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May I please request a Voltron Family Au scenario where teenage Hunk goes to a party (on a dare by Lance and a a little bit of Pidge) and sneaks back in the house with a hickey and Keith just has a full blown freak out the his baby has a hickey?

[The Voltron Family] Hunk, Lance and Pidge were in the library doing homework at home and Lance was talking about some dude’s party coming up when the topic diverted to Hunk.

Lance: *nudges Hunk* How come you never go to parties?
Hunk: *grimace* Pidge never goes to parties either*
Pidge: *looks up and fixes her glasses* For your information, dear brother, I do go to parties. Intellectual parties more like where we discuss theories and whatnots. But parties nonetheless. 
Lance: *looks pointedly at Hunk* See?
Hunk: *sighs* But they last till morning and all people do is drink and dance. No, thanks. I’d rather read and work on something productive.
Lance: Hmmmm, you’re just no fun, buddy.
Hunk: Yes, I am, Lance. *offended* We have fun together!
Pidge: Yeah, well, that’s a given. We’re family—
Lance: Who happen to have fun Dads—
Hunk: Who seem to have endless ideas for family time. I heard we’re going to The Bahamas next.
Lance: *gapes at Hunk* ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Hunk: I heard Daddy Keith talk about it with Daddy Shiro. Not sure if it will push through, but they’re in the talks. *wiggles eyebrows*
Lance: *squints* I see what you’re trying to do, buddy! You’re trying to distract me from the real subject at hand! Which is you! Going! On! A! Party!
Hunk: *sighs* Parties aren’t my thing. That’s your thing, Lance.
Lance: You’re just a wimp. You need to stop hanging out with Daddy Keith. You’re starting to sound like him.
Pidge: *snorts*
Hunk: *glares at Pidge then back at Lance* I’m not a wimp. 
Lance: Yeah? Well I dare you to attend the party this weekend. Stay for an hour. See if you like it. Then you can text me if you don’t so I can pick you up.
Hunk: *grumbles* FINE.

And that was how Hunk ended up at a party because if there was one thing Hunk was, it wasn’t a wimp. After a few hours, he didn’t know it was already very late so he snuck out of the party and snuck himself back home. He slowly opened the door at 2AM and was glad the whole house was already asleep. He tiptoed silently as he closed the door then he turned around only to be shocked when suddenly lights turned on and there was a looming figure standing in front of him.

Hunk: *screams so loud* Oh my god! You can take my money! *shuts his eyes* Just don’t hurt me! *cowers in fear* 
Hunk: *opens his eyes* D-Daddy Keith?
Keith: *shifted in place to look intimidating with his arms crossed*
Hunk: Um…
Keith: I’ve been calling your phone for the past 6 hours and you weren’t answering. I almost called the police to report a missing child. Let me repeat. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Hunk: Um… *scratches his cheek* My phone died…
Keith: *eyes widens* *approached Hunk and holds his jaw* *gasps* IS THAT? IS THAT A HICKEY?!!
*sweats nervously* Um…
Keith: *glares at Hunk* You let a person SUCK YOUR SKIN? *fumes*
Hunk: Uh…
Keith: Hunk Garrett-Shirogane, ANSWER ME. 
Shiro: *comes down the stairs* What’s going on?
Keith: *turns to Shiro* Your son here HAS A HICKEY.
Shiro: *stops abruptly* *surprised* A what? A hickey?!
Hunk: It’s not that big of a deal. *hides his hickey* *feels guilty*
Keith: Not that big of a deal? *scoffs* NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL?
Shiro: Hunk, it IS a big deal. You’re only 17 and—
Hunk: But I bet Lance had some—
Keith: No he doesn’t. I make sure that boy is clean and sanitized before he enters this house. He never comes home with a hickey. I would know because his pick-up lines never worked.

They let Hunk go to his room to rest and they’d talk about it in the morning when they’re all awake and well-rested. Keith just lied awake looking at the ceiling with Shiro beside him, pretty much asleep already.

Keith: I can’t believe it. My baby boy…
Shiro: *pulls Keith in* Hmmm, go to sleep, babe.
Keith: I can’t! *looks at Shiro* Shiro, my son has a hickey! Someone did that to him! Probably someone whom he didn’t even know! *realization dawns* Oh my god. Hunk let a stranger touch him. *covers his face and sobs* My pure boy is now tainted. Where did I go wrong, Takashi?
Shiro: Hey, it could’ve been a mosquito bite.
Shiro: Hey, just sleep it out, yeah? C’mon. It’s almost 3AM. *gives Keith a peck on the lips* Let’s just close our eyes and—
Keith: *sobs* Give me a second to just sob it all out first.

And that was how Hunk was never allowed to go to any parties anymore and that following morning when Lance found out, he said “Oh my god! You lil minx! I didn’t think you’d get THAT far!” 

Especially With You

||| Thanks @what-is-human for the idea! |||

VIXX x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1,453

Originally posted by nxnight


“What, are you scared or something?” Taekwoon asked.

“Pff yeah, like I would get scared.” you lied.

“Then it’s settled.” Wonsik added coming in with a big box.

“What’s that?” you asked. “But never mind that, isn’t it like dangerous you know to go camping in this season?” you continued.

“Are you trying to make excuses not to go with us again?” Jaehwan questioned you.

“No of course not, why would I do that.”

“I don’t know why but she’s obviously scared.” Taekwoon stated.

“Wonsik why are you taking everything out of my fridge?” you asked him ignoring Taekwoon.

“Are you planning on not eating anything while we are there?”

“But why are you taking my food? How long do you even plan this camping trip to last? Do you really need that many?”

“Well we figured since you’re going we might as well take yours.”

“That doesn’t explain anything and when did I tell you that I’m going?” you were starting to get annoyed. This happened every time all of them got together. They decide on some stupid idea then come barging into your house dragging you along with them.

“I don’t think you have that many choices because we already got the van and took your food, so…” Jaehwan added.

“Ugh fine, let me get ready.”

“You have 5 minutes.” Taekwoon told you.

“5 minutes you have got to be joking.”

“Just hurry up the clock is already ticking.”

Trying to hold in your frustration you practically slammed open the door to your room. You thought about taking some warm clothes and when you were getting changed Hongbin came into the room without notice.

“Y/N do you have any pots we could borrow?”completely ignoring the fact that you’re half naked.

“What the fuck Hongbin, do you even know what knocking means?”

“Oh sorry but still do you-“

“Are doing this on purpose? Get the hell out of the room!”

“What, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.”

“What!?” you could feel your cheeks starting to burn.

“Oh! I made you blush! How cute!” he started laughing. You took your pillow and threw it at him.

“Get out! And find those pots by yourself!”

“Woah! You’re scary when you’re angry! Fine I’m leaving.” he said exiting to the hall and closing the door.

A few minutes later you were ready to go. You went to the living room and saw that now Jaehwan was the only one there.

“Everybody went to get the van.” he told you standing up and taking your backpack from you. “What happened there?”


“Is Hongbin giving you trouble again?”

“No, he’s just being and idiot.” you stated. “Let’s go.”

Jaehwan just gave you a quick look and followed you through the door. They weren’t lying when they told you they got a van.

“It’s huge!”

“That’s what she said.” Sanghyuk added.

“Hello to you to.” you said punching him in the arm. He got into the far back of the van, you, Hakyeon and Taekwoon sat in the middle, while Wonsik, Hongbin and Jaehwan sat in the front, Jaehwan being the one driving. He started the engine and you were beginning to reconsider your idea of actually going.

“You know what, I remembered that I have something to do, so you guys have fun.” you smiled opening the door when suddenly Hakyeon pulled you back into your seat and closed and also locked them.

“I think it’s a little bit late for that. We should get going before she tries anything else.” he told Jaehwan who finally drove out of your apartment’s parking lot.

“You know, I think it would be even better if you sat in the middle.” Hakyeon stated, standing up as much as the car’s roof let him. He got into the space between your legs and the front rows seats, hovering above you, his face too close to yours. You looked at him from the bottom up when your eyes met his and you started blushing.

“What?” he asked. “What did you just think?”

“Nothing.” you said, quickly getting into his seat.

“Hey now, don’t be like that. Tell me.” he begged. “Hey! where you blushing just now?” he asked, pinching your cheek.

“No, I’m not.”

“She’s blushing a lot today for some reason.” Hongbin laughed from the front seat.

“Shut up you! Ahh I’m going to sleep.” you said taking out your travelling pillow and positioning it on Taekwoon’s shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re the most comfortable to sleep on.” you spoke putting your head on the pillow. Taekwoon just looked at you.

“Okay, whatever.” he said.

“Hey why do I have to sit in the back alone?” Sanghyuk asked.

“Because you’re the youngest.” Hakyeon stated.

“No I’m not. Y/N is younger than me by a whole month.”

“It’s somehow scary sitting in the back alone.” you mumbled.

“What did you say?” Sanghyuk asked getting closer to you.

“I said it’s scary sitting in the back alone!”

Sanghyuk stared at you for a while in surprise and then started laughing loudly.

“Haha, what a crybaby!!”

“Ugh. I ought to better not talk with any of you.” you said making yourself comfortable on Taekwoon’s shoulder and closing your eyes. You don’t remember when you fell asleep but you woke up in the car alone, a blanket on you. You looked around and saw that the boys were building the tents outside. You stepped out of the car and went to help them.

“Look who decided to show up.” Wonsik told everyone.

“Why are there only three tents?”

“So you could sleep with me.” he smirked.

“No way am I sleeping with you.”

“This one over here has enough room for three, while the other two have enough for two, so either way, you’re gonna have to sleep with somebody.” Jaehwan said.

“I say we do rock-paper-scissors and whoever wins gets to sleep with Y/N.” Sanghyuk suggested.

“Why do you get to decide for me?” you were about to ask but they already started playing. Hongbin won.

“I guess I can keep you all to myself tonight” he joked to which you just rolled your eyes.

You decided to start the fire instead and before dark you were all ready. You ate your dinner and were now roasting marshmallows over the fire.

“You know, I heard a bunch of people disappeared in these areas.” Hongbin started.

“Are you serious?” you gulped.

“Of course, the last one disappeared just yesterday.”

“Stop joking like that, it’s not funny.”

“I never said I was joking.” he looked at you with a serious face.

“Hongbin, stop. She’s scared of camping as it is.” Jaehwan said.

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah right.” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Why don’t we talk about something else instead.” you tried to change the subject.

“Okay then. How about we play truth or dare?” Hakyeon suggested. “I start. Y/N what did you think about back then in the car?”

Everyone looked at you.

“Okay I’m going to sleep.” you told everyone standing up.

“Hey, stop avoiding the question!”

“Are you going to sleep without me?” Hongbin interrupted, trying to make an offended expression.

“Yes I am.” you stated and went to tent, everyone following you with their eyes.

“What’s up with her?” Taekwoon inquired.

But before anyone could answer his question you came back.

“Back already?” Wonsik asked.

“Well you know I thought since we are all here maybe I will stay for a bit longer.”

“You’re scared, aren’t you!?” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Oh come here you! You look so cute when you’re shy.” Jaehwan said pulling you to the bench and putting a blanket around your shoulders.

You talked with them about everything and nothing and before you knew it, it was already way past midnight.

“Maybe we should go to sleep.” Taekwoon suggested.

“I’m going to be here for a little while longer, the fire calms me down somehow.” you told them.

“I will meet you in the tent then.” Hongbin winked.

As they all went their separate ways you grabbed Hakyeon by his jacket sleeve.

“Could you maybe stay with me?” you begged. He looked at you with warm eyes.

“Of course.” he said, sitting next to you. You decided to share your blanket with him and now both of you were sitting silently by the fire.

“You know, I might come off as a bitch sometimes but I actually really like spending time, like this, with you guys.”

“I know.”

You put your head on his lap.

“I wish moments like these would last forever” you whispered.

Hakyeon looked down at you.

“Me too.” he said stroking your hair. “Especially with you.” he thought to himself.

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dumbti  asked:

I'm having trouble distinguishing whether my enneatype 8w9 or 9w8. Do you have any tips of what to look out for in telling these two types apart? I've been told by my family members that I'm pretty aggressive, but I always think that I'm being kind of like, gently assertive? My default is to be amiable until I'm challenged, but I don't have any problem with confronting threats if need be. My voice shakes sometimes when I'm arguing, and I don't enjoy open hostility. I thrive in competition.

What you are describing sounds more like 1w9 tbh (although I don’t want to exclude the possibilities of 8w9 or 9w8 from the short description alone).

Weirdly enough 1s are often perceived as more aggressive/intruding than 8w9s because people (-especially- family members that know you since you were a small child) are used to 1′s usually more timid nature and react irritated when the 1 suddenly speaks up. (While they are already used to the 8′s aggressiveness and don’t question it anymore). But with 1s they feel that they can push you back into your past self, back when you didn’t have the “audacity” to attack the elders. And they will tell you “you are too aggressive”, “you are too sensitive”, “why are you so offended about this?”.
And the 1 begins to question themself: “maybe I -am- too aggressive? maybe I should try a calmer approach?” Because ultimately they want their arguments to be heard and have a more rational mind than 8s.
8s on the other hand don’t really care about arguments or about convincing someone. They argue for the adrenaline rush and enjoy open hostility. They will be like “lmao, yes aunt Helen, I don’t care about your offended ass, I -am- aggressive and I will tear you apart tonight”.

Both 1s and 8s thrive in competition but 1s are way more civilized about it than 8s.

One way that always works when trying to tell types apart is to look for disintegration (only works when it’s your core type though):

during stress:

8 -> become reclusive / isolated / hermit-like and cynical like a unhealthy 5, go into research-mode, starting to look for strategies, read about things that usually don’t interest them because new knowledge gives them the illusion of being productive about their problems

9 -> become worried, fatalistic and paranoid like unhealthy 6s, visibly nervous, will ask for help but then don’t listen to it, feel controlled and pushed around, may blame other people for their problems, feel like their destiny lies in the hands of others’

1 -> will feel alienated, moody and misunderstood like a unhealthy 4, may wallow in self-pity, feel like they dug their own grave with their competency because now everyone else just dumped more workload upon them

days in bed | john shelby

reader and john spend the day in bed and talk about things

Originally posted by rxbytuesday

It wasn’t very often that John got a day off work. If he did then he spent most of the time asleep due to the lack of sleep. However, today was different. John had planned this day off for a while, wanting to spend the day with you. He had plans to take you out but after some discussion you had both decided on stay in instead.  

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me making friends
  • me: so do u like skam
  • them: omg yes i love it! though tbh i hate Isa-
  • me: i am incredibly offended and heavily traumatized by your idiotic, imbecile piece of mind. i can not and refuse to have a conversation with you after witnessing this unbelievable, painful betrayal and hearing those sinful words spill from your filthy mouth. You just literally and unmistakably insulted baby Isak's rightful mother, a.k.a me. die.

ave-the-shippent-satan  asked:

Ok, I'm seeing all this white "hate" now, and I'm not going to attack anyone, but as a white lady, I am slightly offended. Yes, whitewashing is wrong, obviously. But I do support equality for EVERYONE, Because truly, apperence doesn't MATTER. And, calling white people racist is a bit racist in itself, don't you think?

this is the whole controversy of black lives matter movement, u do realize right?

i’m not saying /white people/ aren’t important,, i’m saying POCs are being mistreated and shit so they should be the focus,, like y'all are misinterpreting what i’m saying,,,

and u can be racist to a race that’s never been oppressed before,,


I’m sorry but Autism is a fucking mental disability. I know tons of austism people and their families and i for one will tell you that saying it’s a fucking gender is offensive. If you dont like my view then unfollow me cause it’ll only mean us that actually have mental disablities will start making ours a fucking gender thing -.- And yes i do have mental disability and yes i am very offended by this new term

And FYI: I do support other gender types just not this one -.- I myself prefer male and female pronouns. I still dont get what I’m classified under either….

gotchi  asked:

Are u offended by someone saying cishet

Yes. Yes I am. 

I’m offended by people using the term cishet for alot of reasons. Firstly because you never know. You never know when someone is trans* And alot of people who’re trans* don’t want you to know. 

Yes, I get it, cisgendered people are happy with their gender, and don’t have to deal with the same things trans* persons do. But most cisgendered people just so happen to have other problems. And I get that some cisgendered people are fucking assholes, and I get that some heterosexual people are fucking assholes. 

But get this, when people use ‘cishet’ as an insult it makes me, a transgendered person, feel like shit. Because you’re making fun of people for what they identify as. the same thing trans* persons have to avoid, fight, and work through their entire life. It doesn’t matter who you’re doing this to, it’s fucking disgusting. 

It doesn’t matter if its ‘not the same’ or ‘not as offensive’ or ‘a joke’ it’s just as bad. cisphobia pisses me off so badly. 

Because sure there’s alot of cisgendered people who don’t understand and are fucking cock suckers, but let me tell you about how if it weren’t for the help of many people, 99% of which just so happening to be cisgendered, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be the fucking man I am today. You know where I would be? In my fucking grave. 

You don’t know a person just because they’re cisgendered and happy to be that way. you don’t fucking know a person if they’re transgendered and happy to be that way. why don’t we stop fucking sterotyping, and stop fucking hating AS MANY PEOPLE AS FUCKING POSSIBLE instead of pushing our hate toward a group of people who is the media’s vision of ‘normal’. 

“you’re just jealous!”

Yes, I am.

I mean, I’m not just jealous, there’s generally more to it than that, but yes, I am jealous.

I am absolutely jealous of racists, transphobes, and homophobes who have a high place in fandom.

Why should they have those places? Why not people of color? Why not trans people? Why not gay people?

People who say this nonsense have no idea what it’s like to be a minority. To know that, no matter what you do, you will never be famous. Your icons will always be people nobody else knows. You will never be popular, or well-liked, or anything good if you don’t constantly cater to the majority.

Meanwhile, the majority have the ability to do whatever they want. You see this over and over and over again as white people dismiss the concerns of people of color, as cis people dismiss the concerns of trans people, as straight people dismiss the concerns of gay people.

They don’t have to cater to minorities, because that’s not their fanbase.

Their fanbase is full of people who are cis or white or straight, and they don’t have to care about those issues. So what if their favorite artist did something some trans kid says is transphobic? Doesn’t affect or offend them!

So yes, I am jealous.

I am jealous of the power these fans hold. I am jealous of the fame these bigots– yes, bigots– receive. I am jealous of the ability they have to not care about others.

But I guess the hip new thing is to yell at minorities for acknowledging the hopelessness of the situation they are in and feeling sad about it, right? 

Minorities just aren’t allowed to be sad anymore? 

Fuck you.

footprintsinthesandsworld  asked:

I hope you are feeling better today or at least not as sad as yesterday. Okay this might be slightly silly but maybe it cheers you up. One of my favorite headcannon is this: Newt is a dreadful dancer ( he is just too lanky to coordinate properly) but he is desperate to take Tina dancing so Jacob teaches him, Queenie interrupts one of the lessons and promptly joins the Newt-Salamander-teaching-squat. Hugs and a big mug of tea from me. I hope I'm not annoying you *most charming smile*

I was feeling better because I had gone to see FBAWTFT again on a big screen and had the inspiration to write up some of the prompts I had been given - but apparently I can’t do that now. Someone told me not to write the prompt I was given featuring the Scamander family and Newt defending his family against anti-Semitism, but apparently that’s not a good idea so I can’t because it will offend someone.

(yes, I am salty and bitter - all I wanted to do was write my fic but instead people are having a go at me for defending my friend’s writing)

So my mood is bad again, even though you’ve sent me this lovely message. Thank you for the nice message and the funny headcanon, but my mood is low and nothing is changing that.

hellatris this is for you :)

Tristan imagine, you bake together; 

“Y/N, I’m bored,” your boyfriend whines from the couch where he’s currently lying down. “So what do you want to do?” You inquire, looking up from the game you’re playing on your phone. “Hm, let’s make cupcakes!” He smiles brightly. You smirk and stand up. “Alright,” you agree as you make your way to Tristan’s kitchen. He follows you quickly and starts to get the ingredients out. “You know how to make cupcakes, right?” You ask with a smirk. “I am offended that you’d even ask me that! Yes I know how to make cupcakes,” he scoffs playfully as he sets a big mixing bowl down onto the counter. You giggle and put up your hands in defense. “Okay, okay.” You shake your head and watch Tristan start to measure some flour into the bowl. You bite your lip and smack the back of his hand quickly, causing him to throw the cup of flour up into his face. A yelp, which came out as more of a laugh, erupted from Tristan’s mouth. You burst out into giggles as you watch Tristan’s face. The flour clings to his eyebrows and eyelashes as well as dusting itself on his cheeks and nose. “You’re gonna get it!” He warns. You laugh and dash to the other side of the kitchen. “Get back here, you swine!” He bolts after you with a cup of flour in his hand. You squeal and duck when he throws is your way. It lands with a thud on your head. You whine loudly and shake out your head. Tristan laughs and sheilds his face with his hands when the flour goes in his direction. “Now we’re even,” he says. “Now we have a mess,” you retort. Tristan laughs and nods, then steals a kiss from you quickly. “Yes but it was worth it,” he tells you. “How was it worth anything?” You tilt your head to the side, confused. He smiles sweetly and wraps his arms around your waist, kissing your head softly. “I got to hear your laugh and see your smile - my two favourite things in the world. Other than you of course. And if I had to get flour on my and around my kitchen to witness them, then I’d gladly accept the flour anyday.”

New Guy (Mark)

Request: a scenario where your friend keeps telling you about the new cute guy (mark) at school and after like a term you finally meet him when you realize you’ve been going to the same tutoring/youth group or whatever you want as him :) pretty please and thanks!

Length: 1,065 words

Genre: Fluff

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dreamgirlnigthboy  asked:

Sasusaku 35

#35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off"

sakura lifts the basket of dirty laundry a little higher as she walks down the steps of her new apartment complex. her new neighbor, ino, from across the hall walks alongside her. with long blonde hair and a chatty personality, ino starts to gush about how exciting it was to finally have a female neighbor.

“finally?” sakura questions. “are the rest of the renters male then?”

“mostly but there’s also a lot of families and elderly folks here. in fact, i think you and this other guy are the only college-age here besides me.”

sakura shifts her weight as she tries to see the steps below her as she slowly walks down another flight of stairs. “well nice to know that there won’t be many parties in the area then.”

“parties? try sex! you do know the owner of this complex is a super religious guy right? he’s a priest or a monk or something, i’m not sure. but you remember those weird interview questions he asked you?” 

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Hanging On Luke Imagine

Anonymous asked: I’m in love with your writing! Can you do a one where you get pregnant and Luke cheats on you. So you break up, and some years later you meet up and Luke meets his child for the first time. Please thanks :)

You walked out the Doctors with a smile on your face and the results in your hands. Before you told Luke, you wanted to be absolutely certain that you were pregnant.

“Luke!” You shout running into the house.

“Fuck,” You hear someone whisper as you climb the stairs quickly; as you walk into the bedroom your hands fly to your mouth.

“Sorry!” You shout running out of the room and trying to get rid of the image of Luke and the other girl. Why you apologised, you didn’t know but you did.

“Y/N!” Luke shouts running after you.

“I er, I want a divorce.”

“No please baby.”

“I’ll get the papers,” You say grabbing your bag and running out quickly.

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