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Dating Sherlock Would Include
  • Having to explain yourself five times that “Yes, Sherlock, I am actually asking you out on a date.”
  • He blinks furiously. “As friends?”
  • “OH MY GOD”
  • Once he actually understands, you have to deal with clingy Sherlock
  • Mycroft offering you as bait during a case and Sherlock is outraged
  • Especially when you say yes
  • Pacing, so much pacing
  • Like ‘Mrs Hudson is concerned about an earthquake’ pacing
  • Instead of waking up to breakfast in bed, you find yourself waking up sounds of furious violin playing and sometimes shooting at the wall
  • Every third Wednesday of the month, you and John go out to brunch simply to talk bad about Sherlock and let out your frustrations(because, face it, there are many)
  • Sherlock hasn’t caught on yet
  • Molly is a little jealous at first, but is now a regular participant of the Wednesday brunch
  • Even Mycroft shows up every once in a while 
  • Lestrade has been invited, but declined(you’re pretty sure he will come eventually)
  • Strictly no PDA…unless Mycroft uses you as bait
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell you’re in a relationship
  • When you ask him for reassurance in your relationship 
  • He is very straight forward, but refrains himself from saying it like you’re an idiot
  • He says I love you first(which you were not expecting)
  • To be fair, it was probably to annoy Mycroft but you tend not to think about that
  • Sometimes you feel a little bit bad for almost replacing John, but John assures that “Trust me, Y/N, it’s fine. I like the space.“ 
  • You didn’t expect Sherlock to actually propose, so you planned to casually bring it up
  • With all your "subtle” hints of wanting to propose, Sherlock, being one step ahead of you, pieces it together and brings John along to pick out a ring
  • Since he absolutely has no clue 
  • John basically proposes for him during a case, since Sherlock was so nervous, but you found it sweet. 
  • “Sherlock, just say it.”
  • “Say what?”
  • “The thing
  • “Oh, right” He starts talking about the case. 
  • “Oh my god, Sherlock! Just propose!”
  • “Oh, that thing”

Requested and my first headcanon!