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Hi could you write a mature fanfic about Harry and his gf on a plane?!? Thanks!

Thank you for the request, sweetie! Here ya go:

#13: Jet Sickness**




“Harry, look at me.”

“Yeah, babe.”


“Just five more minutes and I’m done with this piece.”

“But what about me?”

“Patience, pet, patience.” 


And he’s not answering anymore. 

Y/N untangles her arm from underneath his bicep, huffing and puffing like a kid, as she turns towards the air hostess at the end of the cabin who gives out instructions to the people flying in the business class. She’s pretty and sweet, and that doesn’t stop the rest of the passengers from ogling at her hands that gesticulate out the seat belt procedure and emergency warning and etcetera, etcetera. 

Unlike the rest, Harry’s hasn’t lifted his head even once since he boarded the plane and neither has he stared at the air hostess like the rest do. The fact should somehow be pleasing Y/N, but Harry is neither baring her a look so that over and all frustrates her. 

He has been thinking over the last and few songs for the albums this past week and today morning it suddenly occurred to him that he has it all ready on his mind. All he needed was to sit in peace and jot them down. 

Of course then, he had to chose an eight hour flight to do so. 

Y/N sighs, pulling her packet of gummy bears out of her hand bag and chewing on to to them until the air hostess wraps up her procedures, and the light above for the seatbelts dings loud. 

“Harry.” She nudges him. “We’re about to fly.” 

“But that doesn’t blend with say.” 


“What?” Harry blinks at Y/N. “What’re you saying?” 

Y/N’s nose fume at him. “I’m saying that the flight’s about to take off.”

“Oh.” He breathes, nodding absentmindedly. “Okay.” 

Y/N gives him a ‘for real?” kinda look while he resumes back to his work. 

The flight comes into position and soon is racing down the runway before soaring high. Harry seems extremely numb to all the activities going around and outside him for he barely shows a difference in his posture as now the flight cruises through the air. 

Y/N pulls out her I-Pod, shuffling through her classic playlist and doozes off against the seat. 

It seems like an hour or two when Harry finally closes his notebook and puts away everything before he’s started to poke and disturb Y/N’s slumber. 

Y/N wakes up with a sneeze when Harry’s finger brushes under her nose multiple times, and she gives a confused look, looks around while Harry snickers into his jacket. 

“Ello, pretty girl.” Harry greets as she turns to him. 

“Who are you?” Y/N mutters, narrowing her eyes at him. Harry has a good laugh watching her. 

Y/N shuffles around, putting her I-Pod back and resuming back in the comfortable position on the chair, her feet tucked under her behind while her body all turned to him. “So, are you done?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He’s hopping on his, up and down, up and down, like a little school girl with his smiles and dimples. 

Y/N gives a subtle smile. “I’m guessing it went quite well.” She extends her hand out to the inside of his arm, where he has tucked his notebook. “Lemme see i-”

Harry goes all possessive, jumping up and and holding her wrist tight in his grip as he throws the notebook behind him, hiding it away. “NO!”

Y/N’s eyes widen, she looks around for Harry’s shouted so loud. “What is wrong with you? Why can’t I read it?” 

“It’s a surprise.” Harry pushes her back into her seat. “You have to wait like all will do.” 

Y/N gives a whiny look. “No, come on, you can’t do this.” 

Harry gives a fake evil laugh, twiddling his fingers together with a cunning look on his face. Y/N makes big eyes, joining her hands together as she makes a frown, muttering ‘pwease’, but all she receives is his kiss on her up turned lips. 

“But it’s come off so well, y’know. Like-it’s jus-it’s just so, so pure and so true and I-I can’t believe it came out of me, Y/N. I can’t believe I created it.” Harry sighs, dreamy and satisfied. 

Y/N smiles at him, her eyes looking up at him in awe. “Are you crying, Harry?” She chuckles. 

“No, but I might.” he turns to her, grinning wide. “It’s just that good.”  

“I’m so happy for you.” She kisses him again. “So proud.” He rests his head on her shoulder and sighs. Y/N continues. “And I just can’t wait for you to sleep so that I get a hold of that notebook.” 

“Hey!” Harry whines, jumping up on his seat and giving her an annoyed look. He huffs, puffing his cheeks and gets up from his place, taking the notebook in hand and tucking the book in one of the bags in the upper aisles above their heads. He sits back, giving a winning smile. 

“You’re so naive, baby.” Y/N chuckles, amused. 

“My eyes,” He does a gesture, pointing to his eyes and then on her. “on you.” 

Y/N looks away and moment later, she stretches and says,” I think I should get my laptop from above and then probably even take a round in the bathroom.” 

She’s just started to get up when Harry pulls her back down, shifting her on his lap. She squeals and gets off quick, returning back on her place. 

“Will I have to now keep you engaged for the rest of the ride?” Harry gives a quirky smirk. 

Y/N nods. “I guess.” 

“Why don’t you go to sleep?”

“I don’t feel tired enough.” 

Harry coughs. “D’ya want me to help you with that then..?”

Y/N takes a moment to get the catch of his comment but when she does, her loud gasp has Harry laughing loudly. 

“Are you bloody out of your mind! In the plane-you want us to-in the fucking airplane!?” She whispers sharp and loudly. 

Harry laughs at her. “Do you not feel excited? God, it’s amazing in the plane, baby, I swear.” 

“In a private jet, Harry.” She rolls her eyes at him. “In here it feels as so every person’s just got their eyes on the young couple to pull up such stunt and they get to have something to talk about all life then.” 

Harry laughs. 

“Y’know, them old couples there.” Y/N points subtly. “They’re probably just pretending to be asleep, I know they have one eye open for us. One single move of ours and they’re coming for our lives!” 

“No body’s getting to know about it. I have something in mind, I swear no one’s gonna have a single clue what would just happen.” Harry holds her hands in his. 

“So, we do it in the bathroom?” Harry nods. “But the crew members! They’ll know. I guess they are specially trained to identify such couples.” 

“No silly.“ Harry clicks his tongue. “Come close, I have something in mind..” He whispers into her ear and by the end of his plan discussion, Y/N has her eyes wide. 

“No, no, no, NO!” Y/N gives a panicked look. “We’ll get caught, it’ll be embarrassing!” 

“Nothing’s gonna happen, Y/N. You only told me you liked adventures, take this as a bloody mission or something!” 

“Harry, it’s mission impossible, I’m telling you.” Y/N shakes her head. “What if I butt out midst the play, probably laugh or something-” 

“You’re my girlfriend, have some air about it.” Harry cups her cheeks, kissing her forehead. “Let’s do this.” 

Both of them settle back on their seats, take deep breaths. And, it begins. 

“Oh, shit! Oh God!” Harry clutches his stomach, getting off his seat and standing up. “Oh, my god!” 

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Y/N gets up, her face pale. 

“Y/N, I-” He cups his hand over his mouth and rushes past her, to the bathrooms. Y/N follows a moment later, trying to control her smile. 

“Harry!” She calls out, and everyone’s looking at couple but with concern. 

Harry’s inside one of the stalls, an air hostess standing outside, knocking on the doors for some response. 

“What’s happened to Mister Styles?” The air hostess seems more panicked that Y/N. 

Y/N makes big, worried eyes. “Oh, dear. He’s had nothing since morning. Must be all that sickness.” And then she’s banging away on the door. 

“There was a paper bag in the front pocket if you had needed it.” The air hostess tells. Y/N looks at her with an awkward, crooked smile. 

“Oh, was there? You know, he just gets way too panicky, must’ve not seen it. Harry! Harry!” Y/N’s banging on the door. 

“He can’t hear you, neither can you, miss. The doors are sound proof.” 

“Good.” Y/N mutters under her breath. Then, clearing her throat, she says,” Is there some way I can get in, I have to see how he’s doing. He tends to faint and all.” 

The air hostess’s eyes widen. “Yes, yes. Here.” She unlocks the door from the outside. “Is there something I can do, Miss?” 

Y/N rolls her eyes in thought. “Yeah, just keep some tissues and a glass of water ready. “ And she’s inside the bathroom. 

“Took you too long?” In the cramped space of the bathroom, Harry has pinned Y/N to the sink. 

“Had to make it seem genuine, but d’ya know these walls are sound proof.” Her eyes twinkle with amusement. 

Harry grins at her. 

“We won’t have to be wailing for help from the inside then.” 

“Maybe you’ll need to, baby.” Harry winks and Y/N has a moment to think, before his lips come down on her, combusting all thoughts except of him. 

His hands cup over the fabric between her legs and she’s gasping into his mouth, pushing herself more into his hand. Her own hand comes down on him, popping his button open and sliding her hand inside his jeans, inside his boxers to hold him in her hand. 

Harry moans into her mouth, sliding his lips past her cheeks to her jaw and down on her neck. He tucks his hand inside her jeans, palming her with a flat hand. 

Urgency and desperation kicks in, as the two now start shedding off each other’s clothes. Y/N shirt hits the floor moment after Harry’s, the button of her jeans pop open, her panties drag down to her ankles and Harry’s hand replaces the exposed feeling from over her clit. 

His fingers dig in, wetting her walls. She’s groaning into his neck, clutching his shoulders with both her hands. 

“You can scream, baby.” Harry pants into her skin above her breast. “Say my name, pet, tell me how it feels.” 

“I won’t take the chance of screaming.” Y/N bites her lips, suppressing a chuckle. “But it feels so good, Harry. Deeper, deeper, ah.” 

Harry smiles, kissing the swells of her breasts. When she’s almost on the verge of getting off, Harry pulls out of her, and works down to take off his jeans and then his boxer briefs. Y/N’s hands come down on his member, holding him in one while the other digs into his hip. She pumps him up and down, Harry face digging into her neck as he bites her skin, trying to get over with the sensation and pain. 

“Y/N.” He pants. “I just realized jeans and boxer briefs sound good when you say them together. Li-ah, shit-like there doesn’t seem any disruption. I think I can totally write a song on this.” 

Y/N chuckles, pumping faster. “What’re you gonna write?” 

“Something about you giving me a blow and then I fucking you right, but of course it’ll be all metaphoric on record.” He grins, taking a hold of his own self and with ease sliding into her. 

“Y’know I can’t wait to hear it.” 

“And, I can’t wait to write it. “ 

Harry lifts her leg up in the air and over his shoulder, pumping deeper as Y/N looses control of her curses, all she feels is him inside her and how her walls work up so desperately for him. Harry’s lips find her in the chaos, kissing deeply and getting her come undone with just a few left thrusts. 

He puts her leg down, kissing her neck, him still in her as he thrusts slow. “S’more, baby? Let me come too? You can take it, c’mon.” 

“Ah, Harry, ah, so good.” Y/N groans, throwing her head back. Harry lifts her on the sink, spreading her legs to stand in between them and he thrusts faster and stronger, coming inside her as their lips meet and she’s dominating him. 

They pause, catching their breaths, and when their eyes meet, all they do is laugh.

“Was this your adventure, now?” Y/N teases. 

“Life with me ain’t no simple, baby.” Harry chuckles into her neck. 

“Lets get outta here.” Y/N urges. “You couldn’t have been puking this long!” 

Harry laughs, pulling out of her, and together they put on their clothes. Harry slaps his face a few times looking in the mirror, sprinkles some water on his forehead and eyes, and looks over at Y/N for final review. 

Giving him a thumbs up, she hold his hand and opens the lock, Harry pretentiously slumping his shoulders as they walk out. The air hostess actually waits there with tissue papers and a glass of water, and accepting them gratefully, Y/N and Harry rush to their seats. 

Sitting down Harry gulps away all the water, then, wraps his arms around Y/N shoulder, tucking her on the inside of his arm. 

“So, you literally just pulled up all those tricks just so I don’t read your notebook? Aren’t you just dramatic as hell?” Y/N comments. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Harry Styles and you’re watching keeping up with Styles only on Disney channel.” 

Y/N bursts into a fits of laughter, hiding her face so she doesn’t lets out any clue to the co-passengers. 

“Now sleep you.” Harry pats her arms circled around him and closes his eyes. 

He’s the first one to doze off, Y/N’s awake for a little longer but she never tries to get his notebook. 


Three Months.

It’s been too long for a man to go without his boyfriend.

When Harry was sent away on a auror mission with no contact to anyone, Draco wasn’t worried. Harry’s been on trips like this before, they usually only last a week.

The day of the trip Harry tells Draco he doesn’t know when he will be back, he gives Draco a long and passionate kiss, and boards the train of fellow members on the mission.

This worries Draco, Harry has never told him that he won’t know when he will be back, but that soon gets tucked away in his mind when he was invited by Hermione Weasley to go on a little shopping trip for household items.

Two weeks into the “trip” and Draco is losing sleep. How is he supposed to not worry. What if something happened to Harry? His Harry? His doubts soon wash away when he calls Ron and asks him if Harry is going to be okay, which was answered with a “of course mate, the man defeated You-Know-Who he’ll get whatever he’s been sent to do”.

One month into the trip and Draco is bloodshot, he barley gets more than a few hours of sleep. He now wears Harry’s sweaters and shirts because they have a calming smell to them, but now they are wearing out, even Harry’s pillow barely smells like him anymore, Draco curses to himself telling him to not sleep in Harry’s spot from now on. Maybe the smell will come back? After a while of searching, all the fretting has faded away when he finds an extra box of clothes Draco had hid from Harry because they were hideous, but now he can’t resist himself, cause they smell like Harry and for now he is content.

Three months. Draco now doesn’t have anything to occupy himself with. He is now worried sick, he now only sleeps when exhaustion catches up with him. Even Ron and Hermione are worried about Harry. The sweaters of Harry have now lost all their scent. He cries frequently because, what if Harry never comes back? He now stays home, and rarely leaves the house, much less their room.

One day he was eating dinner, (He always left a spot open for Harry just in case he came back and was hungry) and he heard a loud, CRACK! He spun around already knowing who it was, Harry, HIS Harry has just apparated in their home. Draco drops his glass, not worrying about the spill. He now feels tears going down his cheeks. “Harry”, he croaks out not believing his eyes.
“Yes Love it’s me,“ Harry says in almost a whisper.

Just like that Draco and Harry are running into each other’s arms whispering how much they’ve missed each other. Draco is now a shaking mess, and Harry is sobbing so hard they bout fall to the ground. I love yous are murmured every time they break a small kiss.

They stand there wrapped in each other’s arms, all cried out. Draco breaks the silence, “Harry if you’re gone for that long again I will kill you”, Harry chuckles and says “I brought gifts, I hope that will make it up”, Draco looks at him like he’s one crazy man, “I don’t need gifts, I have you”.
“Oh you great sap”, Harry said with the utmost love in his voice. They smiled and knew that they were both safe, they were home, they were with each other.

Harry never had another long mission like that again, Draco made sure of it, because the day after Harry came home Draco marched to the ministry and made a whole scene of how he is now sleep deprived and was very worried of his boyfriend. Draco made the ministry promise to never send him on another mission like that again, because even though Draco might not have any power in the ministry he sure makes a good point, and is also very scary when he hasn’t seen his boyfriend in three months. Harry laughed at his boyfriend, for later on that night he would be known as his husband soon to be. Which then Draco made Harry promise they would go by Potter-Malfoy, but Harry had no objections because he was marrying the love of his life.

And all was right in the world.

Jealous - Fred Weasley

Summary: can you write angry Fred Weasley smut?
Warnings: smut smut smut smuuuut

‘’(Y/N)! Concentrate!’’ George yelled from the other side of the field. You muttered an apology eventhough he couldn’t hear it. He threw you the Quaffle and you flew off, trying to get past Harry who tried to block you. You looked up at the sky, the clouds that had been wispy and white this morning were now darker and more dense. You succeeded on getting past Harry once again and threw the Quaffle through one of the hoops. ‘’Well done!’’ Harry cheered.

The three of you decided to quit this training session, and you all flew back to the ground. You quickened your pace when you looked at the sky again, this was not the day to be caught in a downpaur. But it was too late. The rain fell in crazy chaotic drops, the gusting wind carrying them in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next. It runs down your face as a thin layer, not as cold as it will be when November comes, but without the warmth of summer showers.

‘’You guys are soaked! Quick, come on in!’’ Molly said when she saw Harry, George and you walking to the front door of the Burrow. ‘’Dinner’s ready too,’’ she said, she gave you all some towels and you joined the rest of the inhabitants of the Burrow for dinner.

‘’It’s delicious Molly, as always,’’ you said, complimenting her. She smiled at you, the woman adored you. Everyone was talking, until George changed the subject of the conversation to Quidditch. ‘’She’s defenitly going to make the team!’’ he said and threw his arm around your shoulder. ‘’And if Harry is captain again this year, you don’t even need to try that hard,’’ he said, jokingly. ‘’Yes Harry, listen to him. He speaks wise words,’’ you said, laughing, leaning into George’s side.
‘’Aren’t you happy for your girlfriend, Fred?’’ Bill asked, noticing he hasn’t said a word yet. ‘’Ofcourse I am,’’ he snapped back.

Ofcourse he has happy for her. When he first heard she wanted some help with Quidditch, he was more than happy to help his girlfriend out. That was until she seemed to care more about the opinion of his twin brother than his. And maybe he was overreacting, but honestly, he didn’t care. He felt like you would rather spend time with George than him.

There fell an uncomfortable silence at the table for mere minutes. ‘’Hermione, Ginny, are you going to help me with the dishes?’’ Molly asked them, trying to ease the tension everyone felt. You took this opportunity to talk to Fred. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ you whispered, bending closer to his face. ‘’Nothing,’’ he hissed back.

After dinner you saw Fred trying to sneak away to his room. Oh no mister, that’s not about to happen, you thought. You quickly walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, ‘’We need to talk,’’ you said, barely louder than a whisper. Without another word he turned around and walked up the stairs. You followed him to his room and took a seat on George’s bed, facing him.

‘’What is wrong?’’ you asked him again. ‘’Nothing, I told you,’’ ‘’Don’t give me that bullshit,’’ Why wouldn’t he just tell you? ‘’Really (Y/N), just leave it,’’ he said, standing up. He drew his hands over his face in frustration. ‘’No, there’s obviously something bothering you,’’ ‘’I can’t stand it, okay?’’ he whispered. ‘’What?’’ you said, you genuinely hadn’t heard him. ‘’I cant stand it anymore!’’ he shouted at you. ‘’What?!’’ you said, standing up yourself. ‘’Oh you know,’’ he said bitterly. ‘’No I don’t,’’ You wondered what it was that bothered him so much. ‘’Why don’t you go ask George?’’ his voice had never sounded so cold. ‘’George?’’ you asked confused. ‘’What does he have to do with this?’’ ‘’Everything! God, (Y/N), why don’t you go and just snog him already?’’ ‘’This is really about George?’’ you asked, bewildered. ‘’God Fred, why don’t you just spit it out already because I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about!’’ He sighed deep, ‘’Never mind, forget about it,’’ he said softly. ‘’No! For fuck’s sake Fred, you’re my boyfriend, I care about you!’’ you began to feel rather irritated. Was it that hard to just spit it out?!  ‘’Oh so you remember me? You remember that you have a fucking boyfriend,’’ Fred said, sounding frustrated again.

‘’Fred, you can tell me whatever is crossing your mind,’’ you said, all irritation and frustration leaving your voice. ‘’How about I show you,’’ he said with a clenched jaw. He grabbed you by your waist and pinned you against the wall. ‘’Fred what the fuck?’’ you said. Your eyes widened when he rolled his hips into yours and pressed his erection against your lower belly. ‘’Fred, no, now is not th-‘’ he crashed his lips into yours, silencing you. Before you knew it he had unbuttoned your pants, slid them halfway down your legs and pushed his hand into your panties. He smirked at your growing wetness.

‘’I’m going to fuck you hard, against this wall,’’ he growled. He pushed your panties to the side and pulled his zipper down, freeing his throbbing erection. You took his erection in your hand and placed it at your entrance, sinking down on it. A strangled moan left Fred’s mouth, he picked up your leg and placed it at his waist, reaching deeper inside you.

He pulled out of you and immediatley slammed back in. A whimper left your mouth, god he was hitting all the right places.

‘’Who fuck’s you this good?’’ he said throatily. You didn’t answer, so he pushed deeper and harder. ‘’Oh god,’’ you moaned. ‘’You Fred, you!’’ ‘’That’s right,’’ He grabbed you more tightly against his chest and thrusted even harder. Whimpers left your mouth, you couldn’t hold back anymore. ‘’Yes, let them know who fuck’s you this good,’’ he whispered in her ear. ‘’Mine, fucking mine,’’

Fred felt your walls starting to clench around him and placed you back against the wall. He buried his face in your neck and planted sloppy kisses there whilest his thrust began to slow down. He brought his hand down to your clit and started to rub circles, helping you get to your high. Your mouth had the shape of an ‘o’ and you threw your head back against the wall. He too came with a loud moan in your ear, which got you hot and bothered all over again.

‘’Fuck, I’m so sorry,’’ he whispered, his face still buried in your neck.

Life Is What Happens

I was trying to explain to someone how I wished the epilogue had gone, and this happened.

Life is What Happens by Annerb (Harry/Ginny, PG, future AU)

“Harry?” Ginny asks.

Harry sits across the room at the old roll top desk, an array of papers in front of him. “Hmm?” he says, clearly distracted and only half-listening.

Ginny isn’t sure why she’s waited until he is buried in a report to broach this conversation. She’s had his undivided attention for most of the evening. They have learned the necessity of it, of carving time out for each other during the last few hectic years. Harry’s gotten pretty good about it, despite his tendency to obsess and his job’s ability to flow over into his private life with the fury of a tidal wave. For an Auror, there really is no separating work from home.

Like many things, that seems a bit more problematic today.

Ginny gnaws at her lower lip. She considers that she waited until he was distracted because she’s a coward, and this is easier to say while he’s not looking at her.

“You know how we talked about having a family?” she says.

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Another Twenty-Two Days

Another Twenty-Two Days

HP/GW, Rated R for sexual situations and language

A/N: Because I can’t get enough of these two.

Link to Part I: HERE

I. (Everywhere)

It’s a switch being flipped, and suddenly she’s light and she’s everywhere.

Someone’s complaint one morning over burnt toast floats down the table, and Harry’s stomach flutters. He thinks automatically of Ginny, and how much she’s going to enjoy breakfast; she always picks the darkest slices.

There is a decorative vase of amber yellow flowers on Professor Sprout’s muddy desk when he goes up to turn in his essay on the benefits of Snargaluff pods. He breathes them in. They smell just like Ginny, soft and delicate and sweet.

Freesia refracta,” Professor Sprout says, nodding towards the bouquet when she notices him lingering there.

“Er, they’re nice,” he mumbles, and moves on quickly after that.

It’s pouring during Potions, and Professor Slughorn is collecting rainwater in a tin bucket in the high, open windows, and it sounds like the time they were stuck in the broom shed together during a rare summer storm. He remembers Ginny’s tinkling laughter as she rung out her sopping hair.

She’s everywhere, everywhere, and he wishes he’d been ready for her when she’d been ready for him.

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anonymous asked:

can you do 58 where Harry is the quiet one

Here you go lovely anon. I hope you enjoy this one. Prompt was: You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?

You and Harry had been dating for two years. Actually by this point, to say you were “dating” sounded a little silly and juvenile. You were in love. Simple as that. The way he treated you was the way you wanted to be treated, and you gave it back to him tenfold. Sure, it wasn’t always easy. You’d had a few bumps in the road, some twists and turns. But to look back at your time together made you burst with pride. Nowadays, any celebrity romance that lasted more than a few months was not only shocking but commendable.

Tonight you and Harry had gone to a party in Malibu. It was a casual affair on the beach, and like at most parties, you mingled with others throughout the evening, some people you knew, some you were meeting for the first time, but you always managed to circle back to each other. Harry would pull you close, kissing the top of your head before returning to his previous conversation, or perhaps walk with you to a nearby bar to get a refill on drinks.

This time, however, you noticed something different about him. Harry was never really one to stand still, always fidgeting if he wasn’t chatting or telling a silly joke. Even if he was being affectionate with you, he wouldn’t be serious for long before doing something like tickling you or commenting to others about how great you are. Tonight he wasn’t doing any of those things. Tonight he was almost…quiet.

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Harry Styles - Little Sister Secretly Dating Niall Imagine

[Thank you for your kind words, glad you like! Enjoy! I REALLY like writing Niall.]

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Sirius Black x Reader

Request: will you please do an imagine where the marauders meet this girl and she’s like a walking firecracker ok like absolutely fearless and they’re all like “where have you been all our lives” and they like recruit her into their group and she’s just so bold and confident and they bring her back down to reality when she gets too reckless and she does the same for them and it’s just an amazing friendship between them all? and can she have a unique relationship with sirius, and they end up together? xxx

Originally posted by iheartbinbons

“You’re doing that wrong.”

All four marauders jump and whirl around at the voice, taking in the sight of the girl standing in front of them with a cocked eyebrow. It looks like she ran to the scene – her cheeks are slightly red and her hair seems to have escaped the bun she tried to put it in.

“W-what?” Remus stammers, trying desperately to tuck the marauders map out of sight. The girl sighs, snatching the bag of supplies out of James’ hand.

“You’re setting this up wrong.” She dumps everything on the floor, and with a quick wave of her wand and a mutter under her breath, the firecracker assembles itself, whizzing and sparking. With a smirk and a toss of the head, she turns to leave.


She pauses at the sound of one of the boys calling out, poised on one foot. She tilts her head slightly to acknowledge them and Sirius clears his throat.

“What’s your name, love?”

The girl laughs, a ringing laugh that makes big grins light up their faces. “Y/N.”

A week later, she’s part of the group – part of the famous marauders, the pranksters that irritate the teachers and amuse the students. The boys all love her – she reads with Remus, helps James with pranks, and helps Peter with schoolwork. But Sirius? Sirius is simply her best friend. He calls her his little firecracker, reminiscent of the prank she first helped them with and her wild personality.

“Let’s go, Sirius!”

Sirius laughs and lets Y/N pull him out of the common room. They run as fast as they can, while still being quiet, whipping around corridors and giggling to themselves, until Y/N suddenly stops. Sirius pauses as well, catching his breath and wiping the sweat off his brow. “Y/N? Something wrong?”

Y/N just smirks, and then lets out a loud yell. Sirius yelps at the sound, lunging forward and slapping a hand over her mouth, to her great annoyance. “Are you mad? We’ll get caught!”

She grabs his hand and throws it off her, fixing him with an annoyed stare. “It’s fun! Try it, Pads, it feels good.”

Sirius gives her a dubious look, but throws his head back, summoning the loudest scream he can, until –

“I heard it around here, Horace.”

Sirius’ eyes widen, frozen in his spot. Y/N suddenly clutches at him and pulls him back, whispering frantically in his ear. “Run!”

They tear back the way they came, toppling into the common room. Y/N lands on top of Sirius and they erupt into a fit of laughter. Y/N doesn’t bother to get up as she catches her breath, laying her head on top of his chest and contentedly listening to his heartbeat. Sirius finds himself staring down at her, smiling at her little grin and bright, wild eyes as he run his hand through her soft hair.

“I wanna scream again, Sirius,” Y/N says, then raises her head and screams, a huge grin on her face. Sirius lunges forward again to shut her up – but this time, instead of using his hand, he uses his mouth.

Y/N responds to the kiss immediately, laying back down on top of him and pressing her body closer. Sirius wraps his arms around her waist, tightening his grip, and nibbles on her bottom lip, deepening the kiss. Eventually, he has to pull away to let them breathe, but they don’t move.


Y/N’s voice is slightly muffled because her face is pressed against Sirius’ chest. “Yeah?”

“Be my girlfriend?”

She raises her face up, and Sirius is reminded of the first day they met her – her cheeks are slightly flushed and her hair has gone wild, but he’s never seen anybody more beautiful. “Yes.” Sirius finally got his firecracker.

I miss you...

Harry returns from filming Dunkirk but wants nothing to do with you and it doesn’t go down well

Request:  Harry imagine where the reader is a bit clingy Bc she doesn’t want him to go out? Love your work

A/N: Hey guys so here is a imagine someone requested. Hope you like it I tried to work on it the best as I can. This is my last request in my inbox so if you wanna see more of my work defiantly send requests in my ask box. Love you guys and thank you for my following and reading. enjoy - maddy

Ever since Harry came back from filming for 6 months we truly haven’t done anything together then the occasional “Hi” and “Bye” before he leaves for the studio or goes out and sees the guys. Its truly been upsetting me a bit and don’t really understand why he hasn’t made the effort to stay home with me when he clearly has the time. We haven’t kissed that much, had a conversation let alone made love. I miss his presence and his words and the way they come off his lips. The way he touches me and the feeling of his finger tips on my skin. I just want my Harry back because I can’t stand being away from him any longer. Just at this very moment Harry walks through the door coming back from work. 

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“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 6

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5



There was so much anger building up in Harry the longer he got ready for the night. Justice was such a big part of Harry’s life. He lived by doing what was right and for the people who deserved it. He agreed with fighting for the rights of the people and for those who don’t always have a voice to spread their thoughts. But the way Y/N was going about it, the background as to how she was conducting her business didn’t settle right whatsoever whenever Harry tried to convince himself that she wasn’t a bad person.

And she wasn’t. She wasn’t a bad person. She was a good person who had had unfortunate circumstances her whole life which led her to make irrational decisions without looking at the consequences. But she was a good person doing what she thought was right, and that much Harry could support. 

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theytookmywingsaway  asked:

Hello, it's me again! First of all, I wanted to tell you that I really like the blurb you wrote as an answer to my request. It was definitely the thing I had in mind, thanks for writing it :) Also, I'd love if you could write some more, if you're in the mood of course! I'd love to read a story about Y/N having a problem, but being very quiet about it, and Harry trying to get it out of her. Think you're up for it? :)

Hello again! Sorry this took so long, love. I hope you like it. It’s not smutty, just sweet. But serious too. Please forgive me for any typos. It’s late, and I’ve been awake almost 24 hours now lol. Thanks to my friend Laura for help with the idea! xo


“Everything okay?” your best friend calls from the other side of the stall door.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you say, staring at your underwear.

“You’ve been in there a while,” she comments, sounding concerned.

A while. You count back the number of days in your head again, and double check on the app. Yep, you’d say it’s been a while.

“Sorry, I’m coming,” you call back as you pull up your pants. You flush and emerge from the stall, holding your phone in your hand.

“Ugh,” you friend sighs, exasperated. “Don’t tell me you were reading something on your phone again. You’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

“Sorry,” you say again.

You are perfectly fine with your friend thinking that’s what you’ve been doing. Even though she’s been your best friend for as long as you can remember, and you’ve shared some of your deepest, darkest secrets, you’re still hesitant to tell her the truth this time. Until you know for sure.

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Character(s): Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,339

Request:  Hi! I’m glad you’re backing to writing again. I’ve missed you and your writing. It gets me through some stuff.☺well I’ve had this request stirring in my mind a bit, a samxreader were the tease each other a lot establish relationship. Hope you do it.


   You are no morning person. Rather than get up and embrace the day, you would prefer to roll back over and embrace your pillow. Late mornings and double digits are your thing, unlike Sam who enjoys sunrises and detoxifying herbal teas. Your boyfriend is up before you nine times out of ten, but he’s sure to wake you before ten, the exception being Sundays after you bargained for that one day.

   Today is not a Sunday.

   You know it’s almost ten when Sam comes in and starts massaging your shoulders. You don’t relax. He only starts gentle.

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Husband Reacts to 1D: Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments (21-30)

Disclaimer: I do not ship Larry. After viewing the contents of the video, I can say with certainty that Husband does not, either. Please proceed with caution.

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to get Husband to react to some the “Larry Stylinson” videos. As we all know, this is probably the most hotly debated topic in our little fandom, but I tried to present to him the most balanced, unbiased view of Larry Stylinson that I could.

He knew nothing going into it. I briefly explained that many members of the fandom believe that Harry and Louis were (or still are) in a romantic relationship, which has been hidden from the public, and remains unconfirmed by either party. I then showed him the “Top 30 Iconic Larry Moments” video, uploaded by youtube user freddieismyqueen. I asked him to react on the content: namely, did the clips present enough proof to convince him that Larry Stylinson once existed (or still does)?

I am fully expecting backlash and an outpouring of opinions from both Larries and Antis on this topic. Please be kind to me, I am merely the messenger.

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I like thinking about the scars on Harry and Draco

For example, a part of me thinks Draco Malfoy was never allowed to play outside as a child because if he fell and cut his knee, he would have a little red scar on his knee. A blemish on his pale porcelain skin, a mark on his perfection.

So it’s really important to me to think of Harry Potter kissing the scars left on Draco’s chest from his Sectumsempra, running his tongue across the silvery lines and kissing them just as readily as he kisses Draco’s forehead. Yes, they’re terrible scars that represent two boys who were struggling under the weight of a catastrophic choice (that really wasn’t a choice for either of them) but they’re there and they make Harry love Draco even more.

The Dark Mark, once so black and awful on Draco’s arm, has faded slightly but Harry still catches glimpses of it when Draco is getting undressed. He never fights the urge to curl his fingers around Draco’s wrist and rub his thumb against the mark. He does it more than once a day because it means that Draco knows he’s entirely forgiven.

And Draco treats Harry’s scars in the same way. The little raised circle sitting on his sternum. The faint white words on the back of his hand. The angry red line on his forearm. The beautifully pale lightning bolt on his forehead. Draco sees them and knows that they’re perfect because they’re something to show that Harry (his Harry) was so much stronger than Voldemort. He kisses them and tickles them and flicks his tongue against them when he’s fucking Harry because they represent their freedom.

Because despite how ugly they think their own scars are, Harry and Draco love each other’s with the power of a thousand suns & that’s more important than how the scars got there in the first place.

Harry Potter Imagine - I Trust You

A/N: Ok so I didn’t know which scenario I wanted to use for this prompt, so I kinda used both. I hope you like it!

Request: Hi!Can you do me a Harry imagine with prompt 34?Thanks <3

Prompt 34. “I trust you.”

You were currently sat with your best friend - Hermione Granger. You were sat with your legs cross on the lawn of The Burrow discussing your O.W.L results and watching the boys and Ginny muck around on their broomsticks.

“Why aren’t you flying Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice ask.

“Don’t like flying.” You shrugged, looking up at a boy with messy black hair and beautiful, green eyes hover on his broomstick just above your head. The head of messy hair belonged to your other best friend - Harry Potter.

“You don’t like flying?” He asked as if that was the most outrageous thing he had ever heard.

“No, people are meant to stay on the ground, if they weren’t we would have wings.” You said, you never really liked heights and so flying definitely wasn’t something you wanted to ever do.

“Have you ever flown before?” He asked raising an eyebrow. You shook your head as if to say no. “Then how can you say you don’t like it? Come on, just try it.”

“No thank you, and plus, I don’t have a broom.” You said wishing he would just drop the subject, there was no way he was getting you on that broom.

“You can ride on mine with me.” He exclaimed. You looked over at Hermione who had been very quiet during the conversation, but she wasn’t much help. She was smirking and had one eyebrow raised. She was looking at you, waiting for your reply, obviously enjoying this moment. It was no lie that you had a thing for Harry, it was so obvious you were pretty sure he knew about it as well, but he said nothing which made you believe that he just saw you as nothing but a friend.

“No, really, I’m fine here, on the ground.” You said looking at the ground.

“Please, for me?” He asked trying his best to look sad.

“No thank you.” You said, laughing at his expression.

“Don’t you trust me?” He asked looking sincere.

“I trust you.” You said, a bit upset over the fact that he didn’t think you trusted. Please, you’ve liked him for so long, you have more trust for him than you probably should.

“Well then come for a ride!” He exclaimed. You sighed and said, “If I go for a ride, will you stop annoying me?”

“Yes.” He said quickly, smiling big.

“Well then alright.” You said looking over at Hermione who you could have swore winked at you.

You got up from your comfy spot on the ground and got on the broom, which was extremely difficult. It involved a lot of apologising and awkward movements, but you finally got on.

Harry turned back and asked, “Are you ready?”

“No, not really.” You said, suddenly wishing you hadn’t said you would do this, but Harry didn’t seem to listen to your reply as he took off. You screamed and your first instinct was to grab onto something so you wouldn’t fall off. You weren’t sure if it was a good or bad thing, that the only thing you could hold onto, was Harry’s waist.

“Isn’t your broom a really fast broom?!” You screeched holding on even tighter as he sped up.

“Yeah, it’s a Firebolt.” He yelled so you could hear him.

“Great.” You mumbled. You wanted to remove your hands from his waist, but you feared you were going to fall, and you also didn’t mind being this close to Harry.

All of sudden, Harry had turned and you shrieked causing him to laugh.

“Shut up.” You mumbled slapping his shoulder. You played a mini game of Quidditch with everyone, you still on the back of Harry’s broom.

Your team won which was great and even though you had the time of your life, you still preferred the ground. Mrs. Weasley was currently calling you for dinner so everyone got off their broom and made their way inside for a delicious meal. After more apologising and more awkward movements, you and Harry got off of his broom safely.

“See it wasn’t that bad.” He said smirking.

“It was pretty bad.” You said as you both walked inside The Burrow. You and Harry were at the back of the group walking to The Burrow

“Yeah, you were really scared.” He laughed as you rolled your eyes.

“I was not!”

“Then why were you holding onto me so tight?” He said making the heat rush up to your cheeks.

“Shut up.” You mumbled pushing his shoulder. “It’s not my fault you turned without telling me.”

“How was I meant to tell you?” He asked still laughing.

“I don’t know.” You said, now laughing as well. You had now gotten to The Burrow and saw Hermione’s frizzy hair turn to go into the room that you were sharing. You also turned and opened the door to see a Hermione waiting for you, sitting on her bed, smirking.

“What?” You asked closing the door behind you.

“So how was your ride with Harry?” She asked raising her eyebrow.

“Shut up.” You grumbled, the heat once again rising to your cheeks.

“How was it?” She asked again, squealing.

“It was great!” You said, squealing as well. You told her everything as you changed into new clothes. You both walked downstairs to the dining room and sat at the table. Fortunately, Harry sat next to you, with Hermione on the other side. Today has been going pretty good.

After dinner, Hermione, Harry, Ron, the twins and yourself went into the lounge room. Ginny and the twins were playing exploding snap on the floor while you and the trio sat on the lounges. You sat on the end of the lounge with Harry in the middle and Ron on the other end, while Hermione had a single lounge to herself.

You were currently talking about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Slughorn. Dumbledore had taken Harry to meet him and try to persuade him to teach again at Hogwarts, which Harry successfully did.

After a while, Hermione and Ron were having their own conversation, which meant that you and Harry were kind of forced to have your own conversation.

“You know, I hate to admit it, but I did have quite a lot of fun flying with you today.” You said, smiling at him.

“Did you?” He asked raising an eyebrow and smirking, you knew he was going to say something stupid, “You could’ve fooled me, I mean you were holding on really tight.”

“You are the most annoying person I have ever met. You have already said this, I think you enjoyed it.” You said sticking your tongue out at him.

“You know what?” He asked this time, without a smirk.

“What?” You laughed, expecting him to say something stupid again.

“I did enjoy it.”

“Enjoy what?” You asked, you were pretty sure he was talking about you holding on to him, but you just wanted to make sure so you didn’t look stupid.

“Well you see Y/N, for years now, I have always thought you were terrifically pretty, but last year, I realised that I don’t want us to be just friends.” He said sincerely.

“What do you want us to be then?”

“Well, if you don’t feel the same way, that’s alright, I hope we can still be friends, I’d hate for our friendship to be ruined because of me,” he paused, “would you, I don’t know, maybe, like to be my girlfriend and like, I could be your boyfriend?” His voice suddenly a few octaves higher.

“Really?” You asked, sounding a bit too excited, causing Harry to laugh.


“Yes, I would love to, I can’t believe you didn’t know I liked you, I swear it was so obvious.” You exclaimed.
“No, I noticed, you were right, it was really obvious and Hermione wasn’t much help. She always smirks and has this look of amusement on her face whenever we talk.” He said, laughing causing you to hide your face in your hands.

“I’m going to kill her.” You said as Harry wrapped his arms around you and hugged you. You basically melted into him. After a while, he said, “Don’t worry, I will always protect you, and I will never let harm come your way.” You knew he was talking about the battle going on with Voldemort and said, “Don’t worry, I trust you.”

She's beautiful - imagine

Harry and I lay quietly on the sofa, his arm wrapped securely around my shoulders, my head resting on his upper chest and our legs intertwined while they rested on the coffee table. Harry’s free hand was tracing small circles on my large, swollen, uncomfortable stomach. His index finger was circling my belly button which, unlike normal, was sticking out from underneath my shirt. Pregnancy was not all it was cracked up to be. Of course there are the occasional beautiful moments, the first scan, finding out the sex, the first kick and the doctor telling you that the baby should be here within 2 weeks. But no one ever mentions the other parts. The pain, the discomfort, the increased need for the toilet, the ever present terror that something could go wrong.

Harry and I had been blessed. My pregnancy had been relatively smooth until now. Now, I was 3 weeks late and my stomach was swollen to the size of a large beach ball. I would never tell Harry how uncomfortable I am, but I’m certain he knew. He always knows when something is wrong, even without me telling him. I huffed and shifted in my seat, sliding my body down the leather slightly and placing both my hands on top of my stomach, rubbing my thumb back and forth. Harry sighed slights and removed his hand, I whined at the loss of contact. He smiled slightly before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“What are you doing?” I mumbled, leaning further into his body but keeping my attention on the tv. The baby kicked and I shifted once again in discomfort. The hand Harry still had wrapped around my shoulder began to gently stroke my skin and I hummed.

“I’m looking up ways to make you less uncomfortable” he said, tapping away at the screen with his thumb.

“M'not uncomfortable” I lied, removing my attention from the tv and focusing it on the phone in Harry’s hand.

“Don’t lie to me baby, I know when you are in pain” he said.

“I’m not in pain, I’m just a bit-”

“Uncomfortable” Harry interrupted with a small smile. I grinned and elbowed him in the stomach playfully. He chuckled. Harry searched several labour-inducing techniques on his phone and each one seemed more ridiculous than the last; eat a spicy curry, go for a long walk, rubbing my nipples… An idea which Harry was very keen to test.

“Here’s one,” he said, sitting up slightly and looking me in the eye, “sex”.

“What?!” I asked. “It does not say that!” I said.

“Oh but it does my love” he said, pointing at the screen and sure enough, having sex was listed in one of the ways to induce labour.

“So, how’s about it gorgeous? You want me to whip my trousers off and give you some good loving?” He teased but a small part of me knew that if I said ‘yes’, he would be more than happy to see it through.

“You 'whining off your trousers’ and giving me 'some good loving’ is exactly what got us in to this mess in the first place. So kindly keep your clothes on and keep researching. I need to go to the bathroom again” I said, a small groan leaving my lips as I tried to force myself off the couch. Harry laughed and gave me a little push up to my feet before he returned to his phone and continued to scroll down the list.

I waddled to the bathroom and pulled down my maternity leggings, turning to the side and examining my huge stomach in the mirror. I never thought I would be this big. Anne always says that a big stomach is good, means the baby will come out healthy and chubby. But it doesn’t feel good now, it feels uncomfortable. I sighed and looked down at my stomach, my hand running over my stretched skin.

“Please hurry up little girl, you’re hurting mummy” I said quietly so Harry wouldn’t here.

Yes, we were having a girl. Harry had been beside himself when we found out, I have never seen him cry so much in our 7 year relationship, he began sobbing in the doctors office and cried the entire car journey home. He stopped after a while, wandering around the house with a huge smile on his face before he said; 'we’re having a girl" and started crying all over again. I sighed once more and went to the toilet before pulling up my leggings and washing my hands. As I turned off the warm water tap a shot of pain emitted from my stomach, leaving me groaning and leaning against the sink. It felt like someone had shoved a dagger in my stomach and twisted it. I took in a deep breath and relaxed. Our doctor had said that cramps would be common in the third trimester and that they should be expected. The best way to deal with them was to breath and stay calm, so as not to cause any stress to the baby.

Thinking nothing of it I walked back to the living room where Harry was still scrolling through his phone.

“Still can’t find anything that looks useful babe. Personally I still think sex or breast massages are the best options” he said, a cheeky grin creeping on to his face causing his left dimply to pop. I shot him the middle finger.

Once again another shot of pain rippled through my body and I doubled over with a groan. Harry was by my side in second, his phone thrown to the floor in his haste.

“Baby? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He asked, his voice high with panic. I waited for the pain to pass before standing up again and answering.

“Yeah, fine. Just keep getting these pains in my stomach, had one in the bathroom about 5 minutes ago” I said. Both of us were silent for a few moments. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realise that this is a type of pain I have never experience before. This wasn’t the type of pain you get when you have a cramp, as a girl I am all too aware of how that pain feels. But this, this is different. This pain was originating in the centre of my womb, a sharp, contracting pain that seemed to travel through my whole body, down my legs, along my arms and to the top of my head. My eyes widened.

“Oh my god” I mumbled under my breath. This wasn’t cramps this was labour. I was about to shout my realisation to Harry when I felt a warm liquid leaking down my leg and soaking my leggings. Harry noticed it too and it only took a few seconds for his thoughts to catch up with mine.

“OH MY GOD!” We both yelled at the same time, little droplet of water hitting the floor. My water had broke.

It took a few moments but in a flash, Harry had sprung in to action.

“Ok, ok don’t panic, ok. I will get the bags, Y/N, baby you go get your coat and shoes on. I’ll get everything ready and you meet me by the front door” he gushed. I opened my mouth to reply but it was no use, he was already running upstairs.

“This is happening” I said to myself as I waddled to the front door, taking my jacket and slipping it over my shoulders before sliding my feet in a pair of plain, black pumps that did not require me to bed down to put them one. I fumbled with the keys in the front door before swinging it open, a gush of cool air brushing past my face and entering the house. I heard Harry’s heavy footsteps rushing back down the stairs. In one hand he held our bag which was packed with everything we would need to take to the hospital, clothes, toiletries, nappies, baby clothes etc. In his other hand he was carrying a pair of black, scruffy converse and his hoodie thrown over his arm. He dropped the bag to the floor and threw the hoodie over his head before stuffing his feet hastily into his converse. I giggled at his frantic actions. He looked up at me when he heard me laugh and smiled, a big, bright smile which reached his gorgeous green eyes. He scooped the bag off the floor and placed the strap over one of his shoulders before he laced his fingers with mine.

“Ready baby?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. He looked me deeply in the eye before pressing a swift, firm kiss on to my lips.

Throughout the relatively short car journey to the hospital I experience 3 more contractions, each one more painful and longer than the last. During each one, Harry took a firm grip on my hand and breathed through them with me, softly mumbling 'in’ and 'out’ as he inhaled and exhaled. He ushered me through the door of the maternity unit before announcing loudly to the packed waiting room and the ladies behind the reception desk;

“My wife is having a baby”.

I blushed slightly as people in the waiting room looked as us, some awed and others looked indifferent, after all, we were all here for the same reason. Harry continued to lead me to the reception desk, one of his large hands never leaving my waist.

“Alright sir, what’s the name?” The lady asked with a kind smile.

“Styles, Y/N Styles” he said, his thumb running soothing circled against my hip bone. I groaned loudly and clutched my stomach as another contraction washed over me. Harry kissed my temple.

“How far apart are the contractions?” The lady asked.

“About 6 minutes” Harry said as politely as he could but I could tell he just wanted to get me in to a hospital bed and away for all these people as quickly as possible.

“And has her water broken?” The lady asked.

“Yes” Harry said, his tone short and clipped. I smiled at the receptionist to apologise for his tone and she smiled back kindly.

“Alright Mr and Mrs Styles if you would like to follow me down the hall I will take you to one of our available, private birthing rooms” she said, standing to her feet and gathering her clipboard in her arms before leading us down the bustling hallway. All around nurses, midwives, doctors and pregnant women and their partners were wandering, some being led back to their assigned rooms while others were being talked through certain aspects of their pregnancy. Harry still kept a tight grasp on my hip.

We were shown in to an empty room at the end of the hall, the receptionist handing me a hospital gown before saying that she would inform our midwife that we were here and leaving us alone. I changed in to the unflattering blue gown and folded my clothes in a neat pile before placing them on top of a chair. I hoisted myself in to the surprisingly comfortable hospital bed and Harry took a seat in the chair beside me, taking a hold of my hand and squeezing my fingers in reassurance.

“You ok baby?” He asked. I nodded.

“Yeah, little nervous” I said and he smiled, pressing a light kiss to the back of my hand.

“Yeah me too, we will be fine” he reassured. I smiled and kissed his hand.

The door opened and out midwife Lesley walked in.

“Ah if it isn’t my favourite parenting team” she beamed and we both laughed. “So, I hear you are thinking of having a baby. Well you are certainly in the right place” she said and I smiled. “How are you finding the contractions?” She asked.

“Sore” I said with a smile and she laughed, “they aren’t to bad yet” I continued.

“Alright,” she said, having a quick look at the clipboard at the end of my bed and slipping on a pair of rubber gloves.

“You mind if I have a quick look?” She asked and I shook my head, shifting on my back, bending my knees and spreading my legs. She lifted up my hospital gown and hummed. “Looks like you have a bit longer to wait I’m afraid, only 6 centimetres” she said. I nodded and closed my legs.

“Harry have you called family and friends yet?” She asked.

“Oh shit, no. I’ll go and do that now” he said before kissing my forehead and exiting the room with his phone in his hand. I laughed.

“Think he’s a bit excited” I giggled and Lesley laughed.

“I can only imagine, I remember the scan when I told you it was going to be a girl” she said and we both burst in to a fit of giggles before another contraction erupted in my uterus. I groaned loudly and fell back on the bed, gripping the bed sheets in my hands and waiting for the pain to pass. Lesley coached me through it and congratulated me on how well I was handling them once it had passed.

“Looks like they are getting closer together, 5 minutes apart now. That’s a good sign” she said, comparing the time of this one to the time of the one in the reception. “Are they getting more painful?” She asked, continuing to set everything up in the room such as drips and heart monitors while she spoke.

“Every time” I sighed, closing my eyes and rubbing my stomach. By the time Harry returned, I had had 2 more contractions, dilated to 9 centimetres and nearly cried at the pain.

“Okay, I have called my family, your family and the boys, all of them are on their way” he said, sliding his phone in his pocket and taking his seat back in the chair, holding my hand once more.

“How is everything going?” He asked Lesley, stroking my knuckles.

“It’s moving pretty quick now, it won’t be long before she has to start pushing” she said, writing in the clipboard at the end of my bed.

“Wow, 3 weeks late and looks like you will be giving birth within the hour huh babe” Harry smiled and I swatted at his head.

“Yep, she is going to be just like her father, always late” I said and Lesley smiled.

“Hey! I’m not always late, just late most of the time” he joked and I laughed. He joined me.

Contraction after contraction racked my body, each one more painful than the last. The latest was excruciating. I cried out in pain and gripped on to Harry’s hand tightly, while the other balled in to a fist tightly, gripping on to the bed covers. I gritted my teeth and screwed my eyes closed. It felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach with hundreds of knives, over and over again. Each knife slicing into my skin and being twisted deep in my uterus. A single tear slipped down my cheek. Harry was hovering above me in seconds.

“Hey, hey baby. Baby look at me, open you eyes baby and look at me,” he said. I did as he asked, my watery eyes locking with his green ones. “You are doing so well baby, this will be over soon I promise. This pain will pass and before you know it we will have our beautiful baby girl in our arms” he said softly, his deeply, husky voice soothing the pain which was still shooting through my body. This is what Harry did. He lowered and softened his voice whenever I needed to be comforted, soothing me and calming me down in any situation. It was one of those unusual connections we had, one of those strange things which made us even closer in a way that no one else would ever be able to understand.

The pain slowly began to pass and my breathing slowed. I kept me eyes locked on Harry’s until Lesley spoke.

“Your contractions are only 2 minutes apart now,” she said, checking underneath my gown once more. “11 centimetres” she said, “I think it’s time to get this baby out of you”. She called in another midwife and a nurse. I squeezed Harry’s hand tightly and he looked at me.

“Harry, I’m scared” I mumbled, scanning his face while he gazed at mine. He sighed gently and stroked my hair, the nurses and midwives bustling around the room and having conversations amongst themselves, oblivious (momentarily) to Harry and I.

“My love, you don’t need to be scared, you are going to be the most amazing mother on this planet and I will be with you every step of the way. We will do this together, the early mornings, the late nights, the crying, the tantrums, the screams, the arguments, we will get through this. And we will get the most amazing thing out of it. We will have our own little family, just like we’ve always wanted” he said. I knew he was right. We had spoken about this moment from the beginning, no more than 11 months in to our relationship we knew that this was forever, and we knew that once we were married, kids was the next step in our relationship.

“You’re right” I said. He smiled and leaned down, kissing my lips tenderly, yet passionately.

“I love you” he mumbled against my lips.

“I love you more” I said and he shook his head.

“You wish” he replied and I smiled.

“Right, Y/N, you ready to start pushing?” Lesley asked and I breathed in deeply before nodding my head.

It was a pain like I had never experience before. Every part of my body was screaming, begging me to stop and give up. My muscles were on fire, the blood running through my veins and sizzling to every part of my body. I was screaming in pain, trying to grit my teeth in an effort to stay quiet. I was clinging to Harry’s hand so hard it must of hurt, but he said nothing about it. He was whispering words of encouragement, love and admiration as I continued to push but I couldn’t make out what he was saying, I was too busy focusing on the pain.

“Keep pushing Y/N, the baby is breached, her head and shoulders are already out” Lesley encouraged. This urged me on. I forced one more huge push, gritting my teeth and groaning as the pain intensified to an unbearable level and then, was gone completely. It was over.

A loud, echoing cry erupted throughout the room. It was her. I smiled, laughed and then cried as he nurse held up our little girl. She looked both beautiful and disgusting. She was converting in blood and her umbilical cord could be seen attaching her from her tummy button to me. I covered my mouth with my hand.

“Oh my god” Harry breathed, his eyes wide and his smile huge.

“Harry, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” The nurse asked. He nodded his head at a loss for words and cut the cord, staring at his little girl like she was the most precious thing on this earth. And to him, I’m sure she was. The nurse and the midwives took our little girl away and wrapped her in a soft pink blanket before handing her to me. I held her tightly in my arms, brushing my fingers gently over her tiny forehead and down her cheek, she was quite, breathing in and out softly. Harry was beside me, gazing down at the little pink bundle in my arms.

“Do you have a name for her yet?” The nurse asked before she left the room.

Harry and I looked at each other.

“Ellie,” Harry said, looking at me and I smiled, “Ellie Styles”.

“Beautiful name” she said before leaving us alone.

“She’s beautiful. She looks like her mum. You’re so beautiful Ellie” Harry hummed. I shifted over in the bed and Harry filled the empty space, lying beside me and gently stroking our little girls head.

“She’s so small” I said with a smile. “She’s so tiny” I giggled. One of her little hands emerged from the blanket and gripped Harry’s long finger which had previously been stroking her forehead. Her little fingers looked even smaller next to his own. He hiccuped and a small tear rolled down his cheek. He looked at me and kissed me deeply.

“Thank you” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For giving me everything I have ever wanted” he said and kissed me again before kissing out little girl on her forehead.

Moments later our families and the boys bustled in to the room, each one falling silent as their eyes fell on the three of us and predictably, our mothers cried, our dads smiled and the boys cheered, patting each other on the backs. Harry took our little girl from my arms and walked over to them, introducing Ellie to each member of her new family. They cooed, and smiled and laughed when she hiccuped, her small hand still holding on to Harry’s finger. But no one asked to take her from him. They could see the protectiveness in his eyes and in his hold on her. He kept glancing at me and I knew, he was going to be the best farther ever, and he was going to love our little girl so much that no boy was ever going to be good enough for her.

Love - Harry

Requested ✨ - “A Harry one where he thinks you like one of the others, but you like him and you find out in a bar one night? 💕”

I wanted to write about Harry. Wonderful, kind, lovely, beautiful Harry. Enjoy, love ❤️


“This is it, Tommo” Liam bounces on the balls of his feet.

“Come on, you’ve got this” Niall looks between you and Louis.

“Is anyone on my side?!” You throw your hands up. Louis had challenged you to a game of beer pong, despite never having beaten you at a game in the nearly 5 years he’d known you.

“Shush, Y/N” he shakes his head, rolling the ping pong ball between his fingers, “let me concentrate.”

“Concentrate?! You just throw the ball!” You laugh. Louis scowls, but throws the ball anyway. It skims the top, bouncing off the side instead of landing in the red solo cup. Liam and Niall both shake their head and move to your side of the table.

“What?! You’re swapping sides now?!” Louis exclaims, his accent broader than ever.

“Always side with the winner, mate” Niall stands close to you, “you’ve got this, Y/N.”

“I know I do” you say, confidently. You gently throw the ball and it lands perfectly in the final cup standing in front of Louis. You have a brief second to acknowledge Louis’s shocked face, drop him a wink, before Niall has picked you up, cheering at your win.

“Ahahah yes, Y/N!” Liam claps, laughing at Louis’s scowl. After Niall eventually places you back on the ground, you move over to Louis and hand him the four full cups of beer left.

“And these are for you” you grin at him. He locks his arm around your neck and pulls you down.

“You definitely cheated” he laughs.

“Ahhhh Louis! Get off me!” You wriggle in his arms.

“You two are like little kids” Liam shakes his head, used to yours and Louis’s behaviour around each other. You barely notice Harry walk in the room, a slight frown on his face. You’d started working for One Direction on their first tour, you were in charge of their social media. You were their age, so once you’d finished high school, you’d joined them. Their management had chosen you, thinking that someone young would be ideal in knowing what the fans wanted and could identify with them. It worked. Their social media was strong, you kept the fans close to the band and they adored you. You loved your job and you loved the boys. Despite all the drama, you wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

“Hey, grumpy” you plonk yourself next to the sullen looking boy, who’s running his hand through his hair.

“He should know better than to challenge you” he nods towards where Louis is drinking the beer you’d left him.

“Silly boy” you grin, “what’s up with you?”

“Nothing, love” he gives you a small, forced smile, “are you coming out tonight?”

“Of course I am” you scrutinise his expression, trying to figure out his bad mood. Despite his apparent annoyance, your stomach does a small flip as he calls you “love”. The way it always does when he uses pet names for you.

“Good” he stares at his phone, “It’s always better when you’re there.”


“Thank you” you glance down, surprised, as Harry hands you a gin and lemon. He always know what drink you’ll want. Whether it’s a beer or gin or even a cup of tea, he always knows what you want. It would scare you if you didn’t love it so much.

“Looks like we’ll be looking after Liam tonight” he nods to where Liam is dancing.

“Are you going to tell me what was wrong with you before?” You ignore his statement. He hasn’t been acting like himself for a while, and you’re determined to find out why.

“There was nothing wrong” he stares at the drink in his hand, yet again having trouble looking you in the eye.

“You know I can read you like a book, right?” You raise an eyebrow.

“You should just tell Louis how you feel” he looks up at you, sadness in his eyes, “with the way he talks about you, I reckon he feels the same way.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Your face full of confusion.

“You like Louis” he sighs.

“You think I like Louis?!” Your eyes widen.

“You don’t?” His eyes hold a glimmer of hope.

“No, I like you, you idiot” you blurt out before you can stop yourself, “Fuck, I didn’t mean to say that. I mean, I do really like you, I always have, but you’re Harry Styles and I know you don’t feel the sa…” You’re cut off by his lips on yours. It doesn’t take you long to recover from the shock, and you lace your fingers through his soft hair, pulling him closer to you. The entire bar around you becomes a blur, you can’t hear the loud music, nor the people around you. You can just feel his soft lips against your own, the feel of his hand on your cheek, the taste on his tongue and the smell of his aftershave. The entire world disappears, except for the boy in front of you.

“I definitely feel the same” he murmurs in his deep voice.

“Can we leave?” You breathe out. His eyes meet yours, looking for confirmation. You nod at him, laughing as he swallows, you’d never seen him look nervous before.

“Y-yeah” he stammers. Your love for him swelled, the ever confident, charming Harry Styles and you’d managed to fill him with nerves.

“Harry, let’s go” you take hold of his hand, “I don’t want to be here, I just want to be with you.” He smiles, pulling you back to him to press his mouth to yours.

“Let’s go, love” his lips pull up into a crooked smile.

#16 Dancing Figures (Harry Styles One Shot)

An Idea. Don’t know if it works. 

“That’s what dance is,” he said, “you need to express your story through your body,” he went on explaining what he felt a good story was and how our body was capable of narrating it. “I plan to divide you, partners! Yes! Partners selected by me!“ 

This was a headache, to be paired up with a stranger randomly selected by him, how could one get comfortable? "Harry and Fiona!” He screamed, excitement pouring out of him.

 I looked around for this Harry and found him standing in a corner, his arms around the waist of some other dancer. Great! He has a girlfriend! This makes it all the more difficult. “Hello?” I called, “Hi, I’m Fiona…” I put my hand forward for a handshake. 

They scanned me top to bottom, “best of luck, baby,” she laughed and kissed his cheek, walking away. I scoffed, what the hell! I was a professional dancer. We all were, and we were here for technical training that all the best dancers went to every year. I was no amateur.

 "So, you dance?“ He asked but, it didn’t feel like a question.

 "No, I bake,” I replied, sarcastically.

 "Clearly,“ he smirked, "it shows.”

 "Excuse me!“ I folded my hands. Who the hell did he think he was! I was not fat, I was not skinny, no. It was a personal decision. Orient like the idea of being skinny. I wanted a little weight on my body; I like the curves I had. 

"Well, let’s just say I’m lucky I work out,” he flexed his muscles, and I just scowled. He was handsome; one had to give him that. Hair tied in a bun, his eyes bright and big and his jaw line was perfect. Stop checking him out! He is calling you fat. 

“We can change partners, you know. You don’t have to dance with me,” I shook my head. “Don’t bother, I’ll go and tell him,”

 "Ha! He won’t change, are you here for the first time? We are stuck together,“ he rolled his eyes. 

"C'mon C'mon, come together all you partners,” the instructor called out.

 I huffed and went to stand in lines with our partners. “You guys, I have all of the hope with each one of you! In the next two days, I want you guys to prepare a short piece and present it!” He clapped his hands and dismissed us. Two days? I knew this workshop was hectic but, two days to get to know your partner and set a schedule. 

“So, do these partners change or remain for the whole month this workshop stays?” I asked one of the helpers. 

“Oh no, the same partners remain for the entire time you’re here,” she smiled. 

“Perfect,” I huffed, and I was stuck with a cruel one. 

I walked up to Harry to ask how he planned to work together and found him sucking the face of the same girl. I waited and waited but, finally called him out. “Hello, I’m sorry I don’t mean to disturb you but, could we schedule our next meeting?”

 He huffed and then, kissed that girls neck while I stood there looking all around as this kept getting awkward. “Tomorrow, 6 a.m.” I nodded and rushed out of there. 


“What the hell!” I pulled my hair. I had been sitting here for the past 3 hours! I was here at 5:30 so that’s three and half hours now. Harry was nowhere to be seen or found, and I didn’t know that girls name he was stuck to either. 

I packed my stuff and walked out of the practice area given to us. This experience would be so bad; I could feel it. I walked to the lake just quietly sitting beside the water when I saw Harry exit the building we all were staying at. I didn’t call him. There was no use of calling somebody who had no respect for others.

“What are you doing here?” I heard his voice. He was standing behind me.

 "Are you blind?“ 

"Get up, we have to practice,” he ordered.

 "We had to practice. You are now 5 hours late,“ I said looking at my watch. "So, don’t bother, I will dance alone if he doesn’t change my partner now.”

 "Who do you think you are? We all are professional dancers here, he won’t favor you,“ he laughed, sarcastically. "We have two days to set this dance, can we get to it?”

 I stared at him with shock evident on my face. He didn’t even apologize for being late. “I’m not dancing with you, Harry.” I walked away from him and went to the cafeteria to get some food. I sat down in a corner with my sandwich and coffee and finally enjoyed my breakfast. It was strange to see people sit alone or with their partners here. I was told that no one came here to make friends. The competition was that brutal. The only one you could trust was your partner. Well, my partners a gone case now. 

I was engrossed in my book when I saw a plate slammed in front of me. Harry sat down and took a bite of his roll, not meeting my eyes. “What?” He finally, said. “We can only be with our partners, at least, that’s what is advised to us." 

"What happened to your girlfriend?” I asked.

 "Not my girlfriend. We were messing around,“ I raised my eyebrow. "What? People do that, and she said, that I was distracting her with the amazing sex and is now, stuck to her partner." 

"And, you’re unfortunately stuck to yours?” I sighed. 

“Well, I read your portfolio. I don’t see any reason I am unfortunate,” he explained. 

“I thought you hated me,”

 "That’s how I am, why do you think you’re special?“ He smirked. "Anyway, I want to be the best here. Let’s face it, I’m the best here and in our profession we have to keep proving that. You aren’t bad either, from what I saw, you’re better than the rest. I apologize I was late today but, if you’re done being mad, we should get to work.” He said in a commanding voice. His voice was so deep and husky.

 "Okay, Mr. I’m the best. If you think of yourself to be the best, you should know that the first element of dance is to give respect. You were very disrespectful today, and frankly still are. If this is going to work in anyway,“ I gestured between us, "you need to feed it in your pretty little brain that we are equals.” I said, getting up.

 "You called me pretty.“ He smirked.

 "I called you little,” I retorted and walked away.


 "How about you move around to the left and then, wrap your legs around me while we turn to put us in motion for the lift?“ He asked. This was so strange. He was a completely different person while dancing. My heart was developing a little crush on him; he was that nice. And then, he shifted to being an asshole as soon as it was over.

 We presented our performance and was a part of the five best choreographers. It felt so amazing. Harry actually, was the best here. It was something I paid attention, too. 

Another thing, I felt conscious about was my weight. Before coming here, I was perfectly okay with it. I was well toned. Just not skinny but, all the other dancers were, and it made me feel uncomfortable. It was bad because the first time I met Harry, he insulted me too. The only person I could confide in had made fun of me. I heard girls whispering and laughing about it too. 

Was it a wrong decision? Should I reduce my weight? I questioned myself as I stood in front of the mirror.

 "What are you doing?” Harry asked as he walked in the studio. We had a week to set a contemporary piece. 

“Nothing,” I mumbled. 

“Why weren’t you at breakfast?” He asked, frowning. 

“Skipped it. Planning to lose a few pounds,” I laughed. 

“You’re kidding right?” He stood up. He was serious.

“Well no, have you looked at the dancers here?” I laughed. 

“You know one thing that makes you different from these people is that you have these curves which look so fabulous and sexy when you dance, it compliments your style. A man can imagine the things he’ll hold on too,” he wrapped his arms around my waist, getting me ready for a lift, picking my leg up and bending my body which made me hold on to him. “You’re so beautiful, and that’s only because you don’t have bones pointing out. No shame to that but, this suits you so, stop over analyzing. You’re here to be better than the rest and not change yourself.” We finished the formation, and he landed me in my feel. Eyes were holding on to each other.

“Thank you…” I whispered. 

“Let’s get you something to eat,” he smirked and pulled me out of the studio.

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