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Luke Skywalker is a gay man and he'd be ashamed of you

nice aphobia masquerading as gay representation there, but if we’re going by the books,( which you know, were literally considered canon by George Lucas up until the Force Awakens?) Luke’s literally demisexual. 

His first canon love interest? Callista? They had a soul-mate/QPR of epic ace proportions. Leia even describes them as being more like siblings than lovers [aka, platonic instead of sexual]

[Image: picture of a page from Children of the Jedi by Barbra Hambly, with the following qoute bracketed for emphasis: “They look at each other, their faces reflecting a ciruous kinship, for a moment more like brother and sister than lovers: People who have known each other for lifetimes past.”]

And how about Mara Jade? His second canon love interest and even wife?

They were friends for years. No where near dating. (In fact, outside of Callista, Luke hasn’t dated anyone to my knowledge. Meanwhile, Mara has gone out with at least one (1) person, that person being Lando, and they were going steady for while). So Luke and Mara have never expression interest in each other sexually or romantically.

Up until they go on a dangerous mission and realize they might die

Whereupon Luke pops the questions after they’ve had a close-call in a fight while using the Force together.

[”Visibly bracing himself, he reached over and took her hands again. “Mara… will you marry me?” “You mean if we get out of here alive?” Luke shook his head. “I mean regardless.”]

So, they’ve never dated. They’ve never expressed romantic or sexual interest in each other, then he decides to pop the question. And guess what happens? She says yes (woo hoo for demi/gray ace Mara Jade!) and they survive, get married, and train up a bunch of jedi together and get to be a badass, supportive couple for years until ~way too many spoilery things to get into, but you get the picture.

Luke Skywalker was canonically in a queer platonic relationship in 1995 as well as a very obviously ace relationship with Mara Jade in 1998.

And don’t say it’s an ace relationship because they were star wars books and they couldn’t mention sex or sexual attraction: Barbra Hambly was very good at showing all aspects of the Han/Leia relationship, as well as the Mara/Lando relationship without getting explicit. Luke just…. literally never had freaking sex/sexual attraction to anyone (unless it was KJA writing it, who enjoys fridging female characters and making Luke into an OP broody fuckboy who abandons the galaxy so he can brood in his giant evil castle that he made from scratch because he’s just so Extra)

Demisexual Luke Skywalker is canon to the EU, and this isn’t anything “”new”” that “”aces made up””– children of the jedi is from over twenty years ago

So get out of my inbox, bigot