yes hello i would like an order of male models please

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Sophii ❤️ Percy tries to order take out at like 3am and accidentally calls a sex line. Annabeth needs the extra money so hey why not? It pays good... Or I do t know how, but Rachel convinced me to be a male model for her drawing class, and you're really cute and this is awkward cause you just keep staring at me with more concentration then all the others and squinting and it's making me really self conscious..(but she's really just trying to read his tattoo that's located very low on his hip

hello love! oh my I am into this 

  • Leo made him wing man as they bar hopped which was mostly Percy ordering Blue Hawaiians that he never finished while watching Leo crash in flames 
  • he pours into bed at like 3am and realizes he’s starving so he blindly dials the number for Aunty Em’s Pizzeria which is one of his favorite spots 
  • but there is a weird dial tone and next thing he knows a girl with a husky voice is calling him big boy 
  • “Uh, can I get a large pepperoni for delivery please?” 
  • “I haven’t heard that before is that a metaphor for something you want me to do to you or?” 
  • “Oh god” 
  • she can’t help but laugh at him and then he’s laughing at himself and they start talking
  • ten minutes later she (still nameless) cuts off the conversation, “you know you’re being charged for this right?” 
  • Percy shrugs and realizes she can’t see him, “I don’t mind. It was either this or a pizza and this seems more enjoyable” 
  • “I’m flattered but nothing is more enjoyable than pizza” 
  • they talk for another 30 minutes when she informs Percy that her shift is over 
  • “Well it was nice talking to you.. uh.. I’m sorry I don’t know your name” 
  • she hesitates and finally exhales, “Annabeth”  
  • “It was nice talking to you Annabeth.” 
  • “It was nice talking to you too, Percy.” 
  • “Oh, Annabeth,” 
  • “Yes?” 
  • “Do you know what the charge shows up as?” 
  • “I think it just says phone service or something. Why?” 
  • “I just wanna know if I should start planning my funeral now in case my mom sees phone sex line on the bill this month.” 
  • “Your mom pays your phone bill? How old did you say you were?” 
  • her giggle helps ease the redness in his face 
  • “Bye, Percy.” 
  • “Bye, Annabeth.” 
  • he shoves his face into his pillow, hating himself for not getting her real phone number and feeling like he embarrassed himself 
  •  but that embarrassment doesn’t stop him from calling again the same time the next week
  • “So hypothetically speaking, if pepperoni pizza were a sex related thing, what do you think it would mean?” 
  • he decides then that her laugh is way more important than sleep 
Marvel Vs. Comics

So, have we all seen The Winter Solider?  Of course we have.  Marvel Movies as a franchise are probably this generation’s Star Wars, only better: more than three of them are really good.  Also?  No Jar Jar.

It’s been astonishing not only the popularity but the turnaround of the “comic book movie.”  Up until the early 2000’s, comic book hits were a fluke.  Superman and Superman 2 were the only sensible entries in their series. Batman (1991) and (arguably) Batman Returns were the only two from their franchise to be solid, watchable films.  Same can be said for the first TMNT, and the breakout popularity of Blade can only really be attributed to its lead actor.  Beyond that, the history of films based on comics was one painful misstep after another, rising and falling based on studio whims and divided vision.

It was Spider-Man and X-Men that pointed the way, though oddly neither of them being under Marvel’s direct control (Sony and Fox, respectively).  Sam Raimi is most likely the father of the modern comic book film.  He changed as little as possible.  He stuck by the essence of the character.  He tried to tell the most important story in Peter Parker’s history.  And he took it seriously, with the love of someone who read comics and wanted to see it done right.  X-Men took the same route, also finding that great middle ground that is a successful adaptation.  But when sequels came and creative control was swung around like a trailer park in a tornado, the crash and burn was inevitable.

When Marvel got its feet under it with the breakout success of Iron Man, that’s when everything changed … and sadly, that’s when comic books ended.

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