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Hell and Silence || Chapter Nine


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Rough Sex, Oral (male receiving)

Word Count: 5,228

A/N: AH YES MY DEREK VANESSA FLUFFY SMUT CHAPTER! Who am I kidding with “fluffy smut” though, these two bang like sex-starved werewolves. 

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four    Chapter Five       Chapter Six    Chapter Seven     Chapter Eight




I turned, peering behind my locker and saw Scott coming down the hall, grin wide across his lopsided face. His kind of smile is contagious, so even in my sour mood I managed a smile back. I shut my locker, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

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Sweet Tooth

Would have had this out like… A week ago but my computer messed up and deleted it… Happened two or three times now. So yeh… Sorry it’s super short x~x

Title: Sweet Tooth (much cringe)
Pairing: OhmToonz

Request: ‘I’m scared of the dentist so I brought my best friend along for support but they’ve been flirting with the dentist for the past fifteen minutes and now I’m third wheeling at my own dentist appointment’ au with ohm as the dentist and cartoonz flirting with him?

“Del are you serious?” Luke asked feeding Princess

“Yes, I am. Co'mon Luke please?” Jon said walking behind him. “Co'mon man! What if I didn’t go with you to-”

A hand on his mouth shut him up. Luke stared at him before nodding, “Okay, fine. When is your appointment?”

“Tomorrow at six o'clock.”


Luke plopped down into the waiting room seat, yawning loudly. He glanced at Jon, who has standing at the door. “Go sign in or whatever.” Jon huffed but did what he was told.

Jon sat in the seat next to Luke, chewing on his lip. Luke swore if he keep at it, he’d bite his lip off. “Stop,” he said under his breath. “Chewing your lip. It’s gonna bleed.” He responded to the questioning grunt.
Jon stopped chewing his but then he started bouncing his leg. Luke sighed quietly. It was gonna be a long day.

Luke leaned his head back and closed his eyes, happy it was, kind of, quiet.

“Jonathan Dennis?”

Jon hands grab his but Luke pulled away. “Go. I’ll be right here.” He said sitting up.

“But-” Jon’s protest was interrupted.

“Jonathan Dennis?”

Luke glanced over towards the voice, before doing a double take. “Actually on second thought maybe I should come.” Luke stood up and stretched his stiff muscles, not missing the way the dentist’s eyes trialed down his body.

“Protect you from the scary doctors.” Luke hid his smirk. Jon glared at him and punched his arm, hard. Leaving a winching Luke behind he followed the brown haired dentist.

Luke caught up quickly with the two, his eyes not leaving the plump butt of the dentist. A nudge at his side broke his stare.

“Huh?” He mumbled, looking at Jon.

“You’re drooling.”

Luke’s retort died on his lips as the man began to talk.

“Hello Mr. Dennis my name is Ryan and don’t worry we’re not doing anything to major today.” A soft expression flitted onto Ryan’s face. Another dentist came into the room, papers in hand.

“Just going to take a few x-ray’s and look at somethings.” The second dentist motioned for Jon to follow him.


As Jon got closer to the room he could hear someone giggling. When the second dentist, Bryce, and him walked in he saw Luke whispering something to the brown haired dentist. Who was giggling like a school girl, cheeks flushed light pink. Jon cleared his throat but they ignored him.

He saw Luke’s hand resting on the man’s thigh, thumb rubbing back and forth. Jon opened his mouth to talk but Bryce beat him to it. Bryce coughed loudly, catching Ryan attention. Ryan stood up quickly, walking over to them, motioning for Jon to sit down.


As Jon walked out of the room he saw Luke slip a piece of paper into the brown haired male’s hand. Winking and whispering something at the blushing man before following after Jon.


Jon squinted up at him. “What?”

“When’s your next dentist appointment?” Jon punched​ him in the shoulder hard.

“Ass.” Jon mumbled getting into the passenger side of Luke’s car.

This is war

Sequel to I hate you I love you
Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
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Jess’s POV
I woke up with an atrocity of a headache. Ten minutes. I managed to be married ten minute’s before shit went to hell. I raised my hand to my face only to be knocked in the head by a heavy metal bracelet.
“OW!! Really!!,” one on each damn wrist.

“Lovely aren’t they? ” was that Four?
“Four? Hell she got you too? I know Eric is livid,” I sat up to look at one of my few friends.
He was on a bed across from mine with the same damn chains on his wrist. The room had no windows, a toilet with a curtain to pull around, a sink, a shower head two handles a drain and another curtain.

“Lovely accommodations from your mother, ” I groaned. I was still in my damn gown from my wedding.

“Did you expect a suite at Erudite? For your honeymoon maybe,” he scoffed.

“Would’ve been nice. Eric here too. Would have been better, ” I sighed.

Just than my princess decided to kick me. Eight months pregnant and being held against my will. I am so over it. I’m also starving. I really hate this bitch.

“EVELYN!!! I am pregnant and hungry! ,” I shout to the air

“You sure you’re alright Jess?” Four asked worry thick in his voice.

“If your bitch for a mother feeds us soon I will be.” I really just want Eric. Like that is going to happen.

The door swings open and Evelyn and Edward walk in. What a way to meet the farher in law I want nothing to do with. No wonder my husband can’t find him. He’s hiding with this bitch where ever we are.

“I wish my son and niece were more happy to see me, ” she feigns hurt.

“Niece?” Four and I look confused at one another.
“My mother was Dauntless born you crazy bitch,” I spat.
“Really? Are you sure about that. Elizabeth Baker was Elizabeth Johnson before she was married. Erudite.”

Shit was she right? Really Jeremiah and I didn’t know much about our mothers past. She was murdered when we were fourteen and father had been gone long before that.

“Your father was Dauntless born. Worthless. But you already knew that,” she frowned.
“Well Stiff Eric is going to love we’re family, ” I laughed humorlessly.

“Eric will get nothing, ” a dark voice retorted. My so called father in law.

“Says another worthless father,” I spewed angrily.

“You little bitch, ” he went to strike me but Evelyn grabbed his hand

“That is your granddaughter and our key she is carrying, ” she reminded him.

“Key? What the fuck are you talking about? My daughter isn’t anybody’s damn key!” these people are fucking crazy.
“All in good time Jessica. Tobias do keep an eye on your cousin. I will send food trays within the hour.”

With that the duo who are now on my “people my husband is allowed to murder list” left the room. I looked at Four and shrugged.

“Crazy,” was all I could manage. Where are we, all I could hope was Eric would find us

“Jess, your eyes are uh, they are glowing yellow. What the hell is wrong with you, ” Four asked beyond worried.

“Shit I forget!! Shut up while I try to hear Eric!” I whisper shouted.
“What? Have you lost your damn mind?” he looked at me like I WAS CRAZY. Well maybe I am, blame Jeanine.
“Shut up!! I’ll explain later!”

Eric’s POV
“I want six patrols out. Lissette!!”

“Yes demon master?” she is so lucky she is my wife’s bestfriend.
“Fence bitch. Fence,” I growled.
“Liar. I have myself, your brother, her brother, you, and Max. I need one more commander.” she reported.

“Max? He volunteered?” that was unheard of.
“She is pretty much his daughter you idiot. What did you expect? ” damn she made me miss my wife.
“Sarcastic bitch. Pull Miller from the fence. They have been gone over twenty-four hours. Time is wasting!” now I am getting annoyed.

“Eric?” Lissette sounded concerned.

“For fucksakes WHAT Lissette?” I need to find my wife.
“Why the fuck are your eyes glowing yellow dick head?”
“What? Shit! Jess!”

basilton, with an s

i realised a few minutes ago that i’ve never written a coffeeshop au before.

so this was inevitable i suppose.

(also it’s almost 4am. why do i do this.) (makeshalinasleep2k16)

Bazilton Pitch.

“That’s not even how you spell my name,” Baz says, making a face. He points at the messily scrawled z, squashed between the other oversized letters that are spread out across the cup’s blank surface. “It’s an s. Not a z.”

“But it’s Baz,” Simon says, across from him. They’re sitting at one of the small, round tables pushed into a corner of the coffee shop. Simon still has his apron on from when he left the relatively un-hectic counter to his coworker earlier, and the most adorable, confused smile lifts the corners of his lips as he regards his own handwriting on Baz’s cup. His hair has turned to gold from the sun coming in through the window. “Baz with a z.”

“That’s my nickname,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told you to call me that the first time, given you some time to learn my actual name.

“It’s not my fault your actual name is weird as hell.”

Baz feigns a hurt look. “I am offended.”

“Hi, offended. I’m Simon.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

“Not now. I’m at work.”

Baz squeezes his eyes shut and ducks his head. He hears Simon laughing quietly, and then a soft, warm hand envelops his around the cup. His heart beats faster.



“Why did you come here today?”

Baz looks up at Simon. Simon’s eyes are very, very blue. “Um - I’ve been coming here for the past six months?”

“Yes, but why today?” Simon leans in, closer. Baz’s eyes unwittingly drop to his mouth. (It’s an incredibly lovely mouth - the kind you can’t help but imagine being pressed against your own.) (Or maybe that’s just Baz?) (Surely not.) Simon nudges Baz’s knee with his own, under the table. “You have violin class today, don’t you?”

“I skipped.”

Fine golden eyebrows shoot upwards in disbelief. (Baz finds even Simon’s eyebrows attractive.) “You skipped class?” Simon asks, shaking his head as if to right the world into its proper position. “Are you sure you’re Baz Pitch?” 

And then, squinting suspiciously, he shifts sideways in his seat and makes a big show of looking behind Baz’s back. For what, Baz doesn’t know.

Baz shakes his head a little, trying to quell the smile that threatens to take over his lips. “What are you doing.”

“Searching for the goblin who’s possessed you.”

“There’s definitely some illogical flaw in there somewhere, but I’m not going to talk about that right now.”

Simon’s grin is back, wide and playful. It makes Baz’s heart stutter. “Why? I was just about to launch into my theory on the existence of supernatural beings on Earth.”

Baz says, “I came here today to ask you out.”

And Simon blinks. Baz’s whole world is blue and more blue. “Ask me out?” Simon repeats.

“As my boyfriend.”


“Yeah.” Baz doesn’t look away from him, though it’s hard not to. Simon’s hand is still around Baz’s around the cup. His grip hasn’t loosened or anything, so that’s probably a good sign.

“Well,” Simon says, slowly. “Where are you taking me?”

Is that a yes? Baz’s head screams. 

“London,” he says. “Tonight, if you’re free.”



“Yeah,” Simon says, biting his lip. “I’m free.”

“… Okay.”

Everything is hazy and golden and unreal in comparison to Simon’s eyes in front of his, the watercolour-blue suddenly obscured when his eyelashes dip. Simon moves his head so their noses brush and their lips don’t, not quite. Baz didn’t know human hearts could beat this fast, let alone his own human heart. 

Simon smiles, and says, “I’ll be your boyfriend, Basilton with an s.” 

if only in my dreams

merry christmas my christmas celebrating friends. this has a happy ending, i swear

warnings: ptsd, depression

The woman at the gate counter is brunette, her hair pulled back in a snug bun and her demeanor all business when Steve approaches, his flimsy paper boarding pass in hand.

All he wants is to go back to New York. He doesn’t care if he winds up at Stark Tower or his apartment in Brooklyn, hell, he’d even take his quarters in S.H.I.E.L.D. He just wants a hot shower and a bed somewhere familiar; after almost two weeks of being on the move, going city to city to shake hands with politicians, each leaving grease stains on his palm, Steve is finished. He’s had enough of politics and fake people with even faker smiles. He’s tired. It’s been three days since he slept last and even the serum can only do so much when it’s up against abuse like that.

“Hi,” he says to the woman and flashes her a smile that he knows is wan at best. “I heard an announcement saying that the midnight flight to New York was canceled. I’d really like to get home as soon as possible—”

“You and everyone else here,” the woman says and she’s not being rude, just being straight with him. She glances up from her computer and her tired expression softens when she sees him.

Steve shifts, squaring his shoulders, knowing the look is because he’s in uniform. He came straight from meeting a slew of soldiers at the nearest base—because his flight had been delayed, he stayed an extra two hours, only to rush over for the next one to find it’s been canceled, too.

She glances at his name tag—there’s no flash of recognition, which is a small blessing because Steve’s not sure he could handle that with as much decorum as is expected from him right now—and then says with genuine remorse, “I’m sorry, Captain Rogers. As much as I’d like to get you home, every flight into New York is canceled for the next twenty-four hours. I’m sure you’ve heard about the blizzard.”

“Yeah,” Steve sighs, and remembers at the last second to run his hand over his carefully groomed hair and not through it. “I was just hoping… Well, thanks anyway. Sorry to bother you.”

“It’s no trouble,” she says softly and he can feel her regretful gaze on his shoulders as he turns and hauls his duffel back out into the airport general where he drifts to a stop and blinks around, numb with exhaustion.

What now?

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I need to tell the kids...

Please do an imagine where y/n protects Daryl and their children at all costs, which includes her getting bit

Could u please write an imagine where you get but trying to protect Daryl and your childrenit. Thanks!

We were on the run again. I hated having the kids in this hell. It wasn’t something that any child should have to deal with. Looking over at my husband I wanted to tell him to wake me up, this had to be a dream. Daryl wanted to find his brother, but wanted to make sure that we were protected from the walkers.

“Mommy?” Our youngest said to us.

“Yes baby?”

“When are get getting there?”

“Soon.” Daryl answered. At this point we really had no idea where to go. We had three kids, the ages of ten, six, and three. Our oldest had an idea of what was going on but not to the full extent. The other two just thought that there was nothing wrong in the word. That we were going on a trip. “Y/S/N get that dog to shut up!” Daryl snapped, I looked over at him.

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Mama’s Boy (Part 7)

Requested: Yes?

A/N: So is this fluffy enough for you guys? lol. I really like this chapter. Y/n and Luke are friends now!!! About time! Now all they have to do is become bed buddies ;) ~Cel

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

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Now What?

This is a vague, meandering, sort of illogical short that’s set… sometime after BoO, with the assumption that everybody lives

I played around with that one dumb narrator again

the really casual one that everybody liked? From that one stupid short that everybody inexplicably loved? THAT ONE

Also contains stupidity and also overuse of italics

(implied one-sided Nico/Percy, discussed Percy/Annabeth, probable future Jason/Nico, ??? POV)

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