yes i actually am black and white


a lil peek at what’s inside my pencil case ✨ 

  1. faber-castell econ 0.5 mechanical pencil
  2. pilot g-1 gel pen in black, 0.5
  3. uni-ball signo gel pen in white (AMAZING for small mistakes, works as white out)
  4. artline drawing pens - 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8
  5. faber-castell pencils - 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B and 6B
  6. my stabilo 0.4 fineliners (which i’ve had for 3 years i think?)
  7. a lot of copics (for fashion illustration)
  8. some bomb ass highlighters i found by accident while wandering around in a supermarket
  9. a small metal ruler
  10. olfa cutter
  11. stabilo 68 pens (rlly good! they are actually markers but in their website it says “pens” soo)
  12. pilot super grip pen in black as my soul
  13. a sharpie
  14. a “mechanical” eraser? (i don’t even know how these are called in spanish)
  15. some post-it flags in cute patterns
  16. kneadable art eraser in grey
  17. normal (lmao) white eraser
  18. scotch tape
  19. measuring tape
  20. a mini white out
  21. lead for my mechanical pencil
  22. a sharpener
  • Lena: Ehy Kara! Hi! I know it's the 21th call... I was just... i was wondering if you could help me with something...
  • Kara: Lena! Of course i can. You know i'm here for you! What do you need? Are you trying to fix the world? Do you need some stars for your SAVETHEPLANET new project?
  • Lena: Actually... Should i eat pizza or pasta tonight?
  • Kara: Ah... ahem.. Pizza! Definitely pizza!
  • Lena: Thank you!
  • Kara: What are friends for??
  • Lena: Kara! Sorry for bothering you.
  • Kara: Hi Lena! No worries. What do you need?
  • Lena: Should i drink cocacola or wine??
  • Kara: Cocacola! Yes!
  • Lena: Thank you Kara, you're so precious.
  • Kara: Anything!
  • 647 CALLS LATER.
  • Kara: Lena... It's 4 am. What do you need? Again...
  • Lena: I know, i'm so sorry Kara. I just-
  • Kara: Yeah, you need an advice...
  • Lena: White or black?
  • Kara: Black.. What-
  • Lena: Check your e-mail Kara.
  • *Lena Luthor, naked, with a black and white bra in her hands*
  • Kara blushing hard: Le-na! Why did you send me a p-
  • Lena: I'm waiting for your help.
  • Kara:
  • Lena: That's what are friends for.
Clearing Up Misunderstandings, Part 6: Callout Posts

Every now and then, I see posts from people who claim that I’m a horrible, terrible, disgusting person. As evidence, they post something that I wrote over a decade ago when I was a teenager, post an out-of-context screenshot, or grossly misinterpret something that I’ve said or done. In the beginning, I didn’t let these things concern me…but, as time passes, more and more people are taking this nonsense seriously. Unfortunately, I think it’s time for me to address some of these issues.

YandereDev uses slurs!

I’ve heard people complain about certain words that I have used. I’ll give you an example. One time, I said the phrase “problematic tranny stoner girlfriend” when I was chatting with my friends. There’s a screenshot of me saying this…without any context, of course. So, what’s the context? I was quoting a transgender person who said the phrase during a live-stream. I quoted the phrase because it sounds funny, like “flying purple monkey dishwasher”. I obviously wasn’t attempting to dehumanize or insult anyone; a dehumanizing statement would sound like “I hate trannies!” or something along those lines.

If you ever see me use a word like “dyke”, “tranny”, or “faggot”, I’d like you to do one thing before you draw any conclusions: look at the context. How am I using the word? If I ever say something like “All faggots should burn in hell!” then, obviously, that would be a homophobic statement. But, if I say “Sup, faggots! How are you all doing today?” Then I am using the word “faggots” the same way I’d use the word “friends” - without any ill intent or any reference to homosexuality whatsoever.

I’ll be honest with you: Yes, I make edgy jokes, and yes, I make politically incorrect jokes. No subject is too taboo for me. I’ll joke about any subject. Race, gender, sexuality, religion, anything. White people, black people, Christians, Muslims - I don’t think that any subject should be “safe” from humor. With that said, none of my jokes are actually meant in a hateful or spiteful way. If someone gets offended by my jokes, I feel like it’s their fault for being too sensitive.

So, remember: when I use “offensive” words, I’m not trying to dehumanize anyone; chances are, I’m just picking a curse word at random. And, if you ever hear me make an edgy joke, it’s obviously just a joke, and not an actual, genuine insult aimed at a real group of people.

YandereDev defends child abuse!

Based on some remarks I made in an old blog post, some people are claiming that I don’t see anything wrong with pedophiles or child abuse. I’ll take this opportunity to clarify myself. The first thing I should mention is that whenever I say the word “pedophile”, I’m using the dictionary definition of the word: a person who is attracted to children, not someone who molests or rapes children.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. Pedophilia is a mental illness.

2. In a perfect world, there would be no pedophiles.

3. Anyone who molests a child or rapes a child should be executed.

4. I hope that it’s possible for medical science to produce a cure for pedophilia.

5. Being a pedophile is involuntary.

It’s that last part that confuses people. People don’t understand what I mean by that, and assume I’m saying that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

Here’s what I really mean by that: Being afflicted with pedophilia is like being afflicted by any other mental illness, like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, or dementia; you don’t choose it or ask for it. It develops inside of you, and then you’re stuck with it forever.

Pedophiles probably wish every single day of their lives that they could be normal. Pedophiles are probably disgusted with themselves for having an attraction towards children. Many pedophiles probably commit suicide so that they won’t have to live with the shame of being attracted to children. Pedophilia is a curse that nobody should have to suffer from, which is why I hope that one day it becomes possible to develop a cure.

Now, let’s get something straight. What you’re attracted to isn’t a choice - but rape is a choice. Being attracted to children is no excuse to rape children. Rape is one of the worst things that a human can possibly do, and child rape is even worse. As I stated above, I think that raping a child should be grounds for execution.

To summarize: I pity pedophiles, because they suffer from a mental illness that they never asked for…but if they dare to lay their hands on a child, that pity is instantly gone.

YandereDev is a Nazi!

Yandere Simulator is supported by donations. Someone who donates a specific amount of money becomes a “sponsor” and can give me a logo to display before the game’s title screen. One of the sponsors chose a “Black Sun” for his logo. During the point in time when that sponsor sent me their logo, I had never seen the symbol before, and had no idea what kind of connotations it might hold. A few people contacted me and told me that it was a Nazi symbol, so I decided to do some research. I learned that it was originally an occult symbol, before it was hijacked by the Nazis for their own purposes. I was not certain if the sponsor interpreted the symbol as a Nazi symbol or as an occult symbol. I didn’t want to remove a sponsor logo over a theory about what the sponsor might be trying to express with the logo, so I did not take action. This obviously does not mean that I’m a Nazi.

YandereDev opposes Social Justice!

I don’t have a problem with fixing social injustices. However, I do have a problem with “Social Justice Warriors”. No, I’m not talking about people who advocate for socially marginalized groups; I’m talking about people like this. I have a problem with people who use “social justice” as an excuse to scream at others, bully others, and threaten others. I have a problem with people who think that they are justified in acting like total assholes, as long as they are doing so in the name of social equality. I have a problem with people who spend most of their time shaming others for “microaggressions” or “manspreading” and stupid made-up bullshit like that.

Some game developers put LGBT characters into their games solely because they want to brag about how inclusive and progressive they are. “Look at us! We put a marginalized group into our game! See how virtuous we are? Will you praise us now? Will you give us a good review score?” There’s a part of me that is hesitant to include LGBT characters in Yandere Simulator purely because I don’t want to be interpreted as one of those game developers who is only doing it to score points with the social justice crowd. I’m not opposed to the concepts of diversity or inclusivity, but I really, really don’t want anyone to mistake me for a member of the SJW cult.

YandereDev supports GamerGate!

This is a nuanced issue. This is not a black-and-white issue. This is an issue with many shades of gray.

In 2014, some gamers found evidence of corruption, collusion, and numerous conflicts of interest between game developers and game journalists. The gamers called out the devs and journos. Internet trolls saw this as a great opportunity to harass the devs and journos who were being called out, some of whom were female. Sadly, a headline like “Hate mob harasses women” attracts more attention than “Internet sleuths uncover evidence of corruption in the game industry”, so the media gave most of its attention to the trolls who were writing mean things, instead of giving attention to the people who were actually exposing collusion and conflicts of interest.

As an indie game developer, allegations of corruption in the game industry were very serious issues to me, so I paid extremely close attention to the GamerGate scandal. At the peak of the controversy, I probably dedicated at least one hour every day to reading about the latest discoveries and revelations. I saw a lot of trolls saying a lot of rude things, but I also observed a lot of people who were genuinely trying to expose unethical business practices in the game industry, because they cared deeply about their hobby and didn’t want to see it infested with corruption. That was the side of GamerGate that didn’t get any attention from the media.

Unfortunately, third-party trolls hijacked the GamerGate hashtag and used it for spewing hate. A handful of Internet vigilantes went too far and actually doxed some of the people who were being accused of unethical behavior. This gave lots of ammunition to the developers and journalists who were trying to prevent people from taking GamerGate seriously. They spread the notion that GamerGate was a hate campaign, and most people fell for it. The words “ethics in game journalism” became a punchline. Discussions about the topic were banned in most gaming forums. Everyone associated with the movement was labeled racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/misogynist manchildren who were only interested in harassing women.

I’m far too busy to engage in any kind of activism, offline or online. Throughout GamerGate, the only thing I could do was watch from the sidelines. I wasn’t rooting for the people that were harassing women, but I was definitely rooting for the people that were exposing unethical behavior.

YandereDev wrote creepy, sexist articles!

In 2010, I wanted to get a job writing about video games. I noticed that a website named “The Examiner” had two game-related openings. The openings were “Sports Games Examiner” and “Video Game Babes Examiner”. I thought that the second opening sounded hilarious, and I wanted to know what it would entail, so I applied for it. I got the job, but I never actually received any explicit instructions on what to write about, so I decided to just wing it and write about anything that involved female video game characters. Sometimes I posted articles like “Top 10 most revealing outfits” and “Top 10 biggest boobs”, but I also wrote about actual news, too. I wrote about games that were banned or censored for being too lewd, and wrote about controversies that revolved around lewd content in games. Sometimes I even tried to shine a light on overlooked female characters, or write articles promoting more respectable female characters who don’t look like Barbie dolls. Sometimes I wrote about things that were sexy, but I don’t believe I ever wrote anything that was sexist. Looking back, I don’t feel ashamed of the articles that I wrote for that site.

YandereDev wrote rape stories!

When I was younger, I spent a lot of my time writing fanfiction. I wrote a lot of very dark stories. I wrote stories where characters killed each other, lost their limbs, lost their eyesight, got disfigured, or were subjected to a sexual assault. Almost all of my stories revolved around miserable characters who were suffering in some way, either psychologically or physically.

Here’s a question for you: Game of Thrones is a TV show with rape scenes. Does that mean it’s a “rape show”? No. Some of my old literature has rape scenes. Does that mean I’ve written “rape stories”? No.

Have I written dark stories? Yes. Have I written stories with mature themes, meant to be read by adults only? Yes. Were people raped or forced into sexual slavery in my stories? Sometimes. Have I written stories about the psychological trauma that a rape victim goes through? Yes. Are any of the rape scenes in my stories meant to be arousing or titillating? No.

YandereDev is a racist!

Ha! I know where this misconception comes from…

One of my friends makes a lot of politically incorrect jokes. Sometimes I’ll ask him silly questions just to hear what kind of edgy joke he’s going to make in response. In May of 2016, a black child fell into a gorilla pit, and the gorilla was shot to death. I wanted to hear what kind of edgy joke my friend would make about the situation, so I asked him about it. To my surprise, he didn’t reply with politically incorrect humor. I was shocked that he wasn’t acting like his usual, edgy self. I expressed my surprise by stating that I expected him to make a racially-charged remark. Someone took a screenshot of this interaction with my friend, and tried to suggest that I was encouraging racism.

This is one of many examples of weird people stalking me, taking screenshots of things that I say, and then presenting those screenshots out-of-context to try and make me look bad. Please, don’t be gullible. Don’t fall for that crap.

In Conclusion

·         Yes, I say taboo words and make edgy jokes when I’m talking to my friends in private, but nothing I say is ever meant to dehumanize anyone.

·         Yes, I feel pity for pedophiles, but I don’t think that child abuse or child rape is excusable for any reason.

·         No, I don’t support the political beliefs of every single sponsor who has ever donated to Yandere Simulator.

·         No, I don’t oppose the concept of social justice, but I do reject people who treat others like shit and try to use social justice as justification for their awful behavior.

·         No, I don’t support Internet trolls who harass women, but I also think that there was a side of the GamerGate movement that genuinely was concerned with ethics.

·         Yes, I held a position as “Video Game Babes Examiner” at a website, but I’m not ashamed of this at all, because I did my best to write interesting and entertaining articles.

·         Yes, I wrote dark literature that involved mature subject matter, including sexual assault, but I have never attempted to make rape seem erotic.

Every time I see a “callout post” that accuses me of something horrible, it’s always about something that I could easily clear up with a few words of explanation. I honestly don’t believe that I’m the evil, nasty, disgusting monster that these callout posts make me out to be. I’m just a dude who is trying to make people happy by developing a video game.

I generally try to discourage people from contacting me, so that I can focus all of my time and attention on developing Yandere Simulator. However, all of my hard work will be wasted if people decide to abandon the game because a dumb post on Tumblr gave them a warped impression of me. So, if you ever read a “callout post” and think to yourself, “This is disgusting, YandereDev needs to explain this!” then feel free to contact me via e-mail and ask for an explanation. I’ll gladly clear up any misunderstandings.

And, before you let a callout blog twist your opinion of someone, consider the words in this blog post.

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I was sweeping outside in the middle of the day, in the heat, in my uniform (a white t-shirt, a black polo over it, and long black pants), and a guy walks up to me and says "They got you working outside because they know you're big, girl. The heat is hard on fat girls." 1. I'm not a girl (I'm trans), 2. Yes, I am fat, and yes, I'm aware that I'm fat, but. What. The actual. Fuck. My co-workers were surprised I didn't punch him.

Don’t punch them. It’s not worth the hassle. Unless they touch you first then slam them in self defense. :)


after someone doesn't believe them for the billionth time

Carter: *exasperated* Okay, how about this: I’m white, you’re black and technically neither of us can be wrong because we’re both super mixed and when people don’t believe us, we can laugh in their faces that we’re mixed and they might actually believe us this time.

Sadie: *also exasperated* Yes! I like it! Let’s do it! It’s definitely going to fail but who cares? It’s happening.

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Drarry #30 for the prompts please

My Writing

As much as Draco pretended to be cold and that he didn’t care about anything, Harry knew that he actually had a heart of gold and was just about the sweetest person anyone could ever meet. He just had to do the right things to get Draco to show his real self. And Harry had done just that. 

Draco had been dying to get a cat forever and has been begging Harry since they moved in together. Harry had finally given in.

“Fine, Draco. We can get a cat.”

Draco’s grey eyes widened.

“Really, Harry? You mean it?”

“Yes,” he sighed. “We can go look for one tomorrow.”

Draco couldn’t contain the grin that spread across his face. He jumped up from where he was sitting and flung himself onto Harry’s lap. He kissed Harry several times, muttering a quiet “thank you” between each one.

Draco woke up early the next morning, too excited to sleep any later. He quickly showered and got dressed before going to wake Harry up.

“Harry,” he said and lightly shook his boyfriend.

Harry just grumbled something unintelligible and rolled onto his stomach.

Draco rolled his eyes. He climbed back onto the bed and straddled the back of Harry’s thighs.

“Draco,” he groaned. “I’m trying to sleep!”

“But Harry, you promised we could go get a cat today!” Draco whined and climbed off of him now that he was sure Harry was awake.

“Well we don’t have to go at,” Harry paused and looked at the clock. “Seven in the bloody morning!”

“Please Harry! Please, please, please! I’m too excited to wait any longer!”

Harry sighed and threw the covers off of himself. He really had to learn how to tell Draco no.

Draco clapped his hands in glee when Harry got up and stretched, which caused Harry to glare at him.

“Don’t be so grumpy!” Draco pouted.

Harry chuckled.

“Sorry, love,” he said and quickly kissed Draco’s lips before heading into the bathroom to get ready.

Twenty minutes later, Draco was dragging Harry out the door.

They arrived at the animal shelter ten minutes later.

“Hello,” Harry said to the woman at the counter. “We’d like to look at your cats, please.”

She smiled and got up to lead them there.

Harry looked over at Draco, who looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.

“You’re adorable like this,” Harry whispered in his ear as the woman walked ahead of them.

Draco just smiled at him and went to look at the cats.

“Harry! Look at this one!” Draco said, pointing to a black and white cat.

“Yes, that one is very nice, Draco. I am curious, though. Do you want a grown cat or a kitten?”

“I’m not sure. I think a  grown cat because a kitten would be a lot more work.”

“I agree,” Harry said, and they resumed looking.

Draco fell in love with nearly every cat, he had no idea how he would be able to choose.

They finally reached the last one, and Draco actually gasped at how cute it was. It was a small, grey kitten, and it meowed quietly when it saw Draco.

Harry could tell by the look on his face that this was the one he was going to choose. He knew a kitten would be a lot of work, but if it made Draco happy, he was fine with it.

“Can we get this one, Harry? Please! Just look at him, he wants to come home with us.”

Harry smiled and shook his head.

“Of course, Draco.”

They quickly went over all the necessary information and signed the papers before bringing the kitten home.

“I love you so much,” Draco told the kitten about a million times as they walked home.

“Hey Draco? Remember me? Your boyfriend?” Harry teased.

“Ah, yes. What was your name again? Henry?” 

Harry laughed and gently nudged Draco in his side.

“I’m just kidding. I love you, Harry. Thank you.”

“You know I’d do anything to make you happy.”

Draco just smiled and kissed his cheek before resuming talking to his new kitten that he decided to name Charcoal.

Harry smiled fondly at him. No matter what kind of act Draco put on, Harry knew who he really was, and he loved him more than anything in the world.

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I totally agree with you and Allura being black but I like to imagine Altea has no concept of white/black people but know there's difference between colors. But if there is that concept I am happy there's actually a princess of black race and possibly being a role model of black girls who watch Voltron Legendary Defender. Love your blog,<3

Oh yes of course!

I like to think alien races don’t really see color between their species as something to be superior or looked down upon either. they just live how they live and judge based on character.

But it’s just so nice to see a character that’s alien and just know they meant for her to look black.

Plus if I’m being honest that’s literally the only reason I watched the show in the first place.

Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch.1

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life (SoL), drama, Romance!Jeonghan, Jeonghan!AU, OnceUponASeventeen!Jeonghan

Word Count: 3.7k+ 

A/N: This is my first series and I’ve decided to make it an AU! It’s under the Seventeen Series category! I apologize if this wasn’t written well, still a newbie but I’ll do my best! Inspired by Beauty & the Beast, a modern version ;) Happy reading!

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny puts them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4

Pack up your bags, we’re moving.

It was most probably the seventh time you heard your father said that particular line. Most of your life was spent in the clouds, wandering about. You had a pretty normal life: having a luggage as your closet, leaflets as your books, and airplanes as your transport. Well, mostly normal.

Being the youngest of six children and a sibling to three older brothers and two older sisters, it was normal to not have any idea what was going on. You had so many unanswered questions. Not until fourteen years ago, that one incident cleared your blurred mind, the answer to your confusion.

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I am not completely against the idea that cultural appropriation is bad. I can understand that if a culture or tradition is, for example, at risk of dying out, people might be leery of letting too many people have unfettered access to it.

On the one hand, lots of people knowing about it might help bits of it be preserved; on the other, being human is kind of like playing a huge game of Telephone, so if it’s important it be preserved as is, being careful about who gets access is one way to minimize the likelihood of something considered sacred and secret becoming a pop culture joke.

But I also think that fighting against that giant game of Telephone is a losing proposition in a lot of ways. Because humans are intensely inquisitive, knowledge-hungry critters. Our intelligence and creativity are pretty much the only evolutionary advantage we even have, so the idea that we should see things and not want to get our grubby brains on them is… not very realistic, given what being human is actually like.

Yes, we can say that doing that is about “being privileged,” but I am not totally convinced. Like, thinking about the issue of white people wearing dreadlocks or braids that are supposed to resemble those of black people–I get why some people don’t like this and feel like “hands off our thing.”

But another part of me goes, “wait. There was–AND STILL IS, BECAUSE IT’S STILL NEEDED TODAY–a social movement to convince people that natural hair is beautiful, because unfortunately, racist white people succeeded in getting people to associate those styles with dirtiness and ugliness.

But if we now have people rightfully celebrating the beauty of those styles, then why WOULDN’T you eventually see white people who want to wear them? Wouldn’t that mean the idea that these styles are beautiful has permeated society enough that some of the people who once disdained them the most think ‘I want to look beautiful, like them?’”

Like… I get that there is a thoughtless aspect to it that people are rightfully annoyed by. But it seems weird to me that people don’t acknowledge that part of what’s going on is that white people are now just taking it for granted that that’s pretty, not ugly, and wanting to be pretty.

That seems good, even if it isn’t all good.

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:/// ppl always forget that Hopper gave El up to Hawkins Lab and like idk I know it was for Will but it sucks to headcanon Hopper as her father figure after that u know?

I can understand that. I actually really liked how it happened - it showed that the situation wasn’t simply black and white, and that people sometimes make difficult and even wrong decisions. Do I like what Hopper did? No. Am I glad that the show included that scene? Yes. 

i’m really interested to see if they address it in the second season. And when it comes to fics, I think that Hopper can take the role of a father figure for El even with this secret. He’s complex and one action should not define a person. I imagine he would carry a great deal of guilt over it. I would love to read about El or Joyce, etc finding out about it. So many layers of feelings. 

That being said, if you personally can’t picture him in that role, that’s totally fine! Everyone has different opinions and your head canons should make you happy!

  • Story when black child is arrested: Eight year old man arrested for picking robber in cops and robbers. Was acting "aggressively" towards police. Claims innocence, but his tears speak the truth of his crimes.
  • Story when adult white man is arrested: "My child did nothing wrong" says tearful mother of thirty year old former varsity player. He was viciously detained this morning after an aggressive knocking on the door by the police. He answered, still wearing the bloody clothes he murdered someone in, but look at that varsity record. Poor kid. Had his whole life ahead of him.

The problem with bpd is we have a propensity towards black-and-white thinking in many areas of our lives so the two sided argument of:

Don’t make your illness your only defining trait!


My illness shaped me and I need it to be who I am.

Misses that both of those things are true to a certain extent. Because yes our illness ARE a huge part of who we are, it’s an undeniable factor in shaping the person we are and who we will become. But! That doesn’t mean it’s healthy and ok to cling to The Illness out of a desperation to have identity.

We just need to find that ever elusive gray zone where our disorder(s) are a part of us we shouldn’t be ashamed of but cannot be the only or most important part of who we are.

Studio (Drabble) [6]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11]

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 904

A/N: Enjoy the fluff… while you can! *hint hint*

Check out our Masterlist!

-          Admin Mochi

[September 16, 2016]

              “Is Yoongi here? I haven’t seen him all week… I’m worried.” Y/N asked Jin who was busy working on an essay for one of his classes. The toffee haired man heaved a sigh before taking his eyes off the screen and gazing over at her with a distraught look.

               “No, I’ve seen him once this whole week and that was only because he came to grab some clean clothes the other day.” Replied the older boy with a frown.

               “Is that so…” Y/N muttered looking down at the floor in disappointment.

               “I’m worried as well, knowing him he probably hasn’t been eating or sleeping properly… You should pay him a visit.” The man suggested hoping she would agree.

               “I don’t know… I don’t want to bother him.”

               “Trust me, you’re probably the only person he’d let in.”

               Y/N looked around in awe as she stepped inside, everything looked so professional. Glancing around she wondered, how can he afford to rent out a recording studio like this? Her eyes continued to scan the room taking in her surroundings, by the entrance there was a black leather couch with a blanket messily thrown on it. That’s probably where he’s been sleeping, that’s IF he’s been sleeping. To the left there were some shelfs crammed with books, CDs, and action figures. Oh my god, is that Kumamon? She would have never guessed Yoongi liked the cute black smiley bear as well. Her attention was then diverted to the piano located to the right of the room, the girl gingerly ran her fingers over the keys tempted to press one but too afraid to actually do so.

               “What are you doing here?” startled by the sudden sound of his voice the girl jumped a bit and accidentally pressed down on one or two keys, the sound echoed throughout the room. Turning around she looked at him with wide panic filled eyes.

               “I just- I… Uh…” He tilted his head in confusion unable to understand what on earth she was trying to say.

               “You know it’s rude to come over unannounced and on top of that you didn’t even knock.”

               “I texted you, but you didn’t reply… And I did knock, but you didn’t answer…” Y/N replied trying to defend herself. “You know sleeping on the couch is bad for your back….” The girl commented pointing over at the piece of furniture. “Have you at least been eating well?” He didn’t answer, instead he just stared at her with a blank expression. “I made you something to eat!” she beamed motioning over towards the Tupperware she had placed on one of the empty tables he had to the side, still no answer. I might as well be talking to a wall. “Look… I’ve been worried about you… You haven’t been returning my calls or texts and- Ugh… Never mind, forget it. I’ll get going now.” Y/N sighed in defeat as she walked towards the door only to be stopped by Yoongi. She was puzzled to see his long fingers wrapped around her small wrist.

               “Do you want to listen to what I’ve been working on?” he could see her big brown eyes light up in excitement as she nodded her head vigorously.

               “Yes, yes, yes!” the girl chanted as she jumped up and down clapping her hands. How cute. Y/N watched him walk over and sit down on the black leather rolling chair that was adorned with a white and black baseball jersey with his stage name on it.

               “Come here.” The black haired boy ordered waving her over.

               “Where am I supposed to sit?” Y/N whined looking around with a slight pout.

               “You can sit here.” Yoongi jokingly responded leaning back on the chair and patting on the empty space between his thighs, he wasn’t actually expecting her to do it. He had been planning on giving her the chair to sit, which is why he was bemused when he felt her back press against his chest. He tensed at the sudden body to body contact, she felt so small and fragile against him, but strangely enough he liked it.

               “So, are you going to show me?”

               “Um… Oh yeah, here.” He gently placed the black studio headphones on her then after making sure she was ready he played the music. The faired skinned boy watched as she bobbed her head to the beat of the song, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to see her facial expression. He was curious as to what her thoughts were, usually Namjoon would always be the first to listen whenever he composed something new. For some reason he had never felt this level anxiety whenever the other boy would listen, but with her these felt like the longest three and a half minutes of his life.

               “Oh my god.”

               “How was it…? Was is okay?” he asked tapping his fingers on his thighs worriedly.

               “Okay? It was amazing, I loved it! You don’t understand Yoongi… This is so- wow. I can’t wait to see you perform this live.” Her gushing put him at ease, relief washed over him hearing the genuine enthusiasm laced in her voice. “You probably hear this often, but I’m going to say it anyway… You are so talented.” A smile tugged on his pale pink lips as he warily rested his chin on her shoulder.

               “You think so?” he muttered timidly next to her ear.

              “I know so.”

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💖Say 5 things you like about yourself then send this to ten of your favorite followers!💖

BUT… BUT, THE CRIPPLING SELF-DOUBT! Yeah, okay. I suppose I could transfer to narcissism for the time being. 

1.) I enjoy my extravagant hand gestures when speaking to people, however, others say I overdo it. 

2.) My 3 a.m. idiocy appeals to me, I find it amusing. It also makes me cringe deeply, but that’s another matter. 

3.) I hate LOVE my writing, you know, when I actually write something instead of just staring at a google doc for 2 weeks. 

4.) I love that every collage I make must be in black & white because I think black & white is dramatic af, and I like a little drama in my life. 

5.) I am a proud supporter of the yellow starburst, and yes, that I do actually like about myself, thank you very much. 


AND THANKS, HON! Am I allowed to send this back? I mean you could do it twice, no big deal…

93 things about me i guess??

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1. Drink:  Diet Cola
2. Phone call: My dad
3. Text message: My sis (i usually give her either bts memes or smexy bts photos)

4. Song you listened to: generation 2 m/v cause jackson’s airhorns be lit
5. Time you cried:Today actually from listening to just one day (idek)


6. Dated someone twice: nope

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: nope

8. Been cheated on: nope

9. Lost someone special: yes
10. Been depressed: yes? (been down in the dumps is probably what i’m referring to)
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope (can you tell that i am good at never have i ever…cause i am the virginest virgin who ever virgin)


12. blue
13. black
14. white


15. Made new friends: yes
16. Fallen out of love: yes
17. Laughed until you cried: yes
18. Found out someone was talking about you: no
19. Met someone who changed you: 
20. Found out who your friends are: yes
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them

23. Do you have any pets: no

24. Do you want to change your name: no

25. What did you do for your last Birthday: limo ride to pf changs
26. What time did you wake up: 9 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping
28. Name something you can’t wait for: im being attacked by all these comebacks like chill please
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: an hour ago?
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: how easy it is for me to quit

31. What are you listening right now: to the noises in my head
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: the fact that i have homework over the summer that im procrastinating my butt off for
34. Most visited Website: tumblr


35. Mole/s: a lot
36. Mark/s: i have acne scars if that counts?
37. Childhood dream: teacher
38. Hair color: red
39. Long or short hair: medium length (a little bit past collarbone)
40. Do you have a crush on someone: not anymore (i probably will soon who knows at this point)
41. What do you like about yourself: how empathetic i am
42. Piercings: my ears, i gotta wear earrings eventually
43. Blood type: idk i think A or AB
44. Nickname: Ros
45. Relationship status: single or taken by bangtan/fictional characters, whichever makes more sense
46. Zodiac: libra

47. Pronouns: she, that trash over there, etc.
48. Favorite TV Show: drake and josh

49. Tattoos: none but i would like one eventually

50. Right or left hand: right

51. Surgery: does wisdom teeth count?
52. Hair dyed in different color: when my hair turns gray imma get wild and use this as an excuse for my mid life crisis
53. Sport: esports duh, or dodgeball
55. Vacation: i don’t understand, this is not in my dictionary
56. Pair of trainers:i only accept the finest quality of shoes, yeah im talking about the sketchers light up ones and the heelys


57. Eating: sunflower seeds
58. Drinking: diet cola
59. I’m about to: scroll through my notifications

61. Waiting for: jj project comeback
62. Want: eternal happiness
63. Get married: eventually, if its the right time for me

64. Career: hopefully in computer science
65. Hugs or kisses: im a cuddler
66. Lips or eyes: eyes
67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: dont have a preference, older would be nice tho
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: abs ;)
71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker (being hesitant all the time is a bad thing)


74. Kissed a stranger: nope
75. Drank hard liquor: nada
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: nah
77. Turned someone down: yeah
78. Sex in the first date: nope
79. Broken someone’s heart: yup
80. Had your heart broken: yeah
81. Been arrested: no
82. Cried when someone died: yeah

83. Fallen for a friend: yeah


84. Yourself: not really, im kind of a pathetic waste of space currently 
85. Miracles: yep
86. Love at first sight: yep

87. Santa Claus: you guys i think my parents are santa claus O.O
88. Kiss on the first date: i guess?
89. Angels: yup jhooooooope duh


90. Current best friends name: vanessa
91. Eyecolor: light brown
92. Favorite movie:howl’s moving castle

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Blank one for coping:


1. Drink:
2. Phone call:
3. Text message:

4. Song you listened to:
5. Time you cried:


6. Dated someone twice:

7. Kissed someone and regretted it:

8. Been cheated on:

9. Lost someone special:
10. Been depressed:
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up:




15. Made new friends:
16. Fallen out of love:
17. Laughed until you cried:
18. Found out someone was talking about you:
19. Met someone who changed you: 

20. Found out who your friends are:
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list:


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life:

23. Do you have any pets:

24. Do you want to change your name:

25. What did you do for your last Birthday:
26. What time did you wake up:
27. What were you doing at midnight last night:
28. Name something you can’t wait for:
29. When was the last time you saw your mom:
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life:

31. What are you listening right now:
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:
33. Something that is getting on your nerves:
34. Most visited Website:


35. Mole/s:
36. Mark/s:
37. Childhood dream:
38. Hair color:
39. Long or short hair:
40. Do you have a crush on someone:
41. What do you like about yourself:
42. Piercings:
43. Blood type:
44. Nickname:
45. Relationship status:
46. Zodiac:

47. Pronouns:
48. Favorite TV Show:

49. Tattoos:

50. Right or left hand:

51. Surgery:
52. Hair dyed in different color:
53. Sport:
55. Vacation:
56. Pair of trainers:


57. Eating:
58. Drinking:
59. I’m about to:

61. Waiting for:
62. Want:
63. Get married:

64. Career:
65. Hugs or kisses:
66. Lips or eyes:
67. Shorter or taller:

68. Older or younger:
70. Nice arms or nice stomach:
71. Sensitive or loud:
72. Hook up or relationship:
73. Troublemaker or hesitant:


74. Kissed a stranger:
75. Drank hard liquor:
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses:
77. Turned someone down:
78. Sex in the first date:
79. Broken someone’s heart:
80. Had your heart broken:
81. Been arrested:
82. Cried when someone died:

83. Fallen for a friend:


84. Yourself:
85. Miracles:
86. Love at first sight:

87. Santa Claus:
88. Kiss on the first date:
89. Angels:


90. Current best friends name:
91. Eyecolor:
92. Favorite movie:

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Guys but Steve finding out there was an Irish Catholic president. 

Like he finds out the current president is a black man first and is like “Wow that’s great. What progress. What a great country we live in. Wow. I’m humbled I get to see this. Wow." 

And then like 2 weeks later he’s sitting around reading up on his history on his fancy starkpad thing and he gets to Kennedy and is like "WAIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.” and he calls up all 3 people he knows which at this point is like Stark and Natasha and Clint (sorry Sam don’t worry he’ll mention this once you two know each other and you’ll get to see exactly how white your new best bro is and shake your head sadly) and he’s like “DID YOU HEAR???? DID YOU KNOW THIS???? WAS IT??? WAS IT OKAY???”

and Stark is like “spoiler alert: shot in the head.” and Steve is like DDDD:

And Natasha tells him to look up the campaign stuff and that it WAS an issue and people DID ask him point-blank if he’d be loyal to the Vatican or to his country first [“who asked him that.” “Some reporter.” “What’s their name I’m going to talk to them.” “Steve they’re probably dead.” “… Right.”] and Clint is like “What’s happening? You’re Irish? Hey, wanna hit me up for Pattie’s Day this year? I bet you’d be a riot.” “No I looked it up already and they don’t let gays march in their parade and that’s not very Christianly of them.” “…and by ‘riot’ I meant wet blanket.”

And like, Steve KNOWS it’s not as impressive as, hello, black president. And he knows there still hasn’t been a lady president (he checked really quick, skipping ahead in his histories, because hELLO if an IRISH CATHOLIC could be president ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE???) but he’s like. Completely blown away. But settles down after a while and reminds himself that the Irish today AREN’T treated like the Irish back then, and neither are the Catholics, it’s not like he’s black or Muslim or hell even a woman. But still. Still. Wow.

(And the he does meet Sam and they become buddies and they’re hanging out drinking some beer and watching the history channel when Kennedy pops up. And Steve gets all excited and turns to Sam and explains: “There was an Irish Catholic president!!! Can you believe it!!!!” and Sam looks at him like “this white boy right here is actually for real what am I going to do with this why did I get suckered into friendship with him.” and Sam is like “…yes. I was aware. … They told you who the president is right now, right?” and Steve blushes red because IRISH SKIN and is like “right, yeah, I mean. Of course that’s… That’s very…” and closes his mouth and turns back to the TV because he knows he will only make this worse. And Sam snorts into his beer and tries not to laugh while Steve’s ears turn red.)

Bleach characters, Hitsugaya is Gin’s son! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :) And also thesecretblogger. ;)

Hitsugaya: HA! That is SO not true!

Hitsugaya: If you made a list of all of the things in the world that aren’t true, ranked from least not true to most not true, then me being Ichimaru Gin’s son would be waaaaaaay at the bottom, underneath…um…the whole universe being made out of stale cheetos!

Hitsugaya: Am I right or am I right, Matsumoto?

Matsumoto: If you’re Gin’s son….and I ever got together with Gin….then I would be like your stepmom!

Matsumoto: Your stepmom AND your lieutenant! That’d be so weird!

Matsumoto: Would I call you Captain…..or son?

Matsumoto: Captain Son?


Aizen: You never told me you had a son, Gin.

Aizen: I figured it out of course.

Aizen: That is why I did not order you to kill Hitsugaya yourself.

Aizen: But rather set it up so that he and Hinamori would kill each other.

Gin: That is so considerate of you, Aizen-taicho.

Aizen: I am a very considerate man. 

Ishida: F-figured it out? Based on WHAT?

Ishida: The only thing they have in common is white hair! Hitsugaya could just as easily have been Ukitake’s son! Or Ryuken’s!

Ukitake: I-I have naturally black hair, actually!

Ryuken: And I happen to be a Quincy, in case you’ve forgotten.


Hinamori: I-I can’t believe that Ichimaru tried to kill his son’s best friend…

Hinamori: Wait….wait, yes I can.

Hinamori: Because Ichimaru is a dick made of dicks. 

Tosen: Your son turned out very well, Ichimaru. He is a man who believes in justice, despite working for an unjust organization.

Tosen: It must be because you were so not involved in his upbringing.

Tosen: Good call, there.

Gin: Thanks?

Kyoraku: Well, I guess prodigy runs in the family!

Kyoraku: I just hope that Hitsugaya is less of a murder prodigy than Ichimaru was.

Nanao: He certainly has more emotions than Ichimaru.

Kyoraku: I take that as a positive sign.

Kira: Um…Captain?

Gin: Yes, Izuru?

Kira: Nobody has actually asked you. Did you know that Hitsugaya was your son?

Gin: I had no idea!

Gin: But I guess that explains why I was always so fascinated by him.

Gin: Must have been those fatherly instincts.

Kira: You tried to murder him.

Gin: I didn’t say they were good fatherly instincts.

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A rumor floats around that somebody's finally offed Ryuishi and certain parties get rather upset. She pops up later all smirky and "rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated." With... Kisame maybe? Or someone else. (I really like your writing btw. I think you're the BEES KNEES.)

This thought consumed me for sheer shenanigan potential. I loved it, and it was super fun.

Warning: Ridiculous amounts of crack. Definitely AU

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You had never imagined you’d be able to go to college, but here you were. You were only the second generation of your family born in America, and you’d be the first in your family to go to college. Your family had come from Nigeria, but you had never been out of Nevada your whole life, until now. Now, you found yourself in New York, specifically The Juliard School. As you were mindlessly walking around the campus, you were astounded by the beautiful buildings and the cool air.

“Hey!” A guy said from in front of you, right before you ran into him. Dropping all his papers, you saw his cheeks go bright red on his pale skin.

“Oh my god I am so sorry I wasn’t paying attention I just moved here please don’t give me the ‘New York Welcome’,” you managed to stutter out as you squatted and scrambled to grab the boy’s papers before they flew away.

“Pardon?” he asked in a small voice, seemingly shocked by what you said.

“You know, how New Yorkers generally are much meaner…” you said as your cheeks flushed-even though he couldn’t see the pink undertones under your dark skin-you were still undeniably embarrassed.

“Oh! Well, I’m new to the area so I wouldn’t know. The name’s Luke.” he said with an accent you hadn’t noticed until now.

“Well then Luke, what are you here for?” You asked him, “What brings you to New York instead of whichever country you’re from, considering your accent?”

“Australia,” he said, perking up, “And I’m majoring in music, what about you?”

Finally standing up, you handed him his papers and smiled, “Theatre, Musical Theatre to be exact.”

“Ah, you’re one of the thespians” he said with a laugh. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Y/N,” you said with a little dryness in your voice, “Yeah, I’m 'one of the thespians’. Is there a problem with that?”

“Oh, absolutely not! It’s just a big thing in Australia, I’m sure you’re great though.”

“I am, actually, I was invited to three other schools, and I was invited to be part of one of the most prestigious traveling theatres,” you opened up to him.

“Well, I’ll see you around campus then, Luke. Congratulations on getting in,” you said, starting to walk away.

“Wait! W-Would you like to go out sometime, get to know each other better?” him now being the one to stutter.

“You want to go out with a black girl? You, an Australian white boy?” you teased.

“I-I. No, I mean, yes I do but it’s not because you’re black,” he defended himself, “I mean, I understand if you don’t want to but I mean, would you consider it?”

“Of course, Luke, meet me at my dorm tomorrow night,” you smiled as you gave him your number and your dorm.

“Oh okay, um, thanks. I’ll text you later I guess, it was Y/N, right?” he grinned, in awe that you were willing to give it a shot.

“The one and only, I’ll see you around Luke,” you said, walking off with a smirk and a soon to be buzzing phone.

<p><em>for txhohood’s interracial and college!5sos blurb night</em>