yes i am addicted so what

carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.

Carrie Fisher 1956 - 2016

Words can not explain how devastated I am to hear of Carrie’s passing. To me, Carrie wasn’t just an actress or the woman in the golden bikini. She was so much more.

To me, she was an icon, a hero, a person to look up to. Not just because of her role as Princess Leia, who is a great hero, but because of who Carrie was and what she did.

- Yes, she was a drug addict when she was young.
She overcame this. She fought.
- She was bipolar. She had troubles with her mental illness. And as she started to eat medicine she, as so many people do, gained weight.
Did media put her in the spotlight for it? Yes.
But that didn’t stop her, she didn’t listen to the bullshit.
- Carrie was always truthful and honest.
She talked about her mental illness, gaining weight, the life as a Hollywood star etc. She spoke real and honest about it and that’s what I love so much about her. Why so many people look up to her.

People today are still afraid to talk about bipolar disorders and mental illnesses. But she spoke about if freely. And I know people with mental illnesses, even friends of mine, who were inspired by her and looked up to her for it. For god’s sake, who the hell wouldn’t?

More than that, she was a kind, funny, smart, genuine and loving person. And my thoughts go out to her friends and family.

- I will miss you dearly Carrie. I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to follow your story in this life. May you rest in peace and may the force always be with you. ❤️

I can’t possibly understand why people say Philip Shea is a simple and easy role to play. Yes I know Lukas is a complex character but Lukas being complex doesn’t make Philip dense and simple at all.

I am saying this because I have been dealing with the same stuffs Philip has gone through. Simple? Define simple for me when you think a boy who had to live with drugs, deal with addictions, take care of his single mom, taken away from home and tossed into some strange places where he cannot even be himself, bullied and abused to the point he wanted everything to end, is too SIMPLE. This same boy has the strangest fear of water. The more he fears it, the more he wants to hear the sound of it to calm himself down. No one even imagine themselves under water to feel safe but he does. He is messed up inside with a lot of extraordinary fears but all people see is a boy who is openly gay and okay with his sexuality. Let me tell you, he’s not just that.

I’ve seen drugs tearing people apart. I’ve seen how drugs make people question their own relatives, doubt everything and regret they have not done enough to keep their loved ones from using drugs. So I partly understand how Philip must have felt when he was with his mother and taking care of her. I also understand what it is like to be far away from home, having to adapt to a new life immediately. It’s not easy. It is so fucking hard. I still hide in my closet sometimes to cry because I feel like this is not the place for me. I believe Philip has at least done the same thing: feeling alone, isolated and hated so much that he would hide from the world, find himself a corner so he can just sit there and think of his old life and try to convince himself everything is gonna be okay. What more? Bully and abuse. Do not even tell me this is not complicated. I don’t even want to drag my own experience with these two to get your sympathy, but maybe it might sound more convincing if I do. Yes, that’s true, I’ve dealt with bully and abuse myself, the same way Philip does. Being gossipped about at school, people isolating me, throwing stuffs at me, even sabotaging my bike so I cannot even go home in peace. And I experienced domestic abuse. So open your eyes and ears when I say this, TRYING TO GET OVER THEM IS ONE OF THE MOST FUCKING DIFFICULT THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE. I still wake up at nights sometimes, sweating, panicking because I have nightmares about that. Some other times I don’t even have to sleep to panic. I just suddenly have this glimpse of what happened and immediately I can’t help myself stand on my feet. What makes you think Philip does not feel the same? So scared, so disgusted by the world but still have to try to play it cool because no one is gonna be there for him. He has to force himself to wear a tough and strong mask but everything is destroying him from the inside. I can never understand why you would think Philip is too simple and dense. Because you feel more related to Lukas? Fine, suit yourself. The thing is, Lukas is complex in the way of dealing with his sexuality and internalized homophobia, dealing with his surroundings to try to accept himself. Philip does not. Philip is on the side of social issues and what they can do to people, not sexuality issues. Two boys who represent different aspects of life, you can’t just take them and compare them together. A lot of people feel related to Lukas which is completely fine, but I feel related to Philip more and trust me, I am not alone. Do not use your own standards on the characters and expect them to be exactly what you want. Different people have different issues, so do not say “He is too simple” just because you do not understand what Philip has to go through. 


I am Starbound-addicted and still Grillby trash so of course I had to do all this in light of the fact that one of the playable races is basically what Grillby is.

I admit, I cheated a little and used admin privileges to obtain bottles that otherwise are impossible to get, because they’re things you break to get money and there is no way to collect them. I also cheated to get a jukebox because I was at my wit’s end trying to find one. And the “open” sign. Everything else was legally acquired and I am proud.

Bonus Grillby outfits! The one he’s wearing in the above screenshots is one of the outfits you can choose upon starting a file, which was very nice. Plus some scientist glasses.

Because come on, running around in a done-up waistcoat seems impractical. The buccaneer shirt worked rather nicely as an alternative. Also survival backpack.

And of course. Dyed ragged cape and dyed Glitch armor + a shield I found.


I was watching Netflix, and I was dragged into watching Spartacus. I thought it would be a peaceful show to watch, because Rome history is so satisfying, but ten minutes there is already sex, and just action. Two episodes later, more sex. Five episodes later, more sex and more fighting. I don’t really know what the plot is, honestly, but I’m going to finish it through because why not? I can promise you guys that I’m not a sex addict– I just think it’s interesting. Not the sex– More of the action, and just the relationships are that developed in this crazy ass show. Some of the characters are so likable, and mostly all of them had sex once or twice an episode. They even had a sex club for a while– I hate myself for watching this, but it’s so fuckin’ good. Sex or not, I love the history behind it all.

THIS! MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!! I am actually a (almost) 19 year old fan, and i cannot control what calum does, yes BUT I also know and have lived with the effects of smoking. My grandma passed away from it, i never got to meet her. My other grandma’s best friend has lung cancer. She breathes through an oxygen tube & tank that she has to bring everywhere. They have given her a 6 months notice because she continues to use the vape pens because SHE IS SO ADDICTED. No i cannot control calum, no i do not want to upset him or make drama but YES i do care about him & his health. I dont want this to cost him his voice, or life. theres a difference between a 12 year old telling a grown man what to do, and worrying about his health.

anonymous asked:

well i read brotherhood and ToY bcuz B was my first fic i ever read from you and i became addicted to your writing style so wince B i am crawling through you 293487430thousand words and read everything i can find. yes, ToY broke my heart and i sobbed one hour straight but i still loved it bcuz not many stories can make me cry like that so this is a compliment <3 i have a question too, what does "orphan account" or "orphan" mean on AO3?

“Orphan” story on AO3, dear anon, is a term coined to explain when a story that a writer no longer wants on their account, but wants to leave on the website, is created. Through a writer’s choice, they can choose to give the story to an AO3 account (known as “the orphan account”) instead of deleting it from their account. There are several reasons for this (abuse from readers, lack of artistic interest, etc.), and the story when removed no longer links back to their account, the writer doesn’t receive alerts for comments, and they can’t delete it. AO3’s orphan basically owns it instead, like an adoption, and that’s why the account is filled with hundreds of pieces from hundreds of account and hundreds of Pseuds when you click on it.

They can also choose whether to keep the account name on the work for credit, or to make it anonymous so that no reader can track the work back to them (should they keep their account and not also delete it).

But an important thing to note! Though the story doesn’t link to an account, it might not have been deleted! Some authors orphan work and then delete accounts, but some, like me, just orphan work to remove it from their account and resume writing. Hope that helps, dear anon :)

signs as things my friends and I have said:
  • Aries: "I have a chip on my shoulder" *has a literal tortilla chip on shoulder*
  • Taurus: "Wheel of fortune excites me"
  • Gemini: "Gosh golly gee, my knee"
  • Cancer: "We need to pick up our trash" *various glances directed towards Emma*
  • Leo: "Yes, hello, I am Jesus. I saw what you did in the dark last night and I must say, it was pretty good."
  • Virgo: "I'm looking up how snakes have sex"
  • Libra: "I'm not addicted to coffee, coffee's addicted to me"
  • Scorpio: "Maybe they have a foot fetish"
  • Sagittarius: *Sees a tricycle in a trampoline* "Somebody likes to party"
  • Capricorn: "So we've covered politics, school, sleep, and old stories. We dont have anymore topics"
  • Aquarius: "I'm punsexual"
  • Pisces: "It'll all b ok in the end, and if it's not okay, it's not the end <3"
I wrote a comic called ‘Sherbet’...

… and you can now buy it on Comixology.

In 2014, we Kickstarted our book using this promotional video;

It is, to the best of our knowledge, the only comic in the world about a paranormal detective fashioned after Sherlock Holmes, but who lives in the future, is addicted to all kinds drugs and also happens to be a lesbian.

Now, for just $9.99 you (yes YOU) can look forward to 200 pages of…

… drugs…

… peculiar characters…


… strangeness…

… scares…

… and some gore…

This book was a labour of the weirdest kind of love that the artist Joshua Mathus and I am capable of committing to the page. So what are you waiting for? Buy it and read it today!


2p discussion

lest talk about a charter around here who dose not get much love, 2p France, firstly, why do peopel make his ENTIRE charter about sex and nothing else, liek we have so much potential for him, but nope we just make him some sex crazed person, but what about his softer side, liek for me, i think he is great painter and enjoy the company of bird, has an addiction to smoking and loves red wine, he is not always drunk tho, he is not always gloomy, see the thing is we need to put more characteristic in him, not just sex, you see where i am getting at. like yes i do believe he likes sex and has a hard time understanding love since his heart has been broken more times then he can count….but that is beside the point. the 2p! part in my opinion not yours but mine, need to stop making all the 2p eye candy, like yes put some fan service in there, but when certain peoepl are making then only for fan service always making it perverted in someway,shape or form, and it fine if you believe the 2p are perverts, and that is what i love about the 2p!, is that we can all have different views on them, there is no single 2p!version that is more popular then the other, we all have these basic charters to do something great with, but a lot of blogs, just focus them on, being edgy, perverted flirts with only one characteristic yes fan service is good, but when it all you see, that is when it get boring, so do what you want with your 2p! but in my opinion add a few more details on them, don’t make them out to be, perfect,edgy, shy,scared, humans are so complicated that there is so many things you can put in them for charter.

Again just my rant 

Just some thinky thoughts

So we all know Rumple was addicted to power, and I am inclined to think now that he doesn’t have the Dark One’s powers, he’s not gonna be happy. Yes, he basically has been given a second chance at life, but I feel like even that isn’t gonna be enough for him.  His heart is cured from darkness, he’s not inches from death anymore. That means a lot of bad things can happen to darken his heart again before it gets so black that he dies again.  

What I am getting at is, if his need for power is still there, he’s gonna want the Dark One back.  So what if while they are trying to find Merlin and get rid of the Darkness, he is trying to get it back? What if he tries to find a way to get the dagger and kill Emma to become the Dark One again?

I mean Rumple always seems 2 steps ahead of the game, and while his original plan was to use Emma to cure him, she essentially did just in a way he didn’t expect (so we think at least). And now that he’s darkness free and powerless, he may feel the need to try and get that power back by doing what he’s already done, and kill the Dark One.

Obviously it’s to early in the game to really listen to a word I say, and my brain is still fried from the finale, but idk. I just have a really hard time seeing Rumple as just some non-threat, darkness free guy in Season 5.  He’s too addicted to power and now he has none. I just don’t see that setting well with him. Idk.

(obviously Emma will be okay because villains never win and she is The Hope, but still it would be a plot for Season 5 none the less)


I must say I am too proud of him. He has been a role model for me for the past four years because I myself overcame addiction, and I understand that it is a very personal battle that you’re not about to discuss with the world. He had every right to walk out on that interview because the kumquat had no idea what kind of boundary he was crossing. You can see it in Robert’s face; he’s trying so hard to stay cool and I have so much respect for him being able to keep it. I know would’ve tried to punch him in the liver.