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a reason why i want to bring padmé or at least give a mention of padmé in the new star wars trilogy is because i want luke and leia to learn about their mother and who she was. they deserve to. they need to. it isn’t fair that they don’t know a single thing about their mother. even though leia remembers images of her, still, she doesn’t truly know her mother. it isn’t fair that they know their father as the cruel man they met and not the good man he was but not even a single thing about their mother. i want them to learn about her as a woman who contributed so much to galactic history, her life as queen and senator of naboo, the kind naive soul she was, the role she played in their father’s life, and how she lived her life even how she died. i want them to see how she lives in them, because she does - she lives through the goodness of luke and the fighter in leia. i just want them to know their mother, padmé amidala…


Tom is a child and gets lost in crowds
This is how he finds Tucker

Based off that one thing [X]

  • jongdae's gift to the fans + bonus

jongdae singing december, 2014 (kyungsoo & baekhyun - harmony, chanyeol - beatbox, yixing - sound effects) + baekhyun and yixing singing 2 lines of christmas day