of me. My baby doesn’t want me near her. What if she never looks at me the same way? What if she is afraid of me now for the rest of her life? I don’t want to be my father,” he cried into your neck.

 You sighed, “Bucky, she will never be afraid of you, she loves you more than anything in the world. Her feelings just got hurt because her daddy yelled at her. I promise you, she will want you there to hold her.”

 He pulled back and looked at you, “You think?”

 You nodded, “I know. Take it from a girl who has a big dad and still gets her feelings hurt when he yells at her. She will always love you and want you there.”

 He nodded and patted your leg, “We should probably start calling people.”

 “Alright, let the phone calls begin.”

 Within an hour, Charlie’s little room was full of people. After hour two of Charlie being in surgery, your nerves started to get the best of you.

 Your dad walked up to you, “Come on sugar, lets take a walk.”

 You started to tell him no, but you knew it was no use arguing. You slowly got up and walked out of the room.

 “How you doing, sugar?” your dad asked nudging your arm.

 You snorted, “My two year old daughter is currently having surgery to repair her broken arm. How do you think I’m doing?”

 “Your nerves are getting the best of your, and if you don’t see her soon, you might lose it?” he nodded, “Every single time you had to go in for a surgery: your broken leg, torn quad, ACL replacement, gallbladder removal, I was pacing the whole time.”

 You sighed, “Yeah, I guess you do know how I’m doing.”

 “She is going to be okay,” he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, “She is a tough girl. Just like her mama.”

 You smiled, “I’m just worried. She’s my baby.”

 “And she always will be. Just like you will always be my baby,” he kissed the top of your head, “You calmed down a little to go back to the room?”

 You nodded. You wanted to be with Bucky, and wait together for your daughter. When you walked back into the room, Bucky looked up and smiled at you softly.

 He walked up to you and wrapped you in a hug, “You okay, mama?”

 You nodded, “I will be better when we get our girl.”

 He kissed your temple, “Me too.”

 You sat next to Bucky holding his hand when Dr. Sam walked into the room. You and Bucky jumped up and rushed up to him.

 “Is she okay? When is she going to be here?” you asked.

 “She did amazing. We put in two pins and one screw in. We put her in a purple cast, per her request,” Dr. Sam chuckled, “She will be in the cast for about six weeks. But she will be good as new.”

 Bucky squeezed you tight and kissed the top of your head, “Thank you Doctor.”

 “Of course. She will be in here in a couple minutes,” he smiled and walked out of the room.

 About five minutes later, a nurse wheeled in Charlie. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw her sleepy Y/E/C eyes looking for you.

 “Mama,” she held her hand out for you.

 You walked up and kissed her forehead, “Hi baby girl. Dr. Sam told us how brave you were!”

 Charlie looked around and smiled when she saw Bucky, “Hi Daddy,” she smiled softly at him. 

 Bucky let out a sigh of relief, “Hi baby Rae, how you feeling?”

 “Sleepy,” she let out a yawn.

 “Okay,” you brushed her hair away from her face, “You go to sleep. We will be here when you wake up.”

 She nodded then looked at Bucky, “Lay here, Daddy?”

 He nodded, “Of course I will,” he carefully laid down in the bed and pulled Charlie close to him.

 You kissed her cheek before you sat down in the chair next to the bed. You felt the wave of relief wash over you. You daughter was okay, and that is all you cared about.

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You received your Google IRL last week and already you were starting to adjust to his quirks. You had rapidly learned that he was useless when it came to chores as he often broke dishes and tore clothes without ever cleaning up his mess. On his second day in the house he dropped a plate and left the broken porcelain on the floor after starting the dishwasher and walking away to start on his next task. When you came home from work that night and you had taken off your shoes at the door, you to your dismay stepped on the broken plate cutting your foot clean open! Google didn’t even react until you ordered him to give you first aid, which he did, and take you to the ER. Which he also did… Much to his complaint.

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Take Care (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Based on a request. What I wrote may not exactly follow the movie, but it’s really late and I don’t really care.

“Hold still,” you ordered as you dabbed at the gash above his eyebrow with a wet cloth.

“I’m fine, Y/N/N,” he told you, flinching as the cloth touched his wound. You rolled your eyes and pushed his hand away that had been attempting to nudge you away.

“Stop it, Steve,” you snapped, continuing to dab at his face. He let out a huff but allowed you to work on cleaning his wound. “I don’t understand what makes you want to fight everyone so badly.”

“I don’t wanna fight everyone,” he grumbled in a childlike way. “It’s just the guys that think they can pick on anyone that’s even a little bit smaller than them.”

“You should get Bucky next time, Steve,” you sighed, moving to place a bandaid on the gash. “That jerk really did a number on your face.”

“Just wait until I get into the army, these guys are gonna treat all of us little guys with respect,” he said, hopping off the bathroom counter. Despite being fairly small himself, Steve was still an inch or two taller than you, and you looked very petite beside him. That’s what made it easy for him to wrap you in a warm hug, your head tucking into his neck; you stood there for a moment before pulling away.

“Be careful next time, alright?” You told him with a smile. “Buck and I aren’t always going to be here to help you out.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout me, Y/N/N, everything will be alright.”

It seemed that Steve’s definition of alright was much different than yours. It wasn’t even three months later that he came bounding into your apartment, Bucky hot on his heels, with a paper gripped tightly in his bony hands.

“What’s going on?” You questioned anxiously as they stood across from you in the living room.

“Tell her, punk,“ Bucky sighed. It was late at night, the two looking extremely tired as they stood in front of you.

“Wait, aren’t you leaving in the morning, Bucky?” You questioned. “And didn’t you two have a double date tonight?”

“The date was a bust, and yes, I am leaving in the morning,” Bucky began as he moved to sit on the couch. “But this one here had to go get himself into some-”

“Steve, did somebody hurt you again?” You exclaimed worriedly, crossing your arms over your chest as your eyes raked over his body.

“I’m fine, Y/N,” he promised you. “Actually, I’m more than find. Remember when I told you that everything was gonna be alright?”

“Of course.”

“Well, they accepted me,” he said, holding his paper out to you. You were quick to snatch it out of his hands, the words of approval immediately standing out to you.

“Steve, that’s great!” You told him with a faltering smile. He didn’t seem to notice as he wrapped you up in a tight hug. Your eyes met Bucky’s as you stood in Steve’s arms and you knew that he felt the same way you did. There was no way that Steve would make it in the army. And not only that, but both of your boys were leaving you.

Once Bucky had left the next morning, it was just you and Steve. You told him you would walk him to where the scientist that got him to be accepted would be waiting, but before, the two of you sat in your apartment for a quick breakfast.

“You’re being very quiet,” Steve noted as he put a fork full of pancake in his mouth.

“I guess I am,” you replied, stirring your coffee.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked, concern laced through his voice. “We’re practically family, you can tell me anything.”

“I think that’s it,” you stated honestly, leaning back in your seat. “Steve, your like a brother to me, and now you’re leaving me, just like Bucky. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what you’re going for, it’s just…”

“Just what?” He questioned, his eyes seemed to beg for you to continue.

“I have to tell you that everything you have done has inspired me to never give up,” you murmured. “You fight for what you believe in and stand up for yourself and others against these huge guys and… I guess I’m just thankful for you showing me that size doesn’t matter.”

“I never knew you felt that way,” he said, placing a hand on top of yours.

“I don’t want to say goodbye, Steve. You’ve always been there for me, you’re my hero.”

“As much as I appreciate that, maybe it’s time for you to become your own hero,” he suggested. “It doesn’t make sense for a guy like me to be a hero, now does it?”

“It makes perfect sense to me,” you argued softly. “You may not see it, Steve, and the army might not see it for a while, but you are a hero.”

“What am I supposed to do without you?” He sighed.

“Get a better nurse to clean up your wounds,” you joked with a teary laugh. “Just promise not to forget about me, alright?”

“You’re family, Y/N, I could never forget about you.”

Wrong Number Pt. 7 // Fanfic

Modern Au // Nessian (+Inner Circle) 

“I say ditch him. Go out clubbing and find yourself a new man,” Amara announces from her spot on the couch. Ever since Amara had moved in across the hall from Feyre the three of them had been inseparable. 

“It was going so well with Rhys and I then he just when M.I.A,” Feyre says, walking back into the living room and plopping down between them with a bowl of popcorn. “Maybe I’ll just go down to the police station and talk to him!” 

“No, that’s a horrible idea. You have to move on,” Nesta says, grabbing a hand full of popcorn without looking up from the phone as she replied to the text she had just received. Are you ever going to tell me your name? 

Wait, your telling me you haven’t looked my phone number up? I looked yours up days after we started constantly talking. 

“Says the girl who wanted to break up with her boyfriend over dinner but instead ended up accepting his proposal,” Amara counters with a laugh as she grabs Nesta’s hand to show off the engagement ring. 

Are you serious? I was playing fair by waiting for you to tell me. 

All’s fun in love and war. 

Are we in love now? 

“Who are you smiling about?” Amara asks, reaching over and grabbing the phone of her hand. “Ohhhh this isn’t your fiance.” 

“It’s just a wrong number,” Nesta says, grabbing the phone back and shoving it back into her pocket. She turns towards Feyre who’s still lost in her own world. “Stop thinking about him, Fey. He ghosted you don’t be pathetic and go after him.” 

“I think I am going too,” Feyre states still in her own little world as she shoves the popcorn bowl into Nesta’s hands and stands up. “No one leaves Feyre Archeron on read.” 

“Yes! You go girl!” Amara cheers, “And on the way home, Nes can stop by her douche husband-to-be house and break up with him.” 

“I don’t think so,” Nes says, but Feyre who had already slipped on her jacket and shoes pulled her off of the couch and shoved her towards the door. “Do you really want to show up to your exs place of work?” 

“He’s not my ex we only went on like five dates, it wasn’t even official,” Feyre retorts.

“Then why are we going to his place of work?” Nesta asks, but she’s ignored and instead shoved out of the door and down the hallway. She turns around to see Amara closing Feyre’s door and turning towards her own door. “You coming?” 

“No, I have to get up early for work tomorrow and who knows how late this is going to be but I want all the deets, got it?” Amara says, earning a nod from Nesta and Feyre. 

Cassian twirled in his desk chair staring at his phone, he had texted her almost thirty minutes ago and she hadn’t replied. Why was he even acting this way? He didn’t even know her. “Waiting for Miss Right to call?” He jumps and turns to see Mor leaning against his desk. “Still obsessed over that number?” 

Before Cassian can deny it someone asks loudly from across the room. “Where is he,” a female voice asks.  “I gave him everything and he leaves me on read.” 

He looks passed Feyre towards Nesta, “Is she drunk?” he questions. 

Nesta shrugs, “Her neighbor may have spiked the lemonade and Feyre may of had seven glasses. I tried to stop her but when she’s like this she can be pretty stubborn.” 

“Runs in the family,” he mutters earning a glare from her. He turns back towards Feyre. “Where is who? Rhysand?” Feyre gives him an “of course” look. “He’s away on a personal matter. I thought he told you. He really liked you but this was too important for him to not do.”  

“No, he didn’t, but I guess I can understand that. Alright, Nes, let’s go dump your husband and get home,” Feyre says, walking out of the station with confidence making Nesta speed walk to catch up. 

“What just happened?” Cassian asks, spinning in his chair to see Mor typing away on his computer. 

“Oh Cauldron,” Mor says, turning his screen towards him to show him Nesta criminal record. 

“Why does this matter to me? I am the one who arrested her,” he says.

“This came up when I typed in mystery girls number,” Mor says, looking at him with wide and enthusiastic eyes. “Nesta Archeron is your mystery girl.” 

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Guys Night Out ~ pt.2

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles x Stuart

Rating: NSFW 18+ EXPLICIT Smut

Word Count: 3746

Synopsis: After you finish up your night at the club, you come home to find someone waiting for you.

A/N: This has some rough unprotected sex in it. Spanking, hair pulling, all that good stuff. Practice safe sex people, this is fiction! NO Twins x reader action, if that’s your thing go for it, but no threesome in this. I’m still trying to figure out where to go after this ends…

Enjoy =)

Part 1

I climb the stairs to my apartment, ready to throw on some sweats and stuff my face with junk food while watching The Avengers. I can’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my night with my hot Marvel men.

“Ooo! Cap and Loki, here I come!” I squeal as I jump the last couple of steps to the landing. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Stiles leaned against the wall next to my front door. “Stiles…whatcha doin’?” I say in a sing-song voice, narrowing my eyes at the Stilinski boy in front of me and take a deep breath.

“Waiting for you,” he smiles as he slips his hands in his front pockets.

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A. Ryder Log #7

Angara are curious and honest by nature, and Jaal is no different.

His curiosity is simply stronger when it comes to Aria.

Jaal x Ryder, Pre/Early Relationship.

Also on AO3 ->

When Jaal entered the pathfinders quarters he froze, staring at the redhead in surprise.

“Ah, Ryder… what are you doing?”

She hadn’t seemed to be busy, her door was unlocked, and yet there she was, bent strangely on the ground, looking frustrated and annoyed.

“Yoga.” Aria grunted, holding the pose for another few seconds before flopping back onto the floor, “Scratch that, I was ATTEMPTING yoga - Lexi told me to - and I give up.”

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It’s Who I am. [Juice Ortiz x Reader]

[Anon request: Juice Ortiz / ‘Get back here!’ & ‘It’s who I am.’]

Warnings: None.

A/N: In this, the reader is a mercenary / hired killer, and Juice is adorable as always. 

You had made the same phone call so many times now, it seemed like routine. You’d spend all night out at some bar on the edge of town after ‘doing your job’, get really drunk and then tell him up for some midnight comfort. Sure, there were plenty of men who would accept you into their willing arms each night, but none of them knew you like Juice did. And it was always Juice that you wanted.

“Hey, it’s me,” you began, pressing the phone hard to your ear to hear over the drunken rabble in the background.

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Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) Series - Part Two

Part One

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of anxiety and panic attacks.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walk out of Luke’s room just in time to hide the tears that start to fill my eyes. It was just a stupid joke, and I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Luke probably thinks I’m mad at him or something, and he’s going to apologize for it which will just make me feel even worse. I didn’t realize it was going to be this hard to act normal.

I make it to my bedroom just as my chest starts to close up. Anxiety attacks have become pretty common for me in the past few weeks. I haven’t quite figured out how to stop one from happening yet, so I usually just sit on the floor and let it run its course.

I maintain my composure just long enough to lock my door just in case Luke tries to come in. I don’t need him to see me like this.

I ungracefully collapse to the floor and pull my knees to my chest.

I try to take deep breaths, but I can’t get any air.

My throat feels like it’s suddenly become too small for any air to pass through it, and I feel like I’m going to choke on my own saliva.

Tears flow steadily down my face as I struggle to get air into my lungs.

I hear a light knock at my door, but I know that I can’t face him right now.

“(Y/N)?” His muffled voice comes through the door.

I try to answer him, but no sound comes out.

He knocks again.

“I’m sorry about what I said,” he says. “I didn’t mean to offend you or imply anything. You know that, right?”

“I know,” I want to say. But I can’t get the words to come out.

“Can I come in?”

No, Luke. You can’t see me like this.

The door starts to open and I realize that I must not have turned the lock all the way. I can see his feet shuffle into my room, and a few seconds later he’s kneeling on the floor beside me.

“(Y/N)?” He asks, his voice worried. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

I look up at him through my tears and I can see the fear in his eyes. I hate that he has to see me like this.

“Anxi-anxiety attack,” I murmur through heavy breaths. “I-I’m fine.”

He suddenly sits down beside me and puts his hand lightly on my back. He begins to rub small, soothing circles.

“It’s okay, you’re okay,” he assures me. “Just breathe and focus on the sound of my voice.”

I try to listen to him. I try to focus on anything other than the lack of air in my lungs.

“I need you to just listen to me and try to clear your mind, okay?”

I attempt a nod, and he continues.

“Just breathe, just breathe. You’re safe, I promise. I’m right here and I’m not leaving.”

But you did leave, Luke. And you’re going to leave again soon.

“Try to get a deep breath,” he instructs.

I try, but it gets caught in my throat and I start coughing violently. I reach my hand up to my neck and gasp for air.

“Hey, hey,” Luke says, quickly moving so that he’s directly in front of me. He slowly takes my hands in his and squeezes them. “It’s okay, calm down. You’re okay.”

I nod, finally starting to feel the air returning to my chest.

I bring my knees to my chest and lay my head on them before removing my hands from Luke’s and wrapping my arms around my knees.

Luke returns to his spot beside me and starts rubbing my back again.

He continues to whisper soothing words as I focus on my breathing.

When I finally start to feel normal again, I look up at Luke. His blue eyes are full of worry as he stares down at me.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I’m okay now. I didn’t mean for you to see that.”

He shakes his head. “What brought it on? Was it what I said?”

I almost nod, but if I do that then I’ll have to explain why an innocent joke pushed me into an all out panic attack. So instead, I shrug and say, “I don’t really know.”

“When did you start having these?” He asks.

I look down at the floor, trying to think of when the first one happened.

“I’m sorry,” he says a few seconds later. “I don’t mean to pry. I just had no idea…”

I shake my head. “You’re not prying. The first one happened just a few weeks ago. It scared me, but when it happened again I started realizing that it wasn’t just a one time thing.”

“Do you know what brought them on?”

Yes. I shake my head almost immediately. “No clue.”

He looks away for a second. “Have you thought about seeing a doctor about it? They might could put you on something that would help the anxiety.”

I look at him for a second to make sure that he’s series, and when I see that he is, I shake my head. “I’m fine,” I insist.

I try to get to my feet, but am a little unsteady at first. I feel slightly light headed as I stand up, and Luke quickly gets up and wraps his arm around my waist. 

“Why don’t we just go to the couch and lie down, huh?” He suggests. “I think we could both use a nap.”

I nod and wrap my arm around him as we walk to the living room. I have been sleeping on the couch for the past few weeks, so it has become pretty comfortable to me. There’s a good chance that I’ll be asleep within the next few minutes.

He settles into one side of the couch, and I settle into the other. We both stretch out and his forever-long legs situate underneath mine. He then pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and spreads it out over us.

“Hey, Luke?” I ask as I make myself comfortable.

He looks up. “Yeah?”

“How did you know what to say to calm me down?” I ask.

He shifts uncomfortably and looks around the room. “Michael has them from time to time when we’re on tour. He has pretty bad anxiety. Ashton and I usually have to try and calm him down because Calum sort of freaks out in intense situations.”

“I didn’t know,” I say, my voice soft.

I know all of the boys, of course. I’d even consider myself to be pretty good friends with them, but we never share personal stuff with one another. I had no idea Mikey has anxiety. He’s really good at hiding it.

Luke shrugs. “I just feel bad that there isn’t more I can do for him… or you.”

I’m about to respond when there’s a sudden knock at the door.

“Pizza!” Luke shouts as he jumps up from the couch, nearly knocking me to the floor in the process.

“Oops,” he smiles as I catch myself and glare at him.

I reposition myself as he answers the door and grabs the pizza. He comes back a few minutes later and sets it down on the couch between us.

“So,” I say, opening the box and grabbing a slice. “How was London?”

Whipped |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 265|

|Request - Yes|

“To your lef- He got you it’s too late!” Jack exclaimed to his brother as the rest of the boys laughed. Conor had the whole squad over for a sleep over and you couldn’t deal with 6 extra boys in the house. They had arrived in the morning and it was almost midnight and they flat was a total mess. 

“Conor?” You mumbled walking up behind the couch as you stood behind your boyfriend. 

“Fuck off Jack! Yes Love?” Conor responded kissing your hand that had found its way down to his collarbone. Joe stifled a laugh from beside Conor making you playfully roll your eyes at him. 

“Are you tired yet?” You asked into Conor’s ear making him shake his head from your hot breath against his ear. 

“Mhm, I am ac- Oli stop shooting me mate!” Conor exclaimed making you sigh in annoyance. Standing back up, you looked around at the seven boys. 

“If you want to come to bed tonight, I suggest you clean up yeah?” You said making Mikey and Josh raise their eyebrows at your boyfriend. Conor paused the game before looking up at you. 

“It’ll be done.” He responded making all the boys laugh at him. He gave a playful glare at them before getting up to shut the TV off. Satisfied with his actions, you stopped by the kitchen to get a drink before going upstairs. 

“You’re so whipped.” Caspar said laughing making the rest laugh at your boyfriend. 

“Stop laughing, y’all don’t have girls yet.” Conor exclaimed hushing the rest of them up. You were very satisfied.