yes i am an american

Sometimes there will be people making light-hearted jokes about American culture and accents and there will be someone who isn’t an American who tries to tell the person that what they’re saying is somewhat offensive to American people and they should stop, but I just sit there with my bald eagle and my American flag going, “Dude… I mean… it’s kinda funny tho,”

((Oh yeah, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ALFRED {America for those not familiar with Hetalia}. I am just saying this now because I will probably not survive the actual day of 4th of July.))

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Are you an American and if so, how did you end up writing your [laugh-out-loud] hilarious recaps for Scotland Now? For the record, I'll read anything that you write.

Why thank you!

Yes, I am an American, and I was actually friends with two other ladies who wrote content for SN. SN was looking for a recapper, and they both recommended me independent of each other. Editor contacted me, asked for a sample of a recap and I sent her the wedding ep, I think? She liked me, and took me for the second half of S1 as a trial. 

Hiatus rolled around, she asked me to keep writing, so I did. I turned in several OL articles over hiatus and when S2 came around she was kind enough to get me advance eps, so I can do longer recaps and the weekly quizzes they like to put out, as well. And I’m about to start writing stuff for this hiatus and I am already locked in for S3, this time through their portal on The Scottish Daily Record. 

I’m super thrilled people still read what I started off writing in the dark by myself for a laugh, and am seriously wondering if I should put the British English autocorrect on, but nah. This is me, and my voice. So I am keeping it, but thank you SO MUCH for the note, brightened my day. 

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honestly not even gonna lie to y’all i read a couple of articles/tweets/whatever by american journalists or whatever before the olympics predicting a disastrous olympic event in rio due to our political and econimic crisis and let’s be real even some of us were expecting that so that wasn’t really the problem but the way some americans (and yes i am singling out americans here) talked about it was like… very gross, like make Donald-Trump-proud gross. it would be easier if they had just typed “we think brazil and 3rd world countries suck so their games are gonna suck, we hate u” but anyway,, my point is, this petty brazilian ass here is LIVING since the most scandalous thing that happened during these weeks was the fact that american swimmer ryan lochte and his american swimmer friends vandalized a gas station and then made up a story about robbery thinking that they could get away with anything in this country and got caught in their lie

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u said in ur vid that u had a v v native american outlook when growing up?? does that mean ur native american? (i dont mean to b rude!! i'm just v curious as a filipinx who grew up w. p similar values)

Omg yay u watched my last vid!!!! Yes I am Native American on my dads side. His great grandfather was the chief of a tribe actually. Their views on spiritualism and nature had always been something that’s stuck w me

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1. Who was your first ever otp? - YOONSEOK

2. What is your go-to quick dinner? - Ramen with soy sauce

3. Favorite T-shirt? - A black one (what’s new) from cotton on

4. Default nail color if you paint your nails? - Black 

5. Any unusual talents? - I can bend my thumbs all the way back

6. What celeb/person is your biggest fashion inspo? - Kpop airport fashion, not just one idol but all of them

7. What’s one thing you want to do before you die? - Work on a song with the rap line from BTS

8. Fave female singer and your favorite song by her? (yes i am looking for recommendations) - An American artist named Halsey and every song by her is my favorite

9. First ever bias? - YOONGI

10. What’s the best compliment someone can give you? - That I make them laugh/smile

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Wait lad you're from the UK?? Holy shit I thought you were American idk why 😂 but ayy you excited for great British bake off this year??? Important information here- shy pan anon

Yes I am! Everyone thinks I’m American for some reason but no, born and raised in the great shire. I’m so so so so excited for gbbo, it’s the only think I enjoy about summer lol