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@thisshouldbegayer‘s Galra Keith to match my Altean Lance.

Because I needed a break from commissions and these shows are practically my life right now. xD


Keith (AKA ‘Red’ because he’s just that original) possesses the enhancement quirk 'instinct’, which essentially gives him the speed, strength, senses and reflexes of an animal - a lion, to be specific. Team that with a lifetime of combat experience courtesy of a shitty neighbourhood and an inability to think before he acts, getting into U.A. was a breeze - during his time there he was the best in his class.

Lance (AKA 'Sharpshooter’ because 'Cool Ninja Sharpshooter’ was apparently too long and too stupid) possesses the quirk 'Bullet Fingers’ and it’s pretty much what it says on the tin - the boy can shoot bullets from the tips of his fingers. The density of the bullets all depend on how much iron he’s consumed, so he’s got to eat a lot of red meat to keep his bullets effective. He was originally a student in the General course before wowing the teachers at the sports festival enough to get him transferred into heroics.

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lotor summary
  • hes rly not that over the top
    • hes actually pretty chill imo
  • good pilot
  • good at fighting
  • he has a pretty smile and cute lil fangs
  • he has an awesome squad
  • he doesn’t like jerks who talk shit

Remember that deleted scene where Arthur is gonna propose to Gwen, and he’s like “I’m feeling sick” and Merlin goes “Well that’s marriage for you” and then Arthur goes “I’ve made a bad decision” and Merlin goes “It’s natural to be nervous. I always get nervous when I make a decision. I start worrying about all the other options I DISCOUNTED” 

Like, listen I know half the time I don’t understand why they deleted a scene, but I know why they deleted this one jfc

bts scenario: mistletoe

thank you for your request! i hope you enjoy it and i hope every single one of you has an amazing christmas, and if you don’t celebrate christmas, i hope you have a good winter break and a happy new year! thank you all for everything you’ve done for me this year, i’m so so grateful. i love you. xx

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jin: the door closed softly behind you as you huffed and threw your bag to the floor. turning around, you noticed jin standing a few feet away swinging slightly on the balls of his feet. “everything okay?” you asked, jin smiled and pointed above your head. a small mistletoe hung on the ceiling and your face went beet red. jin’s lips softly pushed against yours as he pulled you to his chest, “merry christmas, baby.” you chuckled against his lips, “merry christmas, nerd.” jin held you close to him as he peppered more kisses on your lips and across your face, seemingly turning your face a permanent red.

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yoongi: yoongi’s lips trailed down your chest and to your stomach as he left hickeys along the way. you moaned lightly, to which he chuckled lightly against your skin. “you’re so pretty,” yoongi praised as his tongue ran over your skin. you covered your eyes with you hands and yoongi trailed back up to your head, covering your body with his. you heard a jingle from above your head and you opened your eyes to see yoongi holding a mistletoe over your head. a blush covered your cheeks as you pulled him into a heated kiss. the rest of the night was spent with yoongi giving you all the pleasure you could take.

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hoseok: “babyyyyy,” hoseok dragged out as he cuddled you to his chest, to which you huffed and buried yourself deeper into the warmth. “look at me,” hoseok pleaded with a pout and you looked up from under your eyelashes. “yes?” hoseok was holding a mistletoe in his hands and you pulled his face down to yours, kissing him deeply. “that good?” you asked as you cuddled back into his chest. hoseok nodded dumbly, “y-yeah, can i have another?” you giggled before leaning up to kiss him again, this time pushing your tongue between his lips. after pulling away, you placed a kiss on his nose, “merry christmas, babe.”

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namjoon: “namjoon!” you called out as you tried to reach the hook to hang the mistletoe from the ceiling. “yes babe?” he asked as he walked into the room, looking down at his phone. “joon,” you shook the decoration, making it jingle and he looked up. “oh i see,” he smirked and walked closer, pulling you into his arms and pushing his lips against yours. you giggled but kissed him back, biting lightly on his lip. “not that the kiss wasn’t nice, but i actually wanted you to hang the mistletoe, i can’t reach it.” namjoon’s face went red as he looked away. you chuckled and pecked his lips again, “you’re so cute. merry christmas, joonie.”

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jimin: christmas music rang softly through the house as you and jimin hung up the tinsel on the mantle. “baby, look,” jimin said in a sing song voice as he held up the mistletoe over his head. you rolled your eyes as you walked closer to him, looking up at the mistletoe with a smirk on your face, “something you want?” you teased and as soon as the words left your mouth, jimin pulled you flush against him, kissing you patiently. “just wanted a kiss from my baby, i love you so much.” you rolled your eyes “that’s cheesy, but i love you too jimin. more than anything.”

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taehyung: you rolled your eyes as you saw the mistletoe in taehyung’s hand. “really tae?” taehyung nodded with a smile as he leaned closer to your face. “but that’s not where i want to kiss~” he teased as he threw the mistletoe over his head and trailed down your body, going to your most sensitive place. his tongue flicked over you and your body jolted, pleasure spreading up your spine. you mewled as he pushed his tongue inside of you. “t-tae,” you groaned as he began to lick and suck, bringing you to one of many orgasms of the night.

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jungkook: you stood patiently under the mistletoe as you waited for jungkook to walk through the door. jungkook walked through the door with a smile, setting his stuff down and kicking off his shoes. “why you waiting up for me, babe? it’s late,” he frowned. you smiled and pointed above your head, “couldn’t go to sleep without my goodnight kiss.” jungkook’s eyes widened as he took in your words, fiddling with his hands nervously. “so cute~” you teased as you held his face in your hands and pulled him into a soft kiss. “you’re perfect kookie, i love you so much.” jungkook blushed more. you smiled and gave him another kiss.

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I Can Hear You

Request: reader hears damon masturbating in the shower except damon is like masturbating about reader and how the reader is his etc. and then the reader busts in and stuff anyways they end up having sex. idk if that’s a possible request but thank you! – @just-antiyou 

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1226

These gifs makes me literally feel like jelly. Sorry if took long, boo!

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon and you have always been friends since the moment he arrived in Mystic Falls, that led to him falling for you quicker than he expected, Katherine heck even Elena vanishing from his mind, and later, his heart. It warmed your heart how someone like Damon, who had put up his walls for everyone, let you in wholeheartedly. Yes, his actions aggravate you at times and his recklessness annoy you to no end but deep down he is still that sweet, caring gentleman that you fell for.

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DATING YUGYEOM or  boyfriend!yugyeom

  • okay as we all know yugyeom is rlly sweet bUT EVIL ASFFFF
  • okay well for starters yugyeom would be a cute ass boyfriend
  • he would love to do all those cliche things couples in dramas do
  • he would loveeeeeeeee to show up at you’re apartment at 4am with roses in his hands
  • he would so be the type to sweetly kiss your forehead alot
  • it’s not that you guys didn’t kiss or anything bc bOIII that kid would have his lips all over you but he loved giving you forehead kisses to show off his sweet side
  • he would also loveeee to hug you from behind and put his chin over your head
  • this would be something usual for you guys since he’s like 7ft and you’re barely average height
  • walks around the city
  • I imagine yugyeom taking you out for cute walks holding your hand as you both giggle about the stupidest things ever !!!
  • couple outfits
  • random acts of kindness
  • like bringing you your favorite food while you’re stuck at home studying for some stupid anatomy test
  • or taking you out for a cup of coffee at 2 am because he freaking missed you and wanted to see you
  • yugyeom would freaking love to hold you in his arms singing cute lil songs to you
  • but like when are we gonna get to eviL MAKNAE GYEOM ???
  • bro this little bitch would annoy the shit out of you
  • babe”  “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “babe” “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “yes?”
  • “babe” “babe” “bab-”
  • “OH MY FU-”
  • he would pull the stupidest of pranks and laugh at them  
  • like the classic baby powder in your hair dryer
  • he
  • would
  • freaking
  • die of laughter
  • but like you love seeing him smiling so you would shrug it off …. sometimes
  • protecting him 25/8 from jinyoung bc that lil hoe wants to kill ur baby
  • ok now for the S I N
  • sex with yugyeom
  • bro let me tell you, this boy is nothing but innocent
  • yugyeom is a freak in the bed, and let’s be real now you’re one as well
  • this boy will work you up so good
  • kissing you up and down worshiping your body as if it was God itself
  • lustful eyes
  • low whimpers leaving both of your mouths and he works himself in you
  • back scratches tracing his back
  • love biteS E V E R Y W H E R E
  • hitting the right spots as you both reach you climaxes
  • the aftermath of everything being you both just laying down with your head on his chest  
  • slowly drifting to sleep at the beat of each other hearts


gn guyssssssssss hope you like it! dont forget to request more of whatever you like!! - ericaaaaa