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*stares at Keith being tickled* okay but I'm 95% sure that is Keith is the kind of person who would accidentally hit/kick the person that's tickling them

I imagine Keith is a very private person when it comes to his close relationships, especially when it comes to intimate touching. Tickles from the boyfriend? Yes please, any day. Tickles from Lance? LANCE KNOWING THAT HE’S TICKLISH IN THE FIRST PLACE?? NO. Shiro’s in the dog house for blabbing.

It’s obvious Kamui wears that braid to honor Kouka, but… when his hair is loose and down, is it as fluffy and wild as Umibouzu’s when he was younger? Is that also another reason Kamui wears his hair in the braid? Because if he doesn’t he’ll look more like his dad and he doesn’t want that??

I had a history teacher who was always very light-hearted and happy-go-lucky. One day he sat down and told us that some girls were being mean to his daughter (a competitive gymnast) at the gym and asked for some advice. This guy (who was very sarcastic and witty) raised his hand, and the teacher said, “No not you. I don’t want any smart comments, and you just mouth off all the time.” The kid tried to defend himself, saying he wasn’t going to, but the teacher wouldn’t hear it and said “This is really important to me, and you’re trying to make it a joke. You know what? Just get out. Go to the office.” The kid gets up to leave and we’re all in shock because we had never seen this teacher mad before. This other student comes to his rescue, telling the teacher he didn’t even do anything wrong. The teacher says, “Yes he did, and you know what? You get out, too.” We were all in shock as the other person stormed out of the room because this was one of the students who always got along with the teacher really well and never got in trouble. So after the two have left, the teacher turns to us and says: “And that’s what the Indian Removal was like.” He opened the door and told them to come back in, and they were all laughing. I’m still in shock. I swear, they all deserve an Oscar.

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Thoughts on this Louis twitter/Instagram always you stuff? Please?

I have like a million and one thoughts floating through my head, none of them cohesive.  I’ve gone through every scenario in my head from lightest timeline to darkest timeline and everything in between.  In general, I’ve gotten to the point where I try not to read to much meaning into or predict anything anymore.  I’m just kind of along for the ride.   but since you asked….

Basically, my take is pretty much the same as everything i’ve seen on my dash so far.  Louis has made a point to say he knows how fans figure things out.  He knows what he’s doing.  The “yes of course always” post was just making it’s rounds again so that leaves me a little side eye emoji.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was maybe a little drunk and maudlin and missing a certain someone. 

But I also think it’s a bit of a reminder to us because big stunting is about to go down.  I don’t want to say it’s a WARNING, per se, but just a “hey guys, just remember whatever happens next, Harry and I are still good.”  It’s vague enough that it can be read as a reference to Eleanor, but people piecing things together as again, he knows we do, would know it’s not just that.  

My thoughts aren’t particularly revolutionary, but I do think this week is going to be pretty interesting and I hope that whatever happens/is happening, he’s doing alright and I look forward to the day when he can give us a full beaming smile in one of his selfies.  

Being Calum’s wife would include...
  • constant butt grabbing
  • him cooking for you all the time
  • lots of dirty talk
  • he always finds a way to bring you up in interviews
  • matching tattoos
  • you pick out his outfits 
  • bffs with mali
  • complimenting him all day to make sure he knows how loved he is
    • *in public* “YES CAL WORK IT”
    • “I don’t know you”
  • he spoils you
  • roasting each other on social media
  • random “I love you/I miss you” texts
  • rough sex + hickeys everywhere
  • working out together + post workout selfies
  • overly touchy/extra flirty cal
  • him wanting to constantly take pics of you
  • everyday adventures
  • protective Cal but just the right amount
  • those late night deep conversations
  • he’s always showing off for you
  • lots of inside jokes


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She’ll tell someone, S thinks frantically. Of course she will… But the doubt ascends each vertebrae with exponential speed. The foolish girl can’t even remember a NAME for thirty seconds; she’ll probably get distracted by the next shiny bauble she passes…

John. John will never stop looking.

But not for a “Steve.”

His fists pound on the glass as he cries out futilely to the void. “PLEASE! Tell them who I am… TELL THEM WHO I REALLY AM!”


His breath, shuddering humidly in the inch in front of his face, fogs the mirror that he can no longer see.

Unfathomable darkness.

Then, an unbearable minute later, a slight scuffling, dragging sound; far, then near. The glow reappears on the edge, followed by a bemused smile. “Does that matter?”

His fisted hands flatten out on the glass. Touche.

“Yes,” he admits.

“I know.” She tosses the rope down to him. “I just wanted to hear you say it.”


Joshie spotted hanging out at the White House yesterday. 

Let’s not assume we know his current political views. 

Yes, he spoke out and said he was not voting for Trump. But he said that in the face of potential financial losses for his companies. Investors had expressed disdain for his Trump ties prior to him releasing that statement. We do not know if it was PR b.s. that he was not voting for Trump, or a true statement.

Actions speak louder than words, and Joshie has been hanging around the White House since Trump was elected. See also my post, More Kushner Shadiness 💰⚾️” to see that Joshie isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty like his daddy and brother.

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You literally adore your boyfriend as a god. Creepy.

Well, friend, you’re only seeing one small part of our relationship. Yes, I adore him. But I know very keenly that he is imperfect. He has flaws, large flaws, just as I have. He is perfect by no means. I do not elevate him to a level above human, nor should anyone—if you notice yourself idolizing or idealizing your partner, you need to stop! that’s unfair to both of you.

I apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable with my very overt displays of affection in the asks last night. However I will not apologize for my feelings and if you think I’m creepy you’re under no obligation to interact with me. Block me if you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As I said, you’re only seeing one tiny part of our relationship. Only the parts that I have turned into content for this blog. You have no idea who I am, no idea who he is, no idea what our relationship is like. As long as you’re hidden behind that anonymous gray face, you don’t have the credibility to level any claims against me.

I respect Floriana and the things she does in her work and private life.That you don’t like her boyfriend Casey(and yes i know what he did) I totally understand.An you’re right.But tagging Floriana in the tweets that is about him and “how could she actually be his girlfriend” are going a little bit to far.I think that if you are a true fan of her you respect her choices,and the things she does.Sure you don’t always have to agree with it.But please don’t tag her or talk shit about her.
I think that Floriana deserves nothing but the best in this word.And deserves a men who treat her like she’s everything(even tho if that’s casey for).

Part 7: The Mercenary

Gavin loathed The Mercenary from the moment he met it.

The Honorless Mercenary. The Ruthless Killer. The thing wasn’t so much immortal as it was undead, a corpse with enough of itself left that had yet to decay to function. It had no soul, it had no heart, no empathy. It was the kind of thing Gavin used to pray to Aphrodite that his daughter would never be wed to. When he heard it’s story, it suddenly made sense.

He was a Roman.

A dirty, thieving, Roman.

Gavin had been long “dead” when the Romans came, but that didn’t make him hate them any less. His beautiful society, his holy gods, had been stolen and remade by them. The Athena Parthenos, a treasure of all of Greece, had been taken Olympus knows where. Yes, there were few people he absolutely hated as much as he hated those from that accursed Rome.

If his initial dislike of Geoff could be called hatred, than there wasn’t a word in any language he knew that could describe what he felt for the Roman.

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“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE


Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !