yes i am a ghost

Emo Bands as Told by a 14 Yr Old Girl

Fall Out Boy: If raised with them since a toddler, they’re amazing, but if you weren’t raised with them you probably only like Save Rock and Roll and I’m going to make you listen to Folie a Deux because I care

My Chemical Romance: My whole generation missed it but the older kids have explained the magic to me and I listen to Welcome to the Black Parade on repeat and feel sad. 2017 can’t come fast enough

Green Day: They were hella awesome when I was six and they still are

Blink 182: What



Panic! At The Disco: Please never leave me you’re all I have left that’s still relevant plEASE

Sleeping With Sirens: I was disappointed that he wasn’t also 14 and I don’t know if that’s normal

Simple Plan: I’m angry so I’m going to blare this through my speakers for thirteen minutes

Imagine Dragons: They weren’t emo but they’re slowly changing and we’re all chanting “One of us”

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Rehearsal flowey

//Lol you get DT-Saved timeline’s Flowey

“Howdy! Wow, you sure must have had some FUN before that reset, huh?” Flowey grins. “What? You thought everyone forgot?”

“You should know…..”


“Not everything….”

“Can be forgotten so easily!~” Flowey laughs, knowing the askers can see EXACTLY what he’s talking about. With that, he pops into the ground again.

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a - age: 420 years
b - biggest fear:
c - current time: 4:46 pm
d - drink you last had: waterr
e - every day starts with: me in bed lamenting the fact i have to go to school
f - favorite song: idk my FAVOURITE song of all time  but Walking in the NIGHT by CYTOKINE is a 2hu arrange that i love and have a lot of memories attached to it so i call it my favourite 2hu song
g - ghosts, are they real: yes i am one
h - hometown: wwwWWW
i - in love with: m…m..minamitsu murasa
j - jealous of: people who can keep their life together
l - last time you cried: i am crying rn
m - middle name: AINT GOT ONE
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: unlimited soup
p - person you last called/texted: one of my friends
q - questions you’re always asked:  why do you miss so much school?
r - reasons to smile: *looks up to the sky* Minamitsu Murasa
s - song last sang: i aint no singer
t - time you woke up: 8:06 i remembered
u - underwear color: pink
v - vacation destination: i dont want to be a weeb and say japan but .japan
w - worst habit: besides procrastination i think its my habit of accidentally stealing things like pencils
x - x-rays you’ve had: only ever gotten them for my teeth
y - your favorite food: mushmushroom soup
z - zodiac sign: aries

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a / age - 27 yes i am old

b / biggest fear – the dark. dying. ghosts.???

c / current time – 2pm

d / drink you had last –  apple juice

f / favourite song – I have many favourite songs and that is difficult to answer but I have been liking stuff by Jason Mraz, 21 pilots and Hamilton a lot recently

g / ghosts are real? – judging by the shit i’ve seen i’m gonna say yes

h / homeareacountry – UK

i / in love with - bbc sherlock. art and drawing. music, writing. all that creative junk. getting that sweet sniper headshot in destiny

j / jealous of – people able to wrangle their procrastination into something useful. people that are capable of utilising motivation when they need it. people with motivation in general

k / kink -  yes empathy is good

l / last time you cried? – two days ago because of stupid reasons

m / middle name – kate

n / number of siblings – one

o / one wish – i wish i could escape this limbo of never really feeling safe inside my own home and feeling even unsafer outside of it. i want my family to be safe and i want everyone involved to be better off, not worse

p / person you last called/texted – my sister and my nephew. he wanted to tell me he missed me. was cute

q / questions you’re always asked – ‘but why tho’

r / reasons to smile – making others laugh. 

s / song last sang – ‘details in the fabric’ by Jason Mraz because everything hurts and nothing is ok

t/ time you woke up – I htink at like. 11:40? 12pm? something like that

u / underwear colour – black

v / vacation destination – I want to go back to amsterdam

w / worst habit – avoidance

x / xrays you have had – had one in for my wrist. broke the bone in two places and also my foot, but that was just a sprain

y / your favourite food – pizza’s good. ice cream also. but chicken is my go to

z / zodiac sign – indecisive and incredibly distractable gemini.

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Am I a fan?: yes

First Song I Heard By Them?: cirice

Favorite Song?: it was cirice but ghuleh zombie queen has been my jam lately. it starts nice and slow but then kicks in and it gets me super pumped

Favorite Album?: oh boy, so the one that i just put on 2 zone out 2 is Meliora cause its the first one 2 pop up on youtube lol, as i said i dont do albums

Favorite Music Video?: ok with music like ghosts i tend 2 stray from music videos cause i dont want 2 ruin the picture thats in my head already and saying that i saw the one 4 cirice and was like aww there goes the image i had in my head 4 it. square hammer was cool tho

Have any merch?: i wanted 2 get a shirt from supernova but they didnt have my size ;^:. so i got a daft punk one instead

Seen them Live?: no id really wanna tho

Favorite Member?: omg mist ghoul like shes the cutest. im a new fan and dont know law v well but i instantly fell 4 her

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A - age: 28. Get off my lawn.

B - biggest fear: Goats. You think it’s funny but it’s not. Goats are evil. It’s in their eyes. Also Alan Moore. He kinda looks like a goat…

C - current time: 10:31am

D - drink you last had: Coffee

E - every day starts with: Asking myself if I wanna get up today then inevitably getting out of bed because I’m hungry.

F - favorite song: Ehm… It would be my favorite if I could remember it but mostly KPP songs always put me in a good mood.

G - ghosts, are they real?: Yes and I am also scared of them.

H - hometown: Los Angeles. Not the regular Los Angeles, but the cool Los Angeles before all these East Side people started moving in. D:< 

I - in love with: Books. Stories. Words on a paper. I love reading. (and writing. You should read my stuff, eh? Eh? ;p )

J - jealous of: People that own pets. ;n; I want a kitty or a puppy.

K - killed someone: Only with my sick burns. B]

L - last time you cried: In a long while.  

M - middle name: Kristine. ~n~ Why, mom, why?

N - number of siblings: Like… eight? We’re hardly all together.

O - one wish: A million dollars.

P - person you last texted: My mom.

Q - questions you’re always asked: “Wanna go out?” ‘No.’ “Wanna leave the house?” ‘No.’ “Make some new friends?” ‘No.’ “How are you?” ‘N- Fine.’

R - reasons to smile: Absurdist humor, memes, and bad puns.

S - song last sang: ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ by Walk The Moon

T - time you woke up: Whatever time it is now.

U - underwear color: Solid grey like a proper hikikomori. 

V - vacation destination: New Orleans. I wanna go but have never been.

W - worst habit: ‘I don’t want to do my hair. I’ll just shave it all off. It’ll grow back.’

X - x-rays you’ve ever had: Kidneys~ I should probably stop drinking coffee at this point but you’ll pry this mug from my cold dead hands.

Y - your favorite food: Chocolate and pizza. But not chocolate pizza. 

Z - zodiac sign: Virgo. I am nothing like a virgo. Except maybe bossy, anxious, and anal retentive. 

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  • a – age 21
  • b – biggest fear losing my mum or bro
  • c – current time 9:58 pm
  • d – drink you last had chai tea latte
  • e – every day starts with the alarm of my phone
  • f – favorite song One of Enrique Iglesias
  • g – ghosts, are they real? Oh yes, I am one.
  • h – hometown Where the herat feels at home
  • i – in love with football, strawberries, tea, music, books and over all travel
  • j – jealous of I dont know. Maybe my bro who can eat everything and still have the same weigh
  • k – killed someone Yes, Perez a thousand times
  • l – last time you cried Friday when I run against the door
  • m – middle name Sara
  • n – number of siblings 1 brother
  • o – one wish having one day a great husband and family
  • p – person you last called/texted @san-ramos
  • q – question you’ve always asked Why is chocolate making fat?
  • r – reason to smile Fernando and the other babies
  • s – song last sang Shape of you - Ed Sheeran
  • t – time you woke up 8:00am -> its weekend ♥
  • u – underwear color white
  • v – vacation destination Spain
  • w – worst habit can i say the chocolate thing again?
  • x – x-rays you’ve had dont know
  • z – zodiac sign Aries

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Am I a fan?: YES

First Song I Heard By Them?: ghosts

Favorite Song?: the art of parties, still life in mobile homes, ain’t that peculiar, gentlemen take polaroids and basically every other one

Favorite Album?: tin drum

Favorite Music Video?: ghosts

Have any merch?: nah :((

Seen them Live?: i wish

Favorite Member?: sylvo and mick!!!

abc tag game !!

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(A)-Age: 17!!!

(B)-Biggest Fear: hieghts, the ocean ghghg

©-Current Time: 4:49 pm!!

(D)-Drink you last had: water lmao

(E)-Everyday starts with: waking up at like 1 pm

(F)-Favorite Song: love/paranoia by tame impala (best band!!!)

(G)-Ghost are real: yes, i am one

(H)-Hometown: somewhere near dc……………..:-)

(I)-In love with: my bed and her 7 pillows

(J)-Jealous of: anyone who isn’t mentally ill like damn…u r lucky

(K)-Killed someone: no!!!!!!! i could never

(L)-Last time you cried: today! like 30 mins ago

(M)-Middle name: brittain!

(N)-Number of siblings: 3!

(O)-One wish: to go to colorado and see Shane 💓💓

(P)-Person you last called/texted: my mom!!!

(Q)-Question you’re always asked: hmmm. im not really asked this but people always comment on my pink hair!!

®-Reasons to smile: shiba inus!!!

(L)-Last song sang: you reposted in the wrong neighborhood!!! two to the one from the one to the three…i like good p*ssy and i like good trEES….

(T)-Time you woke up: like after 12,,,i dont remember

(U)-Underwear color: white lmao im boring as heck

(V)-Vacation destination: oregon!!!! colorado!!!!!! the carribean!!!!!!

(W)-Worst habits: i bite my nails incessantly 

(X)-X-ray’s you’ve had: my left pinky (which i have broken)

(Y)-Your favorite food: hmm,,,,either ice cream cake or pad thai

(Z)-Zodiac Sign: Aries!!!

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Age: 21

Biggest fear: Spiders and the ocean

Current Time: 06:35

Drink you had last: Wine

Everyday starts with: Me crying because I don´t want to wake up so early..

Favourite Song: CBX Juliet, EXO Mama

Ghosts are real?: Yes! And I am scared of them :´(

Hometown: A little village in southern Sweden

In love with: EXO! Jongdae! Food!

Jealous of: People who has got the opportunity to see EXO live

Killed Someone: Nope! ;)

Last time cried: When I came home from university Thursday night

Middle Name: Anja Maria

Number of siblings: 2 sisters

One wish: To see EXO once in my life!

Person you last called/texted: My mom

Questions you’re always asked: What´s wrong with you?

Reasons to smile: My family,  my 6 cats and my violin

Song last sang: EXO Moonlight

Time you woke up: 6:15 am

Underwear colour: Pink

Vacation destination: South Korea, Vienna, Spain

Worst habit: Laughing to loud

X-rays you’ve had: I have never done that…

Your favourite food: Fried chicken and pasta!

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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                      you   would   THINK   that   he’d   learn  his   lesson  with   humans   by   now  but  really  the  blonde  thought  it  was  nothing  to  hide.  there  is   a  brief  pause   &  an  awkward  silence  between  them.   ‘   yes…–  i   did   say   GHOST.  i   really  am  dead,  betty.   ‘