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In Sickness and Health

kat on AO3 asked: “could you maybe write one where derek travels for business, and stiles is home with the kids. when he gets really sick and the oldest calls derek to come home?”

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1449
Human AU, Sick Stiles, Writer Derek, Fluff, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV Derek

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There’s only one person in line in front of him when Derek’s phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s probably Stiles, calling him on the way to TJ and Carter’s school. The person in front of him steps through, to the airplane. Derek grabs his phone from his pocket, and looks apologetically at the flight attendant checking everyone’s tickets. He looks at his phone. A sense of foreboding creeps up his spine. A picture of Stiles and their kids in front of their house is on his screen. Someone’s calling him from their home number. Why would he be getting a call from home? There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Oh God. Something’s happened.

Trying not to let his panic show on his face, he steps out of the line.


Daddy’s dying, TJ whispers.

TJ’s just being dramatic, Derek tells himself. Stiles probably just bumped into something, or cut his finger, maybe he overslept, lost track of TJ in the rush to get their kids to school, and now she’s messing with the phone.

‘Why would you say that, little whelp?’ he asks, swallowing down his heart that somehow lodged itself in his throat.

He looks gross,’ is TJ’s unhelpful answer.

Derek can’t really blame her, she’s only four.

Give me the phone! You’re explaining it all wrong!

‘Give it back!


Derek gnashes his teeth as he listens to his children struggle for the phone, feeling helpless, until finally Carter comes on.

‘Daddy’s sick. He’s coughing and breathing funny. And there’s a giant pile of snotty tissues by the bed,’ Carter explains. The six year-old is trying to sound firm and grown-up, but Derek knows his child, and can hear the tremble underneath the bravado. ‘And he’s moving around all slow, and keeps bumping into things like he’s drunk or blind or something.

That doesn’t sound like Stiles is dying, more like he’s got a really bad cold or, god forbid, the flu. Derek thought Stiles’ voice sounded funny on the phone last night, but assumed it was a bad connection. Not that Stiles would’ve admitted anything was wrong if he had asked.

‘Alright, little cub. Can you give me daddy?’

Sure. Carter sounds a little sullen that they don’t get to report further on one of their fathers’ imminent demise.

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Dirty looks.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 2,193
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose. Only one more part!

Part 16 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You were sitting on a plane, River was excitedly looking out the window. “Are we in Texas yet?”

“No, River. Probably not for a few more hours. We’ve only been in the air about an hour, and it’s a 4 ½ hour flight.”

“Aww.” He pouted. “Do we have to stop somewhere?”

“Nop. You got spoiled with a non-stop flight.”

“Uncle Jensen is my favorite uncle.” River grinned.

“You’ve never had any other uncle.” You pointed out. “Maybe one day you’ll meet your fathers siblings. You actually have an uncle and an aunt.”

“Yeah!? Will they be at this Barbecue too?” You shrugged and he looked back out the window.

You let out a sigh, wondering how you’d ended up on a flight to fucking Texas. But you knew how. Jensen had fucked you over. And by fucked you over, he’d played it smart. Made it so you couldn’t say no. “Asshole” You mumbled, looking down at your phone.

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anonymous asked:

it's prom night and sabo hasn't a date, ace is ill and marco's date has pass him out. some ideas?

“I’m too sick to do it myself but-” Ace’s wheezing voice is cut off by loud horrible coughing making Marco wince. He holds the phone a little bit away from his ear until the fit is over. “-but please, can you take him? Sabo really wanted to go…”

The blond thinks it over. It’s both Senior year, both blonds last chance to enjoy prom. Ace still had one more year to go so he’s not missing out. Added to the fact his date canceled on him earlier that day, it does make it simple for him to just go pick up the blond instead of refunding all the cash he already wasted for the night.

“What the hell, why not yoi” He says, flipping his closet open. Grabbing his tux the male asks a grateful Ace for Sabo’s address.  

The limo has to know where to go after all. 

“Oh and Marco? Can I ask for one small itty bitty favor?” 

Marco arrives at Sabo’s house exactly one hour later. It’s bigger than he first thought it would be but it doesn’t hold a candle to his own home. When your father was the richest man in the state though that tended to happen a lot.

Not that many people knew he was Edward Newgate’s boy. It wasn’t because they tried to hide it, more like people didn’t ask or notice.  

Still, he is nervous. Pops believed in hard work, never giving any of his adopted sons an allowance or just gifting them whatever they asked for. No, they worked jobs, either outside the company or in it. But they were never handed anything.

All of the Whitebeard children didn’t even seem to be rich. They dressed like the middle class and bought things like the middle class. 

Sabo on the other hand obviously comes from money, from the way he dressed and this house. If he is used to expensive things then all the money a humble building janitor blew for prom night might not impress him.

For half a second he almost blots right back into the limo but remembers Ace’s favor. With a sigh, he walks right up to the door and rings the bell.

A few minutes later it is open up by a stuffy looking butler. “Yes, how may I help you sir?”

“Hello, I was wondering if Sabo Outlook is home? May I please speak to him?” Marco says politely. The man raises one brow, giving his body one long look an unimpressed expression on his face while doing so.

Hey, suits are expensive. He’s is nice, piss off butler guy.

“One moment sir.”  The door is slammed closed in his face. He stands there waiting for a while, checking his watch when it feels too long and wonders if the man had simply left him outside.

Just as he was going to ring the bell again the door opens once more. A pajama wearing Sabo is blinking at him in surprise with a light blush on his face. “Marco? What are you doing here?’

“Hey Sabo. I heard you didn’t have someone to go to prom with and well…I know it’s sudden but would you like to go with me as my date yoi?” He asks, holding out a boutonniere.

The other blond freezes before gently pinching his own arm. Marco is extremely flattered.  “Ow! I mean yes! I love to, just let me get ready I- thank you!”

The teen turns and sprints up a large flat of stairs. Marco is left at the door with a goofy grin.

He needs to thank Ace for his favor. Asking the guy to an actual date even if he was terrified of being rejected instead of asking to go as friends is the best thing he’s ever done.

If things work out like he wants them to, Ace will have two dates for his own prom next year.

Heartbeats - Chapter 13

Hey! Hi. Sorry I’m a bit late… anyway, here’s the last chapter of Heartbeats - there will be a short epilogue next Monday and then we can move on! As usual, this has been brought to you by passing-time-creatively​ proofreading service. Thanks bro! 

SFW, (N)SFF, 1,899 words

“Does anybody know?” Rachel whispers, still excited.

“No” Hannah says, simply, “nobody knows yet.”

“Not even Mamrie?” Rachel squints her eyes, investigating.

“Not even-” Hannah pauses, and frowns, then continues “not even Mamrie.”

“So, how was it?” Hannah asks while they wait for a taxi. They got Rachel’s address to send her copies of their books, and made her promise once again that she’ll keep quiet until they are ready to share the news with the world.

“How was what?” Grace asks, kicking a pebble, distracted.

“Your first coming out.”

“Oh. Technically… it wasn’t the first. Nor the second, for that matter.”

“Wait, what?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there Ion! I've been wanting to start doing commissions recently, but I'm really new to the process, and I don't understand the process of online money transaction where it comes to selling commissions. I seem to recall some legal loopholes or something where it comes to receiving money in Paypal, and honestly I'm really nervous. Could you offer any suggestions for an amateur artist? Thank you so much! (Also I love your blog~ <3)

Hello anon!

sure i can give you some tips!

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Hello-Hello! I’m taking commissions again, and I wanted to make something special for fellow friends of FFXIV! Every commission I earn goes into bills, food, and taking care of my cats.  This is my life, my passion, and my main source of income.  I would really appreciate your support and passing on the word if anyone would like some art or a special plushie of their own done by my hand! (Yes, I make plushies! Check out info over here!)

All Prices are estimates and may vary based on the complexity of what I’ll be drawing. The more detail, the more love and effort I get to put into it! I charge based on estimated hours put into the piece.  Additional characters and detail are welcome for pieces, and prices will be adjusted accordingly!

I must receive a payment before I can start.  Payment options are available for certain commission types! Please message me for details.

Pieces typically take me no more than a week to complete.

Information I need before I can get started!

  • The type of Commission
  • Screenshots if you can, otherwise a description is A-OK!
  • Any qualities that might not be seen in a screenshot (Any visible scars, birthmarks, eye-colors, etc.)
  • Any Miscellaneous info you’d like to provide


Payments in USD via paypal. This is safe for both of us, and if you don’t have a paypal, no problem! I can safely send you invoices that don’t compromise your other means of payment. c:  Depending on the order, I do offer a payment option [for both art and plushies] of half at the start to cover some labor, and the rest when the piece is finished and to your liking.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a lot I’d be happy to work on, but for now, I will not work on NSFW, body horror, fetish art, or Gore (Please inquire if you’re not sure, I’d be happy to clarify)
  • These are for fan purposes only.
  • I won’t replicate official styles or works.
  • I have the right to refuse a commission.
  • You have the right to a full refund if I have not started on your commission. Partial refunds can be given if I have started and something has come up where the commission needs to be cancelled.
  • If you plan to use any commissioned art for commercial use (Books, games, etc), prices will vary. We’ll need to discuss Royalties and Rights via e-mail!


 I hope to hear from you! Feel free to Message me here on tumblr or you can find my e-mail on my main page!  Thanks for taking a look!

For moredibell, from the following prompt:

Person A needs a date for a wedding that’s the next day. No one’s available. She turns to escort agencies, and after five agencies, Person E is the only available escort. Person A really doesn’t want to hire Person E–the receptionist warned her that Person E is regularly hired on the basis of being a total stuck up bitch ramped up to eleven, and that is what Person A will get, no exceptions, no refunds, no scaling it back–but Person A is desperate. She regrets it the moment they arrive.

“No! Kristoff you can’t do this to me!” Anna shouted into her phone.

“It’s not like I wanted to get the flu.” Kristoff’s voice sounded hoarse on the other end.

“This is the worst timing. The wedding is tomorrow!”

“So go by yourself.”

“You know I can’t do that! I need a date for the reception. It’s going to be non-stop questions if I don’t have one.”

“Maybe you could hire someone?”

“What? No! I can’t do that!”

“Why not?”

“People would see right through it.” Anna groaned. If they were going to think of an alternate plan she needed something a bit more solid.

“Right,” Kistoff scoffed, “Because they wouldn’t see through bringing your best friend as your date.”

“Oh, people think we’ve been dating for years.”

“Exactly! People are dense. They won’t know if you hire someone, just don’t do craigslist. That’s how people get murdered.”

Anna wanted to laugh, but was too stressed out to find any of Kristoff’s jokes funny. “Well, where am I going to find someone last minute?”

“Do I look like google? Look I gotta go. I’m starting to feel sick again.”

“Sorry. I hope you feel better soon.”

The phone went silent on the other end as Kristoff hung up. Anna stared blankly at her phone for a minute pondering her next course of action. It couldn’t hurt to look for someone online could it? She needed an escort, but not that kind of escort, just a body to fill a seat at a wedding so she didn’t look like a total loser and so she wouldn’t have to answer awkward questions about her personal life.

Anna tapped her phone and started looking up numbers for escort services. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but desperate times called for desperate measures. She found one that didn’t look too sleazy and called the number. Maybe it was too swank after all as the receptionist told her she couldn’t book anyone for her on such short notice. Anna rolled her eyes as she hung up and started her search again. Four calls later with similar results she was getting desperate.

“Hello, Discrete Connections, how may I help you?”

“Hi, do you have anyone available to attend a wedding tomorrow night? Anyone at all?”

“Hmm, it’s a bit last minute but let me check. Looks like everyone’s booked except…”

“Except?!” Anna hung on to the word like a lifeline.

“Well, I don’t think you’d want her, especially for a wedding. She’s kind of a bitch, but that’s what people hire her for.”

“People hire girls like that?”

“You’d be surprised, she’s quite popular for corporate functions. But I really don’t think…”

“Book her for me. Please. I’ll take anyone at this point.”

“It’s your funeral.”

“Great have her meet me at the Four Season’s lobby at 6:30 PM. I’m Anna. I should be easy to spot, I’m a red head.”

A soft laugh came from the other end, “I’ll pass that along. I’ll also need your credit card info. You won’t be charged until the service is completed but we require a deposit.”

“Oh right… of course.” Anna gave out her details, agreeing to the terms of the service. It was all boring stuff that washed over her head. The important thing was that she had a date for the wedding. But as she hung up the phone her apprehension grew. What had she gotten herself into?

Anna arrived early at the hotel, hoping to catch her “date” and pull her aside to get a few things straight before they went to the reception. She was in her best dress, a cute green number that showed off her shoulders and played up her eyes. Her hair was up and she was even wearing heels, but she couldn’t help but feel more nervous as the seconds dragged by. What kind of person had she hired to be her date for this evening? She was told to look out for an attractive blonde, but that wasn’t much to go on.

Anna was watching the doors when a beautiful woman walked in. She was blonde, very blonde, her hair almost white trailing down her shoulder in a messy braid with her bangs slicked back. She wore a simple white coat over a sparkly blue dress. She was drop dead gorgeous.

The woman’s eyes roved the lobby until they fell on Anna. Anna felt herself stiffen. There was no way this woman was the escort she had hired. Anna simply wasn’t that lucky. But the woman was walking towards her. Anna rose to her feet, trying to form words, but nothing came to mind.

“Anna?” The woman asked.

“That’s me, yes! It’s pronounced Ah-na though, if you could manage that.”

Ah-na then, whatever.” A slight sneer curled the woman’s lip and she reached into her purse taking out her phone and ignoring Anna. “I’m Elsa.”

“Elsa! Great! Um, in case anyone asks… just say we met online, we’ve been dating a few weeks. You don’t have to go into any details. I’ll try and do most of the talking.”

“Fine with me. What do you do?”


“For a living? Most people ask that when they meet each other. If I don’t know what you do, it’ll look strange.”

“Oh right! Good thinking. I’m an art historian. I work for the museum.”

An elegant eyebrow quirked up but none of the usual gushing about her job came with it. “And you live in the city?”

“Yup!” Anna tried to reign in her nerves, but she could feel her palms grow clammy. This woman was frigid. Anna wasn’t sure Elsa could even function in a social environment. Maybe she would have been better off on her own.

“That should do. Are you ready to go?” Elsa finally put her phone away in her purse and squared her shoulders. She was beautiful yes, but also rather intimidating.

Next to her Anna felt small somehow. “I’m ready, yes. It’s this way.” Anna tripped on the lip of a step as she walked, but managed to steady herself.

“Are you alright?” Elsa looked skeptically at Anna over her shoulder.

Anna struggled to maintain her composure, “Fine. I’m fine, just nervous is all. I hate weddings. Especially with my family.”

“Who’s getting married?”

“My brother Hans. He’s the youngest too.”

“So the pressure’s on?” Elsa’s slick smile turned wry.

“You could say that.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t worry so much. I think we’re going to have fun tonight.”

“You do?” Anna couldn’t hide her apprehension.

Elsa laughed, “I’m usually terrible at weddings, but maybe this time I’m in the right place.”

Anna took them to a large room reserved for the dinner and reception. It was lavish and large, no expense spared and completely over the top, like most of her sibling’s weddings had been. Anna wasn’t the last to get married, but she was the oldest child still single.

Anna found their table on the seating arrangement, noting the plus one with her name. It was expected. Well, she had brought someone, but she was certain Elsa wasn’t about to be welcomed with open arms into the crowd they were about to enter. Anna read the other names of the people she’d be sitting with. Some of her brothers and their spouses and a few family friends. Her parents and most distinguished siblings sat at a different table. Of course.

They seated themselves at their table and a waiter came by to serve them drinks. Anna ordered a glass of red wine, but watched curiously as Elsa declined. “You don’t drink?” Anna asked.

“Not while I’m working, no,” She said low enough for only Anna to hear.

Anna took a swig of her wine, “I’m going to need a drink or five to get through this.”

“As long as you’re not one of those grabby drunks. You’re paying for my company, nothing else.”

“Noted.” Anna took another sip of wine and watched as the guests filtered in.

Soon their table was full. Everyone had avoided the seats next to Anna and Elsa, but eventually they were the only ones left and sure enough they were filled with Anna’s most obnoxious married brother, Klaus, sitting next to Elsa. Anna wondered why she couldn’t have been seated with someone she liked, but the non-married children seemed to be mixed in among their betters. The message was fairly clear.

At least the first course was served without mishap and people were eating and enjoying polite and appropriate dinner conversation, until things turned to Anna.

“'So Anna,” Klaus asked, “Who’s this you’ve brought with you this time?”

“Elsa,” The blonde said without looking up from her plate, as if the man talking to her wasn’t worthy of her interest. Then she turned to Anna, “Anna, I know you said you had a large family, but I don’t think you’ve told me exactly how many siblings you have?”

“I have twelve brothers and sisters.”

Elsa nearly choked on her food and the usual laughter about the size of their family went around the table. Anna wanted to hide already.

“I guess your parents have never heard of birth control then.” Elsa said loud enough for the table to hear.

The laughter died. Anna’s eyes widened slightly, but she couldn’t help the grin spreading across her face. Conversation returned to the mundane, rather quickly, steering Elsa towards benign topics, like how she and Anna met, that sort of thing. I was all going well enough.

“What do you do then Elsa?” Klaus asked.

Anna held her breath, almost expecting her to say the obvious.

“I’m in architecture.”

“Really? I wouldn’t expect a woman to be into such things…”

“Why not?” Elsa challenged him.

“Well, isn’t it rather analytical? And don’t you have to be good at math?”

“I’m exceptional at math. My undergraduate thesis was on fractals and their potential use in engineering.”

“Oh, well then…”

Anna grinned. Her brother was in way over his head. Elsa was full of surprises, some of them actually quite pleasant depending which side of the conversation you were on. Currently she was talking her brother’s ear off about some complicated math problem, as if his misogyny was an invitation for Elsa to prove him wrong.

“Really I’m surprised there isn’t much academic pressure in this family,” Elsa continued after Anna’s brother clearly couldn’t grasp what she was saying. “I suppose that pressure, has been directed to other pursuits,” She nodded at Hans up on the head table and his new wife, “She’s not very attractive is she? I think he could have done better.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Blustered Klaus. “Belinda is heir to the illustrious Arendal family and…”

“Ah!” Elsa’s grin turned wicked, “I see where the priority is now.”

“You misunderstand.”

“No, I think I understand perfectly well. This family puts all their emphasis on a name and climbing the social ladder. It’s not my thing but…”

“Well, you won’t be here in another week, so it hardly matters.”

“Klaus!” Anna had just about enough of this. As much fun as it was watching Elsa tear her brother a new one slowly over the course of the evening, he was now shifting the focus to her and that’s where the fun ended.

“Oh no?” Elsa looked mildly surprised, but her smile didn’t falter. “What exactly are you insinuating? Or does this family ever say what it means?”

“Not that it matters, because you’ll never be a part of this family, but I don’t think Anna’s managed to keep a partner of either sex for longer than what, a month?”

Her longest relationship had actually been six months. Not that is mattered to anyone at the table.

“Did they all run away screaming when they met you?” Elsa’s smile vanished. “Really, you’re all terrible people to treat your own sister this way.”

The table went silent, then everyone at it started talking about something else as if Anna and Elsa were no longer sitting there. Anna breathed a sigh of relief. It had finally come to the ignoring stage. She could make it from here on out, but Elsa sat staring at everyone around her as if they were aliens.

Elsa turned to Anna, a ghost of a smile hovering on her lips, “Was it something I said?”

For the first time that night Anna laughed out loud, not bothering to suppress herself. A few people from the table shot her glares, but they were too busy concentrating on ignoring her for it to matter.

“Come on,” Anna pushed back her chair and nodded over her shoulder indicating for Elsa to follow her.

Anna wound her way through the hotel until she found a small powder room. She checked the stalls to make sure they were alone before she turned to Elsa, “Thank you for sticking up for me out there.”

“I aim to please.” Her smile faltered, “I meant what I said though. I can’t believe you’re related to those people.”

“They’re not all bad, my whole family I mean. We just got seated with the worst of them.”

“I’m still not impressed.”

“And you were right on the money, with pretty much everything. Hans is marrying for social standing as much as anything else, but mother and father don’t care! As if anyone does!”

“Anna,” Elsa’s tone became soft and serious, “What can I do to make this evening better for you?”

“You already have made things better. Now that you’ve challenged them outright, they’ll treat you like you’re of no consequence. Gone by next week, like they said, so they should ignore us. Besides, dinner is pretty much over and they should be clearing things up for the dancing.”

There was a gleam in Elsa’s eye, “Do you dance?”

“I love dancing!”

“Then you’ll be happy to know you have the best dance partner in the entire house!”

“Is that… part of the contract?”

“I dance at functions all the time, though I normally tell clients to keep their hands in respectable places. I might make an exception tonight, if you think it’ll help rankle your family.”

“I don’t think I could say no to that. Elsa?” Anna couldn’t help her curiosity. Elsa was an enigma, hot one minute, cold the next.


“All that stuff about math and architecture. That was so detailed… it can’t be true, I mean you’re not…”

“I’m still a student,” Elsa sighed. “This job is paying for my education. I’m not an architect yet, but I will be someday.” She licked her lips looking away from Anna, “I… I usually tell people I’m an accountant. Nobody ever asks about being an accountant, but, I couldn’t resist giving that ignorant brother of yours a lesson.”

“I appreciate that.”

“Good. Well then Anna, are you ready to show off on the dance floor?”

“I was born ready! But um… I might need a moment to collect myself.”

“I’ll meet you out there. Take your time.”

Anna did take her time in the powder room, only emerging when she felt she would be missed if she stayed any longer. She had somehow avoided the speeches and the cake, but that was fine with her. She also managed to avoid a good number of her family to get out to the dance floor. Once all the boring stuff was taken care of, the DJ started ramping things up. Anna actually forgot about her need for wine as well. She was just excited to dance with Elsa.

“Anna!” Her shortest brother fought his way through the crowd towards her.

“Olaf!” Anna ran up to her little brother and gave him a big hug.

“Oof! Where’ve you been? You were all the way across the room and I lost sight of you when they started clearing the tables. They could have put us together!”

“Oh, but then we wouldn’t have gotten our dose of guilt from our married siblings would we?”

“I don’t think Hans meant to…”

“No, I don’t think he did the seating arrangements, but it doesn’t matter. Dinner’s over.”

“That bad huh? By the way, where’s Kristoff and who’s the super hot girl you brought? Where’d you find her?”

“How about I introduce you?” Anna really wanted to avoid the topic of how she met Elsa. Lying to everyone else was easy, but she didn’t feel like doing it to Olaf.

“Tell me later…” Olaf gave her a knowing wink.

“I will. I promise. Oh Elsa!” Anna saw her making her way through the crowd towards them and waved her over, “This is my brother Olaf.”

“One of the single damned?” Elsa flashed him one of her smiles.

“Heh, I like her already,” Olaf nodded in approval.

“She’s… direct.” Anna reached for a strand of hair that needed to be tucked behind an ear.

“Perfect.” Olaf said turning to Elsa, “Want to dance?”

“I think I owe Anna the first dance, but keep a spot open for me later.”

“Will do! You crazy kids behave… or don’t. That would be more interesting.”

True to her word, Elsa was an excellent dancer. They started off slow and reserved, but once Anna found her courage and stopped caring about what the people around her would think, she actually let loose and had a great time dancing with Elsa. She didn’t care if anything she was doing looked unseemly, but it wasn’t about shock value either. She really only cared about what felt good and what Elsa would feel good about doing with her. Anna didn’t go for anything outrageous, but as the night progressed she did feel more comfortable touching Elsa, and Elsa let her.

At one point Anna had her hands around Elsa’s shoulders and Elsa had her hands on Anna’s waist, hovering ever so slightly lower and lower right above her ass. Anna suddenly felt shy, like if she looked up at Elsa she would want to kiss her.

“What’s wrong?” Elsa said into her ear over the loud music.

“I feel like I want to kiss you, but that’s not a part of our arrangement.”

“Would it drive your family crazy?”

“It would but… I don’t want to if that’s the only reason for it.”


Anna looked up, afraid what she might find, but Elsa was looking at her with concern.

“I’m sorry,” Elsa said. “I don’t want to add to any pressure you’re feeling tonight.”

Anna leaned into Elsa, burying her head in the crook of Elsa’s neck. She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. She pulled back looking up at Elsa, “I think I’m done for the night.”

“Alright. Get your things. Give me a minute to take care of something.”

Anna gave Elsa a quizzical look, but the blonde only winked as she pulled her off the dance floor. Anna sighed, searching the tables for her purse and coat. She had done enough. She had shown up like she was expected to and brought a date like she was excepted to and even stayed and danced as long as she felt she could. Surely she was free to go home now.


She cringed before turning to greet another of her brothers, “Hey Hans.”

“Were you going to leave before talking to your favorite brother?” He said with a wry smile.

“You know you’re not my favorite!” She joked. At least she knew he wouldn’t take offense to her teasing.

Hans laughed, “Fair enough. Still… I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you.”

“It’s your big day, you can talk to whomever you wish, and don’t have to feel bad if you miss someone.”

“I’d feel bad if I missed you. I wanted to thank you for coming. I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant.”

“I survived, but I’m tired and I’m ready to go home. Congratulations! I hope things work out for you two.” Anna was surprised to find her wishes genuine.

“Thank you. That means a lot. Sorry I didn’t get to meet your date. She’s stunning…”

“She’s an escort.”

Hans’ mouth dropped open but then he laughed, “Only you Anna.”

“Can you blame me?”

“No. I can’t. And that’s why I won’t say anything.”

“And that’s why I told you. I know you’ll keep your mouth shut and get a better kick out of everyone’s reactions over my date.”

“Oh, I’ve already heard some stories.”

“Good to know I made an impression,” Elsa walked up from behind Anna. “Congratulations wedding boy.”

“Thank you, and thank you for keeping Anna company. Our family can be trying at the best of times.”

“I had a good time actually.” Elsa’s smile was soft, not the cutting grin she had worn most of the night.

“Great!” Anna grabbed Elsa’s arm. “Well, I’m tired. I think it’s time to call it a night.”

“Good night then ladies,” Hans waved goodbye, “And thanks for coming.”

Anna couldn’t wait to leave the chaos of the reception behind. If she could have run out of the hotel she would have, but that wouldn’t look dignified. As restless as she was, she wasn’t about to lose her composure now. The air outside was cold, but it felt good against her flushed skin. She looked at Elsa, who was back to her phone, and sly smile.

“Elsa,” Anna didn’t want to stop the words tumbling out of her mouth, “Thank you for everything.”

Elsa put the phone away and looked at Anna, “I was sincere when I told your brother I had a good time. You’re a good dancer.”

“You… you are too! I mean you’re fantastic and just… wow!”

Elsa laughed, but it was soft and almost shy, “Thank you.”

“I guess this is it then. Service finished and all that.”

“It is. Are you able to get home from here?”

“Yeah, no problem! I’ll… well I guess I won’t see you again.”

“I’d prefer if you didn’t ask for me again at the agency.” Elsa turned her attention to hailing a cab.

“Ah! Oh no! I won’t! I’m sorry if…”

“Because I don’t date clients, but if you wanted to… I got your phone number off your brother. The nice one. If you wanted, I could call you some time.”

“Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes! Please! No wait! I should get your number too. Can I have it?”

“I already sent you a text.” Elsa smiled one last time as she opened the door to the cab that had pulled over for her. She got into the cab and closed the door before Anna could say anything else.

Anna was torn between watching it speed away into the night and going for her phone. In the end the phone won out. Elsa was probably just teasing her. It was a joke. Anna would never see her again. She looked at her phone, but sure enough there was a text from an unknown number.

“This is Elsa. If you ever want to go dancing without the bullshit, give me a call. xo.”