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Went on a massive “Earth is Space Australia” binge right before bed and when I woke up in had an idea for a short story about an alien’s first contact with BDSM.

Alien: “Excuse me, HumanSarah, I have further questions about your attire.”
Sarah: *deep sigh, forced smile* “What do you need Griblax?”
Griblax: “I notice that unlike other human females you wear a neck ornamentation that appears to be restrictive in nature. Was this ornamentation not properly sized?”
Sarah: “Eh, uh, oh hell, best to just be straight with you about this. It’s not a necklace, it’s a collar. It’s a mark that shows that I am owned by another human. In this case my husband.”
Griblax’s facial features contort in what would be the equivalent for a human of cocking an eyebrow.
Griblax: “HumanSarah this is most troubling. I was lead to believe that slavery had been outlawed on your planet for some time. Do you require rescue from your captor?”
Sarah: “Get comfortable Griblax this’ll take a while to explain.”
The next several hours are spent explaining bdsm lifestyle concepts. This is, of course, a talk Sarah has had to give on a regular basis for most of her life to humans and aliens alike.
Griblax: “So if I understand you correctly, a small subset of humans gain sexual gratification out of manipulating power dynamics and either inflicting or receiving pain-”
Sarah: “or both, that’s the switch that I told you about”
Griblax: *shudders* “Yes the switch… and you say that few people engage in these behaviors though they have signifiers like your collar and certain symbols to denote practitioners of this… art form?”
Sarah: “That’s a narrow view, but yeah, you’ve more or less got it.”
Griblax is silent as it considers some things.
Griblax: “HumanSarah, I am aware that you said that relatively few humans engage in these behaviors but given what we have learned of your species it seems as though a ritual involving sex, pain and dominance would be enthusiastically adopted by the vast majority of your people. Why do not more humans partake in these behaviors?”
Sarah: “Honestly I don’t really know.”

I have a  small queery for you: what exactly did Lena use as explanation for calling Kara in the middle of a meeting with Rhea? Something along the lines of gotta call my one and only favourite person to make sure she’s okay before we make this deal that is so very important? Cause that’s not usually a thing that business people do for their friends, is what I’m saying    

Once upon I time I was on a POT date, and ended up comparing myself to a high end gym

It makes sense, hear me out

I was on a date with this god awful POT who was dead set on low balling me and claimed he didn’t see the “reason” behind a monthly allowance and would much rather pay per date, and here’s where it got interesting;

“Would you happen to have a gym membership?”

“Yes, I do”

“And is the gym you go to a nice gym?”

“Of course”

“Okay then, think of it like this. I am your gym, you come in and partake in your gym activities, use all the amenities provided to you by said gym. The hot tub, sauna, weight room, eliptical, treadmill, showers, locker: you use all of that. Why are you able to do that? Because you are a member and you pay a certain amount every month to do so; does your membership rate change if you go 4 times a month VS you going once a month? No it doesn’t, why you ask? Because regardless of whether or not you’re there, the gym needs to keep running, the electricity, water, and rental space all need to be paid for in order for that gym to run properly. Now, you say your gym is pretty nice? Which means you are willing to pay more for it because it’s nicer, the same rule applies to me. The more money that comes in, the nicer the gym is; better machines, it’s clean, and you end up getting more perks, why? Because since you pay extra you get extra. Don’t wanna pay that hearty membership fee? No worries! You can go to a cheaper gym! Will you get the same service? Will it look as nice? Absolutely not. Now say you don’t feel like working out in the same place as other people, and much rather have the place to yourself? That’s cool too! Now you’ve just built your own home gym AND hired a personal trainer who is there for you and you only! And you know what? That’s even more expensive, why? Because now you have exclusivity, and that gym is for you and you only. Does it make sense now? If you want a gorgeous, poised, clean cut, elegant sugar baby; you will have to pay a larger amount than if you just want your average Susie Q, and don’t get me wrong; there’s probably nothing wrong with Susie, but is she anything special? Is she a luxury? Does she fit seamlessly into your high rise lifestyle? Absolutely not. Therefore you should not demand YSL product at Walmart prices, you cheap piece of shit" Needless to say it didn’t work out and he ended up going back home to his Susie Q wife


I’m rewatching the entire series over the summer - not only because my memory bank is in dire need of refreshing, but because what else are we supposed to do during hellatus? Meet up with friends, go to the park, enjoy the sunshine? *snorts with derision* (okay I’ll be doing that too) (I’m not staying in all summer watching SPN and writing meta) (*shiftiest eyes*) I wanted to do this as part of this awesomeness and will attempt to catch up. If I can’t: *shrug* What can I say? Real Life and all that. Yes, friends in the park with sunshine. (be honest) I work. A lot. Of the hours.

But to make it up to you, I’ve planned THIS

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No, I’m not going to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and come to your house and shower you with champagne. (or am I?)  No, don’t be silly - I can’t do that! Instead, I’m going to encourage you all to drink! By introducing the Spectacular and Penultimate and so very Necessary Drinking Game. (*SPNDG for short) For those who do not partake of the alcohol or for those of you who are underage there will be soda pops involved. (considering how much I curse I sincerely hope each and every one of you are of age)

You with me here? AWESOME! This will be us come end of summer:

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Though possibly not quite so fishy… Either way, we’ll be ready for S13, peeps!

So, I had this ambition to do this Snapshot Commentary thing for each episode, getting through one or two a day. This post has taken me four days, the hours I’ve had to invest interspersed unevenly at best, and @margarittet was nice enough to do the maths - my ambition would take me over two years to fulfil at this pace. Yah. And as I lack a Time-Turner (god I wish I had one WHY JK ROWLING??) I may just have to watch the series as planned and write meta on the episodes that stand out as deeper narrative beats, both plot and character wise. Fuck. I already know there are so many of them. But I’m excited to get started! Writing this meta has been so much fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know I’m probably repeating stuff someone else has already said, but do you know what, I haven’t gotten to say it, so I’m saying it for myself now. Keep a lookout for them drinking prompts, because that means fun times up ahead, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. (remember nesnej) (oh god we’re all gonna get sloshed) (or very, very high on sugar)

Here we go!

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la douleur exquise (4)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


I’ve always known that Baekhyun was a good guy, having spoken to him multiple times before. He struck me as the type that you could just tell everything to and I felt comfortable around him. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning when he asked me to join him for dinner, but Jay persuaded me to go instead, postponing our earlier plans for another night. Part of me was really happy for that. Spending time with Baekhyun made me forget everything that happened today and I felt very thankful for his presence.

I was very shocked earlier today when he told me that he was aware of the past that Sehun and I had, after all I was really hell-bent on keeping the whole thing quiet. He doesn’t know much of what happened, and he assured me that nobody else knows of this which made me feel a bit better. 

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wantedahandtohold-deactivated20  asked:

What are your views on alcohol consumption?


I am going to preface this answer by saying dont send me a bunch of asks with your arguments on the subject, because i am going to immediately delete them. Thank you.

Many things within our lifestyle, particularly when we speak on the rigid side of discipline and submission become somewhat subjective depending on our personal views… and simply a matter of opinions vs. absolutes.

its my personal opinion that ANYONE who partakes in this lifestyle shouldn’t drink, smoke, cuss or do drugs. 

Its an absolute that a 4 year old child shouldnt be doing those things… so why should a little? And yes, shes an adult who has her little space for many reasons.. however, its my job as a daddy to improve her life and teach her as she goes along and who knows when something may happen to trigger that headspace. I am pretty sure a 4 year old would be in no position to be inebriated. 

its my opinion that curse words cheapen the english language. As a child I invested myself in reading the dictionary. In middle school I once wrote a love letter to a girl and misspelled the word beautiful. She then promptly got up in front of the class, read the letter out loud and pointed out mistake. I then made it a mission to never be ridiculed for my spelling or grammar again, and as such, I then went on to become a regional spelling bee champion for 3 years running. Words became of great value to me… and I cherish them along with my extended lexicon and use of them.

Its my opinion that littles and daddys shouldnt drink… its an absolute that as soon as an intoxicant hits your bloodstream, it begins altering your control. The more you consume, the more control is taken from you.. and this is especially bad for daddies. being intoxicated removes inhibition… it makes you act in a way in which you normally would not. it also makes for unsafe situations, especially in LDR when the daddy cannot be there for his little when she is wrecked. 

its also absolutely dangerous, harmful and irresponsible to engage in any kind of play while inebriated in any way. Limits can be broken.. safe words can be ignored.. and a lot of damage can be done.

….either party becomes useless to the other.

Just imagine if your little has a panic attack and the world is falling down around her… and you are too drunk to be able to even coherently comfort her. Sure you can schedule those times, but feelings and anxiety and mental roadblocks have no prejudice.. and they certainly dont give a rip about your schedule or intentions. 

I am the type of daddy who might call on his little at any given time of the day to fulfill a task, adhere to a command, be useful in some way.. or even be in need of comfort when my mental roadblocks bring out the monsters.

How would she be there for me if shes not even able to be there for herself?

Baby, New York City: Chapter Five (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: HELLO WORLD. I HAVE RETURNED. I’m so sorry this took me over a month to get to y'all!! Life got super hectic and I felt so absolutely overwhelmed and unmotivated but I’m here and here is the next chapter! Thank you so much to everyone that’s been keeping this little story in their thoughts. Y'all pushed me to keep going! I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter Five: Workplace Distractions and Stage Time Together

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41 Prinxiety

41) “You’re going out dressed like that?”

I decided to do a thing and make it all dialogue bc I like that style.

“Uh… Roman?”


“You’re going out dressed like that?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

“I mean, I don’t see a problem, but others might.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s a dress, Princey.”

“Your point, Hot Topic?”

“People will stare and think you’re weird.”

“That doesn’t bother me.”


“And what?”

“…You look really cute and how am I supposed to do anything when you look so pretty?”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“I know. Now, you gonna kiss me or not, Sir-Sing-a-Lot?”


“Fine. O grand dramatic one, do me the honor of a kiss before we partake on our journey.”

“Real funny.”

“Look, kiss me or don’t, it’s time to leave.”

“Alright, come here, kitten.”

Kanon: I’m Nakajima Kanon. I was told I would also be in the 7th division.
Kazuichi: Are you the new manager?
Kanon: Yes.
Kazuichi: Oh nice! What’s with you two?
Hiroko: I’m Hagakure Hiroko, the new nurse. 4th division, if that’s important.
Komaru: Naegi Komaru, 14th division.
Kazuichi: … Hagakure and Naegi? … Just like two of the Remnants?
Hiroko & Komaru: Yes.
Kanon: Don’t worry. We do not partake in any kind of “despair activity” or whatever you want to call it. We just happen to be related to three of the Remnants.
Kazuichi: You too?
Kanon: I am Kuwata’s cousin and former manager.
Kazuichi: Damn. Well, I guess you’re here to change your relatives back to normal. That’s what the Neo World Program is goin’ to be for.
Kanon: Could you explain the Neo World Program a little further?
Kazuichi: Well, I’m just workin’ on the pods. But from what I’ve heard, they plan to create a program that kinda erases the Remnant’s memories from all this despair-stuff and replaces it with hope.
Kanon: E-erase their memories?
Kazuichi: Yeah. Is there a problem with that or why are you so startled?
Kanon: I - uhm-
Hiroko: It’s just so surreal to her, that’s all.
Kazuichi: Oh, okay then. Well, welcome to the Future Foundation!

thirsty4bioware  asked:

0, 3, 17 and 43 for nosy asks ;D

I am every bit of 5′4″ –no skimping on the centimeters! ;)

3:Do you smoke?
No to cigarettes or drugs (job and all). Every now and then I’ll partake in shisha during D&D nights.

17:Someone you miss
Pretty much all of my family since we’re all spread apart.

43:Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
Other than Cullen Rutherford (and my babe Cassandra)?? 
Dudes? Definitely Henry Cavill. H O L Y S H I T is he the pinnacle of male perfection. And Hiddles, of course.
Ladies? Katheryn Winnick. I don’t do dommes, but Lagertha??…*SWOON*

(Open your ask so I can send some too, @thirsty4bioware!)

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weed is very much illegal in most states too so i dont think its about "western law." a lot of fans ha already agreed that he deserves what ever punishment is set for but we will always be here for him and wait for him.

yes but lots of the people i interact with on a daily basis don’t understand because i am based in california where it isn’t. it’s hard for me to explain to them it’s illegal and how much trouble somebody can get in for even the simple act of partaking in it a few times. 18 months is so extreme, but i also think he’s going to be made into an example….i’ll always be here waiting, but DAMN.

What You Know Now

Written for the Critical Role Reverse Bang 2016. Thank you @critrolebang for putting this all together!

Author: subtlyeuphoric
Artist: The amazing triaelf9. (Make sure to go to her page to see her other Critical Role art, it’s all beautiful.)
Characters: All of Vox Machina.
Pairings: Perc’ahlia, Vaxleth
Warnings: Spoilers up to episode 69, minor spoilers for 71 implied.
Summary: After a mishap in the woods, Scanlan is unable to cast his Magnificent Mansion. Vex uses the opportunity to have a few quiet moments alone to think. This fic takes place before Episode 71. 
Word Count: 3823

Title comes from: ‘It’s time to forgive yourself for not knowing then what you know now.’

It took only an hour into the forest for Vox Machina to fall into a trap. The small clearing was indistinguishable from the others they’d already crossed until Pike stepped into it. Her armor, usually impossibly loud, disappeared under the grass in a disquieting silence. Grog wasted no time and leapt after her, disappearing beneath the surface. The land rippled in a strange viscous fashion before wet sand splashed upward, displaced by Grog’s dive. Keyleth conjured a vine by her feet and swung it in an attempt to catch them. The treacherous ground, however, shifted in a ripple right by her feet and she, too, slipped into the quagmire.

“Vax!” Keyleth gasped as she was pulled underneath. Her hand flung itself instinctively upward, knowing that he was right behind her. Percy peddled backward from the quicksand trap, his hand delving into his bag as he went. Pulling out a rope, he tossed one end to Vax.

“Go!” The gunslinger didn’t even look to see if Vax caught it, instead already moving toward a nearby tree. The Deathwalker’s Ward burst into a flurry of dark feathers as Vax flung himself toward Keyleth’s outstretched hand. Despite the short amount of time, only her fingertips were visible. Desperately, he clutched onto them in a tight grasp and pulled upward. Percy dug in his heels, the rope braced against the tree, and took a slow step back to try and leverage the group out of the trap. Due to their joint efforts, first Keyleth, then Grog’s forehead appeared.

Seconds later, with a loud snap, the rope broke under the strain. Percy was flung backward against one of the trees, hitting it with a cracking thud. Vax tried to pull the trio out of the muck by himself, but they were too heavy and he slowly started to droop. As soon as the tips of his wings touched the magically enchanted terrain, his slow descent became an impossibly accelerated sink.

Vex and Scanlan, as the designated eyes in the sky, were slightly ahead on the broom. The shouting and flurry of movement behind them caused Vex to look about moments before her brother was buried in quicksand.

“Vex’a–!” Vax’s worried shout was quickly eaten up by the soupy sand as it filled his mouth.

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The Gala: Part 1

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU
Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU fics and drabbles masterpost.

Takes place a few weeks after The Date: Part 2. Companion drabble for this.

There’s only one reason Hiccup is mildly tolerating the gala event, and even he is not prepared when she walks in the door.

“It’s a spectacular night.”

Hiccup looked up from his drink to see his father approach. The man looked formidable on a regular day—let alone dressed in black tie. “I try,” he said, with a lopsided, sardonic grin. “But most of the credit should go to Mrs. Haydes.”

“She does know how to work some magic,” his father agreed. “But still, I’m glad you showed up. I know how much you hate these kind of events.”

“Well, I do run the sanctuary technically,” Hiccup said. “I had to make an appearance.”

“Your mother was never crazy about these events either. I think the longest she stayed one year was twenty-six minutes.”

“Sounds like her,” Hiccup chuckled. “But I’m afraid there are too many people who want to speak to me—and besides, I have to give a speech.”

Not to mention he had other motivation. Astrid was coming tonight.

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Overwatch: Not Getting Any Younger (Grandmama Amari)

My really quick welcoming story to Ana Amari. Like I wrote this under an hour, I think it’s terrible and my computer is being super dumb and I just really needed to get it out of my system so bare with me please

“So, Dr. Ziegler hm?”

“I wanted to tell you in person, I owe you that much but before you get upset-”

Ana laughed,”Upset? That my daughter landed a beautiful Doctor?” she reached out and pat Fareeha on the shoulder with a cheeky grin on her face that set the soldier’s face on fire,”Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you were looking at her when you used to visit headquarters. You always were such a shy girl”

“Mother please…” 

“Hey Lena? Who is that?” 

Instead of answering, Lena grabbed Hana and Lucio by the back of their shirts and yanked them from their not so subtle hiding place, peaking around the corner with big eyes and jaws open. 

“Ow ow ow”

“Hey what gives!?”

“Shhh! Do you two really have no idea who that is?”

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Piercing More Than The Heart (ThranduilxReader) by Miss Alpaca

Title: Piercing More Than The Heart 
Characters: Thranduil/Reader (You) 
Author’s Note:
This short fanfiction is based upon the following confession, which was number 2465- “I want to hold Thranduil’s hand as he gets his nipples pierced.” This is just a fun prompt based upon the following confession. 

Thranduil lay on the leaf patterned triclinium. He was wearing a light grey tunic, unbuttoned revealing his heaving magnificent chest. His cedar breeches tightened perfectly around his opulent toned thighs. You sat on a small stool brushing the king’s platinum blonde locks. His locks waterfalled over the side of the triclinium and rippled down to the marble floor. 

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A rumor floats around that somebody's finally offed Ryuishi and certain parties get rather upset. She pops up later all smirky and "rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated." With... Kisame maybe? Or someone else. (I really like your writing btw. I think you're the BEES KNEES.)

This thought consumed me for sheer shenanigan potential. I loved it, and it was super fun.

Warning: Ridiculous amounts of crack. Definitely AU

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Enslaved by a King- [Drink with Me]- Thranduil Fanfiction

Her mouth around his fingers should not have thrilled him like it did, sent butterflies dancing in his chest like it did.

“Touch me,” she breathed, her tongue soft and slick against his fingers. Her eyes were pools of wanton lust.

“…You dare command a king? Must I remind you who is your master?“

Thranduil’s throat was harsh and dry. Her mouth was hot and wet. Her dress fell from her like petals, pooling around her ankles. The flush of wine clung to her skin, running delicate bumps down her graceful limbs. His heart slammed against his ribs beneath the warm pressure of her palms. His entire body hummed as she slid her fingers gently to his shoulders, clasping behind his neck. He choked on his breath as she drew him in, her supple flesh pressed against him like they were cast of the same mold. The ticklish heat of her tongue slowly lapping against edge of his ear, from lobe to sensitive point. He bit his lip so hard he bruised.

"You are, my lord. My king. My master.”

He ravished her wine-stained mouth with fury. Fury for being so easily undone. Fury for the long-repressed emotions she so carelessly evoked in him. What dark fires burned in this strange, beautiful girl, and what was it about her that so readily ignited his long forgotten desires? He knew nothing of her, this slave of Smaug. Yet every fiber of his being ached to possess her with the longing of an eternity. This was no tingle of starlight, no sweeping gust of sweet, unadulterated joy. This was hunger. Excruciating hunger that muddled his mind and banished all sense of reason. It swelled with her every trembling breath, ached with every pinprick on her sunkissed skin.

She kissed him back with a ferocity of her own, nipping and sucking and against his swollen lip, fanning his desire into a frenzy. She tore at the jeweled clasp pinned to his silk collar with clumsy fingers, twisting at his tunic. There was a ear-splitting rip, the sound of pearl buttons clattering against the wooden floor. She paused, glanced down at the buttons and the tatters of his ruined shirt in her hand.

“Oops,” she slurred, and gave him a sheepish grin.

“You’re quite in trouble now,” he muttered, slipping off the remains of his clothes and grasping her to him.

She beamed at him and planted a light kiss on his nose. Then she slid herself against his bare flesh, the slow friction of her smooth skin making his knees all kinds of weak. She left sweet kisses along his neck, down his heaving chest, following the sensitive trail his navel and down the edge of his trousers. She undid his belt until he was freed. She poked him with a tenuous finger, seeing him up close for the first time.

“It’s so… different,” She murmured, running her fingers against the velveteen tip, the rigid curve of his hefty ardor.

He gave her a dark smile. “Yes. But I will remind you just how compatible we are.”

She gave him a mischievous grin and lowered her head, her mouth sliding down over-

He grabbed her hair.

“I intend to kiss that mouth of yours,” he admonished, pulling her back towards him. “Come here, and I will teach you elvish with my tongue.”

“But my lord….” She resisted, pouting.

Humans. He shook his head firmly. “It is deviant. Elves do not partake in such barbarism.”

“… But I’m not an elf, am I?” Her eyes glittered rebelliously.

She pulled him to the floor with surprising strength and straddled his stomach, the curve of her back and her perfect buttocks obscuring his view.

“Come now,“ he sighed. "Elves have made pleasure an art. There are more than a thousand ways-”

He jerked as he felt the hot flick of her tongue across his tip. Then all the air escaped his lungs in a shrill gasp as he felt her lips close tightly over him, her tongue swirling around him as her fingers slid down the length of him. His hands shot out and grabbed her waist.

“Ha-Aaghhnnnnnnnnnng…” He grimaced, trying to pull her from him. But her grip was like a vise, and he could feel himself slip away beneath every stroke of her tongue, every breath both searing and icy around him. Sensations like no other shot through him, twisting and writhing in white hot pleasure that gathered and intensified with every succulent plunge into her tight little mouth.

“Mmmmmmm…” She hummed against him. His grasp around her tightened. He was at a loss, his protests falling from his lips in gasps of guilty pleasure. She got onto her knees, arching her back and raising her sex to him like a cat in heat. She was so beautiful in her desire, a flower drenched in nectar… Hazily, he grazed her glistening pearl with his knuckle. She flinched and mewed deliciously.

“…Lick me,” she moaned softly against him.

He froze. “…What?!”

Absolutely not. Unthinkable.

It was bad enough that he had relented to her. He refused to be drawn to such unsavory savagery. He could feel her desire in the urgency of her mouth. How her thighs trembled with need. How ready she was for him, when he had barely touched her. He ground his teeth.


"Please,” she whimpered.

He groaned as his resolve instantly dissolved. How was he to resist when she was practically begging him? It was so hard to think with the rasp of her hot, feverish tongue.

One light kiss on her pretty little pearl. As light as the dance of a dragonfly. Then he would drag her from him and they would do things his way. The natural, elven way…

He lost his train of thought in the sudden wild abandon of her wicked, wicked mouth. Blinding desire took hold, and his mouth closed over her pearl. His fingers dug into her thighs as he returned lick after lick, lashing out in desperate retribution. She bucked against him, squirming away yet at all once pressing eagerly to him. He held her firm, quickening his lash. If this was what his little barbarian demanded, it would be exactly what she received.

Her cries reverberated around him, simmering through him and leaving him breathless. He sank his tongue into her, delighting in her writhing as he explored the depths of her secrets. He could feel her close, feel her tense beneath his lips. Then she peaked, pleasure overtaking her in great, shuddering waves. Her desire burned sweet and tart against his tongue, and he found himself wanting more. Demanding more. He parted her further, tongue plunging and filling her drenched desire, his thumb grinding against her slick, swollen pearl. A low laugh escaped his lips. Such wondrous, delicious depravity. An endless ouroboros that was their wicked pleasure. Deviance be damned. He could go on forever.

“…More,” she breathed, pulling herself from him and turning around to face him. He had never seen a more determined look on her face.

He sat up, leaning against the cool barrels. “So now you want it my way,” he grumbled, slightly disappointed. 

“No, my way,” she murmured, pulling him into a kiss.

Her lips were soft, her tongue tasting of his own undeniable lust. He groaned and grabbed her waist and was about to pin her down against the wooden floorboards when she took him, swallowed him in the tight, ferocious wonder of her desire. He lost his breath, his mind emptied of everything but the fiery clench around him and the overwhelming sense of final completion. They were more than compatible. They were made for each other. She began to move, her passion building to the rhythm that was hers and hers alone, riding him like he were not her master but her stallion.

Who was she to use him so? Confusion and blossoming indignation was overtaken by the red haze of her delicious fervor. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers gripping his hair. He felt his own will engulfed by hers, her determination to take from him and make him hers.

No one had demanded from him everything that he was as she did now. No one had wanted him so much that they forgot he was king. This was what it means to be so utterly desired, to truly belong to someone. He watched her with eyes of shock and and creeping emotion, warmth spreading from the tips of his fingers to the very edges of his toes. As she climbed the heights towards her looming ecstasy, he felt the crisp snapping of his crown between her clenched fingers. He realized he didn’t care. He would yield to her, fulfill her every wish, her every desire if it meant he would be so possessed by one who truly reciprocated his emotions.

He had never felt like this before. Not without starlight coursing through his veins.

His heart wrenched. He was at a loss. His passions had run too deep, had burned too hot. How had he surrendered his heart and flesh without knowing? He had to regain control. Had to maintain his singularity from the one whose body fit so perfectly with his, whose pleasure rippled with his own. He had gone too far.

He could feel her climax clench about him in blinding flashes of black and red, her flame consuming everything but the searing glow in his soul. He held back, his own climax twisting within him, choked and buried at its source. He would not love her. Would not lose himself to her. Not until her heart belonged to him.

Thranduil’s fate had been to sacrifice his life for his son. His journey was set to end the moment the ring’s dark power shot through his flesh, shattering his ribs and crushing his heart. It was so easy to surrender to fate, let the current of death sweep him to the Hall of Mandos. But he refused. He raged against death and dragged himself back to consciousness, knowing the girl would be executed if he did not wake in time to intervene. He stumbled to the dungeons and sent the girl back to the dragon, safe from the wrath of his son and the rest of the Mirkwood elves. It was the only way he could protect her, for he was not certain whether he would survive for much longer.

The healers had tearfully begged him not to leave his bed. His life dangled by a thread, and his heart could seize and stop forever. His son ordered the gates barred shut and heavily guarded, but he made his way to Dol GulDor regardless in search for the truth. His heart was already dead; Anon had it torn out once before. And now she had done much worse.

He returned alive, but he wished he had not.

He ached. Oh how he ached. It was as if someone had carved a dagger through his chest, down his sternum, and twisted it through his bowels. He leaned against the barrels, staring at the swirl of ruby wine in his glass. Bittersweetness drenched his lips, scorching down his throat like desire. It tasted of her kiss. Intoxicating and inviting, soaking him with feverish shivers of heartache and delight. Whose kiss was it he so desired, that he was ready to break the barrels open and drown himself in sweetness? Who was it that wrenched at his heart so, filling him with such longing and despair that he wished he had died?

The passion in which she possessed him, the tears she wept when she could not return his love. He knew them to be real. Anon had lied about her desire. But there was truth in Anon’s vile words. Would he have taken the girl to his bed, made love to her under the glow of a million stars, if Anon had not lurked behind her gaze? Who was it that owned his heart, if he could not bring himself to kill the evil that had twice destroyed his Realm and threatened to kill his son?

Night after night he would dream of the girl, her eyes full of light and a will and voice of her own, untainted by darkness. She would whisper her love to him, and he would unravel for her, his soul laid bare in blissful fulfillment. And when the dream began to fade, he would cling to her, burying himself in her embrace, begging her to be there in his arms when he woke.

Morning would come, and he would wake hollow and alone.

His heart pined for the human who could never love him back, for the embodiment of true love he would forever be denied. If Anon was banished from the girl’s mind, would his love for the girl fade as if it never existed?

A deep, earth-rattling bellow shattered his thoughts. His barrels shifted in the shelves, his wine splashed from his glass and dripped down his hand like blood. The wail of war horns filled the air as something colossal shook the ground and smashed through the trees towards his halls. He raced from the cellar to the main hall and saw the curl of black and red smoke wafting from under heavy stone doors.


[posted 5.16.14]

DAY 2140

Jalsa, Mumbai              Feb 23/24,  2014             Sun/ Mon  1 : 21 am

One lives in the charm and the guile and the effervescence of cinema. One lives it to the involved sense. One works in the profession but still one moves and identifies with all that goes to make them what they are ..

They have immense capacity. Capacity to engage you beyond your comprehension. Beyond, at times when you would least expect it to. Times when you wish you were there immediately with the others, in their circumstance, in their creative field. Fields constructed with great thinking and guile. Creatives that draw you within, give you an identity that perhaps you never knew existed. Fascinating … !! Simply fascinating !!

And that has been what the entire day has enticed me with. Cinema and cinema and more cinema ! One after the other. Visuals and performances and music and stories and just the processes that the maker takes one through. How do they ever do it. How do they conceive what they have in mind and paper onto film and onto the silver screen. And know with certain certainty that this is what is going to work finally. The interpretation of the makers mind, transported to a million hearts and heads .. at time many many more ..

I look at all of them and try comparisons, with my own, and find myself short of such large degrees of value. Where do they and how do they get to where they take us. How are they able to judge years before, months before, days before the impact, the truth of their thought now on celluloid. How does their patience hold out for such a long time .. mine would get up and move .. and not necessarily in the right direction ..

There is an amazement in watching technology and performance outshine all that we did. There is such a joy in watching the fresh talent, the young beginners, the next generation. It is such an awesome experience to watch them, faultless and with no inhibitions, move from frame to frame with the ease of a soft feather, flying in that short gust of wind that drew up without an alarm.

It compels me to stop all that I do … reach out to them … sit in conversation and discussion, and know what it is that makes them what they are today …

I am in admiration and in great awe .. also in great happiness and fulfilment. They gave me that, and that I respect and honour. I learn I study and I seek from them what they display .. it is a true lesson !

And then the inspiration to get in their space as it were to be in that environment, to partake, to be involved, to be challenged and yes to be seen in the eyes of the other to assuage what and where there was wrong and where the need for betterment ..

You wish to get up and scream and shout appreciation. Scream for the sake of a treasured moment in the creative. Shed tears along with those that have compelled us to shed them in their company.

There is but one important ingredient that you insist upon ..

Let there be just me … nothing and no one else ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan