yes i am a child at heart


I am so so glad that my sweet boy found a home with people who actually care about him and love him with all of their hearts. This poor boy has been through so much heartbreak, loneliness, abuse, and neglect, that just having the option of being able to live with the Fujiwaras both breaks and mends his heart.

Touko and Shigeru love Takashi so much and I’m so glad that this sweet child is finally happy in a place where he gets so much love and affection. These two literally saved him and he is so grateful for everything they’ve done for him.

SEVENTEEN Performance Unit as boyfriends

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(I did this on my twitter svtstarHOSHI but felt i needed to elaborate here BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT OF STUFF TO TALK ABOUT)
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i just love Ginny Baker.

Vulnerable!Ginny Baker and Emotional!Ginny Baker are so damn important… Like wow. A 23 year old Black woman playing major league baseball with the weight of the world on her shoulders gets to have emotions too??? Wow. 

She gets to hold things in. She gets to be strong as hell. She gets to be angry. She gets to break down and cry. She gets to feel weak. She gets an episode ALL ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH. I REPEAT. THEY ADDRESSED HER MENTAL HEALTH!


Ginny Baker makes me so damn happy. And when she’s hurt, my heart breaks for her. I just really love Ginny Baker and I’m glad that the writers are exploring all of her emotions. Take care of my child, writers. <3

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When i examine my own heart and find that i am tempted to say to the Lord, “Yes, but –,” or “What about–?” or “How can i possibly–?” I find that He has questions for me:

Are you willing to understand?

To rearrange your life?

To be healed?

To lose your life for My sake?

Do you want solutions or holiness?

Answers or orders?

The light of Christ or our own logic?

And the still small voice says, You must become like a little child.

- Elisabeth Elliot, Secure in the Everlasting Arms


“Man, why are you being so bossy? You don’t even live here!”

“And neither do you! I’m speaking on behalf of Ruby, who does live here, and I’m telling you to hurry the hell out of here.”

“Why are you being so defensive for?”

“WHY DO YOU THINK?! You’ve broken Ruby’s heart, you’ve left her with your child that you should be responsible for too, need I go on? I’ve wanted to tell you this for the longest time - you are an asshole, Jeremy Keaton. You never deserved Ruby.”

“Damn, are you in love with her or something? You’re the biggest ass kisser ever!”

“You know what? Yes, I am in love with her. And I have been for a long time. It killed me to know that she was with you when you treated her like shit and alienated her from those who cared about her. I’m glad you’ve left her, she’s worth so much more than how you’ve treated her. Now get out of here and don’t even think about coming back. Ever.”

Preference - Halloween

ooh yes i am getting in the spirit (and not studying for my math test WHOOPS)


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Scott and you decided to skip trick or treating this year, and do something a bit more adult. He would take you out to a fancy dinner, and the two of you would do some shopping afterwards, and watch some spooky films together. Cozy fall mornings with him would be a must. 


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You knew how much of a child Stiles was at heart, so you definitely would not try to convince him not to go trick-or-treating. In fact, the two of you would probably have some type of hilarious couples costume planned out months earlier. After a long night, the two of you would turn on the tv, and watch some of your favorite cartoons, and maybe (okay, definitely) some Star Wars.


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If your friends were available, all of you would go do something late at night like clown hunting, but if they weren’t and had other plans, somehow, Brett convinced you to watch the newest horror movie out. You hated horror, but Brett loved it, also because when you were scared you cuddled up to him. You would usually watch the scary movie pretty early in the night, so that the rest of the night you could hit up the mall, and come home for some non scary things on Netflix together. 


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Liam was kind of a scaredy-cat, so watching horror movies, or going out into the forest late at night (aka doing anything Brett would do), was a big no-no. Instead, your night would probably consist of coming home from trick-or-treating early, and spending the rest of the night at home cuddling and watching some seasonal movies, or your favorite old Disney films.

Author’s Note: No, I am not dead lol.

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To me, it is kind of really tiring to see "cold, detached robots" stereotype for INTP at this point. At some point, I took it to heart and actually started to act accordingly to said stereotype- but now I am back to being the giddy child who just wants to ask what is that shiny thing and wants to give humanity a hug while at the same time low key cynical about everything. I mean, type is about functions, not behaviour. Besides, it feels nice to act cheerful and effect others with your enthusiasm

Yes. The problem with stereotypes is that we can’t get them out of our heads and can start to use them as excuses to keep us from actually maturing.

However, I also think that the robot INTP stereotype is starting to die. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. At least, it seems that a whole lot more people nowadays are starting to realize that the Rationals actually have a lot of emotion hidden beneath their logic. And I’m pretty happy about that.

Not that I’m a giddy child wanting to give humanity a hug. I really don’t care much for physical contact at all, to be quite frank. But I know exactly what you mean. And when you combine lots of logic with a generous dash of heart, you have a marvelously marvelous combination. I’m kind of hoping I live up to that kind of marvelous.

“Asexual women are fucking useless because what good is a 40 year old woman without a child and a man? I’m not saying women owe men sex or anything, but sex should just be something that comes within a relationship, and so should children if you are to get married.”

Manslation: The Lord came to me one day and said, “Listen up, Tim, I’m putting you in charge of everyone else’s business.”

I said to the Lord, “Are you sure, Lord? I am but a humble dude bro. I have nothing to offer but… wait, I literally have nothing to offer.”

“Yes, I am sure,” said the Lord. “Look inside your heart and decide for everyone who they are and how they feel. Start with women and your many opinions about how their human worth depends on their sexuality and how they are nothing more than vending machines for sex and babies.”

I asked him, “May I practice with you just once?”

He nodded gravely. I cleared my throat and said, “I’M NOT SAYING WOMEN OWE MEN SEX, IT’S JUST THAT THEY DO ACTUALLY OWE MEN SEX ALL OF THE TIME. … How was that, Lord?”

“You will make a fine Douche Angel, Tim. Go forth with my blessing.”

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I was curious to see how you would respond to this. I am both a a fan to the beautiful Zeki. But also to the beautiful Yume ship. I see many of these sides fight over who Yuki loves, and if her loves was pure. I think she loves both deeply with all her heart. Each man has a part of her heart, and she did give birth to each of man's child. So I was wandering what your thought is on this. Yes Kaname, has done faults.. and Zero on his. But in the end they both loved her and she them.

Hi anon. I really don’t want to go into a long explanation on this so I will try to give my best response in a short as possible reply.

I have never thought that the two loves were the same. I think Hino CLEARLY tried to show how different they were. 

One love drug Yuuki through the dirt and took away her heartfelt smile.

The other love raised her up and allowed her to be herself and take her time and she found true happiness with that love.

One love manipulated and lied his way through her ENTIRE time with him. From the time she was born until he Disney died.

The other love set her free hoping she would find her happiness with the man who could walk the same path of time as her.

One man couldn’t wait ten years without being a petty jealous a– who tried to control everything and every friend she possibly could have made.

The other man had the patience of a saint and waited until she was ready to start a relationship with him. Even if that meant waiting decades.

I could go on and on but I will stop here.

Let me just say, there are loves that are good for you and loves that are not.

Juuri would have been miserable with Rido and found her happiness with Haruka. And might I mention she kept Haruka waiting for quite a while as well!

Yuuki was miserable with Kaname and found her happiness with Zero.

Which is my preferred love?

 Love that causes me misery, steals my heartfelt smile and gives me no happiness or love that is based on equality and lifts me up, gives me happiness, and makes me smile from the bottom of my heart. 

The answer is quite simple really.

Hino was showing two vastly different types of love. 

I’d like to turn this question around and ask you. How could you condone a love that clearly made our heroine miserable in the entire second half of our manga? She had NO happiness. She was manipulated and controlled like a puppet. Kept like a china doll. Talked to as if she were a child. Who did all of this to her? Only one person!!!

And finally how do you say this?:

And then have sex with someone you know you don’t make happy?! How do you know that you stole her smile and the way you love is so warped that she could never be happy with you and still take her to bed??? How? Tell me please! 

I am sorry. I just can’t with this ship. It is literally the most toxic one I have ever witnessed. I just can’t figure it out how so many don’t see the very toxic nature of this ship!!!

But I hope even through my tangent that you understand what I am trying to say.

Just because you have a child with someone doesn’t mean their love makes you happy.

HAPPINESS is the key!!!!!

Me playing Milord’s recent story

Pause & Screenshoot every second time Milord appears.Well my phone is practically his screenshoots spree.

Laughs when they are being awkward or being stubborn together. like that headbutt and pls his retainers. well they are like 7th grader couple sometimes.

Swooned by his caring and heroic side. When MC about to eat that spoiled food and when she is going to fall, moving the stupid rocks, making medicine for MC, saving his retainers, pls i’m in love. Action speaks louder than words for him.

Drop my phone every time THAT slave play appears. And yes that stuffing the foods moment why am i so happy about it? And ofcrz I would love to be on your knees Milord..

Nosebleed and biting my lips when he said misleading words. Give me more.

Hold my breath every time he is trying to teach MC lesson.

And let me mention each time he is being cold, mean and cruel that is amazing thrill fest.

Hurts to see his dark and fragile heart again. Poor child lemme hug you.

Pat myself when MC is trying to teach him back. 

Jump out of my seat when that MC let herself fall. Jump out again happily when she embrace him. I swear MC you are the best and other witty and bravery moment.

And facepalm every time he is being like a brat. I’m not going to steal your domain or your fish.

Impressed with his independent and savage self. I mean he is practically in the middle of nowhere still manage to be calm and prepared.

In tears when MC still trying to prove herself and Milord practically begging her to admit the way of his life is the only way to survive.

Deceased to heaven when he shoved that medicine!! And yes his blush when MC thank him oh my please blush more *cries*

Put down my phone and walk away trying to breath every intermission.

And when finally it’s done, I hug myself for survived all of that precious side of Milord.

I’m blown away as always by Milord.

Yes. I’m trying to breathe here.. I’m still alive in the island of blood sweat and tears. I don’t mind if it’s with Milord tho.

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Hello kind anon~ Yes you can! Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy <3

Jin: I’m going to spoil you so hard. I can already feel it

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Suga: I’m a father…holy crap this is awesome.

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Jimin: I get to hold the aegi? Hi aegi! I’m going to be the best dad I could be!

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V: My little alien kind of looks like an alien!

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J-Hope: My heart. My heart is. Oh my God. I have a child. I am a father. I’m so happy!

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Rap Monster: Hello little one, I’m your appa, Namjoon. And you’re my mini monster. I can’t wait until you can spit bars.

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Jungkook: I’m going to sing you to sleep every night, I promise.

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go put on that makeup and feel fly af cause you gonna be stunting on everyone but i rlly hope eveything is ok w you i'm here if you need anything

Yes ma'am! I love the positivity in your words omfggg ♡ what a babe, I’m so in love with everything about this. Cute girl??? Supporting fellow bloggers??? MY HEART ♡ thank you very much my sweet angel child! I feel a lot better tonight thankfully. Idk if it’s the weather or my disorders or my recovery or if it’s the lack of meds but something just had me so bothered over everything yesterday! I try not to be so openly depressed but life has been p hard lately @ ^ @ thank you for supporting me!

#30DaysWritingChallenge Day 18: 30 Facts About Me
  1. A Sanguine-Melancholic. A bit weird, yes, I know. A happy-go-lucky person but also sensitive at heart.
  2. I am the second born to my family. The middle child.  “Most independent one”, they say. 
  3. Being a woman is probably my most favorite fact about myself. Yes to makeup and ultimate dress up, without being judged.
  4. I have this resting-bitch-face look so people got this scary impression from me but hey, you’ll have a lot of good laughs by the time you know me better. ;) This statement had certified by many people.
  5. In my third year of being single since the last relationship I had. And enjoying it more than I actually should. Haha!
  6. I write movie reviews in Secret Cinema Club along with my good friends. A lil’ bit of promotion, haha! Add us on @eqj9420w at Official Line. 
  7. Went to one of most prestigious business school in Indonesia, and officially graduated October last year. Majored in Marketing and interested in Branding. Let me be proud of myself because I went through hellish years and to finally graduated from there is one of my major accomplishments in life.
  8. I have a soft spot in life-related topics. Life is always an interesting issue, isn’t it?
  9. Words have such astounding effect on me and I might say that sometimes I fell in love with words even more than I did with people.  
  10.  Navy blue is my favorite color. 
  11. Living abroad is one of my biggest dreams since whenever and I’m still wishing till now.
  12. Finland is my epitome of happiness. If you read my blog, you know why.
  13. I love listening to music and discovering new music every day. Sadly  I have no talent for it. (I WISH I COULD SING SO I CAN SING MYSELF TO SLEEP) okay thats creepy…
  14. I cry easily when it comes to touching stories, old people, and love between family members.
  15.  I have deep affections for flowers. People said it don’t match with my outgoing personality (they think flowers are only for girly & feminine woman, c’mon, what’s with the stereotype?) but kindly take a look to my instagram feeds, flowers are blooming there. 
  16. I’d prefer tea to coffee, anytime. #TeamTea
  17. I hate being lied to, inconsistency, being forced to do anything against my principle. 
  18. Definitely have a thing about guys with eye smiles. And guys with specs. And guys who sing. And guys who write. And guys who create good playlist. And guys who take good pictures. And and and and….. the list goes on. Jk, they’re superficial. Guys with good manner and good relationship with God are ones that attract me the most. 
  19.  There is a story behind this but in short, it became a habit to me to turn on my phone earliest at 11.00 am. When I’m on my day off, I usually turn it on at 3 pm. Haha! My closest ones do hate me for this.
  20. My closet is pretty much filled with boring colors; black, white, grey, navy blue, and maroon. #BasicGurl
  21. I favored Japanese food. A lot.
  22.  A Sherlockian. Until I was introduced to Agatha Christie and her antique character, Hercule Poirot. Still a Sherlockian, though, but with huge admiration towards Christie’s works.
  23. I  need to work on my lack of confidence self. 
  24. I’m so into Spotify’s acoustic playlist. Saved 3 of them (Morning Acoustic, Afternoon Acoustic, and Evening Acoustic) even they basically contain similar songs. Yes, I play them according to the time of that day. And I made my own, too! Here. 
  25. To think of it, I do have soft spot for acoustic music. I might listen to trending music today, and going with pop tomorrow, but acoustic music is special. 
  26. Major love for brownies and kue putu pisang from me.
  27. Gloomy Bandung is the reason why I love my hometown. 
  28. I put John Mayer in my thesis’ acknowledgment page. HAHA. #penting. But hey, it’s true that his songs helped me through the difficult nights?
  29.  I really wish I could meet our president someday. I need to tell him how cute he is and he needs to eat a lot.  Because, pak.. Nanti sakit loh. :(
  30.  I believe that there’s no such thing as luck. I only believe in blessings.

Wow, that’s surely a lot! Glad I made it till #30. :))



20 Questions Tag

Thank you @fangflowersims and @toiletpapersims for tagging me! Love these sort of tags!
Name: Holly

Nicknames: Hols

Zodiac sign: capricorn 

Height: 5'2 

Orientation: straight 

Ethnicity: White 

Favourite fruit: strawberries 

Favourite season: i like summer, autumn and winter. sorry spring idk why i don’t like you 

Favourite book series: Harry Potter but have only really just gotten into it
Favourite flower: lotus or tulip 🌷

Favourite scent: idk most things from lush

Favourite color: pink,purple or blue

Favourite animal: Guinea Pigs(they are so cute 🐹🐷)

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa 

Average sleep hours: probably 8-9

Cat or dog person? dog

Favourite fictional characters: Mary Poppins idrk

Number of blankets you sleep with: just my duvet 

Dream trip: Disney Land Florida (yes i am a child at heart)

Blog created: August 2016 i think

Number of followers: around 60
I tag anyone who wants to do it :)

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-sends URL and snuggles you then curls up into a ball-

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following; @adventurouswind

my opinion on;

character in general: So Bartz is my all time favorite Final Fantasy character hands down no one can ever beat this child cause he is too good for this world kind of guy. I grew up with Final Fantasy 5 and it along with 4, 7, 8, 9 hold very close to my heart. Back to Bartz, he is funny and will always be my spirit animal hands down.
how they play them: I see you on my dash like every so often and yet i never muster up the courage to rp with you, I am sorry for that but from what I see, its comedy gold! 

Yes that kind of comedy gold.
the mun: im the worst and never talk to you but you look nice.

do i;

follow them: Yes
rp with them: …….. :T
want to rp with them: I think it would be funny
ship their character with mine: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no

what is my;

overall opinion:

Again. Comedy Gold right here people!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.


Elizabeth was very happy to get her dolls’ house back. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you for I am your best friend and my sword is sharp and my heart is true.

“I don’t need saving, for I have money and there’s nothing you can’t do with money.

“Don’t be silly, you can’t buy ogres with money.

“Yes you can, I’ll show you.

“No, don’t princess they’ll kill you.

“I’m strong and rich, I need nothing else.

“Foolish child.” 

Headcanons (Bleach/IchiRuki): 29/∞

Ichigo is whipped.  Rukia is head of the family and wears the ‘pants’ in the relationship.

Proof with IchiRuki children showing their comparisons of how their parents react.

Child: Sometimes dad can be annoying… 

Rukia: Yes, he can be.  He’s still your father and the man in my heart, so don’t you dare insult him.

Child: Y-yes, ma’am.  I mean, mom.  Ma’am.

Rukia: Either is acceptable.

Child: Sometimes mom can be annoying…

Ichigo: Yeah… I mean, hey, don’t you say that about your mom!

Child: But you say things like that all the time.

Ichigo: Yeah, I can.  But that’s it, just me.  All other opinions are rejected.  Including yours.

Child: Even if I say them quietly when she’s not around or can’t hear them like you do because you’re scared of her?

Ichigo: I-I-I don’t… I’m not… Just don’t talk about your mother that way okay?!

Child: Okay…

Ichigo: … And don’t tell her I said she’s annoying.

Child: Whipped.