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carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.

I was reading old reviews about American Idiot (the album) and alot of the critics argued that the album would fade into obscurity and be forgotten about because the album was written about a very specific point in history.

And that’s where they’re wrong because American Idiot is not only a political album, but it is also a very personal album that deals with the universal themes of coming of age, heartbreak, loneliness, drug addiction and dealing with one’s personal demons.

So no. I don’t think this album will ever be forgotten about. It’s timeless. It will never stop being relevant. Yes, the Bush years are over but things discussed thoughout the album like war, alienation, heartbreak, drug addiction and rage and love will always exist.

Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

A/N: Guess who turns 20 on Friday? (Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen ‘Street Kings’ and 'Puncture’, spoilers below.)

You laid snug in Chris’ bed watching ‘Street Kings’ for the first time while Dodger slept peacefully beside you. You’d been living in your boyfriend’s house since he left for South Africa in June as he needed someone to take care of Dodger and your apartment didn’t allow for pets. Chris was secretly glad your lease had a ‘no pets’ rule because he’d been wanting you to move in with him for a while now. Come the 4th of September, it was going to be two years since you officially became a couple. Chris felt like two years was a good time to take that next step up the relationship ladder, especially if marriage was in sight. You both agreed you wouldn’t get engaged until you knew you could survive living under the same roof. Chris wasn’t overly concerned about it; you already lived there five nights a week when he was in LA and things between the two of you were great. He figured if you lived there without him for a few months, the idea of moving in would start dancing around in your brain and the answer he wanted would come much easier.

“Oh no!” You gasped as your eyes welled with tears at the sight of Chris’ character on the floor, struggling to breathe as blood filled his throat. “Disco,” you choked out, covering your mouth with both hands. “But he had a fiancée to get back to,” you clutched a pillow to your chest, wailing loud enough to wake Dodger.

You understood now why Chris prevented you from watching ‘Street Kings’ for so long. Your reaction to seeing his character die in ‘Puncture’ proved you couldn’t handle his death, even if it was just for show. You wished he’d just told you his character died a brutal death so you wouldn’t defy him and watch it without him around. When Mike Weiss died, he had to cuddle with you for a hour before you got over the sight of his lifeless body. But he was in South Africa, so how were you going to get over Paul Diskant dying? Dodger answered that question when he licked your face. Your nose scrunched and your lips curled into a smile as you hugged him tightly; laughter ensued when he continued licking your face.

“I’m okay now, Dodge,” you giggled, squirming away from him as he continued to attack you with his kisses. “Thank you- yes, buddy- I’m fine, really. Dodger!” You laughed, pushing his face out of yours. “Buddy, stop,” you cupped his face in your hands, stroking his ears with your thumbs. “You gotta save some of this love for Chris when he gets back.” At the sound of Chris’ name, Dodger barked and jumped off the bed. “Dodger, he’s not back now!” You called after him as he sprinted out of the room. “Oh God,” you chuckled softly as you sat up, reaching for you phone.

You and Chris had been sending daily photo updates to countdown the days till he returned home. Sometimes they were lone selfies; sometimes it was of you and Dodger, or in Chris’ case- him and his co-stars, or fans; sometimes an old photo you’d taken together. Once in a while Chris would share an old photo of him and Dodger on Twitter with the countdown, just so his fans were in the loop too. Your photo update of the day happened at 8:30AM which was 5:30PM for Chris in Cape Town; it was you and Dodger having breakfast in the backyard. You were still waiting for Chris’ which was strange because you usually woke up to his due to the time difference. You figured he was too busy filming and you’d receive two when you woke up the next morning. It was twelve days now, eleven tomorrow. You were excited just thinking about it, though you would’ve been more excited if he could’ve made it back for your birthday on Friday.

Your phone buzzed in your hand, making you flinch. You felt your eyes narrow when you saw a text from him. It made no sense. It was 3:00AM where he was and he should’ve been sleeping, unless they were up doing a late night shoot. You opened the text and felt your confusion increase when you saw a selfie of him and Dodger in the living room with the caption: “0 Days”.

Zero days? No, it was twelve days now and eleven days tomorrow. And that photo, why hadn’t you seen that photo before? All the photos he was sharing were old, and you were aware of all the photos he had on his phone, just like he was aware of all of yours. You intently studied the photo then felt your eyes widen when you saw Chris’ backpack in the background next to the brand new pair of Sketchers you bought last week. You tossed your phone aside and scrambled off the bed, tripping over your excitement as you ran out of the room and down the hallway. The second you got into the living room and saw Chris hugging Dodger, you screamed.

Chris laughed and pulled away from Dodger, rising to his feet with open arms. “Looks like someone got the countdown wrong today,” he commented with a smirk then sucked in air with clenched teeth. You shook your head, unable to hide your joyous grin. “Are you going to come here or are you going to make me come get you?”

“Oh my God!” You threw your arms around his neck, hugging him as tightly as he was hugging you. “You’re finally home!” You cheered as he lifted you off the ground, spinning you in a circle. “Chris, it is so good to see you.” You clung onto him even after he put you down and released you, making him chuckle as he returned his arms around your waist.

“Disco is just a character, sweetheart,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a soft kiss on the top of your head. You jerked back with a raised brow and he laughed, “I could hear you wailing over him in the driveway.” You lowered your gaze, heat rising to your cheeks. “God, I’ve missed how adorable you are.” Dodger barked and jumped around your feet, scratching at Chris’ leg. “And you, pal.” He told Dodger, descending to his knees to give the pup’s head a good, long awaited scratch. “Oh God. You are a lover, aren’t you?” He laughed, nose scrunching at Dodger’s loving licks. “Who’s a good boy? Have you been a good boy, Dodge?” Dodger pounced, pawing Chris’ face. “Oh, I know you have. You’ve been great, haven’t you? Taking care of my girl for me,” he looked up at you with a wink.

“What are you doing home so early?”

“It’s my girlfriend’s birthday on Friday, is it not?” He quizzed and your smile reached your eyes. “I couldn’t miss that for the world.” He kissed Dodger’s head then rose to his feet to take you by the waist, gently pulling you into him so he could kiss you. It’d been so long, it felt like the first kiss all over again; the kind that made you lose your breath and made your head spin. “Mmm…” He hummed as a smile surfaced on his lips. “I have to make sure you have a very happy birthday.” His suggestive tone made your insides tingle and you shivered, making him chuckle. “I didn’t mean it like that, but hey, if that’s what the birthday girl wants then come Friday, we’ll spend the whole day in bed,” he smirked smugly.

“You’re so bad,” you shoved him playfully.

“Yes I am,” he grabbed you and tossed you over his shoulder. You shrieked with laughter, wrapping your arms tight around his waist even though he’d never dropped you before. “Oh, is it good to be home,” he sighed with deep satisfaction as he padded down the hallway to the bedroom.

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time and titled this “Unsure” only because I am very bad at giving titles to anything I write. For some reason every time an “incident” or “event” unfolds or seems to be on the horizon I keep thinking I’ll just wait and see what happens……I’ve now waited for months……watching, commenting, enjoying posts, considering, laughing, gawking, and laughing more. But one thing has become clear to me the longer I participate in the fandom…..I am here for the people in the fandom that I have become acquainted with in the process. And I FIRMLY support everyone’s right to ship and fan as they want. And Jess @jamesandclairefraser I especially admire your resolve to ship any way you want this week and have fun no matter what is thrown at you. That is an example of a strong women.

I am by nature a very easy going and accepting person and I do not like conflict and strife, bullying and hate, nor control and manipulation. All of the above is what drove me to the shipper universe when I first discovered Outlander and Cait and Sam. I saw a group of people here who were intelligent, curious, passionate, diverse BUT also accepting of differences of opinion. I like that.

At the present time I’m not sure if I have an actual label for myself but I probably don’t need one. Neutral, wishful shipper….maybe that comes the closest..I do really think Sam and Cait have something special and to be honest I only see it when they are together. But I think FAN and FRIEND are what I want to be known as here because that is far more important. 

As I’ve stated a few times before, we are not ever going to be Sam or Caitriona’s friends so we really have no idea what their lives are like nor does it really matter in our daily life. What we do here is fun and entertainment. Again, what I do and say here are for ME and my friends and acquaintances. I needed all this as a distraction the past couple of years when I was dealing with the care of my husbands terminal illness and yes i admit to being addicted to every aspect now. But, I have tried to develop a healthy attitude in the process.

I am not bothered by anyones’s opinions on their blogs as long as they are not hateful towards other bloggers for THEIR opinions. As far as I’m concerned, other than that anything goes. Snark, love, information, comfort, grief, disappointment, joy, celebration……its all awesome. That’s what blogs are for.

So….here are some of mine….opinions that is: And I’m going to jump right in the shark tank and go for blondie first. I don’t know nor do I really care who or what she is to Sam. I didn’t like her before she was associated with Sam nor do I like her now. And I don’t hide myself from pictures, youtube, her movies. I just don’t follow her on any platform and rarely if ever click. I’ve checked it out because I wanted to be honest with myself. She is not someone I would be a fan of, admire, follow after or want anyone in my family to associate with. And that is based on many, many aspects of things I’ve seen on many SM platforms and other media. Do I hate her? Well of course not because I don’t know her personally and she is not my friend or acquaintance. If I ever met her in person I would shake her hand and say nice to meet you and move on. She is just not the type of person I would be interested in spending time with or getting to know. We have nothing in common. It seems Billy dodged a bullet…or freight train. 

Sam. Oh Sam. I really like the way Sam portrays Jamie and my initial impression of him a year or so ago was that he was someone I could truly say was talented but not tainted. I’m really unsure now. I definitely don’t hate or dislike him but I’m equally not interested in being a fan at the moment or following what he is doing with his life. And yes his association first with Shamuso and also with blondie has influenced that. Seeing the comment on his IG the other night after his “red carpet” appearance from Camuso thanking him for the night left me cold. That man is a weirdo to say the least. I’m not one who “needs” Sam to be with Cait. There are many mature, talented, philanthropic, kind women in the world. Hopefully he’ll find one some day if its not Cait and he’s not gay (which doesn’t bother me either). You are who you associate with unfortunately. And beyond that, his new “branding” does nothing for me either….so…..that just means I don’t need to spend my time being his fan at the moment. Maybe I will again some day.  I am involved with MPC and have met some awesome people and I love the program. I have gotten other people involved in MPC too. I actually don’t even associate MPC with Sam anymore. I am doing it for me and I love the program. 

Cait. She’s not perfect and has made mistakes. I do admire her in most areas of life and she is a fantastic Claire. I think if she is with someone besides Sam and has kept it private I do not fault her on that. At least she has been somewhat consistent and the “other” must be extremely tolerant to say the least. She has hit a grand slam on promo this week in the face of everything else that has been unleashed. I do have a problem with her silence on the bullying and misogyny in the fandom because she does stand as a strong women on so many important and controversial subjects. I’m sure she has reasons not to speak out and hopefully some day that will change. I support things associated with WCC because of the charity and what it stands for. 

Outlander. I love the books and the show. I find the author a little different and don’t follow her on anything. I respect everyones decision whether to watch or not to watch and I understand all aspects. I cancelled Starz but then my cable picked it up in the package. I watched S2 last episode again last night to see if I could see Jamie and Claire and not Sam and Cait. It was fine. So I will probably watch and see how it goes. Voyager is my favorite book so I am interested to see how it is portrayed. And I can’t wait to go to Scotland in May!!

The fandom. OMG. I’m shake my head every day. I’ve never blocked people before this year. The policing, ass kissing, bullying, double standards…….I just can’t. A fraud drama llama stealing art and then going to fan events and pictured with Valbo and continuing to be BFF with said author.  Whatever. The collage “borrower” kissing MM’s ass and trying to be her BFF while trying to keep shippers out of MPC. The gaelic guy…..not even realizing he’s hurting his own business. The heughligan, self righteous person who was a complete bitch to Jess….wow. And on and on. Well they’re all fans…..just not people I want to be associated with….which is why I’m over here with all these “dangerous” shippers. I guess I like adventure in my life. Hang in their ladies. And shoutout to some blogs that have given me life in the past few months that have been very dark for me @jamesandclairefraser of course @thefullbronte @fromheretoeternity1121 @just-a-wretched-wumman @rainmanjdog @sfidressage @mama-tumblz @queencaitriona @balfeheughlywed @hardblazesong @wishesandswitches @superfluffycool @pissedoffsoka13 @tvuckic @acdoptis @yellowfeather84 @caitriona-m-balfe and ALL THE FANFIC writers too! I’ve probably missed a few but I celebrate all your DIVERSITY and TRUE Outlander fans!!

As someone who grew up with freakishly controlling parents (I’m 21 now), let me tell you the results of this:

I have attachment and trust issues. I’m am independent to the point if being self destructive, because I am terrified of someone brushing me aside (not taking me seriously), and/or giving me advice that has no legitimate basis that ends up hurting me, instead of helping me.

Give rules with reasons. Do not say “because I’m your parent”, no, that is fucking bullshit and you know it. Make punishments fit the crime. When your child gets into high school, give them respective boundaries and enough “leash room”, so they feel like you trust them to “do the right thing”, but also know that if they do fuck up, they feel COMFORTABLE telling you, not scared shit less where they’ll give you a stream of lies because they’re terrified of telling you the truth of what actually happened.

Trust me when I say this, compulsive lying turns into an addictive habit. My compulsive lying in the real world is a result of my parents not respecting my boundaries and giving me the proper “leash room”. Yes, it’s so fucking hard to stop myself. Yes, I am fighting against it every damn day of my life.

Also, by saying “no privacy”, well you better take the door and any kind of covering object from your kid (blankets, doors, pillow cases, etc). See how ridiculous this sounds?

“i’m over you. yes, i am. but sometimes i still find myself digging into the old memories. not to see you. not to have the feeling i got you. i do it because i want to relive it. relive the pleasure and the laughter. i’m addicted to the feelings. i felt worthy. i felt good. but not always. if it was all peace and cake we’d still be friends. we wouldn’t be in this situation. my mind knows so damn well that’s time to let it go, also the good feelings. but my heart, the heart wants what it wants. it still keeps the good things tight. maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s possible to move on and still miss the feeling? it’s time for a new chapter. a new me. it’s time to heal and love myself.”
- pearlsoot on ig ( ☽

Long time no see

It has been a while since I posted, but here I am, back to “black”.

What I mentioned in my previous posts is that YOU TRUST YOUR GUT! I mean it, learn to follow your intuition, to rely on it, because most of the time your inner voice is 100% right. 

Why to come back with this post? Simply due to my few POT conversations I had in past weeks. And there are big differences between real POTs, time wasters and splendas. I’ll start with the most recent one, which turned out to be another time waster in the line. 

1. The time waster

So, this guy contacts me first, back on SA, seems legit, fancy cars, nice clothes, classy surroundings. We hit it off with a few messages and he gives me a phone call after texting. My God he talks too much, and by too much I mean after minutes of his monologue I had the chance to say a sentence. Anyway, fast forward to allowance talk, he asked about the sum which would make me care free monthly, I state it and he goes and raises that amount for double. For a moment it felt too good to be true (it turned out it was, later on) yet I engaged in his proposal and continued with the conversation, cherry on the top - he wants to pay a year in advance, oh my I thought my ears are not functioning well. 

However, here come the very first red flags, after mentioning the allowance, he starts telling about his previous arrangements, the girls he met trough the site, and, HOLD YOUR BREATH, he met 17 girls in one year?!?!? What? And none was good? Then he goes and talks about the two latest women on his “portfolio” and I quote. The first one didn’t suit him in bed so he left her just 1k on the table before leaving her hotel room and never talked to her again, the second one he met 9 times but she lived too far so allegedly it didn’t work because of the distance because he wanted her to move in with him????!!!! what!? NO MENTION OF ANY ALLOWANCE. Silly me, I continued talking with him for next couple of days.

Fast forward to our plans to meet. Everything seems in motion, no BS no nothing, we got to a date of our meet and my God I was looking forward to it $$$ :)

But, there is always a BUT, in this case a big one, he out of nowhere starts asking if I am meeting him just for money, how he wants someone to like him for what he is and not what he has yada yada yada, fine, I coped with that, disregarded it and moved on with the talk. Next day, HERE IT COMES, he starts the conversation how he “met his old friend” and they had an enlightening conversation, and that made him realize that he is “wasting his life” with the arrangements and that he will quit SA and find someone to settle down!?!?! LOL!!! -FINE WAY OF SAYING I AM NOT PAYING ANYTHING AND I WANT A YOUNG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN FOR NOTHING. Did I mention he said how he is a sex addict ? No? well yes. So, translated to English, FREE SEX, ATTENTION AND AFFECTION FOR FREE OF COURSE. 

After the “I changed my mind I want something meaningful” talk, I politely said that’s fine and I understand *thanks for wasting my time asshole* thinking he would back off and stop texting. Whatsoever, he starts bombing me with messages more and more how this is the best advice he got, how we can meet but there will be no cash “Oh do you still like me?” “I want people to like me for who I am not what I have”, and I beg your pardon, he continues with the meet and goes like “oh but let me know when you can come and I will meet you, but I need 5 days noticewithout even offering to pay for the airfare.Like seriously???

I made it this elaborate in order to give an insight to all newbies but also the experienced SBs(I always appreciate when I can read about real life situations and examples) how men can think of million excuses when they have no intention of paying. 

REAL SDs, always mention the allowance in the first lines of conversation, 90% of the time they already have a number they are ready to give to a SB. Remember, NO LEGIT SD will mention any OF the above stated excuses nor he will try to negotiate a trial period. 

Keep your eyes wide open dolls, don’t let these men scam you into anything

2. Splenda 

There are various examples of this category but I’ll highlight the most obvious ones. 

My last splenda talk started totally normal and usual for the SD/SB talk, after the contact on SA (profile was rather shortly written) yet there were some clues this guy was rather salt. In his profile he stated he is offering “dinners at nice restaurants, trips to private islands, sailing, gifts” with the budget stated High. 

We go on an engage in a conversation, exchanged few photos and discussing the possible meet and the dates. 

First red flag is that he never asked about the allowance nor he proposed one himself. Of course I went on and asked what amount should I expect if we decide to move forward with the dates and meet and I noted that if he expects intimacy I would consider that our arrangement started and I in this case as much as he expects intimacy I expect an allowance. 

Right from the blue sky he goes nuts and says he doesn’t do allowances and he can offer a gift in value of 500$?! I am like what?? He doesn’t do cash because it is too transactional and if he wanted an escort he would hire one!? God save me from whorefobic man!!! I go and politely ask, why he stated his budget High and I tell him that it is referred to an actual Allowance, to which he replies “It is all the expenses I will have when it comes to a SB - tickets, drinks, catering, hotel rooms and small gifts from time to time” what?! ARE YOU JOKING? 

I didn’t continue with this conversation, I simply went and blocked him.

The point is, always and I repeat ALWAYS READ CAREFULLY the profiles, don’t be afraid to ask about his stated budget to what does it apply is it the amount of allowance or all the expenses together. 

Understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of, or, nothing to make you feel uncomfortable when asking what you are getting. REMEMBER, you are putting your YOUTH, your energy and your time that can’t be bought, usually, to much older men that will not even appreciate it for a second. So, go ahead get your hustle on and get your allowance!

I also firmly believe that SDs below 40 can’t be legit. Of course, there are exceptions to this and I am very happy if one of you dolls found a good looking mid 30s guy. PLEASE, disregard the wanna be 20something boys. Unless they are BACKROUND VERIFIED.

3.Real POTs

Needles to say why I left the best for the last. 

This category is very rare but still exists! No matter if you approached him first or he did so, usually there will be very few photos on the sites itself and he will share it later on via email/whatsapp/*insert the way of communication*.

Men like this like to initiate things. 

He will go and propose a meet/trip himself, the desired dates etc. He will also go on and say either he will give you something per meet basis or he will go straight for the monthly amount. There will be no blurred lines or misunderstandings in his proposal. 

Most of REAL SDs highly VALUE THEIR TIME, therefore will be no games and he will state right away what he is offering, eg. x amount of time per month for x amount of $$$ w/ or without gifts etc.

With men like these, dolls, go for it and seal the deal ASAP. If his offer is something which is convenient for you then don’t hesitate for a second, go and make the arrangements without postponing.

Also note that no real SD will engage in any sex talk before the meeting, maybe he could ask if there is something he should be aware of regarding the bedroom time but will never explicitly describe any action.

Latest real POT of mine went straight forward and after few initial messages proposed the following: 5-7 days in Seychelles, business airfare, private villa and 2000$ of pocket money. He mentioned the time frame as well, in which it would be ok for him to arrange this trip. There were no requests of me sending bikini photos and he sent a request for my private ones after we exchanged several messages with asking first if I can open the private photos. 

Again, LEGIT POTs and SDs will waste no time and will be straightforward from the beginning what they want and offer. Every man knows what he can afford therefore he will be the one to suggestTHE NUMBER”. There will be no parts of the arrangement untold, 95% of the time you won’t need to ask anything about the allowance, meets, amount of time, because he KNOWS what he wants and what he can offer in return.

I HOPE this post will help all the newbies and also remind experienced SBs of the examples in the sugar bowl.

Stay safe dolls and happy hunting!


anonymous asked:

For the love of God o hate when the fandom portrays our favorite characters in bad qualityis like come on most of it is not even truth that's why we have headcanons and blogs to look at what there personally and likes are some are correct and others well are just others but there fun to do it and see how would they act and stuff god... people need to be creative

Sen: Good news. Part 2 of my salt is here. Stay tuned for the season finale within the next hour.

- Tsukishima “i literally do not give two shits” Kei: It’s a fucking lie. He cares so much about volleyball but was afraid of caring too much to the point of hurting himself. This guy is smart and calculating, he only does what is necessary and doesn’t take any unnecessary risks - if he has a strong chance of something, he’ll take it. If you don’t see the passion behind this guy when he blocked Ushijima then you’re obviously not getting what Haikyuu is.

- Kozume “why the fuck am i not playing videogames” Kenma: Yes, this guy is probably addicted to videogames, but it doesn’t mean he’s lazy and does not care. He’s a very socially awkward guy so volleyball, a very team reliant sport, isn’t going to be that kind to him (but luckily Nekoma is). He doesn’t like social situations, since we see that he always stays on the sidelines, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about volleyball. He works just as hard as the others on the team, if not even more because he’s smaller in build than them and plays the role of setter who orchestrates pretty much all of the plays on the court. He is deserving of some slack.

- Matsukawa “memeboi” Issei and Hanamaki “yoloswag420″ Takahiro: Literally just fandom self projection, as phrased by a good friend of mine. These guys are normal Japanese kids - memes aren’t that big over there. They make fun of their captain and shit but they aren’t legitimate memes. I only put these two together since it’s all y'all wanna say about them but they are not a set. They are two different characters.

- Ushijima “I burned your crops and touched Oikawa inappropriately” Wakatoshi: If you come at me with that bullshit, I will vomit on you. Ushijima isn’t an idiot, maybe a bit social inept but he is a volleyball genius. He knows that Oikawa is deserving of his praise and Ushijima knows that he himself is a good player. His pride isn’t baseless because he has the skills to back it up. Y’all rip on Ushijima for saying that Oikawa wasted his time but nobody said shit about Kageyama when he said it to Hinata when they were playing in middle school.

- Semi “i’m angry and beautiful” Eita: To be fair, he doesn’t have much presence in the main series. As only a pinch server, we only get to know that he’s free when he’s serving was taken off - but he’s not angry about Shirabu taking his place. He’s angry at how Shirabu doesn’t listen to him as his senior - this is Japan we’re talking about, the senpai/kouhai dynamic is more important than you think. Eita got the best setter award in the past (according to the Haikyuu omake) and this is how he’s treated; being replaced. Yes, if he’s angry that’s fine, but he doesn’t bear that kind of resentment towards Shirabu.

- Tendou “my childhood excuses me from being a cunt” Satori: Idk if y’all know this but it does not. People say that “he’s a bully because he used to be bullied, lay off of him!!” He sings about breaking people’s hearts and you wanna excuse that? He tells people to their face that he’ll enjoy crushing them. Idk if you know this but if someone across the net said that to me in game, I’d gladly get sent off the court for socking this guy in the nose. Out of all the characters in Haikyuu, he can be considered the ‘most villainous’ and y’all think it’s okay to infantilize him? i’m sorry but what the hell are you thinking. he’s literally labelled as a monster for a reason. there have been multiple studies on this website into his shitty personality. go find them.

- Shirabu “sassmaster” Kenjirou: To be fair, he’s plain rude. He’s not as respectful of his senpai as he should be but it’s for the sake of efficiency. He thinks about a lot of things. His hard work is often discredited because people have turned him into someone who knows nothing but studying so “of course he’d get in.” And while he came to Shiratorizawa because of Ushijima, it doesn’t mean he’s in love - he said he wanted to play powerful volleyball.

Stay tuned for more Salt with Sen Sensei

anonymous asked:

is being polyamorous addictive?

Ha, great question. I would say there are parts polyamory that are addicting. 

Certainly the NRE (New Relationship Energy) when you start seeing someone new can be. You get those butterflies the first time you hold hands, that first kiss, and all the other firsts in a relationship. 

When you see a partner after busy schedules have kept you apart all week. 

The compersion from seeing your partner getting the love and attention that she deserves is wonderful. 

I find it addicting to be around people in the lifestyle just because of the positive energy and lack of judgement. Not to mention I can be myself, which is always more comfortable. 

Not that it’s all wine and roses. With each new date comes the crippling anxiety. For me anyway. Your results may vary. 

I am not assertive so I have lost out on some wonderful opportunities when people thought I wasn’t interested. Even with people that I know are interested in me, I never seem to know the right time to move in for the kiss, or hold her hand. 

But overall, yes, I love polyamory. 

Now I pose the question to you, my fine readers (and porn bots), What do you find addicting about polyamory? 

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Do you know any really good 100k+ or 200k fics? I've read all the classics and am in dire need of another long fic. If you could help a girl out, that would be so much appreciated!💖 (of course, Bottom!Louis is a must) thanks again lovely!!!! Hope your Valentines Day was good.

I’m not sure what qualifies as a classic, but I’ll rec some of my favorites, if that works.

(and I assume TIF is a classic but.) TIF - not on ao3

Swim in the Smoke

As You Are (not BL but brilliant)

Into the Blue (I don’t think this one is BL either but it’s zarah so)

Speaking of Marvels

Say You’ll Remember (a little under 100k but it’s an angst fest so naturally I’m here for it)

Empty Skies

Never Be (yes I am reccing myself)

and I haven’t read these works yet, but I know @lucystarkid, @anhcor, and @tvshows-addict have all recently published/finished some HUGE fics, so check those out, too!

*also I apologize, because with the exception of my own fic, I’m thinking all of those are classics… it’s hard to find lengthy, well written fics that no one knows about! if you find some more, let me know ;)

Happy Valentine’s day to you, too! xx

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I love that you're doing Sims Sterek! :D your pictures are so cute. but I'm so curious now like what are they like? what are their jobs? who else is in your sim world?? lol i'm sorry i just want to know everything now.

Oh man anon, I am spending WAY too much of my life on this game right now. It’s so addicting. But yes, alright, let me flail with you.

First, we’ve got the Hale House household, which consists of Derek, Stiles, and Paige. I created Paige mainly because I started the game and made about half a girl character before realizing I needed to make it TW!Sims, and I decided the character looked more like Paige than anyone else. But then I really liked the idea of Paige as like a childhood friend figure for Derek, and I also kind of wanted to see if Stiles and Derek would connect with a third character in the picture. (Which they did!! Immediately, with zero prompting from me.) 

(OK yes, eventual prompting. Because that’s how Sims works. But not initial prompting.)

So yeah, Hale household:

Derek Boyd
[I decided to give the sims different last names because… I don’t know why. Boyd was the third randomization that came up for Derek’s last name and I had to keep it.]

Derek’s a family-oriented, romantic, gloomy sim who’s also an amazing musician. He fell in love with his roommate, Stiles, pretty much as soon as they moved in together, and they developed a slow-burn romance over the course of a few months while he gained fame as a musician.

He’s particularly close to his big sister Laura, who lived next door to them in the city, and frequents the gym in between shifts at work. But he’s always happiest when he’s around his family.

Stiles Johnson
[Haha, get it? …I’m a dork.]

Stiles is a literal genius, which comes in handy for his career as a scientist. He’s also geeky and playful, and knows just how to get his husband out of a slump when he’s feeling down.

Paige Krasikeva
[Which is actually her real last name, but I made her first, before I decided to be cute about it.]

Paige is a writer with aspirations to become a bestselling novelist, and often writes stories inspired by her two roommates, such as Boy with the Blue Eyes, Don’t be Such a Sourwolf, SoulsickPretty Good Pair, Orange and Blue, and the surprise hit bestselling children’s book, The Adventures of Sheepgoat! 

Devon Johnson-Boyd

The angelic toddler daughter of Derek and Stiles. A quick learner and super sweet, she takes a quick liking to almost everyone she meets (although she does seem strangely put off by her “aunt” Erica…)

Devon’s adoption inspired the Hale household to move from their city apartment to the suburbs, where they built an awesome house by the river and settled in happily.

Which brings us to…

The Beta House

Erica Star
[Because “King” felt too obvious, “reyes” sounds like sunlight, and there was an option to get star tattoos on her back. *shrugs*]

Flirty but a romantic at heart, this outgoing and self-assured art critic knows how to go after what she wants. She’s quick to bond with strangers but is also tough when need be, and the handiest around the house whenever anything goes wrong. She’s also got a secret soft side which she expresses through painting, and is branching into books too because why not do it all, right?

After a few abstract flirtations around town she eventually fell into a windswept romance with her roommate…

Boyd Vernon
[Literally I just wanted everyone to call him Boyd, so I flopped the name direction.]

Boyd is a natural loner and a bookworm with “good guy” programmed into his DNA. It takes him a while to warm up to strangers and he usually relies on his wife, Erica, to handle the brunt of their social interactions. 

It’s a good thing his job as a tech genius lets him interact with clients long distance, but he has a handful of friends he’s particularly attached to, including Paige and Derek. 

[painting Erica made the day after she and Boyd got married. I can’t with them.]

Isaac Écharpe
[Because… I’m a dork. That’s the only reason.]

So I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I had no idea what to do with Isaac. Personality-wise, career-wise… with every other character something felt natural, but with him I was struggling so I ended up making him a neat, perfectionist foodie which comes in handy for his career as a chef. Isaac took an immediate dislike to Stiles (fitting), who made himself too comfortable in his apartment on their first visit, and their relationship hasn’t recovered since. He does have a lot of casual friends and gets along well enough with his two roommates, but he’s often tense and temperamental, and never really connected with any of the Hale household.

Alpha House

For a long time, Alpha house was just Laura, before I decided playing a one person household was too boring and made Cora Laura and Derek’s younger sister moved into the city. Most recently I’ve decided to combine Alpha and Beta houses together so I can keep an eye on all five of them at once, and they’re all living comfortably in the spacious apartment the Hale house vacated when they moved to the suburbs. I still think of them separately but they share space now *shrugs*

Laura Boyd

Is a confident, charismatic natural born leader. (Her aspiration is literally called “leader of the pack” because I couldn’t not.) She’s also moving up the ranks fast at the local police department, but she always takes time to look after her gloomy little brother and her younger sister, which might make trouble eventually because…

Cora Boyd

…is heading down a decidedly dark path since she moved into the city. Her naturally mischievous nature has pulled her into a life of crime as a ringleader for a number of crimes around the city, and she has a tendency toward kleptomania she’s got no qualms in indulging in. A natural tomboy and self-proclaimed “bro,” she enjoys sports and working out in her free time, and is playing the field with a pair of love interests after just a few short weeks in the city.

And ok, “official description” over with, I’m going to launch into the Extended Adventures of Cora for a minute because she’s new and might actually be my favorite character at the moment. I invented her halfway hoping she and Isaac might connect because I needed someone for Isaac to bond with, but their moods literally dropped to “bored” 30 seconds into their first conversation. But she ended up being really interesting to play anyway. I love the idea of Cora being a criminal, living one apartment-length away from Laura… and that they’re both still so genuinely close and cool with each other. I don’t know, it’s weird but I love it.

She also connected with Stiles right away  –– mischievous and playful, I should have guessed –– and they’ve developed an adorable sibling-relationship, jibing each other and generally being jerks to each other in a loving way, and he never gets annoyed by her “snark” (mischievous actions) the way other characters do.

She’s also casually dating two girls; the first one is someone she really liked at first named Jade.

but the second time they hung out Jade got weirdly pissed at her for no reason and the third time they hung out, Jade literally invited her to a bar and walked out on her six seconds later. So Cora went and met another girl, Luna (meant to be? :P) who’s sweet and romantic and Cora genuinely likes.

But… since Cora’s a criminal, she’s decided to keep seeing Jade as well… so she can pickpocket from her as payback, because she’s got kleptomaniac urges to satisfy and she’s not prone to forgive easily.

I mean… I shouldn’t love her, but she’s awesome.

So ok, these descriptions got a lot longer as I went on. I was trying to be good at first so I said nearly nothing about Sterek ;P But that’s everyone so far!

anonymous asked:

mom lalonde was emotionally neglectful yes, but because she's an addict? and you're willingness to throw her under the bus instead of saying yes, in an alternate universe dirk was a violent child abuser, says a lot about what you think of addicts and women, and is kind of abuse apologism. its ok to like a character but seriously? no one is demonizing dirk. no one is saying hes the worst character ever. but you are so defense & such an ass about it. fucking ridiculous

I don’t think this hostility is at all merited, but sure, let’s go.

Mom Lalonde is canonically emotionally neglectful, yes. Glad you agree. In another universe, Dirk was obviously a violent child abuser. I don’t think I’ve ever indicated otherwise. I despise Bro Strider and I am glad he’s dead so Dave can move on as a person. The idea you have that I’m somehow erasing Bro’s crimes is absurd. 

My point is that Dirk gets burdened with Bro’s crimes (it used to be quite common to pass around the book 3 quote about Bro being abusive as proof that Dirk abused Jake) but if anything, Mom has had the opposite treatment.

Thankfully I think this is dying off, but you still see a lot of art where Mom is trying her best to connect with Rose and Rose just refuses to give her the time of day! Stuff where Mom is genuine and sweet instead of sort of passive aggressive (and yes, Mom is passive aggressive, and yes, Roxy is hella passive aggressive at her worst moments). Where the war between them was all in Rose’s head and Mom never intended any of it. 

Views on that are varied, but I don’t think it’s misogynist or abuse apologist to express that I wish Mom’s neglect and abuse got the same attention from fandom instead of being waved off because Roxy is usually a kind and generous person. Dirk is usually a bit overbearing, but he fiercely loves his friends and outright gives his life to save them in a gambit he’s not even sure will work. Yet people don’t decide that Bro was a saint who just wanted to help Dave and loved him – and as well they shouldn’t! That’d be fucking horrifying! 

But there’s a bit of benevolent misogyny at work in refusal to admit that a female character might have also been fucked up, instead treating her alcoholism and emotional neglect as “she did her best” and deciding that her daughter made up the passive-aggression all on her own and just didn’t understand. How isn’t that angle worrying to you?

My point isn’t “Bro is blameless” or even “Dirk could never do what Bro did.” Dirk could. His capability for shittiness makes his struggle to be good all the more meaningful. In the end, Dirk isn’t Bro, and that’s what counts. But shouldn’t we also hold this true for Roxy? Roxy overcomes her addiction and puts her passive aggressive tendencies and need for others to vindicate her by letting her help aside. Roxy grows as a person. That’s good. That’s wonderful. Erasing that Mom was an addict who was definitely at least a little paggro (the bronzed vacuum? the pillow? even if you think everything else was sincere, that stuff is over the top) erases how meaningful it is that Roxy overcame those struggles. 

self reflection

or: naval gazing

So I did that first sentence meme where you look at the first sentence of several of your works to see if you have any ticks/stylistic choices that you use a lot. I didn’t really see any patterns that meant anything to me, but I’ve been going through my stuff now and I have noticed certain, shall we say, preferences for particular…oh, fuck it, kinks. I have some odd writing kinks that I did not know about myself before I started writing R1 fanfic. I find this funny, because I love when I read other people’s fics and go “oh yes, this person definitely has X kink, I can tell” and then never consider that I, too, am totally transparent. 

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what would you say
if I asked you today
do you want me to stay
and pain to go away?
as life gets crazy
you’ll feel less needy
your cares will ebb
… oh so easily.

yes, I am
a magician
and will transform you

it’s all up to you
you know what to do
keep me or kick me
I am at your mercy.

—   m.d.k. //  Hooked via @heartandsoulonpages
random songs starter sentences
  • ❝I waited for your reply here in the pouring rain.❞
  • ❝Nothing lasts forever.❞
  • ❝Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.❞
  • ❝Say you'll remember me.❞
  • ❝I know the hurt won't pass.❞
  • ❝The horses are coming.❞
  • ❝I know I let you down.❞
  • ❝Give me love like never before.❞
  • ❝Sometimes I wish you'd just shut up.❞
  • ❝I wish I was in love but I don't wanna cause any pain.❞
  • ❝What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start.❞
  • ❝I never meant to hurt you.❞
  • ❝There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around.❞
  • ❝I know I took the path that you would never want for me.❞
  • ❝I gave you hell through all the years.❞
  • ❝I'm just a slave unto the night.❞
  • ❝Lose your mind.❞
  • ❝I gotta change if I wanna keep you forever.❞
  • ❝I bet my life for you.❞
  • ❝Lose your clothes.❞
  • ❝Don't let them in.❞
  • ❝Remember when I told you that's the last you'll see of me?❞
  • ❝I promise that I'm gonna try.❞
  • ❝I let you down, didn't I?❞
  • ❝I'm not a saint.❞
  • ❝What if it only gets colder.❞
  • ❝Don't tell me you can't forgive me.❞
  • ❝I've had enough.❞
  • ❝I hate that I let you down.❞
  • ❝Do you ever think of me when you lie?❞
  • ❝Am I just a fool?❞
  • ❝If you had a heart I was hoping that you would show me some.❞
  • ❝Maybe I'm addicted to all the things you do.❞
  • ❝They say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.❞
  • ❝Yes, I suppose.❞
  • ❝Does she/he know I've been in that bed before?❞
  • ❝I just want you to know that I did it all for you.❞
  • ❝You'll remain just afraid in the dark.❞
  • ❝All things go.❞
  • ❝What do I see in you?❞
  • ❝I'm ashamed to say that I'm not over you.❞
  • ❝Ten years ago, that's when you proposed.❞
  • ❝Am I just a silly girl/boy?❞
  • ❝Call me when you're not so busy just thinking of yourself.❞
  • ❝Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel.❞
  • ❝The people are saying that you have been playing my heart.❞
  • ❝Don't yell at me.❞
  • ❝I just figured I was something that you couldn't replace.❞
  • ❝Get the fuck out.❞
  • ❝Together we'll mend your heart.❞
  • ❝They say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn.❞
  • ❝You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.❞
  • ❝You had me caught in every web that you weaved.❞
  • ❝Don't tell me listen to your song because it isn't the same.❞
  • ❝I hate that I made you think that the trust we had is broken.❞
  • ❝I need to just make up my mind.❞
  • ❝Good things come to those who wait.❞
  • ❝I'll never have a chance.❞
  • ❝Touch me, don't be sweet.❞
  • ❝It's been awhile but I still feel the same.❞
  • ❝I'm done feeling like a stranger to myself.❞
  • ❝Why you gotta be so rude?❞
  • ❝Life couldn't get much sweeter.❞
  • ❝There's no one in town.❞
  • ❝I'm best when I'm in love and I'm in love with you.❞
  • ❝If you were with me tonight, I'd sing to you just one more time.❞
  • ❝I'll give you all I got.❞
  • ❝Why we're always at each others throats?❞
  • ❝He/She hit me and it felt like a kiss.❞
  • ❝There's you in everything I do.❞
  • ❝Chasing after you is like a fairytale.❞
  • ❝Is there life on Mars?❞
  • ❝Don't let them see.❞
  • ❝One last time I need to be the one who takes you home.❞
  • ❝We're living different lives.❞
  • ❝I don't deserve it.❞
  • ❝How in hell did this shit happened?❞
  • ❝I know that this is my fault.❞
  • ❝You're turning me on.❞
  • ❝I don't wanna be without you.❞
  • ❝The ones that love me I tend to leave behind.❞
  • ❝I should've been more careful.❞
  • ❝I'll make it feel like the first time.❞
  • ❝All I really care is you wake up in my arms.❞
  • ❝No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me.❞
  • ❝When I get you moaning you know it's real.❞
  • ❝I feel like a failure.❞
  • ❝I am longing for your love.❞
  • ❝One more time, I promise after that I'll let you go.❞
  • ❝He/She'll never love you like I can.❞
  • ❝Stay with me a minute.❞
  • ❝I am drowning.❞
  • ❝I swear I'll make it worth it.❞
  • ❝Why can't I keep my fingers off you baby?❞
  • ❝It's hard to breathe.❞
  • ❝At least I'm being honest.❞
  • ❝I really loved you bad.❞
  • ❝I don't care if you got her/him in your heart.❞
  • ❝I was hoping you'd save me.❞
  • ❝I just can't believe that this is my life.❞
  • ❝No one said this would ever be easy, my love.❞
  • ❝Don't make me cry.❞
  • ❝They could never make me hate you.❞
  • ❝Let me kiss you in the pouring rain.❞
  • ❝I'm angry but I still love you.❞
  • ❝Let's go get high.❞
  • ❝I will never let you go.❞
  • ❝You like your girls'boys insane.❞
  • ❝We will be alright.❞
  • ❝Don't make me sad.❞
  • ❝I will be by your side when the impossible rises up.❞
  • ❝The past is in the past.❞
  • ❝He/She hurt me but it felt like true love.❞
  • ❝Don't let them know.❞
  • ❝I'm never going back.❞
  • ❝Don't tell me that I'm wrong.❞
  • ❝It's all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love.❞
  • ❝Be the good girl/boy you always have to be.❞
  • ❝I never meant to break your heart.❞
  • ❝Lately I've been waking up alone.❞
  • ❝I never wanted anything from you.❞
  • ❝I never meant to make you cry.❞
  • ❝Don't you place the blame on me.❞
  • ❝I just wanna hold you.❞
  • ❝What would you think of me now?❞
  • ❝You gotta hold on.❞
  • ❝I've been saving all my summers for you.❞
  • ❝I guess we are who we are.❞
  • ❝I never said thank you for that.❞
  • ❝All I want is the thaste that your lips allow.❞
  • ❝Did I take it too far?❞
  • ❝Don't you know I'm human too?❞
  • ❝You're still beautiful to me.❞
  • ❝I thought might get one more chance.❞

No need to confess that i really… really like older men. The looks in their eyes always send a shiver down my spine. Sometimes i think they can see through all my little defences and see what i really am. They just know it…i am so in love and addicted to worship a hard thick throbbing cock. I think they can see it in my eyes…or maybe i just send all the right signals. After a few words my heart starts throbbing and my thoughts always brings me immediately to that one question: “if he ask…would i love to accompany him and let him make me his subjective cock craving slut?“….YES, i love to…. This is the part i started to flirt back… our eyes don’t let go anymore… and the topic of discussion changed frivolous. God, i can’t wait to suck his beautyfull hard throbbing cock and spread my legs for his hard conquering cock. My pulsating “pussy” sends all her longings in shivers through my veins. That moment i’m all “woman”… the submissive slut…the cockaddict whore in me is ready to fulfill every wish or demand…specially the perverted ones… Yes…i really like older men. Love you

quick rant

I am so sick of people coming into my ask box giving me shit for relbogging pics of Anita, Brian Jones and even David Bowie for that matter. Yes I know they were all drug addicts at one point in their lives (I’m not an idiot). Bowie was lucky enough to get his life together and fight his addiction. Brian not so much but just because they did drugs and slept with groupies doesn’t make them bad people? Do I agree with everything they did? Absoutley not but it was different time many many years ago. I still love them because I am a fan of their talent and the music they created; not because they got laid a lot. Leave me alone and stay out of my ask box with ignorant comments.

“I don’t remember my earliest memory, or, maybe I do. But when I think back to it, my mind purposefully goes blank.

I’m on acid right now. It’s like there is this waiting energy surging, wanting to spring out of my pores. I just need to release it. Thinking about it, trying to gives me a shiver down my spine.

I am 17 years old.

I’ve done coke, acid, ketamine, heroin, weed, shrooms, x, molly, xanax, ambien, and what others I can not think of. There are so many things I can think of to write, but nothing seems to be worth the time. Yet it does. Yes if you are reading this and wondering I am probably a drug addict, but no I do not take drugs every day. I fact, I have pretty good self control. Or, control of my problem. On behalf of NYC kids or teenagers, all of the people I know have done/do drugs, a lot doing heroin at the moment. Yes, I have graduated highschool. Not the best grades, but, I made it, somehow. As a 17 year old mind, I just want to make sense of life. My brain is not logical, but I often want it to be. I guess I have many stories, but who’s listening? I am unsure and I am ready to leave this page. To return.

I guess I was here.“