yes hello goodnight


Playmoss mixes for the role reversal Au counterparts

Absolutely riveted [link]

For the Insomniac Mechanic 

  • Don’t lets start/ they might be giants,  
  • Everyday superhero/ smash mouth, 
  • Who needs sleep/ Barenaked ladies, 
  •  Hero/ the verve pipe, 
  •  Owner of a lonely heart/ yes,
  •   Luna/ smashing pumpkin, 
  • Hello goodnight/ the aquabats,
  •  half asleep/ Low roar. 

Glorious Domination [Link]

A playlist for your above and beyond average villain 

  • ghostface killa/ the champ
  • Madworld ost/ Ride!
  • Madworld ost/ Look pimpin
  • Kanye/ Power
  • lady gaga/ applause
  • MEghan trainor/ Me too
  • one Republic/ everybody loves me
  • Queen/ don’t stop me now