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Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: You go to interviews with your Spider-Man: Homecoming cast and they ask about your and Tom’s separate dating lives.

A/N: I had this written for a few weeks or so, I don’t remember. I decided to just post it (I thought I posted it but I guess I didn’t), because I’ve been having writers blocks, sucks. I mean I have the fic Ideas but I just don’t know how to write it! You know? But anyways, I hope you enjoy this even if it sucks :)

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Zendaya and Laura, sat on your right, while Tom and Jacob sat on your left. The interview was going great, until the interviewer asked about your love life.

“So (Y/n) and Tom,” Jimmy says. Fallon, by the way. “We heard you two were dating, I mean, not each other, but we saw some pictures leaked and–” Jimmy says, pulling out the photographs of you and your secret boyfriend that was taken by paparazzi. Who were very annoying I should say. The crowd was ooooh-ing and so were your friends next to you.

You two let out a nervous laugh, a bit flushed.

“O– oh, those? Those aren’t meee,” you said, obviously not very good at lying.

“Yeah– um– you could tell that’s me, my face is showing so well– oh my gosh I look good,” Tom says, causing everyone to laugh.

“These aren’t you (Y/n)?” Jimmy questions, pulling out another set of pictures, “you’re saying this isn’t you?” He shows a photo of you holding hands with your boyfriend and glaring straight at the camera. Everyone laughing again, as you awkwardly scratch the back of your neck.

“Okay, I’ll give you a break, let’s question Tom now,” Jimmy says, smiling widely as he wiggles his eyebrows at Tom. Tom chuckling as his cheeks turn slightly red.

“Who is she? Will you tell us?” Tom chuckles.

“Well, she’s great, she’s amazing, I love her with all my heart,” he says, in that adorable accent of his, melting the crowds’ hearts.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Jimmy says, pressing a hand to his heart, “will you tell us who the mystery girl is?”

“I will, but not now Jimmy,” he laughs.

“From the stars’ of the new movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Please welcome, “(Your full name) and Tom Holland!” James Corden introduces.

“So we’ve been keeping updated from your instagrams and,” James says, you two only nodding.

“We saw that you two have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?” he says. You two only silently nodding, making the crowd laugh a little. James looks at you two and the crowd confusedly with his hands in front of him, “so who is it!”

“I can’t say James, not yet not yet,” Tom says, adjusting himself in his seat.

“Why not!”

“They aren’t ready,” you said, “they don’t want to be caught up with all the media attention yet, they said they need some time.”

“Haven’t we given them enough time! You both keep teasing us with cute pictures of their faces not showing! What the heck!” James complains, making you and Tom laugh.

“Maybe the next interview we go on, we’ll reveal them,” Tom says, you hesitantly agreeing.

“So I heard you were ready to reveal your mystery boyfriend,” Ellen says, the crowd screaming, making you laugh.

“Yes, finally,” you said, crossing your leg. It was just you interviewing this time.

“Even I don’t know who it is! (Y/n) put a paper bag on his head when they got here!” The crowd and you burst into laughter, as she shows your mystery boyfriend sitting in the waiting area, a paper bag still on his head.

“Shall we bring him in? You guys have been wanting to meet him,” you giggled. The crowd cheering again.

“Yes! Go get him!” Ellen cheered, a smile not leaving her face, “this is exciting!”

You went into your room to grab your boyfriend, “you ready baby?” He only nods his head, as he grabs your hand and intertwine it with his, you leading him back to the stage.

The crowd immediately gets up and starts cheering as you enter the stage once again, this time with your boyfriend in hand.

“Are you ready?” you yell, the crowd cheered once again, “give me a countdown,” you say to Ellen.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” you pull the paper bag off of his head, revealing none other than, actor, Tom Holland. The crowd ended up with loud cheers and gasps, and just pure on screaming.

“Oh my gosh!” Ellen yells, jaw dropped as she turns from you two to the crowd. Tom went to her to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Ellen, nice to finally see you again.”

“You too– wow– I can’t believe it! Everyone assumed you two were dating other people when it turned out, you two were actually posting pictures with each other! How did no one expect this!”

You and Tom laugh, “I know,” you said, “some [insert Tom and your shipname here] shippers were mad that we aren’t together and dating other people and it just makes me laugh and I really wanted to tell everyone! AH!”

“Yes, we’ve been wanting to tell everyone, it was just our family, and the cast of Homecoming that knew,” Tom says, his arms around your waist.

“I just can’t believe it, wow.”

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Warnings: none
Rating: everyone
Summary: the reader is a guest on Ellen (talking about her tv show or movie) and Chris who has been away for a while surprises her and they have an interview together (as requested by anonymous)
Y/N = your name and Y/L/N = your last name
You were stood behind the wall, waiting for one of the crew members to give you the signal. You then heard Ellen’s voice; “Welcome back, everyone! Tonight’s guest is someone who we haven’t seen in a while, so it’s a real pleasure to have her back. Please welcome Y/N Y/L/N!”

You were given the signal to walk onto the stage. You walked on, greeting Ellen with a hug and a smile. As you both settled down and the clapping from the audience started to fade, she got straight to the point. “Since we last saw you, Y/N, a lot has happened, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, there has,” you laughed.

“You got married to Captain America,” she said as a picture of you and Chris at your wedding came up on the screen behind you and there was an eruption of applause. She continued, “you had a beautiful daughter,” and picture of your and Chris’s wonderful little baby girl followed the wedding picture as the audience ‘aw-ed’. “She’s adorable,” she said as she smiled, “And your career has taken off. I must say, your new movie looks absolutely incredible. Was it hard to act and direct in the same movie?”

“To be truthful, it would have been harder for me if Chris wasn’t there. He helped me and gave me tips, all from his own experience. He directed and acted in one of his own movies, ‘Before We Go,’ a couple months ago, and he even came on set. He was a real big help.”

“And Chris is filming Civil War right now, am I right?”

“Yes, he is. I haven’t seen him for a few weeks now. He won’t be back home for another month.”

“Should we…prank call him?” Ellen suggested.

“We could, but what would we say?” You asked.

“We should tell him that you’re pregnant!” And the audience laughed. You laughed even harder than anyone else because it was true, you actually were expecting again. You just hadn’t told Chris yet. Smiling, you agreed. Ellen beckoned a crew member and gave you your phone. As the phone made the familiar 'beep beep’ tone on speaker, you waited patiently for him to pick up.

At last, he picked up. “Hi, honey.” You said.

“Hi sweetheart, are you okay?” Was his reply.

“Yeah, I’m good. Listen, I have some news to tell you,” you tried to stifle your laugh.

“What? What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I…I have to tell you that,” you look over to Ellen who was grinning, “I’m pregnant.”

And then he hung up. You showed your shock, but then someone behind you said, “No you’re not!”

You turned to see him stood there, leaning against the doorframe, with his arms crossed. The audience applauded and cheered as he walked over to you and you embraced him eagerly. You decided you’d tell them right at the end of the show.

You both sat down and Chris took hold of your hand. Ellen asked you both, “I wanted to ask you both about your bundle of joy, how are you coping with taking care of her and your careers?”

Chris answered, “She’s an amazing baby. She’s not even a year old, and yet she’s able to understand when we tell her if something’s bad or good. She’s easy to take care of, too. It’s easy taking care of her while we’re occupied with work. There’s always someone from either of our families to look after her. And we’ve barely had any sleepless nights. I love her, I just want to get home sooner so I can see her!”

You squeezed his hand and you couldn’t help but feel grateful and appreciative for having such an amazing husband. “She’s the best daughter, we know she’ll grow up to be a strong girl,” you added.

The interview went on and it was nearing the end when it was time to tell. “I have something to tell you all…” you said, “The thing is, I actually AM expecting.”

“No way!” Ellen exclaimed.

The crowd cheered and when the applause stopped, Chris was still sat in his chair, dumbfounded.

“Are you, really?” Chris breathed.

“Yes, I really am! You’re the one who’s been pranked!” You laughed.

“How many months are you?” Ellen asked, intrigued.


Chris jumped up from his seat, picked you up, twirled you round and set you down to wrap his arms around you tightly.

Ellen then presented to you both your gift, which was a blue toddler sized onesie which read, 'My Daddy’s Captain America!’ And soon after, the show ended, so you and Chris could go home.
“G'night, Y/N,” he whispered into the darkness.

“Good night, Chris,” you replied. He turned to face you in the bed, and you shuffled closer and buried your face into the crook of his neck. “I love you,” you said, your voice muffled.

“I love you too,” he responded, kissing the top of your head and running his fingers through your hair.

From under the covers, you placed your leg atop both his thighs and rested your head on his bare chest, wrapping one arm around his torso. He gently put his hand on your back as you drifted off to sleep.

Harry Styles - Surprises You On Live TV Imagine

[This one was so amazing and fun to write! Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! ]

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#133 Brooklyn Beckham – On Ellen

You are a famous actress and the girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham, who is a famous model. You two recently moved into a apartment in LA together and now that you’ve both kinda settled down, you both start to work again.

You wait in your apartment for Brooklyn to come home, before you have to head to the Studio where Ellen’s show is being filmed. When he finally comes, he quickly kisses your cheek and runs into the bathroom to get ready, after jogging around the neighbourhood.

“You’ve got 10 minutes!” You yell after him and begin to tidy up a bit, just because you’ve got nothing else to do. You personally love how you and Brooklyn furnished and decorated everything. He has great taste and Victoria helped as well, so not everything was your job. The whole apartment is just how you like it and you’re happy that you share your first apartment with Brooklyn.

10 minutes, after he disappeared in the bathroom, he comes back out again. His hair is styled and he’s wearing what you laid out for him, because you knew that he wouldn’t have time. “Ready?” You ask him and grab the keys.

“Ready.” Brooklyn says and kisses your cheek, before going out. You close the door behind him and lock it before you follow him out of the building and into a car that waited for you. When you’re both buckled up, the driver drives off and Brooklyn relaxes.

“I like the new plant.” Brooklyn tells you and puts his hand on your thigh.

“You saw it?” You ask and he nods. “Well thank you, love.” You smile and kiss his cheek.

“You’re great at choosing things.” Brooklyn smiles, making you giggle.

“After all I chose you, didn’t I?” You say, making him chuckle.

When you finally arrive at the studio, you and Brooklyn get lead to your dressing room. A stylist starts putting make up on you while Brooklyn chooses an outfit for you. “I like that dress.” You say and without even pointing at it, he took the one you meant.

“That one?” He asks and you nod. “I approve.” Brooklyn says and kisses your cheek.

“Hey, afterwards, alright?” The stylist jokes, making you and Brooklyn laugh. She puts powder back on your cheek and then you get called. You and Brooklyn get lead to behind the stage and then you get separated. Brooklyn gets a seat within the live audience and you wait backstage until it’s finally your turn. Ellen calls you out and you start off with questions about the new movie you’re starring in and about other projects, before she asks you something about Brooklyn.

“You’re wearing a beautiful dress today.” She says and you nod smiling.

“Thank you.” You smile.

“Did Brooklyn choose it?” Ellen asks and you nod, making the audience clap. “He has a great taste.” Ellen says and you nod again, brightly smiling from ear to ear.

“He really has, yes.” You say and quickly look into the audience, seeing him sitting in the first row and slightly blushing.

“That must have been helpful when you moved together.” Ellen says and quickly looks over at Brooklyn. The camera swipes over to him, catching him blush, before pointing back to you. “So how is living with an model like Brooklyn Beckham?”

“Well, we’re very comfortable around each other and before we moved into our apartment together, we already spent days sometimes weeks at the other one’s place. So now it’s not really different, except that our bathroom is even more filled with products than before. Because before it used to be just mine at my place and his at his and now everything is in just one bathroom. We even had to buy a new storage system and it’s still not enough, but admittedly most stuff is mine.” You say, making Ellen and the audience chuckle.

“And do Victoria and David often visit you?” Ellen asks and you nod.

“Yes, Brooklyn and I even named out guest room after Victoria, because she chose pretty much everything that is in the room and we were fine with that, you know, after decorating other rooms in the apartment, it was nice having to not worry about one room. And it’s gorgeous. David and Victoria always sleep at our place instead of a hotel now.” You tell her and have a smile on your face for the whole time.

“That’s amazing.” Ellen says and you nod agreeing.

“Thank you it really is.” You say smirking.

The show continues and after the break, you get lead over to your seat next to Brooklyn to watch it until the end. Brooklyn puts his hand on your thigh and kisses your cheek. “You did great.” Brooklyn whispers.

“Thank you.” You smile and kiss his cheek before the show comes back from the break and you enjoy it with Brooklyn by your side.


New House

Characters: Reader x ???

Words: 1964

Summary: Dean and Sam finally find the perfect place to rent, thanks to Bobby. 

Part 2 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here.

I am so happy you are all excited for this series! :) So I was a little wrong with my timing, and the reader is introduced in this part! It might be a few parts until Dean and Sam meet the reader, but she is included. :) Also, I know is strange but I did include the layout of the house. A lot of the series will take place in the house, and I wanted to show you all what the house looked like inside and out. Anyways, enjoy!

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Read It Wednesday

Week three!! Here is this weeks compilation of all (or mostly all) the fics I’ve been tagged in this week. If you don’t see a series on here, it means that I’m not caught up on it, but be on the lookout for it in future Read it Wednesdays. If you’d like to be included in Read it Wednesday, go ahead and tag me in your fics, I’d be happy to read them! Now, onto this weeks lovely authors!

Dean x Reader

  • I Know Everything” by @iwantthedean (angst) You know, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be crying or smiling because of that ending. This hit the feels in so many ways. Wonderfully written.
  • On Fire” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) Poor Dean. This was a very funny and fluffy fic, I enjoyed every second of it. Amazing visuals, plus, I really loved how you wrote Dean being all disappointed in himself.
  • Just a Nice Night” by  @deathtonormalcy56 (fluff) This fic brings me back to camping. Toasting marshmallows and hanging out by the warm fire in the cold night. I only wish I had Dean to be there with me. Very cute fic!
  • Lopsided” by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff) The part where Dean decides to proclaim his love for the reader in front of everyone was my favorite. Seems just like something Dean would do. This fic was adorable! 
  • Charms - Soulmate AU” by @supernaturalyobessed (fluff) I love Soulmate AU’s and I love the ending where it’s the reader talking to their child, telling her about how they met. 
  • Self Conscious” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I really connected to this fic. Truthfully, I was always the ‘bigger’ friend, so reading stuff like this makes me a whole lot more body confident. I have no issues with my body anymore, but I still really enjoy fics like this. And pie. I love me some pie. Awesome fic!
  • Bed Sharing” by @supernatural-jackles (fluff) YES. YES I AM HERE FOR BED SHARING AND BED SHARING BEING THE REASON RELATIONSHIPS HAPPEN! Super fluffy and sweet. Awesome job Jen!
  • It’s The Thought That Counts” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) I love territorial Dean in the kitchen! Dean was a jerk, but at least he made it up to her and apologized. Wonderful fic!
  • Wild Heart” by @torn-and-frayed (angst) I love how you stuck to the storyline of Sam and Dean being the vessels, but I love the spin on it with the readers son being able to be a true vessel. But that ending just tore my heart apart. 
  • Thanksgiving Night in the Bunker” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) SO CUTE! I can agree I felt the same way Dean did after Thanksgiving. Food coma and ready to pass out anywhere, as long as I got my pie.
  • Dirty Dancing Tribute” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (smut) Ohhh man do I love dirty dancing! I loved this stripper Dean. A good funny fic with some great smut!
  • Imagine Dean not being able to get his shirt off” by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (fluff) AH YES I LOVE THAT GIF SO MUCH! I’m so so glad you made a little fic to go with it! This was just the right amount of funny and cute!
  • Zing” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (angst/fluff) This was such a good fic! I love the whole description at the beginning and I also loved Dean and the readers sassy comments to each other. 
  • This is Goodbye” by @deals-with-demons (angst) First of all, I love your writing style and the tone of the fic. You captured both the boys very well! Second, I’m not crying, there’s just dust in my eyes.
  • Close” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) Spelled!Dean is my jam! I really loved the idea for the spell and how it worked. Also, the awkwardness between the reader and Dean and the constant flirting between them was just amazingly written! I loved this fic a lot!
  • All That Matters” by @winchestersnco (smut) DAMMIT ERIN. I AM A SAM!GIRL. NOT A DEAN!GIRL. A SAM!GIRL. STOP TRYING TO TURN ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL STEAMY HOT DEAN SEX! In other news, I really enjoyed the plot line for this. It was really great! I also really enjoyed the Dean sex… 
  • All I want for Christmas” by @fandommaniacx (smut) Wow!! This was a great fic, very smutty, very hot and smutty. And I’m totally with the reader on this, I think Christmas can be celebrated at any time, even in August!

Sam x Reader

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) I am so ready for winter, you have no idea! I really loved the idea for the spell, very unique. I also wouldn’t mind Sam keeping me warm like that ;)
  • Work Song” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (fluff) my heart is bursting!! I love this. I’m going to have to go listen to the song later, but I really love how you captured Sam’s memories and flashbacks throughout the song. 
  • Imagine Sam trying to find you the perfect Christmas gift” by @cleverdame (fluff) This was so cute! I love Dean’s input, but I also love that Sam completely ignores him. 
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie” by @teamfreewill-imagine (fluff) I love how you got the entire “family” involved, especially the part of Cas as a princess. This series gives me life!
  • Luck Be A Daisy” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) First things first, Lips dedicated this fic to me and I still cry every time I remember that. Second things second, SAM AND DOGS! Daisy the dog has very good taste in men. This is the sweetest little fic about Sam and Dogs and I love every word.
  • Lost In Translation” by @inmysparetime0​ (fluff) CUTE CUTE! Of course Sam got mad, he can’t lose her! Really awesome fic and I love how they made up.
  • Imagine distracting Sam from research” by @spn-fan-girl-173 (fluff) I’d love to distract Sam any day. This was an awesome little fic and I can only imagine where things went from there ;)
  • Nine Years Later” by @inmysparetime0 (fluff) Well, first it hurt. Then it was wonderful! I loved the flashback especially, and I loved how you used the phrase. Awesome job!
  • More Than OK” by @impala-dreamer (smut) Well, I gotta say, the image you created of Sam in a pair of tight blue boxers is now stuck in my head. I loved that Sam kept checking in to make sure things were okay, and I mean, I will always love Sammy sex.
  • It’s a Guilty Pleasure” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I absolutely love the relationship between Dean and the reader. I was definitely laughing at their little exchange of the readers guilty pleasure. Awesome fic!
  • Blue Aint Your Color” by @impalaimagining​ (fluff/angst) Currently I’m in love with this song, so I was so excited to read this fic! I really like how you incorporated it into the fic along with the way the quote was used too. 

Jared x Reader

  • (Genevieve x Reader/Jared x Reader/Jared x Genevieve) I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)” by @teamfreewill-imagine (smut) First of all, I’m here for Gen and Jared being so kind and understanding and letting the reader know that if she wanted to leave it was okay. I’m so here for this. Second of all, is it hot in here? I cannot wait for the next part of this(assuming there is more). The more I read this, the more in love with Gen I fall.

Cas x Reader

  • Preserving Tradition” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (fluff) More Christmasy fics yay!! Now that it’s past Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to read such fics. This was super cute and fluffy and I loved how you captured Cas being afraid for the trees. 
The Girl Behind the Legend

“You guys good?” Jo asked leaning on the opposite side of the counter from the boys.

“Peachy,” Dean answered with a cheeky smile.

“Oh my god!” Ash said coming to sit beside Sam.

“What?” Jo asked turning to look at him.

“She’s here!” He smiled.

“No way!” She gasped an amazed smile spreading across her face, “where?!”

“Table eight,” he said in quiet excitement. He turned to stare at the woman in the far corner of the bar. Ellen was sitting across from her with an animated smile. Sam and Dean followed their gaze.

“Who is she?” Sam asked.

“You haven’t heard of her?!” Ash gasped.

“The David to hunting’s Goliath,” Jo said.

“The Hercules of hunting.” Ash continued.

“She’s Wonder Woman.” Jo laughed.

“Really what’d she do?” Dean asked looking back at the woman.

“She killed a werewolf with her bare hands!” Ash reported.

“Snapped a vampires neck!” Jo added.

“Dragon slayer!” Ash sang.

“She’s like the Chuck Norris of hunting. I heard she’s been to hell, and got kicked out after nearly killing every demon there.”

“That ain’t nothin’ I heard, she took down a whole nest of vamps with a blind fold and hand cuffs on,” Ash challenged.

“She seems like hot stuff,” Dean said looking at the woman, “What’s her name?”

“They call her Strider,” Ash answered.

“Isn’t that a Lord of the Rings reference?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, it’s her favorite book,” Ash said with a fangirl sigh

“Why don’t you talk to her?” Dean asked.

“To Strider? No, no, we aren’t worthy of her presence,” Ash shook his head.

“Ellen’s talkin’ to her. C'mon Sammy, let’s go meet the girl behind the legend,” Dean said, standing from the bar stool.

“You’re too hard on the girl Ellen. Jo’s tough stuff,” Strider said.

“She’s a baby, Y/N,” Ellen shook her head.

“I’ll take her out with me. We’ll take an easy hunt. The girl’s got her daddy’s moxy.”

“You’d make her day if she heard you,” Ellen laughed, studying the sure face of the woman in front of her, “…Alright. If one comes up close to home…”

“We’ll hunt it, and I’ll watch over your little girl,” Strider promised, her eyes darted over to the two men coming her way and she squared her shoulders. Strider had a way of intimidating people with just a look. She threw them that look, one full of blood lust, and malice, a look that once brought an angel to his knees in front of her.

Sam and Dean turned around and went back to the bar.

“Holy shit, did you see her eyes?!” Dean gasped as he sat back down.

“I felt them in the pit of my soul,” Sam said trying to regain control over his frantic heart.

“You can’t just walk up to Strider, she’ll kill you. She probably thought you were the usual drunk trying to hit on her,” Jo scoffed.

“With a body like that I bet she gets a lot of those,” Dean smirked putting his beer back to his lips.

“She’s a frikin warrior goddess show some respect!” Ash chastised.

“Ash!” Strider called. The man froze and turned slowly. Strider smiled and waved him over.

“You have been summoned! Go!” Jo laughed and pushed his shoulders.

Ash hurried over to Strider’s table annd sat next to Ellen.

“Yes, ma'am,” he answered.

“Ellen tells me your a fan,” she said with a smile, “and that you can track a hunt.”

“Better than anyone,” he agreed.

“Find me an easy one. I’m gonna show Jo the ropes,” she said cooly leaning back in the booth.

“Yes…alright,” he stammered as he got up.

“Oh Ash, keep it our little secret,” she said, her voice making the words sound like the most breathtaking verse of poetry.

Ash nodded and continued to his room. Jo watched curiously, meeting the eyes of Strider herself in the proccess. Jo gasped and Strider winked in response.

“Who are those two jokers with Jo?” She questioned.

“Those are John Winchester’s boys,” Ellen answered with a fond smile. Strider gave her a startled look. She knew the story between John and Ellen’s husband.

“They’re good kids. Naturals just like you…well not quite as good…but they’re family,” Ellen smiled.

“Then I should apologize for scaring them away,” Strider smiled taking her beer and standing. Her steps were long and strong giving her body more inches than it really had. The expanse of her legs were exposed in the shorts she wore, and her breasts were emphasized by the underbust corset she wore.

“Oh my god she’s comin’ over here!” Jo gasped as she scrambled around to make herself look busy, and fix her clothes.

“I hear we have a couple of Winchesters here,” Strider spoke as she stood right behind them.

“I uh yes..we…you do…hi I’m Dean,” he stammered turning to look at her with a smiled. She tilted her head and gave him a smile back.

“You have your mother’s smile,” she gasped, then pulled herself together, “You must be Sam,” she turned.

“Yes,"he nodded quickly.

"You knew our mom?” Dean questioned.

“She took me on my first hunt. The woman taught me a lot in her day.” Strider answered, “was…13,” she concluded, “great woman, tough as nails.”

“Wait what? Mom didn’t hunt.” Dean said.

“Not after she married your father,” Strider allowed, “any way Jo, you are gonna go on a trip with me. Just cleared it with your mom.”

Jo cracked a small that could have lit up New York City, “Really?!”

“I think you’ve got moxy kid, and I promised your father I’d teach you to be like me.”

Dance With Me

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - “I really have to stop agreeing to things during sex.” Dean agrees to take you dancing.

Word Count - 925

Warnings - None, just super fluffy fluff

A/N - written for @like-a-bag-of-potatoes Truth or Dare 200 follower celebration challenge.  My prompt was “I really have to stop agreeing to things during sex.” Thanks to @wevegotworktodo and @madamelibrarian for the idea to make it about dancing. I actually do swing dance (and Charleston, balboa, blues and lindyhop) so this was extra fun to write. Thanks to @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell for the beta read.


This is NOT my gif and it is not me, but it is 100% the steps that I am talking about.

Originally posted by goldkirk

Dean groaned and put his face in his hands, “I really have to stop agreeing to things during sex.”

“But you made your bed and now you have to lie in it.” You smiled at him. “Now hop to it!”

“I WAS lieing in bed, and you’ve made me get out of it!” Dean playfully yelled at you.

You couldn’t stop laughing, it was true, you had just dragged Dean out of bed after a late afternoon nap to fulfill his promise that he made to you last night in bed. You knew the best way to get him to do things for you was to pretend like you didn’t want to put out so he would bargain with you for sex. It really was a win-win for you as not only did you get great sex with Dean Winchester, but you also got other things out of it. Last week you had him give your car a full tune up, oil change and detail. That wasn’t too hard to get him to agree to, as he had always loved working with cars. But today he was dragging his feet.

You drag Dean into a nearby building. “Come on Dean, it won’t be so bad.”

“That’s what you think! You’re not the one who has to suffer.” He pouted.

“You are the one who is going to be stepping on MY feet, so I might be suffering more than you!” You wink at him.

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Cas being the leader of this badass biker gang called the Rebel Angels and riding around the Midwest wreaking havoc. Everyone is scared of them, especially if they are a rich asshole, because Cas and his gang take their money and give it to the poor and needy. 

Dean’s heard about this gang, but he’s never seen them. Whenever they are around he keeps his five year old daughter away from the main part of town, just in case fights break out he doesn’t want her to get hurt or be around that kind of violence. But one day, while Mary Ellen is playing outside she wanders away from the house and Dean cannot find her. he starts panicking running down the neighborhood streets calling out her name. 

He rounds a corner and stops dead in his tracks when he sees a man clad in excessive amounts of leather with the Rebel Angels logo on his jacket, holding his daughter’s hand. Mary Ellen is grinning up at the man and the man is staring at her with a happy smile. It’s adorable and Dean can’t help the smile that creeps onto his lips seeing this seemingly scary man, looking at his daughter with such kindness. Mary Ellen looks up, sees Dean and yells, “Daddy!”

She drops Cas’s hand and runs into Dean’s arms. Dean kneels down in front of her, pulling her tight against his chest. He was so worried. 

“She was wandering around by herself so I stopped and asked her if she would me to take her home.”

Dean looks up at Cas and is enraptured by sparkling cerulean eyes, “Thanks for bringing her back.”

“Castiel said that he would take me for a ride on his motorcycle!” Mary Ellen yells enthusiastically and Dean smiles at her.

“He did?” Dean ruffles her hair with his fingers and she giggles.

“Yes, she was quite fascinated with my bike. I apologize though, i should’ve asked first,” Cas replies.

Dean looks up, realization suddenly dawning on him. Oh, so this is Castiel.

“You’re Castiel? The Castiel?”

Castiel nods, with a small smile, “Guilty.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Dean says with a raised eyebrow and Castiel huffs out a laugh.

“All bad I’m sure.”

Dean shakes his head, “Nah, I agree with what you do, helping people and all that. You don’t see that much anymore.”

It’s not a big thing to say, Dean’s sure that Castiel hears this a lot, yet his face brightens and Dean doesn’t really want to ever leave his light.

Mary Ellen glances back and forth between Dean and Cas and frowns.

“Daddy stop flirting I wanna ride bike.”

Dean chuckles, blushing slightly, “Alright, alright I’ll let Cas take you on a bike ride, but just this once.”

“Just this once?” Cas asks with a smirk and Dean ducks his head shyly, shrugging casually.

“Yeah, but maybe you can find time to give me a ride later?” Dean asks bravely, meeting Cas’s eyes.

Castiel’s smirk turns into a grin, “Oh don’t worry,  I’ll have time for you.”


Request: Can you do a dean x reader where Dean and Sam go to the road house and meet Ellen’s other daughter and Dean and her hit is off and Jo get super jealous and try’s to flirt and seduce Dean and just ends with a bunch of fluff?

Word Count: 1,815

Triggers: Angst, mentions of dad leaving.

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, hope you enjoy. Happy 4th of July to everyone in the US lol wooo. Sorry I didn’t add the seducing part :( I hope I did this right and you wanted Dean and Reader to get together if not message me and I’ll re do it.


“Now girls please remember Sam and Dean are stopping by today, so please clean up a little and for gods sake behave.” Ellen begged her daughters, walking out of the room after. “Who are they?” you asked, looking at your sister with confusion while whipping glasses down. “Johns boys.. Ah Dean, I can’t wait!” she yelled happily, nearly dropping the glass she was whipping down. “He’s so handsome with his dreamy brown hair, his beautiful green eyes.. his plump lips.” you cut her off “do I need to leave the room and leave you to yourself?” “Shut up. If you embarrass me I swear to god you’re going to regret it.” Jo warned, pointing the glass at you and giving you a glare. “Okie dokie lover girl. Literally you drool over anybody, a 40 year old man could come in here and you’d be in his pants in 5 min-” “Y/N!” Ellen yelled, walking into the room with two men behind her. One was really tall with dirty blonde hair, the other one was shorter with brown hair and green apple eyes, Jo was right he was hot. They both were.

“Sam, Dean this is Y/N, my other daughter.” she smiled, leading the boys to you. “Nice to meet you, I’m Dean, and this is my dorky baby brother Sammy.” Dean replied, shaking your hand and winking at you. “You can call me Sam.” he laughed, shaking your hand also. “I’m Y/N, if you couldn’t tell.” you laughed, giving them a warm smile, feeling Jo glaring at you from behind.

“Hey Dean, remember me?” she winked, jumping into his arms making Sam and I roll our eyes. “Y-yeah, Hi Jo.” he seemed uncomfortable. “Aw, don’t act like that. Come on I’ll get you a beer.” she lead him to the bar stand, Sam and you following from behind. “So where you from Y/N?” Sam asked. “Eh I’ve been all around, I just never really worked here before. I mostly worked with Bobby on the cars.” when you said that Dean looked at you with a shocked, but interested look.

“You work on cars? That’s awesome not most girls "like” cars.“ Dean smiled. "Uh- I like cars too!” Jo yelled, trying to get his attention. “Jo you don’t even know how to drive.” you snorted, rolling your eyes on your way to get a beer, making sure she noticed. “Shut up.” she whispered as you passed by, making you chuckle to yourself.


“Dean, can you come help me outside real quick?” Jo asked with a devilish look. “Uh- sure. Be right back guys.” You and Sam nodded, taking another sip of your beers, and they were out. “So, Jo’s got a pretty big crush on my brother huh?” Sam laughed. “Ohhh yeah.” You laughed too, shaking your head. “She’s boy crazy.” “Ah, most girls always go for my brother. Not really sure why.”

“So you knew Bobby?” Sam asked, trying to start another convo. “Yes sir, he was like a father to me, miss him more and more every day.” You sighed, taking another sip. “Same here, he was a good man.” he frowned, looking down at his bottle. Thank goodness Jo and Dean came back in to hopefully light up the mood.


It’s been about two hours since Sam and Dean came. Jo’s been up Dean’s ass ever since he stepped foot in here, but on other hand both of the boys are very polite and seem wonderful. Sam was starting to be your new best friend, talking about nerdy stuff and books but then there was Dean. His voice and laugh made you get chills, his smile made your heart warm and you loved the way his eye crinkled when he laughs. He loves cars just as much as you, he also loves pie as much as you and he’s just wonderful. But of course Jo being Jo she’s going to try to take him away from you, or kill you for stealing him. He doesn’t even seem interested, but that won’t fly with her.

“Ouch! Damn it!” you yelled, realizing you cut your arm on broken glass from a few hours before that you forgot to clean up, seeing blood go everywhere. “Fucking hell I’m so sorry.” you sighed, getting rags to clean it up. “No no don’t be, its okay. I got bandages in the car Sammy can you get them?” Dean asked, helping you hold the rag on your arm, wincing in pain. “Shh it’s okay, how’d you manage to miss that while cleaning?” Dean laughed, making you smile. “Cause she’s an idiot.” Jo smirked, making Dean tense up and clench his jaw.

“asshole.” you said under your breath, Jo was about to say something until Sam came running in with a first aid kit, breaking the fight apart. “This is going to sting.” Dean sighed, pouring some alcohol on your wound, making you wince in pain. “Fuck, you weren’t kidding.” you laughed, making him laugh too. He wrapped your arm in a bandage carefully, making sure not to hurt you. “All done, you did better than I usually do when Sammy has to patch me up.” you both laughed, making Sam laugh too while Jo just stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at you with anger.


It was 10 at night, the boys were still here, your mom Ellen went home next door and left you all four by yourselves, drinking off and on. “Do you guys want to play truth or dare?” Dean slurred, not fully drunk but close to it. You all were. “Sure” the rest of you agreed. “Ok truth or dare, Sam.” “Truth” “Do you find Y/N attractive?” he asked with a daring grin. “Y-yes.” he stuttered, looking nervous. “Thanks” you laughed, taking another sip. “Truth or Dare, Y/N” Sam asked. “Dare, I ain’t a wuss.” you joked, tipping your bottle at him. “Hmm okay then, I dare you too… Kiss Dean!” he yelled, making Jo furious. “What?!” she yelled, making your stomach turn. This wasn’t going to turn out good but before you could say anything Dean pulled you onto his lap and kissed you. Not just a peck, deeply. You could hear Jo’s head boiling with anger but you didn’t care. You tangled your fingers in his hair, making him moan against your lips.

“Ok that’s fucking enough.” she warned, pulling you back by your shirt. Dean licked his bottom lip and smiled, winking at you after. “ "I don’t want to play anymore.” she sighed, taking a big shot of beer. “Aw why, is someone jealous?” you asked, knowing it’d piss her off. “Come on Jo, are you mad cause he went for me and not you?” “It was a dare! he wouldn’t of if it wasn’t!” “Bullshit, he enjoyed it too.” you winked at Dean, noticing his cheeks are still red. “Well who would want a annoying piece of shit who daddy didn’t love like you?! he left cause you came around! if he left, nobody’s going to stick with you! they’ll all leave, just like him. Like me and mom did but nope you had to come running back. Nobody’s going to love you! I don’t, Dean doesn’t, Sam doesn’t and you know who else didn’t? Bobby. He’s probably glad he’s dead to get away from you.” You didn’t even realized you were in tears till she stopped. You walked out and slammed the door, sitting in the back of the bar in the pouring rain, not even caring. You sobbed into your hands, punching and kicking stuff around you and dropping to the ground after, in tears.

“You are a true bitch, you know that Jo!?” Dean yelled with anger, walking out and slamming the door after.

You were laying on the ground covered in tears, blood running down your arm not even realizing you opened you wound again, fan fucking tastic. You were picking up broken chairs and breaking them more against the wall until you felt arms wrap around you and spin you around, bringing you into their chest. It was Dean. He rubbed your back softly, letting you let all your anger and sadness out. “Shh it’s okay, let it all out I’m here.” he whispered, running his hand through your hair and kissing your head softly. Funny how you just met this man today and he’s already making you feel  better than your own family does.

After about 10 minutes of crying into a man you just met chest you finally calmed down. He sat down against the wall, bringing you with him and wrapping his arms around you still. “She was wrong, you know that right?” he asked, breaking the silence. “Nah- she’s right. I’m a piece of shit that nobody could love..” you sniffled, looking at him with sadness in your eyes. “No- that isn’t true at all y/n. Bobby loved you, he loved both of us. Yeah he could’ve been an asshole but that’s how family is. Even when they’re being assholes, they still love you more than they love themselves.” you didn’t say anything, leaving it silent for about five minutes until he spoke up again.

“I like you a lot y/n. Like, like like. You’re beautiful, smart, hilarious, you get along well with Sam, you know how to kick ass, and you’re a girl who loves cars. That’s amazing!” you both chuckled. “Jo was wrong, so, so wrong. I don’t want to turn this into a love story, chick flic but fuck it.” he sighed, cupping your face into his hands and kissed you, hard. He ran his fingers through your hair and you could feel him smile against your lips, making you do the same until he pulled away. “Do you wanna maybe go on a date tomorrow, get some coffee where it’s not raining down on us.” he laughed. “do you even gotta ask?” you asked smiling, pulling him in for another kiss. And that’s where the story of you two began.

“If only Bobby was here right now, he’d kick your ass for putting lips on his "daughter”“ you laughed, looking up at the sky smiling knowing he’s probably watching, smiling over how happy you and Dean finally are.

"Hey, If it meant I got to kiss the most gorgeous girl I ever met, it’d be worth it.”

new beginnings

Dear @redstarfiction - I am so pleased to be your Secret Santa! You asked for an AU where Jamie and Claire are children together - I hope my wee story meets your requirements! Blessings to you for a joyous Christmas season!

Colum MacKenzie, principal of Leoch Elementary School, looked at his watch for the fourth time and glanced across his desk.

Six chairs – five of which were occupied. Two by Ellen Fraser and her six-year-old son Jamie, two by Jessica Randall and her eleven-year-old son Jack – and one by Jack’s classmate Claire Beauchamp.

Jack sported a lump that would soon become a black eye – and glared at Jamie.

Claire looked bored and swung her legs absently.

Colum cleared his throat.

“Is your uncle always this late to appointments?”

Claire nodded, dark curls bobbing. “He insists I take the school bus, otherwise he’d always forget to pick me up. He’s a scholar, you know – the classics and such.”

“I love the Ancient Greek stories!” Jamie piped up from in between Ellen and Claire. “Hermes is my favorite!”

“Stop trying to impress her,” Jack glowered. “You’ve proved your point, Fraser.”

Jessica shushed her son just as the door crashed open. A well-dressed but disheveled man stumbled through and removed his fedora.

“Dr. Quentin Lambert Beauchamp,” he bowed to the room. “So terribly sorry I’m late. I’ve been translating an Assyrian manuscript and the time just slipped away from me…”

Colum stood and offered a hand. “No worries, Dr. Beauchamp – may I introduce Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Fraser?”

Lamb turned to the mothers and nodded polite hellos. “My – isn’t that darling boy the spitting image of his mother! Such fiery red hair – genetics is just a lovely thing!”

“Please sit, Uncle Lamb.” Claire’s voice was gentle but firm – evidently used to guiding her uncle back to the main topic of conversation.

“Yes, yes – hello, dear Claire.” He bent to kiss the top of her head, unbuttoned his waistcoat, and settled into the empty chair beside his niece.

Colum sat and tented his fingers on his desk. “Now that we’re all here – I’m hoping this won’t be a long conversation. But I never countenance violence at this school – especially violence that results in an injury. Therefore - ”

“I didna hurt him too badly – it could have been a lot worse,” Jamie interrupted. “My brother Willie showed me.”

“Hush,” Ellen hissed. “Ye canna talk like that, Jamie. Are ye no’ sorry for hitting Jack?”

“I’m not,” Jamie insisted. “He was being mean to Claire. And he wouldna stop, Mam.”

“Rubbish.” Jack balled his hands into fists – and his mother lay a hand on his arm to quiet him. “I was just making conversation with Miss Beauchamp.”

“That’s no’ true!” Jamie’s fair brows shot up almost to his hairline, his small voice pleading. “That *mac na galla* put his hand on her arm and she yanked it away and then he did it again and she asked him to stop and – ”

“Jamie Fraser! Language!” Ellen exclaimed.

“Did you just speak the Gaidhlig?” Lamb turned to young Jamie, whose smart uniform was a bit askew after the events of the day. “I’m so thrilled that it’s making a resurgence – ”

“Tell us, Claire.” Colum, exasperated, wished he was anywhere but in that room. “Your version of events, please.”

Claire nodded and licked her lips. “It was recess. I was outside reading my botany book, and then Jack tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and he said I was a fair English rose very far from home, here in Scotland. I didn’t know what to say to that except ‘thank you,’ so that’s what I said and I went back to my reading.”

She paused. “And then he tapped my shoulder again and said he had been watching me for a while and thought I was pretty.”

Jack squirmed in his seat. His mother turned to him, dark brows furrowed.

“And how did that make you feel, Claire?” Colum asked gently.

She straightened in her chair. “Uncomfortable, Mr. MacKenzie. I just wanted to keep reading my book, but Jack wanted to keep talking. And I didn’t want to talk to him. Uncle Lamb says that it’s not rude to ignore someone when they’re being persistent – that the other person will understand. But Jack didn’t.”

“Aye, he didn’t!” Jamie interjected. “And then he lay his hand on her a third time and that’s when I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to leave Claire alone.”

“And just how did *you* get involved in all of this, Jamie?”

Jamie faced Colum directly, chin tilted – proud and defiant. “I’ve been watching Claire, too – but she’s never noticed me, because I’m in first form. But my da always says that it’s a man’s duty to protect women – to keep them safe from harm. And I could tell that Jack wasna listening to what Claire wanted. And he’s bigger than her and she couldna push him away. So I had to step in.”

“But how did ye ken that Claire wanted ye to help her, lad?” Ellen asked gently. “Why did ye have to use yer fists?”

Jamie shifted to face his mother. “I asked him politely to let Claire go. And he laughed at me – said I was just a bairn.”

“You are,” Jack muttered under his breath. “You had no right to interrupt my conversation.”

“I had *every* right!” Jamie exclaimed. “When a lady says she isna interested, that means she isna interested. That’s what *my* Mam has always taught me. I dinna ken what *yer* Mam has taught ye. But ye were no’ doing what she wanted.”

“Jamie – ” Jessica Randall’s voice was quiet, but firm. “That still doesn’t make it right to hit someone.”

“But how else would he listen to me?” Jamie’s voice was choked, and the poor lad sounded on the verge of tears. “I asked him to stop. She asked him to stop. And he wouldna stop. And I was – ” he swallowed. “I was afraid he would hurt her in some way. So I hit him, to make him stop.”

“Stop being so bloody dramatic,” Jack sneered. Jessica nudged her son to keep silent.

“That’s quite gallant of you,” Lamb remarked quietly, patting young Jamie on the shoulder.

“I didn’t need the help – but I appreciate it,” Claire said softly.

Colum looked from Claire, whose cheeks were a bit rosy with color – to Jamie, a bit nervous – to Jack, eyes cold and narrow.

“I think you should exercise restraint with young Master Fraser,” Lamb suggested quietly. “He was only doing what he thought was right.”

“I’m inclined to agree,” Jessica added, shaking her head at her son. “How many times do we need to talk about this, Jack – if people don’t want to engage with you, you can’t force them.”

“One way or another, I *will* get a response from you, Claire,” Jack pledged.

“No you won’t,” Claire insisted.

“I willna let it,” Jamie nodded.

Claire smiled at Jamie, and he flushed.

Colum thought for a moment. “I agree to go easy on Jamie – he was only doing what he thought was right. He can’t go unpunished for hitting Jack, but I’ll be very reasonable.”

Ellen nudged Jamie. “Thank ye,” he said softly.

Colum nodded. “And as for you, Jack – I’d like to spend some more time with you and your mother. I want to nip this antisocial behavior in the bud.”

Lamb, Ellen, Jamie, and Claire stood, thanked Colum, and quietly exited the room.

In the hallway, Ellen helped Jamie into his coat while Claire brushed stray crumbs off of Lamb’s jacket. Ellen turned to the eccentric older gentleman. “I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstances – you’re raising a truly lovely girl.”

Lamb smiled, a bit uncomfortable at the praise. “I’m trying my best, Mrs. Fraser – Claire and I only have each other. And our books, of course.”

Jamie took Claire’s hand and led her away from the grown-ups.

“I’d like to have you and Claire over to the farm for dinner one night – if you’d be up for it, of course.”

“Oh, we’d love to!” Lamb’s smile extended from ear to ear, his heart warmed at the gesture. “It’ll be good to get Claire in a new setting. And anyway, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in the months to come…”

They turned to see Claire and Jamie deep in conversation – her bent to be at his eye level.

“What do you suppose they’re talking about?” Ellen asked.

Lamb shrugged and put on his fedora. “We can ask them on their wedding day. Come along, Claire!”

Claire straightened to follow her uncle – but not before hugging Jamie and kissing his cheek.

Jamie watched Claire go, thunderstruck.

Ellen shook her head, smiled, and gently guided her son to the car.

Ellen Oh interviews new National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Gene Luen Yang at LOC

Ellen Oh @elloellenoh (author of Prophecy series and co-founder of WNDB) interviewed Gene Luen Yang, WNDB Advisory Board member and newly inducted National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, at the Library of Congress (Washington, DC, January 7, 2016).

Ellen – First burning question of the day, how did you react when you first heard you were the new Ambassador?

Gene – I was in a car. I was on a book tour. It was in October. I was touring for the first volume of Secret Coders which came out in September. Mark Seigel, my editor, calls me up and he tells me the news but also tells me I cannot tell anybody. So I’m in a car with an author escort and I just had to keep it inside. It still felt awesome, but I just had to keep it all inside. As soon as I could, I called my wife and I told her the news. And I was really excited, I was super excited. But honestly, I don’t think I realized the breadth and the scope of the program until [this week at the Library of Congress]. It’s just been shocking. It’s been crazy.

Ellen - Are you overwhelmed?

Gene - A little bit. [laughs] But I’m also really excited. I think it definitely presents a bunch of different opportunities for me. I’m an author. I’m passionate about books. So to get to talk about books in general is awesome.

Ellen - Yes, and you have this terrific platform. Can you talk a little bit more about it?

Gene - Sure, so every national ambassador has a platform. I had a discussion with the folks at First Second Books and the Children’s Book Council and what came  out of that discussion was the platform of “Reading Without Walls.” What we mean by that is we want kids to explore the world through reading and we want them to explore it in 3 very specific ways. One is to read books about people who do not look or live like them. Two is to read books about topics that they might find intimidating. And my own pet project for this area is to get kids to read about STEM topics - to read about science, technology, engineering and math. Third is to get kids to read stories in different formats. So if you are a kid that only reads novels with only words I want them to try a graphic novel. And the exact opposite, if you’re a kid that only reads graphic novels I want them to try a prose novel.

Ellen - How busy is your schedule this first year, do you know yet?

Gene- You know, I travel a lot already. I do maybe 2 trips every month. I’m not anticipating having to travel more this year. Because I was comparing my travel schedule with Kate’s (DiCamillo) and hers was a lot less. [laughs] But I think what the difference is that normally I travel a lot to talk about my own books. Now a lot of these programs that I already have scheduled will be folded into the ambassadorship so I won’t just be talking about my books, I’m going to be talking about reading in general.

Ellen – Here’s a specific WNDB question. When did you first see yourself represented in the pages of a book or comic?

Gene – I think it slowly happened for me as I got older. I think I first learned to call myself an Asian American in college.

Ellen - Me too.

Gene - That was really the first time I explicitly thought about my cultural heritage. And I was able to make sense of a lot of the uncomfortable situations I’ve been in when I was a little bit younger. But early on in comics, one of the things about comics that’s awesome is that you do have these characters that are covered from head to toe, like Spiderman. And when you’re reading Spiderman and he’s going through those actions, you can kind of imagine yourself underneath that suit. And even beyond that, X-Men has always been like this bastion of diversity in the superhero world. In the X-Men there were a number of prominent Asian and Asian American characters. There was Jubilee, who really felt like someone I would have known when I was in high school. She’s just written that way. She’s a Chinese American, grew up in La Jolla. Has the mutant power of firing fireworks out of her hands. Nobody I knew did that part, but everything else about her felt like someone I would have known. And there was Sunfire, who was a Japanese national and then Psylocke who did not start out life as an Asian American. But she was kidnapped by ninjas and given an Asian body so I kind of count her. [laughs]

But there were characters of Asian descent in comics and it did mean something to see them. I remember when Milestone Comics, Milestone Media, came out. It was a company that came out in the early 90s. It was headed up by Denys Cowan and Dwayne McDuffie who were two really prominent African American comic book creators. And it was a company founded on the idea of diverse comics. They wanted to create diverse superheroes. I think they were hugely influential, both on the comic book industry and to me as a comic book fan.

Ellen - Building on that, what about kids of color being able to see themselves as superheroes? We’ve seen a black spiderman and we’ve seen all the negative reactions to changing up classically white characters who are recast as POC. How important is this and the conversation that is happening right now about it?

Gene – I think America is diversifying, right? We are changing as a culture and we want to see our stories change as well. So that conversation is happening not just in superhero comics but in comics in general and in stories in general. In books, in movies and television. There’s this widening conversation about diversity. I think for kids, I think its important because there is something affirming about seeing your own experience reflected in the stories that you read. There’s a certain sense of validation that you are not alone when you read something like that. For superheroes specifically, I think superheroes are such an American genre. They’re created from America and [historically] superheroes came up just as America came into its own as a world power. Superheroes came into their own as popular mythology. And because they’re so American, I think when people of color, when minority groups in general, see themselves reflected in this genre it’s almost like an affirmation. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, you can be an American. You can be just as American as anybody else.

Ellen - I totally agree. I’m just as excited when I see a Black superhero as when I see an Asian one.

Gene – Yes!

Ellen - It does feel like anytime you see some kind of diversity it raises all people of color, all of us up.

Gene – It makes anybody who feels like an outsider realize “I don’t always have to be an outsider.” I definitely felt that way too. Like with Milestone Media, their most prominent characters were African American. My favorite of their characters was a guy named Static, Static Shock. And he’s a kid who has electricity power. He had a trashcan lid that he could turn into, it was almost like a surf board that could fly through the air. I found it awesome. He was an African American character. But I felt like the fact that he existed said something about the changing nature of that genre.

Ellen – So what is your Dream Project?

Gene - I feel like I’ve kind of gotten to do a lot of my dream projects already. American Born Chinese was a dream project of mine. Secret Coders was something that I thought about for a really long time. Boxers and Saints as well was kind of a dream project. So it’s been kind of awesome. The next dream project – well I want to do something that is non-fiction, and that’s actually what I’m working on right now. I followed a high school basketball team for a season and I’m going to be doing a book about them.

Ellen - And that was challenging for you because it was something beyond your walls?

Gene – Yeah, because I was not an athlete, I was not a sports fan growing up. The way I got interested in basketball was partly through reading. I read this book called Outside the Paint by Kathleen Yep, who is in some way related to Lawrence Yep. Anyways, that book and a bunch of other books pointed to the fact that basketball overlapped with culture. And that’s what really intrigued me. Basketball historically has been this place where outsider cultures have worked out there own dramas.  It’s been really interesting to learn about the history of basketball.

Ellen – Time for a writing question. What are your must haves when you’re working?

Gene – Coffee is really really important. Which is probably not a good thing. Yeah and I do a lot of my writing at Panera. Actually, Kwame Alexander mentioned the same thing and I was like YES! [laughs]

Ellen - That’s so funny. I don’t go to Panera, I end up at Starbucks.

Gene – It’s cause they have great wi-fi. Really wonderful wi-fi there.

Ellen – Now an Avatar question. If you were an Avatar character, what would you be?

Gene – I’d be an Earthbender. Yeah, I would definitely be an Earthbender.

Ellen – I want to be Korra… Okay what is your favorite fan moment?

Gene - My favorite moment. I’ve had children of immigrants regardless of where their parents came from, come up and tell me that my books resonated with them. And that means a lot. That means the world to me.

Ellen - Last question. This is a hard one. What do you want to be remembered for as the National Ambassador?

Gene – Oh my gosh! I don’t know. I don’t know if I can answer that one! Okay, I’ll tell you. So the two things I want to promote are figuring out how to get kids to read outside their walls, to read without walls. And the second thing is to figure out how to promote reading through technology. If I could do a good job on those two things, I’ll leave happy.

Ellen – Thank you, Gene, and congratulations!


Request: Can you make a story of imagine of you and dean getting engaged, having a wedding and having kids (either a daughter or son to Uncle Sam)

Happy. That’s what you were. After years and years of being alone, and hunting nonstop, you had found happiness. And that feeling came in the form of Dean Winchester. 

Dean was the best thing that ever happened to you. You’d met him a while ago at Bobby’s house when you were supposed to go on the same hunt. Then, after a year of flirting, he asked you out. And four years later, you were still together.

You woke up, like always, in Dean’s arms. Your back was pressed against his chest, and you held one of his hands in yours. His head rested in the crook of your neck, and he breathed softly, still asleep. 

You glanced at the clock, and saw that it was almost nine. You’d have to get up soon. Rolling around so that you were facing Dean, you began peppering his face with kisses. Dean’s face scrunched up as he started to wake, and he smiled once he saw you. 

“Morning.” He said, kissing you back.

“Hi.” You greeted him. Dean’s arms were still wrapped around you, and he pulled you closer to him. 

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too. And we gotta get up.”

“Why?” He whined, holding you tighter so you couldn’t get out of bed.

“Because I was gonna make you breakfast, and pie today. And I can’t do that unless we get up now.” You explained. Dean instantly let you go, and jumped out of bed with you.

“Is Sam still in Buffalo?” You asked, not wanting to put on real clothes.

“Yeah, why?” Dean answered.

In reply, you grabbed one of his flannel shirts and put it on. You loved wearing his shirts. They were huge, and covered you butt. But, when Sam was home, you had to wear real clothes, which kinda annoyed you. Wearing short shorts, a tank top, and one of Dean’s shirts was your favorite outfit.

“That’s hot.” Dean commented, wrapped his arms around you.

“I know.” You winked.

You dragged Dean to the kitchen. He sat at the table and watched as you cooked him breakfast. You made eggs and bacon. Dean made the coffee, and soon you were sitting down eating together. Dean’s leg kept rubbing against yours.

Once you were done, Dean did the dishes, and you started making his apple pie. You cut up the apples, mixed apple and cinnamon, then sprinkled it over the apples. You poured it over a pastry base, then put the top on. You placed it in the oven, letting it bake.

“Dean, I’m going to the bathroom. When the buzzer goes off, take the pie out. Do. Not. Eat. It.” You said, giving him a pointed look.

“I would never!” He exclaimed in mock offense.

“Yeah, sure.” you replied sarcastically, leaving the room. 

When you returned, Dean had cut the pie into two slices, and was waiting for you to return before eating his. “I didn’t eat it!” He exclaimed.

“You know, you would have made a wonderful lawyer.” You teased, sitting down.

Dean watched you as you dipped your fork into the pie and took a bite. Instantly your teeth hit something hard. Your heart jumped into your throat. Did you drop something in the pie? You pushed the object to the front of your mouth, and pulled it out. 

You held a gold ring in your hand, with a diamond about the size of your pinky fingernail. Some apple was still on it, and you wiped it away quickly. Then, you looked at Dean. He had gotten down on one knee, and looked nervous for once. “Y/N Y/L/N, I love you, and you’ve made the happiest man on earth. And I know how cliche that sounds, but will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You exclaimed, slipping the ring on and attacking Dean in a hug. You kissed him, and he held you tightly. Dean kissed you with more passion that you believed possible, and spun you around. 

Then Dean pulled out his phone, and dialed a quick number. “Sammy? She said yes!” Dean yelled into the phone, laughing from happiness. Dean said a few more words, then hung up, and took you in his arms again.


Standing in your wedding dress, you spun around. Jo, your maid of honor, was fluffing your hair. Your other bridesmaids, Ellen, Charlie, and a few other hunters, were sitting around the room, talking about how excited they were. They all gushed over your dress, a simple strapless dress, with jewels along the collar. 

“How do I look?” You asked once you were completely ready.

“Dean is so lucky.” Charlie answered.

“You look amazing.” All the other girls agreed. 

Taking a deep breath, you walked to the church, and waited by the doors. You saw Bobby already waiting to walk you down the aisle, and he got tears in his eyes when he saw you. He kissed the top of your head, and brought you into a tight hug.

“You look great.” He said.

“Thanks Bobby.” You replied, kissing his cheek.

You heard music start playing, and people started entering the church. Your heart sped up, and you got a glimpse of men standing near the alter. 

It was your turn to walk in, and you heard a few gasps, and a few people start crying as you walked down. Your eyes connected with Dean’s, and he smiled widely as tears made his eyes glisten. Sam patted Dean’s back, and he laughed. 

You made it to the aisle, and Bobby gave Dean a tight hug, then let Dean take your arm. You kissed Bobby’s cheek before leaving him. “You look awesome.” Dean whispered as you stood before the priest.

The reception went on, mass was held, and the rings were exchanged. Dean’s vows were beautifully worded and went into depth about how much he loved you. Your favorite line was, “You make me forget about all the monsters, and make me feel human." 

You exchanged the rings, and then kissed. The room erupted in applause and you giggled into the kiss. When you pulled away, you were no longer Y/N Y/L/N, but Y/N Winchester.


Four years later, and you were still happy. Dean, who was a great boyfriend, was an even better husband and father. You had one son, Sammy. He was three now, and made your life a million times better. 

You still lived in the bunker with Sam, but you didn’t mind, you loved it. Sam was a terrific uncle, he let Sammy ride around on his shoulders, and even took Sammy out so you and Dean could have some alone time. You were pregnant with another child, a daughter you were planning on naming Mary. 

You woke up suddenly to your bed shaking. Sammy was jumping up and down, smiling at you and Dean. "Wake up!” He exclaimed.

“What?” Dean groaned.

“Uncle Sam said he was making breakfast.” Sammy said, then stopped jumping and crawled between you and Dean. 

“Did Uncle Sam tell you to wake us up?” Dean asked.

“Yeah.” Sammy nodded. “Hi mommy.” He said to you, curling into your side.

“Hi honey.” You said, kissing his forehead. 

“Alright, let’s go.” Dean sighed, getting out of bed. He paused before leaving the room, and grabbed Sammy, and tossed him over his shoulder. Sammy shrieked in delight as Dean carried him to the kitchen. You laughed at them, and got out of bed. 

In the kitchen, Dean passed Sammy to Sam, and Sam held him over his head. “Oh, I’m gonna drop you!” Sam warned, making Sammy giggle. You loved your boys.

(I hope you like it!)

Sam Smith's full interview with Maclean's

One unfailing law of pop music is that there must always be a line, somewhere, that separates the men from the boys. At the tender age of 21, Sam Smith decided that when it was time to release his debut disc, In The Lonely Hour, he wanted to be associated with the polish and sophistication of the former and not the gloss and Bieber-esque platitudes of the latter. Smith’s mature M.O. has since helped made him a multi-platinum selling artist and seen him accrue six Grammy award nominations. In his first interview of the year with a Canadian publication, Smith opens up on his Adele-like rise to success.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Claire goes back slightly earlier just before Jamie leaves for Edinburgh while still living with Laoghaire. I

“You married her?!” I fumed, clenching my fists so I didn’t slap him, “Her? Of all people, you married the one person who wanted, more than anything, to see me dead!”

I paced the small upstairs guest bedroom at Lallybroch, deliberately avoiding items that could and would cause harm if used as projectiles.

“Claire,” Jamie said pleadingly. I simply glared back at him; he didn’t try to continue.

“I don’t know why of all the women in the world you would marry that vapid, selfish, child!” I paced faster, my hair coming loose from its ties.

Huffing, I dug my fingers through my hair and pulled pin after pin out, pelting them at Jamie—whether they made contact with him or not I wasn’t sure, but the act made me feel better.

“Christ! Did ye think I wanted to remarry?” Jamie said as he got up and gripped the tops of my arms, “I didna want to wed anyone but you, Sassenach, but you weren’t here!”

“And whose fault is that?” I yelled, my face inches away from his. “I didn’t want to leave, but did you listen? No! You sent me back so that I could have our child out of their own time, away from her father, being raised by a man I no longer loved and could barely stomach to look at! Do you know what it was like knowing you were dead? That I’d never get to see you again, speak to you, touch you again!”

He opened his mouth to most likely say he did know what it was like, but I cut him off. “You were dead, Jamie! Dead! In 1948 you had been dead for over 200 years and I had to live with that fact, raise a child without you, knowing she’d never know you! Christ, Jamie! I wasn’t even allowed to tell her about you!”

Tears began to stream down my face, half in sadness half in anger. His grip on my arms lessened.

“She? A lass? I have a daughter?” His voice was just above a whisper, his hands shook on me and his eyes were full of wonder.

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anonymous asked:

Love the idea of the Silver Fox. He would do great. And one/two punch with Corden would be great. I would add in Ellen further down the line. Not a huge fan myself but her great ability is to make celebrities relatable to middle America. Would she ask tough questions? No, but she would serve them up on her mid-afternoon platter in ways Cooper/Corden cannot. As for print, Rolling Stone, yes, but also Vanity Fair has been drooling after Styles for years. There's a reason 1DHQ nixes 1/2

2/3 in depth reporting. (see GQ for reference) but media have been requesting in depth for years but then those journalists want ride-along & that kind of access & proximity to the boys has just been out of the question until…hopefully soon. A ton of media outlets are watching & waiting to see how this plays out & the requests are ready. No matter how they manage it, this will be noisy. A low key approach is not going to work so might as well face it head on with

3/3 initial high profile press. Media, print. Then - as you say - disappear. Also, they could handle on camera. There will be gag orders. A ton, detailed too but it’s amazing what you can say but not saying. A downcast “I can’t answer that” looking sad & uncertain. They are pretty experienced & could be good at this. I’m sure they could throw plenty of shade by what they can’t talk about. Especially with right interview pressing on the delicate areas. Yes, Anderson. Good to have you around.

All in all, I couldn’t agree with this ask more. 

First of all, yes, Ellen’s one redeeming feature is her appeal. She’d definitely present H+L to an audience they wouldn’t otherwise see. My inclination would be to make the interviews more ‘exclusive’ and not create a promotional tour for their relationship, which is why I’d miss her out. Equally, if you start sitting down with people like Ellen, would you then have to do press in the UK? And who would that entail? The only person I can think of is Alan Carr (who handled Tulisa’s unfortunate incident far better than I would have expected) but then you risk turning this into a circus. 

The other thing is, this: “It’s amazing what you can say but not saying. A downcast “I can’t answer that” looking sad & uncertain.” is so important and so true. “No comment” always has been and always will be a celebrities most powerful tool in an interview. By refusing to answer a question like “Was your management company partially responsible for your inability to come out sooner?” you’re confirming that they were responsible without having to legally compromise yourself. 

Lover's and Anchor's

Summary: Dean x Reader where the Reader meets Ellen and Jo for the first time.

(A/N): Heya guys!!! Thanks so much for the requests! I am currently on 5 other prompts, but if you want to request something you sure can. Hope you enjoy and if you have any tips I would love to hear them!!!

The Winchester’s were very fond of you. They knew everything there is too know. Well, except for the fact you have never been to the Roadhouse and have never meet Ellen and Jo.

To them it was shocking. After all, you were well known in the hunting community.

“Really? You have never been to the Roadhouse?!” Asked Dean, your boyfriend of now a year and a half. The day John went missing, Dean formed a manhunt to find you. If you couldn’t track someone, no one could.

“Nope. Never had time to stop. Always busy with different gigs.” Both of them just looked at you.

“Well your just a workaholic. It’s time to take a break for a few days.” The Impala turned around and headed the opposite way from the job you guys were going to.

“Uhh… Dean? The hunts that away,” you pointed to the back of the car as you made your statement.

“Someone else can have it. We’re going to the Roadhouse.” You looked at him surprised. Dean usually never leaves a hunt, at least all the hunts you guys have been together on.

“Can we a least stop at Bobby’s so I can get my baby?” The boys communicated silently through eye contact.

“Fine, but one of us is riding with you.” Glares were passed around the car.

“Deal,” you muttered as your eyes locked onto Dean’s. He chuckled lightly, giving you the signature smile. You couldn’t help but smile back at him. After all, he was your boyfriend.

Within the next day, all three of you pulled into Bobby’s auto yard and put your stuff into the truck of your 1971 Red Chevelle SS.

“So who’s comin’ with me?” You questioned as you pulled open the drivers door, leaning on the car.

Both brothers exchanged looks between each other, then Sam spoke up.

“I’m gonna go with you, since Dean is all protective of his car.” Dean glared bullets into Sam’s head.

You gave a small laugh then told them to hurry up and get a move on.

As you and Sam drove behind Dean, you talked about anything and everything. Hunts, college, high school, first time meeting each other; then Sam changed the topic back to the Roadhouse.
“I still can’t believe you have never been to the roadhouse. I mean, your more well known then us; and that says a lot.” He exaggerated you being more well known. Yes, you were more popular amongst hunters, but better well known? Not even close.

“I don’t know Sam. I’ve hunted all my life, never stopped. Occasionally I’ll go to a bar, but never have I pulled over to a roadhouse. And while we’re on the topic, are these Ellen and Jo people nice, nasty or rude?”

“They’re good people, (Y/N). Helped us find some hunts. Even helped track down some people. I think you’ll like them. Jo can be a bit iffy sometimes, but what am I gonna do about it?” You silently agreed and continued to drive.

It only took you about twenty-three hours to get to the Roadhouse (with the occasional pit stop). As you pulled up Sam looked over at you, giving a reassuring glance as he got out of the car. You got out as well and walked over to Dean.

“How was your lonely drive?” You chuckled as slightly frowned at you.

“Lonely. That’s what is was. Now come on, you have some people to meet.” Your heart quickened with every step towards the door.

The door gave a creak as it was pulled open, light flooding the dark bar.

“Hello? Ellen? Jo? It’s the Winchester’s!” Dean screamed as he looked around the empty rooms.

“Dean?! What the hell are you doing here?” Suddenly a women came in through the back door and smiled at the boys. A younger woman followed soon after and said hi to both boys.

After exchanging a few words, the older woman noticed you standing by the front door.

“And who is this?” Dean smile only grew as he walked over to you, putting his arm over your shoulders.

“Ellen, this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). (Y/N), Ellen,” he pointed to the elder woman, “ and Jo Harvelle.” He pointed to the younger woman.

“So this is the famous (Y/N) (Y/L/N)? Not quite what I expected, but it’s a pleasure.” The woman named Ellen came over and shook your hand.

“So how do you guys know each other?” Asked Jo. Dean explained that your parents worked together on hunts since you were all tiny, and that your dad was like a teacher to John. Jo glared at you throughout the entire story.

“I also failed to mention that me and (Y/N) are dating. Almost a year and a half now.” Jo’s eyes exploded with anger. If looks could kill, you would have been dead them second Dean finished that sentence.

As the day went on, Ellen, Jo and the boys talked about hunts they did together and all the good times they had with one another. Jo continued to glare at you as time passed on.

“Hey boys, I have some stuff in the back that I need help lifting. Jo and I can’t move it ourselves, I was hoping you could lend us a hand?” Ellen asked sweetly, already heading for the back door.

“Of course.” Sam replied, getting up and slapping Dean in the arm so he would get up as well. Dean gave you a wink before he exited the back door.

Jo walked around you then finally took a seat in front of you, beer in hand.

“So this isn’t a joke. You and Dean are a couple?” You nodded your head as she took a long sip of her beer. She snickered a little as you did so.

“I don’t understand. Why would he date you, and not me? I mean, sure you both have known each other since you were children, but I’m so much more better. I have a place he can stay at; I wouldn’t be constantly on his side, begging for his attention. You on the other hand, your attached to his side. Hell, you aren’t even that good looking. I’ve seen the type of girls he tries to pick up at bars, and honey, you are not one of them.” Water blurred your vision, and hot tears streaked down your face.

Jo laughed as you ran to the front door. You pulled out your car keys and unlocked the doors. The ignition starts and you leave the Roadhouse eating your dust.

The nearest motel was thirty miles away, and you couldn’t wait to get back. Your phone kept going off as you drove, but you had no intention of answering it.

Before you know it, your on the motel bed crying your eyes out.

‘Does he really want me? Or is this some sick, cruel joke?’ Your head was throbbing as different thoughts ran throughout your mind.

The motel door opened and bright light entered the room, causing a headache to start in the already throbbing brain in your skull.

“(Y/N)! Dear god, you scared the hell out of me. Why did you run off like tha-” Dean was cut short of his rant as soon as he saw the tears across your face.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He hurried to the bed and sat next to you as you lie there.

“What happened back there?” His voice was full of concern.

“J-Jo… s-she said t-that you would n-never want a girl l-like me.” More tears tumbled down your face.

Dean pulled you into his chest and held you there as you continued to cry. He tried calming you as he slowly rocked back and forth. As your breathing steadied, he put in his thumb under your chin and raised your eyes to look at his.

“(Y/N), I will never leave you. Jo was completely wrong. Why would I not want a girl like you?! You’re friggin’ awesome! Smart, funny, bright, beautiful, there is an endless list to why I want you.” The tears slowly stopped as Dean explained to you why he wants you.

“She said that I was begging for your attention. Is that true? Am I that annoying?” Sorrow was clear as you spoke these words.

“Why would you be annoying? If anything I’m the one begging for your attention. Don’t listen to anything Jo said. You’re mine, and that’s all that matters. If I have to, I will go down there and give her a piece of my mind.” You shook your headed lightly and he smirked.

You both climbed into bed, not bothering to take your clothes off, and fell asleep in the other person’s arms.

Dean Winchester was your lover and your anchor, and you were his.