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protective parental units

If Andrew ever wondered, back when he was a teenager, where he would end up in his thirties, it wouldn’t have been doing a school run. At all, never mind with his kid.

Life is unpredictable, it turns out.

On Thursdays he picks Kevin up from school after work and drops him at the local outdoor Exy court for practice. Neil will pick him up later on the way back from his own afternoon gym session with his teammates, which gives Andrew an hour or so to do nothing before he has to start dinner.

He’s been in for maybe twenty minutes watching something mindless on HGTV about redecorating kitchens when the buzzer goes off. Andrew isn’t expecting anyone and debates ignoring it for a moment, but then gets it anyway.

“Hi, Mister Minyard,” Jason, the doorman, says from the other end. “I’ve got a Tetsuji Moriyama here to see you?”

Well. That’s interesting.

“Send him up,” Andrew says, and hangs up.

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Yuzuru Hanyu’s Interview from Ice Jewels vol. 6

“I think the best thing about this season is that I was able to persevere until the end.”

Please do not use my translations without my permission. Scans can be found here.

Reflecting on this season

Q: Reflecting back on this season, what kind of season did you think it was?

Y: Let’s see… It was a season that started with injury, and I couldn’t do anything for two months. I competed many times, and World Team Trophy - the last competition of the season - didn’t go well, but I think I was able to complete the free skate in the end. Even after everything, I do feel that I did my best.

Q: Regarding the short program, are there any parts that you want to perfect?

Y: There are. This applies last year’s Ballade no. 1 as well, but when I’m not able to skate a clean program, the “image of perfection” just doesn’t appear in competitions even though I’m doing it in practice.

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What this INFP looks for in a soulmate.

[Otherwise entitled: The Ridiculously Far-Fetched Idealism of a Silly Schoolgirl. Or so I’ve been told.]

I’m not much for reinforcing stereotypes por lo general, but I have to say, I am a pretty stereotypical INFP.

I do cry over beautiful sunsets. I do dance in the rain. I do like to read - and write - angsty poetry about love, death, and the meaning of the universe. I do tend to daydream through the banal details of life and make “dumb blonde” mistakes right and left (never quite learned which is which, by the way). I do have an unnatural love for random deep philosophizing. I do have that stupid chip on my shoulder about not letting anyone control or define me, about staying free of “The System” and being unpredictable and authentic and cool and all that.

And… yeah… I do tend to be overly idealistic when it comes to romantic partners. Oh, yes, and single. I do tend to be single. “Happily single,” I snarl, while judging the devil out of my friends’ pathetic capitulations to the world of coupling. Loneliness over life with a loser, that’s my motto. Har har.

I say all that because… why not? Also because I am going to tell you now about this idealistic INFP’s criteria for her Mr. Right - i.e., The Invisible Man. By happy accident, I’ve found some pictures of Tom Hiddleston to illustrate each of my points. That means nothing, of course. Let’s go.

1) High intelligence.

Nothing against the majority of the population. Just kidding. But no, not really kidding. I do need a guy with an above-average brain. For me, this is honestly the criterion that comes to mind first. He has to be some degree of clever, thoughtful, introspective, and articulate, or else I will spend our whole relationship secretly mocking him, which wouldn’t be very nice, I realize; but it would happen, trust me. Don’t ask me how I know this. I make fun of people in my head all the time.

In order for me to respect him, he’ll have to be brilliant - and, no, not necessarily in the bookish sense, although that’s certainly more than welcome. Calculus and Shakespeare be damned, though, I’m talking about a deeply intuitive intelligence that is equally skilled in navigating the realms of the head and the heart. Actually, it’s kind of hard for me to put into words what I’m talking about. Which is why it’s lucky that I know exactly what I’m talking about, and can often deduce whether someone has “it” by simply observing him for a few seconds. His eyes, his voice, his mannerisms, all will have a certain snappiness, humor, keen awareness. You know. I don’t know. Whatever.

I guess it’s just one of those “it” factors that you’re pretty much either born with or not. And I need me a man who has it, thanks. There’s a lot going on inside my head, and I want to spend my life with somebody who’s onto me.

2) Emotional stability.

Emotional sensitivity, yes; but emotional turbulence, no. Honestly, this is probably the trickiest of my criteria. As a deeply emotional person, I very much value finding someone who understands the nuances of human feeling, but at the same time I emphatically do not want to end up living with a person whose life is an emotional roller coaster. That’s my bit. I need someone who gets that about me, and who can absorb my ups and downs with warmth, patience and steadiness.

Like I said, this is a tricky quality to find. I some times fear that my desire for emotional stability will land me with a robot who has no sense of empathy for my inner storms; or, perhaps worse, my desire for an emotionally conscious person will doom me to life with a tortured soul, prone to black temper tantrums and spells of sobbing on the bathroom floor. Please, God, no. There must be a happy medium, and I must have it. Thank you, God.

3) Humor and humility.

I place humor and humility together because alliteration rocks, and also because there is something immensely attractive about these two qualities working in tandem. Or I could put it this way. If you can’t laugh at yourself, I can’t like you. In fact, I might even throw up on you. That simple, folks.

Seriously, there is something subliminally gut-wrenching to me about certain people I’ve met in life who had no sense of humor. It’s a trait that hangs thick in the air around a person like bad cologne. And a sad number of male human beings are like this, I find. I was once told that this is due to something called male ego, and I should do my best to humor it. Well, sorry. ‘Fraid no can do, cracker jack. Plus, men, this quality is unmanly. I can practically feel your ego trembling, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation, and this is supposed to be macho? Really, prima donna?

So yes, humility is attractive. True humility is not for wimps. It takes some honest-to-God confidence. If a guy has that plus an active wit, and a love of silliness and belly laughs, well, I’m in, boys, I’m in.

4) A laid-back, laissez-faire approach.

Translation: don’t try to control me. Thank you very much, my friend. Don’t hem me in. Don’t try to make me be someone I’m not. I warn you, it will not work. Don’t get in my face. Give me some space. Appreciate my eccentricities. Within reason, of course. If you see me lighting my hair on fire, stop me. But don’t try to make me into your conception of a good woman, and I’ll let you be your own man. Square deal?

I want a guy who takes pleasure in the simple act of sitting back and appreciating another person. I want you to be fascinated by my heart, my mind, and my soul, because I guarantee you, if I have a thing for you, it will be one hundred percent mutual. I never have gotten superficial crushes on people. It’s always so much more than that. I fall in love with the complete human being. Which, I might add, does include the physical side. Not-so-subtle segue to my last point…!

5) Physical attractiveness.

Here is what I do not mean by that.

I do not mean a guy has to be ripped to get my attention. For me, that does not make or break a man’s appeal. Now, I will admit that muscular definition and strength can definitely enhance appeal, but in my universe, physical attractiveness doesn’t start there. It starts in the face… and specifically, the eyes.

If you have good eyes, I will give you a second look. That is because the eye says so much about the soul. Obviously, then, the eyes I find most satisfying will express all the traits I’ve been talking about in this list. They will express intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, as well as steadiness and kindness, humility and humor, a certain ease and gentleness, openness and interest. Expressive, intelligent eyes are some of my favorite things in the world.

Good hair is also something I enjoy. Extra points if it’s grown out enough to get messy or wavy. But yeah, beyond that, the usual things. I don’t have specific hair colors, eye colors, heights, or skin tones that I like or dislike. Basically, if you’re some level of fit and have a face with slightly above-average expressive power, then let’s get married. Oh, and don’t forget all the other criteria. Yes.

Be honest, now. Is that really too much to ask? Am I a hopeless case of starry-eyed INFP idealism gone mad? I can’t say. Part of me wants to point out that this list has only five main points, all of which are pretty general, considering. I’ve known some people who say they would never date a person who didn’t like such and such a TV show, or someone who was not from a certain very important ethnic background, or a guy who was below a particular minimum height requirement. I make no such nitpicky stipulations, but then again, I am hard to please. There are certain “it” factors that I will absolutely not do without. And because of that, I tend to be single. Which is cool. I’m extremely introverted. Being alone works well for me.

And so, my pals and chums, I have no plans to give up my happy lone wolf existence until I find a guy who meets this basic list of ideals. When I do meet such a person, I’ll probably know it in like three seconds, but then I’ll spend a small eternity watching the suspect from afar, doing research, taking notes. Hopefully he likes me back. Hopefully he’s braver than I am, too, and not afraid to step out into the dangerous terrain of pursuit… else I may die alone in a house on a hill with ivy growing over the windows and wind howling through the walls. Which sounds fantastic.

Imagine hitting it off with Chris.

A/N: This is a request by @bywonater, enjoy 😊 

You sat at a corner booth in a dingy little dive bar, texting your best friend while the rest of your band got wasted. As the lead vocalist and bassist of the world renowned band: ‘Back to Basics’, you looked out of place in the environment you were currently in. You didn’t particularly enjoy dive bars, but it was a place you were used to. After touring the world with Ed Sheeran as his opening act, you and your band inhibited his habit of partying it up at a dive bar after a good gig. You had a particularly good gig tonight, performing at the after party hosted by Marvel Studios to celebrate their world premiere of the highly anticipated movie: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. You were a huge Marvel fan and you saw a lot of familiar faces, but unfortunately had little time to interact. You managed to exchange a few words with Robert Downey Jr. who was kind enough to bring you and your band a round during an interval. You also ran into Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie on your way to the bathroom, screaming on the inside when you found out they were as crazy about you as you were about them. Sadly the one person you wanted to see was the one person you didn’t, and that was Captain America himself.

Chris was pretty disappointed when he realized he’d lost his opportunity to meet you too. He was a big fan of your music, and he couldn’t help but notice how easy on the eyes you were. When he heard you were the entertainment for the after party, he was so excited. He tried to catch your attention a few times by standing front and center, but you were too focused on your performance to spot him. He then tried to catch you during the interval, when you were getting drinks and circling the room. He literally missed you each time by a few seconds. The amount of times he heard his cast mates say “you actually just missed her;“ he kicked himself for his terrible timing. At midnight, the party came to a close. Your band packed up and left for the dive bar, leaving both you and Chris to wonder how on earth the two of you didn’t get to meet at such a small event.

You thought that was it, and honestly Chris did too until he found out an invitation had been given to the whole cast- specifically to him, Jeremy, and Anthony- to come continue partying at the dive bar your band was going to be at. You found out later that it was Max, your drummer who had issued the invite. He said he wanted to see if the Marvel cast- specifically Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Anthony Mackie- lived up to the hype of being hardcore partiers. You and Chris were both incredibly grateful towards Max when you heard because that meant the two of you could finally meet in person.

A small group of the Marvel cast flooded into the dive bar, not that you noticed them with your head buried in your text conversation. Chris scanned the bar the second he entered, spotting you in the corner booth alone rather than with your band. Anthony, Sebastian, Jeremy, and Chris (Hemsworth) joined the rest of your band at the bar, while he slipped off to get that alone time with you before the rest crashed the table.

“Hey!” Chris called over the music and you looked up from your phone. You smiled upon meeting his piercing blue gaze, earning a warm smile in return. “Do you mind if I join you?” He asked and you shook your head, allowing him to slide into the seat across the table from you. “Tell me the truth, have you been playing hard to get?”

“You got me,” you nodded, laughing. He smiled, thoroughly enjoying how lovely your laughter was. “I had to see if Captain America is as capable as the movies make him out to be.” You teased and he laughed, placing a hand on his left breast; a signature Chris Evans move. “As always, you could use some work on your timing.”

“Be fair, at least I didn’t make you wait seventy years.”

“True,” you laughed, “you didn’t make me wait seventy years, so I guess we can consider it a win.”

“Oh, I’m definitely considering it a win,” he grinned, making you laugh again. “I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you,” he admitted, chuckling. “I am such a huge fan that I have to channel Captain America to prevent Chris Evans from hyperventilating.”

“And how do you recommend I stop from hyperventilating?” You joked. “I’m a fan of both Captain America and Chris Evans, and I’ve only got one persona to channel.” His laughter was so contagious that you couldn’t help but laugh along even though you were trying to play it cool.

The guy was the whole package, you didn’t understand how he was still single. He was good looking, almost intimidatingly so. But he was also kind, gentle, and sweet which made him easy to talk to. And if that wasn’t enough, Chris Evans was charismatic and charming; he could’ve warmed even the coldest of hearts. Out of all the celebrities you’ve met since becoming a celebrity yourself, the encounter you were currently having with Chris was easily in the top five. Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Downey Jr., Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift being the other four.

“It is really good to meet you. Like- really, really good.” Chris held out his hand and you eyed it, trying not to smile at how untimely the handshake was. Normal handshakes occurred at the beginning of the conversation, not halfway through. He knew that, and was hoping you couldn’t tell it was just an excuse to hold your hand. But you could and you didn’t mind. You lowered your phone on the table and firmly grasped his hand; a slow, tension high handshake began. “You’re judging the quality of my handshake, aren’t you?”


“And how am I doing?”

“You’ve got a nice firm grip,” you nodded.

“And you’ve got really soft hands,” he seemed slightly amazed by that fact. He broke the handshake then took both your hands in his to further examine the softness of your hands. You shifted in your seat, ignoring the tingles in your stomach that came with his touch. “Wow, that is- they’re like baby hands.” You laughed and Chris blushed when he realized how weird he was being. “Okay,” he drew back, lightly drumming the tabletop with his fists. “That was weird.”

“That was also cute,” you disagreed. “You’re very cute.”

“I disagree,” he shook his head and you furrowed your brows with a curious smile. “My dog, Dodger. Now he’s cute. I’m not sure if you’re aware of him,” he began as he reached for his phone. Before he could show you a photo of Dodger on his, you showed him a photo of Dodger on yours. “It’d be much more flattering if you didn’t crop me out, but okay.” He chuckled and you bit back your smile; he didn’t need to know you had photos of just him on your phone too.

“I’m sorry Dodger is much more appealing to me.”

“Who would’ve thought I’d ever be jealous of Dodger.”

“You’re an idiot,” you leaned back against the seat, laughing.

“I’ve been told that before. But I’ve also been told I’m very hot,” he resumed his flirtatious attitude with a smirk. You tried not to smile as you rolled your eyes; he leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table and his chin on his knuckles. “Would you care to chime in on that? Y’know, just to repair the ego you so cruelly destroyed with the ‘Dodger is much more appealing to me’ comment?”

“You’re hot as hell, Chris Evans.”

“Why, thank you. That is so unexpected,” he commented with a great deal of sarcasm and you laughed. “It’s also such a huge compliment coming from a girl as beautiful as yourself.” His genuineness turned your cheeks a deep red and you lowered your gaze. “Seeing as I’m hot as hell,” he smirked and you looked up, chuckling; somehow you knew what was coming. “Would I get a ‘yes’ if I asked you out to dinner tomorrow night?”

“Hm…” You pretended to contemplate, bringing Chris to the edge of his seat. You smiled, answering his question before you actually spoke. Another belly aching laugh came from him when you said, “only if you promise to let me meet Dodger after.”

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With You - Connor McDavid

Originally posted by puckducky

Ok so I wrote this when I was sleep deprived so please just bear with me if there are any mistakes or anything!  Also I’m so so sorry for the brief day break I took, like has been a lot to deal with lately.  I loved the prompt for this and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1148

Warnings: just a few swear words

Request: “14 with either phil myers or connor mcdavid please :))” - @mandybbear44

Prompt: “Hey, I’m with you ok? Always.”

Up next: Anders Lee


“Ohhh let’s go here for lunch babe!  I love their burgers!”  you dragged Connor over to a restaurant as you two strolled around downtown Vancouver.    

“I’m always down for a good burger!” Connor agreed, eagerly following you.  

You and Connor had decided to get out and enjoy the nice weather today, walking around the city and doing some shopping.  The waitress sat you out on the patio, taking your drink orders and returning moments later to ask what you wanted to eat.

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Twitter ARG: A Sort of Summary

I’ve seen a lot of confusion here on Tumblr about what is supposedly going on in the twitter-verse. There’s a reason for that: it’s confusing. It’s vague. It relies on intuitions and moves in fits and starts. But it is also fascinating, compelling, and loads of fun. So for anyone who is interested I thought I’d give it a go,  summarizing what is happening and what we think might happen. For starters:

The reason you’re hearing very little concrete information about twitter is: there is very little concrete information about twitter. It is all halls and mirrors. There have been (as far as I am aware) two major instances of people receiving DMs from the twitters: the first was the Dale Pike ‘reveal’ in which she ‘confessed’ and released her ‘script’; and the second prompted worriesconstantly’s announcement that we need to trend Norbury on March 21. But if it’s all so vague, why are putting any stock in it? Well, there are a few good reasons.

1. The show itself pointed us towards twitter in numerous ways.

2. If you’ve been following the ARG theories, you are doubtless aware of the speculation that the John and Sherlock twitters are BBC run. Evidence includes their posting of an original photo that seems like it could only have been taken from a window of the BBC building.

4. Our fellow tumblr-ers who are convinced something is going on. As far as I have seen, there tends to be a direct correlation between the amount of time someone has been digging through this twitter game and how convinced they are that something is happening. Sure, you could call that confirmation bias. Or, like I am inclined to do, you can see it as the collective consensus of those who have the most solid basis for reaching an informed conclusion.

3. The most compelling evidence is the intricacy of what is occurring. Like I’ve said, I’ve only been there two days, but it really is compelling. There’s a network of interconnecting accounts, interacting with each other and with us. Even those who don’t openly communicate display the most curious coincidences in timing. And it’s hard to conceive that they could be fellow-fans—there are too many oblique hints of ‘something coming,’ which would be cruel if they don’t actually know something. To me this feels like a game of ‘BBC or trolls’; and I’d be ridiculously impressed with any trolls who could pull this off, and somehow maintained this level of dedication and interest over such a span of time.

Very well, then. Here are the known players in this Twitter story:

1. The Sherlock and John accounts: These, of course, are the ones tumblr is most familiar with. For the most part, they are just telling an ongoing narrative about their happy existence as a couple—a remarkably frequent and high-quality narrative. However, they have had some meta discussions about stories, about ‘the game’ being a bit harsh but still worth playing … It is also worth noting that in their universe Rosie does exist, but the events of TFP apparently do not.

2. Contact_JM, i.e. an account that claims to be Moriarty: This one is also pretty well known around here. He tweets less frequently than the Sherlock and John, but still with impressive dedication. He has not infrequently dropped codes, puzzles, and cryptic clues. Other times he just rambles on in a thoroughly psychopathic-sounding manner.

3. Dale Pike/The Skull/ContactWSSH: Yes, this the Dale Pike who wrote the fics everyone went wild over, released a script they had written, then ‘confessed’ to being a fan and said goodbye. This one concerned me most at first, because I was genuinely concerned that we might be harping on a fan who just made a mistake and wanted to be left alone. The thing is: she didn’t leave. She is still posting fics which are no less meta and suggestive that her previous ones. And she is still using her Dale Pike twitter account—an account created solely for the purpose of … whatever it is she is doing. And while using that account she is still being just as openly cryptic and suggestive and interactive as ever—even to the point of resurrecting the old contactWSSH twitter and having a thoroughly mysterious conversation with them. Whoever she is, she has chosen to play this game; she hasn’t been forced into it. And what is she up to? Well, she is the queen of mixed messages. One moment kind and encouraging, the next insulting. Portraying herself as a fan and then claiming some mysteriously privileged status. Declaring she is finished only to begin again. Dropping cryptic hints, ranging from her fanfiction to an eminem music video which concludes with an innocent DVD being replaced by one labeled ‘explicit content.’ She is most likely one of the villains of this narrative.

4. Assorted: Besides these major players there are a few minor players who seem significant—@Bask_in_flies and @HarappaTiger have had brief, cryptic conversations with Contact_JM about executing some sort of plan. @eugenim portrays herself as sort of Eurus/Moriarty hybrid, and interacts like a cross between Contact_JM and Dale Pike: sometimes talking like a fan, sometimes like a psychopathic insider. Besides these, there are a few other potential players that people are keeping eyes on.

5. Creator twitters: there are a few of the Sherlock creators who periodically tweet things that are … suggestive, to say the least. Sometimes they are manifestly striking, other times they would passed unnoticed if it weren’t for uncanny timing: Gatiss and the Sherlock account both posting about moors around the same time, for example. The comments on their tweets can also be ripe with suggestion and ‘coincidence’.

Good. Now, finally: What all of this is hinting at:

I’m going to divide this section into two parts. First: What we know (as much as we know anything at this point):

1. The hints and the halls and mirrors cannot yet be assembled into a complete and coherent image. But they insistently hint at a secret episode, a false narrative, and something coming.

2. What has been seen on twitter strongly supports theories about a future fourth-wall break—both in the sense that what is going on in twitter is already breaking the fourth wall, and that it is hinting at some further, more undeniable break.

3. In this narrative, there are good guys and bad guys. Figuring out which is which seems to be part of the puzzle.

4. There are hints that this might be a ‘choose your own story’ ARG: obviously it would end in the release of The Lost Special no matter what we do, but we might have some say in how that happens and what role we play in its release.

5. Whatever is coming is still being only hinted at; it has not yet begun in earnest.

6. Maybe it’s a fluke, maybe it’s intentional, but this past week has felt different. More urgent—like something is coming. (Having just arrived I can’t testify to this one, obviously; but it seems to be the general consensus of those who have been involved long-term).

7. We are supposed to trend Norbury on March 21st—and this time, we will have help. (Okay, we don’t technically know this. But again, worriesconstantly assures us that she has good reason to suspect this is the case on the basis of some dms. And seriously, what could she have to gain by making this up? Making people angry at her if nothing happens? There is always the possibility that this is another intentionally false lead from tptb; but worries constantly is certainly trustworthy, and it’s worth a try. Fortunately, #norbury has the added bonus of being worthwhile even if it doesn’t launch anything ARG related).

And finally: What we believe might be coming:

Well, okay, the actual speculations are far too numerous to actually list here. I’m just going to give my personal favorite theory about what might happen if/when the ARG kicks off and the fourth wall collapses for good. However, because this post is getting quite long and this isn’t really an essential part, I’m going to link to a separate post here for anyone who is interested. 

In conclusion: What do we do with all of this?

Whatever you want, really. If you’d rather sit back and watch things unfold, go for it. (Although I’d still encourage participating in #norbury even if you are giving twitter theories a wide berth. That’s is a worthwhile project regardless of the ARG; something being set in motion by it would just be an added bonus!) But if you are aching for engagement, learning to navigate this twitter story will give you no end of entertainment and brain-teasers. So if you want to have a good time while potentially participating in making history, give it a look.

And remember, all of this endorsement is coming from someone who attached very little credibility to the ARG until getting on twitter just one day ago. If you’re intrigued, come and see for yourself. You would be most welcome!


anonymous asked:

favorite sun/moon combos?

Oh lord.
Honestly hmm

Aries sun/Virgo moon: super easy going and relaxed and has a earthy side to them that I think is to die for! This tones down the impulsiveness and adds a touch of rationality when dealing with things that I like and they can be a nice blend of fiery and sensual.

Aries sun/Scorpio moon: “intense” they are pretty prolific honestly have strong feelings and treat everything in life similarly to their emotional landscape! I find them irresistible and I think it adds a nice level of depth to them and creates an interesting dynamic! The only take away is they can be a bit dramatic and overbearing.

Taurus sun/Aquarius moon: LIKE OMG? these guys and gals are so so sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! They have this air about them that seems so far away yet so grounded and in your face but in a very hard to grasp way. They’re very socially inclined and can really be brainiacs! I adore the way they carry themselves and I honestly think as stubborn as they may be due to the double fixed energy they can be so giving and charitable.

Taurus sun/Leo moon: probably my 2nd favorite! My cousin has this combo and he’s very self assure and confident but Taurus has a humbling affect here for Leo moon and tones down the arrogance and more “me me me” lower aspects of this moon! They are very powerful and have a heavy presence that demands respect and they often are liked by like everyone due to how authentic and real they are! But yeah I think this is a great team.

Taurus sun/gemini moon: 💗💗 my mom has this and a close friend! Super super upbeat place for Taurus and also they can be so air headed and all over the place but in a cutesy way! It also gives Taurus the ability to let go of grudges and move on with their lives! Like this combo is super easy going and forever childlike. Albeit they can be emotionally immature(takes a while for them to understand their emotions) but overall super great.

Cancer sun/libra moon: for some reason this has a Scorpio vibe? Like most I’ve known with this tend to be high key private and secretive. But overall they are super super sweet and sensitive! Albeit the downsides here are extreme indecisiveness and outright self led denial they are still very caring and optimistic for the most part and know how to get along with practically anyone like seriously these guys are the epitomes of socially sophisticated! But i love them so so much.

Cancer sun/Aquarius moon: one of my friends has this and she is..hmm like hot and cold? Summer and winter!? Her desires never match up and she can be a little aloof and cold emotionally and then crying a storm and clingy the next. I actually love this dynamic because it calls for a lot of growth from a person! These people are very complex and can have so many desires running around inside that they don’t learn how to properly express until later on in life. But overall I love them! Wise beyond their years and extremely open and free spirited! They’re not as emotional as most cancers and are very strong willed and independent.

Cancer sun/Scorpio moon: okay. So..this is will Ferrell and I’m in love with him???? But loool yeah these folks are sooooooooo mushy and sweet and huge ol softies! Cancer seems to water down the affect of Scorpio here and can actually make these guys a lot more forthcoming about their emotions and a lot more open about what their private moon in Scorpio is feeling! They naturally seem to be able to be perceptive and idk like they are super open about their feelings for the most part like their still intense moon in scorpios and what not but they don’t really hide what their feeling.

Cancer sun/Capricorn moon: in my experience they’re soooooooooooooo complex. They have very grounded and serious emotions and I feel in awe when I’m in their space. They are so so wise and very emotionally aware and mature and rarely will you see them lose their head. They’re the types to vanish and go quiet though rather then let you know outright what’s up. I find them super attractive and forth coming.

Leo sun/Capricorn moon: HOTTTIES but that being said they can be ruthless. Very ambitious and money minded and tend to be less about gratification then most Leo’s and have a very dominate and powerful personality. They can be so blunt and so straightforward(ex: Arnold a.k.a terminator) but I love how strong they are and how they always put their best into all they do and don’t make excuses when they fail.

Virgo sun/Aquarius moon: super cute! They tend to be a bit more cooler in temperament and seem a bit hard to reach due to the doubled up analytical and non emotional tendencies of both these signs. But it also makes them super super sensitive and teddy bears underneath! I love how they can create warmth and comfort wherever they are and they are very smart and socially adapt individuals! They give of a Scorpio give as well :0

Virgo sun/cancer moon: OKAY LIKE MY BFFFFFFFFFFFF has this and they are so soooooo sweet and caring and endearing! This brings out the best qualities of Virgo and they tend to be super chill and go with the flow types. They can be super career minded and tend to be drawn to more affectionate and emotionally tempered people from what I’ve seen. They are so warm and loving albeit in a quiet way and love comfort! I get libra vibes from this combo.

Virgo sun/Leo moon: these guys are intense! They have strong ass personalities and normally are more outspoken then most Virgo suns. I like how passionate and real they can be! They have a “crowd” vs “loner” vibe and tend to fluctuate between “I am my pack” to “I am on my own” but overall I love them! I high key get Sagittarius vibes from this combo.

Libra sun/Scorpio moon: S E X Y like super hot.incredibly dangerous and will probably ruin your life in a very twilight like way. They come across as aloof from my experience and hide the more intense side of their personality. They are very secretive and hate people prying into their personal life. Super philosophical and morally based people and they don’t easily stress or take disrespect or antagonism to heart and easily move on from things. But at the same time SHIT HITS THEM DEEP. I love em their Cinnabons. I get cap vibes from this combo.

Scorpio sun/Aquarius moon: bby has this. And lemme say this is quite the fucking dynamic. They’re very private and tend to fluctuate between icy and lustful. They have a chameleon like personality and can vibe or blend in anywhere! They have this passion about them boiling underneath their easy going pravada. They tend to be super huge sweethearts and have very easily aroused emotions. They super quirky and childlike but theirs a danger to emotional confusion because Scorpio and Aquarius are night and day. Overall love them.

Scorpio sun/ gemini moon: sooo cute and very multifaceted! They wear a lot of faces these guys and are the “intellectuals” they tend to be super scattered and childlike and Scorpio adds on to this making them easily thrown of track by new and better interest that catch their attention! They can have self esteem issues laying deep down from what I’ve seen.. they’re super skilled and talented though and have a strange yet fascinating mindset on the world and how it works.

Scorpio sun/Virgo moon: ONE WORD: P R I V A T E. these guys don’t like people in their personal space and usually take a while if at all to let you in their bubble. Their also a lot more critical of their flaws and others and tend to hold them self up to a specific criteria. I honestly say these are the papas and mamas! They are so tender and motherly to those they care about and can be babies if they feel like they’re being ignored! They want to be acknowledged even if they prefer to stay out of the limelight! I adore them they give me earthy Leo vibes.

Scorpio sun/Capricorn moon: this is Jon snow. And lemme just say this is so so sooooo fun! They actually have a very easy and warm presence and you don’t really ever feel the Capricorn energy in them but you know it’s there! They can be a bit standoffish and distanced but all the while they move in a aged way. Their movements are timeless and they have a very grandma and grandpa energy about them! They’re not as impulsive or possessive minded as most Scorpio suns and tend to actually emphasis on freedom and responsibility. They live life like loners and tend to see life as a journey and yes have I said I love this? They give me Taurus•Sagittarius vibes.

Sagittarius sun/Scorpio moon: THESE GUYS AND GALS ARE SOOO FREAKING HOT. Let me just say that I am enamored by this fucking combo. Like they really project that scorpion intensity and it’s heavy man! Their super independent and prefer to live life by their own accord. They’re not as open and friendly as most Sagittarius and usually have to get I know you before there freedom loving nature comes out! They can be a bit prissy and straightforward and have a bluntness about their energy. But man they are so magnetic! They have a playfully intimate nature and are so so soooo deep! If anything they give off a very high octave Scorpio energy.

Sagittarius sun/Capricorn moon: like honestly super grounded guys and gals! Not super spontaneous but they do have a reliable and sturdy nature that I love about them! They have this old time 80s flat/disco vibe about them. And if I could relate their vibe to anything particular it would be deux machina the movie. They are super chill and actually have such a calming affect. I love em!

Capricorn sun/Aquarius moon: these guys are so interesting like they always have like 11 different hobbies and tend to be fairly private and passive about them. They’re not super talkative types and usually stay to themselves but once you get them going? Their chatterboxes! They are also a bit odd and far out when it comes to concepts wise and my Venus in Gemini loves that aha!

Pisces sun/gemini moon: really genuinely sweet hearted people! They tend to always have a caring and loving atmosphere about them and you don’t really notice the airness in their nature honestly they come across as very wise and old and tend to have an emotional maturity about them that’s hard to miss! Their super dedicated and reliable and tend to never let life get them down! But honestly soooo sweet and have such a cancer like energy about them man!

Pisces sun/Aries moon: rih rih!! And yes honestly they are so confident and headstrong and aren’t as emotional as most Pisces suns from what I’ve noticed! They don’t really come across as sympathetic and ones I’ve met usually nurture others by supporting them and giving them tough love! Not to say they don’t cry or give hugs cause they do! They just aren’t super caught up in the emotional specter of life as they are more into the more impulsive and in the moment types. I get hella Aries vibes from this

Last but not least honorable mentions(ones I forgot and felt like I should’ve mentioned)
Cancer sun/Aries moon(my placement)
Taurus sun/Capricorn moon(sooooo hot)
Pisces sun/Aquarius moon(😻😻)

Nalu Fluff Week 2017 Within the Law, Chapter 2

fanfiction by impracticaldemon
Words: ~3000 | Also on FFnet | AO3 (coming soon) | CH. 1

Author’s Note:

Chapter 2 of Within the Law is based on the Day 4 prompt “History”, with several nods to the Day 1 prompt “Soulmates”.

I’d like to thank everyone who is reading, following and liking this story so far, with special thanks to those who have taken a moment to drop me a line to tell me what they think of the story. 

Chapter 2Friend or Foe?

Prompt: History


The interview did not go at all as Lucy expected. For one thing, it was a great deal more informal than any interview she’d ever had for a job (other than one for a paper route that her father wouldn’t let her keep). The real shock, however, was finding out that the law firm of Makarov & Vermilion—known to lawyers as Fairy Tail—had a history with her family.

The room was more or less what she had envisioned—corporate-Fiore standard boardroom with an oval table, big comfortable chairs, and fully updated with the newest in lacrima technology. The artwork was a little unusual, and appeared to have been contributed by various members of the firm, since there wasn’t any cohesion or similarity between the pieces that she could make out. Lucy couldn’t help but glance at Natsu when her eyes caught what appeared to be an original Star Wars movie poster in all its kitschy, late- seventies glory, mounted in a place of honour on one wall. Natsu gave her two thumbs up, apparently aware of her interest—in the poster—and Lucy found herself smiling.

“That’s the slightly more common version, of course,” he stage whispered to her as she sat down in her designated spot. “But I have the Type A poster at home.”

Lucy had no idea what he was talking about; apparently Natsu was an even bigger geek than she was. Also… was that a pick-up line? Gray either shared her concern or saw her expression. He punched Natsu none-too-lightly on the shoulder.

“Seriously, Pepto B? Lucy’s here for a job interview and you sound like some kind of nerdy pick-up artist.”

“What the hell, Gray?! I just thought she’d like to know—I mean she can recognize an Imperial Destroyer-class capital ship when she sees one!”

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Pretending to Pretend

Hey y’all, been a while. I’ve been working on this for the last couple months, it’s ended up being the longest thing I’ve written so far by miles. Chapters released as I finish editing them, but the first draft is actually done so it should be fairly quick! NicoMaki, ~2700 words for this chapter. Based on that anon request for fake dating AU.

Ao3 link

Summary:  Maki has graduated medical school, and is in position to become the heir to the Nishikino hospital business. However, there’s a catch- and Nico gets roped into a grand deception that’s a little more personal than she would have liked.

Chapter 1: The Proposal
Words: ~2700

Next chapter >

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I stopped drinking alcohol

8 weeks ago, I stopped drinking. It was one of the easiest and best things I have ever done.  You know how much I loved my Vodka and Prosecco so let me explain. I wasn’t going to post about is but I do see the value in sharing it so here we go. Also, if I had read this post in 2015 I would have rolled my eyes and said “QUITTER”! Ha! I am fine with any and all reactions to this post.

Looking back, I was never a drinker. I drank very little in college. Maybe a wine cooler here and there. I certainly was never drunk.  Maybe tipsy at a cast party once? Godspell was intense yo! I was not a drinker much in my twenties. I would go out and have a few beers or White Russians but never was alcohol something I thought about or pursued.  I really didn’t become a drinker until 36/37years old.

Around 2012 I started drinking heavily and often. We had a house on Cape Cod.  I loved entertaining. I loved drinking.  I had been doing YouTube for a few years and working from home and pretty isolated and suddenly had lots of real life friends and the drinking was a big part of it. I had the time and money and lack of direction that made it easy to fall into.

By 2014, my marriage was ending and my career was boring so I was drinking a lot to numb, to ignore my feelings, to avoid communicating properly with my ex husband. I knew what I was doing. This is not like I woke up this year and realized this - hyper self-aware as always, even while drunk.

2015 the party continued. I was “celebrating” single life and my new independence.  I also was deep in YouTube funk so would much rather have a friend over and day drink vs. make another stupid video about a Kardashian. The online persona I had created taunted and tortured me.

This was the time alcohol really tricked my brain to think it was helping.  Oops! Sneaky alcohol! In my defense, I was on Cape Cod, I could have easily turned to Heroin! Jokes!

By the spring of 2016 I wanted to stop. Maybe? Not really. Or at least drink less. I did. For a week. Maybe two.  All through the rest of 2016, I was mindful of how much I was drinking. Trying to count drinks on my calendar. It was tedious. I hated it. I cried about it. Prayed about it. Journaled about it. Obsessed about it. Took online quizzes to see if I had a drinking problem. Pretty much everyone does if you take that quiz!! HA!!

I really gave so much power to alcohol. Posted on Facebook about it. And when 1 or 2 people expressed they were glad I had stopped drinking so much it totally annoyed me and made me want to drink more. Haha!!!!  Of course I wrote back “thank you for your concern” but I wanted to write back “Go fuck yourself.”  HaHa!!!

I was never a drink 1-3 drinks drinker so cutting back was not enjoyable. I didn’t want a glass of Prosecco. I wanted a bottle. Or three. I have always been a very fast drinker. Alcohol, soda, water, I am always chugging something.  We would go out to breakfast and the waitress would bring me 2 diet cokes right away knowing I would down them and want more.

And my tolerance for booze was nuts (especially for someone so tiny!……I’m being funny). I could drink so much and was certainly proud at YouTube events when others were hurting and looking at me like “How is Buck not hungover ”? Thanks for all the free drink tickets. Love you! Haha!

I started being very aware of people on Facebook who had stopped drinking and quietly took inventory how great their life had improved. Thank you. Many of you know who you are as I have reached out privately. I love Facebook!

By January of this year, life was going very well.  I launched my coaching business. I was making the money and having the success I had not experienced in 3 to 4 years. I was happy, fulfilled and had purpose, yet I was still drinking a lot.

I was behaving like 2015 me but living a very different life so it seemed silly 2017 me was still getting hammered. A drunk YouTuber seemed fine to me. A drunk Life Coach did not.

Alcohol no longer served me or suited me and yet I continued to drink lots.

I knew I was drinking more than I needed or wanted to but my lower brain had full control.

Quitting sounded boring. I loved Bloody Mary’s at the airport didn’t I?

I would watch Real Housewives and see Kim or Eden talk about being sober woman and I thought ewwww. LOL. That won’t be me. Mind you I think alcohol is the least of their problems. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I was life coaching my clients and all the work I did with them certainly rubbed off on me.  I wanted to show up to each call as my best self and as a role model to them. That person is not a drunk.

I had a client tell me about a book he read called Stop Drinking Now, the Alan Carr EasyWay.  He said he had no desire to ever drink alcohol again.

Two days later I read the book and became a “ Happy non-drinker”!  I love that term. I have given up nothing. Nothing.

It has been effortless. I haven’t stopped smiling since. If you asked why I stopped I could tell you 20 reasons. I couldn’t think of one reason to continue to drink.

Not one.

I continue to go out. I love being the designated driver. I have people over. I make the, drinks. I go to happy hour. I am still the life of the party. Lord knows I never needed alcohol to make me less inhibited. I continue to take my shirt off for no reason and talk about sex with strangers. Haha!!!!

We drove a stranger home the other day who was puking in the parking lot. I was not annoyed. I was grateful i had no interest in alcohol and could be helpful to someone the way others had been helpful to me.  

My skin looks better.  I’m sleeping better.  My weight had gotten up to 170 (I like to weigh 150 to 155 - so yes there was some vanity here!) The quality of my relationships and interactions is better. My self-respect and confidence are at an all time high. Everything is so clear now. My focus, my creativity, my general mood, everything is heightened and joy filled.  

I will save I would guess 10k a year in all the drinks I used to buy. 10k!!!! At least. I am showing up for my life everyday. Drinking was my buffering and truly delayed me beginning my life’s great work.

So that’s my update.  I have zero regrets. I had a great run! I was mostly fun/totally affectionate drunk. Right? Haha! It suited me to drink for a few years. This was the perfect time to stop. It all lined up just right.

I miss nothing about drinking. Nothing. I’ll drink seltzer in a champagne flute to be festive. I liked the festive glass all along more than what was in it.

2017 me has grown and evolved so much. Being a “happy non-drinker” is the cherry on top! I love the semantics of that. It hits my brain in the right spot. I have quit nothing.

I also had given up diet soda so easily my brain had done lots of the work to prepare for this. The pre-frontal cortex is powerful once you get it working! Now I am rambling…..

I would love to write more about the book because it was magical. Truly one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life is stop drinking because of it. But I don’t want to be preachy about that stuff but pick it up if you are interested. It’s amazing. Feel free to private message me if you want to chat more in depth about it. Happy to answer any questions in the comments too.  I simply trained my brain to be a non -drinker just as easily as I trained it to be a drinker. Easy? Yes. I always tell my clients it is just as easy to think lovely thoughts about yourself as it is to think shitty thoughts about yourself. Okay that is enough.

This is a wonderful time in my life. I am so excited for what is next. I am so excited for you to meet this version of myself- totally authentic and totally not buffering. Thank you for reading. Love, MB

9 Shakespeare quotes that apparently exist, according to 'Will'

God help the drama student who learns Shakespeare from TNT.

The network, which you would not be wrong to still primarily associate with explosion movies and reruns of Rizzoli & Isles, has embarked on a fascinating new journey with its newest scripted drama, Will. It’s the story of a young William Shakespeare. It’s insane.

There are certain qualities of the life of the suddenly-a-heartthrob playwright (played by Laurie Davidson) that the show does portray accurately. For instance: Shakespeare was English. He did write plays. He married Anne Hathaway. He chilled at the Globe Theatre. He had that stupid earring. Yet from there, everything else about Will’s treatise on history reads like an episode of Chopped where the four ingredients are Shakespeare, London, playwriting, and a handful of arbitrary quotes that he won’t have written for a decade. It’s a mishmash blender of bardic trivia that doesn’t really strive to get anything too right, but gets things wrong in splendid degree.

And then you quickly start to realize, “Well, surely that has to be the point, right?” The show is created by Craig Pearce, who co-wrote Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, and suddenly, it all makes perfect sense why the series embeds anachronisms in its vernacular and leans in to strange modernity with its decision to coat a grunge-adjacent Elizabethan theater scene in candy colors. The Globe groundlings, already unfortunate enough as the poor theater-loving bottom-feeders who can only afford standing room, are now a mosh pit of punk rock Club Kids with smudged lipstick and neon hair. The posters for the Globe’s plays aren’t regally ornamented listicles with a dozen typefaces but hip concert flyers with Brooklyn wheat paste and the touch of an errant Kinko’s. The actors who would become Lord Chamberlain’s Men are rowdy radicals who dabble in light choreography. Richard Burbage, history’s esteemed thespian, is a horny CW meathead. Shakespeare drops mics in rap battles. Falstaff does a stage dive.

Will is truly the breakfast cereal commercial of Shakespeare — it’s sugary and colorful and very, very bad for you, but irresistible, especially if you’ve tasted something like this before. For anyone with even a nugget of leftover Shakespeare knowledge from high school, Will can be wicked summer fun. Really. Lines like “Seems like your play is quite the thing!” are so heinous, they’re genius. If you can find it in your CliffsNotes to accept that, you can accept Will’s flaws and enjoy the plucky game of How Shakespearey Is Too Shakespearey?

Pearce’s series is revisionism by way of anarchy, with timelines not worth the energy to piece together and choices of cause-and-effect that are blatantly audacious. (Why is Shakespeare rewriting Edward III while quoting Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet? Who cares!) And whereas Shakespeare in Love made a narrative point to say, “Hey, what if this romance in Shakespeare’s life inspired some of his most famous plays?,” Will’s young Shakespeare reads like a man who had a fever dream about his future Wikipedia and now only remembers 25 percent of it like some Middle Ages Memento. Young Will stumbles through his thoughts until inspiration strikes and he can conceive what he’s destined to write.

Fortunately — and this is truly the best part, or worst part, but really, the best, but actually, the worst — everyone in London somehow helps young William Shakespeare come up with his most iconic lines! There’s the drunk man in the inn whom he overhears shouting about a nunnery. There’s Alice Burbage, daughter to legendary theater impresario James Burbage, who sparks with Shakespeare and before long, they’re finishing each other’s couplets. (Surprise: She also sneaks around dressed like a boy sometimes, because at least one major female character in every Shakespeare origin story must). There’s rival playwright Christopher Marlowe, who treats his compositions like hostage assets and skeevily introduces himself to Shakespeare with a sneering botched Hamlet line — which will come into existence 10 years later, but who cares, who cares! (Credit where it’s due: Marlowe’s presentation as psychopathic villain makes smart use of his story as a shady gay secret spy who will maybe sort of possibly [?] fake his own death in the ultimate power play for the title of Elizabethan prince of melodrama.)

Other subplots are afoot in London, and they’re mildly entertaining enough distractions that help make Will less cringeworthy and more contritely silly. Marlowe helps Shakespeare hide his dispossessed Catholic family roots from power-hungry Protestants. A Gavroche-Oliver hybrid urchin named Presto works undercover for the church in an effort to help his sister escape prostitution. Burbage gets a girlfriend. That sort of thing.

The real highlights from the first two episodes, though, are purely dialogic. Will asks you believe in quotes like:

“Who would want a play by William Shakespeare?” The opening line uttered by housewife Anne Hathaway (Stratford-upon-Avon, not Devil-upon-Prada), who in one nag sets herself up as the single person in Shakespeare’s life who doesn’t immediately recognize his genius, giving the audience license to root for his romance with the historically insignificant Alice Burbage.

— “Iambic pentameter!” The category chosen for the RAP BATTLE POETRY SLAM that a drunk playwright forces Shakespeare into in a pub straight out of Pitch Perfect hell. (After Shakespeare wins, he declares his opponent “quilled,” which is one half-step less insane than if he just said, “Boom, roasted.”)

— The scene in which Will is trying to write a nice quote about the morning but has writer’s block, leading Alice to suggest a verb so that Shakespeare can exclaim, “‘But soft, what light through yonder window… breaks?’ That’s good!”

— The scene in which one of Lord Chamberlain’s Men stumbles on Shakespeare’s word “bedazzled” and complains that it’s not a real thing. “You can’t just make up words,” the actors yells at Shakespeare, who instantly cries back, “Well, someone must!” Can you even imagine.

— The general wokeness of Alice Burbage, who demonstrates accelerated awareness of her gender’s future and thereby serves as the company’s best copywriter and says things like, “Yes, I am that most useless of creatures: an educated woman!” Girl, noooooo.

— The rival dramaturg who can’t remember Shakespeare’s name and calls him “Shakedick!”

— Shakespeare casually referring to Romeo and Juliet as “something I’ve had rolling around my head for ages,” because of course there is a solid 50 percent change that his entire romantic masterwork will be written solely from things he overhears during the next eight episodes.

“All’s well that ends well.” LOL, yes, he actually says this, aloud, to a person, in seriousness, when something has ended.

Buckle up, summer.

Jim/Reader: Starfleet Matchmaking Sequel

After much frustration, I finally got this done! Sorry for the lack of good plot.

Starfleet Matchmaking 3: Jim/Reader sequel

The first date with Jim Kirk went surprisingly well, so well in fact that there was another date and then another and another and pretty soon, the two of you were very smitten. Your shared love of the stars had first helped you click, and as you grew to know each other, you found you complimented each other quite well. Your mismatched heights led to many jokes and people wondering why you didn’t go for someone closer to your height.

You just shrugged it off because Jim was worth the extra neck craning and tiptoeing it took to kiss him. He didn’t act bored when you were talking about work, he knew what jokes were and were not funny, and he was very supportive, completely unlike the negative image people painted of him.

“Guess what, Y/N?” He asked one day, popping into your office unexpectedly.
You looked up from your project to see a grinning Kirk standing there, PADD in hand.

“What’s up, Jim?” You replied, wondering what had him so excited.

He touched a button on his PADD and yours dinged, signaling he’d sent you a file.

Curious, you picked up the device and opened the file, eyes widening as you realized what it was.

“Jim! I get a position on the Enterprise for the five year mission? I thought the chances of that weren’t great, considering what you told me last month.”

He shook his head.

“Apparently, another opening came up and Spock felt you had the best qualifications for the job, which means he was really impressed with you. High praise from a Vulcan.”

“I guess all those nerve-wrecking interviews paid off then,” you said with a sigh of relief. You really had been dreading being separated from him for five years, thinking you’d be assigned to the USS Cooper.

“They sure did,” he agreed, looking extremely pleased. You launched yourself out of your chair and into Jim’s arms, gleeful at the fantastic news that boded well for both your personal and professional life. He was tall enough that your head just fit at his breastbone and you relished the familiar feel of the dress jacket against your cheek.

“Bones will be fiendishly delighted,” you commented. “He thinks it’s hysterical that we’re still together and hasn’t let up on his adorable couple comments.”

Jim snorted. “Like he’s one to talk. I heard rumors he’s seeing Amy again on the sly. You might make mention of that next time he tries to give you crap about us.”

Your smile grew wider. Bones and Amy were doing this weird on again, off again dance that confused most people, but seemed to work for them. Leonard seemed to really like her, but occasionally had moments when he got spooked by the reality of being in a relationship again. If they were back together, that was a very good sign and you looked forward to returning the snide remarks.

“I sure will,” you confirmed. “By the way, my parents are still begging me to bring you along for a visit sometime. I think we’d better do it before we leave, don’t you?”

Jim gulped. He was pretty nervous about this, but knew you were right.

“Yeah. So which one’s more threatening?” He asked.

“My dad. Mom is too excited that I actually have a quality boyfriend to get all menacing, but she’ll slip in a passive aggressive warning somewhere, then immediately ply you with offers of baked goods.”

“Doesn’t sound too bad,” Jim said cautiously, perking up at the mention of tasty sweets.

Well, he wasn’t quite so certain when he was sweating under the questions of your interested parents a month later.

“So, Kirk, how did you meet my daughter?” Your dad asked.

You looked at Jim and shared a sheepish look. You hadn’t yet admitted to using the dating service yet and weren’t sure how they’d react. At Jim’s unspoken question, you nodded to indicate he should tell the truth.

“Well, Starfleet has a service to pair up officers with compatible partners and we got paired up, decided to meet, went on a date, and the rest is history.”

Your dad’s face was priceless.

“Really? You’re kidding, right? The Captain Kirk using a dating service? What has the world come to?”

Jim blushed and shrugged.

“I signed up on a whim to try to encourage my friend to do it, since he hadn’t dated in a while and what do you know, I meet a lovely astronomer.”

He bestowed his crinkly-eyed grin on you and you smiled back. Your dad looked stunned.

“That’s….. really surprising. I thought you’d declared you’d never use such a thing, honey,” he told you.

“Changed my mind,” you said simply. “Decided to take a gamble and it paid off big time.”

“Looks like it did, judging by the way he looks at you,” your mom put in. She’d instantly taken to Jim and he’d reciprocated with due praise for her giant cookies.

“And you’re okay with his job, dear? Captains have a nose for danger, you know.” (Especially Jim was left unsaid.)

“It’s not a easy aspect, but he was absolutely made for his role and I’m going to support that, like he does with me,” you said.

“So you’re in it for the long haul then?” Your dad pressed Jim. He was well aware of the captain’s checkered history when it came to relationships and wasn’t going to just let him off easy. You tended up and looked nervously at Jim.

“For as long as Y/N wants me around, yes I am,” Jim answered seriously. There was a silent moment where they held each other’s gaze and then your dad nodded. You took a relieved breath, glad this part was over.

“Well, son, I wish you all the best, but don’t think being out in space will protect you from the consequences should you hurt her.”

“Understood, sir.” Jim responded, not looking offended at all. You were glad you’d given him a heads up about this and he took it all in stride.

“Now that that’s out of the way, how about we eat?” Your mom suggested and you gladly followed her to the kitchen. It was a pleasant time, talking about your hopes and plans for the five year mission and your parents teasing Jim about his towering size, compared to your entire family.

“When Betsy broke, he got me a really nice replacement,” you told them. (Betsy was your old faithful step stool that you’d had since childhood.)

“It’s really nice stained wood with my name carved in it and everything. Folds up for storage so I can take it with me on the ship.”

You showed them a picture and they were suitably impressed. What you didn’t tell them was that it was also the exact perfect height for you to stand on and kiss Jim goodnight with no neck craning. The man was a sly genius, after all.

“What do you think, handsome?” You asked Jim when you were saying goodnight.

“I think you’ve got a pretty awesome family. Had to be to create someone as incredible as you.”

“You flatterer,” you mumbled against his chest. “Love you, babe,” he returned.

You thought about writing Starfleet a thank you note for their impeccable taste in pairing you up with him. This was going to be a fantastic journey and you couldn’t wait to boldly go out into the black with him.



Taking Care of Business

(phone rings, INTJ ignores it, doesn’t recognize the number)

(same number calls again, Afghanistan area code)

INTJ: Stupid telemarketers.

(same number calls again)

INTJ: I have no idea who this is but whoever you are I do not want your product or-

Terrorists: Hello Infidel, we have kidnapped your friend.

INTJ: I have friends?

“Friend”: I know your phone number.

INTJ: Excellent point, that is some Fort Knox shit there.

Terrorists: For one million dollars, you filthy American Infidel, we will return-

INTJ: You want that much? Seriously, look at what you kidnapped.

Terrorists: I think this is the wrong number.

INTJ: With the prices that you’re charging it’s no wonder that you’re not moving inventory.

“Friend”: You are aware of the fact that you are on speaker phone.

INTJ: Also, there are better ways to achieve your organizational goals. What is your organization’s goal or mission statement?

Terrorists: Uhh….

INTJ: Do you have a slogan, logo? You need good branding before you can have a good branding strategy, seriously, who am I talking to here? What makes you stand out?

Terrorists: We didn’t think about that before we became terrorists.

INTJ: I understand, most people don’t think about a lot of things before they become terrorists. But your do have one thing.

Terrorists: A valuable hostage?

INTJ: No, passion. Passion is great to have, but it doesn’t make a solution magically appear, however, it can drive you to find one.

Terrorists: I am writing that down, it is an excellent quote.

“Friend”: I would like to use one of my other lifelines.

Terrorists: No, we like this one.

INTJ: What you have is a really exciting, potentially explosive concept. You could make a big impact-

“Friend”: She knows that those are really dark puns but she’s using them anyway.

INTJ: I am negotiating with the startup, what is the name of your organization?

Terrorists: Al Shasteve.

INTJ: You need to work on the name.

Terrorists: I know.

“Friend”: Stop helping the terrorists!

INTJ: Hey, you didn’t get kidnapped by Al Qaeda or ISIS.

Terrorists: What are you implying extremely helpful infidel?

INTJ: I’m implying that you could be on that level, you could be Al Qaeda, or ISIS, or Hezbollah even, I assume that you want your organization to grow and develop, be a worldwide brand?

Terrorists: Yes, we want to be on CNN, but how?

INTJ: It’s a combination of brand connectivity and awareness, what’s your story, what makes you human, relatable to your audience?

Terrorists: We want to connect with our local audience and kill our international audience.

INTJ: On the surface those are counter intuitive, but they could work together.

“Friend”: How?

INTJ: That is an excellent question, the simple answer is, they both involve engagement, engagement would be much easier with your international audience because you’re trying to kill them.

Terrorists: They will be very scared of us.

INTJ: But your local audience, how will they connect and condone you killing your international audience?

Terrorists: We’re locally owned and operated, we share the same beliefs, have the same problems, want to solve them. By problems I mean infidels like you, and you!

“Friend”: I’m sorry, your English is excellent!

INTJ: Those are all excellent aspects of your organizations that any killer organization should possess.

“Friend”: Really?

INTJ: What you need are local brand ambassadors and evangelists, local businesses and organizations need to connect on a local level in order to succeed. I assume that you have a recruiting department.

Terrorists: We do, but, all the other terrorists join other terrorists, who aren’t us.

INTJ: That’s a completely different subject, but long story short, you need to invest in recruiting, if you have the top talent and top recruits, you will be on top. Have you considered affiliate marketing? In return, being somehow affiliated, or at least endorsed, acknowledges your organization’s worth as a quality organization. Also knowing that your competition thinks you’re competition is a real confidence boost.

Terrorists: Also…brand awareness?

INTJ: Exactly, brand awareness, free marketing! See, you have to invest in it at first, but the dividends and return. You are catching on Al Shasteve.

“Friends”: Whatever they say, don’t explain incentivization to them.

Terrorists: Why not, why not helpful infidel?

INTJ: Well, with your unique startup I’m not sure that would be a good idea, it could be disastrous for you, your competition could turn that against you. You don’t want to scare away your audience, with however, you’d convince, or forcibly earn someone’s loyalty. Also, you can’t hack growth and have genuine growth.

Terrorists: You are very wise and just saved us the trouble of taking many lives. Would you like to negotiate for your friend’s release now?

INTJ: Oh, that, sorry, we were just having such a great, valuable conversation, does she want to come back?

Terrorists: The helpful infidel wants to know if you want to come back.

“Friend”: She’s not my favorite person now and I am totally reporting her to the FBI now but yes.

INTJ: Well if it’s going to be-

Terrorists: Wait, don’t hang up, you’ve been so helpful to us, we’d feel bad if you got absolutely nothing out of this.

INTJ: You’re right, the terrorists are right, tell the nice terrorists thank you.

“Friend”: Thank you nice terrorists.

Terrorists: You are welcome, so, One million dollars.

INTJ: That’s a bit high for me, I gave you a good $999,999 in advice. Also, you need to build up your brand and associate it with such a high price tag. You should aspire to be a real luxury brand. Think about it, a purse is basically a purse, but with a certain name on it, convince your consumer that you are that good, with what you have there and being a startup and all.

“Friend”: Tell my mother I love her.

INTJ: What I’m saying is this could be a great opportunity for you, have you kidnapped anyone else for ransom money before?

Terrorists: Yes, but they died.

INTJ: Ahhh, well I have some idea what could have happened.

Terrorists: You do, we’re terrorists. Very bad terrorists.

INTJ: But do you want that mess again? This is a prime chance to develop your negotiating skills. A paid ransom for a living person is very important for your business model. It also cleans up your reputation, and saves you quiet the cleanup, she is just going to splatter everywhere. That’s not halal.

Terrorists: Caves are hard to clean.

INTJ: And she can tell the west how truly terrifying and threatening you are, right?

“Friend”: Yes, brand evangelism.

INTJ: To an international audience that you could probably not afford to reach with paid advertisement currently. She could be so very useful for once.

“Friend”: That’s right, I’ll be so…what do you mean for once?

INTJ: I think she’s only worth $10,000.

Terrorists: We need more than that.

INTJ: You see that’s the thing, when you start a business, you think money is everything, but there are valuable free, literal and metaphorical resources that matter too. Also, where would that money go? You might think that things like administrative costs and travel expenses are at the forefront now, but no, in fact, make a list, decide the minimal amount you’d need. You’re going to have to be creative, but what small business isn’t at this stage? Also, a small amount of money could get to you faster than a large amount, and cover immediate pressing expenses.

Terrorists: We could kidnap other people.

INTJ: More valuable people.

Terrorists: And be like a luxury brand?

INTJ: Yes, and then you’d have her, on CNN, you know, what you have coming together here is a real strategy for growth.

Terrorists: When you put it that way.

“Friend”: This is your nice way of saying I’m not worth that much to you but I agree with you and it’s working.

INTJ: Whatever lets everybody win, huh?

Terrorists: We do need to get rid of her, she is getting kind of annoying.

INTJ: I know right, good job incentivizing and promoting a sense of urgency.

“Friend”: Yes, I wasn’t just scared because I was kidnapped by terrorists at all.

INTJ: Personally, I think she has great sales skills, $50,000, and her and I launch a promotional campaign for the hottest new terrorist group, Al Shasteve?

Terrorists: $100,000 and the promotional campaign.

INTJ: You’ve had to put up with her for at least a week.

“Friend”: Three, did you not see that I wasn’t active on Facebook at all?

INTJ: Oh, you’re on Facebook? (pretending not to know) I’ve been, busy.

“Friend”: You manage Facebook pages and make Facebook ads, you have to have a Facebook account!

Terrorists: $90,000 you have an excellent point, you’re the one who’d really be paying.

INTJ: I know right, I saw on one of my friend’s pages that she just posts so much, it’s like, get a life, scoff, $75,000.

Terrorists: $80,000 and you have to become Facebook friends with her.

INTJ: $75,001. She asks for prayers and demands likes.

Terrorists: $75,002, we will drop the entire promotional campaign and you have to give her all the infidel likes and infidel prayers she wants.

INTJ: Only if in the event that she has kids she never mentions them on Facebook or posts pictures of the things. I’m concerned for those poor children’s privacy and safety.

Terrorists: An even $75,000 if you throw in some goats.

INTJ: I have an Applebee’s gift card.

Terrorists: What is Applebees?

INTJ: $50,000, the goats, and Fly Emirates T-shirts for all of you, no conditions attached.

Terrorists: You have to help us make the list.

INTJ: That’s a fair deal, send me your T-Shirt sizes.

Terrorists: Can the goats get Fly Emirates T-Shirts too?

INTJ: Uh, that would be hilarious, send me their sizes and I will throw in the Applebee’s gift card for free. Send me pictures of the goats in the T-shirts, inchallah.

“Friends”: How am I getting home?

INTJ: Oh, sorry, I was distracted by the idea of seeing goats in, where is the nearest airport?

Terrorists: Uhh…

INTJ: Could you drop her off outside a military base and just tell her what you want to say about your organization?

Terrorists: We could drop her off on Pakistan, what idiot would think that we didn’t have connections in Pakistan?

INTJ: I know, but in a semi-safe area, there’s a Harry Potter café, I’d love for her to bring me back some pictures and souvenirs.

“Friend”: Oh F’ you.

Terrorists: Is that how you thank your helpful infidel friend?

“Friend”: I’ll take pictures.

INTJ: Good, then find your way to a US Military base, say what they want you to say. Also, pick up and mail the the T-shirts and goats. The terrorists are the ones making you do that, not me.

“Friend”: I am not thanking you for negotiating my release at all.

INTJ: Splitsies on your ransom, and you get to punch me in the face as hard as you can when you land.

Terrorists: How selfless.

INTJ: I’ll mail the Applebees gift card?

“Friend”: You had me at punch you in the face as hard as I can when I land.

Terrorists: She’s coming home!

INTJ: I am such a good friend.

“Friend”: Reporting you to the FBI is not exactly off the table.

Book Adaptations Wishlist

Let’s start with my biggest fandom that is based on a book-series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, by Rick Riordan.

I’m one of the… very few who likes the Percy Jackson movies. Most certainly not in the sense of them being adaptations of the books. Hah. Good one. No, I view them more as “motion picture fanfiction”. I mean, damn the pretty cast they got. I love Clarisse and Chris in particular. And I will forever be grateful to the first movie because without it, I would have never in a million years found the books simply because I’m not a big reader so the only way I ever learn about books is by watching an adaptation and deeming it to be my taste.

Now, things with PJatO were a little more complicated than that. Back before the movie hit theatres, I was checking out all the releases announced for the year and among them was this. The word “Thief” in the title caught my attention because I love a good con movie or show. I clicked it and back then the link only lead to the book and a section about it getting an adaptation, so that’s how I found out it was a book adaptation. Reading the synopsis of the book, I thought it sounded pretty cool. Next step was, of course, to check the character list. Because I love Greek mythology.

Main character a son of Poseidon. That’s cool. I love elementals, particularly those with water-powers. And there, not far down, was the name that got me hooked. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. HOLY UNDERWORLD YES. Hades is my favorite male god. That his kid was listed as one of the main characters of the series - and NOT as a bad guy, because if modern adaptations taught me one thing, it’s that American authors love to paint everything in black and white and anything related to the underworld had to be the devil.

So Nico di Angelo was why I went to see the movie. Needless to say, Nico wasn’t in it because he only joins the series later on. But I did like the movie, Percy was cute, I was still curious to meet Nico, so when I found myself on a classtrip to Munich weeks later and was dragged from store to store and ended up in a bookstore where all six books (I do count The Demigod Files as part of the original series too) were on display at the time, I impulse-bought them.

I loved them. A lot. We’re not gonna talk about Heroes of Olympus here because that will take too many hours of my time. Let’s just say I don’t love them.

But yeah, the movies are not good adaptations of the books.

Then again, personally, I think that no movie can ever properly do a book justice. You can’t take a story that unfolds in like 500 pages of book and cram it into a two hour movie. You’re forced to cut sooo much out of it. It just doesn’t work.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of this new trend of adapting books as TV shows. It’s a very good way of covering more ground, taking things slow and giving the plot its due.

I’m desperately waiting for a good Percy Jackson adaptation. But I don’t want it to be live-action, to be honest. I mean, between Grover’s furry butt, Chiron’s horse-hide, the monsters and pegasi and demigodly powers, the show would need a huge special effects budget. And that’s just not gonna happen. So it’ll look cheap as fuck. Which would be an utter shame.


I want a Percy Jackson cartoon show. I’d entrust DreamWorks with this. DreamWorks has done some amazing cartoon shows the last decade - Voltron, Dragons, Trollhunters. Particularly the cooperation with Netflix is working well for them. And with the team behind Avatar, like they’re doing with Voltron, I could REALLY envision a Percy Jackson cartoon. Imagine Percy water-bending like Katara or Korra, Nico looking like Keith in goth-clothes, I’d be dying to see that. Particularly considering that Avatar and Voltron use this beautiful 2D art style. I wouldn’t object to quality 3D like Trollhunters and Dragons, but I’d prefer 2D. I’m an old-fashioned gal like that.

To me, that would be the perfect way of adapting Percy Jackson.

Aaand I got a little lost in Percy Jackson. It happens. Oh well, I guess this is gonna be a long-ass entry then.

What I wanted to say was that I thoroughly approve of the TV show adaptation of books. I know I love Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries and, of course as you may have noticed if you know me at all, Shadowhunters. All books I haven’t read (though I’m trying to read The Mortal Instruments. I’m just slow). I’ve just always been more of a TV-show kinda gal than a book-reader.

Now, if only they’d adapt the books that I actually love to read. That would be amazing. But somehow, I read stuff that doesn’t even get movies. Sure I read Percy Jackson and that got two failed movies, but we already covered that.

Because yes, I actually do read. Books that I haven’t met through their adaptations.

My all-time favorite book is Wicked, by Gregory Maguire.

I started reading it back in 2010 when I was doing an internship at our cozy local little bookstore - a very homey little place that was specialized on fantasy and sci-fi books. And Wicked was relatively fresh out back then and stood there in the special display and drew me in because of the green-skinned lady. I have a thing for green-skinned ladies, but that’s between me and Shego. So I started reading it during my breaks, when I had nothing else to do. Ten pages here, twenty pages there. By the time my internship ended, I was too hooked to forget about it so I bought it.

I saw its musical adaptation twice. Once in Stuttgart, the German version, and then when I was in London for the first time, the English version.

I love that musical as much as I loathe it.

The same as The Lightning Thief movie. And I mean it. Literally the same. You can view it as live-action fanfiction, but you can not with half-a-mind view it as an adaptation. It has as much to do with the book as The Lightning Thief movie had to do with The Lightning Thief book. That is to say, the characters shared the same names, but neither their behavior nor their physical appearance actually fit. And the plot, if you cook it down to a very basic one sentence summary - “Percy Jackson has to find the Lightning Thief” and “Elphaba Thropp rebels against the wizard” - fits, but do not ever dig for actual details, because those do not cover what happens in the book.

As a musical lover and someone who can view an adaptation as a separate thing from the source-material, I thoroughly love the musical. But as someone who loves that book to bits and pieces, I hate that the majority of people have only ever heard about the musical and are most likely not even aware of the book or haven’t bothered reading it and are now actually under the impression that all it is is a cheesy love-story. Which it is not. The romance is a foot-note in this long masterpiece that is basically a metaphor for the holocaust. And I will never be able to forgive the stupid fix-it shit of “Oh, Fiyero was turned into the scarecrow and they lived happily ever after”. No. They don’t. Or the fact that they turned my favorite character into a vindictive piece of crap.

(Okay, so maybe I am not as able to separate the two as I like to think, but cut me some slack they turned Elphaba’s trusted friend into a literal heartless tin-man who wants to slaughter her. What the fuck is that even.)

And I got lost again.

So, yes, I want a Wicked adaptation done right. A TV-show. After all, this is a book that literally covers her entire life, from birth to death. It tells a pretty long  story and I’d like to see it done right, instead of turned into a high school musical love drama, as the musical did. Not to mention I want to see the polyamorous relationship between Elphaba’s parents and Turtle Heart, maybe if we take more time for her childhood, we’d get more feels for the threesome too. Her two gay friends Crope and Tibbett. Her own “maybe not quite just friends” with Glinda. Her bisexual son who was entirely cut out of the musical. I mean, maybe we cut the girl out who married the Cowardly Lion, but uh they never had sex because she was a rape survivor who had no interest of ever having sex again - perhaps was even asexual, though it was never explicitely stated in the books - and only married him for safety reasons and all that did connect them was deep friendship?

I’d also like to mention my favorite book-series - while Wicked is my favorite book and its direct sequel Son of a Witch might be the only book I ever read within a literal day because I couldn’t put it down, the third and fourth books were a little on the… drawn out and exhausting side of things.

The Bartimaeus-series by Jonathan Stroud.

Bartimaeus is my favorite book-series, because it is - from start to finish - perfection. And Bartimaeus himself is a sassy little shit. We’d definitely need voice-over narration to not forget his sass. Can’t decide if I’d want it as a cartoon or as a live-action show though. But either way, I’d kiss the feet of the person who would fucking finally decide to adapt that book-series. I mean, seriously, among all the many, many shows and all the many, many adaptations these days, how has no oneever thought about giving this book any form of adaptation? It deserves it. It really does deserve a good adaptation.

And then there’s just one more. My favorite childhood books.

The Woodland Folk, by Tony Wolf.

I don’t think many people have ever even heard of this. It’s from an Italian author and as a child, I only owned two out of the twelve books that existed. But they were my most often read books. I knew them by heart, literally.

I later on, as a teen, bought the missing ten books on the internet and devoured them.

Those books are the reason I got hooked on fantasy, why I am obsessed with fairies and mermaids and witches. Tony Wolf’s illustrations in those books are the reason I always wanted to draw. They are beautiful and sweet and they would make for an amazing cartoon.

I know out of all of those books on this wish-list, this is the one that’s most far-out-there and will probably never happen, but I’d be ridiculously happy if it did.

Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming the Rage

AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he smirks knowing all the duties you’ll have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either, but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


Before Loki left that morning, he made Erika promise she would not spend one night alone in their chambers while he was gone.

“I mean it Erika. If you need to come retrieve something, that’s fine, but no staying here alone.”

“I promise.”

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Part 2 of Ice Jewels Vol.4 special interview before the season started.

(I summarised some bits because we already know some details of his programmes now.)  


‘Let’s Go Crazy’, choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle.

Hanyu: I like this kind of songs. Although I had not listened to Prince before, this is the kind of song used for ice show opening or finale. I myself enjoy it, and I want to show it in a cool way, and I really like to be in unison with the music; it suits me.

The feel of the quad loop as a jump in the programme has come to me. Of course, when I am nervous, there are also failures, but I can now see bit by bit what kind of jump it turns into when I am nervous. If I am asked, is jumping 4LO from eagle special to you? Well, I do not have this feeling. Yes, of course it is difficult, but jumping 4LO from eagle does not hold much meaning for me. My feeling is that from eagle, jump, go into eagle and from there, lead into steps, this is most important; this is what’s worth doing and I enjoy it.

—About step levels:

This time, really, with Jeff also, it was made thinking ‘let’s definitely get a level 4’. But the feeling is not one of making a lot of steps, but of skating and enjoying the flow of the programme.

—With this SP layout, possibility of making a new world record?

Of course, I want to make a new record, I want to do performances that can do that, and this layout is possible.
If I do this programme to a degree that I am satisfied with it, to a high quality, I think that will lead to records. But it is not for the sake of getting a new record that I am raising the quality. Rather, it is something that will come together. The performance content is packed full, and I would like to do it such that people can think 'Yuzuru Hanyu can even do this type of programme this well.’

—About the costume:
It’s a bit of a risk. But what makes my heart pound the most is the quad loop! Maybe after 1 or 2 competitions, I will have more confidence. But even now, after 3 minutes of warm-up, I jump it, I can do the short with no mistakes.


—Programme name and theme?

A combination of Joe Hisaishi-san’s 'View of Silence’ and 'Asian Dream Song’, and the title name is 'Hope & Legacy’.
The free skate music is like last season’s 'Chopin Ballade No.1’ with the common point of piano. It has some Japanese melody line, things that are in nature, the wind, the trees, the water; I would like to express these things of nature. In this sense, it is also connected to last year’s exhibition 'Requiem of Heaven and Earth’; so for the free, I want to gather together all the things I have experienced until now, and level it up further.

—Choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne. Did you put in your opinions too?

The last pose was decided mainly by myself. (laughs)

—How was the programme made?

Regarding the music, in my heart I had already decided firmly on the theme from the start. With this theme in mind, I searched for the music. As such, what I wanted to express was very clear.
Of course I am the one skating but I do not want make it a programme that forces my feelings onto others.
For example, when Shae-Lynn choreographed for me, what kind of movements did she do, what kind of choreography did she make, what kind of feelings did she have, even if no words were used, there are things that were conveyed to me. The real meaning of these things that were conveyed, I may not have really understood them but there are things that I feel within me. But whether or not Shae-Lynn is really thinking that way when doing it, I do not know. That is why, there is no such thing as “please feel this way”. Inside me, I have clearly decided the theme but it is not conceptualised in words, it is not something concrete but something abstract, it can be taken in any way.

—So you express it with the lines of the body and the gaze of the eyes.

It’s a really subtle programme.

It’s piano music, there are no showy/flamboyant parts like last year; and precisely because of that, although it is not 'Requiem of Heaven and Earth’, I want to cherish the things that are naturally expressed from within me, and I think it’s good if i can perform it that way.

—About the music:

During the end of my junior period, I was thinking that even if the sound cannot be heard, I want to do a performance that enables the sound to be heard. But now, I think that is a very conceited, pushy way of thinking. If the sound cannot be heard, then that is not a programme. To be doing in unison with the sound, to be co-starring with the sound, there is something you can feel especially because of the sound, I think this music enables one to treasure these things.

It’s a piece of music that can absorb many things. For skating, a proper core is needed. Skating is not ballet, it’s not contemporary, it’s not rock. Figure skating is a category that stands by itself. Ways of expression are diverse; there are people who don’t do ballet but still skate beautifully, and people who do ballet have a classical beauty. Shae-Lynn seems to like contemporary; she has free movements that look beautiful no matter where you see it from. Because it is a sport that has many kinds of beauty and ways of expression, and various charms, I want to absorb many various things and use them well in skating.

One thing good about the music I chose this time is that I can skate it with a smiling face, which is quite rare. It is music which I can smile from my heart. Up to now, I have had many (programmes) with serious faces and painful expressions; this time I really like the parts where I can skate with a smile.
Smiling has many benefits. It can influence people who are watching me, and it also has an effect on myself. Just a smile makes the heart feel full/rich. I think it’s a programme that I can bare myself to skate. Of course, that is what I have been doing all along, but for example, like SEIMEI, there is already a character there, so I become that character. For the music this time, the theme is specified but that is just the title. I would like everyone to see it from various viewpoints. Because of the injury, the period that I could not skate was very long. So now I am skating and really enjoying it. This is a programme where I can feel immensely the sensation/feeling of skating.

—It’s a programme that can show the beauty of skating?

It’s a programme that’s easy to watch. There are skate programmes that are intense, like 'SEIMEI’; there are also programmes that have a quiet calm, like 'Ballade’. It also depends on the choreographer and the skater. This programme, the skating skills stand out and it’s easy to watch. If I can weave in emotions, meanings, skills, and do a programme with no empty spaces, that would be good.

—Jump layout?

4Lo, 4S, 3F, 4S+3T, 4T, 3A combo done twice, 3Lz

It is very challenging, but to do such a challenge through this season, the gains will be great, so I want to go on and do it properly.

–To make the programme complete:

I have to jump the jumps of course, plus skating expressions, spins and steps that will look beautiful and can convey something, no matter where it is seen from. I am aiming for such a programme.
Shae-Lynn said to me, “Yuzuru can convey the mood with expressions and skills, and can also convey things of emotions and spirit. But the way of expression is a bit different from what I am asking for. It is not because you cannot do it, but because you have not done it before.” Shae-Lynn’s movements, expressions that females have, movements of the shoulders and fingers, it is a programme where I needed to learn about this area too.

Last year, I learned a different method of expression. For 'SEIMEI’, I learned not so much about the use of the body but about how to have an awareness, that way of thinking. This time, I have to learn properly about the use of the body. Not ballet but ways of expressions related to skating movements, I want to study them.

—Last year’s SEIMEI and 'Ballade’ were really good contrasts. They broke world records, but for Worlds, it’s a pity…..

Now my thinking is, even if the condition is bad, I must be able to do it perfect. I do not want to have that kind of memory again; no matter what kind of ice, I must land on it.
During the time of the 6 points system of Salt Lake City Olympics, if you fall, you’re finished. No matter how strong the skater is, a fall means no podium. So no matter what, you must not fall. So, have to land (jumps) properly. And on top of that, they have to be of good quality. Now, just simply “I jumped it” is not good enough.

—It should be trying to get +3 for GOE, right?

Jump from steps, beautiful position in the air, flow is good, landing is beautiful; the way of landing also needs work. Have to pack various things into one element. Various techniques have been included, so it is becoming a period with a high difficulty level.

—In your case, it’s about getting +3 GOEs and also 10 points which is almost not enough for the 5 components score, if not, you can’t say it is Yuzuru Hanyu; you have come to this point, isn’t it?

Yes, last year’s 'Ballade’ had high scores and 'SEIMEI’ also received very good evaluations. That’s why, the expectations for my programmes this season is very high. But figure skating programmes are not in a series, and each can be made as a completely different thing. So inside me, this season is this season, it is clearly separated. Because of that, there is no negative thinking at all. I just want to be earnestly skating into it and skating into it, and it would be good if more and more comes out of it.


—Approaching the season in a condition that cannot be said as perfectly well, is there anxiety?

Honestly, yes there is. Because of the anxiety, I was always thinking about what I can do at that time at each point, and I was able to do the preparations up to here. Of course it is not perfect, but I have no regrets about what I have done up to now, so I really want to just look ahead and skate.

—Your foot is not fully recovered, you are practising while getting treatment, how do you plan to compete for this season?

My feelings have not changed. I want to progress/evolve with each season. The layout also changes each year. I want to practise more and become better; I want to practise more and jump with consistency, I am practising with this kind of feelings.

The top priority is getting used to the programmes. This season I want to aim for higher. Not just about scores and evaluations, but to go to the limits of my abilities and to keep on aiming higher and higher. The music is also a new challenge for me.
The 'Ballade’ short programme was done over 2 years; something made over one year and something made over 2 years are completely different. I want to make this new one ready as soon possible. There are no limits. In any case, I just want to treasure the skating into the programmes of this season.

This season, there are all sorts of quads, the flow of the era has come.  The era of jumping more than 3 types of quads is here.  My free programme of 4 quads and 2 (triple) axels, it is tough.  I want to be able to do it with a 'constant perfect’, that is a first priority.    

END.  (part one HERE)

[Translated by me. Some of the interviewer’s questions are summarised or left out as they are not important. But Yuzuru’s answers are all here  Thanks to a friend for the original Japanese article.]

Egregores and Local Spirits, Part I: Theories

Many occultists (though, strangely, not many witches) speak of egregores rather often. The term was originally used to describe the self-created guiding spirit of a group such as a magical order or other occult-based organization. Though this may seem similar to concepts such as the Secret Chiefs, in actuality, an egregore is quite different. Whereas organizations with Secret Chief-like figures tend to posit that these entities existed prior to and independent of the group’s temporal incarnation, an egregore is, by definition, a creation of the group. 

Constructed Egregores

Egregores are formed from the sum total of purposeful interaction and intention involved in the formation of a group or organization. In occult contexts, a group egregore is often a willful creation, and members will put a great degree of effort into cultivating the egregore. This can take the form of collectively visualizing it as a physical entity or more overt methods of ritually contacting and managing it. Many groups will create or attempt to discover a sigil representing the entity, though in some cases the group’s symbol may suffice. 

The reason for all this is simple: egregores are essentially two-way. They’re formed via the group’s purposeful interactions, but also influence individual members. In some cases, this communing with the egregore is done in a ritual context or via meditation/visualization, but even with those practices absent, an individual is influenced by the egregore of the organization. 

This may sound a bit troubling or disturbing, but it isn’t as if (in the overwhelming majority of cases) an egregore would exert complete (or even any) kind of control over members. Far more likely would be a relationship between the individual and the egregore wherein the entity acts as a sort of mechanism to impart or teach the group’s mysteries and practices. With all this in mind, then, it is easy to see why many occult groups put much emphasis on cultivating a proper egregore.

Organic Egregores

I argue egregores exist outside of occult contexts, as well. Groups ranging from corporations to families and even football teams will have them. Humans, after all, have a natural propensity towards magick, and as I’ve noted before, often act on a magical level without referring to it as such. This may even happen subconsciously, and the way our society views groups and organizations tends to support the notion that egregores can occur organically without overt manipulation. 

In the United States, for example, a corporation is legally considered a person. Some might argue that this is a mere political maneuver on the part of corporations, but the fact that it worked and became an accepted bit of the law suggests that personifying something of that sort to be quite natural. The existence of mascots also speak to the possibility of naturally-occurring egregores. I would not argue that all organizations will have a fully-formed and contactable egregore, but many certainly do.

An issue arises, though - how does one define an organization with regards to egregores? Since we see egregores created in casual settings, oaths or ritual commitments do not seem to be required. Nor, really, does a hierarchy or other byzantine structure. We are left wondering, then, which groupings of people have egregores and which do not, and also why. Really, I recommend intense experimentation and careful observation on the part of the witch. With practice and sensitivity, one can often sense the presence of egregores. This is typically easier for those who’ve got experience with spirits of any sort, naturally, but I’ve found that egregores and similar entities (more on this later) behave differently than beings such as godforms or Goetic spirits, are more accessible, and generally easier to contact.

Related Concepts (and Why They Might Just Be The Same Thing)

Spirits and entities are difficult to categorize, and egregores share many traits with related classes of entities. Notably, they are often said to operate like very overgrown thoughtforms. A thoughtform is a spirit that was, as the name implies, created via the power of human thought. They range in complexity from the simplest which have only a few functions (often called servitors) to capable and fleshed out beings with very definite attributes.

This can happen, again, intentionally or unintentionally. Many magicians and witches consciously create thoughtforms for various purposes using a variety of methods, ranging from sigil-based techniques to high ritual. Non-occultists, though, are prone to creating thoughtforms as well, especially authors who create characters. How many of us have (or know someone who has) a character who “takes on a life of their own?” These experiences may, at times, result from the unintentional creation of thoughtforms.

I think most would agree that egregores, thoughforms, and even servitors are very similar concepts, and though there are differences, one might even argue that they’re essentially different degrees of the same sort of spirit. There are, though, other categories of spirit that I think might function like egregores, despite popular lore suggesting otherwise.

Among them is the notion of place-based spirits, also known as genius loci. Conventional occult wisdom would argue that such spirits exist in and of themselves, independent of human intervention, and thus cannot be conflated with egregores. I am not so sure. The truth is, it would be impossible to verify whether any entity or spirit exists outside of human interaction insofar as we can only understand them via interacting with them. 

There is no way to discern, for example whether the spirit of a stream was in existence prior to humans visiting and drawing water there. Such a spirit might claim that it was, but similarly, many thoughtforms claim great ages as well or impossible origins, by their very design. This isn’t a lie on the part of the spirit - it reflects the personal mythology developed around it by its creators. 

My Personal Experiences

Having interacted with different entities of these sorts, I do argue that place-based spirits have much in common with egregores. Regardless of whether they exist prior to human interaction, they’re definitely shaped and cultivated by humans. Those documented in popular lore tend to have features clearly influenced by the cultures with which they interact and the sentiments of the time in which they were well-known. As such, yes, I’d call them very similar to egregores and I’ve had no trouble approaching them in much the same way. Whether they’re the same creatures or not is really immaterial.

My first ever experience with a spirit of this sort drives home this point, as I never did determine whether it loosely qualified as an egregore or a genuis loci. At age eighteen, I moved to Indiana to attend a small liberal arts college with a colorful history. At the time I was a few years into practicing magick, but still struggling. I was quite pleased to discover many other students were interested in the occult as well, though. 

Many of them seemed to be of the opinion that there was a strong presence on campus, particularly at certain hours and in certain places. Interestingly, very few (if anyone) ever claimed to have seen it. It was more a matter of feeling that something or someone was nearby, unseen. It lacked the unsettling qualities usually seen with this kind of experience, and the overall consensus was that whatever it was, it wasn’t malevolent. Indeed, it seemed rather friendly. 

To explain a bit of what it felt like (and realizing this verges into the territory of UPG), it was, again, a sense of someone being present but relatively uncommunicative, and unseen. If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis and the sense of “someone’s there” that comes with that, it was very similar, but lacked the element of terror you’d find in sleep paralysis. Instead of terror, there was a feeling of prankishness and wonderment.

College students can be prone to histrionics, and no doubt we were, but I’ll never shake the notion that there was, in fact, some reality in this experience. One reason I still think so: there were, in fact, physical aspects to the phenomenon, with objects (sometimes large and heavy and not easily misplaced) going missing in certain areas where it was strongly felt. 

Ultimately I decided that the presence was probably the college itself, either and egregore of the student body and professors, or a genius loci, or possibly both. As time went on and I left that school, I got a little better at sensing such things and became aware that, even if not fully-formed, most places will have some sort of spirit associated with them. It does remain to be seen, though, whether the spirits are the creation of those visiting and living in the location, or something more primal that was discovered rather than created.

I was especially surprised when I moved to Pittsburgh to realize that cities (some of them) have very strong and personable spirits associated with them, be they egregores of those who live there or some kind of manifestation of the physical location without human intervention. It was during this period that I began to realize the usefulness of such spirits and how helpful they can be. For me, it takes a great deal of effort to get in touch with such an entity in a new place, and involves careful historical research as well as experimenting with different techniques of invocation and evocation, but it’s well-worth it. 

Soon, I’ll be posting a continuation of this article where I’ll discuss techniques for communicating with these things and possible uses for said communication.

Psycho Pass Movie Novel Chpt. 2 - Part 1 of 2

Half of chapter two is done. This part is really nice and features some scenes already seen in the movie and some new scenes.


Akane and Kaori meeting.

Gino’s shower scene. (sorry, I don’t have a pic for this one. If some talented artist would like to make one, I would happily put it here).

Sugou and Hinakawa training.

Thanks to my dear Beth, who has the patience to read and fix all my messes and give me always good advices.


Note before reading: sentences in italics represent the character’s thoughts.


In the chief office at the Public Safety Bureau headquarters, behind the desk, Tsunemori was facing her superior — Kasei Jōshū. Chief Kasei, who is a part of the Sibyl System.

It was not a metaphor; she was a mechanical body, the container of a packaged ‘brain’.

Finding out that thing had been a shock for Tsunemori and even now she could remember her sense of hatred*, but she had completely gotten used to behaving in a manner so as not to show it openly.

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a little talk on the diet thing

You know, the thing is that being vegan rn is becoming very popular and with said popularity I sometimes encounter people morally jacking off in my inbox because I eat corpses and chicken period and apparently that makes some people feel morally superior enough to the point where they feel like sharing such information with me. I personally don’t get into the philosophy of my choices because to be frank, I don’t think I need to explain myself to anyone as the only person I need to answer to is myself. But since I brought it up I will talk about it a bit.
You might know or you might not but I’ve watched every video or documentary there is out there about the food industry and whatnot, I saw eathlings, cowspiracy, probably all gary yorurofsky speeches he ever gave in his life, I’m really someone who doesn’t turn away from being informed and still, I chose to not go vegan. Some people might say that it just proves that I’m an evil human being and I deserve to die for supporting animal cruelty, but to be quite honest I don’t even take such judgment into consideration because it’s actually quite ignorant to say something like that and also it proves that people who go thru life with such black-and-white mindset clearly don’t understand that morality and life itself isn’t a zero-one kind of issue where you have a simple question of pure good and pure evil and a simple choice to make. Human beings have brains complex enough to recognize and understand the grey areas of life even if it means diving into moral issues that have no right answer. I don’t think animal cruelty is okay, I don’t think rape-breeding cows is fine, I recognize the cruel exploitation of animals by the corporate system we live in, but at the same time my diet is not an issue of morals or emotions. I have seen all documents on the meat&dairy industry issues and frankly shock value has no impact on me, I recognize some true facts among tons of biased and untrue information and that’s it. I agree on diary not being necessarily good for a human as to put it simple, it’s baby cow formula and it’s supposed to make a smol cow grow into a big fucking cow in a very short period of time, if you’re not a baby cow you might not wanna indulge on that cheese or milk too much, or at all if you prefer. At the same time I don’t agree that meat and animal fat specifically is bad or even unhealthy for a human body, it’s pure misinformation; in fact animal meat and fat is what the human body consumed before we leaned how to farm and grow shit and make pastry and bread and breakfast cereal. First humans lived on a high fat animal diet, and so from an evolutionary standpoint it’s quite understandable why dietary fat is hormonally neutral to your body. Humans as omnivores can live on literally anything and that’s why the human body is so adaptable. I don’t agree that the vegan diet is the best diet there is because like I said before, life isn’t a good vs evil childrens book, there is no right choice when it comes to something so individual as your dietary choices. People are feeling good & healthy on a high carb low fat diet and they are feeling good and healthy on a high fat low carb diet, it’s a matter of many biological and environmental (and so on) factors what actually works for your well being. I know many people refer to the china study when they say meat is bad for you, but I have looked into the china study and it actually does suffer from coincidental error where indeed the study shows that farming families of china on a plant based diet have a super low risk of cancer while people who eat meat on the opposite. But it’s a bit like saying that people who ride a bike to work have a lower risk of diabetes than people who take a car, and while there might be some corelation, wether you take a car or not doesn’t actually matter at all in a case of having diabetes. It’s just a coincidental error. So while the china study deducted what it deducted, these dudes kinda forgot to address the sugar & processed food intake in their studies which changes a whole bunch. When you add sugar to the equation, it becomes clear that farming families of china opposed to (let’s generalize) the rest of modernized population don’t consume excess sugar and sugar packed processed foods which has a direct impact on wether they are at cancer-risk or not. Cancer cells grow in an acidic environment and they feed on sugar, so the more sugar you consume the more of an acidic environment you provide for potential cancer cells. Cancer doesn’t grow in alkaline environment and a plant-based diet isn’t the only way to provide such environment for the cells in your body, it’s basically any low-sugar diet. Meat has absolutely nothing to do with this, like I said it’s coincidental error and currently more and more studies are coming out to correct the errors of china study so people don’t go around misinforming other people.
What I wanted to get to is the fact that I chose a high fat animal based diet absolutely consciously because I believe that while terrible things are happening in the industry that I don’t agree with, I have the right as a human being to care for myself first. It’s not a matter of being vegan therefore opposing the animal exploitation and being non-vegan therefore agreeing to what’s going on. A high fat diet is actually being shown to work very well with eating disorder sufferers and even tho I don’t like going into personal details of my life here, I am among these sufferers. From a very young age up until my very adult years I have suffered from many types of disordered eating and even tho there is still stigma around this topic, there’s nothing cool or inspirational about it, it’s a dangerous and destructive mental illness that fucks people up very often for a lifetime. I have seen people get better on a vegan/vegetarian diet but I have also seen people slip into life-threatening states on said vegan/vegetarian diets. I’ve seen many people relapse because going on a vegan diet never cured their fear of fat and weight gain or whatnot and nobody ever actually taught them nutrition; I myself like many others used to build my diet on a complete lack of information about nutrition and that fear of fat and calories and whatnot. My dietary choices were always low-fat or fat-free and whatever diet I chose, I was never happy, always stressed and literally in fear of food all the time. I heard some vegan activist say that fat makes you fat and if you eat fat it stays on your body forever and I didn’t even check that information back then, I just straight up believed it because I was a very freaked out, stressed and troubled person. Almost a year ago though I got some new information about macronutrients and I wanted to learn more, so I did. And I chose a high-fat sugar-free diet even tho I have never ate beef before or any other fatty-meat, I started eating fresh fatty fish and butter and avocados and I started using cream for my coffee (lower in carbs than milk so still a better choice), basically I pushed myself towards a huge dietary transition that earlier in life would make my brain explode with anxiety and whatnot. At the same time I dumped all the sugar out of my diet even tho I am really a sugar lover and I used to eat a lot of it, and by a lot I mean shitloads, trust me. I made such decision because I believe every human being deserves to make choices that are best for oneself in regards to where you need to go to heal your mind or body or both. Many people address these dietary issues as in “humans are not a superior species to animals” and I agree, I don’t think human life is more valuable than an animal’s life, but that’s a big generalization to be made because I also believe vice versa. In a more subjective matter, it’s perfectly normal for me as a human being to value my own life and want to protect myself from further suffering. Does buying chicken period mean I support animal exploitation? Morally no, but some may make the argument that financially yes because my money goes back to the industry that I actually oppose and it’s actually something I talked about before in my post about capitalism. But if buying chicken period heals me and helps me dealing with a mental illness that fucks with my life and my perception of self, is it okay to judge my morals? Is that chickens life more valuable than mine at this point? Would I be a morally better person if I chose to not make good decisions for the sake of my own health and not buy that chicken period? How would it be fair towards me and my own responsibility to nourish myself? There is no right or wrong answer to that because it’s actually kind of a philosophical territory and there are no right answers here. It’s difficult because this subject contains many contradictions and grey areas and you can’t just simply view it as a good vs evil matter; especially that one moral standpoint doesn’t apply to everyone’s life conditions. Because am I emotionally invested in the horrors of a slaughterhouse? No, I’m not. But I don’t need to be emotionally or morally taken by a shock value material to not agree with the pointless cruelty of it. Am I aware that I’m paying someone to slaughter an animal for me? Yes I am; and still I stand by my diet. Not because I’m an asshole and I believe that humans are carnivores which they’re not and it’s funny to believe that, but because my diet is based on what nutritional value I need. There is no way to engage in a ketogenic diet while being vegan unless you wanna eat peanutbutter and coconut oil with avocados for the rest of your life. I make my choices consciously and in the end I will do what I must to better the quality of my life because this is the only life I have and to be honest, you can’t judge a person’s pain if you haven’t walked thru life in their shoes. By saying so I mean that it’s easy to point fingers and jack off to feeling morally superior to others because you believe that what you do is the rightest of the most right 1000% ideologically pure decision making. You might be surprised but from my point of view what I do is also right, for me. By all means I’m not defending people who are grossed out by a dead bird on the sidewalk but they see no problem with buying whole chicken for dinner; I don’t really care to judge anyone but to me it’s somehow funny how people can be so contradictory where to me it doesn’t matter; a dead animal is a dead animal, I have some dead flesh in the fridge, it doesn’t gross me out at all. I know where it came from, I know it was a part of something that was alive not so long ago. Rotting corpses don’t gross me out either in a visual way but you don’t eat a rotting corse & if your meat in the fridge is turning green then being grossed out is the safest way to avoid food poisoning.
To conclude, calling someone out on eating animal products as a form of agreeing/supporting animal cruelty is a bit like calling people out for supporting the rotten capitalistic system by paying electricity bills. I’m anti-capitalistic yet I pay my bills because I want to have hot water and internet and at the same time I don’t agree with the amount of pointless violence in the meat industry yet I buy the products I need to nourish my body the best way I can. My belief in the fact that a high fat low carb sugar-free diet is a most efficient way for me to function better is based in biological facts, science and my actual experience with this form of nutrition. So I will continue to eat corpses and animal intestines and whatnot and if someone really feels morally superior to me due to their simple-mindedness I can only wish them luck further in life and not give a shit. I don’t want to be vegan, never will be vegan and that is a decision I’ve made consciously to make my life healthier, both physically and mentally.
I wrote all this down not only to address the issue of people over-simplifying, demonizing and over-generalizing shit but also to support people struggling out there and to give everyone else a little bit of food for thought. Many people suffer from various forms of eating disorders as well as other mental illnesses that make life already difficult so next time before you shame someone for their decisions, please think twice and stop calling people evil or disgusting or immoral. Moreover, there are many factors to why people choose the diet they choose and it’s not okay to speak down to them. Life really is as shitty as it is, nobody needs that kind of self-righteous crap around.

Old Souls, New Souls, Wise Souls, You Souls

Have you ever heard someone being referred to as an “Old Soul”? We hear these words so often in casual conversation that many of us don’t really pause to ponder the true implications of that term. What does that mean, to be an Old Soul? Do our souls really have an age? And, are some of us older than others? What qualities do these so-called Old Souls possess? Does being old also mean that we are wise? What is the difference?

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