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I finally drew happiness and sunshine embodied on a human being.

sorry if he looks a little bit weird? I’m still trying to figure out how to draw him on my art style :P

I'm probably looking WAY too into this...

…but today’s video, “ANTINATOR | Akinator #8” just did not sit well with me, and I’ll tell you why. Keep in mind, this is just a theory! Just a good ol’ fun and harmless theory, so relax!

I keep rewatching the video and I can’t get over some of the answers Jack gives, let alone how he answers. Going with the theory that Anti has been around since Halloween, then that means we’re probably not watching Jack, we’re watching Anti. And if we’re watching Anti, then to me, it makes a lot of sense why his behavior seemed suspicious and odd.

For more than half the video, Jack was freely talking about Anti, and when it came to the question about whether or not his character was a part of a comedic duo, Jack went on to joke about the idea of him and Anti being like the Odd Couple. While that is an admittedly a very amusing idea, I couldn’t help but think about the theory of us watching Anti. This only then made me wonder if maybe Anti was taking a jab at us for turning him into a joke by pretending to be Jack poking fun at him. But this wasn’t the only thing that didn’t sit right with me.

There was the answer to “does your character have fingers?”, which was accompanied with a signature demonic laugh that we all know belongs to our glitch son (which immediately sent chills up my spine). But the thing that unnerved me the most - the thing I can NOT get over no matter how many times I think about it - is this:

When it came to the question of “is your character real?”. I keep replaying that part over and over again to watch Jack’s facial expression, and it’s not sitting well with me. After reading the question, he takes a moment to think over his answer - he actually HESITATES to give a reply (he even glances up off into the distance to think it over).

He then turns to the camera and says “No”. But what I noticed after watching it a second and third time is if you look closely, right as he says his answer, the corner of his lips tug up into a very petite smirk for a fleeting second. Blink and you’ll miss it. It’s like he KNOWS he’s not telling the truth - he KNOWS he’s lying through his teeth.

He then pauses and takes a VERY brief side glance, like he’s contemplating whether that was the right answer or not.

And almost immediately, he decides to go and say “Technically - Technically, no”. He STUTTERS over his words when giving the final answer. And what the hell does he mean by “technically”?! It was a yes or no question, Jack, and you decided to go with “technically no”?

So what I’ve got from this is that if we’re going with the idea that Anti’s been in control, then we’ve been watching him. And at that specific part of the video, the entire thing just does NOT seem right. He hesitated to give an answer - TWICE, he smirked for a second while looking directly at the camera when giving the first “No”, and he stuttered when he changed his answer to “Technically no”. I felt like Anti was playing with us - like he knew he was lying through his teeth, but he wanted to mess with us.

I know, I know, I’m probably looking WAY into this, but again, it’s just a fun little theory that immediately came to mind when I was watching the video. And honestly, if Anti has been in control all this time and that’s who we’ve been watching, we are all SO very much dead. He was pretty much mocking us about how we’ve made him into a joke, and let’s face facts, I’m sure all of us got a chuckle out of the idea of Jack and Anti as a comedy duo. It’s only proving to him how we do think of him as a joke, and it’s going to bite us in the ass.

Tomorrow’s October 1st and I don’t know about any of you guys, but I can already feel the overwhelming dread and anxiety creeping up on me.





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headcanons for Kaz trying to propose to Inej?

*incoherent screaming* 

  • Kaz goes to every single jeweler in Ketterdam. He agonizes over the ring material, the jewel, and eventually rethinks the ring itself, because he doesn’t want people to sideline Inej as his fiancee instead of the dangerous girl she is. After everything she’s been through, he’d rather die than make her feel insignificant. 
  • Jesper and Wylan find it hilarious that Kaz is stressing out over a simple engagement when he’s faced down literal monsters of the Barrel. When Nina finds out, she and Jesper go full wedding planner mode.  
  • “Do you think the freesias in the bouquet would complement Inej well?” 
  • “Only if she’s wearing satin. Kaz, what do you think?” 
  • “I didn’t even propose yet, this is ri—”
  • “So that’s a yes then. Jesper, tell Wylan that we’ll need his mother’s help; Marya’s sense of taste would help enormously.” 
  • Without a ring option and since he’s so out of touch with affection, Kaz grows a bit desperate and starts picking apart methods to propose to Inej, until the stress grows to the point where he starts having doubts that she’ll accept him or even be with him for long. 
  • He starts to avoid Inej, and Inej misreads this as Kaz needing his space for a while, so she soon sets sail again, sending Kaz down into more misery.
  • It gets to the point where Jesper writes to Inej that she’s desperately needed in Ketterdam and that Kaz is sick. 
  • Inej practically flies back to the Slat and slams open Kaz’s room, which makes Kaz flinch at his desk.  
  • “Kaz?” Inej asks, shocked. “Did you just…?”
  • “You were loud.” Kaz says, clearing his throat and refusing to meet her gaze.
  • Inej walks up to the desk to get a closer look at him. Besides his skin looking paler than ever, Kaz seems fine. 
  • “Well, I barged down here because Jesper said that you hung on the balance between life and death; did you put him up to this?” 
  • Kaz doesn’t answer, which makes Inej realize just how affected he is. 
  • “Kaz.” she hesitates. “Is this because of me?” 
  • After a long silence, Kaz lifts his head to gaze at her. He lets out a shaky sigh. “Yes.” 
  • “Does this mean you don’t want me to see you again?” 
  • “No,” Kaz whispers, his grip tightening on his chair. “I want the contrary.”
  • “You have that already.” 
  • “I meant in a more permanent sense.” 
  • Absolute silence follows this remark. 
  • Inej then perches on his desk, exhaling an unsteady laugh as she sees him tense. “Do I terrify you that much?”
  • The answer comes instantly. “Of course.” 
  • She sucks in a surprised breath. She’s never heard him voice fear so openly.
  • “And yet you want me.” she says, shaking her head. “You want a paradox, Kaz.” 
  • Kaz digs his gloves deeper into the handles of the chair, but soon unclenches them when he feels Inej’s warm hand through the leather of one of the gloves. 
  • Her eyes ask a simple question, and after a moment of hesitation, he nods. Inej quietly strips away his gloves and delicately traces his palm lines with her fingers. Kaz fights the urge to shiver from disgust and hope. 
  • “You never considered that I might be afraid of this too.” Inej whispers. “But I’m still here. And I want that impossibility just as much as you do.”
  • Kaz’s heart stutters. “Inej—” 
  • “Not now.” Inej interrupts. “Not when we’re both making a name for ourselves in this world; not when we still remain in this town of ghosts. But don’t you dare think that I don’t want this.”
  • Kaz falls silent as Inej threads her fingers with his. They stay that way until night falls over Ketterdam, but when Inej begins to untangle her hand from Kaz’s, Kaz leans forward and kisses her hand delicately. 
  • “Thank you.” he breathes, and Inej can’t stop the soft smile that immediately comes to her lips. 

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Okay so I respect your opinion and all but I dont see why it's necessary to try and boycott the show. Sure an AAIronFist wouldve been cool but maybe you should respect Marvel's decision to stay true to the comics and have Danny be white. I understand that there is a lack of asian heroes in the MCU but you should also understand that Iron Fist is not and will never be asian. It isnt because Marvel is racist. That's just who he is as a character in the show and in the comics. 1/2

I will admit that the story line does follow a “white savior” stereotype but I honestly dont mind. The show is fun to watch and I dont think there is any “cultural appropriation” present in the series. Yes, Danny is white but as the story says, he lived in K'un-Lun for 15 years and he was 10 when those monks found him. lm sure that it’s safe to say that there was no appropriation involved. Danny adapted to the culture but he didnt take credit for it as something he owns. 2/2

Also as a member of the MCU fandom, I’m pretty sure a large majority of us dont hate peoole of color.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god

okay first of all it’s a fucking slideshow on tumblr. we’re not going into every mcu fan’s house and ripping their tvs out of their walls. if you’re gonna watch iron fist, you’re gonna watch iron fist. we, however, believe there is significant reason not to do so. we presented them. you’re a fucking adult presumably, you’re free to make that choice yourself.

we’re asking for marvel to be better. we’re not connected. we’re not in the industry. we’re just fans who have opinions, throwing them out there. for fucks sake, interact with this media if you want to. but i DO mind about the mighty whitey trope and we think other people should too! if the racism doesn’t bother you, well……………..

it doesn’t bother you and that’s your choice

this shit doesn’t exist in a vacuum

we’re not professional reviewers, either. i did review a few aos episodes with a friend for his relatively small site and didn’t get paid for it. however, the professional critics have pointed out some shit wrong with it, including the racial aspects.

anyway, it sounds like you’re determined to suffer through this show lmao don’t let us stop you. if you’re cool with everything, that’s your prerogative.

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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333

single dad!Jungkook

Originally posted by nnochu

  • Literally has no clue on how to take care of a child
  • But nonetheless, he loves his daughter so damn much
  • And although he is a single parent he makes sure to give his child the best that he can provide
  • He does struggle sometimes but learns from his mistakes
  • Jin would probably be helping him honestly
  • “Hyung is that supposed to happen? Is that normal?!”
  • Jungkook LOVES spoiling his daughter
  • Just imagine, extravagant parties just for her birthday
  • And thousands of toys in every room
  • The dad that’s willing to play dress up
  • And yes that means pink dresses and tiaras
  • He does it because it makes her happy and that’s all he ever wants
  • Cuddles whenever they’re sad
  • He’s a suck up so he’ll do whatever his child asks of him
  • M O V I E N I G H T S
  • Happens twice a week because why not?
  • Literally the only time he’ll let her have sweets
  • Believe it or not, he’s quite strict on the “no sweets” rule
  • Doesn’t like being away for long periods of time
  • Especially when he goes on tour and can’t bring her
  • Will cry the night before he leaves because he’s leaving the one good thing that happened to him
  • Very very very protective
  • Especially when it comes to boys (won’t even let one say hi -.-)
  • “Jesus Jungkook he’s only six! He’s not gonna do anything!”
  • Always takes her to work with him
  • Doesn’t really trust babysitters and prefers to watch her himself
  • But! One day he’s super super busy and can’t take her
  • And he wants to stay home, but Namjoon gets a babysitter
  • “Hi, I’m y/n”
  • Still suspicious of you despite having experience in taking care of children
  • But goes over rules and phone numbers and whatnot
  • And then his daughter comes running in and sees you
  • And being curious she blurts out whatever is on her mind
  • “Daddy is that my mommy?”
  • Jungkook would be speechless
  • And you’d be blushing
  • He’d explain who you were and within minutes she’s clinging onto you for dear life
  • “Eun-jae let go of her leg dear”
  • “It’s alright don’t worry”
  • You’d pick her up and she’d start talking non-stop
  • And that made you smile as you carried her to the living room
  • Jungkook would follow silently watching your every move
  • And when he finally deemed you as trustworthy, he’d leave for work
  • “I’ll be back in about 4-5 hours.”
  • He’d still worry about Eun-jae and would call just to make sure she’s alright
  • And hours later Jungkook would come home to a sight that made his heart melt
  • You’d be asleep on the couch with his daughter in your arms
  • Blankets covering the both of you and a Disney movie playing in the background
  • You’d wake up and notice him standing at the doorway and would try to move
  • Jungkook would rush over and takes Eun-jae from you
  • Would ask you to wait as he put her upstairs
  • When he came back he’d smile gently and thank you
  • “She hates sleeping with anyone other than me so she must really like you”
  • He asks if your free next week for you to babysit again
  • And when you say yes, another smile graces his features
  • As you leave, he’d watch you silently
  • And he already knows that he’s gonna get used to the idea of a babysitter
  • He’d go upstairs and find his child awake
  • “Is she going to come back daddy?”
  • Jungkook would smile softly and take her into his arms, kissing her cheek gently
  • “Of course princess, she’ll come back next week”
  • And weirdly, he found himself waiting for that time to come


“Do ye no’ listen to a damn word I say?” Jamie said, shaking salt on his chips.

“I’m not the meek and obedient type,” Claire said, splashing vinegar all over.  She tore off a piece of fish and popped it into her mouth.  

“I specifically asked ye not to come.  Not to talk to her.”  

They sat in a Fish and Chip shop close to New Scotland Yard.  The place was small.  Warm.  Tables pressed tightly together.  They sat side by side.  

Jamie said he couldn’t sit across from Claire.  He said he could never fit behind the person at the next table.  

Claire didn’t care what his excuse was.  She pressed her leg into his. 

“I never agreed to that,” Claire said around a mouthful of food.  

“Aye, ye did!” Jamie pointed a chip at her before eating it.

“No,” Claire was smug.  “I didn’t.  I climbed on top of you instead of answering.”

She watched as his memory ran through the conversation and subsequent action from that night.  His posture relaxed.  “Aye.  Ye wee vixen, ye did.”  He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “Mmmm. Vinegar.”  

“Still,” he shook his head in disbelief.  “Next time warn a man.  I nearly died seein’ ye out front touchin’ her hand.”

He reached for a pen.  “Tell me again what ye saw when ye touched her.”

“Um,” Claire swallowed.  Reached over to stay his hand.  “Wrong book, hon.”

Jamie stopped.  Hon. He shook his head at the endearment.  Smiled to himself.  So, Claire Randall.  Have I softened yer heart a wee bit?  

He wiped his hands on a napkin.  “Aye.  Thank ye.”  He dug into his pocket for the caramel coloured notebook.  

“She was in the hospital.  The priest had come to visit, but he was mainly focused on talking to her husband.  It was like she wasn’t there.  She was trying to explain that they could keep up the chemotherapy, and do what the priest wanted, but he ignored her.  Kept quoting scripture.”

“What did he look like?”  Jamie’s pen was poised.  “Did ye glean a name?”

“I couldn’t see his face.  He was a big man, though.”  Claire closed her eyes in concentration.  “No.  No name.”

Jamie scribbled and Claire took another bite.  “I’m surprised Reverend Campbell didn’t tell you who it was.”

“Aye.  Weel.”  Jamie said around a mouthful of chips. “He’s scared of the man, whoever he is.  He wouldna say a word without a lawyer.  Chief Inspector is no’ happy wi’ me right now.  Stirring up the church and such.”  

“Jamie?”  Claire worried that her part in all of this would backfire.  “Chief Inspector Grey….does he know about me?”

Jamie nodded, swallowing his bite.  “Aye.  He kens I have ye workin’ with me.  Ye ken that.  Ye heard me on the phone the other day.”

“I mean,” Claire pushed her food away from her, “does he know about me.”

“Ye mean yer gift?”  Jamie shook his head, “No.  I’ve told no one.”

Claire relaxed.  Jamie reached for her food.  Pulled it closer to her.  

He leaned into her shoulder, whispered in her ear.  “Now eat up.  I’ll be wanting to see ye home.”

“Such a gentleman,” Claire whispered back.  

“Och. No.  There will be nothin’ gentlemanly about what I do to ye when I get ye there.”  

D.C. Mohr gave Jamie a look across the room.  Tapped the side of his head.

Jamie cocked his head to the side in agreement.  This priest was as odd as they came.  Jamie and Angus were continuing to interview the Parish staff.  Jamie was purposely leaving the secretary until the end.  He could tell she was anxious.  Nervous.  

He wanted her near to breaking.  

At this point, he and Angus had been trying to talk to the man for the past half hour but he kept going off on these tangents.  

Father Fogden, despite his strong resemblance to St. Francis of Assisi, was not the picture of priesthood.  He rambled incoherently most of the time.  

Ramblings that yielded some interesting comments in between.  

“One must make sure that the sheep are taken care of, that the flock is tended.  The world is full of wolves, wolves that threaten our sheep.  Curses.  Plagues.  Trials.  Hardship.  Burden.  Affliction.  Misery.  Woe.  Tribulation.  Misfortune.  Pain.”  

Jamie was scribbling furiously.  

“You would know him.”

Jamie stopped writing.  The Priest was staring at him intensely.  “You would know him.  Aren’t you Scottish?  You would know him.  Bone.  The Slayer.” 

Jamie was frozen to the spot.  Riveted.  “How would being Scottish help me know him, Father?”  He shot a quick glance at Angus. 

Fogden blinked suddenly, as if he’d just noticed Jamie and Angus. “We have guests!  What great fortune!”  

He yelled over his shoulder to the outer office, “Can we have something to serve our guests?”

He turned to Jamie.  “Do you like Sangria?”

“No, thank ye, Father,” Jamie said, coming out of his shock.  “Can ye tell us if ye’ve recently been in the old chapel on the grounds?”

The man’s back went ramrod straight in his chair.

“Oh no.  No, not at all.”  His black eyes fixed on Jamie.


Jamie felt a chill run down his spine.  

“Spirits, Father?”  Jamie watched as the priest swayed a little in his chair.  “Father!  What do ye mean, spirits?”

The cleric slumped over, head lolling forward.  

Both officers’ heads swiveled to the door as the parish secretary came in the room carrying a tray of tea.  

“What’s wrong wi’ him?” Jamie asked, voice concerned.

“Drunk,” she said.  And set the tray down with a clatter.

“Read the words to me again,” Claire said, pencil poised.

They were in Claire’s office at the morgue.  It was quiet there.  Private.  

Jamie ran through the list for the third time.  Claire wrote down only the words that spoke to her.

Jamie was fascinated.  He read them slowly.  Her eyes were closed in concentration, “listening” more to her inner voice than his.  She would shake her head if the word didn’t resonant.  Write furiously if it did.  

She brought it down to four words.  With the last two that she swore were connected to his name.  

Trials.  Hardship.  Woe.  Pain.

Bone.  The Slayer.

“And he said you should know him because you’re Scottish, is that right?”

“Humpf,” Jamie grunted. 

“Aye….hold on.”  Jamie stopped and dug through his book for a sheet of paper.   

Claire’s mind was a chaotic mass of sensations.  

“Synonyms,” she mumbled.  “That much is clear.  And for you to know must mean that the words are Scottish in origin.  But words don’t derive from Gaelic.  They come from Latin or Greek.”  

She sighed.  Looked up from her notes. 

“I’m sorry, Jamie.  It’s all too much.”

Jamie was staring at the paper.  

Jaw clenched.  Muscular throat working.

“Why that slippery wee bastard.”

Jamie snapped his notebook closed.  

“What?” Claire got up from her chair to look over his shoulder.  “What did you find?”

He bolted before she could see.

“I’ve got to go.”  Jamie’s long strides took him to the door of the morgue.  He pushed open the door.  Stopped.  Walked back. 

Kissed her firmly on the lips.

“Call ye later.”

And he was gone. 

Claire placed a hand to her lips.  

God.  No.  He can’t be walking into THAT.  

Claire grabbed her medical bag.  Searched it.

Dammit.  She’d need a couple of medicines before she could show up there.  Time was of the essence.  

The hospital was two blocks from the morgue.  She ran the whole way, driven by fear.

Panting heavily she made her way to the pharmacy.  

She was commanding.  Authoritative.  With an air of the busiest of doctors. She got what she needed.  Bypassing paperwork.  Bypassing protocol.  

Bypassing questions.  

Catapulted into action she didn’t even hesitate when the unknown number rang her phone.  

“I know it’s you!” she half-shouted into the phone.  “Detective Inspector James Fraser is on his way!”  

She heard a sharp sob on the other end.  

“What’s happening?” Claire asked.

A small voice answered.  It was the secretary at the school.

“He’s going to kill him.”

Imagine Yurio confronting Yuuri after the podium ceremony

Yurio starts kicking him in the back the same way he did to Victor in episode 10 and Yuuri turns around confused

And there’s Yurio, rageful and ready to strike out , rapidly blinking away the tears in his eyes and he says “I won gold. You lost. So you better not retire you pathetic pig!”

And Yuuri is at a loss , but ultimately chuckles and agrees. “ Yes next year i’ll win gold…and the year after that to , I need to beat Victors 5 year consecutive streak yknow?”

And finally , relieved that Yuuri is not retiring, Yurios tears spill and he launches himself at Yuuri desperately clinging to him.

And Yuuri tenses up at first , but ends up gently hugging him back and asking very softly “ What do you want to do now that you’ve won gold Yurio?”

And Yurio starts openly sobbing , almost hyperventilating and says “ I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you Yuuri.”

And then Yuuri is crying to and Yurio starts beating his little fists against his back and finally asking for what he wants in desperation and as a final plea

“ I want you to come to Russia with me and Victor. I want to beat you again next year and the year after that to, so you dont ever retire. I want you to never leave me and stay by my side! P-please dont leave me”

And both Yuri’s are just a mess at that point and haven’t noticed Victor at all who entered the room earlier and is looking at them both so fondly before he ruins their familial moment by launching himself into the hug as well and saying “Yuuuuuuuuuurrriiii i’m going to be the one to win next year silly , dont get ahead of yourself just because you won a single GPF.”

And then Yurios back to his old self, screaming and having a huff while Victor continues to tease him , and Yuuris laughing and trying to wipe away his tears. And none of them would have it any other way


allurekorea instagram update
#얼루어_스타 화보 Q. 켄타가 몸으로 실감나게 표현하고 있는 이것은? A. 캬아아아~ 사이다입니다😘 화보 중간중간 촬영된 다섯 소년들의 귀여운 영상 ‘명랑촬영회'는 계속 #켄타 #안형섭 #이의웅 #타카다켄타 #유선호 #김용국 #위에화 #섭웅#큐브 #뵹아리 #켄콜 #JBJ #인간사이다 #프로듀스101시즌2 #allure_HYS

😏We Need to Talk (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: SMUT: You and Grayson’s daughter wants a sibling and so Grayson does what he needs to do not to disappoint his little princess.

Warnings: Smut, blowjob

A/N: Y/D/N- Your daughter’s name. Thanks for the request! I hope I got it right for you :) Also, I made this super fluffy at first i’M sORry I got cARRiED aWaY!

Originally posted by sensualkisses

I was cooking dinner for my loving husband and my adorable baby girl, Y/D/N. She was so adorable. She was going to be 4 next month and I couldn’t wait. Grayson and I were planning a Moana themed birthday party.

“But daddy! I want a baby!” I heard Y/D/N shout. I sat the chicken on the table and went into the living room to see Grayson lying on the floor in his white tank top and his dark sweats. He had just gotten back from the gym with Ethan and Y/D/N probably wanted to play.

“And daddy said he will talk to mommy about it okay?” He says grabbing our daughter’s small hands in his, giving them a kiss. “Has daddy ever disappointed you before?” He asks staring in her eyes as he moved closer to her. She shook her head no. “Then what makes you think he will now?” He asks kissing her nose which caused her to giggle. I started to smile at how cute they were.

“Hi mommy!” Y/D/N says waving. Grayson turns his head and smiles at me too. I couldn’t get over how attractive he was. 3 years together and that smile still drove me wild.

“Hi baby! Are you ready for some mac and cheese?” I cooed as I got on my knees.

“Yeah!” She says standing to her feet.

“But we have to go wash our hands first! A princess never eats with dirty hands.” Gray says as he picks her up and swings her around which she screams out of joy and throws herself into a fit of giggles. He runs off with her in his arms as they go wash their hands. I chuckle as I walk into the kitchen and start to cut the chicken for Y/D/N and pour her some mac and cheese. I then felt a pair of strong warm arms wrap around my midsection. Grayson’s lips then pressed against my neck. His lips against my cold skin sent shivers down my body.

“We need to talk.” Grayson mumbles against my skin.

“About what?” I asked turning to him. He then presses his lips against mine kissing softly. I’m slightly pushed against the table as his large hands find my waist pushing him into me. I could feel him trying to deepen the kiss, but we couldn’t. Not right now anyways. I have to push him back.

“Eww.” Y/D/N says causing Grayson to pull away from me. I started to laugh as Grayson’s face turned red.

“Princess! I-It’s time for dinner! Let’s see what mommy cooked!” Grayson says grabbing Y/D/N and picking her up bridal style which causes her to giggle.

“Daddy! I want cheese!” She says as Grayson spins her around. He always got like this with her whenever she caught us kissing. He wasn’t ready for her to see us like that. Finally he sits her down in her high chair and takes his seat at the table and we begin dinner.


“Goodnight princess. It’s time to go to bed.” Grayson says to Y/D/N as he lies her down in her crib. She was already out cold from uncle Ethan’s sons coming over and playing earlier today and Grayson rocking her to sleep probably didn’t help. I was getting ready for bed as I took off my t-shirt and pants leaving me in my emerald bra and black underwear. I went in our bathroom and washed my makeup off and took my jewelry off and I walked back in our bedroom to see Grayson in bed already. He was scrolling on his phone and he was shirtless. I took my bra and panties off and I grabbed my big sleep shirt and I crawled in next to him.

“Babe?” I decided to ask him. He sat his phone down and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Y/N I was texting Ethan about his boys. What’s wrong?” He asked taking my hands in his. I smiled at his concern.

“Wait, why are you texting Ethan about the boys? Did they put mud in Y/D/N’s hair again? I swear if Jason or Matt did–” Grayson cut me off by laughing.

“No no they didn’t do anything to Y/D/N, at least I don’t think so. Her hair was fine during her bath. Look.” I could tell he was nervous. “Do you ever, you know, think about having another baby running around the house? Like the potty training, the sleepless nights, the baby showers, a little friend for Y/D/N? Y/N can’t you picture it?” Grayson asked making me smile.

“Were you asking E how he does it?”

“Yes. I mean first he had Alison and then 6 years later he had Jason and Matt. Now Allison is 8 and the twins will be 4 this fall. Ethan doesn’t want anymore kids, but I do. I want to have a little boy to play football with and to defend Y/D/N or another little girl so Y/D/N can be an older sister and have someone to play dress up with.” I smiled at Grayson’s plea. I mean, of course I have thought about having another kid. I would love to go through all the little steps all over again and I know Grayson hates playing dress up now.

“Is this what you told Y/D/N you would ‘talk to mommy about’?” I asked and I see Grayson start to smirk.

“Okay maybe Y/D/N did mention it a few times.” He says shrugging his shoulders and we both laugh. Grayson then grabs my thighs and motions me to sit on his lap. I lean over as his hands guide me on his lap. “What do you think babe? Do you maybe wanna try for a Y/D/N number 2?” I think for a second before I wrap my arms around his neck. I scoot myself up against him and I can feel him hardening under me. I take his hands and place them on my lower back and I connect our lips together and Grayson lets out a sigh of relief as he pushes me harder into him. I let out a moan as his hardening dick presses against my bare heat, the only thing separating us is the fabric of his boxers. His hands slowly glide up my stomach and his finger tips gently caress over my stomach and around my nipples. His lips pull from mine and go to my collarbone as he sucks roughly.

“Grayson…” I moan against his ear as he moans back. The then slides my shirt off and he placed one of my nipples in his mouth. “Uhhhh.” I moaned as Grayson continued to suck and hum against my nipple. I could feel him hardening against me and I grinded my hips hard into him. I wanted him so bad right now. “Grayson. Do it.” I said and he had no hesitation. I placed my hand on his which was pulling his boxers down.

“What is it baby?” He asks wondering why I stopped him.

“I wanna r-ride you.” I said shyly and Grayson pulled his boxers off faster which made me laugh. His dick was standing straight up which gave me an idea. I scooted off of Grayson and he looked puzzled as hell. He face soon started to grin when he saw me bend down and stick my butt up in the air. “Lay back baby.” I said gently pushing on his chest. He slowly lays back as I spit on his tip and I slowly start to pump him in my hand I look up and watch his face as he sucks in a sharp breath of air as I slowly put my mouth around the tip slowly sucking the precum off his tip as he grunted. I soon stuck all of his length in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down on his dick.

“Fuck Y/N.” He moans as his hand finds the back of my head and he softly pushes himself deeper in my mouth. “Fuck baby you know just how to do it.” He moans as I take him deeper inside me. I take my hand and softly massage his balls and he grunts. “Babbeeee stop. I wanna cum inside of you.” He says and I pull him out with a pop. He helps me climb on top of him and slowly place him inside of me as I let out a moan of shock and pleasure. I slide on top of his dick as he lets out a moan. “Ughhh babe you feel so good.” I slowly bounce up and down on him while my hands grip his shoulders for support. Grayson thrusts upwards into me. His arm wrapped around my lower back holding me onto him.

“Grayson!” I moaned as his fingers rub against my clit making me moan again loudly. He takes his free hand and places it over my mouth.

“Shhhh you’ll wake Y/D/N.” He says as he slams harder into me causing me to claw my nails into his shoulder and moan into his chest. He slams into me a few more times before he cums inside me and I cum a few seconds afterwards still riding against him as the room is filled with our last few moans and grunts. Grayson helps me off of him as I lie on his chest. We both are breathless, but he gives the top of my head a soft kiss. “Gosh I love you Y/N. Like damn, that was hot.” He says as we both laugh. I look up at him and give him a soft and sweet kiss before cuddling into him.

First Kiss With Wanna One

A/N: *sighs in eleven members to write for*


Starting off with the oldest, I think he would be quite calm about a first kiss. I see him only getting feelings for someone who he feels really comfortable being around, therefore he won’t be that nervous about the whole thing. You’ll both know that you like each other when it happens, and the situation might be just standing next to each other while getting dressed to leave somewhere – you gain eye contact accidently and both feel like the time fits, causing you to lean in carefully at the same time and make your lips meet.



The first kiss with Sungwoon would be less casual than with Jisung, also a bit more sensual. Not in the sense that it would lead to something further from the kiss itself, but more that he would but a lot of emotion into it to show you how much he has wanted to kiss you. He’ll probably stare at you while you’re speaking with his mouth slightly open while thinking about how to make a move. After a while he’ll just decide to go for it and move a bit closer while looking you right in the eyes, carefully cup your face and pulling it towards him. The kiss would be ongoing for a good while, before he pulls away to look for your reaction.



I don’t think Minhyun is the type to really rush about kissing someone he’s dating. He might just let it happen when it does and take it from there. That or he just doesn’t care and kisses you as if a ‘first kiss’ isn’t anything special or is just plain non-existent. One morning he’ll randomly show up at your doorstep with breakfast for you two to eat together and you’ll just have talks about every day things. When he leaves for a schedule then, he’ll just be like: “I’ll see you later” and give you a quick peck and you say “Uhm yes bye!” but on the inside you’re in shock because what the hell just happened.



This boy would try his very best to make you extremely flustered before kissing you. He’ll do it partly to hype himself up so he won’t be nervous, but also because he likes seeing you swooning over him – he’ll start off by complimenting you and slightly touch and stroke your face a little bit, before he asks: “You know what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately?” And you’re like “No, tell me.” And then he moves his face closer to yours and in your mind you’re like: oh so that’s what he’s been thinking about. But he gets closer and closer so painfully slow and when your lips just touch the slightest bit he’ll smile because he’s proud of himself before continuing to go in for the full kiss.



Since Daniel is such a cuddly bean I think he would kiss you for the first time while holding you in a hug. It might be late at night and he’s really sleepy so he’ll whine about needing a cuddle. Eventually he’ll walk over to you and pull you in for a warm hug and kinda sway you a bit back and forth for a while. Then he’ll pull his face away from you and watch you sweetly while smiling. “What?” You’ll ask and he will plainly ask: “Can I kiss you?” And you’re a bit taken aback by the direct question, but nod and then he’ll gently put his lips on yours before going back to hugging you.



I think Jaehwan is the type who really WANTS to be all smooth and suave with kissing you for the first time, but in reality he’s not really sure about what best way there is to do it. He wants to take you by surprise by doing it out of the blue if you’re on a late night walk together. He’ll stop you and say something cheesy about how the stars resemble the shimmer in your eyes and at that point his plan was to lean in but he just ends up laughing at cringing at himself. When he calms down he’ll apologise and you’ll respond by kissing his cheek, this giving him enough confidence to grab your waist and pull you to him and leaving a soft kiss on your lips.



I can see Jihoon kissing you for the first time during something like a movie night. You’ll be draped out on either a bed or a couch and have some random film playing. Jihoon doesn’t pay attention to it at all though as he has his head turned looking at you the whole time. You try to pay attention to what’s happening on the screen, but find it extremely difficult as you can feel Jihoon’s stare in the corner of your eye and sense that your pulse will rise if you turn towards him. You eventually do though, and are right about the pulse as your heart paces when you get eye contact with him. As soon as you’re looking at each other, he leans in and kisses your lips slowly and softly.



With Woojin I feel like you would be the be who kiss him first. Even though he knows that he likes you a lot, he might be clueless about how early or late in seeing each other he should kiss you. That and he doesn’t want to mess anything up by doing something wrong. He might kiss your head or your cheek every here and there, but leave the initiative for kissing your lips to you. One day he’s randomly cupping your face and squishing your cheeks and you form your lips into a pout to invite him – after questioning a bit he eventually understands what you want to happen and pulls your face (still squished) to his.



Jinyoung is a very shy little bun, but lately he has gained more confidence and I think he might trust himself a lot when it comes to feelings and relationships. If he’s with someone who makes him smile and he notices that he makes them smile too then it won’t take him a long time to get the courage to take new steps. For example grabbing your hand while walking or pulling you in for some hugs, of course letting you do the same with him too. A kiss might happen through a confession with him, standing face to face where he tells you with a shy smile that he really likes you. If you say you like him back he’ll smile even brighter and hesitantly lean in for a kiss, then get comfortable that you’re going in for it at the same time.



Daehwi is an awkward smol, this is no secret. I actually think he would be really hesitant in romantic situations – mostly because he wants to ease into things and know that he’s doing the right thing. He also doesn’t want to jump into something and then regret it later and end up hurting the person he’s with. You’ll have to be really close to him and have a lot of his trust for him to kiss you, but when you do, he is sure that he wants exactly that. I’m sorry his ended up different my creativity disappeared



With Guanlin, I think he would be very eager to kiss someone he likes. He would always smile while being around them and probably ask if they wanted to hang out with him (as in a date). After being together a couple of times he might want to be sure about where it was going and ask: “Do you like me?” And in your mind you’re like of course why is he asking that but answer: “Yes, why do you think I hang out with you so much?” And then he’d be like: “I know but you know … do you like like me?” And you’re just all smiley because he’s so cute, and you say yes and finally he goes: “Does that mean I get to kiss you?”

Learning to trust

Originally posted by yikeshood

Words: 2100
Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond 
Part Four - A new wolf
Part Five - Facing the Future
Part Six - The promise

It had taken everything in you to trust the pack, it was a hard uphill struggle that you were constantly on the edge of losing. Every time their play fighting got too rough or their voices to loud you’d jump up and spring away from them and it hurt them so much. You could see Embry’s heart break a little every time you flinched away from him or Paul’s jaw clench with anger any time Jacob spoke to you because in his mind it was Jacob’s fault for giving you such a poor introduction to their…lifestyle.

It had torn at rift in the pack, mostly leaving Jacob on his own even though you tried to insist that you would be fine when you got used to it all. Embry felt like he was going insane. You’d not let him touch you since that night in your backyard and a few nights a go they’d caught the scent of leech a few streets from you and it set him on edge. Any Vampire worth their sparkles would be able to smell him and the pack, what if they followed that scent back to you? He’d phased a few times thinking about it.

You were sat at Emily and Sam’s place, as seemed the usual now, you’d pushed yourself into the corner of a couch and made polite conversation with the guys with a small, tight smile.
They left you alone as Paul came over and dropped himself down next to you and flopped his arms out of that his hand landed near yours. He’s been doing this since you’d found out, so that he could be close to you but only if you were feeling up to it.

You slipped your hand into his and you could see him visibly relax.
“How’re you doing Y/N?” He asked and ran his thumb along your knuckles.
“It’s hard.” You admitted.
“You seem fine with me.” Paul answered honestly.
“I’m not shackled to you forever.” You mumbled and Paul’s head shot up from where it was resting back on the back of the coach.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his brow furrowed in confusion.
You gave him a bored look, “I grew up with these legends Paul, I know I’m stuck with Embry and I’ve got to give him babies.

Paul sat up straight and gave your hand a squeeze, “No Y/N that’s not how it works.”
You gave him a bored look, “What part of any of this screams choice?”
Paul leaned forward and pecked a kiss to your forehead, “Leave this to your bestest big brother.”
“You’re not my brother Paul.” You laughed softly as he jumped up and started towards the kitchen, he leaned back over his shoulder laughing, “Yeah I am, you’re my lil sister and you’ll like it.”

When Paul burst into the kitchen he tried not to laugh at Emily, as small as she was in comparison, reaching up to brush Embry’s hair to one side in an effort to make him more presentable.
“You need a serious talk with your girl Em.” Paul advised as he dropped himself down at the table next to Jared.
“Whats happened ? Is she okay?” Embry panicked almost instantly.
“She’s fine, Y/N’s just being a bit fatalistic about the imprint. Thinks she needs to be everything for you.” Paul explained and Embry’s face fell.
He’d convinced you to go out with him, Emily was just fixing his hair and then he planned to take you a walk down the beach and have a picnic that the other imprints had put together for you both. He figured it would be perfect for you, an intimate setting where you could both just properly talk but physical closeness could still be at a minimum to help you stay feeling comfortable. He kissed Emily’s cheek in goodbye and hit Paul and Jared in the back of the head as he went to see if you were still up for your picnic.


You’d walked for maybe twenty minutes when Embry broke the thick silence and suggested you both take a seat. You waited patiently as he struggled against the breeze to lay down the picnic blanket on the sand, you couldn’t help but giggle at his attempts and it turned into a full laugh when he gave you a playful glare over his shoulder. Damn wolf hearing.

You both settled down and the awkward silence rolled back over you both.
Embry let out a small cough, “So er Y/N, Paul let me know that some things got lost in translation.”
You didn’t say anything so he got onto his knees and shimmed around, with more grace than you’d give him credit for, so that he blocked your view of the water.

“Y/N when it comes to you and me, you’ve got the reins.” He tried to explain.
You gave him a disbelieving look and he caught your hands in his and ignored the way that you had to stop yourself from flinching.

“Y/N the imprint can be an amazing thing and yes it does mean that I love you but,” He swallowed hard, “But you don’t have to love me, I’m never going to force you to do anything like that. You chose what you need me to be for you, I can just be a friend if that what you want. Whatever happens, I will always protect you, that’s a given.”

You let the information wash over you and tried to ignore the pull on your heartstrings at his words or how the heat from his hands that held yours seemed to demand attention.
“I don’t know what to say.” You admitted after a moment.
You were free, well not free. But from the legends you’d assumed you were stuck having to play wife for Embry with no say and no enjoyment on your part. But here he was telling you that, yes he would love you to be together but his happiness meant more. You highly doubted that if you started dating someone else that Embry wouldn’t beat him up but you felt relief none the less.

You looked up at him and it was almost like when you first met, before you knew about his furry secret identity.
“You never did take me on that date you know.” You started quietly and watched as his face lit up slowly as though he was worried that you may take it back.
“I’ll get on planning that.” He assured and ran his thumbs over the back of your hands.
“As long as you don’t do this.” You teased and took one hand back from him to ruffle his still styled hair back into the mess that you were used too. He grinned and leaned forwards to rub his nose against yours with an Eskimo kiss.

“Don’t be adorable, it makes it hard to be disgusted by you.” You laughed as he continued to rub his nose against you.
“Well in that case.” He laughed as his hands caught your sides so that he could tickle you as he put his face into the side of your neck and began nuzzling you making you laugh.


It had been two weeks since you and Embry had your chat on the beach and things were finally starting to settle for you. You didn’t flinch around the boys anymore but they were still careful not to get to rowdy near you in case it got too much. Well apart from Paul who continued to throw you over his shoulder at any given moment and Embry who always seemed to have an arm around you or your hand in his.
You and Jake were talking again and things were slowly getting back to normal between you and your best friend after a brief shouting match were he’d admitted that he was an idiot. Now you were working on getting the boys to get back on track with Jacob and he seemed to back on good terms with everyone apart from Embry who was still being grouchy about the whole thing.

Not that you blamed him.
In your efforts to bring everyone back together you’d even offered to hang out with Bella so now you were sat at her house, watching Romeo and Juliet making polite awkward conversation. You were supposed to be going to Sam and Emily’s to hang out with everyone tonight but Embry had rang in a panic to say it was all hands on deck as they’d smelt a Leech in the area and he gave you strict instructions not to move or leave Bella’s unless one of the guys fetched you.

You heard the front door click and raised an eyebrow at Bella, Charlie wasn’t due home for a while yet.
“Edward has a key.” Bella shrugged, the door opened it definitely wasn’t Edward.
Two red eyed men stood in the doorway, “Honey we’re home.” One grinned.

Everything was a blur then.
Edward and Emmet appeared behind them faster than you could blink and began to wrestle the men back out of the room, they moved faster than you could follow them.
You caught Bella by the arm and pulled her back to the edge of the room and after knocking everything off of a small coffee table next to you held up it up as a pathetic wooden shield between you both and the fighting.

It was over almost as soon as it started when you heard the growling. The wolf pack was here. Your chest heaved with breaths that threaten to spur on a panic attack, you could feel sweat from adrenalin and fear clinging to your skin and your stomach churched from the sound of ripping clothing and flesh.

You stayed back against the wall using your weight to keep Bella back as well since she insisted on squirming to try to get towards the fight, surely this girl had a death wish.
Then you heard Embry shouting and you dropped the coffee table and took tender steps towards the doorway.
“Do you really think she’d want to see you dude? You’re wearing a dead guy’s jeans, doesn’t the smell bother you?” Emmet’s deep voice rumbled through the house.
“I’ll deal with the smell later I need to know that Y/N is alright!” Embry snarled and you took off running away from Bella and through the doorway. You ducked underneath Emmet’s arm that he’d been using to block off the doorway and threw yourself into Embry’s arms.

He locked your arms around you and patted his hands across you to check for wounds. The Cullen men excused themselves and went to check on Bella.

“I was so scared.” You admitted into his chest where you’d buried yourself.
He stroked your hair and continued to murmur that he was there and that you were safe.

He took you home not long after and the wolves left the Cullens to fix Bella’s house or come up with an excuse for Charlie since it turned out to be their fault.  You got out of his truck to find the rest of the pack waiting outside your house, thankfully all human though they wrinkled their noses from the smell of Embry’s Jeans.

Leah rushed forward and caught your face in her hands as she checked you over for injuries.
You laughed and brushed her off before addressing them, “What are you all doing here?”
“We know you’re home alone, figured we’d crash here in case you weren’t feeling up to being home alone, if that’s okay?” Embry asked and you gave him a small nod and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“You got any food in?” Paul asked seriously as he took your keys from you and made his way into your house.
“Probably only enough to fill you all for only tonight.” You called after him laughing.
You’d been left outside with Embry and Jacob, the later went to join the others inside when Embry caught him and stopped him.
“If you hadn’t caught their trail, we might not have got there in time. Thank you brother.” Embry gave him an honest smile which Jacob returned and the pair embraced and for the first time in a long time everything felt how it should.

“Hey Embry you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, not Jakes.”  You laughed and the excitable puppy that he was, as soon was Embry heard the word boyfriend he turned and lifted you up and span you around while you laughed.

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fic rec ➝ The Life and Times by Jewels5 

“Shelley, those aren’t the little things. Those are the big things. Those are the… quintessential James Potter things. The little things are like—how he fidgets because he can’t sit still for more than a second, or how he sits in a desk like it’s a cushioned chair, or holds his wand weirdly—with his index finger over the top, even though that seems like it wouldn’t be enough support for a powerful spell. Or how—as anyone who has ever seen his notes can tell you—he spends ninety percent of the class time doodling in the margins. Or, y'know, that he hums a lot, but is probably completely tone deaf because he sounds awful. I mean, yes, he messes up his hair—but he does it so that he looks like he just stepped off a broomstick. And yeah, everyone knows about his smile and his laugh and all that rubbish, but the really funny thing is how he laughs at the most ridiculous, un-funny jokes. And with his friends… y'know, how he walks into a room and scans it to see who’s around, like he’s weighing his options… Or…”

Cafe Conversation (4 Weeks of Fluff Day 8)

In this AU, Simon and Baz didn’t get together when they investigated Baz’s mother’s murder. Hope you enjoy! @4wksoffluff

Word Count: 1468


Penny was quite obviously annoyed with Simon. They were sitting at a table at a café and Simon was ignoring her completely. A few minutes ago he had spotted a man across the street with longish black hair and an incredibly familiar frame. Simon was almost certain it was Baz but it was too far away to be completely sure. 

“Simon who are you staring at?” Penny asked, cheeks red with frustration.

“Um, I don’t know…does he look familiar?” Simon asked.

Penny glanced in the direction he was looking.

“Does who look familiar? There’s like a million people sitting over there.”

Simon bit his lip. Now he wasn’t so sure it was Baz. He’d hoped Penny would immediately recognize him and reassure Simon that he was right. But if he was wrong he didn’t want to be accused of being obsessed with Baz, even if he actually was. 

“Oh I just thought I recognized the guy with the black hair,” Simon mumbled.

This time Penny turned and gave her full concentration. 

“Oh, you mean Basilton. Yeah I think that’s him,” Penny said.

“Oh,” Simon said, keeping his eyes averted.

Since they’d graduated Watford three years ago Simon hadn’t seen his former roommate ever again. It had been strange at first, no longer sharing a room with someone who’d always been there since he was eleven. Eventually he had gotten used to it, but it didn’t mean he’d stopped thinking about Baz. Over time he’d begun to question whether or not he’d ever really hated him or if it had been something else entirely.

Penny was studying him, a smirk on her face.

“Let’s invite him to eat with us,” Penny said.

Simon’s eyes widened, panicked.

“No! He looks like he’s already seated. Besides, he probably doesn’t even remember us,” Simon said.

Penny snorted.

“Baz was just as fixated on you as you were on him at Watford.”

“Shut up,” Simon hissed.

Penny stood up and grabbed her cloth napkin, waving it in the air like a signal.

Hey Basilton! Yeah, you! Come over here and converse with your fellow alumni!” 

Simon knew his face was beet red, knew it but had no idea how to stop it. He couldn’t look up, couldn’t even speak, as Penny settled back into her seat and watched him triumphantly.

“You’re welcome,” She said.

“Excuse me?” Simon choked out.

Just then, Baz arrived at their table his expression amused but distant. He was wearing dark wash jeans and an expensive looking dark green sweater. His gray eyes seemed to spark against the hazy gloom of the morning. Simon felt his heart thump faster as Baz took a seat next to him.

“Ah, the Watford heroes. How’s life as a retired chosen one and side-kick?” Baz asked.

Penny huffed angrily.

“Side-kick? I’m the one who figured out how to get Simon’s magic back, I think I’ll settle for the brainy tech hero who helps the idiot brave hero in her spare time, thank you very much,” She said. 

Baz glanced at Simon and away.

“So he’s not a Normal after all?” Baz asked.

“I’m right here,” Simon mumbled.

“No he’s not and he’s a lot better at magic these days, now that he has a normal amount,” Penny said.

Baz, without looking at Simon, turned slightly in his direction.

“So how did you miraculously bounce back?” He asked.

“Agatha’s dad noticed that I still had some magical energy. It was really low and nothing I could really access but he assured me it meant I wasn’t a Normal. Then Penny spent some time with various energy spells and tried to channel it to my magic. Overtime I healed, not a big deal,” Simon said.

“Would have been easier with you Baz, what with your connection to Simon’s magic,” Penny said.

“A deal is a deal. He helped me find my mother’s killer and I, well I didn’t kill him. Nothing else was required of me,” Baz said. 

“I’m so glad we got to catch up,” Simon muttered. 

“Damn, they only have the fake sugar packets. I’m going to go ask for some real sugar, I’ll be right back,” Penny said.

When she left, the table went silent. Simon played awkwardly with the edge of his menu and glanced up at Baz. He made a noise when he realized Baz was already staring back at him. There was something in his eyes, something that told Simon not to say something stupid in that moment. Instead, he stared back without saying a word.

“Would it have really helped? Me having done the spells?” Baz asked.

“Probably,” Simon said.

“Do you think…do you think we’re still connected? I mean, to your magic,” Baz said.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if that was because of all the magic I had or if it was, I don’t know, an us thing,” Simon said.

“An us thing,” Baz repeated.

Simon swallowed nervously. His palms felt slick against his jeans and he didn’t know what to say. 

“Do you want to try it?” Baz asked.

“Try what?”

“Try to share it again…just to see,” Baz said.

Simon bit his lip.

“But we’re in public, won’t it be a little…?”

“I won’t do any spells,” Baz promised.

Simon wanted to tell him that it wasn’t scaring the Normals that he was afraid of but rather the intimacy of it. The last time they’d shared magic had been back in their room in Watford, away from the rest of the world. Simon wasn’t sure he wanted anyone, even Penny, to see them like that.

He reached across the table and grabbed Baz’s hand. He felt his heart jump and glanced up to see that Baz’s mouth had opened slightly, as if the physical contact had surprised him. His skin was just as he remembered it, smooth and a little bit cold. He tried to relax his mind, to push his magic out tentatively towards Baz.

Baz gasped.

“Penny…she said your magic was normal…” He whispered.

Simon looked away.

“Simon…are you sure this is safe?” Baz asked.

“I’m not what I used to be, not at all. There are no more holes. But whoever my parents were, they were powerful. I think I’m even stronger than Ebb.”

“So you were always meant to be made of magic,” Baz said, wonder in his voice.

Simon was about to ask what he meant by that when a waiter came and asked for their orders. Simon tried his best to remember Penny’s order and wondered where the hell she had gone off to find sugar. Baz seemed jittery, not able to shake off Simon’s magic.

“You’re right, it’s not nearly as strong as it was before. But it’s still intense,” Baz said.

Simon shrugged.

“Genetics I guess.”

Baz frowned.

“Is something wrong Snow? You’ve barely looked at me since I sat down,” Baz said.

“I could say the same thing to you,” Simon replied, voice defensive.

Baz clenched his jaw, looking torn.

“It’s not…I don’t think you’d understand,” He said. 

Simon made an effort to keep his gaze on Baz steady.

“Try me.”

Baz smiled briefly and then sighed.

“Simon I…I’ve had feelings for you for a very long time. I thought being away from you would help. That I could meet a nice guy in college and forget all about you but it hasn’t happened. And I don’t think it will,” Baz said.

Simon felt excitement flutter in his stomach.

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I don’t expect you to do anything about it or say anything. But, you asked,” He said.


“Really it’s not like you have to say anything, I get it.”

“Shut up,” Simon said.

Baz glanced at him in surprise.


Simon leaned across the table and kissed Baz, a brief touch of lips, before settling back into his seat.

Baz blinked for a minute or so.

“Um…” he said.

“Yes?” Simon said.

“So uh, does that mean…”

“Would you please go on a date with me Baz? Maybe next Friday around seven?” Simon asked.

Baz nodded, cheeks slightly pink.

Penny ran over, clapping her hands excitedly.

“How exciting! You two have a date!”

“Where the hell have you been?” Simon asked.

“Getting the sugar, like I said,” Penny replied.

“So, where’s the sugar?” Baz asked.

She glanced down and swore.

“I uh, must have dropped it,” She said.

Baz laughed, his grey eyes crinkling around the corners. Simon couldn’t help but laugh too, especially given how red Penny’s face was. It was cold out, and they all had jobs they’d have to leave for soon, but Simon felt happier than he had in a long time. It seemed that the piece that had been missing from Simon’s life since he’d left Watford had finally come back to him.

I know there is debate on why Wolfgang has never used Kala’s name and I want to throw my hat in the ring if I may…
He doesn’t use it because then she means more to him than he is willing to admit. Plus that makes her real in a way. I mean yes. He does eventually admit to loving her… but that love comes with a price he just realized she is willing to pay. Her badassery and leaving India proves as much. Wolfgang didn’t know the woman in his head would be just as stubborn, smart, brave, compassionate, and loyal to a T in contrast to him.
He was troubled with how much he wanted her and then intrigued with how much she could resist him.
Love has a price… we all know this. If anyone would be willing to pay in full… It’s these two.