yes i am a child at heart


Ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about these tweets…

I think I’m faster to forgive than the average person, at least from what I’ve seen, but at the same time I don’t want to be some enabler that sweeps bad choices under the rug like they don’t matter.

Yes, he should’ve never auditioned and taken the job, and continued in that job feeling so guilty about working under a man he believed in his heart molested children. I am upset about that…

At the same time if you were in his place, and the guilt slowly built up until you realized you couldn’t take the money, you couldn’t keep quiet, you had to let the world know what you did– you would have to agree that he did the best he could do after the fact, not being able to go back in time and make it right. He donated his salary, he didn’t have to be so public about how much he believed Woody was guilty, or how much he regrets it. He could’ve been vague about it, feigned ignorance about Woody’s personal life, something to save face a little. But he’s showing true remorse by admitting his cowardice and not making excuses. He’s opened himself up for criticism and he’s not arguing against it, he’s just letting the hate come because he’s upset with his own choice, but all he can do now is apologize and make it a point to recommit himself and stick to his word. The fact that he tweeted that he never wants to compromise his principals like that again means he’s letting us hold him accountable from here on too. We can all point back at it and throw his own words at him if need be. 

And when it’s all said and done, I’m kind of a coward too, I can’t imagine being in a contract with a major movie, only having a little role in one scene, and snubbing a major hollywood player as a newbie. I can see myself trying to think up loopholes why it was ok to continue. “It’s a small part, it’s not like I’m supporting the actors around me”, “I really need this movie”, “Most people in this business are horrible secretly” and any number of excuses would be on my mind. I’m glad he didn’t make those excuses in his tweets at all. He just faced the fact that if he believed it was true about Woody, he shouldn’t have chosen to work in his film.

heathers songs rated on the appearance of heather macnamara
  • beautiful: she is indeed there, beautiful and pure. however, no leading lines really 6/10
  • candy store: the whole Sesame Street thing is some good shit 8/10
  • fight for me: where did my flower go?? sad day, friends (but this song is still lit) 1/10
  • freeze your brain: 0/10 no macnamara anywhere
  • big fun: she is there and singing! but she is making fun of Martha, not good 4/10
  • dead girl walking: too dirty for my child -3/10
  • me inside of me: fav song but little to no mac so 2/10
  • blue: girl almost got date raped no way honey -1200/10
  • our love is god: her almost-date rapist got killed so 👌 1/10
  • my dead gay son: she appears! just dancing but still 2.7/10
  • seventeen: good job guys but no macnamara -1/10
  • shine a light: there she is, shining her beautiful rays of light 4/10
  • lifeboat: BABY CHILD NO GOD I WANT TO HUG YOU (but also solo!!!! rock it) 11/10
  • shine a light reprise: soft cries 9/10
  • kindergarten bf: soothing, takes away the pain of heather m not being there 3/10
  • yo girl: SHIT YES but also no macnamara 0/10
  • meant to be yours: she's in ensemble, my baby 3.6/10
  • dead girl walking reprise: CHEER YOUR HEART OUT BABY "CMON WESTERBURG" SO CUTE 13500/10
  • i am damaged: sad, cry, whatever shES NOT THERE -12/10
  • seventeen: friendship ^^ 10/10
Baby Wayne - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Reader has to tell Bruce she’s pregnant, and she doesn’t know how…

I feel like I’m just gonna write a serie of “characters’ babies”, where the reader has to tell their significant other they’re pregnant…So, boom for the Bat (and here the one I wrote for Captain America). 

(My masterlist blog here :


You had been staring at the pregnancy test for the past three hours, not knowing what to do. Two lines. Positive. Fuck. You forgot about the time you missed ONE pill, ONE time…Your guts were churning, and you were extremely stressed and scared for three reasons.

Firstly, Bruce was quite older than you, he might not feel fit to raise a child now.  

Secondly, you already had four boys. When you started seriously dating Bruce, he already had Dick and Jason in his house, and you adopted them without hesitation. Then Tim came in your life, and just naturally became your son as well. And finally, Talia Al’Ghul dropped Damian…She did so almost seven years ago, and you were now whom he considered his mother. 

Thirdly, and lastly, you and Bruce NEVER talked about having children of your own. You felt like you had a tacit understanding between you two that a baby just didn’t had its place in your life…

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The door was slowly opening, revealing the darkness behind. Loud screeches intensified, the music increased in volume and glued your eyes to the screen.

“Holy mother of…!” You jump up from the couch, spinning around in the process after you felt the hand on your shoulder, “What the hell?!”

“Hello love.”

“Don’t…seriously don’t! How did you even get in here? I most definitely didn’t invite you in.”

Klaus stood with his arms crossed, a smirk on his face as his eyes scanned you. Your outfit sure wasn’t the most flattering, oversized shirt and pyjama pants.

“Your sister did, lovely child by the way. Now I need you to…”

You grab his arm, pulling him down with you onto the couch, ”Shh I need to know who’s the killer.“

“Oh that’s very easy, I am and if you don’t…”

"Yes, yes you’ll rip my heart out and bla, bla and so on. I’ve heard it before, Klaus.”

The thing with Klaus was that if he wanted you dead, you would have already been. Not that he didn’t scare you but you really, really wanted to finish the movie and preferably not alone. So, all well that ends well. 

“Listen.” You say, holding on to his arm in a tight grip, “I’ll come and do whatever you want. Afterwards.”


“Hold it perv, anything vampire related.”

Past the Clouds, We’ll Find the Stars [CS FF Oneshot]

This was supposed to be a little oneshot that was sparked from my headcanon about CS adopting. It took on a life of its own and…well, here it is. Thank you to @peggyyswan for being my ride or die, for always flailing with me and for reading this via photos of my laptop screen as I went along. I’ll post it on FFnet soon.

CS + Adoption and more: A dash of angst, a sprinkling of humor & a whole lotta fluff.

Title: Past the Clouds, We’ll Find the Stars
Rating: T
Words: 8.6K

“So…what do you think about adopting?”

It wasn’t a question Killian had been prepared for. Not at 11pm on a Monday night as they cuddled in bed watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It struck him as more of an over-dinner conversation, or one inspired by watching TV shows involving infants, as opposed to run-down shacks serving questionable-looking yet apparently delicious meals.

He shifted to find his wife’s eyes, but she kept them fixed on the television screen, and his brow creased as he considered her. She was snuggled into his side, hand tracing idle patterns through his chest hair, cheeks aglow and hair tousled from their recent tumble between the sheets. But he had a feeling that the color on her cheeks had more to do with her question than their earlier pleasurable activities.

“Are you referring to a puppy or a child, darling?”

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Father's Day - Luke Hemmings

A/N: Okay so I’m really not happy with this, like at all, but I promised to write and this has taken me so long so here it is please don’t hate me I have another idea that’s going to be a series I think, anyways this is here, probs the shittiest I’ve written in a while so I’ll maybe delete it and redo it later for a proper Father’s Day one but I’ll stop and let you put yourselves through this if you dare ;)

You were lying cuddled into your pillows when your racing child thundered into your room at a speed that shouldn’t be run at considering the early hour unless you were one of those insane marathon runners. You faked sleep wondering if your little boy would calm down if he saw you sleeping rather than continue to race around. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to see him it was just that lately you’d been tired, not of him, but in general, Luke, your husband of five years had been away for almost two months and you were more than ready for him to come home. You missed him so much and you knew your little boy missed him enormously too.

‘Muma!’ He whisper shouted near your ear. 'Yes Jack?’ You’d asked whispering more gently. 'Are you awake?’ He asks and you open an eye carefully. At 4.36 am you didn’t want to be but you were. 'Yes sweet heart, I am, come cuddle with muma, go around to daddy’s side of the bed and crawl under the covers baby.’ You whisper an arm snaking out and ruffling his blonde hair gently, finger sweeping around to tap his little button nose so similar to Luke’s when he was a child. He smiles widely and skips around the bed to clamber up and in with you.

At age four he was by no means over cuddles, not so much in public but certainly at home he was his fathers son, cuddling at every chance. This was something you loved dearly and couldn’t have a day without, you knew you’d be heartbroken when he finally put free these cuddles.

The pair of you cuddled together for a little while, you drifted back off to sleep and eventually so did Jack. After what seemed like not a long time you were woken to a shaking little boy cuddled in so closely to you with his little hands fisted in Luke’s old t-shirt you were wearing. 'What’s happening sweet?’ You ask concerned. You pull him into you, arms around his tiny figure. 'Bad dreams muma, I keep having bad dreams.’ He’s very close to tears. You soothe him as best you can, rubbing circles on his little back. 'Do you want to talk about them?’ You ask wrapping your arms around him and rolling into your back so that he’s lying on top of you cuddled into your chest, you sit up peering down at his anxious face. 'Daddy is coming home isn’t he?’ He asks and you pull him forward kissing his curls, 'of course baby, he loves you so much, he’ll always come home for you my love always always.’ He doesn’t say anything but curls into you deeper and you reciprocate with a firm but gentle squeeze.

This keeps occurring, Jack will keep coming to you at different times during the night, worry etched on his little face. Every time you comfort him and let him sleep with you but despite this they keep coming, these dreams about never seeing Luke again, or Luke abandoning him. Every time you promise him he’ll be fine and that Luke would never leave him.

You can’t bear to tell Luke the extent of the nightmares, only that they keep happening never what they’re about, you don’t want Luke to worry more that he already does when he’s away from you and Jack. And you know the guilt will ruin Luke if he knows just how much Jack misses his dad.

When you begin to come down with a stomach virus later in the week, you send Jack to Luke’s parents place for a few days until you’re better, wanting to keep Jack from catching anything you’ve got. But Liz can’t help the little boy when he cries waking from a nightmare to find both his muma and his daddy not there. She stays up with him most of the night when he can’t get back to sleep, something you can’t thank her enough for, but to no avail.

The next day she brings him back thinking that being with his muma was better than not being sick. You thank her and she tells you to get a doctors appointment for you and your stomach. You’re feeling a little better as the day goes on but you’re still not right and after booking a doctors appointment, as Liz has requested, for the same afternoon you call Luke with Jack on your lap.

'Daddy!’ He cries out in excitement as the screen rings and rings and eventually rings out. He begins to cry just softly, and you turn him into you and let him cry until he’s done rubbing smooth circles up and down his back. He’s never been a loud crier, he just sits so terribly sadly on your lap and your heart breaks slowly watching him.

'He’s busy baby but we can ring him again this afternoon after we go to the doctors for muma yeah?’ You attempt to brighten the little boy who’s usually do cheerful up unsuccessfully. You can’t bear him like this. Despite your efforts he remains off kilter all of the afternoon.

That night trying to put jack to bed is near impossible. He’s crying and shaking and won’t let you go. It breaks your heart and so you just let him sleep with you from the beginning, you set him up in bed and shower while he settles. When you return he’s cuddled up on Luke’s pillow nearly asleep. You kiss his head gently before slipping into bed, exhausted from the day and the lack of sleep you’ve had recently. But before you sleep you send Luke’s your manager a message, its Father’s Day next weekend and you think going to visit Luke on tour as a surprise will do all of you good, Jack especially. You ask for details about what and where the boys will be and if he thinks you would be able to come for a few days.

You check your social media but end up falling asleep. Jack wakes up a few times during the night and you sooth him back to sleep again becoming gradually more concerned. The next morning you wake late, Jack is still sleeping worn out from his nightmares. You check your phone and find a message from the manager telling you not to worry about coming out, how the boys would be in the bus and not staying in hotels so it just wasn’t plausible. You were pretty annoyed but didn’t want to tell Luke your plans to just thanked him for trying anyways.

You manage to FaceTime Luke during the week, planning a time for another FaceTime for Father’s Day. This seems to cheer Jack up a little but he still has nightmares, the sadness coming back along with them.

Friday night arrives and you put jack to bed with you again, showering while he settles in again and again when you finish he’s pretty much asleep. This time you curl up cuddling him to you trying to protect the little boy from his demons in the night.

You awake to a warm kiss on your temple as Luke silently slides into bed across from you, his long arms encircling you and Jack. He kisses his little boy gently and you grin despite having just awoken. He leans across and brushes a hand down your hair softly. 'I’ve missed you so much my love, I wanted to surprise you and spend the weekend for fathers’s day it’s not a good way to spend such a special day alone.’ He says softly and you just want to feel his strong chest against yours, to be held in his strong arms. Instead you just gently lean across the sleeping little boy and kiss him as passionately as you can with a small child in the middle of you two. He reciprocates and you can’t help but grin again. Having Luke home is so surreal. 'Am I dreaming?’ You and and he chuckles softly. 'Babe it’s a little late to ask that, you’ve already kissed me, I’m totally real.’

Your feet find his large ones and tangle as much as they can. You want to desperately talk with him and cuddle into the early morning but you won’t jeopardise Jack’s sleep when he’s had so little lately. You point at Jack who begins to stir as if on cue. He starts to shake a little and clutches you. You wrap him in a strong embrace. 'Jack baby.’ You wake him gently before he can wake himself in tears. 'Muma, I thought I heard Daddy, he is coming home isn’t he? He hasn’t left?’ He says worry etched on his little face. 'Never Jacky boy, never never never.’ Luke says voice thick with emotion. Jack turns in your arms shock and disbelief on his face. 'Daddy?’ He asks and Luke wraps him in a strong embrace. 'Yeah Daddy’s here as he’s never going to leave you. Sometimes I have to work a lot and I’m sorry Jack, but I’ll always come home to you and muma.’ Luke says and you just want to hug him and save him from the guilt he’s feeling. You catch Luke’s hand gently bringing it to your lips kissing it softly and with adoration. He sends you a grateful look in return.

Jack falls back asleep cuddled against his dad the most peaceful he’s been in weeks. You can’t help but be happy with your two boys home and happy. You fall asleep with a massive grin on your face.

Saturday morning you all eat together happily, Luke says he can stay for the week but has to go back for the weekend and then another month. But after that he doesn’t have any tours planned and he’s thinking maybe a little break would be good. You smile happily before excusing yourself, not able to stomach the sweet pancakes Luke has made with Jack for breakfast. You leave Jack and Luke happily eating telling them you’re just going to lie down for a little while.

Luke is skeptical and concerned but doesn’t say anything to you about it. You end up bent over the toilet bowl emptying your stomach of last nights dinner, like you have so many mornings these past weeks. You hear Luke ask Jack to stay there and eat while he checks on you. 'You alright here little man?’ Luke asks and you hear Jack respond. 'Yes Daddy, mumas sick she’s been sick for two weeks now. She does this every morning.’ You hear him say making you cover your sweaty forehead with you shaking hands as you hear Luke thunder up the stairs. You attempt to stand and look decent but Luke is already there holding your hair back and rubbing your back as you dry heave. 'Oh baby, my love.’ He says and when you think you’re done he helps you stand and brush your teeth before letting you lean on him as he wraps you in a hug tightly. 'Let me put you in bed my love.’ He says carrying you to your bed and placing you gently in it before tugging the covers up. 'Go take Jack out and play or something I’m fine, you have to go soon just play with Jack I’ll be fine in a while.’ You tell him desperately hoping he won’t worry too much about you and that Jack will get to spend as much time as possible with his dad especially this weekend being Fathers’s Day.

'Baby, Jack said you’ve been like this for a while what’s wrong have you talked to a doctor?’ He asks clearly very worried for you. 'Yeah, I’m fine Luke go play with Jack, he’s missed you.’ You say kissing his cheek gently. 'Thank you for looking after me Luke.’ You add kissing his cheek again like a full stop. He hesitates but goes back downstairs to his little boy, but not before returning your kiss with a kiss of his own on your forehead. 'Baby if you need anything sing out and I’m going to come check on you every ten minutes I’m not leaving you alone like this I’m just worried about Jack alone in the kitchen.’ He reminds you and you giggle a little despite yourself at his over protective nature. 'Go Luke, I’m fine I’ll be alright later.’ You promise sending him away finally.

You manage to fall asleep for a while and wake up almost an hour later to your boys greeting you with tea and a gentle kiss from Luke. You sit up smiling at the kind nature of them both. 'Thanks boys, I’m so lucky aren’t I to have you two here with me.’ You say kissing Jack’s hair softly and pecking Luke’s lips before he can pull away not wanting to catch whatever you have. 'It’s okay babe you can’t catch it.’ You remark with a smile before sipping your tea. He just looks at you skeptically and slides into bed with you, Jack snuggled into his side.

You spend the day together, after lunch you feel good enough to go to the park and the three of you spend the afternoon there together.

That evening Jack is happy enough to sleep on his own bed for the first time in over a week. So you and Luke spend the evening together curled up on your bed talking about his tour and what’s been happening, all the good and the bad parts all the worries and the amazing moments. You love listening to him and you end up talking well into the next morning. At about twelve thirty you look up at him unable to contain yourself anymore. 'Luke, its Sunday morning.’ You say and he looks shocked, 'sorry babe sleep, you’re not well, you need your sleep.’ He says moving to turn the light off. 'No wait.’ You touch his arm stopping him from extending it to turn off the bedside light. 'It’s Father’s Day, and I’ve been so excited to tell you this and now I can. This is like my Father’s Day gift to you but it’s not really me it’s us anyway, Happy Fathers’s Day, you’re going to be a dad to another little hemmings.’ You blurt out taking in his shocked but delighted face and kiss him passionately when he can’t seem to say anything. In return he wraps his arms around you and holds you to him. 'I love you thank you I’m so excited thank you I love you.’ He rambles against your lips tears dripping down his face. 'Oh baby, don’t thank me, I didn’t do it alone, and it’s going to so much work but it’ll be worth it.’ You say and Luke nods along before running his big hands down your side and settling them on your ten week old baby. 'Hey baby, it’s your daddy and I love you very much, and I can’t wait to meet you.’ Luke says to your belly before lifting his shirt off your belly and kissing it gently. You giggle running a hand through his golden curls. 'I love you so much Happy Father’s Day, you’re the best Dad and i can’t wait to do this again with you.’ You say and he swipes at tears before kissing you expressing his love and adoration.

Of Dusk and Dawn part 2


Pairing: Apollo/Steve x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1.900

Summary: Y/N is the Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, blessed by the God Apollo with the gift of foresight. Yet one day a hunter sets foot in her temple and she is struck by a dark vision. With the blood moon approaching fast, higher powers take the upper hand and shake up Y/N’s life and love. Is she strong enough to survive the wrath of a Goddess? Or shall she wither and die in the aftermath of a God’s sorrow?

A/N: Written for @marvelous-fvcks her challenge.

Series masterlist can be found here

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Lauriam.... yes, I’m finally talking about him

Yada yada, time paradox, yada yada, killed an innocent child, pbbt. Done, in the past. Nothing to care about. 

Theories floating all over Tumblr for the past 2 weeks consisting of mostly insane time traveler Marluxia exfuckflower have definitely caught my attention. Don’t worry, people in my ask box. I’ve been crafting this theory for a while. And it’s fucking pissing me off where I ended up. ‘Cause no, it’s not satisfying. And yes, IT MAKES SENSE. I’m so mad where I ended up after pouring so much time into this. I was expecting something incredible and… to be honest, touching? But, no. Tetsuya Nomura stomped on my heart. Again. 

I’d recommend cranking up some tunes ‘cause this is gonna be a doozy. Might I recommend this? Personal favourite ;)

Let me introduce you with a question… Can just one essay make you feel respect for character development and feel righteous anger with an overwhelming need for justice? Hopefully by the end of this, your answer will be yes.

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Flood my Mornings: Thanks

Anon said: If the stable chapter was in October doesn’t Bree have a birthday coming up?  how is she going to do with the terrible twos ?

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Eggs (Attack of the Pregnancy Brain!) 

November 23rd, 1950

“Happy Thanksgiving, Frasers!” Marian Harper sang out as she opened the door.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” we chorused in return, arms full of Bree and wine and basket of lemon meringue pie.

“Oof, come in out of the rain,” she clucked, ushering us into the warmth of her cozy foyer. “Though I guess we should thank our lucky stars it’s only rain, not the blizzard they’re getting down south!” 

“Oh, aye,” Jamie agreed, deftly extricating Bree from her raincoat while still holding her. “Made it a bit slow-going on the drive over, but much preferable to snow.” 

“And the rain’s good luck for Miss Bree! Happy BIRTHDAY, sweet pea!”

Thus addressed, Bree giggled and lurched forward into Marian’s arms, surprising all of us. 

“Glad to see she’s finally getting less intent on clinging only to Mama and Da,” I laughed. 

Jamie helped me out of my coat and sweetly kissed my cheek as we followed Marian into the living room. “I suppose being properly two years of age makes a difference, after all!”

Earlier that day 

“Our wee lass doesna appear to be verra sensible of the grand occasion, Sassenach.”

I wiped my hands and turned quickly from the stove (which YES, I’d managed to turn on, thank you very much), beaming. Sure enough, Bree seemed about as interested in festivities as the average boulder. She had both arms around Jamie’s neck and was making it quite clear she was not in the mood to be up and about.

“Well, I suppose she doesn’t remember her last one, little as she was,” I conceded, coming close to tickle Bree lightly in the side. “Guess what, lovey-dove? It’s your BIRTHDAY!”

The dramatic excitement in my tone made her bolt upright at once, hair wild: curlywig to end all curlywigs. “S’bird-day?” she demanded.

“Yes, baby, it’s your birthday!”

“What-is ‘at, Mama? Mama?” She continued to screw her face up at me in concentration as Jamie buckled her in to the high chair. “What-IS ‘at, bird-day? Mama? Mama, what?”  

“It means ,” Jamie offered, settling next to her and putting out one of his hands for hers, “the day you were *born,* a leannan.”

What-is-it, ‘borrnd,’ Daddy?”

“It means the day God gave ye to Mama and me,” he said patiently, “So, it’s a verra special day, aye?”

“What-is-’at?” she said immediately, lacing her fingers together and flapping them about. “Daddy, dinna kennit. What is-’at ‘spedchill’?”

Jamie sighed, love and exasperation so perfectly mingled in that way unique to parents. “’Special’ means…the verra best. Just like you, sweet wee cub.”

“See my-dese jammies?” she chirped, changing direction with lightning speed. “Dey’re porpoor, Daddy, see’um?”

“Aye,” he laughed, “I see, a leannan.” 

She pulled at the fabric of her top. “Dey’re spedchill?” 

“Aye, those are verra SPECIAL purple Jammies,”  he said, meeting my eye and trying not to laugh.

“Your birthday,” I said significantly, walking over to them with Bree’s breakfast held high, “is the day where Mama and Daddy talk about how JUST how much we LOVE our Bree.” I bent and latched onto her sweet, dimpled cheek in a huge, long mmmmmm-ing kiss and Jamie came in to do the same on the other. Bree, caught between us in a smooch sandwich, was giggling so hard she was fit to choke.

“Those are your first presents,” I said pulling back. “Two kisses for your second birthday. And here’s the next!” I slid the plate onto the tray in front of her for inspection.

“Sassenach….That is…” Jamie looked up at me with the queerest expression on his face. “…the *Cutest* thing I’ve ever seen.”

It was little more than a circle with two lopsided ears, but I’d embellished a snout with banana slices and chocolate chips for nose and eyes, and powdered sugar to top things off. 

Yes, it was fairly bloody adorable.

Bree squealed. “Issa—Lookint-’im-that-wee BEAR, Daddy!” She hooted in delight and then began promptly to demolish said wee bear.

“You’d best slow down, mo chridhe!” Jamie laughed. “He’s going to roar in your tummy for gobbling him up so fast!” 

Bree’s mouth was so full she couldn’t reply, but there came a happy, muffled *mmphurr!?!* that signified her excitement to see this play out as soon as humanly (bearly?) possible.

“So neither of you have ever had Thanksgiving before?” Tom asked as he poured Jamie a glass of wine in the sitting room.

“No, indeed!” I settled back onto the sofa with a cup of tea. “A singularly American holiday, this one.”

Tom furrowed his brows. “But you were here stateside last year too, weren’t you, Claire?”

“Oh, yes, well….Yes, but I wasn’t in the going-out frame of mind, to be honest.”

“It was a different life, before you came back, Jamie,” Marian said knowingly, beaming from the floor, where Bree was sitting on her lap playing with her birthday present from the Harpers. “We’re glad you did.”

“As am I, a nighean,” he said warmly to her, then met eyes with me. Glad doesna even begin to express it. 

It would have been a thoroughly lovely moment, except morning sickness had come a-calling with a VENGEANCE today, and I had to close my eyes while yet another urge to vomit abated. 

Jamie noticed and made as if to come to me, but just then, the doorbell rang, followed almost immediately thereafter by Della O’Malley running head-on into Jamie and nearly spilling his wine as she barreled around the corner. He managed to catch her with his free hand, and she looked as though he’d hung the bloody moon. “Hi, Mr. Fraser,” she said breathlessly, gazing up into his face.

“Happy Thanksgiving to ye, Miss Della.” He kissed her hand, which sent her into paroxysms.  Jesus H. Christ, the girl needed a cold shower, pronto

Thankfully, though, it seemed her glow wasn’t *entirely* due to infatuation with Jamie. “Claire! Claire, guess what?” she said, bouncing in my direction.

“Peter asked you to go steady?” She’d been talking about this boy for weeks, it was about time he made a move. 

“YES!!!” she squealed, thudding into a chair next to me. “Can you BELIEVE IT!??!”

“Wine, Claire?” Tom said, coming over with a glass.  

“Oh, no, thank you.”

“Whisky, then?

“No, thank you, Tom, I’m all—” Good Heavens, I nearly burped in the poor man’s face, but managed to choke back the wave of acute nausea and croak, “— all set with my tea.” 

I could have sworn Marian gave me a suspicious look, but thankfully, Jamie came to my aid. “So, from what I gather, the festivity centers around coming together and eating in a spirit of gratitude. But that’s about all I ken of it. Is there more?” 

I had told him the story earlier that morning, in fact, but I was grateful for the diversion while Tom gave the Proud Son of Massachusetts recitation of the Thanksgiving tale. 

Jamie nodded in approval. “Thanks be to God for the kindness of the native folk, then. I must say, I enjoy hearing tales of anyone that managed to fly in the face of the English crown—Sorry Sassenach,” he added with a grin.

“Does Scotland not belong to England?” Della asked, bewildered. 

“Depends on who ye ask,” Jamie laughed. “Suffice it to say, there’s a reason the marriage between Claire and me raised no small number of eyebrows.” 

“But you married anyway,” Della swooned, “how roMANTIC!!” 

Jamie grinned and sat down next to me. “Verra romantic indeed.” He saw my pallor and squeezed my hand, speaking low so only I could hear. “Are ye feeling alright, Sassenach?” 

“Bit queasy,” I admitted, resisting the urge to clutch my abdomen. 

“Can I get ye anything?” 

“No,” I whispered, squeezing his hand. “But thank you. Just have to wait for young Fraser here to settle down.” 

He smiled and ducked his head, trying not to let the others see the direction of his tender gaze. 

We had agreed not to announce the pregnancy until the three-month mark, as was customary. We knew better than anyone that tragedy could still strike after the first trimester, but had decided that for Brianna’s sake, at least, it was best to wait until the highest risk of miscarriage was past….even though acknowledging the possibility of losing another child sent claws of fear tearing at my heart. 

But I’d carried one child safely; Lord willing, I could do so again.  

Please, Lord, keep this little one safe.

Jamie wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “I am thankful, today, ye ken?” he whispered. 

“Oh?” I murmured back, looking into his eyes, curious, but already smiling from the tone in his voice. “Whatever for?” 

“For our daughter. For you carrying her. Giving her life, this day two years ago. For—” His voice caught, just barely. “—For how ye went on living when ye didna wish to…” He gently touched my face. “For working as hard as ye do, at home and at the hospital….For being my wife. For….well…” He very discreetly touched my belly. “For our children. And for taking care of us in this new world”

I ran my hand down the side of his face, unable to speak as I kissed him. Come what might in 1951, never had I had a year in which there was so much for which to give thanks as 1950.

“I’m going to shrivel up and DIE from how much you love each other,” came Della’s tremulous threat. “Just you WAIT.”

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anonymous asked:

more terrible two headcanons? or a fic? thanks 💓💓 love them

Whoo!! Second request(Why am i this pumped?)

Alright, so i decided to go with headcanons since it is much easier on me right now(also I’m very insecure of my writing skills lol  i hope you don’t mind)might do a fic later if i work up the courage-


  • Like i said before, this man loves his little girl.
  • Sometimes though you give him too many heart attacks.
  • It’s very hard for him to scold you sometimes.
  • Alfred has to step up a lot.
  • I still think Alfred is a champ.
  • He cried when you said Damian’s name first. Not because he was the first, but because you said your first word.
  • Cue smug ass Damian.
  • He was the one to teach you to walk and my god was he the happiest man alive.
  • Whenever you get hurt around him he picks you up and spins you around in a weird kind of dance to make you laugh again.


  • What is this tiny thing?
  • Selina dear that’s a baby.
  • Oh.
  • Can I just say I ship Selina and Bruce really hard??
  • She sometimes stops by the manor and plays with you while you’re in your crib.
  • Honestly? She sees you as a daughter.
  • She’s actually very motherly despite what everyone might think.
  • You thought Damian was responsible for the cats? Nope.
  • She also loves to steal some nice jewelry for you.
  • Selinashe’stwowhatareyoudoing.
  • “kitty!”
  • “No darling, it’s Selina~”
  • “Kitty!!”
  • cue an exasperated sigh followed by a chuckle. 
  • “Kitty it is then.”
  • “Daddy! Kitty!”
  • When you point to the window and he sees nothing he’s thoroughly confused.


  • AH
  • My sunshine boy-
  • “Who wants icecream?!”
  • Dick that’s the 3rd time this week honey
  • Poor Alfred needs a break.
  • When he’s doing his acrobatic exercises, he lets you hang onto him.
  • Of course he makes sure you’re safe though.
  • Always has an arm wrapped around you too.
  • If at any point you utter a cry while he’s swinging from the ropes, he’ll stop immediately.
  • Does not like when the little bat cries. Nope.
  • No one likes when you cry.
  • They only wanna see you happy okay and these people may be broken but they still love you and are the best family and I’m rambling so imma just stop-
  • “Dick!”
  • “Where on earth did you learn that word missy?!?!”
  • “…”
  • “Oh…oH That’s my name”


  • No sweetie only I can play with guns.
  • Probably give you a nerf gun for your birthday.
  • Cue nerf gun wars.
  • And somehow two year old you wins every single one of them??
  • It’s definitely because Alfred helped you.
  • Or maybe just natural skill??
  • “Roy goddamnit put your arrows away!!”
  • “damn it!”
  • “Sweetie no that’s a bad word! See what you did Roy?! I will literally put a bullet through you”
  • Honestly his whole team thinks it’s adorable how much he loves you.
  • Honestly probably the brother to let you put flower clips in his hair and then glare at anyone who looks at them weirdly.


  • “Sweetie I’m working”
  • “Sleep!”
  • “But I’m working-”
  • “Sleep!”
  • Yes, you, the two year old energetic child can actually get sleep-deprived Tim to…well sleep.
  • He just can’t actually say no to you?
  • His team definitely appreciate it.
  • And omg did his dark circles lighten up?!
  • After the one incident of you almost drinking his caffeine death beverage, he made sure to put his drinks in higher places.
  • “Tim God damn it! Your coffee!!”
  • “what? But i put it on the- Jesus Christ who let her climb on top of the cabinets?!?”
  • Accurate depiction of me as a toddler-(no seriously, my first coffee was a triple shot white chocolate mocha with whip cream and caramel drizzle. i was one and it was my mothers)


  • Still smug at the fact you said his name first.
  • He carries you everywhere on patrol.
  • “father I do not see the problem. I am more than capable of keeping her safe.”
  • Yes but Dami sweetie what if something happens-
  • You’re giving your old man a heart attack
  • Honestly you’re probably the best strategy he can bring?
  • “Time to die Boy wonder!! Wait is that a child?”
  • “Scum!”
  • cue the confusion of many thugs and the upper advantage of Damian.
  • And cue everyone else yelling because omg you just said scum-
  • Shows you off to Jon.
  • And every other teammate.
  • Since he regrettably can’t give you a real sword, he opts for a foam sword.
  • Cue little you smacking everyone playfully.
  • Everyone falls to the floor dramatically too.
  • One time you didn’t mean to hit Bruce and he fell to the floor and you poked his cheek and he wouldn’t wake up so you started crying.
  • Cue immediate guilt and panic from Bruce.
  • “No no no sweetie I’m okay. See? Daddy’s okay”
  • Damian recording in the background.
  • Damian is the only one who won’t drop dead when you hit him.
  • So of course, you consider him the greatest foe.
  • Cue smug Damian yet again.


  • My god is he the only sane one?
  • He never takes you on patrol
  • Makes sure you are safe in your crib too.
  • He likes to takes you to sports games.
  • The only sports i watch is soccer so forgive me but I can’t add much details-
  • he makes sure you don’t eat your hamburgers with a fork and knife.
  • My poor baby’s soul was probably traumatized when he saw Bruce eat with a fork and knife.
  • I know I’d be traumatized.
  • I personally thinks he has lots of sweater with cute messages.
  • They’re all cheesy af too.
  • He does carry you on his shoulder a lot.
  • Also attends every damn tea party you host.
  • He literally does not care what others think.
  • Best big brother tbh.
I’ll Always Be Here || c.h

its never too much, bb x

I M A G I N E 

You got me so obsessed,” you sang, dancing around in your small kitchen. “I love when east meets west!” 

It’s Friday night and you’re currently dancing to ONE OK ROCK. A kettle was boiling water on your 1970s stove as your hips swayed with every beat of the song. The glossed, wooden tiles kept your feet giddy due to the chill it held. You hopped yourself on top of your granite counter, preparing your ‘i cant even’ mug with a small colander.  

“Can’t you see I’m out of my head for you,” you sung, tapping teaspoons of sugar into your mug as you bobbed your head to the catchy beat. “Can’t you see I’m–” the vibration of your phone distracted you too much to finish the lyric. You press pause on your boombox as you check the caller ID. Your face beamed to see your favorite Maori boy’s name shine on the screen. 

“Hey Cal,” you spoke gently but contently, holding the phone dearly against your ear. 

“Y/N, I need you!” Calum frantically pleaded, shocking you a bit. “Fuck– I mean, I need your advice!” 

“What’s up?” You pondered, stressing concern in your voice as you hopped off the counter. You began shifting around your cabinets for a pot while listening to Calum’s unsteady breathing. 

“Okay, how do I put this without seeming like a dick?” Calum began, thinking to himself a bit as you took out a gallon of milk and poured it into the pot. You place the pot gently on the stove beside the burning kettle. “Okay so you know how I was seeing that girl– Yana?” 

“Uh yeah?” You respond, hopping back on the counter as you watched the flames dance on the stove. 

“S-so, you know how that was about 2 years ago?” Calum begin, having you hum in response. “Because we had… sex, and I left her because I realized I didn’t actually like her that much?” 

“Mhm, I remember.” You recall the moment Calum came crying to you, feeling so bad that he basically used her to a free fuck and then left her heart broken. It was always heartbreaking to see your crush get with other girls but then see him fall apart when he breaks their hearts. 

“I– well, she came by my house,” Calum mumbled nervously, a deep sigh being released on the other line as your eyes widened from shock. “And she left our– my now, 1 year old daughter at my front door…” 

“Calum, are you trying to tell me that you’re a father?” You quietly hissed, feeling all sorts of things as the kettle began to make a loud screech due to the extreme heat. Hopping off the counter, you put some black tea into your boiling milk and shut off the kettle beside it. 

“Y-yeah…” Calum whispered, having you sigh. You found yourself chewing on the nail of your index finger as you looked at the fire dance under the pot of milk. 


“Please don’t hate me, Y/N!” Calum immediately cried, stopping your sentence as you listened to his broken voice. “I know I fucked up and should’ve worn a condom. But I thought she was the one when, in reality, she wasn’t and I was the asshole who led her on to believe that. I don’t deserve anything but a fucking scolding but please Y/N, please don’t abandon me on this one. You’re my best friend, you’ve always been there for me and just– please don’t hate me…” 

The pot of milk suddenly turned a lovely shade of gray. 

“I’ll be there in 10,” you replied, walking over to your cabinet to reveal a burgundy travelling mug. You were definitely gonna need your tea. 

15 minutes later and you found yourself at Calum’s door, cold with your black tea in your hand. 

“Y/N!” Calum exclaimed as he opened the door to his house. You offer your travel mug, having him give you a puzzled look as he takes it to hold. Letting yourself in, you quickly peel off your hat, scarf, gloves, and coat and hang them at his coat hanger. “Y/N, are you ok–” 

“First things first– why the hell did you not wear a damn condom?” You said quietly, being cautious over the baby that’s potentially nearby. “You only dated her for a good 3 weeks! It doesn’t matter if you thought she was the one because you didn’t give it enough time to decide that properly. Sometimes you act too careless and drown into that fantasy world of yours too much.” 

“Y/N, I–” 

“That’s your first stupid mistake being scolded at,” you interrupted, taking your mug from him as you jabbed your finger in his chest. “Another stupid mistake of yours is thinking that I’d actually hate you. How dare you? We’re best friends, Calum, I’d never hate you. Even if I wanted to, trying is do so would be absolutely impossible.” 

You then lowered your tone, calming your running mouth as you gently placed your hand against Calum’s chest. He was furiously blushing at the little distance between you two, but you were too heated to notice. 

“One more stupid mistake you made is thinking that I wouldn’t be there for you,” you said quietly, looking up to give him a sheepish smile. “You’re supposed to make mistakes anyways so I can be there for you. I’ll always be here for you, Calum Thomas Hood. There will never be a time where I won’t be there for you. Ever. Do you hear me, Hood? Ever.”

“I hear you loud and clear,” Calum muttered, giving you a big smile as you backed off and took a sip of your tea. 

“Now then,” you said, clearing your throat as the black tea danced on your tastebuds. “Where’s Baby Hood?” 

“She’s on my bed, c’mon,” Calum said with a smile, guiding you up the stairs to his bedroom. You walk in quietly to see the small human sprawled on Calum’s bed, obviously in a heavy slumber. You put your mug on Calum’s nightstand as you take a seat on his bed. 

“She…” you began, your fingers rubbing along one of her rosy cheeks. “She looks just like you. What’s her name?” 

“Zoey, but it’s spelled with an X,” Calum said, chuckling at the uniqueness of her name. “So it’s X-O-E.” 

“Xoe, ay?” You whispered, carefully scooping her into your arms as you rocked her gently. “Well, Xoe, it’s nice to meet you. I’m your daddy’s best friend, Y/N, and I’ve saved his butt one too many times. I’ll be sure to help him, though, raise you up to be a pretty rad chick, okay?” You plant a kiss on her forehead while continuously rocking her in your arms. 

Calum was watching you with awe, seeing how much love and care you had for his daughter. Your gentle arms and loving voice was evident, having Calum bite his bottom lip in adoration. The way you spoke to his daughter as if she were your very own made Calum see you in a completely different light. You, his very best friend and partner and crime, became the woman that he has always needed. 

I’m in love with you, Y/N. Calum relays in his head, his almond eyes studying you with temptation.

“It was you all along, wasn’t it…” Calum said, having you turn over to him in confusion as he chuckled. 

“What’d you say?” You replied, watching as he walked over to you and gave you a goofy grin. 

“I’ll tell you over dinner, okay?” Calum mumbled, kissing your cheek before rubbing Xoe’s soft cheek. You blushed, feeling your heart beat a little too fast as you held Xoe close. 

“Are you… asking me on a date, Calum T. Hood?” 

“Why yes I am, Y/N Y/Middle/N Y/L/N,” Calum replied, having the both of you smile at one another before your eyes were directed back down to the small child. Her eyes were opening groggily, revealing the eyes identical to her father’s as she familiarized herself with you. 

In just a few moments, Xoe gave you a big and happy smile and you found yourself stupidly smiling back. 

Divide: How Much Does Ed Need a Hug?
  • Eraser: 9/10 Ed definitely needs a solid hug right now
  • Castle on the Hill: 2/10 I just want to hug him because this is adorable
  • Dive: 8/10 needs hug and reassurance
  • Shape of You: 0/10 Ed is definitely NOT looking for a hug right now
  • Perfect: 5/10 this is just adorable (side note I want this played at my wedding)
  • Galway Girl: 0/10 Ed is getting more than a hug already
  • Happier: 10/10 he is v sad please help him, please
  • New Man: 0/10 I wouldn't hug him because he's on fire from ROASTING THIS DUDE
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: 6/10 needs to be hugged as a thanks for this cute song
  • What Do I Know?: 10/10 but only because this song is really pure
  • How Would You Feel: 8/10 reassure him that you love him too
  • Barcelona: 0/10 He's havin a good time he doesn't need a hug
  • Biblia Be Ye Ye: 4/10 it sounds like Ed had a rough night but he's got a good attitude about it
  • Nancy Mulligan: 10/10 just for a cuddle this is cute thanks for sharing Ed
  • Save Myself: 12/10 he needs a hug to help him see he is worth the entiRE WORLD
  • Overall: Please give Ed Sheeran a hug at your earliest convenience

Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, ANGST Like I actually hate myself

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive themes 

Originally posted by taesscripts

Summary: What happens when Yoongi and Y/N, people who have dedicated their entire lives to music, have a child who’s a little different?

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You Found My Arms Not a Moment Too Soon

He was supposed to be focused on work. He was supposed to be finishing his notes on these case files. He was supposed to be prepping for the trial in two days. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful little brown curls bouncing around his office pretending she was flying.

You had been stuck at work and couldn’t pick up your little girl from Kindergarten today. So he had said he would pick her up from school today and bring her to his office while he finished up work. He didn’t mind. He loved that little girl in ways he never thought he would be able to love someone. He never thought he’d have kids in his life. He wanted them sure. But with his work and his past experience with relationships, he had just accepted that he would be on his own for the rest of his life. That is until you walked into his life.

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In My Arms~ Pete Dunne Imagine

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Tonight is a special night for your husband, he was finally going to get the chance he deserves. After all the hard work, after everything he has been working through. He deserved this moment. Although his moment wouldn’t shine so bright without you by his side, his wife, his pregnant wife who is carrying his child. He was so excited to be a father when you told him, he was so excited to have a son. 

Sky calls and face time calls weren’t enough as seeing him in person. You loved that he finally was going to be a champ, but he always was a winner in your eyes. Past his aggression, past his stubbornness and past his grouchy moods, there was a man that loved you with all his heart. A man that was excited to come home to you, a man that wants to have his unborn child a life he deserves. 

“ We have to talk about this one way or another Pete, “ you say to your husband over face time. 

“ Do we have t’?” he groans. “ Yer still have two months, ‘ll be home by ‘hen,” he says referring to your due date.

“ Yes, baby, we do have to talk about the fact that I will be having your child in matter of months and I am going to be-”

“ Shut up, I don’ wanna hear it…” he wines, throwing his head back. A knock on your door suddenly breaks the groans coming from Pete. 

“ Hold on, just a second” you rush over to the door, well waddled to the door opening seeing one of the bell boys to get your luggage for you. What Pete doesn’t know is that your going to be there for his moment. Win or lose, you were going to be there to support him. 

“ Who was ‘hat?” Pete asks from your phone that was laying on the bed, “ Oh just neighbor bringing me back the detergent they borrowed” he didn’t know that you were at the hotel, the bell boy grabbed your baby bag in case you needed to go to the hospital. Pete nodded but wasn’t sure he believed you.
“ I got to go babe, I need to do some laundry” you lied. He pouted but sighed, “ Okay, I love yeh.” 

“ I love you too Peteybear” He groans at the nickname muttering that he hates you before blowing you a kiss as he ends the call. You sigh before heading over downstairs to the taxi that was going to take you to the arena, yes you were in Chicago and have tickets to the event to surprise Pete. 

Tyler already knew that you were coming, he was going to see you in front and was so excited that you were here for Pete’s moment. You were so sure that your husband was going to win, you could feel it. A good feeling. Rubbing your pregnant stomach, “ Let’s go see daddy.” At the sound of your voice, the baby had kicked. 

“ Easy there tiger” when you arrived at the arena, everyone was surprised to see you there. From Asuka to DIY to Hideo to Bobby to Ruby to Rodrick .

‘ What are you doing here?” Hideo asks as he comes over to help you.

“ I’m here to surprise Pete, I want to see him win the championship that he deserves” 

“ You really don’t need to be here, you need to be in bed or in a hospital bed. You look like you’re ready to pop.” 

“ Y/N? What are you doing here?” Tommaso and Gragano jogged over once they see you waddling with the help of Hideo.  

“ To surprise my husband, that’s what” 

“ Y/N-”

“ I swear to god if you tell me I need to be resting, I won’t hesitate to shove my fist down your throat right here , right now Tommaso!” He put his hands up as they helped you backstage. Regal eyes got wide seeing you, “ Well look at yeh, how big yeh got. Yeh shouldn’t be here.” 

“ He is my husband, he needs me here. I know it” He sighs knowing it’s no use to argue with a pregnant women. He wouldn’t win, “ Stay backstage at least.”
As you rounded the corner right before your husband match, you saw him in his ring gear putting his mouth guard in his mouth.

“ Pete!” you shouted his name. He turned around, not believing he was hearing the sound of your voice. He took out his mouth guard out putting inside his ring gear before jogging over to you.

“ Wha’ are yeh doin’ here love? Yeh should be back home resting” He cups your face with both his hands as he looks down at you. 

“ Every one has been telling me that, I don’t need it. I want to be here for you, I know you can do this.  You need me here, I’m here. Baby, I know you can do this. You go this, me and little one believe in you. Now go kick Bate’s ass and win what rightfully yours.” 

You pull him down kissing his lips, “ Good luck Bruiser.” He pecks your lips one more time before putting back his mouth guard piece in his mouth as he hears his entrance music. 

As you watch the match play out with Asuka and Ruby by your side, your teeth are nibbling on your bottom lip watching the match closely. You know he’s got, you know he needs this moment. He deserves it, you can see it on his face on how much he wants it. Suddenly you feel something wet hit your feet. Your heart drops to your stomach and you looked down at the floor.

“ Oh shit!” you shriek.  

“ What’s wrong Y/N?!” Ruby asks you, a hand on your arm looking at you worried with Asuka on the other side with a hand on your shoulder. 

“ Oh my god!”  you exclaim again, in shock.

“What’s going on ?!” Bobby hears you shriek as he runs over. 

“ My water broke!” you tell the three.

“ That can’t be true, you still have a few months. It’s too early!” you suddenly clutch your abdomen as a sharp pain shoots through. 

“ Fuck!” the three looked lost having no clue what to do.
“ Call a fucking ambulance or drive me to the hospital!” you yell, wincing. 

“ Right..” Bobby says as he rushes off to get your bag while Ruby and Asuka as quickly as they can to take you to the hospital. 

“ I need Pete!” you shouted at them,screaming again at the pain. 

“ He will be here soon baby” Ruby says as she set you in the back seat getting with Asuka driving the car. 

Pete on the other hand, just won the title that he deserves. He finally did it. He rushes backstage to greet you but finds you no where in sight.  

“ Where is my wife!? “ he yells not caring about the title anymore as he drops in on the ground asking around. 

Johnny runs up to him, panting. 

“ She’s gone to the hospital, she’s in labor” He says. Pete’s eyes go wide as he exchanges a look with Tyler. 

“ Let’s go” Tyler says putting a shirt on that he previously wore before grabbing his key, both men not caring the they were still in their ring gear heading to the hospital. Rushing into the hospital once they get there, he lets the nurse know he’s here for you. She has a smile on her face leading him into the room.
“ You’re here..” you say, he rushes to your side grabbing your hand as he holds it.

“ ‘m here, we’re doing this together” He kisses on top your hand, you clutch tight as you tell the doctor and the nurses you are ready to push

. Fourteen hours later,you are cradling a small pink bundle of joy in your arms. Pete’s eyes lock on the little hand hand that is wrapped around your finger. You lift up your head to look at your husband, with the happiest smile on your face.
“ Just look at her, “ you say softly, Pete smiles down at his daughter. 

“ She’s beautiful,” he says in barely a whisper. 

“ You wanna hold her,” you ask, gently setting the sleeping baby in his arms. 

“ We haven’t named her yet”  Pete takes the small bundle of joy in his arms, cradling her. His mouth goes dry as he sees his daughter eyes open, the same color as his meeting his. 

“ ‘m you’re dad little one” 

“ Pete?” “ hmm?”

“ Did you win?” you ask. He nods, glancing up at you as he sits down on the edge of the bed with the baby in his arms.

“ How about we name her Evanna? Means a fighter just like her father” Pete looks over to you, leans over kissing you softly while holding the baby in his arms.

“ Sounds beautiful just like yeh”

Different futures



Prompt: the reader doesn’t want a baby instead Reid does.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


“I want a baby.” Spencer simply said.

You were standing in front of his library looking for a book when you heard these four words. He was sitting in hi couch already reading and for a second you didn’t realize the meaning of the sentence, you thought he read a phrase of the book aloud.

“I’m sorry?” you questioned turning yourself to him.

He closed the book and after took a long breath, he repeated himself with the same words.

“A… baby?” you asked back.

“(Y/n) I love you to the moon and back and yes, I want a baby. I want you to be the mother of my child. Can we try for a baby?”

It was no secret that he wanted to be a dad and since the moment you found it out, you always hoped of him to never bring out this topic. But it happened and you couldn’t lie, even if it meant to break his golden heart.

“I don’t want to be a mother Spencer, I am sorry.”

You almost whispered that as if you were scared of him to listen because when you immediately saw his jaw dropping, you understood he felt bad.

“What-what do you mean?” he asked not wanting to believe what was happening.

“I don’t want children, nor in my belly nor in my house. I just… don’t want to be a mother.”

Tears were in his eyes. Was really the love of his life telling him that she didn’t want to build a family with him? Yes.

“You don’t want children or you don’t want my children?” emphasis on ‘my’.

For a moment you were shocked and a sarcastic laugh escaped from your mouth.

“Are you being serious Spencer? Do you really that?”

“I don’t know what to think anymore. You knew that it is my wish since the beginning and you never cared to tell me that you didn’t want to build a family, you waited four years before destroying it all.”

You couldn’t believe it all, you couldn’t especially believe him.

“I never cared? Have you ever asked me about it? Have you ever cared about what I wanted for my life? Did you really think that coming up with telling me that you want a baby was enough for me to open my legs and let you realize your dream?” you started raise your voice and Spencer did the same standing up.

“Open your legs? Don’t paint me as the man who wants a woman just for sex and for his interests not caring about her at all because you know too well that it is not the truth. I have loved you for four eyes, four fucking years, is it a crime if I want a family?”

“You-you are my family, why isn’t the same for you? Am I not enough for you?”

“Of course you are enough!” he shouted “But I want a baby to love, to rock, to hold. And I want it more than anything.”

“More than our love?”

He didn’t reply. He stayed in silence and his time to think about the answer made it all clear to you.

“If you are sure about this way, then we shouldn’t be together.”

“(Y/n) please. I am-I am sorry. I do really love you but I also would love to be a dad… it doesn’t mean that we have to break up, I love you.”

“I love you too but as it seems we don’t want the same life.”

Two days and a night passed since the moment Spencer grabbed his go bag and headed Derek’s place. Was he really breaking up with you, the woman who taught him what love was? He didn’t know but the just the thought of it made him crying himself out on his best friend couch while you were doing the same on yours.
Just four words caused this situation and you couldn’t believe that you practically broke up with your love just for a baby. Why did he want more than you?

The second night you were lying on the bed, the television was off and the light was too. You needed silence and when you closed your eyes to try to get some sleep , the door of the apartment opened.
Spencer was quiet because he knew you used to go to bed pretty early, but he didn’t imagine that you spent a sleepless night and you were about to earn another one.

He didn’t even changed clothes that he slipped under the sheets near you and when he noticed you were awake, he started talking with a knot in his throat.

“I-I don’t want a baby. Who wants them? You know, today Jennifer came at work with a black eye because Henry beat her. A one year old gave her a black eye.” he stated with a little, forced laugh.

“Spencer…” you whispered, feeling a tear of his falling on your own face.

“Then babies cries, they throw tantrums, then… then…”

He couldn’t speak anymore because sobbing was stronger. He was crying as he never did in his life, because he wanted to be a dad, because he was scared of you to break up with him.

“Spencer, love… I won’t leave you because you are my love, but I think it’s time to have an healthy talk about our future.”

Because I got some lovely feedback for my other imagine I’ve decided to do another one.

Warning: Slaughter of animals, pagan rituals that may scare unexspecting christians ;o)

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This takes place a couple of years after the events of the show…


Today was the celebration for the goddess Ostara and in order to please her and to make her bring the summer after a long and cold winter, Ivar and you had decided to bring her a sacrifice. Of course no one in Kattegat wanted to miss out on the big celebration, so the village square was crowded with people. You loved the atmosphere surrounding you. Music was played, people were singing, fires were burning in a circle around the main area. In nights like this you could feel that the goods were close, watching you. For you it was a special night in more than one way. You smiled to yourself and put an arm around Ivar. You were sitting on the armrest of his throne, which was standing in the center of the square, watching the people celebrate.

Some time later Ivar put a hand on your thigh, squeezing it gently. “It’s time. Are you ready?”

You smiled a bit nervously but nodded.

As a goat was brought you got up from your seat and the people formed a wide circle around you. The drums were getting louder and their rhythm faster, echoing in your head. Everyone was watching you, including Ivar and your father Floki who seemed to burst with pride at any second. You took your sword and held it in front of you while asking the goddess for her favor. After taking a deep breath you sliced the goat’s throat and held it so the blood could run into a bowl. When it had filled up you took the bowl and slowly walked towards Ivar. He had a devilish grin on his face and gave you a small nod. You put the bowl down on his knees, dipped your fingers into the blood and smeared it across his face. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of your hands on his skin. When you were done, he did the same to you and you felt the red liquid run down your face. Then all of a sudden he grabbed you and pulled you into a passionate kiss. You knew that everyone was still watching you and you could hear people start to cheer but to you it was as if they were far away. After a while you broke the kiss and smiled at Ivar before taking the bowl to go and sprinkle the blood on all the other people.

The celebration went on the whole night. A lot of beer and meat was drunk and everyone had a good time. You danced a lot while Ivar watched you in awe.

Later that night you took Ivar’s hand. “Let’s go home. I want to talk to you.”

“You want to go home to talk?” He smirked and raised an eyebrow.

You slapped him against the shoulder. “Yes, I indeed want to talk.”

“So what’s there to talk about?”, he asked as you were sitting on your bed, your head resting on his chest.

You looked up to him, getting nervous for the second time that night.

He stroked your hair. “What is it? You know you can tell me.”

You took a deep breath. “I’m with child.”

Ivar opened his mouth but no words came out, then he looked away, avoiding your gaze.

“Ivar… say something, please. I thought you’d be happy.” Your heart felt heavy like a stone in your chest.

“I am happy.”, he said, still not looking at you.

“Yeah, obviously.”

He turned his head to look at you and you were shocked by the anger in his eyes. (*gif*)

“And what if the baby is like me? Hmm? Have you ever thought about that?”

You smiled bravely at him and lovingly touched his cheek. “I really hope he will be like you.”

Most of his anger vanished from his face but he was still serious. “You know what I’m talking about.”

You sighted. “It’s in the hands of the gods now, there’s nothing we can do. And even if he will inherit it from you, do you think I would love our son any less?”

“But what kind of life could he have?”

“Are you not happy with your life?”

Now a soft smile appeared on his face. “I am happy. But only since I met you.”

He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.

“Wait. How do you know it’s going to be a boy?” he suddenly asked.

“I just know. Trust me.”

He grinned and slid down to put his head and both hands on your belly.

“My son, you are going to make me so proud.”

Your heart warmed and you smiled happily.

A couple of month later Ivar was holding a perfectly healthy little boy in his arms. When it had been obvious that your time had come the other women had tried to make Ivar leave the room but he had refused to leave your side and the warning look on his face had been enough to make them shut up.

You were exhausted like hell but to watch Ivar hold your son for the first time made you happier than you ever thought you could be. He watched the little bundle in his arms with pride written all over his face.

Then he looked at you. „You did so well. I have no words. He’s just perfect.“

He handed the baby back to you and sat down on the bed beside you. As he wrapped one arm around your shoulders, you gave him a triumphant grin.

„I was right.“

„About what?“

„It’s a boy. And one can already see that he will look like you.“

You rested your head against his shoulder, more than happy with your little family.


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The Faithful of the Underground

This fanfiction is set within the Caretaker of the Ruins AU.

Chapter 2: Blind Patience Act 2

Chara slowly moved closer to the child, eyeing their neck.

‘Don’t worry...I’ll take good care of you...’

A hand fell on their shoulder and a deep, hollow voice said, ‘I’ll relieve you of that duty.’

Chara turned around, and their face came face to face with a terrifying skull with sharp teeth. They fell back on the child’s bed, screaming. The poor child on the bed quickly pulled their sheet up, panicking and sputtering, ‘Wh-who-what is it?!’

Chara looked back at the figure that had taken him by surprise….and on squinting their eyes in the dark, realized who it was.

‘Doctor Gaster?’ they asked, flabbergasted. ‘What are you doing here?’

The creature, or Dr. Gaster, said hurriedly, ‘My apologies for scaring you like that. I always forget how scary I look without the glow in my eyes.’

A moment later, two small lights lit within the hollow eyes of Dr. Gaster. He, somehow, looked less threatening this way. He then explained his appearance, ‘The monitor was set to inform me in case something happened to their heart rate. I expected it to stop…instead it spiked…’

The child, still confused, scared, and blind, said, ‘A doctor? Is there a doctor in here?’

Dr. Gaster looked at the child, and said, ‘Yes, I am a doctor. But while I am a doctor, I do not have a medical degree. That one goes to Doctor Kadt.’

Chara quickly butted in, ‘But doctor…what are you doing here?’

He looked back at Chara, and replied, ‘Why, I am here for the child, of course.’ 

The child, now even more confused, started to pout, ‘What is happening? Where am I? Why can’t I see? Where is my mama?! Has anyone seen her?’

Dr. Gaster moved closer to the child, and placed a bony hand on her shoulder. The child looked in the direction of the hand.

‘Do not worry, child…’ Dr. Gaster said comfortingly, ‘we will tell you everything in good time, but not now.’ 

The child kept looking in the hand’s direction, and said, ‘Why does your hand feel so strange?’

Dr. Gaster was momentarily silent, and then said, ‘I am a skeleton.’ The child was motionless. She asked, ‘Who’s a skeleton?’

What, that is…Chara mentally corrected them. Dr. Gaster gave a slight chuckle, and said, ‘That young, are you? Like I said, we will tell you in due time. You must rest first.’ He placed a gentle hand on the child’s chest, and the child slowly lay down on her bed again. She turned her head in Gaster’s direction and asked, ‘But Mr. Doctor, why can’t I see?’

Dr. Gaster asked, surprised, ‘You can’t see?’ He took a careful look in the child’s eyes. His hand went to his split jaw. ‘It seems that your fall knocked you blind…we’ll have to look at it better tomorrow….it’s too late now.’

He turned to Chara and said, ‘As for you, young child…I must say, I am impressed.’

Chara was confused. ‘Huh?’

‘You say that you have no life-saving experiences, and yet, you woke up this unconscious child, and possibly saving them from death! You should be proud!’

Chara was momentarily baffled. He actually thinks I saved them?!

Chara said, ‘Well….I guess I got lucky.’ Dr. Gaster chuckled, ‘Ah yes…Lady Luck can really smile on people at the most unexpected of times.’ He turned to the child. She was still awake.

‘Sleep now, child. I will watch over you for now.’

Chara quickly butted in, ‘Um….why don’t I-’

But Dr. Gaster cut them off. ‘Child, you have done your part, but it is late. I will send for someone else to keep watch. Besides, I believe the King and the Queen would be worried now that they found only Asriel having returned. You should return now.’

Chara was quiet, and then accepted defeat. ‘Understood, doctor.’

Chara turned around, and mumbled ‘Good night.’ Dr. Gaster returned the response with a bow of his head.

As Chara walked out of the ward room, he turned to the hallway, they thought to themself..

Not the way I expected….I need a new plan. 

To be continued

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And if you’re wondering why Chara won’t just give up, remember they tried to strangle an unconscious kid minutes ago, and in Undertale, they did not let go of their hate of humanity, even after getting a new chance and life and went as far as setting up a complex plan for the destruction of their village. 

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