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EPISODE 028: Exotic Pets

Special guest Christie Rivera, Head Editor of GameLosers.Net and actual, literal rabbit joins us to discuss the best pets other than cats and dogs. Meanwhile Cullen reveals information about his druidic order, and Greg doesn’t know shit about animals.

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The little girl who Perry!mun is free to name since this person's got no clue, smiled excitedly at the idea of visiting her Daddy at work. "Yes!" She replied, performing a very tiny, happy hop. The girl took the book politely. "Thank you, mommy." She then did the same tilt of her head that her father does before asking a question. "Are faeries real?"

Perenelle’s smile returned and she nodded. “Yes, Elizabeth. faeries are most definitely real.” her voice took on a note of warning. “And you must be careful should you ever meet one. Not all of them are sweet and nice like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. In fact, quite few of them are.” She offered her hand to her daughter and made to leave the library. “Now, lets go see what mischief Daddy’s gotten himself into at work. Then, perhaps after we visit him, I’ll tell you some stories about faeries that I’ve met.”