yes he is a rapper

Honestly, the more I think about it the more I feel like the Biggie vs Tupac conversation is type disrespectful. Yes Biggie had great style and yes hes your favorite rappers favorite rapper. They both had an incredible star power and influence on the rap game. But Pac was REVOLUTIONARY. He had the potential to change the world. No one should be compared to that man idc.

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Yes, he had lot's of lines, but RM and SG had 3 intros each, lots of lines in the past albums, and never got removed of a title track... that just doesn't make sense to me.

it’s only been this one comeback, im sure hope will still get more intros as well

also remember that rm got like a total of 2 lines for blood sweat n tears 

we dont know why they decided to arrange it this way, maybe he was heavily involved in composition of the album/choreography. with like seokjin i just expect him to be ignored with no good reason but with hope i feel like theres something that we just dont know. i think it’s still spectacularly shitty but maybe theres something were just not seeing at this moment

okay but did y'all spot eddy and sancheong auditioning for smtm4 because that was something I did not expect to see

Fear - Rap Monster

Idol : Rap Monster (BTS)

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Blind!AU

Warning : Cursing

You were born into the darkness. You were born with what people called a disability. You were born blind. Even though it was aggravating at times, you kept your head up. Your other senses heightened, instead of using sight to know where things were, you just knew without sight.

Luckily, even with your disability, you managed to  get a boyfriend. A very special boyfriend. Your boyfriend was Rap Monster. Yes, Rap Monster, the rapper from BTS. Not only that he was Rap Monster, he was also very intelligent. He was kind, caring, romantic, and sweet to you. He made you feel loved, he made you feel like you belonged. 

You smiled to yourself, even though you and Namjoon lived together for a few months now, you just couldn’t but help to blush every time you think about the fact he’s living with you. You heard the front door open. You jumped in joy as you ran over to Namjoon to hug him. He was finally home from dance practice! You embraced him into a tight hug. He lightly pushed you off of him.

“Don’t hug me, I’m sweating.”, laughed softly.

You smile turned into a frown as you noticed that his laugh was forced. “ Are you okay? What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”, you asked Namjoon worriedly, as you went to him.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”, Namjoon responded, a bit annoyed.

“Are you sure?”, you asked, fallowing his footsteps to the kitchen. 

Namjoon suddenly turned around, causing you to bump into his chest. “Why are you so clingy? What’s with all these questions?”, he exclaimed angrily.

You flinched, surprised with his reaction. “I-I was just worried about y-”, you tried to before he cut you off. “Then stop worrying about me! I’m fine, (Y/N).”, he shouted.

Taking your absolute silence as a sign to continue, he did. “I just came home from practice! Why do you have to be all over me?”, Namjoon snapped at you. You felt tears forming in your eyes. Thinking he was done, you tried to defend yourself, “ I-”.”Why do you always wait at home for me? Why don’t you go out and get a f*cking life, (Y/N), huh?”, he cut in again this time knocking over a glass vase. The vase swung towards you and shattered on the ground only inches away from you. You flinched. That could’ve hit you. He could’ve injured you. Shaking in fear, you ran into your shared bedroom and hid in the closet. Sobs escaped your mouth, along with sniffles and hiccups. You heard the bedroom door open. You covered your mouth with your hand trying to muffle your sobs. 

“ (Y/N)?”

Everything was in vain. Once you heard your name from his mouth, you crumbled down. All your muffled sobs escaped your mouth. You heard the closet door open. You flinched, shaking in the corner of the closet. 

“ I’m sorry , (Y/N). Come out, please?”, Namjoon spoke quietly.

You vigorously shook your head, trying to move yourself deeper into the closet.

You felt Namjoon’s arms around your huddled up body. You immediately weakly tried to escape his strong arms. But he was too strong. He pulled you to his laps as he sat down on your shared bed.

“Shhh…It’s okay, I won’t hurt you…I’m sorry…I was too stressed out ad took it out on you…I’m sorry”, he said with a shaky voice. You could tell by his voice he regretted it. After a few minutes, your sobs grew quieter. You had stopped shaking in his arms. Namjoon let you fall asleep in his arms, before laying down into bed with you.


Author’s Note : First time trying angst, was it good? I hope it was!   

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For goodness sake, please stop sleeping on the fact that Jung Hoseok is multi-talented, multi-faceted person! Yes, dance is his specialty – but don’t forget he writes his own lyrics and has developed his own rap style even though he had no intention of being a rapper! Yes, he’s cheerful and silly – but appreciate the fact that you can often see Hoseok calm and relaxing on his own, he’s always working to improve himself, he is analytical and an over-thinker; he’s not just a caricature of person.

Just…please appreciate him for more than what’s obvious.

Zico is STILL an idol rapper. Until he stops doing kpop with Block B he will continue to be an idol rapper. Yes, his solo is khiphop but that doesn’t automatically mean everything else he does just magically disappears. There’s nothing wrong with that. If he’s an idol rapper he’s an idol rapper. Stop forcing shit. An idol rapper doesn’t automatically make you bad just like being khiphop doesn’t automatically make you good. It’s just a title.

Never Again

Bobby x Reader
Slight Angst

All you left was a note – no goodbye, no chance to say ‘I’m sorry’. You were gone and you had no intent of going back.

The drive to the airport was long due to traffic, but luckily you had planned ahead and left two hours earlier than you would without traffic. The reason you were leaving was because of your (ex-) boyfriend, Kim Ji-Won – yes iKon’s main rapper, Bobby. He had chosen music over you and it was evident. You rarely got to see him anymore, and every time you would try to talk to him or visit him you would get sent away with a 'I’m too busy right now.’ It hurt – it hurt like a bitch, but you held on for a bit longer until you got tired of being pushed away. Then it all blew up and no one could stop it.

“Are you really fucking asking me this?” Bobby yells, his face red from anger, his tone harsh.

Stunned from the sudden outburst, finally you caved in to the feeling that had been eating away at you. “Yes, I am asking you this! You never come to see me anymore and every time I try to see you, I always find myself acting as a kicked puppy!”

Scoffing, Bobby crosses his arms over his chest, his voice rising as the anger rising up hit a whole new level. “You agreed to date me, even after I told you that I would be busy-”

“And I agreed! I did! But I never agreed to broken promises! When I agreed, you promised that you would try your best to love me even if you were an idol!” Tears had long been streaking your cheeks, leaving wet trails as they dripped off of your jawline onto the wood floor below.

“I’m done with this bullshit. I promised that and I haven’t broken it!” Taking a deep breath, Bobby ran his fingers through his dark hair before turning towards the door. “I won’t be home until tomorrow.” He mutters, before his fingers latch onto the doorknob and he is out the door.

Originally your ticket was a two-way to Helena, Montana to visit your brother, but you last-minutely changed your flight to a one way that night. You were going to tell him you were going to visit your brother, but you never got the chance to since he never let you talk.

When you reached the airport, you paid the taxi driver and grabbed your luggage walking into the airport towards security. Thankfully, you managed to clear through it and moved off towards your terminal to wait for the plane to take off. Sitting down in one of the chairs, you leaned your head back against the wall wanting to erase all the thoughts of what had happened. You were deaf to the sound of your phone ringing endlessly in your purse, but either way you wouldn’t have cared.

The wait took two hours, but finally when that incestuous voice you had been listening to for the past few hours finally rang with your flight number, you stood up on your tired legs and grabbed your luggage yet again. Waiting in the boarding line, you were one of the last ones…perfect. Sighing, you subconsciously started to look around to see if perhaps Bobby was coming for you. Realizing what you were doing, you dropped your head and muttered a soft 'Stupid’. Fortunately the line moved quick, so you were soon at the front of the line with your boarding pass and passport in hand. Giving both small slips of paper to the flight attendant, you could suddenly hear “_________! Stop, don’t board that plane!” You froze for a moment, but kept on until you felt a hand against yours and found yourself staring at the broad chest of the man who caused all your pain.

Looking up, you met the red and puffy eyes of Bobby, his bottom lip quivering at the sight of you. “I-I’m sorry…I-I never meant to hurt you. I never realized how pain you have been going through until I realized you were gone. I chose something so simple over you – over a person whom I love more than anything and I caused that person pain. That’s something I never want to do, and I want to apologize to you even though I know it’s not enough.” By the time he had finished, you were in a ball of tears, your hands slowly coming up to grip at his shirt. What made it worse was when the taller male pulled back to lift your face up. “Never again, will I hurt you. So please don’t leave me. You leaving me is like a gunshot to the heart, and it won’t heal.” As the last word left his lips, he leaned down slowly to capture your lips in his.

“E-excuse me…miss? Are you coming aboard or not?”

Pulling away from the kiss, Bobby shook his head for you. “She’s coming home with me.” He replies, his voice rasped from his cries. Looking up at him, you realized he was wearing his normal clothes – a snap-back, sweats, a loose hoodie with his hood put over his head to hide  his identity from the fan-girls. It seemed to work, even after he yelled nobody seemed to notice who he was. None of that mattered at that time though. All that mattered was how much you loved Bobby, and how much he loved you back.