yes he was talking about this when he used the term it kept getting bigger

"Garnet only talks about Fusion stuff now"

So I’ve got some stuff to say about my favorite character: Garnet! 

It’s kind of in response to some criticism I’ve heard: specifically, that Garnet became nothing but a Fusion poster child who thinks about and talks about nothing but fusion since the time her Fusion status was revealed at the end of Season One. 

But I’m not really arguing with the perspective so much as trying to bring some nuance to seeing why Garnet is written the way she is–by examining how her focus has changed over time and what I think we’re going to see the show do with her in the future.

Okay, so to some extent? Yes, Garnet’s inclination to talk about fusion all the time went into overdrive after the reveal. Garnet says very little about herself for an entire season, doesn’t find excuses to bring up fusion, doesn’t seem particularly eager to extol the virtues of fusion or fuse with others (though they seem excited to fuse with her, for sure!), and only has a couple little hints about being a giant fusion-fan dork when we see her reaction to Stevonnie. 

But keep in mind that in Season One, Garnet’s few attempts to open up were not rewarded. For instance, Garnet felt punished for revealing something about herself–her Future Vision–to Steven late in Season One, and it was clear that she risked it because the possibility of being closer to him was worth so much. She learned that her words have incredible power, and that this power is magnified when she’s letting others into the reality of her existence. Garnet is … let’s be serious here, Garnet is majestic and bafflingly cool but she can be kind of awkward. She seems like a stoic badass most of the time when she doesn’t open her mouth, but she can REALLY be a mess when she starts talking and doesn’t think it through first.

She’s completely in her element when she’s talking about fusion, though–and it’s not just because she is a Fusion and loves being one. It’s also because she was the FIRST of her type of Fusion, and she had to fight so hard on so many levels to be allowed to exist. Her existence has, for so long, been ABOUT being allowed to exist.

I’m going to take a weird turn here and talk about Amethyst. But it’ll connect in a minute, I promise.

Amethyst was the clear outsider of the Crystal Gems. She arrived after the war and has no idea about a lot of the events from Gem history. She spent most of her life with no idea that she was “supposed to be” big like Jasper, or what it was like to live on Homeworld, or what other Amethysts might be like, or what her status would have been if she’d come out on time.

And I imagine Rose ADORED THAT.

I suppose Rose was DELIGHTED at the idea of a Gem being alive for the first time in known history without that programming. What it must be like to NOT be indoctrinated into Gem culture, the worst parts of it anyway, not have to fight to oppress others and steal resources for your world and worship your Diamond, just to LIVE as part of a family, somewhat like the humans Rose so admired. Amethyst was a clean slate! 

I don’t know how much she came out of the ground knowing, but it’s clear she was NOT programmed with any idea about what Gems are “supposed to be” like. It was news to her when Peridot said she was supposed to be twice her size, was supposed to outrank everyone on her team, was this mysterious thing called a Quartz. 

It’s a lot like being adopted: she never knew any other family, and she loved her family and her home, but what is it like, to use an inappropriate human analogy, to find one’s BLOOD? When you’re the only one in your family who never knew it?

It was satisfying to her to find her Famethyst at the Zoo. Seeing other Amethysts (and Beta Quartzes), knowing that most of them might have been huge but ended up total goofballs like her, with her ancestry, with the answer to her original name (which to her wasn’t an automatizing reduction of identity to an alphanumeric designation, but instead represented CONNECTION, HISTORY, ANSWERS). What it must be like to her to find that family and know something she’d never known–something Rose didn’t want her to ever have to know, but still had meaning to her.

Back to Garnet.

Garnet is a Fusion, and she can never QUITE be an individual the way single Gems can. She doesn’t consider that a failing, and even though she almost always feels like one being, her Fusion identity IS her. “This is who we are” and “This is who I am” are both statements about her that are true, even though they suggest duality and individuality at once. Garnet has no one to talk to about that, and she’s used to keeping it inside. But no Gems who meet her are ignorant that she’s a Fusion. They immediately see it, looking at her, knowing that’s what she is and carrying whatever judgment they might have about it.

Enter Steven.

He has no idea what a Fusion is for most of his life, and has no idea that he might need to see Garnet as fundamentally different from his other “parents.” That may have been sort of freeing for her, I think. Not telling Steven was really her only chance to know what it’s like to look into someone’s eyes and know they just think of you like one being. 

Let’s remind ourselves who told Steven about fusion. It wasn’t Garnet! Amethyst brought up Opal. Pearl explained what fusion is. Opal was the first Fusion Steven met while knowing he was meeting a Fusion, and he felt a little weird about it at first because he didn’t know who she was and was worried she wouldn’t know who he was. Steven still has no appreciable relationship with Opal. Just with Pearl and Amethyst.

Garnet is a perma-Fusion and she isn’t going to spend much of her life unfused. It’s what she wants and it’s what Sapphire and Ruby want. Steven obviously wants to understand them, and he has more of a relationship with them than with Opal, but I doubt Garnet wants him to get too used to it. She’s the permanent fixture there. She’s going to stay Garnet. And she wanted Steven to love that she is Garnet without feeling a weird sense of loss over the idea that her presence prevents him from seeing Ruby or Sapphire.

But during Season One, Garnet found that presenting herself like a single Gem means keeping a secret and not opening up much at all. 

She became more demonstrative after the reveal because she COULD be–and someone she loves so much has crossed the threshold where he could have judged her or been upset, and he WASN’T. You could see she felt guilty, but also so relieved. 

She is free to talk about it now, to show him who she is, to help him understand his own fusion capabilities and fusion identity when he’s part of Stevonnie or Smoky, and for once, she gets to be the mentor to someone about something so sacred to her.

There is more to Garnet than being a Fusion–much more. She has a personality. She has strengths, and interests, and fears, and quirks both adorable and troubling. The show does continue to explore those, and I think sometimes people forget about it when this show focuses on her relationships. 

In “Reformed,” Garnet explored her influence as a leader and what “being too hard on” Amethyst inspired in her; it was an Amethyst episode, but Garnet learned too, and it wasn’t “about” her being a Fusion. 

When she was frozen in horror under the Kindergarten when she met the fusion experiments, of course this related to fusion and was particularly upsetting to her because it’s a perversion of her identity, but she also explored her feelings of guilt and grief, and discussed the importance of consent with Steven. 

And the consent issue came up again with Sardonyx, which again, though it focused on fusion, it was not exclusively about Garnet being a Fusion. It was about trust with Pearl, betrayal, and again, the important heaviness of being the leader, being the one everyone looks to for what to do–even when she’s falling apart, she has to be the example. “Always the bigger Gem,” indeed. Interesting how in that case, her Fusion status made her more vulnerable to taking that betrayal so much more personally.

Since then, yes, we’ve seen a LOT of fusion-centric stuff about her. Peridot’s Very Special Episode with Garnet was about understanding fusion, but also about understanding GARNET. As is necessary with understanding Garnet, seeing her as a Fusion is an important part of understanding her as a whole. It’s not the only thing to understand, but it is FUNDAMENTAL. 

The episode “The Answer” was the story of her relationship and how she became herself, but it was also about her being literally unmasked for an entire episode, coming forward to tell Steven an important foundation of her character, having the chance finally to reveal personal information to him NOT under duress, in a way she chose and planned and had complete control of. And then having Steven appreciate and accept THAT. Not in a terrible situation when they’d been kidnapped and Ruby and Sapphire were wrenched apart and revealed to him in such a traumatic way. This time, it’s HER way. Garnet got to do that, and got to include him, on her terms.

“Monster Reunion” had important Garnet stuff in it–it wasn’t a Garnet-centric episode, but it involved Garnet first denying Steven’s request to help Centipeetle, and then giving in, and then acknowledging that letting him follow his heart had been a good decision. 

In the “Bismuth” episode, Bismuth kept bringing up Garnet’s being a Fusion as a sort of breaking-your-balls kind of ribbing, but at the point when they’d known each other, that was a new thing, something she was probably actively trying to develop pride in, just like Pearl and her pride in belonging to no one. 

“Mindful Education” wasn’t just about fusion training or learning to cultivate balance; it was also about mindfulness meditation in general, and though it focused on how being out of sync is particularly confusing and lethal for Fusions, it had very good lessons about handling trauma and reminding yourself where you are, which can be generalized for Steven and Connie even when they’re not Stevonnie.

“Three Gems and a Baby” did sort of oversimplify each of the Gems’ misunderstandings of what Steven might be–Amethyst trying to see the glow as evidence of shapeshifting, Pearl trying to see the glow as evidence that Rose is operating by known Gem logic and is trapped but not gone, Garnet trying to see the glow as evidence that Steven is a complex Fusion with human organic material and is trying to unfuse. 

I’m not sure exactly what Garnet was thinking was going to happen if she was right and he unfused into two beings, but she evidently STILL thinks of Steven as a type of love Fusion if you assume Guide to the Crystal Gems is accurate. It’s pretty typical to draw common ground between yourself and someone you want to understand or be closer to. And if you think about it, this episode also showed that Garnet, despite her attempts to be a calm voice of reason, REALLY MISSES ROSE and was showing how desperate she was to see her again. Yes, she focused on fusion, but it was something larger in context–just like she is.

And then “Steven’s Dream” happened, which involved some pretty heavy stuff between Garnet and Steven. She withheld the truth, she didn’t know how to make him stay out of danger, she felt powerless and helpless to stop him because she still has so much fear of the Diamonds and what they can so easily take away from her and her planet and her friends. She gets a lot of criticism over this episode because she fumbled SO epically when almost all of us can think of something we could have said to stop Steven from going to Korea if we’d been partial to Garnet’s visions. But that was an episode about their relationship, her shortcomings, her WEAKNESSES, and both of the times she expressed her helplessness, she took her visor off like she always does in super sincere moments. 

This whole dynamic was very important, and though it did lead to a plot line that made her unfusing necessary, I think a lot of people overlook “Steven’s Dream” as a significant Garnet episode. It is. Garnet screwed up and it had nothing to do with her being a Fusion and it had everything to do with how she can fall to pieces in other ways if she’s made to face her fears–to even consider being face to face with Blue Diamond.

“Room for Ruby” had a couple Garnet moments too; it opened and closed with Steven interacting with Garnet, and though not much went on, it seemed like she is still trying to figure out how much to put in Steven’s hands … 

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s wondering when and if and to what extent Steven can share the burden or take over as leader, like his mother. Because I don’t think Garnet particularly likes leading the team. She does it because she can handle it, but she’s not always the best strategist. She can be emotional in ways that make her short-sighted, and that’s when–like Ruby–she punches first and asks questions later, and–like Sapphire–she puts on a mask and pretends everything is very fine and no one needs to worry. Garnet struggling with this, and with being wrong, and with her role on the team, is sort of subtle compared to Fusion-related material, but it’s very much there.

I am in agreement with some of the folks who would like to see some straight-up individual character development for Garnet when she’s not talking about fusion or focusing on being a Fusion or educating someone about fusion. I’d like to know more about her hobbies–what would she do with a day if she had one all to herself without worrying about capturing Gems or leading missions? I’d like to know more about her funny little competitive nature. I’d like to see more of those quirky behaviors come up, where she does something unexplainable because she’s just kind of a weirdo (you know, like putting Steven on her head and walking away, or drawing a picture of herself when everyone else is drawing suspect sketches, or jumping out of the van instead of telling Greg to turn the music off).

But I think it’s unrealistic to expect Garnet to be much more expressive than she is now, because she just isn’t that demonstrative and THAT is part of who she is. 

She’s a pressure cooker. She keeps things inside and she resolves them internally–which is probably partially a consequence of being a conversation. Sometimes, like a pressure cooker, she can explode, and you’re going to see her truth in those moments and in a few quiet moments when she chooses to tell a story. 

You’re not going to see the kinds of feelings and spoken desires you get from Steven, Amethyst, or Pearl (who all also have very different ways of expressing themselves, but at least tend to DO SO in more overt ways than Garnet does). If they kept journals: Steven would have a sketch diary and would make an effort to end even his sad entries on a happy note. Amethyst would make fun of everything and occasionally write an angry rant. Pearl would write sad poetry and shopping lists and occasional heartfelt observations. I think Garnet wouldn’t keep one. She doesn’t seem to feel comfortable with words taking her feelings up for her, and she guards what she feels closely. The fact that she doesn’t tell us things actually tells us things.

I don’t think it’s lazy writing or turning her into a one-note character to have Garnet frequently putting her life in context through the lens of Fusion. 

Fusion is the reason she exists and it is, to be quite literal, who and what she is. It was a radical act that she pioneered, and it must have been amazing to become someone who could define her own life instead of going along with her ingrained Ruby or Sapphire programming. Garnet was more an individual than either of them could have been at that time in their lives, even if that sounds like a contradiction. She’s still creating that person, and still conceiving it as a radical, beautiful act just to be herself. That’s why she’s so great.

I don’t want the show to stop exploring what that means to her, and what that means to everyone around her. I’m not tired of it. I think her character can find new things to talk about, sometimes incorporating information and experience surrounding fusion, and sometimes having it be irrelevant or tangential. But just like those of us who, for example, live with a marginalized sexual identity, something that fundamental to who you are and that different from most people you know always seems to come back into relevance, sometimes when you’re not even steering the conversation. 

I think some of you will know what I’m talking about when I say it does just always seem to come up, because it’s an interesting thing about you that people who aren’t like you can’t fully understand, and sometimes you want to tell everyone all the things and sometimes you just really want them to leave you alone. But it’s definitely part of your truth, and it’s something you want people to understand about you and accept about you, and you might feel a little like you’re lying if you haven’t told someone or you just let them think that important thing is not there. 

Garnet’s identity is a lot like that in some ways–there’s no “Jailbreak” episode where you come out once and then you don’t ever have to do it again. Garnet keeps having to demonstrate and identify what is different about her, and it continues to be very, very relevant in her life, affecting her relationships and the way she sees the world, how she looks, what her comfort with herself is, what abilities she has, what people think of her. It’s everything. And that fact doesn’t make her lesser, nor does it oversimplify her.

I don’t know what direction the writers will take us with Garnet, but I trust that it will be something I want to know. I find her really interesting and for many reasons very personally relatable. If there’s still more to hear about fusion from her, I want to hear it all. If there’s less related stuff, I want that too. 

Pearl’s been struggling toward defining herself separately from others, separately from her grief over Rose. She’s making progress. Amethyst’s been struggling toward building self-esteem and understanding her place in the world. She’s making progress. Some people say Garnet stopped being interesting once she threw out her big revelation in “Jailbreak” and then didn’t evolve from there. 

I want to know what show they’re watching. 

There’s been so much with her, and I’m not going to say she doesn’t struggle, but unlike the others, Garnet’s struggles aren’t about making peace with HERSELF. She probably did have that struggle when she was new, but she knows who she is now, and that she’d rather be herself than anything she was designed to be. When you have a stable self-identity and step onto that pedestal as a mentor, you can end up giving more than getting in these kinds of stories, but HER struggles seem to be with how much she can give to others without compromising herself. 

She’s not self-destructive like Amethyst was, or self-sacrificing like Pearl was. But she gets punished a lot for coming out of her shell, and I think her story is largely going to be about letting others in and dealing with what it means to reach out. Garnet does seem to want connection, and I mean that as an individual. She treasures her relationships with the others, and sometimes despite her being kind of a dork with words she honestly knows the right thing to say.

To sum up, if you think Garnet’s become a one-note character, I encourage you to listen for the subtler harmonies. She’s got a really interesting duality, both subtle and blunt, and I’m here for all of it–including when it seems to contradict itself. Who isn’t a contradiction sometimes? What she’s taught us about her identity is really complex and weirdly relatable for something so alien to humans. I think it deserves at least as much attention as it’s getting.

I still agree with the people who don’t want fusion to be the center of every story about her, but I think they’re wrong if they believe that’s how it is right now. Or rather, that it’s ALL she is, or that what they’re showing us is simple and uncomplicated enough to be unworthy of further exploration. It’s just that SHE is the center of every story about her, and she is a Fusion, so that affects everything she sees and does. 

We should expect it to.

New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 3

A/N: I will edit this later, because my laptop is out of commission and I only have my tablet ATM! Enjoy! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked 

Previous Chapter II Next Chapter


You backed up against the wall, watching them. Laurens raised his eyebrows at your reaction, standing up from his seat. He was towering over you, the angle completely different from what you remembered. You rubbed your eyes, trying to see if this was a dream. 

You noticed the library computer broken, your document probably erased. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, his freckles much more prominent than it used to be. Lafayette stood next to him, watching you. He tried to touch your arm, but you jumped away. You immediately regretted that, seeing his face drop. Mulligan stood up, and began walking towards you. You put your hands up, and he stopped immediately. 

“I…I-” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “I can’t deal, I need a second.” You walked out, closing the door behind you. You sighed, leaning your back against the door. 

What the hell just happened? Your small friends became these huge, handsome men? Dealing with Hamilton would have been fine, but all of them? You felt your heart pounding in your chest, blocking out every other sound. 

Three Months Ago: 

You were cleaning your house, straightening up your room. As you organized your books, you noticed a small figure. At first, you thought it was a mouse. But on further examination, it had hair, and a green outfit on. Like something from the history books. 

“What…” You whispered, staring at it. The small figure turned around, glaring. 

“Took you long enough to clean this place up. Do you know how many dust bunnies I had to fight to stay alive?” He gestured to the red stain on his shirt. “I’ve killed many men, Y/N, but these things are much more vicious than that." 

You stayed silent, staring at the small man in front of you. "Oh no, I’ve gone crazy. I’m completely insane. My sister told me not to move here, but I didn’t listen. And now I’m a crazy lady with small men talking to her.” You said, rubbing your forehead. 

The man laughed. “Well, seeing Alexander Hamilton in front of you must be a shock. I mean, look at me.” He did a pose, and you grinned. And he’s a pompous asshole. 

“Okay, then, Alexander Hamilton, how did you get into my room? And why are you the size of my pinky?” He frowned, crossing his arms. You couldn’t help it, even though he was already annoying, he was cute. 

“I was having relations with a-" 

"Hey! No need for those details. How old are you again?” He rolled his small eyes, jumping down into your hand. You carried him to the desk, and he climbed off your hand, leaning on your coffee cup. He cleared his throat, looking back up at you. 

“You know, for being such a smart woman, you are quite the idiot. Just because I am small does no mean I don’t indulge in my desir-" 

"Okay, like I said, we’re done talking about your relations." 

"This is pertinent to the story, Y/N. But I can leave out the explicit parts of you’d like,” you nodded and he continued, “She gave me this small bottle. She told me that it an an elixir that would pleasur- help, me, rise to the occasion.” He smirked at his play on words. 

“I took it, and I ended up here. It was not a fun experience, I was terrified for the first few weeks." 

"You’ve been here for weeks? Why didn’t you come to me earlier?” “You had these ‘midterms’ that you were worried about, and I did not want to disturb your thoughts. It is hard to bring your mind into that pace, and I understand that if I interrupted you would have failed theses terms." 

For a jerk, he was kind. He smiled at you sweetly. "But now that we’re here, can I eat something? All I’ve ever had was crumbs when you were sleeping. You almost stepped on me once, you know. I was going to start a duel with you." 

"Yea, yea. See where that lands you.” You mumbled, walking to the kitchen. Hamilton jumped on your back, sitting in the hood of your sweatshirt. 

“Excuse me? What do you mean by that?”

After giving yourself a few more seconds to calm down, you opened the door back up again. They all stood there, blocking your way into the room. You cleared your throat. 

“Mind letting me through?” Mulligan pushed the others back, giving you a path. He was massive, his muscles prominent on the sleeves of his shirt. 

As you glanced at them, you noticed that they were wearing the doll clothes that you gave them when they were small. You went back to your seat, your head on your hands. The boys followed, sitting around the square table. 

“Okay, first off, how-" 

"You’re really beautiful, Y/N.” Laurens blurted out. You widened your eyes, a blush appearing on your cheeks. He laughed nervously, looking at his hands. “You were beautiful before, but seeing you now, it is even more shocking." 

Mulligan hit his friend’s arm, glaring at him. "Hey, stop bothering Y/N when she’s trying to talk.” Laurens rolled his eyes. 

“Here comes the jealousy again." 

"I told you, for the last time-" 

Lafayette sighed at the two of them arguing, looking at you with sympathy. You didn’t notice before, but his hair was curly, his facial hair trimmed nice. A part of you wondered how he kept it groomed, but that was not the problem right now. 

"Mon amis, Y/N is still waiting. Please give her the consideration to let her speak.” Hamilton laughed, looking at you. 

He had a goatee, which was trimmed as well. He wore the jeans and plaid shirt that you gave him. His arms were crossed, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “You are quite lovely, Y/N. Before, you were this giant that didn’t let me do anything. But now…" 

Mulligan stood up again, about to walk over to Hamilton. This time, you knew you would not be able to stop them without getting hurt yourself. "Hamilton, I’m going to kick your as-" 

"Guys, can we stop this testosterone fest for a second? I need to figure out how this happened, and I can’t if you keep on hitting on me and arguing.” Mulligan widened his eyes. 

“I’m sure we did not hit you, Y/N.” You rubbed your forehead. 

“That’s not what I, never mind. Just, just sit down and listen.” You grumbled at them. Hamilton shot Mulligan another glare, before sitting down across from you. Laurens sat next to you, his eyes never leaving yours. You looked away from him, the stare too intense for you. 

“Okay, so how’d you guys become human-sized?” You glanced at Lafayette and Mulligan, “Maybe a little bigger than that." 

"It’s Hamilton’s fault.” Mulligan started. Hamilton rolled his eyes. 

“Here we go again.” “I told you to stop blaming him, Hercules.” You replied, frowning. He widened his eyes, beginning to protest. 

“Alas, it was the Caribbean’s fault this time.” Lafayette said, defending his friend. “While Laurens and myself were stopping them from fighting, Hamilton fell off the desk. We all ran to make sure he was okay, and he was gone. Laurens jumped down as well, and saw Hamilton climbing inside the computer. Laurens didn’t want him to get hurt, and neither did we, so we all followers him. It is interesting to see how much society has changed.” Lafayette commented. 

Laurens continued the story. “We found a red wire, and Hamilton touched it, shocking all of us. Immediately, we grew in size. And I’m sorry about your computer, Y/N,” he said, glancing at the broken parts, “We did not know.”

 Hamilton said nothing the whole time, looking at his hands. After he noticed the silence, he glanced up at you. He smiled innocently. “Yes, Y/N?" 

"I’m happy that the four of you are bigger now, but why did you have to go and look through things you aren’t supposed to? You could have hurt yourself, or have gotten yourself killed.” Hamilton looked at you, and eyebrow raised. 

“Ah, do you finally care about my well-being? You usually trap me under a glass prison." 

"I would now, if you weren’t huge.” You mumbled. “I heard that, you know." 

"We need to get out of this room and go home. We have to figure out why this happened and how can we send you guys back.” You said, grabbing your bag. Looking at the destroyed computer, you sighed. “How am I going to explain this to the staff?" 

"You don’t?” Hamilton suggested, standing up from his chair. “Let’s just go, and pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary." 

"I can’t just leave it like that, that’s rude and unnecessary.” Laurens grabbed your hand, pulling you out the room. You protested, but the other boys followed, quickly walking out the library. 

You were looked at strangely, but you ignored them. Laurens was walking the correct way to the apartment, and you wondered how did he know. 

“John, how do you know how to get back to my house?” He looked at you out of the corner of his eye, smiling. 

“I leave when you leave sometimes. Usually in your hoodie, but I’m in your purse most of the time." 

"Laurens-!” Lafayette moved next to you. “It is true, Y/N. We have left the house more than once.” You shook your head at them. 

“I am ashamed of all of you." 

Mulligan sighed. "You know, you don’t have to hold Laurens’ hand the whole time.” You looked t your entwined fingers, and pulled it out quickly, seeing the disappointment on his face. 

Hamilton stayed quiet, walking behind all of you. You slowed down, meeting him side by side. Even though he was the shortest, he was still taller than you. 

You touched his arm, and he looked down at you. “Are you okay, Alex?” He nodded slowly.

“There’s just a lot to take in, as all. I am used to seeing everything bigger than me, and it’s strange to see you small.” He said, grinning. “But I don’t mind this height difference." 

You walked into your house, holding the door open for the boys. Once of your neighbors noticed you bringing in all the boys, and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. He was one of the many nosy neighbors that you had, always trying to see what you were doing. 

To entertain his mind, you looked back at the boys, then at him. "We’re dating, polygamy you know?” You whispered, and he widened his eyes, closing his door in your face. You laughed, locking your door behind you. 

“Y/N? I think you need to see something!” Lafayette called from your room. You threw your bag on your counter, walking into the next room. The boys were standing around your desk, staring at the surface. 

“Guys? What’s up?” You asked, pushing past them. You looked down, widening your eyes. “What…?”

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what happened in 2014? what was that post about?? (Btw I only now just noticed ur url is "goth"chanbaek not "got"chanbaek...)

L O L don’t worry about the url… I haven’t changed it since summer 2016 (when Monster came out and my mutuals made “goth” urls falsdk;jfaldsf)

So 2014 basically got hit by a huge shitstorm. The Sewol Ferry sinking of course was a national tragedy and left many idols devastated; some kids on the ship were very much fans of different idol groups and relatives / friends reached out to the idols to tell them so. I cried during the whole fiasco and I wasn’t even in the country …. the debacle just made my heart ache.

Related to the actual kpop industry itself, Kris did leave EXO in May of 2014 and opened the flood gates for the biggest SM scandal since the breakup of DB5K into 2VXQ and JYJ. (DBSK had the largest fandom to date, called Cassiopeia, and it had fans in China, Korea, Japan…. they were especially known for how big they were in Japan. Breakout and steady success in what was considered Asia’s largest music market, by foreign and non-American artists was absolutely amazing. For the record, it has names specific to each language: Tong Vfan Xien Qi = TVXQ, the Mandarin name; DBSK = Dong Bang Shing Ki, Korean name; and Tohoshinki is the Japanese name. They technically debuted as a Japanese act and not a Korean act releasing things in Japanese which adds some nuance important for considering record breaking and setting, money, etc which are not important for our purposes here.) Kris’s sudden departure opened wounds older kpop fans had considered closed since the breakup of Kpop’s largest act (BigBang wasn’t shit in comparison for quite some time and even LeeSooMan apparently considered SJ throwaways from DBSK) and cast yet another huge, negative, ugly spotlight on the abuses of SM Entertainment in the past. The sticky part is how people started to analyze why this departure was not so sudden, and I will return to that in a bit.

This departure itself was ugly because Kris left in the middle of Overdose promotions and a few weeks before EXO’s first tour would commence. For context, Overdose came as a follow up to EXO’s smashing 2013 success with Growl Repackage and Miracles in December. They became the first artists to become million-album sellers in years with Growl and they won Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, when G Dragon had won pretty much every thing else that night (lmao) and SHINee was also up for the award. So they, a rookie group less than 2 years old, managed to win that award despite the STIFF sunbae competition on top of becoming million sellers… All eyes were on them no doubt and the public and fans were looking forward to their next promotions and their first concert tour… … SO you can imagine the laser focus this drew to the group and to the company. I will tell you right now: Not. A. Pleasant. Experience. The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying before coming onstage and and and – THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH SAD AND ANGRY IN THE FANDOM I hated it.

There are many bloggers who were around, who I followed during that time who aren’t around anymore. T_T

If I tell and explain everything wrong that happened in 2014 I could be here quite a while, so I’ll keep it short and jump to Baek’s instagram post. He made that post (xx) and one or two others I think, in response to the vicious and heinous reactions he and Taeyeon received after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Yes, this happened even in the aftermath of Kris’ departure. Yes, this only made things worse. Why? Well to add fuel to the fire, Baek had made a sort of cheeky promise that he wouldn’t date until EXO had made it, weren’t rookies anymore… basically he “promised” not to date until around 5 years after EXO debuted. That would be this year… so you know …. those deluded fans who took him seriously flipped out. Add on to that the fact that Taeyeon is many years his sunbae in terms of activity in the industry and the leader of the Nation’s Girl Group ™ and both jealousy of her and resentment of the fact he was in a relationship caused fans to make vicious posts and comments on Instagram–BOTH of their Instagrams, though his was far worse–and many other social media sites and forums. (Twitter comes to mind too.) THEN to top it all off, Baek was an MC on a music show (Inkigayo maybe?) and YOU COULD SEE HE HAD BEEN STRESSED, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND CRYING on many days and so-called “””fans””” had the nerve to shout and call him a traitor–among other things–ON LIVE BROADCAST like h o l y  s h i t this was bad. Baek should not have had to ~apologize~ for dating Taeyeon, as he did in the post.

Okay now winding back to what I mentioned earlier: rumor theories. Theories about every damn thing started floating around. There was a big theory about how Kris had wanted out of EXO since before Wolf (Wolf preceded Growl, but both were in 2013) and that Kris fabricated his visa issue. I have that on my blog and can hunt it down for you if you want to read the full body of “Evidence ™” but it’s actually plausible. Another theory was that Taeyeon and Baek were not actually dating–and this has many strains. One strain indicates that the entire relationship was fabricated as a distraction from the Kris departure and lawsuit , while the other states that they did date at one time but broke up way before any of the drama started–SM just used them since they had been together before as an easy cover up. These kinds of theories did not help a damn thing and just seeded further distrust and resentment within fandoms. Like seriously you had SONEs and EXOL screeching at other over this relationship, and even though they were not majority or mainstream fandom members / opinions, they still became pretty vocal. Many bad egg EXOL attacked both Baek and Taeyeon, and fewer SONEs attacked one or both. The theories that surrounded their relationship, including that they gave “hints” with couple items and that Taeyeon gave Baek a fan gift just . It was so ugly. Kpop fans showed their ugliest side. There were venomous comments for weeks. Baek and Tae even left Instagram for a while and Baek stopped being energetic and talkative when with EXO. I hated it so. fucking . much.

Let me tell you. Within SM? It only gets worse. Outside of SM? It gets much worse.

Within SM… Luhan also leaves EXO in October of that year. That’s TWO members, both Chinese, leaving the SAME up-and-coming and ~spectacular~ group, in the SAME year. Boy did that get media attention. Oh, and SM’s stocks took a much bigger dip after Luhan left than when Kris left. Oh, and Luhan’s deteriorating condition was much more visible than Kris’s and just stoked the flames of hatred against SM all over again.  Oh, and Luhan was EXO’s biggest China connection and most popular member in China … hence the stock drop. A few months later, Luhan was making literally millions on his own, which reinforced the premise that the dude was worth wayyyy too valuable for SM to give up willingly. Which of course they didn’t , which is why the main lawsuit lasted for about 2 years. But yeah now the forever-12 group with 4 Chinese members was down to 10 and only 2 Chinese members (bad for connecting to the Chinese music market which is full of $$$$) and media was losing its mind ! So was the fandom! Now the definition of traitor had shifted and you were a traitor and YOU were a traitor and we’re all traitors !!!! 

And JESSICA LEFT SNSD TOO !!! The only way I can characterize everyone’s emotions at the time is: WHAT  T HE F UC K ??? Luhan and Jessica’s respective departures literally happened within two weeks of each other !!! What were we supposed to d o ??? Between all three departures, you felt like you were getting punched in the gut, then the face, then the genitalia, then kicked on the ground. SNSD was forever nine man, nation’s girl group, biggest Kpop girl group ever and suddenly a main vocalist is gone ??? B O Y !

Oh, I forgot to mention how Tao posted on his Instagram very …. resentful things when Kris left . Mmmmm yeah it was bad, not gonna elaborate too hard but … he took it back later in 2015. You probably know that he, too, is now a former EXO member by now.

2014 was good in that you had groups GOT7, Mamamoo, RedVelvet, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz, JJCC, etc debut that year. But it was bad due to circumstances surrounding some of  those debuts. 

Notably, Red Velvet was accused of having their debut rushed because SM wanted to cover up the ongoing lawsuit news. Now I know this sounds ridiculous: a dating scandal AND debuting an entire group early just to cover up some bad publicity about an idol leaving your company? Well given how persistent the press was and how bad the lawsuit and allegations made SM look … it’s not that difficult to believe and it most definitely was not hard to gobble up as reliable gossip at the time. At the time, it was considered the norm that SM covers up bad news by Any Means Necessary, and to generate positive publicity. The BaekYeon thing backfired tremendously in that it gave hatred to artists instead of positivity but it sure as hell kept folks’ minds off the lawsuit for a bit. (Also there’s the whole strain of thinking corporations and business control and influence the media, which is something many of us can relate to and why this can appeal so strongly.)

I believe the fact that Yeri joined RV later and was going to be a permanent addition, and the only addition, only helped this theory. After all, apparently she was intended to be with the group from the start, but she was too young when RV debuted. This seems to imply that RV debuted sooner than they were supposed to. ~X files music plays in the background~

WINNER also got shafted pretty hard. They won the big reality idol-elimination show WIN: Who’s Next? hence the title WINNER (formerly Team A) and then YG highkey neglected them because  …well honestly YG wanted the Next Big Bang ™ and WINNER’s ballad style wasn’t going to do that–no matter how much Mino you throw in the song. Plus he demonstrated obvious favoritism to Mino, Bobby and B.I. in general and once WINNER highkey disappeared after they dropped their release (as rookies you are supposed to do follow up promotions the same year and within a decent time frame – EXO did not do this like they were supposed to, again because of Kris visa issue [hey that theory’s looking mighty Fresh again]) it became clear that YG wanted the next group out of the WIN cycle to get the spotlight–that group became iKon (formerly known as Team B). 

Lovelyz had an issue with one of their to-be-debuted members name Jisoo. Jisoo was accused of … well have you heard of the things the boy trainees under Produce 101 are being accused of ? If so, think along those lines. If not: suffice to say it involved manipulation, lesbianism and abuse within the relationship…. bad stuff to be accused of in South Korea lmao so the group was involved in scandal before even debuting! In the end, Jisoo did not debut on account that the allegations were being investigated and taken seriously–in addition to claims that she was ill due to the drama on the internet and within her live as a result of the accusations, and that she needed to recover.

I will end with those three examples of debut issues. Let’s go back to a group that debuted the same year as EXO: B.A.P. 2014 was the year B.A.P sued over “slave contracts” with TS Entertainment.  According to the suit, since debuting in 2012, B.A.P had earned over 9 million dollars, yet the company had only given each member $16,000 on top of forcing members to perform to the point of hospitalization and fainting.

ZE:A, which debuted in 2010, also revealed issues with their company (shocking!!! at this point) and the group leader Junyoung (Lee Hoo) took to Twitter  to criticise his managing company’s, Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak for allegedly mistreating idol groups and their unfair contracts. He also alleged that CEO Shin Joo Hak both abused him and lost the company money. So there were accusations of financial and human capital abuses. He even posted income receipts on Twitter. You can read through (reliable!) translations of the events here: xx.

I want you to imagine hearing about all this shit throughout the year and thinking things are “over” and then just getting whacked whacked whacked whacked all about because you care about all these groups at the same time . J US T . :~)))))) I was fine : ^) everything : ^) was fine : ^) Nothing bad :~) was happening at all :~)

Oh and let’s add to this list, another thing that got negativity and didn’t deserve it: Super Junior’s Sungmin marrying Kim Sa-eun in 2014. ELF (SJ fandom name) were f u r i o u s at him for marrying so suddenly. ELF were trending #SungminOUT on Twitter because they wanted him kicked out of SJ for marrying. I was a pretty big SJ fan at the time so between everything !!! I WAS SCREAMING what the hell was wrong with people ???? Mad about a marriage ! They weren’t even mad at the lady (which doesn’t make it better), but purely the fact that he was getting married and didn’t give … idk some kind of prior notice? I knew he was enlisting soon after, but that wasn’t the source of the anger… anyway, other ELF counter-trended the #SungminOUT thing with a positive tag instead, and sent him lots of love, so it worked out…. but still many ELF were mad at him. If memory serves correctly, it was primarily K-ELF (korean SJ fans) who felt this sort of entitlement to him that led to the anger and it was …. yikes.

What else is there to say about that year? Of course people re-examined previous abuses by companies, including SM Entertainment’s maltreatment of DBSK, Hangeng of SJ (SJ’s former Chinese member who sued, won, and left the  group and the company due to mistreatment), disbandment of H.O.T., Shinhwa’s departure from SM, etc etc etc so you had layers of SM stan pain. SHINee and f(x) became known as SM’s only groups to not lose a member or disband … and then f(x) lost Sulli in 2015 … :| 

This is the most I remember or came to light when I looked up different issues I had thought of. If anyone wants to add to this list of catastrophe then please, go ahead. .-. I’m not even proofreading or else I’ll just get emotional for the umpteenth time. Hope this answers your (and 3 other folks’) question well! 

Imagine Alexander saying he wants to have a big family, with more children than his father, with you in an interview and trying to convince you about it.

“Alexander, it’s- it’s such a pleasure to have you here tonight!” the interviewer said with a smile and the man smiled back

He glanced at the audience as everybody, along with you sitting on the front row, cheered for him. His smile, he had to confess, got a little bigger when he saw your wide smile but tried to keep himself from getting carried away. You had that effect on him, even after all these years and he could still not understand it, but he never truly complained about it. Your eyes locked for a split second and he winked, not caring if it was on camera because he had done much more over the course of time to show his affection for you anyway.

“It’s a great pleasure to be here as well.” he nodded his head with a smile.

“I always- I always wanted to ask you whenever we met, how is to have that many siblings? I’m- I’m an only child so I always thought about it but you- you are eight siblings, am I right?” she asked and he subtly nodded his head “That certainly can’t be boring at all huh?” she added an waited for his response.

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Hi! I have been binge reading all your imagines. Lol(ol) they are just so good! You're an amazing writer! Will you please do an imagine where the RFA characters (plus V and Saeran) finally propose to MC, please?

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! ^^ I hope you like it! Here it is…

RFA + Saeran and V proposing to MC


  • He was getting established as one of the most promising actors of the country and was in good terms with his family. So yes, it was time.
  • He wanted something grand as that RFA party when he introduced you to the world as his girlfriend
  • So he planned to propose you on stage during his musical, right after the first act, as he told the director and the whole staff. The director said it would be better if he could do it during intermission, so it wouldn’t delay the whole exchange of scenarios. Zen wasn’t pleased, but he could understand
  • He was only hoping that not too many people would get off their seats and stay to watch what he’s planned for you.
  • The night finally came, he was feeling more nervous than usual, nothing could go wrong! So when the first act ended, he quickly came back to the stage: “Excuse me, everybody. Before you get up, I just have to say something to a very special, lady who’s here today.”
  • “You see, I introduced her to all of you a couple of years ago, and after all this time, there wasn’t a single day she didn’t make me feel the happiest man of the world. Even when press criticized us for living together without being married, she didn’t mind and stood by my side, loving me and supporting me. So, I just want to make it clear I’m not doing this to make media shut up, I’m just making it official something I know it’s right for the first time I looked at her.  So, MC, would you mind coming up here?”
  • He looked at your usually reserved seat, but… you weren’t there? Where were you? He started panicking and looking to everybody, oh… that was so embarrassing.
  • You got back from the bathroom, you couldn’t hold until intermission, so you left a few minutes before the end of first act. When you got back, you saw Zen on stage… what was he doing there? “Oh… there she is!” and the whole crowd looked at you.
  • Oh my… can’t a girl pee right now? You looked around very puzzled, what was happening? “Miss, you should go up that stage…” said one person in the audience. What? Why?
  • “MC, come here, babe.” He was trying to stay calm, but you always knew when he was about to freak out, he was a good actor, but you knew him better. So you went up that freaking stage before things could get even weirder for you. “What’s happening?”
  • “MC, where were you? I was so worried…” he hugged you ”I… was… outside…” you wouldn’t tell all those people you were in the bathroom, for god’s sake! “Oh my God, for a second I thought you didn’t like the musical and went home. Can you imagine? Proposing to her on a musical she didn’t like it?” he asked the audience.
  • “Wait, you proposed to me?” “What?” “What what now?” “You… proposed to me… now?” “Oh… oh, you didn’t hear it, right? Oh, I’m so stupid! Crap, let me start it again… just…” “No! No… just… say it.”
  • “Are you sure? (you nodded positively, smiling) Okay… so… (he went down on one knee and showed the ring) MC, will you… marry me?” “YES! OF COURSE!” you hugged him as he got up and gave him a quick and sweet kiss. The audience stood up and applauded.
  • You had the chance to watch his speech on the news later, but what made you two laugh was the fact that the media was thinking this was an act prepared by both of you. Everybody was enchanted by the couple that managed to turn a marriage proposal into a little comedy sketch and entertain everybody during intermission.


  • He is a big geek, we all know that. But he didn’t know you were a bigger geek than him.
  • You have big collections of mangas and action figures from animes and video games and all that stuff. He loves it so much! You are, indeed, a truly match!
  • And Comic Con was finally coming to Seoul, so proposing to you there felt like the obvious move. You made him a very cool LOLOL cosplay and you had your own too.
  • He wasn’t happy about all those guys looking to your very revealing cosplay, but you kept holding his hand, showing everybody you were taken by this cool and sweet dude right there.
  • But then, somebody approached him: “Here! I found the guy! Let’s go, you’re late! “Late for what?” he tried to escape “For the cosplay contest!” “Wait, I’m not… I didn’t… sign up for it…” The staff member didn’t even hear it, he was just so busy and needed everything done, plus, it was crowded there and Yoosung barely whispered in panic. Oh no… the proposal…
  • You lost him in the crowd, so there were you looking for the cosplay contest. Why didn’t you sign up for it? Nevermind, you needed to save your very shy and stage frightened boyfriend that was about to face an even huge crowd now.
  • You found the cosplay contest and he was next in line to perform. He surprisingly spotted you, actually, it was no surprise, you were so special and unique to his eyes he would find you in bigger crowds than this.
  • And as he looked at you like that, he knew he should take the best out of this situation, so when it was his turn, he actually performed it! He knew by heart all those character moves and it was so good to watch it! People were living for it, and you were… mesmerized.
  • He got a full ovation from the crowd, and he could only look at you smiling widely and cheering him. So when the host came to talk to him, he knew this was the moment. “So, contestant number 5, we can all agree this was freaking amazing, dude!” “Yeah, thanks, I’m just… doing everything I can to impress my fiancée over there!” he pointed at you, you were so happy and he looked so cool and… what? What did he say? “I mean, she’s not my fiancée yet, but I hope she’ll be after I do this…” and he went down on one of his knees, the host and everybody were freaking out: “JESUS CHRIST, GIRL! COME ON TO THAT STAGE RIGHT NOW! THIS IS GEEK LOVE, EVERYBODY!”
  • You felt your heart overflowing in love for him, you could not believe you were seeing this new and bold side of him in such a special moment, so you went to that stage and the host handled the mic to Yoosung. “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes… I will…” your voice was breaking because you were crying. He put the ring in your finger and you kissed.
  • The crowd was going crazy! Most of people thought this was adorable, but you swear you could hear some of those fanatic LOLOL fans shrugging: “Pffff! This isn’t even cannon.”


  • Truth be told, she didn’t mind too much about getting married officially, you two loved each other, lived together, wasn’t that enough?
  • But you told her how much you considered same gender marriage a huge political statement, and she caught herself thinking about this a few times
  • So she knew she had to do this! Not only for you two, but for every girl who doesn’t think she’ll ever find true love and happiness just because she’s not straight
  • She wanted something big, she was always so discreet about everything, her love for you couldn’t be discreet!
  • She had a few ideas, but none of them seemed grand enough, so she asked for advice to the person who was all about grandness: Zen.
  • Zen told her to bring you to some of his musicals. After the show was over, she could propose in front of the whole audience. Grand, romantic, and for everybody to see… Yep, that would do!
  • But he told her not to buy the rings yet… she didn’t understand, but he said she should trust him. Would he buy the rings for you? “Hmmm… will I?” that’s all he said
  • So the day came, and she could barely pay attention to the musical, which you found… odd.
  • When it was over, Zen gathered everybody’s attention before they could go and said that a good friend of him had something really important to say to another good friend of him.
  • You two came up on stage, you were a little puzzled. “MC, I can’t even express in words how much you changed my life in such a little time. I was so lost in life, stressed and relying on money… but life is so much more than that, right? It’s also about finding happiness, and you are this God’s gift who managed to bring me happiness in both professional and personal fields, it’s also about being able to love whoever you desire, and you’re the one I love, MC. So… will you marry me?” sh
  • You did a very exaggerated offended face: “Oh no, Zen! Can you believe she stole my line?” she looked at you two and you both were smiling in a playful way, now she was the one who looked puzzled. “MC? Zen? What’s happening?”
  • “Well, apparently MC here loves a plot twist!” Zen said cheerfully. “What do you mean? MC, what’s going on? I don’t…” so you went down on one of your knees and took the rings out of your pocket “I mean, I’m not trying to copy you,but… will you marry me?” you never saw her smile so widely, it was absolutely hypnotizing! “Well, I asked first, you know…”
  • So you were both on your knees standing in a front of a whole audience who was waiting to see which one of you would say “yes” first.
  • And you did, because yes, she asked first, but you reminded her: “But I thought about it first! Zen here is my witness when we went to buy the rings.”  
  • “Oh, who cares about that? Just kiss it already!” Zen yelled and the audience applauded. So you two did it. Amazing, she wanted to show everybody her feelings for you, but now, in front of this crowd, but all she could see was you.


  • With him is quite the opposite. He was used to do grand things for you all the time. Renting a movie theatre for your movie night, for example?
  • But something important like this should be shared only between the most important people, so he asked you to invite your family to dinner in his penthouse, he would invite his father and this would be a lovely family confraternization., that’s what he told you.
  • You could tell he was nervous, he was clearing his throat a lot and loosening up his tie, but what was really suspicious is that Elisabeth the 3rd was nowhere to be found.
  • As much as you loved your parents and liked Mr Chairman, you were feeling a little uncomfortable, why was everything so formal? Even Jumin looked stiff, well, stiffer than usual. This didn’t look natural to you…
  • At some point in dinner, Jumin proposed a toast to “the amazing woman who came without a warning to change my life forever, and to how grateful I am for that.” You blushed, a little flustered since your parents were there.
  • “Now, to the main event of the night, I’ll need Elisabeth the 3rd’s help with something. Elisabeth?” he called in a sweet tone. Nothing…
  • “Elisabeth? the 3rd?” now it sounded a little concerned. “Oh my… just wait a little, MC!” he patted your arm and let you in the dining room. Awkward…
  • Why was he taking so long? You were tired of waiting, so you went to look for her too. “MC, let me take care of this, please.” “Let me help, I’m worried too” and it’s freaking awkward in the dining room, please…
  • “It’s not about worrying, MC, it’s just… oh no, Elisabeth!” and there she was, sleeping next to the window, her collar was destroyed. “Oh, poor thing, Jumin! She hates those collars, why you insist on…?” and then you saw something shining against the moonlight. “MC, I didn’t planned to be like this, let’s just go back…” “Jumin, is this…?”
  • “Yes, it is! But I would much rather do in front of our families and…” “Do it, Elisabeth is here, she’s family.” “Are you sure?” you smiled and whispered a yes.
  • “Ok, I… prepared a speech, but it was a different scenario on my mind, so I guess I should improv? MC, I… everyday with you feels like a new journey to me, I never was the adventurous type, but you give me such a need to explore! Explore the world with you, explore new feelings, new sensations,new ways to make you happy, anyway… I want to explore a married life with you, MC.Will you join me in this journey? Will you marry me?” he got on his knee and went to put the ring on your finger. “Oh… we should sanitize it first, who knows how long it is on the floor?” “Nah, I don’t mind it, just put it” seeing how you were so sure and happy, he obliged and smiled softly, you went down to kiss him sweetly.
  • You went back to the dining room and shared the big news. Jumin was more relaxed, Elisabeth was with you two… okay, now this feels natural.


  • Marrying at the space station? Pretty much impossible! Proposing at a space station simulator developed by NASA still in test phase? Not that impossible…
  • All he needed to do was create a force task of very skilled hackers and a powerful man with a lot of influence to protect you if you get caught. That is, Saeran, himself, Vanderwood and Jumin.
  • So he blindfolded you saying he had a surprise, you just knew you got into a plane and then on a car, and Saeyoung kept giving and receiving instructions during all the trip.
  • When he said you could take off the blindfold, he just gave you this special suit. Put it on fast. We don’t have much time left” he was so serious… what was happening?
  • You obliged, yet very confused. And looked at him as if he was suspicious as he took your hand and leaded you to this big construction.
  • You just felt your feet get out off the floor and when you noticed, you and him were floating. Like… there was no gravity… oh, you got it now…
  • “MC, I wish I could make this last longer, but we don’t have much time, I just need you to know that I love you! The universe is so big, yet we two managed to find each other right here on Earth and…” “I can’t believe you are saying something so tacky, you fool!” it was Saeran through the wireless earpiece Saeyong was using. “Yes, dude.You planned this whole operation and couldn’t even come up with a good speech?” Vanderwood agreed.
  • “Shut up! you got scared, thinking he was talking to you. “No,MC! I’m talking to the guys with this, see?” “Saeyoung, what’s happening?”you asked, very confused
  • “Oh… is that, hum… I… I just…” “Can you believe this? He won’t shut up at home, and now he can’t even form a whole sentence?” it was Saeran again. “Dude, wrap it up! We don’t know how long we can hold this for you!” “Will you two back off? I mean, not from the operation, but… can you two give us some privacy? “I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you!” Vanderwood cussed.
  • The three kept arguing, watching a guy apparently discussing with himself in a place with no gravity? Yep, definitely your definition of fun! But then you saw something shiny slipping away from Saeyoung’s suit and floating, it was round and silver, it was…
  • “Saeyoung… is this…?” he looked at you flustered when you caught the floating ring. “MC! It wasn’t supposed to be like that! I had a great definitely not tacky speech to you and…” you sloppily moved your arms like you were swimming to go to him: “Just ask anything you want, and I’ll say ‘yes’” and you went to kiss him… but Saeran interrupted again “Just watch it, he’s going to ask her ‘Does Jumin Han is gay?’” “Okay, that’s it! I’m shutting you two out!” Saeyoung threw away his earpiece and said almost tripping in his words: “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes! Yes, Saeyoung, I will!”
  • “Good, now let’s get out of here, before we get caught!” he grabbed the earpiece and put it on “We’re ready to get out, guys! And how did you know I was going to ask her if does Jumin Han is gay, Saeran?” “You’re talking to Jumin now…” Oh shit!


  • You two were hanging at a park, lying down on the grass, looking at the clouds and talking about everything.
  • “Look! That cloud looks like a ring!” you told him. “You know? Like those rings with a big diamond on it you only see in cartoons?” “I don’t watch cartoons.” and it wasn’t necessary asking why he haven’t  watched it as a kid, right?
  • “ Why? You think is a kid’s thing?” “Yep.” “Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was thinking about inviting you to a sleepover at my place on friday, and who knows? We could watch some cartoons on saturday morning, but… oh well…”
  • “It’s not a sleepover if I’m basically sleeping there every night, you dork!” “Yeah, that’s right… what was the last time you got back to your brother’s place?” neither of you remembered.
  • You giggled. “It’s like if we’re married” “Yep.”  Silence… and then you heard a whisper “So marry me…” you sat and stared at him, surprised. His eyes were closed, he opened one when he noticed you were staring.
  • “What?” “What?” he asked back. “What did you just say?” “I-I didn’t say anything!” “Yes, you did! You did that cute weird thing when you whisper something sweet to me thinking I’m not listening it!” “I don’t do that and I didn’t do it right now! Stop saying crazy stuff!”
  • You squinched your eyes to mess with him and leaned to him, reaching his ear. “Yes…” “Y-Yes what?” he looked nervous “Just… yes.” “A-Are you serious?” then you whispered again: “Yes.”
  • You kissed his forehead and got up, he was looking at you as trying to notice if you were joking, you weren’t. Poor boy is blushing hard, not only because you said yes to this awkward proposal, but also told him you listened to all the compliments he whispered along those months, oh man… now he’s wondering which cartoon he has to watch to see what kind of ring you would like it.


  • It was time for him to take his responsibility about your relationship and stop punishing himself.
  • So it would be two birds with one stone. He would finally do the eye surgery and propose you right after. He wanted your surprised and thrilled face to be the first thing he would see in a long time.
  • The only one to know about the surgery was Jumin. V asked him to keep his usual discretion and don’t tell you anything until the surgery was finished.
  • But what V forgot is that it was almost impossible to stop you to find something out. He could never hide something from you himself. He wasn’t able to see, but your sweet tone when you pouted and your lower voice when you gave him a deadly glare were enough to make him talk.
  • These were even more effective on people who could see, and not even Jumin was immune to your persuasive abilities, but he was brave enough to don’t tell you the whole thing. “V is in the hospital, MC.”
  • “T-The hospital? Why? What happened?” oh, maybe V should have told his secret to a more sensitive person… “It’s just a small procedure, don’t be so alarmed.” “P-Procedure? You mean surgery, right? Oh my God…” you were panicking, was there something wrong about his health you haven’t noticed? Of course there was, he would never tell you for you not to be scared. And you were such a selfish little brat you couldn’t even notice by yourself, right?
  • “Jumin, take me to the hospital right now! I wanna see him!” “MC, I told you not to be so concerned, he will be fin-” THE DEADLY GLARE! SOMEBODY SAVE HIM. “Yes, let’s go.” he wouldn’t be there having to watch this just because his friend needed to do something that grand and ambitious.
  • The doctor greeted you two “Oh, mr Han, right on time! The surgery went well, we were about to call you, as you requested.” “I knew it was a surgery! What happened? Can I see him?” the doctor also knew what was about to happen. “And you must be MC, right? Yes, he’s waiting for you…”
  • Your heart felt heavy inside your chest and the tears rolled down from your face. Apparently, he was fine, but why didn’t he tell you he was ill in the first place? You went to the room he was only to find balloons, flowers and a V on one of his knees, looking directly at you.
  • “I knew it, you’re the most breathtaking woman in the world. But why the tears, my love? This wasn’t a part of my fantasy for this moment” “How do you know I’m crying, I didn’t say anything… wait, can you see me?” “Is your shirt blue?” “V! You’re… you’re seeing? This is amazing, honey! This is…” you rushed to hug him. You were so used to his blindness now, if he felt comfortable like that, you wouldn’t insist on convincing him to do the surgery, and apparently you didn’t need to.
  • “But wait… what are you doing on your knees? Can you be like that?” “Yes, don’t worry about me, my love. I just needed to do this conforming tradition… MC, I pictured this moment in my imagination a million times, but I need to hear it from you for real now. Will you marry me?” “Oh my God, V! Yes! Yes! Of course!” you hugged him and made him get up to kiss him. “I’m sorry to scare you, love, I wanted to be a surprise…” “You bet I was scared! Don’t ever do that to me again!” you stared at him. “Oh God, the glare… is even more terrifying than I thought…”
Ron Weasley: the gutting of a character

(Strap yourselves in, everyone- this is a very long post)

I should start this post by pointing out that I’m a big Ron Weasley fan- I like his complex character, humour, and his overall character arc. Despite what the film series did to Ron, I am not knocking Rupert Grint’s portrayal of the character- Grint is a talented actor, and he did a fine job with what was given to him. The problem is that he was given very little in comparison with Radcliffe and Watson. Ron Weasley is a complex character that arguable deserved much better treatment than he was given in the film series.

In the post, I’ll be looking over the cool, bad-ass and interesting actions of the character that were given over to Hermione or otherwise changed in the films. Sometimes it isn’t just the dialogue, but the framing of how the audience is supposed to react to the character of Ron Weasley.

I should also point out that I like Hermione a lot- she’s one of my favourite characters in the books, but I wanted to see the three awesome characters in the golden trio that I knew from the books, not two awesome characters and a comedic sidekick. Emma Watson is a great actor, and did a fantastic job of portraying Hermione. I just wish that the characterisation of Ron had been given as much thought as that of Hermione. During the course of the film series, Hermione’s character was a victim of the ‘Legolas effect’, a term coined by the reviewer ‘The Dom’ in his Harry Potterathon video series. Hermione was given dialogue, actions and traits of other characters. 

One of the main themes of this is that film Hermione was given significant portions of Ron’s dialogue, character and traits. In effect, the character of Hermione was changed from a flawed but brilliant character into a near-perfect character with few flaws if any. Ron, on the other hand, was changed from a compelling flawed but lovable character into a comedic sidekick who the other two hung around with for no real reason.

Let’s start off with ‘The Philosophers Stone’. In the scene with Devils Snare, the golden trio are trying to discover a way to get past the plant. In the books, Hermione is trying to remember how to stop it using a rhyme that Professor Sprout told them. Harry then finishes the rhyme, pointing out that Devils Snare hates fire. However, Hermione (in the heat of the moment) forgets that she is a witch and exclaims that they don’t have anything to burn. Ron then loudly reminds her that she is, in fact, in possession of magical powers, and Hermione then conjured up flames to get rid of Devils Snare. It’s a scene that highlights the different strengths of the three heroes- Hermione’s brains, Harry resourcefulness, and Ron’s common-sense.

In the film adaptation, the Devil Snare releases a person when they do nothing. Hermione tells the other two this, but only Harry listens to her, leaving Ron trapped above them in a state of terror, thinking both of his friends have been destroyed by the plant. Hermione then remembers that Devils Snare hates sunlight (I don’t know why it was changed) and she sends light into the plant, which releases Ron. We are then treated to this little bit of dialogue;

Ron: Good thing we didn’t panic


(Harry and Hermione glare at Ron)


Harry: Good thing Hermione pays attention in Herbology

Notice the framing is changed. Instead of Ron being the one with common sense and reminding Hermione that she can conjure flames, in the film adaptation, Ron is the loud-mouthed one who doesn’t listen to his friends’ advice and then has the gall to act like he was being sensible. The audience is expected to laugh at Ron’s incompetence and praise Hermione’s resourcefulness, as opposed to the book where the reader was encouraged to see the different strengths of the three heroes.

Next, in ‘Chamber of Secrets’, there is the scene in Hagrids hut where the connotations of the slur ‘mudblood’ is explained. In the book, Ron is the one who explains the usage of the term, since Hermione (being relatively new to the wizarding world) didn’t know what it meant. She knew that it was ‘really rude, of course’ due to the reactions of Ron and the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

In the films, however, it is Hermione who explains the connotations of the slur. What does Ron do in this scene? Vomits slugs into a large bucket whilst looking very pale and clammy.

Ron is framed as comedic relief whilst Hermione gets the exposition about the concept of ‘blood-purity’ in the wizarding world. It also implies that Hermione either learnt about this from a textbook, from a teacher, or has already experienced this already since she was introduced to the wizarding world.

Next is ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’. This one scene is one of the bigger changes that the films made in regards to the friendship dynamic of the golden trio. In the book, when Sirius Black is cornering Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Shrieking Shack, Ron stands in between Harry and Sirius and (on a broken leg and clearly in a lot of pain) declares that, if Black wants to kill Harry, he’ll have to kill Ron and Hermione first. It’s one of Ron’s standout moments in the book series, showing his loyalty to his friends and his brave nature as a character.

So how does this scene get translated on screen? Hermione stands between Black and Harry and says the cool line. Ron mumbles and whimpers on the floor in the background.

Once again, one character is made to be seen as brave, cool and heroic, whilst the other is stripped of one of their coolest moments. Not only does this scene remove one of Ron’s coolest moments, but it also changes the entire friendship dynamic between the three heroes. Up until this point, the films had largely kept to the idea that Ron was Harry’s best friend and was, more or less, on equal footing with Hermione as Harry confidant and ally. However, by switching the line and bad-ass action over to Hermione, the film series begins to cement the idea that Hermione is Harry’s best friend, and that Ron is more of a hanger-on rather than a steadfast friend or ally for the other two. This is something that would become quite common in the next few films.

In ‘The Goblet of Fire’, there is an interesting little scene where Ron talks to Harry about asking Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball. In the books, he largely describes the whole thing (albeit with Ginny explaining the main points to Harry at the start). It shows that Ron was utterly embarrassed, confused and startled by his own decision.

In the films, however, it goes like this-

Ginny: It’s okay, Ron. It’s alright. It doesn’t matter.

Harry: What happened to you?

Ginny: He just asked Fleur Delacour out.

Hermione: What?

Harry: What did she say?

Hermione: She said yes?

Ron: Don’t be silly. There she was, just walking by… you know how I like it when they walk… I couldn’t help it! It just sort of slipped out.

Ginny: Actually, he sort of screamed at her. It was a bit frightening.

Ron enters the scene literally being led into the common room by the arm by Ginny, and then (half-dazed) explains part of it. It doesn’t help that Ginny ends it with a one-liner that pokes fun at Ron’s immaturity around girls.

See the difference? Ron’s agency in his own story is largely cut out and played almost entirely for laughs. Hermione is not, understandably, given Ron’s lines in this bit, but in the book she wasn’t even in the room when this was brought up.

Next we have ‘The Order of the Phoenix’. In the scene where Harry reunites with Ron and Hermione at Grimmauld Place, it is explained to Harry why they couldn’t contact him during the summer. In the book, both Ron and Hermione explain that Dumbledore made both Ron and Hermione swear not to tell Harry anything over the summer. It shows that they both understand that Harry would be angry at not knowing anything over the summer holidays, as well as highlighting the close bond that the three of them share.

In the film adaptation, this explanation is given to Hermione, and Ron largely stands in the background and says very little. This highlights the friendship dynamic of the three changing in the film adaptation. They are not three friends as much as the boy who lived, the brightest witch of her age, and their comedic sidekick who tags along.

In ‘The Half-Blood Prince’ ending scene (after Dumbledore’s funeral), Ron and Hermione say that they’ll go with Harry on his quest for the Horcruxes. Hermione says that ‘You said to us once before, that there was time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we?’ and Ron follows her up, stating that ‘We’re with you whatever happens’. It highlights the friendship between the three, and shows their commitment to each other. They are clearly a trio here.

I’ve already talked about the film’s version of this scene in a previous post (see ‘Ron Weasley and the inability to stand next to your friends: an issue with scene staging’ at but it does bear repeating. Hermione says her bit about them all going after the Horcruxes. Ron sits in the background during this scene and I’m not even sure if he had any dialogue.

I understand that Rupert Grint was ill with Swine Flu when they filmed this, but it’s not that difficult to give him dialogue and then edit it in in post-production. If you can do it with computer generated characters like Dobby, then you can certainly do it with a physical person.

Finally, in ‘The Deathly Hallows’, there is the scene wherein Ron briefly leaves the other two in their hunt for the Horcruxes. I’ll give you the two different bits of dialogue for comparison.


Ron: We thought you knew what you were doing! We thought Dumbledore had told you what to do, we thought you had a real plan!

Hermione: Ron! Take off the locket, Ron. Please take it off. You wouldn’t be talking like this if you hadn’t been wearing it all day.

Harry: Leave the Horcrux.

Ron: What are you doing?

Hermione: What do you mean?

Ron: Are you staying, or what?

Hermione: I – Yes – yes, I’m staying. Ron, we said we’d go with Harry, we said we’d help –

Ron: I get it. You choose him.

Hermione: Ron, no – please – come back, come back!


Ron: You don’t know why I listen to the radio, do you? To make sure I don’t hear Ginny’s name. Or Fred, or George, or Mum.

Harry: You think I’m not listening too? You think I don’t know how this feels?

Ron: No, you don’t know how it feels! Your parents are dead! You have no family!

Hermione: Stop!

Harry: Fine then, go! Go then!

Ron: [to Hermione] And you? Are you coming or are you staying? Fine. I get it. I saw you two the other night.

Hermione: Ron, that’s – that’s nothing!

Notice the slight difference in how Hermione replies to Ron’s query as to what she is doing. In the book, Hermione makes it very clear that she is staying with Harry because she said that she would help in destroying the Horcruxes. She clearly frames it as an act of loyalty to her friend as opposed to anything else. In the films, however, she stutters over her answer, making the audience wonder as to whether Hermione is not entirely honest with Ron in her answer. Instead of being a climactic moment where the unity between the trio is broken (albeit briefly), the average movie-goer who might not have read the books would see this as a scene that forges onto the golden trio a ‘one-dimensional love triangle’ (as Mugglenet put it in this article-

The point I am trying to make is that the systematic changes in dialogue, actions and personality traits that the films made to the character of Ron Weasley was detrimental to Ron’s character, Hermione’s character, and the friendship dynamic of the golden trio as a whole. Instead of being a group of three friends, the films made Harry and Hermione the main heroes whilst Ron was relegated to the role of a comedic side-kick who was kept around by his friends out of a mix of apathy and pity.

Ron Weasley is not a perfect character, but that is because he’s human. Humans are not perfect- we are flawed. The flaws of Ron’s character were what made him engaging and interesting to read about. Whilst Harry was the leader and Hermione the brains, Ron was the common-sense part of the trio, always cracking jokes to alleviate the tension and ground the other two.

The book version of Ron was a flawed but lovable character. The film version of Ron had all of Ron’s flaws without many of the positive aspects of the character that made him so engaging to begin with. Instead of a loyal, kind and dedicated friend, movie Ron is the sort of person that book Ron was terrified of becoming- an incompetent oaf who was kept around by his friends out of pity and amusement (another tumblr blog @accioron puts it much better than I can-  

Rupert Grint is a fantastic actor, and should have been given the opportunity to play Ron Weasley as he was in the books. A combination of weird script-writing, bad scene-framing and a lack of decent character development left Grint with barely anything to work with, meaning the book version of Ron was a much-missed part of the film adaptations. I don’t blame Rupert Grint for this- he was doing the best he could with what he was given. He was doing his job- I just wished the film-makers had done the same.

Be My Guardian Lion (pt. 4)


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

guess who’s writing this at the Robotics Competion lmao

This’ll might be my longest one hoLY FUCK

Also, Idk if this’ll count as your AU anymore Sir-Scan, since I went REALLY, REALLY DARK. Make it your call i guess.

Trigger Warning for Attempted/Mentioned Past Sexual Abuse, Panic Attacks and Dissociation(?)

Lunch was going fantastic. Lance was finally enjoying himself in a positive environment and Shiro couldn’t have been anymore more proud.

The two aforementioned douchebags Uncle and Brother were absolutely quiet through the entire thing, and that was one of the things right now that made Shiro’s heart flutter.

The other was also the issue of a potential crush on the Cuban boy but?

Okay, it wasn’t potential whatsoever. Fuck.

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Amity’s Angel

It started out as itching. Or, come to think of it, maybe it was the deep ache he’d become so used to as to just ignore. It was hard to tell when his whole body spent twenty four hours a day tense and stressed, ready for a fight.

Even if that was the start, though, he dismissed it, and so it was the itching that he first noticed. 

It was on his back, right over his shoulder blades, where he could just almost reach, if he used one arm to pull back the other. It wasn’t a single point, either, but two lines, and even if he could stretch to meet the middle of one, he nearly dislocated his arm trying to reach the top and bottom. Eventually he gave up, just rubbing his back against furniture and walls when he thought no one was looking and getting used to sleeping shirtless, on his stomach.

But it kept getting worse. He was never like his mom or Jazz, begging for back scratches from the whole family until someone finally gave in, but his resolve was steadily breaking.  It was starting to feel like something was clawing its way out of his back, getting worse and worse until he could barely focus on school behind the itch against his shoulder blades.

When the bell finally rang, he barely made it home before he was locking the bathroom door and tearing off his shirt to look at his back.

He expected it to be irritated, maybe red from the scratching, or some kind of rash, but two tiny, bony, protrusions jutting awkwardly from the edge of his shoulder blades was not what he was expecting.

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Hold My Hand-Bucky Barnes x Reader One Shot

Summary: (Y/N) is a S.H.I.E.LD agent who in a recent mission lost her hand. She is very insecure about it and gets frustrated over the little things she can no longer do. Bucky sees her displeasure, in a random act of kindness he teaches her that it’s ok to have a prosthetic limb.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Sadness, talk of self hatred, arguing, mentions of torture and violence but fluff along the way


‘Come on, just grab it, your ID is right there!’

Fumbling around in my bag, I could feel the line of people behind me growing as they impatiently waited for me to pick up my S.H.I.E.L.D ID card. I still wasn’t used to this. My left had was no longer there. For now there was just a stump until S.H.I.E.L.D finished making my robotic one.

“Do you need some help ma'am?” the security guard asked me.

Giving up, I shamefully nodded. He grabbed it for me, scanning it before giving it back. As soon as I took it, I sprinted towards the elavator, not wanting to face the embarrassment. This was my first day back after the mission that got my left hand cut off. I wanted everything back to normal, this was the way to do it. Stepping off on my floor, I rushed to my office, collapsing into my desk chair.

'Just get on with your work, it will all be fine soon.’

To log into my computer I had to scan my fingerprint. Subconsciously I reached out with my left arm, only to pull it back when I realised I couldn’t use it. Sighing, I placed my right thumb on the scanner, watching as the computer screen loaded. I was like a secretary, filing things and documenting them. This meant I had a very high level here. I had access to a lot of important information, hence why I was kidnapped and tortured by HYDRA.

'Let’s start with typing up the minutes from those meetings, something nice and easy.’

Setting up everything was fine until came to typing, I was stuck. Of course I could still use my right hand to type but it was going to take even longer to get all my work done. One of the advantages I had was typing quickly and efficiently (exciting, I know). What was I supposed to do now?

'What about writing? I could just write stuff down instead.’

Again, without thinking I reached for a pen with my writing hand which happened to not be there anymore. That was the point where I wanted to break down, scream and trash the place. I probably couldn’t even do that properly.

“Agent (Y/L/N),” Fury’s voice came through in the phone,“I need you to bring me the files on the HYDRA agents we captured last week. Another agent placed them in the filing room but I need you to retrieve them.”

I answered immediately.“Yes sir, I’ll be there right away.”

Yes I still had my right hand and the rest of my left arm, however it was still incredibly difficult adjusting to it. People don’t realize how much we rely on hands, I think if I even lost a finger I would be disoriented. Luckily I was able to grab the files, without much hassle before heading to Fury’s office. Knocking on the floor with my foot, I heard him call me in but I then had the problem opening the door as my hand was preoccupied. It startled me when the door opened, revealing Steve Rogers behind it.

I blushed harshly as I walked in.“Thank you.”

Walking to Fury’s desk I spotted Bucky Barnes sat in a seat also. This was embarrassing, I hated people I didn’t know seeing my non-existent hand. As I placed the folders on Fury’s desk, I caught him staring at it. He of all people should know how self conscious you get when something like this happens to you.

“Do you need anything else sir?” I asked Fury who was sat down.

“Yes, please take a seat.” he gestured behind me.

Hesitantly I did as I was told, sitting across from the two super soldiers. This was making me nervous, what on earth could they want from me?

“Gentlemen, this is Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I’m sure you know who these guys are.” Fury introduced us.“Agent (Y/L/N) was the one who was captured by HYDRA and who they wanted to get information from.”

“I’m very sorry for what happened to you.” the captain said to me.

Bucky nodded his head in agreement.

I stuttered, still not sure why wanted me.“T-thank you.”

Fury spoke again.“Agent (Y/L/N), I know we questioned you straight after the incident, but we were hoping for some more insight. We think we found the guys who did this to you, they may be part of a bigger picture. These two men are in charge of taking them down. If you aren’t too uncomfortable with it, we would like to interview you again.”

“Yes.” I blurted out.

“Are you sure you don’t want to think about it?”

“I….they need to be caught. They could be doing the same thing they did to me to others around the world. We need to stop them.”

Fury slightly smiled.“Alright, if you’re sure. We’ll send someone down later to arrange the time and place. You are dismissed.”

I stood up.“Thank you sir, gentlemen.”

It had been an hour since the small meeting. Returning to my office I began typing up what needed to be, deciding that I should just get on with it. My mind kept wandering back to Bucky and his arm. He too was given that by HYDRA, though for very different reasons. He still went through pain and torture.

'I wonder if he’s come to terms with it or whether he’s waiting for a human-like one such as me? But it sort of makes him who he is really, he would be strange without it.’

My thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at the door. Looking up, I was shocked to see the Winter Soldier himself standing there. I had heard he was reclusive, still trying to rehabilitate. Gesturing for him to come in, I watched as his tensed body approached me.

“Uh, hi. I’m sorry if I’m disturbing your work but I wanted to talk to you.” he admitted quietly.

I sent him a small smile.“That’s ok. I’ve not been getting much done due to…well due to this.” I held up my left arm.

“I’m sorry they did that to you. They’re monsters.”

“Didn’t have to chop up my hand to tell me that.”

“Aren’t you getting a prosthetic?”

“Yeah, they’re making it here for me but it had to be pushed back.”

“I’m sorry for the questions and barging in on you. It’s just….when I saw you walk in, it was easy to see how unhappy you were. I felt like I needed to say something to you.”

For some reason, I felt like I could really talk to him.“I’m unhappy because I can’t do such normal, easy things. It’s taking me ages to write up these notes, I can’t even open a door, I’m not a normal person anymore!”

“Well neither am I.”

I groaned as I realised what I said.“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that-”

He chuckled.“Honestly it’s fine. Can I ask what happened?”

I had told this story so many times, what was the harm in telling it again?

“I have access to S.H.I.E.L.D’s data, all the secrets, missions, experiments and so on. HYDRA managed to capture me and began with their tortures. After what seemed like years being stuck wherever I was, it seemed that they had had enough too. They put one of their threats to work, cutting off my left hand and tried to use my fingers and thumb fingerprints to get the information they wanted.”

Bucky’s mouth dropped open a little as he sat in the chair opposite my desk.“I-God I’m so sorry. I know you’ve probably heard that a hundred times already.”

“Thanks. It was stupid of me to think that I could come in today and everything be normal. Writing is a major part of my job, how can I do that with one hand?”

“I’ve seen the prosthetics S.H.I.E.L.D makes, once you get one of those you’ll be back to normal.”

It was weird hearing this from him, from a stranger.“Sergeant Barnes, do you mind if I ask a question? It may be a bit personal though.”

“I just asked you why your hand was cut off, of course you can.”

“Um…has S.H.I.E.L.D ever offered you a different arm?”

He was surprised by this.“Yes they did. But I said no. Even though I’ve done bad things, I don’t want to get rid of it.”

There was silence between us then. I think we were both deep in thought about the topic. Again, I risked it, wanting to ask him another question.

“Again I’m sorry for the questions, but do you think things will be ok after I get my hand?”

He smiled.“For you, I know so.”

on editing & repetition;

i’m such a firm believer in the shit first draft. i used to be one of those people who would madly edit as i went and labour for hours over one sentence, just to get it right. spoilers: that is a waste of everyone’s time. the trick to writing is becoming good at editing, but like, in that order, editing after you’ve written it. it can be hard to know where to start with editing, so i’ve written up this post on what i consider to be the first step in a successful self-edit.*

here’s what i do: ctrl+f. this might seem like a weird, slightly obvious thing, but one of the biggest problems with underdeveloped writing is excessive repetition. there are some words you can only use once in an entire novel, and some words that carry less weight but which you wind up using too much anyway. the real trick to a first draft is to stop giving a stuff about repetition. then, ctrl+f.

my biggest plague word is just. i’ve already used it once in this post. the first thing i do when i finish something is to search for instances of the word just and delete/rephrase every second one or so. i allow myself to keep it when it’s absolutely necessary to the meaning of the clause, but that’s about as far as i’m willing to push it.

here are a few words to look for in this first stage of repetition-fixing:

  • adverbs: the most common ones will be things like basically, actually, suddenly, really, very… but if you want to do a quick check for any words ending in -ly, that helps too.**
  • unusual conjunctions: it’s perfectly fine to use a lot of and, but but needs to be kept in check. too many negative clauses can break immersion! similarly for so, also, although, still, etc.
  • swearing. (and this is coming from someone who swears like a sailor IRL.) as with any strong and emotive language, it has more power when you hold it back and only use it for similarly emotive occasions.
  • any phrases you know you use a lot.

once that’s done, reread the work. the moment you find a word that carries a lot of weight, or a phrase that sounds incredible to you, ctrl+f it. because if you’re having that thought now, chances are you’ve had it before, and you’ve used that word or phrase more than once within the work. when something stands out to you that much, it’s worth saving it up for a special occasion.

there are a few other subtle things worth looking out for in terms of repetition, which i’ll list quickly:

  • overusing character names when pronouns will suffice, i.e. “It was still dark when Bob’s alarm went off. Bob was so tired that he had to physically force his eyes open.” that second Bob can easily be a he and no-one will get confused!
  • italics for emphasis. while you’re in the midst of writing, it may seem like you need to remind your reader that certain words will be stressed in a sentence, but it’s more likely that your reader will understand that intuitively. save italics for moments of heightened emotion and humour.
  • similar sentence structure. if you have two sentences in a row that look the same, like this: “Bob’s alarm went off, but it was still dark outside. He was unbelievably tired, since he’d stayed up too late the night before.” … then change the structure of one of them! experiment with moving clauses around until you get enough variation. this helps hold your readers’ interest, and maintains flow so that your writing doesn’t get too clunky.

there! now you’ve got a cursorily-edited first draft, just (oh, yikes, there i go) by focusing on one issue at a time. at this stage, you can go back and read it again (yes, again!) and see where you might be able to use repetition as a powerful device to draw attention to a particular concept, or to create emotion or humour.

one more thing: i started this off by cautioning against editing as you go. but when you start becoming aware of repetition, and your own personal plague words/phrases, you’ll start doing all of this like second nature. but that doesn’t mean you should stop using ctrl+f!


* obviously once you’ve done a self-edit, a good idea is to send your work off to a beta reader/critique partner. they’ll pick up on anything you might’ve missed, as well as talk you through bigger issues than are covered in this post.

** my general stance on adverbs is that they should be used sparingly (which is an adverb :P), except for comedic emphasis, in which case adverbs will do a lot of the heavy lifting. (see above: physically forced, unbelievably tired.) as with everything that frames itself as a writing “rule,” don’t trust anyone who tells you never to use adverbs.

restart [yoongi&you]

Summary: yoongi clearly seemed to have moved on after a misunderstanding, but why is he knocking on your door later in the night with a bruised lip and knuckles?

a/n: fhjsakdkadkalda just updating something early for ya before my bornday

Originally posted by sugakookiefactory

“It’s okay,” you mutter under your breath as the rain comes pouring. “It’s really okay, Yoongi.”

“But wait, you didn’t even listen to me yet!” Yoongi yells, his hand reaching out to hold onto your wrist but you pull away from him immediately. “Please, let me explain.”

You stare up at him with a forced smile and shakes your head. “I have always listened, Yoongi. I’m always waiting and listening to you, but you never did the same for me,” you mutter before jumping in your car and driving off from where the man stands.

Three weeks ago, if only you could turn back in time, would you have been able to fix everything?

You had no idea that Yoongi would move on so quickly, despite the chances he would have with different girls after what he witnessed. Nevertheless, must he date the one person your heart had assumed would who one day become his? Your tears pour out of your eyes and you had no idea how long since you’ve been home and is crying on your driveway.

It was a misunderstanding and Yoongi didn’t care to find out about your situation. He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes and listen to your story, yet with his friend Namjoon, their friendship rekindled and is better than ever. So where does this leave you? Who are you really to Yoongi if his body, his mind, and his heart now belongs to his best friend, Kwon Jihyo?

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Day 5

Body Swap. Kent/Swoops

-.- . -. - / .–. .- .-. … — -.

“Fuck. Me.”

“What did you do, Kent?” Swoops asked. From Kent’s body. In Kent’s voice. In Kent’s everything.

“I didn’t do anything! I woke up like this. What the hell did you do?” Kent stared at Swoops. At himself. Damn, he was short.


“Well, someone had to do something,” Kent countered. He dragged his hand down his face. “Your hands are so soft, man.” He kept rubbing it against his cheek.

“Why are your shirts so damn tight?”

Instead of replying, Kent rolled his eyes. “Okay. Well, what the hell did we do yesterday for this to happen? All I remember was it was your Cup Day.” He glared at his teammate. “Did you wish for something?”

Swoops stared at Kent. “N-no!” he said. He could feel his cheeks warming up.

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Touch The Sky - Jimmy Havoc

Originally posted by markandrevvs

Originally posted by theprincessandthegoat

Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis (Brave)

Disney Song Series

I wanted to write for non-WWE guys that I like too so I figured that I’d go for my newest subject and the winner of TOD 16, Jimmy F’n Havoc. And as I was writing this, Jimmy liked my tweet! Please note, I have never (to my knowledge) been to Brighton and my only experience of NYC was an airport so forgive me for any mistakes regarding either place. I really liked the idea of the reader being someone who only knew what city life was like, never leaving the city she grew up in once in her life until Jimmy comes along to take her on an adventure and change her perspective of life. So yeah, tooth rotting fluffiness from dear Jimmy because I really love fluff about people who have personalities that wouldn’t usually suit it).

Tags: @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @wrestlingnoob @alexahood21 @imnobodiesbitch @logandemico @glamlover87 @baleesi @shieldgirl95 @na-nou83 @morgancorbin @lilmisscrisis @rollinsdar @damnbuvky @blondekel77 @imaginingwwesuperstars @mandi512 @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @imagineall-the-fandoms @oreillyskyle @thegenericluchadora @laochbaineann @rabidwrestlingfan @theholyfallenangel @nerdandwwegeek (If anyone wants to be added, let me know. If anyone wants to be removed, I won’t be offended lol) 

When cold winds are calling
And the sky is clear and bright,
Misty mountains sing and beckon,
Lead me out into the light.

I grew up in New York City but I had never left. I couldn’t afford to leave but I made do with what I had.

Touch The Sky. Those are the words I live by, tattooed on my left shoulder so I never forget. I just had to get through every day with the knowledge that this was the life I had been given and I needed to dream of bigger, better things. And then Jimmy Fuckin’ Havoc had to waltz on into my life.

I had been walking down the street one day, work had been a drag and I just wanted to get home to a cup of tea and the latest episode of Supernatural. My headphones were broken so I had to make do; the taxi horns and loud voices were my music, a beat that I could walk to. It was getting dark and my apartment was located about an hour’s walk away from Times Square, the lights of the city fading out the closer to home I got. Suddenly, the dogs barking sounded a lot like the howling of wolves and the street lamps were stars burning out after a supernova.

I could swear that I heard something along the lines of ‘I’ll fucking murder you, Havoc!’ from nearby. My original plan was to not get involved with that in any way but a pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind, dragging me into an alley.

‘Sorry, sorry. You need to keep quiet, okay? Got myself into some trouble and the guy will take out anything in his path to get to me. I’d rather not have the death of an innocent woman on my hands.’ Oh, he was British. There was a tone to his voice that seemed almost sinister and to his credit, that was probably his intention what with our current position. ‘And I know this is really weird but have you got a place nearby where I could crash until morning? I’ll figure out a way to pay you back, I spent all of my money the other day and I don’t get paid until after a show in a week.’

‘I swear to whoever is up there, if you turn out to be an axe murderer and kill me in my sleep - you’ll be spending the rest of your life with me haunting you.’ My only view of the dude was out of the corner of my eye so I didn’t get a good look at him until we had reached my apartment. Clad in a blood soaked white vest top, red letters proclaiming ‘DIE HAVOC DIE’, and sweat slicked hair sticking to his forehead, the Brit was a sight to see. The blood took me back and he was quick to 'reassure’ me that most of the red liquid was his own. So reassuring!

'Thanks for this. I’m Jimmy by the way.’ There was no way in hell that I was shaking his hand, it was also covered in blood and what looked like shards of glass. I directed him towards the bathroom and waited outside of the door so that I could take his filthy clothing to wash whilst he showered. Luckily for him, I had some of my douchebag ex’s clothes for him to wear and some blankets so he could crash on the couch. The contents of my fridge were enough to throw a cheese omelette together that I could split in half. Curse me for being so damn caring. He emerged from the bathroom in the grey, fuzzy sweater and black skinny jeans that I had scavenged out of my closet, looking much better than when he had gone in.

'Okay, Jimmy. You’re going to sit down and eat this, and then we’re going to talk about the terms of this little situation. I’m not in the habit of allowing random, blood covered strangers into my home, especially because this is NYC and I don’t know who is out there.’ He ate the omelette in record time, almost as if he hadn’t eaten in days. Looking up at me with exceptionally bright blue eyes and this tiny little smile, I had to remind myself that he had literally grabbed me out of nowhere and was still a complete stranger, even if he looked very, very adorable like that. 

‘First thing’s first, my name is Y/N. Second, I’m still slightly wary of you seeing as you arrived into my life covered in your own blood with someone chasing you. I am usually a very considerate person but I will knock you out if need be. I live alone so you won’t need to worry about anyone waking you up in the middle of the night, threatening to call the cops. And you will not need to pay me back for my 'hospitality’, all I ask is that you answer my questions and keep me company this evening.’ He didn’t seem to mind my inquisitive mind, answering any and all questions I had.

I learned his name was Jimmy Havoc, he was 30 and from Kent, near London. He was a pro wrestler who had a habit of getting himself into dangerous situations like the one he had been escaping from when he had grabbed me. Jimmy had thought it smart to get himself into a bar fight with someone much taller and bigger than himself, pissing said person off when he struck him with a bar stool.

‘You know about me. Can I ask about you?’ I nodded, feeling strangely comfortable around this insane acquaintance of mine, ‘You said you live alone, right? Why do you have men’s clothes handy? I’m guessing bad relationship that ended not so long ago.’ Ding, ding, we have a winner.

‘Clayton was a douche. He stayed out all night, which I didn’t mind because it’s his life and I understand people like to have fun, but he’d come home stinking of weed and off his head on drugs. I am not social but I work at a record store near Times Square so it’s hard to avoid people. We broke up after he came in whilst I was working and started yelling at me, clearly high as fuck. I had been serving a mother and her little girl at the time, having to apologize for his actions was extremely difficult over the sound of his voice. My boss called the cops after he began to threaten me and some of the customers. The only reason I still have some of his shit is because he’d left it in my closet. But hey, fuck him.’

‘Damn straight. Guys like that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, let alone be around women. I see people like that all over London, it’s not exclusive to the US.’

‘Trust me, if I could leave this city and go somewhere, anywhere, then I totally would. Can’t afford to leave, I never have.’ The look Jimmy gave me was one of pure shock. 'Never? You’ve never left New York?’ I shook my head and he rubbed his hands together, ‘Well then! Looks like I’m gonna have to change that. You can come back to England with me if you want. I’d pay for your flight over when I get paid and I’d get you back over here when you’re ready.’

‘Fuck off, Havoc. Don’t kid around with me,’ I shook my head, smile faltering when his expression didn’t change, ‘You’re serious? You’d do that for someone you’ve just met?’

One week passed and we were on a plane headed for England.

I will ride, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky,
I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky

A few weeks after we’d arrived in London, Jimmy practically forced me into the passenger seat of his car without telling me where the hell we were going. Through the time I’d been in the city, I’d been to so many places that I had always wanted to go to. He didn’t mind showing me around because he knew the city like the back of his hand. But now, he wanted to take me somewhere new.

Honestly, this man had taken a hold of my heart so quickly that it terrified me but excited me at the same time. He didn’t care how different I was compared to him, with my wide eyes and curiosity. Jimmy Havoc was the type of person who didn’t have many close friends but would die to protect those who were. I hadn’t fallen so fast before but I was definitely cautious after my previous romantic encounter.

We drove for about an hour and he kept laughing at the fact that I was trying not to scream because we were on what I thought was the wrong side of the road. Fields lined either side of the highway, or ‘motorway’ as he called it, and I couldn’t help but smile at the amount of green around me. Sure, there were parks and stuff in New York but I had never seen so much open space in my life.

'You been to the beach before?’ He’d asked as we entered a town called 'Brighton’.

'I think I might have been to one in Brooklyn as a little kid but I don’t really remember much about it. Why? Are we going to the beach?’

'Well, yes. But Brighton is more than just the beach. If you haven’t gathered by now, I am not the most cheery and bright natured person but I’ll be damned if I don’t put that aside and take you to this town. Watching the sun go down next to the pier is a sight that could rival the big lights of NYC and is the perfect way to show you what it’s like away from the city.’

The wind blowing through my hair as we walked along the pier felt familiar, the sensation like an old friend wrapping me in a warm embrace, and yet, it was completely new when partnered with the salty sea air and the unpolluted sky above. The last thing I wanted was for this to end but I knew eventually I would have to go back to New York, even though I didn’t want to.

'Hey, what’s wrong?’ Jimmy asked, stopping so he could turn me to face him, 'You’ve been really quiet for a while. Did I say something wrong? I’m an ass to most people so I don’t really have a filter for my mouth, sorry.’

'No, you didn’t say anything. I just…I have to go back eventually and I don’t know if New York is where I want to stay anymore. I gave up on any hope of an exciting life, believing I was destined for that boring, 'wake up, go to work and go to sleep’ routine for the rest of my life. And then you literally grabbed hold of me, all covered in blood and glass, somehow spinning my world around completely. How the hell did you do that?’ He pondered my question, leaning on the barrier and looking down at the water. The sun was beginning to set on Brighton, the burnt orange light reflecting on the surface of the ocean, the sky a mix of reds and purples and oranges. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, just like Jimmy had said.

‘I’ve told you who I am. I’m a mental bastard with a love for danger, I love the risk of what I do. You let me crash at your house when things got too insane, washing my clothes and making me food like a fucking guardian angel. My life, my career, it lets me travel and see so much cool shit and I can’t imagine not being able to do that. So when you said you’d never left New York City, I felt this need to take you with me and show you how awesome it is to get out and go! The past few weeks…You’ve stolen me. Bewitched me, if you will. If you left, I don’t know if I would be able to function. Since I met you, I’ve been a better man than I was. And I don’t want to lose that, not again.’

‘Jimmy?’ He turned back to me and I dove forward, wrapping my arms around his neck, ‘If you want me to stay, just say it.’


‘Of course.’

Where dark woods hide secrets,
And mountains are fierce and bold,
Deep waters hold reflections,
Of times lost long ago.

I will hear their every story,
Take hold of my own dream,
Be as strong as the seas are stormy,
And proud as an eagle’s scream.

‘Did you know it’s been three years sine you moved in with me?’

‘The best decision I have ever made. Well, second best decision.’ I smiled, twisting the band that sat on my left hand, ‘Now, Mr Havoc, I do believe you have a tournament to win.’ Jimmy leaned down to kiss me. Moving to England with him gave me the chance to live my dream. I was married to the greatest guy with a little boy on the way, supporting Jimmy with his career all of the while. I wouldn’t change any of it.

‘I’ll try and come back in one piece for you.’

‘Even if you don’t, I’m still proud of you. Go and make him wish he’d never stepped into a ring with Jimmy Fucking Havoc. I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

And that is how I learned to look at life in a new perspective. I didn’t need to stay in a place that didn’t make me happy, I could go and travel with someone I loved. Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to Jimmy, my home is wherever he is.


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! This came about by the crew being absolutely fantastic at keeping me in the loop. Thanks goes to @tox-moxley and @oraclegazes, with a special shout-out to @psychrollins because we all need more football!Reigns in our lives and of course, our Thirst Party King-Captain, @hardcorewwetrash. Enjoy!

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pjo hogwarts!au for my wife’s birthday<3 featuring: post-battle grief, quidditch, leo being a little shit, slytherin captain/big brother!percy and last, but not least, jasiper.

“You punched him. Twice. Got yourself banned from playing Quidditch for the rest of the term. Mister. Grace.” If Professor Lupa’s voice dropped any lower, Jason is sure it would have sounded like a growl. But Jason doesn’t intimidate easily–does anyone in his place? One word to his father about this would have her sacked from her position. But that thought doesn’t even cross Jason’s mind, and all thoughts like it, no matter how mild in bitterness or how rage-satisfying they might be, would stay out of this boy’s brain. Jason was not one to abuse his power. Ever.

Maybe punching Octavian and calling it ‘upholding school values’ had been a little…unnecessary. It had made Percy laugh, and had certainly knocked the little wart back on his ass. Piper, however, hadn’t reacted, but she had eyes full of angry tears at the time, and that more than anything, was what had guided his knuckles right into Octavian’s nose.


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Baby Boy (Mature)

I stormed inside my house, throwing my bag on the floor with great force, causing the object to smash on the ground, making a loud noise as the gold brads has came in touch with the white tiles. The annoyance in my was obvious. I have had enough of the recent day. At this point I was a mixture of every single, negative fucking emotion I could possibly think of & the outcome has been surprisingly more highlighted by my behaviour than it was supposed to be. And, I did not care.  

‘Babe? What’s wrong? Was that you, making-’ My boyfriend became visible to my sight as he rushed to the corridor with a concerned look on his face. This was cute. He was cute. The way he cared; he just seemed so innocent. In contrast to me, probably the first time in forever.

Instead of giving him the answer, I rudely interrupted, taking his face by both hands and pressured his body to lean down and reply to my needy, sloppy kisses.

'Y/N, what the fuck?’ Justin spoke up, surprised by my sudden actions, placing his hand on a lower part of my back, pulling away, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

'Just, shut the fuck up.’ I spat, with no warning jumping on his body, as my legs wrapped around his waist, causing himself to take a few steps back, because of the sudden weight put on him. I could tell he was shocked, answering all my intense kisses with a slow motion.

I was worked up, literally eating out his face; the wet marks I have left behind, were creating trickles of spit, going all the way down on his chin. There was no memory of me coming up with such dominance in the past - but, I liked it.

'F-Fucking hell.’ He muttered, having issues with catching up on his lost breath as he threw my body onto the couch, looking down at me with so much dilemma hiding behind his big, brown eyeballs.

'What is going on, Y/N? Why on Earth would you just walk in and literally throw your body at mine? Damn, I wasn’t even-“

'Are you fucking done?’ I raised my eyebrows, looking at him like he was a crazy one in this situation. I sighted deeply, knowing that I am taking my language way too far, which only came to my realisation when I saw the mimic left on his precious facial.

'I’m sorry. I had the worst day going,  all I want is to make myself feel better, that’s it, Jay.” I muttered after a couple of seconds in silence, fixing myself on the couch. Normally, the shame would start flowing through me, but normally this would never happen, so I didn’t plan to justify my doing in much detail.

'I get it, don’t be sorry. Do you wanna talk about it, babygirl? I can help, I know what it feels like, just talk me though it, yeah? I’m here for you, I’m here to listen.’ He said straight after I have apologised for my actions, sitting himself right next to me, when he put his hand gently on my knee. A kind smile has appeared on his face and I could see that he aimed for the best. Justin was such a sweet boy, he made it hard to be tough on him.

'No’ I answered, taking his hand into mine, standing up just to sit in astride on his lap, placing his hand underneath my blouse, high on my hip, as one of my fingers was delicately pressed onto his wet, filled lips, so he may not protest or ask unnecessary questions.

'Do you remember all those times when you came back home pissed as hell? Did we talk, babe? No, you threw me around the house and fucked me like a fucking slut. It fucking helped you, didn’t it? You cummed deep inside me or all over my face and it made you feel better, right? Now, I want that. Fuck talking, I just wanna cum all over your dick and make myself feel really good, so you, you shut the fuck up, and you do what I tell you to. Fucking behave’ I snapped once again, breathing heavily with all the emotions as my fingers slipped inside Justin’s t-shirt, taking it off his body.

'Fuck, this is so hot, don’t stop.’ He mumbled under his breath, which made the corners of my lips go up. I definitely was no expecting such a positive, enthusiastic reaction from a boy who would give me spanking for cumming too early, but this was a good sign. My hand grabbed his chin, pressing on it with force, which made him look up at my eyes.

'Oh, you like that, don’t you, babyboy? Look at you, already so hard, I can feel your cock so well, someone is being a very needy little thing, am I right?’ I said with much proud, taking satisfaction of his red cheeks, as he realised that my words were completely correct, no matter how bad he wanted to deny them.

'Watch it, Y/N. I can have you cumming in a matter of seconds, but I can also make you beg for an orgasm and not give it to you at all. Be thankful, you know I don’t do this, you can’t do anything you want with me, you ain’t the fucking b-boss.’ His voice stammered as I undid his belt, slipping my hand inside his boxers. My notice of his words at this point was very little, because I knew I would feel an urge to kill him with my own hands if he carried on talking.

'Yeah, whatever, babyboy, I think you need to let mami take care of you, don’t you?’ I licked my lips slowly, looking deeply in his eyes, as my fingers scrolled through his already hard length. I couldn’t stop the excitement as Justin’s member grew bigger and stiffer, all because such simple actions that I had control over.

It became clear to me why he loved being dominant. What was there not to love? The other person being completely dedicated to you, no matter what you say or what you do. How you can take away their ability to breathe normally or think straight. This desperation visible in their eyes, screaming out for more. And most importantly - the power. How you rule their bodies and there’s only so little, almost non-existent amount of things they can do compared to you. This feeling was exquisite; absolutely addictive.

'That’s what I thought, good boy. Now, I will pleasure myself by using your body, what do you think of that? You are such a big boy down there, I think you will do just fine to take away my crucial demands’ I winked at him with a little smirk on my lips as he did not say a word. It was almost funny how always just the tips of his fingers made me cum immediately and here we were now, with this little change of roles.

'Tell me, Jay. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me to fuck you.’ I commanded, not taking my eyes of his even for a fraction of a second as I slowly got up just to take my leggings all the way down to the floor, in an easy tempo, to get Justin even more heated for what is coming. His face was hardly trying to stay un-bothered, so he could let this delusional 'men-pride’ stay on, in pair with keeping his alfa status. For his unfortunate, this only kept me motivated. I sat back on his laps, placing his hand on my naked ass cheek.

'Mmm, babe, your fingers feel so good on me, you are so fucking good. Do you wanna fuck me as bad as I wanna fuck you?’ I whined into his ear, biting the tip of it, as my behind pinned onto his boner which followed his loud, unexpected moan.

'Y-Yes. Oh, fuck yes, I want you to fuck me so bad. Please do, I wanna cum inside you, so deep that you will be feeling me for the next hours, coming back to what we were doing. Make me cum, please,’ The words just left his mouth, one by one, as his breathes became heavy when the set of beautiful, brown eyes was locked on the moves my hips were making on him.

'Oh, baby, you have made me so wet. Ugh, now I need to make you cum, you did well in terms of making me even more happy for what I wanna do with you.’ I chucked, exactly how Justin used to do to me everytime he made me do something he was really excited to experience.

With no further hesitation, I took his member out of the Calvin Klein boxers, positioning him directly opposite my woman part. A very little material of my thongs was moved to the side, as me and Justin both took a big breath in, watching the erotic scene we created.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, so tight!’ Justin moaned out loud as I slowly sat down on his length, making myself gasp in the sudden feeling of desire flowing through myself. I was in a rush by that point. Both of my hands rested on Justin’s torso, which helped me with my balance, as my hips were moving up and down. All of me was highly committed to my moves. I wanted and I needed more. My ass and his balls were slamming onto each other, making the characteristic noise spread across the room, collaborating the mixture of swear words, moans and heavy breathes.

'Am I fucking you good, baby boy?’ I panted, looking at his face when my fingers made their way to his neck, grabbing it harshly, so he paid attention to me only.

’S-So good, too good.’ He quickly responded, knowing that there is no other way now; it was me fucking him and nothing else could be added to that matter.

'I’m already so fucking close, you better be close too.’ I bite my bottom lip, feeling his own thrusts in me, when his hand squeezed my ass. I rasped out, as the inflow of emotions hit in, throwing my head to the back. More force was put into every, single jump, because  I grew impatience. Knowing that Justin would start feeling too comfortable with me reacting this way I sat down on all of his dick, pressing harder onto his body, so hard, that I felt a minimum amount of pain inside of me.

'I’m gonna cum, mami.’ He breathe out, trying to control the moans coming out of his body, but he couldn’t. The sweat was running down his forehead, his mouth was wide open, he was so into it, he was shaking, which was an unusual for me sight. And this was an automatic turn on. To make a boy who could make me come out of my senses come to this exact state.

'Cum with me, Jay. You know what it feels like when I’m just about to let go. Do it with me, no second after or before. Just with me. Make mami happy.’ A desperate whimper left my mouth, as I started jumping with a quicker speed, able to feel my juiced scrolling down on Justin’s cock. My nails scratch his abs, which only made my boyfriend more ready to join me. I screamed out his name, placing the whole of my shaking body on himself, as my walls tightened around me, filled with a hot substance, hitting deep inside of me. I numbly felt on himself, not being able to move a muscle, because of the intense intercourse we have just had.

'How the fuck am I supposed to get you off me, you are so tight around my dick.’ He groaned, not being able to collect himself after everything, same as myself. He was now back to his normal, cocky, too confident self, I could see that. And somehow I loved that.

'You did well, baby boy.’ Silent chuckle left my mouth, as my lips left a sweet, big kiss on the place behind his ear.

'Okay, I admit, this was so fucking hot and I will let you do that to me anytime you want, but don’t get too used to it. Next time I’m angry, I will fuck you up, you will see. I counted how many times you called me a 'babyboy’, trust me, I will use it against you. You will regret ever speaking out like this.’ He mumbled, turning around to face me and kissed me with so much passion, taking away my ability to breathe that I have just gained back. I didn’t really care about the future sex he planned, what mattered was that I have finally got over my stupid worries. Thanks to my own baby…boy.

Bunk Beds

Prompt: The Homestead has a set of bunk beds in one of the rooms. After Y/N has a bad day, Newt brings you to the Homestead where you two fight over who gets the top and who gets the bottom. (The fight can be fluffy or they can be yelling and mad.)
Bonus: You get together after someone spills your secret about liking Newt.

I roughly kicked a rock with my foot, sending it flying through the air. It popped Gally’s leg as he was walking by and he sent me a glare.

“Don’t kick things at me, Greenie,” Gally snapped. I rolled my eyes. I had been in the Glade for two weeks, and the term ‘Greenie’ had followed me and annoyed me since that Box had opened.

“Don’t call me Greenie and I won’t,” I retorted, crossing my arms. Minho, one of my closest friends since arriving in the Glade, had often called this position my 'Queen of Sass Pose’. Since he was obviously the King, I took it as a compliment.

“What? Want me to call you Shank?”

“I want you to call me Y/N. Or is that too hard for your shuck Builder brain to understand?” Gally stepped forward, his eyes narrowed. Before he could speak, Newt appeared out of nowhere, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the angry Builder.

“Are you trying to start a fight with Gally again, Y/N?” Newt demanded. Still, I didn’t miss the tiny twitch of his lips that told me he wanted to smile.

“I’m not in a very good mood,” I told him, relaxing the slightest bit. Newt had always had a relaxing affect on me.

“Well, how about I change that?” Newt asked, dragging me towards the Homestead.

“Newt, what are you -”

“You’ll see, Y/N. And you’ll love it.”

Newt’s eyes were lit with excitement and happiness. His lips were pulled upwards in a delightful smile that showed off his teeth. He absentmindedly pushed his hair out of his eyes and I couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on my face, nor the increase of my heart beat.

“If I don’t love it, you owe me,” I told him, trying to distract myself from my thoughts. Newt only laughed, forcing my heart to skip a beat and go into overdrive.

So maybe I had a tiny crush on the boy with the odd accent. Maybe I liked the way he was taller than me, the way his brown eyes were dark yet managed to shine and light up my world. Maybe I liked how his accent was thick in the mornings, when his eyelids were still heavy and his eyes were glazed with sleep.

I shook my head, wishing the thoughts would vanish. They never managed to leave, though. They’d resided in my brain for what felt like an eternity. It was as if I had came to the Glade already in love with Newt, already knowing him for centuries before the day we met and he pulled me out of that dreaded Box.
I hadn’t even realized that Newt had dragged me into the Homestead, nor that he had led me straight up the stairs. He stopped outside of a door and I smacked into him. I blushed as he laughed.

“Shove off,” I muttered, crossing my arms in annoyance. “Slinthead,” I added as an after thought. Their terms had become familiar in most cases, but I was still adapting to a few of the more strange terms. Slinthead was one of them, where 'shuck’ had been one that caught on very quickly.

“Slinthead?” Newt questioned, raising his eyebrows. “I’ve never heard you use such language,” he teased.

I blushed again, muttering a “rude” under my breath. He laughed and gestured to the closed door.

“Behind this door, Y/N, is the cure to your bad day.” Before I could tell him that I highly doubted that, Newt swung open the door. It creaked its opening theme and I didn’t know what I was supposed to see at first. Until my eyes landed on a bunk bed pushed against the far wall.

I squealed in delight, rushing over to the bunk beds. They seemed steady, like they’d easily hold my weight. Even so, I was thankful for my small stature.
“I remembered you telling me about how you remembered bunk beds,” Newt said softly. I hadn’t noticed that he had walked into the room. “I thought you’d like this surprise, so I begged the Builders to make it for you. It cost me a week’s worth of things, but that smile make it worth it.”

I smiled even bigger at his words. I quickly flung my arms around him, hugging him tight.

“Thanks, Newt. You’re amazing.” My words were muffled, my face buried in his chest. When his arms wrapped around me, pulling me even closer, I couldn’t stop the feeling of intense happiness.

“You’re welcome, Y/N,” Newt murmered, his head resting on mine. After a moment of standing like that, I finally pulled away from his hug. Instantly, I missed his warmth.

“So, are you sleeping in here with me?” I asked, already taking off my shoes. It had been a long day and I really wanted to sleep. I’d just sneak into the kitchen early tomorrow and steal food while I helped Frypan cook.

“Of course,” Newt responded. He followed my lead, taking off his shoes. Apparently he would be skipping dinner as well.

“I just hope that top bunk holds.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t move too much.”

I looked over at him, confused. “Huh?”

“Well, I get top bunk.” Newt stated it like it was obvious. As if he were teaching me to count to one.

“It’s my bunk bed. I get the top.”

“I got it built. I get the top.”

“It was built for me, though! I should get to top!”

“No, I get to top.”

I hadn’t realized, but the two of us had moved closer to one another. His face was just an inch or two from mine. He seemed to realize this too, as his eyes flickered down to my lips and his breath washed over my face.

“I still think I should get to top,” I whispered. I made no attempt at moving away from him. I liked the closeness. I liked what it implied would happen.

“Well, I want to top.” Newt’s voice was quieter than it had been. Louder than my own, but still much more quiet than his earlier voice.

“I really hope you’re both talking about the bunk bed and not each other,” a voice joked from the door. I flew away from Newt, my face going bright red. I turned to see a smirking Minho. That shuckface.

“What do you want, Minho?” Newt demanded. He didn’t seem too pleased.

“Just wondering who was going to top who,” Minho replied, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorjam. It was then that I realized that, with no context, our conversation had sounded rather dirty. At least, it was if Minho’s suggestive look was anything to go by.

“You are terrible,” I told him.

“Don’t hate me, Y/N. Love me. Not in the way you love Newt, but -”

“Shove off, you shuckfaced slinthead.” I replied, rolling my eyes and standing up. I climbed up the short ladder and rested on the top bunk. It was surprisingly comfortable.

“Just saying, Y/N. You and Newt would look so cute together.” Minho laughed. “You know, if you two ever got the guts to admit you liked each other.”

“Minho!” I shouted, but the boy was already gone. My face was burning. I refused to look down to where I knew Newt was still sitting. Then I realized what Minho said. If we got the guts to admit that we liked each other… Not just that I liked Newt.

“Newt?” I asked timidly.

He stood up, head at the same level as mine. Once again, I was reminded of his height and how much I loved it.

“Yeah, Y/N?” He asked.

“So… About what Minho said.”

He hesitated before saying, “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course.”

“I think you’re amazing. I was happy, you know, when you came in here. That very first day when you refused to trust anyone but me. It was like I knew you. Like I knew you back before the Creators put us in this stupid Glade. It was like they sent you back to me. I… I really like you, Y/N.”


“Yeah?” He looked beyond nervous, but his adorable brown eyes kept flickering down to my lips.

“Are you going to keep glancing at my lips, or are you going to kiss them?”

The smile that appeared on his face made me melt.

“Can I kiss you, Y/N?”


He leaned forward, his breath washing over my face once again. I smiled as his lips finally connected with mine.

I expected it to be maybe a little clumsy. I couldn’t remember kissing anyone before - but the way our lips moved together, as if it was a dance they had learnt together years ago, made me think that maybe Newt was right.
For whatever reason, the Creators had sent me back to Newt.

I pulled away from him, both of us smiling.

“I still get the top bunk.”


Make Love Not War (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 1,993


You met Dan Howell on the first day of university at the Fresher’s Fair; you were both trying to avoid the crowds because of your social awkwardness when you bumped into each other. Dan joked that it was great to find someone as socially uncomfortable as him and in return you told him that neither of you could be that socially awkward if you were talking to each other.

He asked if you wanted to get coffee with him and you said yes. It turned out you were both youtubers but Dan had a few more hundred subscribers than you but you didn’t care because it was like you’d met your soul mate in Dan. He agreed and after your second date he asked you to be his girlfriend and the rest was history.

After university you moved in with Dan and Phil down in London and kept making YouTube videos more as a hobby rather than a full blown job like the other two. You were a freelance photographer and you loved documenting yours and Dan’s life together.

The fights started small, over little things like why had Dan broken your straighteners and then refused to take the blame? And why it should be you that has to do the majority of the shopping and cleaning? But you always got over them pretty quickly and made up.

As Dan continued to get bigger on YouTube you noticed a change in his attitude as well as the fans. You received more and more comments on your videos and social media that you were using Dan for his subscribers which wasn’t true. When you tried to talk to Dan about this he blanked you and one night you had enough.

‘Dan you’re not going to ignore me anymore. What’s your problem? Why are you letting the fans treat me like this? You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.’

He merely glanced up from his laptop on the sofa before grunting and returning his attention back to Tumblr. You stood up and pulled the laptop off his lap and threw it onto the chair opposite, Dan scowled at you and stood up the height difference between you noticeable.

‘God y/n you can be so annoying sometimes, why did you do that?’

You scoff and fold your arms over your chest.

‘At least I’m not blanking my girlfriend over some YouTube comments. I took away your laptop because we need to talk about this Dan, we can’t sweep it under the rug and forget about it.’

‘Why do you care so much about the bloody comments y/n? Unless the fans are right and you have been using me this whole time to gain more attention for your lame channel. That’s right I said it, maybe you should just stick to photography then again you can’t even get a solid job to pay your portion of the rent. Most months I pay it, you’re a scrounger y/n and I’ve had enough.’

Dan’s harsh words cut into you deep and you were too stunned speechless to reply. Was this how he really felt about your relationship? You’d given him nearly four years and now the truth was coming out. You cover your mouth with your hand and feel tears prick at your eyes. Dan’s face immediately softens and he curses realising what he’s just said to you.

‘Shit y/n I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any of that. I’m just stressed out with YouTube and the radio show and the book and tour coming up. I love you y/n.’

He reaches out to pull you into a hug but you pull back your mind made up about what you have to do. Tears stream down your cheeks.

‘If that’s what you think about me Dan then I can’t do this any longer, I’ve given you four years of my life and support. You were the first boy who made me feel loved and sexy and visible…you are my first love and I want…more than anything…for you to be my last…but I can’t do this anymore at least not now…we’re done.’

Dan’s face pales and you know he’s fighting back tears of his own. You bow your head and shuffle out of the living room.

‘Don’t go y/n…I need you here…’

Dan grabs your shoulder but you shrug him off not daring to look over your shoulder, knowing you’ll crumble.

‘No Dan…you need your adoring fans more, they can give you so much more than I ever can…goodbye…’

You leave the room and head to the bedroom to pack your bags. Dan doesn’t make a move to stop you, it looks like he never cared about you in the first place.


‘No Dan…you need your adoring fans more, they can give you so much more than I ever can…goodbye…’

y/n walked out of the room leaving me heartbroken and shattered into a million pieces. I fell to the floor and sobbed unable to go after her. Why had I said those awful things to her? Once they left my lips I instantly regretted them when I saw the horror and shock written on y/n’s face.

The front door slammed and y/n was out of my life. Four years and I’d thrown it down the drain because a few fans had gotten to me.

‘Dan are you okay?’

Phil shuffled into the room and I shook my head.

‘I screwed up Phil and now the best thing in my life has walked out of the door.’

Phil nods and leans against the door.

‘You did Dan, just give her some space.’


Phil told me to give her some space, I gave her three months and still we weren’t on talking terms. She refused my calls and didn’t reply to my hundreds of messages. After I made the comment about her not being able to hold a steady photography job, I discovered that Kerrang! had hired her to go on Warped as the official photographer for the magazine. On her Instagram and Twitter she looked happy but I knew her too well, I could see past the fake smiles. It wasn’t on her shoulders to apologise to me; I was just too much of a coward.

It was hard not to get jealous when I saw her taking selfies with numerous band members from All Time Low to Of Mice & Men to Black Veil Brides. I couldn’t lose her that easily, she was the awkward geeky girl I bumped into at Fresher’s.

I stopped updating YouTube regularly and I didn’t have the enthusiasm for the radio show or upcoming book tour. I didn’t realise how much I took y/n for granted, she was like my personal assistant and girlfriend wrapped into one. I came across her diary which had dated all my appearances and what time and where I needed to be, she even created me an upload schedule for my videos. I couldn’t properly function without her.

I needed to show her how much I loved her and that we were meant to be together despite what the internet thought. I then remembered her love of documenting our relationship these last four years and I knew what I needed to do to win her back.



Warped was amazing, you took so many awesome photos and met some of your idols and even got to hang out with a few of them. Yes you flirted a little here and there but in the back of your mind all you could think about was Dan back in London. He had tried to get in touch with you but you ignored him, you thought you could move on but you couldn’t bring yourself to let go of the four years you had spent together.

Phil asked you to go out for dinner with him when you returned to London and you accepted because he was a sweetie who’d taken your side over Dan’s which must have been hard for him because Dan was his best friend. You began to question Phil’s motives when he blindfolded you as soon as you stepped foot out of the flat you were renting close to the Kerrang! office.

‘Where are you taking me Phil?’

He shushed you as you got into a taxi. When the taxi stopped you was a little nervous as to what was coming next. Phil took your hand and you felt grass beneath your heeled feet, this wasn’t a restaurant. You got scared when Phil let go of your hand, you stood still for a couple of minutes before you heard familiar music start to play. Just Another Girl by The Killers came from speakers near you and you couldn’t help but crack a smile, you were obsessed with them and it was the first concert you and Dan went to as a couple. Just Another Girl was one of your favourite songs so you ripped off the blindfold to see what was in front of you.

You gasped as you stared directly at a white screen in front of you strewn with fairy lights around the edges as a slideshow of pictures and videos of you and Dan flashed onto the screen from a projector behind you. They seemed familiar and you realised that you’d taken them over the last four years.

‘Four months ago I made a huge mistake, I let the single most precious thing walk out of my life. I regret my words and know I hurt you y/n, I was stressed and the fans got to me but then I realised something. Without you by my side I crumbled even more under the pressure, I found your diary with all your sticky notes stating my appearances and I shed a tear. And it was then I knew that I couldn’t go another day of my life without you by my side. So I only have one question to ask you y/n and feel free to say no because I was a cowardly jerk face.’

Dan walked out from behind the screen wearing a nice suit, his hair was styled and you were slightly confused by what he meant when he said he had one question to ask you. His apology seemed sincere and you chuckled remembering Dan mocking your use of multi-coloured notes for different events but they kept him organised.

You gasp loudly as Dan stands in front of you smiling ear to ear, he gets down on one knee and your heart skips a beat knowing what question he’s going to ask you. Tears threaten to spill, tears of joy this time as he removes a small black box from inside his suit jacket.

‘y/n you are my best friend and I’m so happy we bumped into each other at university because I don’t know where I’d be without you. I love you with all my heart and I promise not to make the same mistakes. Will you marry me y/n?’

He produces the most beautiful engagement ring you’ve ever laid eyes on. You smile matching his and know that you made the right decision staying single while in America.

‘Yes Dan, I’ll marry you my stupid unorganised idiot.’

He places the ring on your finger and you help him up off the ground before squealing and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

‘I missed you so much y/n.’

‘I think I missed you more Dan.’

You kiss him passionately never wanting this magical moment to end. Everything in your life was finally on track.

S3 E2 Recap: Murder and the Maiden

S3 E2 Murder and the Maiden Recap

I forgot how much this was going to hurt. Actually, my euphoria from the first episode likely anesthetized my brain for the first twenty minutes, which were filled with fantastic banter between our two favorite detectives and more angst between their young proteges. Even when Group Captain Compton made his first appearance, I wasn’t that bothered. After all, there can be no doubt that Phryne knows that Jack’s jealousy is his weakest point. Alas, I forgot how far a provoked Phryne Fisher will go to make a point - if only to herself.

Themes: I’m going with priorities or allegiances if you like. You’ve got the young aviatrix, whose allegiance to the Air Force is deeper than that to her lover; Dot whose need and desire to do her job overpower her need to soothe her fiance’s discomfort - even daring to do the thing that terrifies her the most to prove to him that she can and will if it is part of her duties and Compton who puts his responsibilities to the RAAF first instead of being honest with his old friend. In *each* of these scenarios, we have a person whose commitment to doing their job far outweighs their personal (romantic) feelings.
In the cases of Phryne and Jack, it’s far more complicated and the pendulum swings both ways, each at times placing the job above and then placing their feelings above.

We begin the episode with a young woman’s demise and it looks fairly brutal by all accounts. Cut to Phryne and Dot at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) airfield where we meet Group Captain Compton, who is clearly a dark horse from Phryne’s past and a pretty important guy in the RAAF, what with Group Captain being pretty high up the chain in terms of rank. We know we’re being set up already with the introduction of the motorcycle. Phryne’s drawn to the machine like a moth to a flame and wastes no time daring Compton to beat their last land speed record. I can’t help compare his all-too-smooth “Hold on tight” and her “If you insist” retort to the last time we saw her on a similar vehicle. “Sorry, Jack! I’m afraid I’m going to have to touch you.” Quite the difference. Compton is smooth, polished - almost a little smarmy - and very happy to take the lead as opposed to Jack who is entirely more subtle and very cautious about the dangerous nature of physical contact with Miss Fisher.

Meanwhile, Constable Collins and the Inspector are investigating the young woman’s death - which just so happened to take place yards beyond the RAAF’s borders. Cheers to Hugh for finding the “serious boot print.” Which leads us to the first of many lovely Jack growls in this episode, “And where around here would we find a serious pair of boots?” Dot is being entertained by an older man by the name of Graves who is retired but serving in some kind of consulting capacity to the Group Captain. He waxes on about the joys of flying and plants the seed that Dot could catch a glimpse of heaven beyond the clouds. I always feel that way when I look out of my window seat. From the look in her eye later on in the episode, I think Dot will get to experience it at some point in her lifetime.

We learn why Phryne has been summoned to the airfield in the first place - to look into the disappearance of one of Compton’s pilots, James Manning. Of course, this turns out to be a bit of a red herring by Compton - one which will ultimately cost him his place in the Phryne Fisher Reminiscing Club. Then, the Inspector turns up and, used to Phryne being one step ahead, assumes she is there because of the murder. But it comes as a shock to her and blindsides Jack. “You didn’t know?” he asks. “No,” she replies awkwardly. “Um, Compton and I are old friends.” Cue Jack’s hackles - which are further raised when Compton issues a warning using very familiar terms, “Phryne-”. Jack knows a dismissal when he hears one but, leaves a breadcrumb trail for Miss Fisher, a not so subtle invitation to the Morgue.

But, now it’s Phryne using familiar terms, telling Compton she won’t protect the RAAF, “if it stands between Jack and bringing a murderer to justice.” It’s important to note several things here: 1) Phryne NEVER uses Compton’s first name. I didn’t even remember what it was (it’s Lyle); 2) She neither addresses nor refers to the Inspector by his title in front of Compton. That is unusual. In front of others - especially in a professional setting, she refers to him as Inspector Robinson. But with Compton, he is always “Jack.” Always familiar; 3) Phryne doesn’t say she won’t keep Compton’s secrets if the secrets will stop them from bringing a murderer to justice - she says if the secrets stand between JACK and bringing a murderer to justice. Despite what Jack assumes later, she will not keep the truth from him no matter what Compton asks of her. She makes no bones about the fact that she will honour both her commitment to her detective work and her commitment to Jack as a colleague and a friend over protecting whatever Compton is hiding.

Outside, Hugh spots Dot talking to Mr. Graves and shades of wise-cracking duck impersonators creep under his skin. Hugh gets protective and Dot immediately lashes out, threatening to go up in a plane if she has to - if only to get Hugh’s goat. Dot does not like having her priorities managed for her. Nor does she fancy being told what she can and can’t do - even if it’s the truth. Miss Fisher is rubbing off more than we ever expected. Or perhaps that’s simply human nature. Once Dot’s independent streak was praised and nurtured, it’s hard to go back to being the quiet mouse we met in the first minutes of the series opener. The Inspector soon joins the scene and, lo and behold, so does Miss Fisher. “Jack, wait. You know I can’t resist a murder, if it is a murder.” Of course he does - I’d wager that he was counting on it. Since when has Jack ever delivered an invitation succinctly as “I’ll be at the Morgue, Miss Fisher,”?

Also worth noting is Phryne’s, “Jack, wait.” This time it’s rather benign, he invited her along after all and she wants to catch up. But she uttered the same words last episode after his “parade” speech and stopped him walking out of her parlour and here she is saying it again - not for the last time.

OK, to the new Morgue (which I still hate) and Mac (whom I still adore). I love catching glimpses of her looking at these two idiots as they dance around the obvious. The three of them piece together what they know. Phryne suspects the deceased girl and her missing pilot were lovers based on the pilot’s service number etched into a key found by her body, eliciting a reaction from Jack that reads far more wistful than jealous. “Or maybe just ‘old friends’,” he replies, repeating the words she used to describe her relationship with Compton. It was sad, really, his expression in that moment. There is so much bubbling under that calm demeanor. You can see his depths in those eyes. Just lovely. He’s no longer talking about the victim. His priorities shift between solving the murder and his feelings, intent on discovering what Phryne’s relationship was/is to Compton. He isn’t going to come right out and ask her to explain but she does anyway because she knows Jack will figure it out eventually and suspect the worst until he does. I don’t see it as kowtowing on her part but, rather, a regard or respect for him to go ahead and address it - prioritizing.

“I met Compton back in England at the end of the war. I flew a couple of low-key missions with him, that’s all.” Then, she goes right back to identifying the dead girl’s possessions, a lighter and a cigarette. We don’t hear Phryne talk much about her time in the war but, no doubt, she and Jack have shared bits and pieces over time and whiskey. Though probably just shards. It peaks Jack’s attention, too. “Missions… as in Intelligence?” he asks. “Not officially,” she answers. So, yes. Intelligence. Don’t forget that in “The Blood of Juana the Mad,” Phryne knew the letters “PLP” stood for “pulp” which was the code word used for assassination. (I remember being surprised back then that Jack didn’t question her knowledge of this further but, I supposed he had bigger fish to fry at the time.) Following Phryne’s lead back to the girl, Jack pulls out his scrap of paper he found with the body and reads the words that sound like a love letter to Phryne, “flight…earth…eyes turned skyward…have been…and there will always…long.”

“Very literary,” she claims. “And very aeronautical,” he adds. Let’s add “aeronautical” to the list of otherwise benign words that now make me weak in the knees, shall we? (Semi-parasitic, anyone?) Damn you and that voice, Nathan!

But the pull of Phryne’s revelation is too great and Jack uses very literary terms to describe his theory, “So Captain Courageous is entrusting Mata Hari with another secret mission.” I actually guffawed at this. What a perfect comparison for both figures! Compton as Captain Courageous and Phryne as Mata Hari - flying covert missions at the end of the war and here, again, investigating something the Group Captain obviously wants kept quiet. “Captains Courageous” was surely a book Jack had read and when referring to a person in the singular as he did, it usually signifies a brave leader (though Jack is using it a bit snidely in this case) and I can’t help but think that he is feeling a bit outranked by Group Captain Compton, in more ways than one. Phryne as Mata Hari (as opposed to Cleopatra - but no less enticing) is perfection what with her penchant for exotic dancing and manipulating men - not to mention the implications of spy during the war (albeit MH spied for Germany). This image will continue to repeat itself throughout the episode.

Phryne’s first instinct is to deny Jack’s claim but, he’s right and she knows he knows it. I appreciate that she tries to put his worry to rest all the same, “Compton was a long time ago, Jack. And, it wasn’t like that. Well, yes it was. But, you know what it’s like to think life is fleeting and you might die at any moment.” Compton is her past, which implies that Jack is her present… perhaps even future. But, we all know how Phryne’s past comes back to visit her regularly. And, let’s be honest, “old friends” is now pretty much a euphemism for “lovers.” And Jack *has* been in that situation with her plenty of times and it’s never capitulated in a moment of passion between them - only a moment of devastating realization. Not surprisingly, it’s Mac who sasses back and not Jack. Instead, he addresses Mac and exits, stage left.

Back in St. Kilda, Dot’s on the case along with Cec and Bert - who will be needed for their commo knowledge and connections. Always love the banter between Bert & Miss Fisher - there’s such lovely chemistry between the entire cast and I don’t say it often enough. Two delightful pieces of information come out of this conversation: that Bert has a lady friend and that Phryne is particularly partial to Herminie Cadolle lingerie. OK fic writers, that was a GIFT! Cadolle basically invented the bra and even though she died in 1926, the house bearing her name continued to thrive - it’s actually still in business. One other thing: besides the royalty at the time, Cadolle’s most famous customer was - none other than (yes, you guessed it) - Mata Hari.

Blah, blah, blah. Phryne has a chat with the head commie in charge at the European club, a man named Rupert Higgins, who clearly doesn’t mind the capitalist menace when she looks like Phyrne Fisher - though I suppose having Bert vouch for you is about the highest praise one could get in a place like this. Phryne suspects the union to be behind the RAAF’s sabotaged plane and possibly the missing airman’s demise. She ruffles some feathers and meets Bert’s crush, a Russian seamstress and coat check girl who knew the woman currently lying in Mac’s morgue and just happened to be fixing her coat.

The coat is brought to the Police as evidence and needs to be inspected by an expert. I love how Jack has zero problem ceding to Dot in this matter - it was never even a question. In the last episode, we saw how Jack more or less put Dot on equal investigative footing as Phryne and here he is, giving her free rein to state’s evidence. Jack has a high regard for Dot’s abilities without all the baggage that we see Hugh having to carry. Of course, Jack has plenty of baggage of his own to unpack and it has nothing to do with Dot. Then, we are treated to some spectacular banter.

Phryne teases the Inspector with evidence that she is going to withhold until he can show her that he’s willing to “play nicely.” Instead of giving in to her game, he gives her shit instead, “Why aren’t you at the RAAF, wing walking or something?” Effing fantastic Jack! Phryne wasn’t willing to give him points for that, but I am! The wing walking may have been a shout out to the Kerry Greenwood book “Flying Too High,” in which the literary Phryne does just that. But, I don’t look a gift Jack in the mouth. Bring the sass, Inspector! BRING IT! He then proceeds to flaunt what his own very sharp investigative skills have turned up. And it just happens to be that they arrived at the same conclusion - Rupert Higgins the chief red ragger from the European Club. Phryne is a little more than impressed. I don’t think she takes for granted just *how* good Jack is at his job but I do think she forgets sometimes and I love it when he reminds her. Next, he chides her for not getting more information from the missing airman’s file and the priority pendulum swings once again away from the case and toward she and Compton.

“You know,” she tells Jack after he winces at the mention of the other man’s name, “You and Compton are very similar, Jack. I think you’d like him."   "I don’t think one thing necessarily follows the other,” he retorts cheekily - but wisely. He’s not keen on any man who has “known” Phryne in the way that he has  *as of yet* not - let alone a man she claims is “similar” to him. And not a man who threatens his authority. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not going to like him.Phryne concedes the point, awarding him full marks and shares the evidence pulled from her décolletage, because of course, which Jack recognizes as the post mark from the love letter.

At the desk, Hugh and Dot aren’t playing too nicely themselves. Poor Hugh. Wait. Did he just suggest that Dot sod the responsibilities to her job and concentrate on setting a wedding date instead. I take it back. Hugh can suck it. His priorities are clearly involve Dot denying her own - and our Dottie’s not going to stand for that. Have fun at the pie cart, Hugh, while your fiancé is off solving the murder. Naturally, Hugh has to take his frustration out on the Inspector and Miss Fisher by way of some very bad timing.

Did you all see how close Jack and Phryne were just before Hugh interrupted? I swear, they are just torturing us with Phryne leaning over his desk like that, inches away from him. Where was his other hand, by the way? Was it coming close to steadying her? Look at the look on her face when the door opens. That is a guilty expression if I ever saw one - whether guilty for being caught intentionally torturing the Inspector or guilty for being ready to act on the urges that were so obviously building between them - we’ll never know. Argh! Hugh! At least you made me laugh at your incredulous expression for having to find a tall airman. The heat continues to build as the detectives attempt to enter the base.

Apparently, the Inspector is persona non grata as the sentry says that only Miss Fisher can enter. Another act of subjugation by Compton against Jack. But, Phryne uses her feminine wiles to get Jack in under the guise that he is her fiancé - who she needs for protection in such an overwhelmingly masculine environment. LOL! But Jack gets to enjoy the fruits of this deception which include Phryne covering his hand with hers and snaking her other across his lap and around his knee, squeezing it to signal him to hit the gas. It only gets better from there. Next thing we know, he’s giving her a leg up (a la Bert in Cocaine Blues) in order to break into an office on base. Unfortunately we don’t get to see her climb him like a tree - but that’s why we have imaginations (and fan fic), people! Though they were kind enough to let us bear witness to one of the cheekiest lines we’ve ever heard from our dour Inspector.

“Admit it, Jack,” she cajoles while pulling herself up, “Being a woman definitely has its assets.” She’s bragging about her ability to play both sides of the female coin to her advantage, femme fatale and helpless woman in need (“because I’m a woman alone, newly arrived, in a dangerous town.”) But Jack ain’t talking about her game when he says, “Well, I appreciate your assets. Now, if we could hurry up this break-in.” Oh my god. Jack actually admits with words that he has, not only looked at but, considered her many “assets.” Blessed be! While Jack has always praised her intelligence and ingenuity, this is the first time he clearly compliments her physicality. No doubt he finds her beautiful and alluring - but who doesn’t? And so, to say this feels cheap. Instead, his words are able to convey a depth to his affection that definitely includes these things without precluding the rest of what makes Phryne, Phryne.

It only gets more amusing as he attempts to hand her back her purse and she refuses to take it and Jack looks like one of those husbands at the mall, holding all their wife’s bags. LOL! Another dig about Compton and some more bickering between them. “Must you always be so contrary?” Phryne asks him after she claims the third lock she tried was a charm. He reminds her it was the fourth. And Phryne’s is a fair point - and not just in talking about the lockers. The verbal sparring is their version of foreplay but, it can also lead the Inspector into trouble thanks to his dramatic nature. The contents of the locker reveal some evidence that link the missing airman, Manning, to Lt. Willis Jones - who also just happens to own the boot that left the mark next to the dead girl’s body. A photograph that shows the two men were at the least, very close friends. 

Compton arrives on the scene, tipped off by his guard and is none to happy with the detectives - knowing they obtained the photo by stealth. Phryne floats her idea of what may have happened, a love triangle: both men were in love with the girl and Jones kills both the girl and his competition, “Two men, one woman. It has been known to lead to conflict.” The implications are not lost on either of the two men standing beside her. But Compton isn’t hearing any of it. He marks his territory and tells Jack to take a flying leap. And Jack is NOT happy. He does not like having his authority marginalized. Remember his outrage when Sanderson turned his case over to O'Shaughnessy? That was nothing compared to this. But there is nothing he can do - he’s impotent in the face the evidence (lack thereof) and a jurisdiction that he cannot take over. He tilts his head to Phryne as if to say, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand,” but then Compton calls her back - using her first name once again and this time, making it clear that what he needs to discuss is a “personal matter.”

Compton’s choice of words are very much intentional. He frames like it’s a personal matter between he and Phryne - this is partly so the Inspector will leave without her and partly to piss the Inspector off even more because Compton’s got the measure of the two of them and he’s feeling a bit jealous himself. The prick. But then we learn the real reason he wanted Jack to go. It was a personal matter between two of his men. Compton reveals to Phryne that he believed the two pilots, Jones & Manning, to be in a homosexual relationship and whether to protect them, himself or the RAAF, he does not want it getting out. He has no idea what kind of man the Inspector is and justifiably doesn’t trust to share that sensitive information. But he does end up giving Phryne free rein and she finds some damning evidence in the process - a cigarette packet in Jones’ desk that Mac confirms contained the poison that killed the girl.

Meanwhile, Hugh and Dot have another row because he is too proud to accept her help in narrowing down the cities where the postmark could be from. “Stick to the whole of Australia then, Hugh.” I couldn’t have been the only one cheering Dot on? Could I have? No, I didn’t think so.

Jack gets to show off a bit of knowledge again with regard to the origin of the poison, ricin, and he explains that it was being experimented with as a chemical weapon during the war until it was banned by the Hague. The detectives then head over to City South where Hugh has found he identity of the dead woman. Virginia “Ginny” Forbes who clearly knew the missing airman, Manning based on their shared histories. It’s clear that Phyrne has shared what Compton told her about the two men potentially being lovers - which should say A LOT. She is keeping nothing from Jack at this point, sharing every scrap of information despite the fact that Compton doesn’t want her to. Her allegiance remains true to Jack and the job at hand.

But, Jack stubbornly doesn’t see it that way. Yes, Jack should understand why Compton wants to keep the men’s dalliance discreet - after all, he has broken laws to cover up the romantic entanglements of Charlie Freeman. But, as Phryne says, he is determined to hate Compton and make this a personal matter. In Jack’s defense, it IS Compton who keeps referring to the matter as personal. But Jack escalates matters and things get ugly, “I don’t understand why you have to dance to his tune!” Because Jack cannot see that Phryne has already aligned herself with him. How could he? She stayed behind to discuss Compton’s personal matter when he was summarily dismissed from the premises. And even though she shared what she learned, it’s clear that there is a bond between she and Compton - one which he does not share with her. He feels threatened on both a personal and professional level and that’s not a good combination for our Detective Inspector. But, the accusation was leveled and Phryne takes no shit from anyone - and certainly not a man who thinks he (or anyone else) has a say in what she does. Her allegiance is, above all, to herself.

Of course, Hugh has to interrupt in that precise moment with an urgent message from you-know-who. Now she goes and this time, she does it knowing just how much it will hurt him. “I dance to no one’s tune, Inspector,” she says icily - pointedly not calling him “Jack” for the first time this episode - as she turns tail and heads in the direction of another man. The best I can say is, at least he didn’t get drunk this time. He immediately regrets his words, his hand flying to his forehead.

Blah, blah, commos, blah, blah, Bert’s Russian girlfriend. Not impressed - he can do better. But we learn that she’s got something in her possession that red ragger Higgins doesn’t want her to have - likely connected with his pending sedition charges. I love that they gave Bert his own plot line - I just wish it had been more interesting.

Back to Compton, who got Phryne back to talk about the evidence she found. Could had been done over a phone call but, he doesn’t like the thought that, when pressed for her affection, she might chose Jack over him and so demands her presence. Then he makes a dig about “your [her] Inspector.” “Don’t you start, Compton,” she warns, “You two can squabble over demarcation. I’m interested in the big picture.” But, it’s not just demarcation of jurisdiction they’re squabbling over, is it? No. They’re in a pissing contest to see who has the most sway over Phryne. “Hmm,” says Compton, playing into this exact idea. “And how does Jack fit into your big picture? He’s not your usual style.” Jealousy with a side of aloofness, followed by a veiled insult. I can’t stand this guy. Fortunately, Phryne doesn’t take the bait, claiming that she’s “remarkable versatile.” She doesn’t deny that Jack *is* part of her big picture.
“Ahh, so I’m right about Jack,” he teases.
He knows her well enough that needling her about a potential commitment is best way to get under her skin. Why isn’t she getting mad at him for prying into her love life?  It’s been 10 years since she’s seen this flyboy. Shouldn’t she be indignant over his line of questioning? Perhaps it’s because he is putting on the air of seemingly not to care - but rather asking out of amused interest. But it seems like Compton cares to me - and not the way Jack cares because Jack is in love with her. Compton just doesn’t like seeing another man with his prize - his Mata Hari. Though, perhaps like Jack, I’m determined to make this a personal matter.

What Phryne says next by way of explanation was like a punch to the gut, “Too much ballast for lift off."   "Yours or his?” Compton asks, referring to the weight that’s keeping the two detectives earth-bound.

In the most honest words she has ever used, Phryne admits, “Probably both.” It’s not just Jack who is scared, who has the baggage. We’ve seen Jack’s baggage for ourselves - continue to see it plenty. But this is the first time that we get a glimpse of Phryne admitting that she does too. Oh, it’s fine for her to flirt and invite him to dinner and bend over his desk - all harmless and very fitting of either Cleopatra or the Mata Hari. But truly lifting off with Jack? She’s terrified. She knows Jack was right last episode when he said he wasn’t like all the other liberal-minded men in her life - knows it will be different with him. And what I hear is her admitting that she is ultimately afraid of the ramifications of taking that step. Naturally, Compton hears it too and capitalizes on this by offering her a drink and something more frivolous to take her mind off her baggage.

As Hugh and the Inspector work late to put the pieces together, my stomach begins to churn. “No! No!” I’m yelling at the computer screen but, it doesn’t listen. I watch helplessly, as Jack heads straight to the RAAF, knowing it’s only a matter of time before his heart gets broken yet again. I swear, I can’t handle it another time. But I can’t help but cheer as the Inspector totally abandons his moral compass for a Phryne-worthy break and enter on no less than a military base - skulking around the abandoned sentry box with Hugh as a look out. He finds his evidence but the alarms sound, the break in the perimeter fence discovered. Before you know it, Hugh has 5 guns pointed at him and Jack almost looks angrier than he was on board the Pandarus. In fact, he doesn’t just look angry. He looks dangerous. He has his revolver pulled and trained on one of the guards, telling Collins to get to the car. But Hugh doesn’t take the threats lightly, “Don’t shoot!” he pleads. And another voice joins his.

“Don’t shoot!” Phryne yells as she scurries in front of Hugh, clad only in a leather bomber-style jacket and her jewelry. Compton comes flying to the scene seconds later in only his skivvies and it’s abundantly clear what they were about to get up to. Compton accuses Jack of trespass but Jack holds his ground this time, telling the Group Captain to take it up with the Chief Commissioner. Finally, after Phryne gives Compton a withering look, he tells his officers to stand down and Hugh bolts out of there. Jack follows, walking past Phryne - no illusions here. He pauses to take in her bare feet, even though she tries to cover them amidst the fallen leaves - her toes painted bright red - and gives the head tilt of resignation. When Mata Hari performed, she would strip down to nothing except her bra and jewelry - which never came off. Well here’s Phryne, wearing only a coat, her long smoky quartz earrings dangling pointedly, her toes polished, the epitome of seduction, the Mata Hari. And Jack says nothing. Because there is nothing to say. She left his side, angered by his accusations and determined to remain true to her priority of putting herself first - and this is where she ended up. He has never been one to condemn her choices or judge her for her modern attitudes toward sex. But this hurts. And so, he simply leaves.

Phryne takes one last look at Compton and realigns her priorities almost immediately. She grasps at the chain link fence, “Jack! Wait!” she shouts for the third time. As she said at the lockers, “third time’s a charm.” Though, according to Jack’s contrary comment, it could take a fourth. Giving no mind to her unprotected feet, she runs after him in the dark, shouting in self-defense, “We were just reminiscing!”
What’s the difference between a reason and an excuse? My favorite answer is: there is always a reason but sometimes, there is no excuse.
Jack’s not buying the excuse. When Phryne lays eyes on the clothing and padding they took from the sentry box, she is immediately distracted by the case once more, “What on earth?”

The word earth prompts Jack to recall a quote from somewhere in his mind - which just so happens to match the scrap of love letter, “It’s a police matter, Miss Fisher. It’s none of your concern. You just keep those eyes turned skyward.” The words sting. He feels inferior to Compton for some reason. Perhaps because his time in the service wasn’t as glamorous as a secret-stealing pilot or perhaps because of the pilot’s now high rank. But he said the words thinking that she would continue to spur him, in this case for an airman, always turning her eyes skyward - never satisfied with what she could have here on earth.
And at that very moment, Phryne recognizes the words as those of Leonardo DaVinci: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.”

So they were both right. Literary and aeronautical. And also a question of allegiance. Because as Dot reads the quote, you realize that everyone makes their choices, forms their allegiances, prioritizes what is most important.

Of course, this implicates much more than flying a plane where Phryne and Jack are concerned. If they can lighten their load, they can soar, always with the desire to return to one another.

Mr. Butler to the rescue, “A snifter, Miss?"   "Desperately!"   You’re not the only one, Phryne! This show is killing me.

Then, Dot solves the mystery! Their missing pilot isn’t a he but a she. An aviatrix disguised as a man. Dot is now so taken with the idea of flying that it is she - not Phryne - who surmises that the pilot could be a woman by imagining it as herself. The detectives bring Lt. Willis Jones in for questioning and he confirms it.  "Goggles and God help you, that was Ginny.” Sounds like someone else we know, doesn’t it? They eliminate Jones as a suspect for now and Phryne impersonates Bert’s Russian who was dealing with Ginny to find out who sabotaged the RAAF’s planes. Epic adventure ensues, which I could really care less about except for a few choice moments:

Jack, Compton and Hugh are keeping watch over the scene and Compton makes a remark about how unusual it is for the police and the air force to cooperate in these types of maneouvers. “We know who’s maneouvered us,” Jack states, not without some bile.  “Yes. Well, she always was a wild child,” replies Compton. At this statement, Jack lowers his binoculars and laughs. Actually laughs. I saw this as an amazing moment of acceptance for Jack. I like the call back to “Dead Air” and the choice of words, Jack singing to her, “there’s something wild about you child that’s so contagious…” But, there’s more. Wild child - that’s how Compton sees her but, Jack knows her to be so much more than that. I think in that moment, Compton fixes himself permanently to Phryne’s past in Jack’s eyes.

Then there’s the moment where Jack goes after Higgins, shedding his hat and coat in the process. And I don’t mean the hat falls of his head - he freaking tears it off and tosses it to the wind. He shrugs himself out of his overcoat as he tears after the man shooting at Phryne. He is literally dropping ballast in front of our eyes. Finally, I loved the admiration in Phryne’s expression as she watched Jack climb on the same motorbike she and Compton rode and chase down the murderer, giving him a little salute in respect. (By the way, in his interview, Nathan Page said it was him the whole time on that bike - no stunt double.)

So the baddies get brought in and there’s a twist to who actually killed Ginny and why. Dot, once again, helps foil the mystery - though significant credit must be given to Mr. Butler. But what stuck with me from the confession scenes is Jones’ admittance that, “I think [Ginny] loved me. But she loved flying more.” I hope we are never in a position to hear Jack say something similar though, I don’t doubt it’s exactly what he and Phryne were thinking in that moment. Also, Phryne learns through Jones that Compton lied to her, placing his responsibilities to the RAAF over his trust in her. Proving that he really *doesn’t* know her anymore. Hasta la vista Compton!

Back in St. Kilda, it’s time for some serious re-prioritizing. Hugh makes another valiant effort to be brave in the face of Dot’s career (what did he THINK would happen) and they set the wedding date: September 14, 1929. Time to practice your waltz, folks! But Hugh and Dot aren’t the only ones faced with struggles.
In the parlour, Phryne pours whiskey as usual and Jack seems to have found steady ground. I was reminded a bit of the mantle scene in “Death on the Vine,” where Jack had found some acceptance. It’s no coincidence that in that scene, too, Phryne reminded him that he was the one who came to her rescue. But for now, Phryne wants to celebrate their arrests but Jack is cautious, reminding her that he still plans to head back to the office to write up his reports. The one he mentions evokes Bert’s Russian friend - who was supposed to testify at Higgins’s sedition trial - and who has now gone missing.

In not very well disguised code, we learn that Miss Fisher has arranged for the Russian to be transported safely out of the area. Jack asks where… and Phryne tells him - once again proving that she will not keep secrets from him because she knows he will not betray her confidence.
“So what do I tell my Chief?” he asks.
“You can tell him that the Air Force doesn’t know either.”
“That’s some consolation,” he snarks. And Phryne knows he doesn’t comprehend the weight of this - that she has shared the truth with him and *not* with Compton. So, she decides to set him right.
“Even though Compton saved my life.” She admits she owes a debt to Compton and that should make the fact that she did not share the information that much more powerful. After all, the Russian’s testimony would be key in convicting Higgins of the charges of sabotaging the RAAF planes.
“Literally?” Jack wants to know.
“Ten years ago. He had a chute and he could have bailed, but he chose to crash-land the plane between two mountains and a ravine. And we both survived.”
“Well, no doubt you have more dashing heroes in your past.” Resigned acceptance. Oh, Jack. He simply can’t see himself for what he is - the dashing hero in her present.
“If there weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.” This is true for all of us - we are the sum of all of our experiences. But in this case, Phryne *literally* wouldn’t be standing right in front of him if Compton had chosen to save himself and jump from that doomed plane ten years ago.
“To heroes, then,” Jack toasts - still missing the point. But Phryne refuses to clink her glass with his until she reminds him just exactly where her allegiances lie.
“And to the one as yet unsung hero who has saved me over and over again.”
The camera angle cuts to just behind Jack’s head but, you can totally make out that sweet smile break out on his face.

At first, I was disappointed with the ending. But the more I thought about it, and after another re-watch, I realized that those words, “as yet unsung” carry a whole lot of ballast, don’t they? An unsung hero is someone whose bravery or contribution has gone unrecognized or unrewarded. I didn’t think that was necessarily true - after all she does thank him an awful lot. But then she also gives him hell pretty often for showing up just in the nick of time - when she already has the situation under control (if barely). And, there is also a sexual implication. Remember her comment in the Morgue about life being fleeting so, of course, your going to get it on when you think you could die at any moment? Well, I think there is a bit of that thrown in there as well. YET being the key word here.

I also love the fact that she credits him for saving her “over and over again,” because in this case, it’s not just “literally.” Yes, he has saved her life, literally. But he has also saved her in lots other ways. Like using all his clout to make her Jane’s legal guardian, helping her come to grips with the idea that she will never be Jane’s real mother, reopening her sister’s case and working tirelessly to make connections where no one else did, being there for her at Janey’s gravesite, coming to her aid in Maiden Creek despite the fact that he was still hurting. Over and over again, Jack has saved Phryne. And, she has saved him back - but this is about Phryne declaring her allegiance and making sure Jack hears it loud and clear.

They may still bear too much ballast but, I have faith that they will find a way to shed it and lift off.

By the way, with regard to the upcoming episode: I freaking cannot wait!!! Don’t forget that the words “old friend” now mean “lover.” Find your groove, Jack! Give Phryne a little something to be jealous about!