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Circus. Joker x reader

Quickly I dabbed concealer covering the “J” tattoo I had under my right eye. I smiled to myself thinking ‘just like his’ I looked at my face in the cracked mirror no tattoos, no outrageous make-up just plain jane me. I sighed hating it but I would go to unfathomable lengths for my girl. Her little face popped up in my mind she had blue eyes just like her father but black hair like mine. She was so beautiful it was hard to believe something so precious came out of two… less precious people. ‘six years old’ I thought to myself sighing

 “Oh doll? are you almost ready?” I heard J coming around the corner a smile creeping onto his face. I matched his smile nodding. I didn’t want to look at him yet.. I wanted his disguise to surprise me. “of course” J came fully into the room hearing his footsteps I turned around. He was dressed in a t-shirt and black jeans a batman hat covering his green hair. I laughed he was covered in head to toe with concealer.. don’t get me wrong he was hot but not as hot as he was being himself. “whad-ya think” I grinned loving his enthusiasm. It was oddly his idea to dress up in disguises for Mara’s birthday celebration. 

‘Let’s take her to the circus for her birthday baby” He said kissing my naked shoulder. “The circus?” I exclaimed moving so I could look him in the eyes. “are you nuts?” I said His face became stern “not dressed as ourselves.. in disguise doll face” I nodded a little hesitant until he embarked on all the things Mara would see if she went and how much she would enjoy it.. just as he did when he was a child. My heart softened and I gave in. All my worry was just motherly protection I told myself as the days led up to October 6th, today. 

An uneasy feeling clouded my stomach as I let J analyze my new look. He stuck his bottom lip out. “a little too.. soccer mom.. for my taste don’t ya say doll?” He smiled knowing how big of an asshole he was being. I made a face at him before walking out of the door. “Baby Mara are you ready?” I shouted making my way to the front door. “Coming mommy” I heard her sweet voice say. I occupied myself trying to slip on the sneakers J had Frost buy me.. Heel are to wild for the circus I guess. 

“Well well well who’s this beautiful lady?” I heard J gasp from the hallway I turned to see. He was smiling holding Mara’s hand. She was dressed in a little black dress, a pink coat, with a white collar, white tights and black flats. “Mara you look beautiful” She blushed giggling a little “you sure do kitten almost as beautiful as your mom” He seethed looking at me a tired smile came to his face. I ignored his comment bending down to Mara’s level adjusting the collar. “The boys are going to adore you-” J cut my off stomping “No they won’t” Mara furrowed her brows sassy like her father. “No daddy they-” he bent down seeming to slither towards her. “Is daddy not good enough for you? huh?” Mara backed up hitting her back softly against the wall. This made me sad remembering the first and last time he hit her. She had snuck into his meeting room and began to babble like all kids do. J stood up in a fit of rage and BAM! A hard one right a crossed the cheek. She sat stunned as I lifted her out of the room.

 “No daddy” she said nervously “That’s right” J hummed smiling at his daughter for a little too long. I bumped J with my hand mouthing the words “Stop” when he looked up at me. He snapped out of his trance clapping his hands together. “Who’s for this circus spectacular huh?” Mara’s face brightened and she smiled a radiant smile, just like her fathers but not as… insane looking. “Me! Me! Me! Are you ready momma? Her bright blue eyes looked over to me and I grinned. “Of course honey! It will be the best night ever” We all stuck our shoes on, smoothed our disguises and headed out the door Frost closely behind us. In the car ride a sick feeling flooded my stomach. I wanted to scream and say ‘stop the fucking car’ but when I looked into the rear view mirror and say Mara’s face my heart said other wise. I focused on the lights that blinked by us as we drove to the east end of Gotham where the giant circus tent was to be. I had to over reaction wasn’t I? I thought to myself I was with J and Frost nothing could possibly happen. As we arrived Mara began to squeak at the sight of the giant red and white tent lit up by flashing lights. “Daddy look!” She screeched. His smile widened. “Yes kitten I see it”  He got out of the car first lifting her out along with him the two went on blabbing about what they were experiencing. I took a deep breathe getting out and chasing after them. 

A swarm of people hummed loudly around us as we made our way into the tent. Nervously I grabbed J’s arm dropping my head down hoping no on would notice. Dressed as ourselves nobody would dare mess with us but in disguise we were just as vulnerable as the rest of these meat bags. We entered into the tent. Mara’s eyes widened and she gasped squeezing J’s hand. He looked tenderly down at her smiling inside though I knew he was on high alert as well. Inside the arena where a majority of the performance would be held was surrounded by massive wooden bleachers. People had already began to collect on the seat stuffing their faces with the normal circus food; popcorn, candy, hot dogs and what not. The scent of their food and animal shit swarmed in the air. I held my stomach becoming nauseous by it. “Where are we sitting daddy?” Mara said her little head looking left and right round the room. “Hmm?” J said I hadn’t noticed it but he had been staring at me only taking his eyes away when his princess called. “What’s that kitten?” He said taking Mara off of his shoulders and down onto the ground. “Where are we sitting?” She Enunciated almost mocking his inattentiveness. He didn’t notice keeping a pleasant grin on his face. He looked into her eyes ignoring everyone around us. I grew a little jealous wishing for his eyes to look at me like that. “Right there” He pointed to the nicer seating area enabling us to sit on actual chairs and not benches. She clapped smiling. I knew she would have been gracious either way. Slowly we made our way to our seats shoving past sweaty people. J snarled at all of them his fingers itching towards the pistol in his  holster. I kissed his neck to distract him from murder. Mara looked up at him realizing what her father was wanting to do. She gave him a stern look. A wide smile spread a crossed his face looking at each of us. “Sorry ladies” 

At our seats Mara sat next to me J on her side, Frost on mine. I looked around at the crowd, like us most of them had made it to their seats. There was a low murmur as everyone waited eagerly for the show. My eyes met Mara’s, she had turned eagerly to me and began to squeeze my hand. “Happy birthday” I said in her ear. She smiled at me hugging me over the arm rest. J rustled her hair acting fatherly but really just wanting her attention back on him. She was a daddy’s girl and I was okay with that. The lights began to dim and music blared over the loud speaker. Mara tensed up looking at J. He smiled whispering excitedly into her ear. “It’s a bummer to be the third wheel isn’t Mrs. J” Frost said quietly. I laughed looking at him. I didn’t know what to say Frost rarely used humor around me, with Mara of course but never me. “I don’t know you tell me Frosty” is all I could come up with. He snickered his eyes wandering to the man that walked into the middle of the arena. He was dressed in red and yellow striped pants a red jacket. “Good evening Ladies and gentleman of Gotham! Is everyone ready for a heck of a show!?” Mara and J yelled ‘YES!’ along with everyone in the room. “Oh what was that?” the man said again pressing his hand to his ear. Everyone yelled again. J this time seeing my eyes looking at him cut his scream at “YE-” then slumped down snarling. I laughed at him pointing my finger at him. His smile broke through his grumpy face and then blew a kiss to me. 

The show begun with three clowns running out in to the arena doing the typical comedy act of dropping heavy objects on one another head and blah blah blah. “Frost” I heard J say. I looked over. J had money in his hand giving it over to Frost. i furrowed my eyebrows. “Get this little princess and what?” He looked at Mara and she smiled. “A lollipop and nachos” She smiled J nodded looking at Frost who nodded getting up. “Hey baby” I said to him waving. He purred leaning over Mara to kiss me. I was a deep kiss..a happy one. “ewww” I heard our little princess screech. J laughed giving my lips just one last peck before sitting back normally. I smiled seeing a figure dressed in all black stand next to Frosts seat. I smiled looking up to him but before I knew what happened a loud noise seemed to blast through my face and e everything became black.


I heard the gun shot fire what seemed to be right next to my head soon after that were the screams. My legs sprung up and I lifted Mara, who had been screaming and crying. I drew my pistol and shot the bastard that was causing so much ruckus.. Couldn’t he see there was a show going on? Mara was shaking her jacket and hangs coated in some sort of liquid. The gun shots didn’t stop with that one brat. Many more continued to blaze throughout the place.

 I growled shaking Y/n, I needed to get them out of here before one of those bullets could get their hands on one of them. She was slumped over her head resting on her knees. “Come on!” I growled sitting her idiotic body up. Her body heavily came up sinking in her seat. Mara screamed. “Momma?!!” I grabbed her head pushing it to my chest. Feeling something sink inside of me. Her face was completely destroyed on the left side, the rest of it looking like the face I kissed just minutes before. Frost stood in front of us breaking another guy neck. “Come on boss!” He yelled firing his pistol into a group of  people to clear a path. I handed Mara to Frost screaming over the gun fire. “Take her out of here now” He nodded slowly. I cast a glance at Mara who was shaking violently, crying no… screaming. Tear flooding out of her eyes “momma, momma” She reached out to Y/n’s body unable to steal one last grasp when Frost began running towards the door. I growled angry at the sight of my princess being covered in my queens blood. I picked up her limp body feeling blood sink into my shirt. I took the same path as Frost. My baseball cap falling off. “It’s him!!” People screamed. “Get him” people flooded around me annoyingly like insects. I shot anyone in my way making it out of the tent. 

Frost was waiting with the car Mara curled up next to him. I laid my queen down in the back seat/ “What-a night” I smiled at her kissing her cold lips 

To be continued… Sam Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

More of Carmen. will be out soon! Thank you all for your support regarding my dumb ex-boyfriend situation I am so grateful and your comments helped me out a lot