yes i actually did link to that url

And finally the last Chicon photo op, which was an impulse buy.

I actually left the con to go back to my dorm in Chicago, but I really didn’t want to miss out on the final day. I convinced my mom to let me go back and that I’d bring my homework with me (I did none of it at the con). So right when I came back, I bought this photo op.

And yes, I couldn’t resist dressing up like a complete Link nerd. That is how I decided how I’d change my url from Husstiel to Crowllink. The entire time I was waiting for the photo I was thinking “Oh god, Mark already knows I’m Zelda trash, he’s gonna think I’m such a fucking nerd for wearing this get up.”

When it was my turn for the photo, I pulled up my hood and forced myself to not give a heck.

Me: Hey, listen, could you two act like you’re both going to beat me up?
Mark: No! How about you go beat him up!

And then Mark made that fucking pose with that expression that I will NEVER get over. I love every expression in this photo. Mark just looks so fucking smug and it’s like he’s thinking “wow, look at that fucking nerd.”