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Okay so I respect your opinion and all but I dont see why it's necessary to try and boycott the show. Sure an AAIronFist wouldve been cool but maybe you should respect Marvel's decision to stay true to the comics and have Danny be white. I understand that there is a lack of asian heroes in the MCU but you should also understand that Iron Fist is not and will never be asian. It isnt because Marvel is racist. That's just who he is as a character in the show and in the comics. 1/2

I will admit that the story line does follow a “white savior” stereotype but I honestly dont mind. The show is fun to watch and I dont think there is any “cultural appropriation” present in the series. Yes, Danny is white but as the story says, he lived in K'un-Lun for 15 years and he was 10 when those monks found him. lm sure that it’s safe to say that there was no appropriation involved. Danny adapted to the culture but he didnt take credit for it as something he owns. 2/2

Also as a member of the MCU fandom, I’m pretty sure a large majority of us dont hate peoole of color.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god

okay first of all it’s a fucking slideshow on tumblr. we’re not going into every mcu fan’s house and ripping their tvs out of their walls. if you’re gonna watch iron fist, you’re gonna watch iron fist. we, however, believe there is significant reason not to do so. we presented them. you’re a fucking adult presumably, you’re free to make that choice yourself.

we’re asking for marvel to be better. we’re not connected. we’re not in the industry. we’re just fans who have opinions, throwing them out there. for fucks sake, interact with this media if you want to. but i DO mind about the mighty whitey trope and we think other people should too! if the racism doesn’t bother you, well……………..

it doesn’t bother you and that’s your choice

this shit doesn’t exist in a vacuum

we’re not professional reviewers, either. i did review a few aos episodes with a friend for his relatively small site and didn’t get paid for it. however, the professional critics have pointed out some shit wrong with it, including the racial aspects.

anyway, it sounds like you’re determined to suffer through this show lmao don’t let us stop you. if you’re cool with everything, that’s your prerogative.

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Can I request a Sora & Riku hug, please? Btw your art is really cute!!

Of course!! Does piggyback/koala hug count? :’D Poor Sora made himself sick loool

Aaa and thank you kind anon!! <333

Imagine Yurio confronting Yuuri after the podium ceremony

Yurio starts kicking him in the back the same way he did to Victor in episode 10 and Yuuri turns around confused

And there’s Yurio, rageful and ready to strike out , rapidly blinking away the tears in his eyes and he says “I won gold. You lost. So you better not retire you pathetic pig!”

And Yuuri is at a loss , but ultimately chuckles and agrees. “ Yes next year i’ll win gold…and the year after that to , I need to beat Victors 5 year consecutive streak yknow?”

And finally , relieved that Yuuri is not retiring, Yurios tears spill and he launches himself at Yuuri desperately clinging to him.

And Yuuri tenses up at first , but ends up gently hugging him back and asking very softly “ What do you want to do now that you’ve won gold Yurio?”

And Yurio starts openly sobbing , almost hyperventilating and says “ I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you Yuuri.”

And then Yuuri is crying to and Yurio starts beating his little fists against his back and finally asking for what he wants in desperation and as a final plea

“ I want you to come to Russia with me and Victor. I want to beat you again next year and the year after that to, so you dont ever retire. I want you to never leave me and stay by my side! P-please dont leave me”

And both Yuri’s are just a mess at that point and haven’t noticed Victor at all who entered the room earlier and is looking at them both so fondly before he ruins their familial moment by launching himself into the hug as well and saying “Yuuuuuuuuuurrriiii i’m going to be the one to win next year silly , dont get ahead of yourself just because you won a single GPF.”

And then Yurios back to his old self, screaming and having a huff while Victor continues to tease him , and Yuuris laughing and trying to wipe away his tears. And none of them would have it any other way

I know there is debate on why Wolfgang has never used Kala’s name and I want to throw my hat in the ring if I may…
He doesn’t use it because then she means more to him than he is willing to admit. Plus that makes her real in a way. I mean yes. He does eventually admit to loving her… but that love comes with a price he just realized she is willing to pay. Her badassery and leaving India proves as much. Wolfgang didn’t know the woman in his head would be just as stubborn, smart, brave, compassionate, and loyal to a T in contrast to him.
He was troubled with how much he wanted her and then intrigued with how much she could resist him.
Love has a price… we all know this. If anyone would be willing to pay in full… It’s these two.

😏We Need to Talk (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: SMUT: You and Grayson’s daughter wants a sibling and so Grayson does what he needs to do not to disappoint his little princess.

Warnings: Smut, blowjob

A/N: Y/D/N- Your daughter’s name. Thanks for the request! I hope I got it right for you :) Also, I made this super fluffy at first i’M sORry I got cARRiED aWaY!

Originally posted by sensualkisses

I was cooking dinner for my loving husband and my adorable baby girl, Y/D/N. She was so adorable. She was going to be 4 next month and I couldn’t wait. Grayson and I were planning a Moana themed birthday party.

“But daddy! I want a baby!” I heard Y/D/N shout. I sat the chicken on the table and went into the living room to see Grayson lying on the floor in his white tank top and his dark sweats. He had just gotten back from the gym with Ethan and Y/D/N probably wanted to play.

“And daddy said he will talk to mommy about it okay?” He says grabbing our daughter’s small hands in his, giving them a kiss. “Has daddy ever disappointed you before?” He asks staring in her eyes as he moved closer to her. She shook her head no. “Then what makes you think he will now?” He asks kissing her nose which caused her to giggle. I started to smile at how cute they were.

“Hi mommy!” Y/D/N says waving. Grayson turns his head and smiles at me too. I couldn’t get over how attractive he was. 3 years together and that smile still drove me wild.

“Hi baby! Are you ready for some mac and cheese?” I cooed as I got on my knees.

“Yeah!” She says standing to her feet.

“But we have to go wash our hands first! A princess never eats with dirty hands.” Gray says as he picks her up and swings her around which she screams out of joy and throws herself into a fit of giggles. He runs off with her in his arms as they go wash their hands. I chuckle as I walk into the kitchen and start to cut the chicken for Y/D/N and pour her some mac and cheese. I then felt a pair of strong warm arms wrap around my midsection. Grayson’s lips then pressed against my neck. His lips against my cold skin sent shivers down my body.

“We need to talk.” Grayson mumbles against my skin.

“About what?” I asked turning to him. He then presses his lips against mine kissing softly. I’m slightly pushed against the table as his large hands find my waist pushing him into me. I could feel him trying to deepen the kiss, but we couldn’t. Not right now anyways. I have to push him back.

“Eww.” Y/D/N says causing Grayson to pull away from me. I started to laugh as Grayson’s face turned red.

“Princess! I-It’s time for dinner! Let’s see what mommy cooked!” Grayson says grabbing Y/D/N and picking her up bridal style which causes her to giggle.

“Daddy! I want cheese!” She says as Grayson spins her around. He always got like this with her whenever she caught us kissing. He wasn’t ready for her to see us like that. Finally he sits her down in her high chair and takes his seat at the table and we begin dinner.


“Goodnight princess. It’s time to go to bed.” Grayson says to Y/D/N as he lies her down in her crib. She was already out cold from uncle Ethan’s sons coming over and playing earlier today and Grayson rocking her to sleep probably didn’t help. I was getting ready for bed as I took off my t-shirt and pants leaving me in my emerald bra and black underwear. I went in our bathroom and washed my makeup off and took my jewelry off and I walked back in our bedroom to see Grayson in bed already. He was scrolling on his phone and he was shirtless. I took my bra and panties off and I grabbed my big sleep shirt and I crawled in next to him.

“Babe?” I decided to ask him. He sat his phone down and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Y/N I was texting Ethan about his boys. What’s wrong?” He asked taking my hands in his. I smiled at his concern.

“Wait, why are you texting Ethan about the boys? Did they put mud in Y/D/N’s hair again? I swear if Jason or Matt did–” Grayson cut me off by laughing.

“No no they didn’t do anything to Y/D/N, at least I don’t think so. Her hair was fine during her bath. Look.” I could tell he was nervous. “Do you ever, you know, think about having another baby running around the house? Like the potty training, the sleepless nights, the baby showers, a little friend for Y/D/N? Y/N can’t you picture it?” Grayson asked making me smile.

“Were you asking E how he does it?”

“Yes. I mean first he had Alison and then 6 years later he had Jason and Matt. Now Allison is 8 and the twins will be 4 this fall. Ethan doesn’t want anymore kids, but I do. I want to have a little boy to play football with and to defend Y/D/N or another little girl so Y/D/N can be an older sister and have someone to play dress up with.” I smiled at Grayson’s plea. I mean, of course I have thought about having another kid. I would love to go through all the little steps all over again and I know Grayson hates playing dress up now.

“Is this what you told Y/D/N you would ‘talk to mommy about’?” I asked and I see Grayson start to smirk.

“Okay maybe Y/D/N did mention it a few times.” He says shrugging his shoulders and we both laugh. Grayson then grabs my thighs and motions me to sit on his lap. I lean over as his hands guide me on his lap. “What do you think babe? Do you maybe wanna try for a Y/D/N number 2?” I think for a second before I wrap my arms around his neck. I scoot myself up against him and I can feel him hardening under me. I take his hands and place them on my lower back and I connect our lips together and Grayson lets out a sigh of relief as he pushes me harder into him. I let out a moan as his hardening dick presses against my bare heat, the only thing separating us is the fabric of his boxers. His hands slowly glide up my stomach and his finger tips gently caress over my stomach and around my nipples. His lips pull from mine and go to my collarbone as he sucks roughly.

“Grayson…” I moan against his ear as he moans back. The then slides my shirt off and he placed one of my nipples in his mouth. “Uhhhh.” I moaned as Grayson continued to suck and hum against my nipple. I could feel him hardening against me and I grinded my hips hard into him. I wanted him so bad right now. “Grayson. Do it.” I said and he had no hesitation. I placed my hand on his which was pulling his boxers down.

“What is it baby?” He asks wondering why I stopped him.

“I wanna r-ride you.” I said shyly and Grayson pulled his boxers off faster which made me laugh. His dick was standing straight up which gave me an idea. I scooted off of Grayson and he looked puzzled as hell. He face soon started to grin when he saw me bend down and stick my butt up in the air. “Lay back baby.” I said gently pushing on his chest. He slowly lays back as I spit on his tip and I slowly start to pump him in my hand I look up and watch his face as he sucks in a sharp breath of air as I slowly put my mouth around the tip slowly sucking the precum off his tip as he grunted. I soon stuck all of his length in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down on his dick.

“Fuck Y/N.” He moans as his hand finds the back of my head and he softly pushes himself deeper in my mouth. “Fuck baby you know just how to do it.” He moans as I take him deeper inside me. I take my hand and softly massage his balls and he grunts. “Babbeeee stop. I wanna cum inside of you.” He says and I pull him out with a pop. He helps me climb on top of him and slowly place him inside of me as I let out a moan of shock and pleasure. I slide on top of his dick as he lets out a moan. “Ughhh babe you feel so good.” I slowly bounce up and down on him while my hands grip his shoulders for support. Grayson thrusts upwards into me. His arm wrapped around my lower back holding me onto him.

“Grayson!” I moaned as his fingers rub against my clit making me moan again loudly. He takes his free hand and places it over my mouth.

“Shhhh you’ll wake Y/D/N.” He says as he slams harder into me causing me to claw my nails into his shoulder and moan into his chest. He slams into me a few more times before he cums inside me and I cum a few seconds afterwards still riding against him as the room is filled with our last few moans and grunts. Grayson helps me off of him as I lie on his chest. We both are breathless, but he gives the top of my head a soft kiss. “Gosh I love you Y/N. Like damn, that was hot.” He says as we both laugh. I look up at him and give him a soft and sweet kiss before cuddling into him.

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so, for your botw zelink fanfic, can you maybe do like a re-imagining of the scene where Link tells Zelda the reason why he doesn't talk ( as stated in the diary )?

Today was the day. After the events of yesterday, Zelda had come to the realization that she needed to talk things out with her appointed knight. With Link. There was miscommunication between them, if that’s what you could call it. He never spoke a word, and that was probably why she misinterpreted him so badly. But she assumed the worst of him and let it show, and now was the time to put things right.

After she got dressed and left her room, she waited for her knight to arrive. Usually she would go on without him, uneager to have him join her, but not today. So when he finally arrived, the surprise in his eyes was unmistakeable.

“Good morning.” She said, and he nodded to her. “Link, could I talk to you privately?” She clasped her hands in front of her, fingers fidgeting together nervously. She had thought over what she was going to say all night, sleeping restlessly over it. Now it was time that she put all that had transpired between them to rest.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

Learning to trust

Originally posted by yikeshood

Words: 2100
Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond 
Part Four - A new wolf

It had taken everything in you to trust the pack, it was a hard uphill struggle that you were constantly on the edge of losing. Every time their play fighting got too rough or their voices to loud you’d jump up and spring away from them and it hurt them so much. You could see Embry’s heart break a little every time you flinched away from him or Paul’s jaw clench with anger any time Jacob spoke to you because in his mind it was Jacob’s fault for giving you such a poor introduction to their…lifestyle.

It had torn at rift in the pack, mostly leaving Jacob on his own even though you tried to insist that you would be fine when you got used to it all. Embry felt like he was going insane. You’d not let him touch you since that night in your backyard and a few nights a go they’d caught the scent of leech a few streets from you and it set him on edge. Any Vampire worth their sparkles would be able to smell him and the pack, what if they followed that scent back to you? He’d phased a few times thinking about it.

You were sat at Emily and Sam’s place, as seemed the usual now, you’d pushed yourself into the corner of a couch and made polite conversation with the guys with a small, tight smile.
They left you alone as Paul came over and dropped himself down next to you and flopped his arms out of that his hand landed near yours. He’s been doing this since you’d found out, so that he could be close to you but only if you were feeling up to it.

You slipped your hand into his and you could see him visibly relax.
“How’re you doing Y/N?” He asked and ran his thumb along your knuckles.
“It’s hard.” You admitted.
“You seem fine with me.” Paul answered honestly.
“I’m not shackled to you forever.” You mumbled and Paul’s head shot up from where it was resting back on the back of the coach.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his brow furrowed in confusion.
You gave him a bored look, “I grew up with these legends Paul, I know I’m stuck with Embry and I’ve got to give him babies.

Paul sat up straight and gave your hand a squeeze, “No Y/N that’s not how it works.”
You gave him a bored look, “What part of any of this screams choice?”
Paul leaned forward and pecked a kiss to your forehead, “Leave this to your bestest big brother.”
“You’re not my brother Paul.” You laughed softly as he jumped up and started towards the kitchen, he leaned back over his shoulder laughing, “Yeah I am, you’re my lil sister and you’ll like it.”

When Paul burst into the kitchen he tried not to laugh at Emily, as small as she was in comparison, reaching up to brush Embry’s hair to one side in an effort to make him more presentable.
“You need a serious talk with your girl Em.” Paul advised as he dropped himself down at the table next to Jared.
“Whats happened ? Is she okay?” Embry panicked almost instantly.
“She’s fine, Y/N’s just being a bit fatalistic about the imprint. Thinks she needs to be everything for you.” Paul explained and Embry’s face fell.
He’d convinced you to go out with him, Emily was just fixing his hair and then he planned to take you a walk down the beach and have a picnic that the other imprints had put together for you both. He figured it would be perfect for you, an intimate setting where you could both just properly talk but physical closeness could still be at a minimum to help you stay feeling comfortable. He kissed Emily’s cheek in goodbye and hit Paul and Jared in the back of the head as he went to see if you were still up for your picnic.


You’d walked for maybe twenty minutes when Embry broke the thick silence and suggested you both take a seat. You waited patiently as he struggled against the breeze to lay down the picnic blanket on the sand, you couldn’t help but giggle at his attempts and it turned into a full laugh when he gave you a playful glare over his shoulder. Damn wolf hearing.

You both settled down and the awkward silence rolled back over you both.
Embry let out a small cough, “So er Y/N, Paul let me know that some things got lost in translation.”
You didn’t say anything so he got onto his knees and shimmed around, with more grace than you’d give him credit for, so that he blocked your view of the water.

“Y/N when it comes to you and me, you’ve got the reins.” He tried to explain.
You gave him a disbelieving look and he caught your hands in his and ignored the way that you had to stop yourself from flinching.

“Y/N the imprint can be an amazing thing and yes it does mean that I love you but,” He swallowed hard, “But you don’t have to love me, I’m never going to force you to do anything like that. You chose what you need me to be for you, I can just be a friend if that what you want. Whatever happens, I will always protect you, that’s a given.”

You let the information wash over you and tried to ignore the pull on your heartstrings at his words or how the heat from his hands that held yours seemed to demand attention.
“I don’t know what to say.” You admitted after a moment.
You were free, well not free. But from the legends you’d assumed you were stuck having to play wife for Embry with no say and no enjoyment on your part. But here he was telling you that, yes he would love you to be together but his happiness meant more. You highly doubted that if you started dating someone else that Embry wouldn’t beat him up but you felt relief none the less.

You looked up at him and it was almost like when you first met, before you knew about his furry secret identity.
“You never did take me on that date you know.” You started quietly and watched as his face lit up slowly as though he was worried that you may take it back.
“I’ll get on planning that.” He assured and ran his thumbs over the back of your hands.
“As long as you don’t do this.” You teased and took one hand back from him to ruffle his still styled hair back into the mess that you were used too. He grinned and leaned forwards to rub his nose against yours with an Eskimo kiss.

“Don’t be adorable, it makes it hard to be disgusted by you.” You laughed as he continued to rub his nose against you.
“Well in that case.” He laughed as his hands caught your sides so that he could tickle you as he put his face into the side of your neck and began nuzzling you making you laugh.


It had been two weeks since you and Embry had your chat on the beach and things were finally starting to settle for you. You didn’t flinch around the boys anymore but they were still careful not to get to rowdy near you in case it got too much. Well apart from Paul who continued to throw you over his shoulder at any given moment and Embry who always seemed to have an arm around you or your hand in his.
You and Jake were talking again and things were slowly getting back to normal between you and your best friend after a brief shouting match were he’d admitted that he was an idiot. Now you were working on getting the boys to get back on track with Jacob and he seemed to back on good terms with everyone apart from Embry who was still being grouchy about the whole thing.

Not that you blamed him.
In your efforts to bring everyone back together you’d even offered to hang out with Bella so now you were sat at her house, watching Romeo and Juliet making polite awkward conversation. You were supposed to be going to Sam and Emily’s to hang out with everyone tonight but Embry had rang in a panic to say it was all hands on deck as they’d smelt a Leech in the area and he gave you strict instructions not to move or leave Bella’s unless one of the guys fetched you.

You heard the front door click and raised an eyebrow at Bella, Charlie wasn’t due home for a while yet.
“Edward has a key.” Bella shrugged, the door opened it definitely wasn’t Edward.
Two red eyed men stood in the doorway, “Honey we’re home.” One grinned.

Everything was a blur then.
Edward and Emmet appeared behind them faster than you could blink and began to wrestle the men back out of the room, they moved faster than you could follow them.
You caught Bella by the arm and pulled her back to the edge of the room and after knocking everything off of a small coffee table next to you held up it up as a pathetic wooden shield between you both and the fighting.

It was over almost as soon as it started when you heard the growling. The wolf pack was here. Your chest heaved with breaths that threaten to spur on a panic attack, you could feel sweat from adrenalin and fear clinging to your skin and your stomach churched from the sound of ripping clothing and flesh.

You stayed back against the wall using your weight to keep Bella back as well since she insisted on squirming to try to get towards the fight, surely this girl had a death wish.
Then you heard Embry shouting and you dropped the coffee table and took tender steps towards the doorway.
“Do you really think she’d want to see you dude? You’re wearing a dead guy’s jeans, doesn’t the smell bother you?” Emmet’s deep voice rumbled through the house.
“I’ll deal with the smell later I need to know that Y/N is alright!” Embry snarled and you took off running away from Bella and through the doorway. You ducked underneath Emmet’s arm that he’d been using to block off the doorway and threw yourself into Embry’s arms.

He locked your arms around you and patted his hands across you to check for wounds. The Cullen men excused themselves and went to check on Bella.

“I was so scared.” You admitted into his chest where you’d buried yourself.
He stroked your hair and continued to murmur that he was there and that you were safe.

He took you home not long after and the wolves left the Cullens to fix Bella’s house or come up with an excuse for Charlie since it turned out to be their fault.  You got out of his truck to find the rest of the pack waiting outside your house, thankfully all human though they wrinkled their noses from the smell of Embry’s Jeans.

Leah rushed forward and caught your face in her hands as she checked you over for injuries.
You laughed and brushed her off before addressing them, “What are you all doing here?”
“We know you’re home alone, figured we’d crash here in case you weren’t feeling up to being home alone, if that’s okay?” Embry asked and you gave him a small nod and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“You got any food in?” Paul asked seriously as he took your keys from you and made his way into your house.
“Probably only enough to fill you all for only tonight.” You called after him laughing.
You’d been left outside with Embry and Jacob, the later went to join the others inside when Embry caught him and stopped him.
“If you hadn’t caught their trail, we might not have got there in time. Thank you brother.” Embry gave him an honest smile which Jacob returned and the pair embraced and for the first time in a long time everything felt how it should.

“Hey Embry you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, not Jakes.”  You laughed and the excitable puppy that he was, as soon was Embry heard the word boyfriend he turned and lifted you up and span you around while you laughed.

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Marvel Hogwarts Houses

So this happened.

Tony Stark: Ravenclaw
- I’ve seen a few people describe him as a Slytherin and I will personally have to tell you that you are very much wrong. Muy Wrongo. Tony is a genius, he likes showing it, he connects best with other Ravenclaws, and he enjoys learning new things. Most Ravenclaws also tend to be very sassy so thar ya go.

Steve Rogers: Slytherin
- NOW HEAR ME OUT. I am a Slytherin and can firmly say that NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE EVIL MASTERMINDS. The term only means that we’re ambitious and cunning. NOW LETS TAKE A LOOK AT LIL STEVIE. He lied THROUGH HIS TEETH on any enlistment form out there in order to get into the army, he lied to SHIELD about what happened to Nick Fury, and he even went against the government and started a CIVIL WAR because he thought that being restrained was bullshit. He may bleed red white and blue but you’ll be DAYUM sure that he is a green-blooded Slytherin.

Bucky Barnes: Hufflepuff
- BAD. ASS. BADGERS. I mean, did you see the scene in Steve’s first movie when Steve wandered off at Stark Expo? “You see that? Flying cars, that’s really something isn’t i- STEVE!? OH NO WHERES STEVE. STEVIE COME BACK. GIRLS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IF HE INHALES SOME POLLEN AND DIES!?” He is a total hufflepuff.

Thor: Gryffindor
- Brave? Check. Chivalrous? Check. Friendly? Check. Wears a shit ton of red? Check. Yes he does learn humility and what it truly means to be kind at the end of Thor and the entirety of Thor: The Dark World but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t a real personification of Gryffindor. Most Gryffindors I personally can’t stand but Thor has a bit of a soft spot in my heart.

Loki: Slytherin
- Now his brother(ish) on the other hand… He is almost the exact opposite. Cunning, Sly, Ambitious TO THE FUCKING MAX. Hell he even DRESSES IN ALL SLYTHERIN COLORS. “He likes to… um… fiddle with the circuits… Of the entire planet! And likes to see which lights go out” - Tom Hiddleston

Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw
- Brucie is a bit of an enigma in the Ravenclaw community. He is smart and he does enjoy learning about new things but he doesn’t share the common “I am right and everyone must know it” personality. He would prefer to just learn in his little study while Tony prefers loudly shouting to all who can hear about how correct he is. That’s not bashing Tony, it’s just a fact.

Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin
- Did you not expect this? Really? My bae and I are both similar Slytherins. Lying and manipulation galore! Plus we both share the syndrome that makes us constantly look like either a depressed cat who gives no shit or a murderous angry serial killer.

Clint Barton: Hufflepuff
1) MY GIRLFRIEND JASMINE AND I (well she doesn’t know that we’re dating yet so shhhhhh)


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I'm getting the feeling Henry and Bendy are going to bond over their mutual PTSD. It wasn't as noticeable before but I think Bendy as he is now is probably in a constant state of exhaustion/agony. I know for a fact if you hang around the door after Bendy chases you in there you can hear him pound on it for moment then lean on it gasping for air before limping away. Somebody save this poor boy. ;_;


@squigglydigglydoo WE CALLED A THING

Uh I mean, yes there’s gonna be some trauma and bonding over trauma, though for different reasons than in-game. Let’s just say Bendy isn’t supposed to look like that when Blot Bendy and leave it at that for a while, mm?

Request:Can you do a imagine of Y/N and Peter based off of “Issues” by Julia Michaels?? (PS i hope you enjoy the song as much as i did! 💖💖)

Your arms were folded in front of you chest as you sat beside your boyfriend in your English class. Peter was in the dog house and he knew it. You refused to talk to him. Sure, it was probably childish, no it was most definitely childish but you didn’t have anything nice to say to him so you elected to stay silent. You were acutely aware of him though, the longing glances he kept throwing your way. When the bell rang to dismiss you from the class, you left without even a glance his way. He followed after you with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N, come on, babe. I’m sorry,” he said you gave him a look but didn’t respond, “Please just talk to me.”

You continued through the halls going to your locker. You didn’t look at him because you knew if you did you’d succumb to his puppy dog eyes and his smile. No, you had to hold firm. Teenage boys were like puppies, you had to set your limits earlier on otherwise they’d never respect them. As you opened your locker he leaned heavily on the lockers next to yours.

“I didn’t mean to miss our date. Something came up,” he told you and that earned him another glare. He looked so sure that, that was going to fix everything. It almost made you break your silence. You opened your mouth as if to speak then closed it. Peter groaned as you turned back to your locker and grabbed the needed books. You slammed the locker shut and continued to your next class. A class without Peter, and one you shared with a close friend. When it was time to work independently you immediately launched into talking about Peter.

“Michelle, this is the third date he’s missed,” you complained.


“No, but does it matter? Three dates! Three times! And each time I spent an hour doing my hair and my make up, making myself cute as hell only for him to give me a half ass text saying he can’t come! What the hell is he doing?”

“Homework, maybe? He is a mega nerd,” she offered nonchalantly.

“He has his school work planned out to the max, no way he scheduled a date on a study night. And he calls me on study nights! It has to be something spontaneous, like, like someone else!”

“Another girl?”

“It better not be,” you were livid at just the thought. To think that your, usually, sweet nerdy boyfriend was cheating just made you want to punch something. Michelle leaned back in her chair and shrugged.

“Listen, girl, I love the both of you. I’ll talk to him for you, if you want.”

“Please do. I just can not begin to imagine what the hell he’s thinking.”

When you got home you went straight to studying. Studying was simple, you didn’t have to think about Peter, or anything else emotionally exhausting. All you had to do was find the answers to your questions and prepare for the next test. However as you got to a particularly hard question you couldn’t help thinking that Peter would be able to explain it so perfectly. If you just called him he’d probably know the answer… and he’d say something sweet… and ask you about how you were feeling… you know, if you weren’t angry with him at the moment. As you were contemplating texting him there was a knock on the door down stairs.

“Y/N! Peter’s here to see you,” your mom called. Your parents loved Peter. He was a straight A student. He was charming and respectful and there was no way they could hate him. You got out of bed and went to meet him down stairs. Your mom had migrated back to her room probably caught in the grips of some show. You and Peter stood across from each other awkwardly.

“I really am sorry about cancelling yesterday,” he said earnestly.

“Why did you cancel? And don’t just say something came up.”

“I can’t tell you the specifics okay.”

“Why not?” you demanded, trying to keep your voice low.

“Because…. I just can’t okay,” he sighed looking away from you.

“Is it… is there someone else,” you asked hesitantly, afraid to ask the question, more afraid for his answer. Logically, you knew you wouldn’t believe him if he just said no, but you also didn’t want him to say yes.

“What? No. I’m just going through some things, and other stuff got in the way.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter, trying to silently convey that you were still upset, if not more upset than before, “Listen, don’t play with me. I know… I know I have issues, and I know I can be over zealous, and jealous… but I need you…so badly. And it hurts for you to just blow me off and not give me a reason why.” you explained looking down at your feet. Peter took your hand from where it was worrying the hem of you shirt.

“I’m not blowing you off… I just can’t tell you. I’ve got my own issues that I have to work out and I can’t bring you into it.”

“Peter, I love you. I want to help you in anyway I can, but I can’t help if you won’t tell me what’s up. I won’t judge you. If you don’t judge me for my problems how can I judge you for yours.”

“It’s not something that simple.” he said softly. You felt tears start welling up in your eyes, and they were products of both frustration and hurt. He pulled you into a hug.

“No, don’t cry. Please don’t do that.”

“I love you… but you’re losing me Peter. I can’t take you just cancelling our plans without so much as a good explanation,” you explained as you pushed away from him. He took in a deep breath and you noticed that he looked glassy eyed.

“I… I see your point of view. I’d be suspicious too.” he looked up at the ceiling obviously thinking, “I cancelled because there was a robbery on fifth, and I had to stop it.”

“… What?”

“The little corner store on fifth it was getting robbed at gun point and I had to stop it.”

“Peter, you can’t be serious!”

“Sh! It’s fine, trust me it wasn’t even that dangerous.”

“You said gun point… you’re fucking with me aren’t you? Peter, if you can’t just tell me the truth then-”

He unzipped her jacket to reveal the suit you knew well from media coverage. Everybody was talking about the masked hero sweeping through Queens.

“… Sooo you’re cosplaying as Spiderman,” you said slowly.

“No, I am Spiderman. I only cancelled our dates so I could save people.”

“Peter, this is a really shitty excuse.”

In an instant a web shot out of his sleeve and connected to a book on the table. The book came flying into his hand and then you believed him. Your face was blank with shock.

“Babe, I only told you because I can’t lose you either… You’re probably the best part of my life right now… baby say something.”

“Oh my god, I’m dating Spiderman,” you whispered.

“…Yes you are. Does that mean we’re good?” he asked tentatively.

“Are you crazy, Peter? What you’re doing is dangerous anything could happen, you idiot,” you hissed at him. He smiled in return and grabbed you in a tight hug.

“You’re worrying about me again, it means you’ve forgiven me,” he said happily.

“And swinging from buildings, what if you miss? Then you’ll just plummet to the ground and your untimely death!”

Peter gathered you up in a hug and kissed your forehead, “I never miss.”

“Oh god, why didn’t it occur to me, every that you missed corresponds with something Spiderman has done. It fits perfectly.”

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” he said letting you go and holding you at an arm’s length. He pressed a quick peck to your lips after looking over his shoulder to be sure your mom wasn’t there.

“You’d better, Parker,” you smiled. He grinned back at you, “Oh hey I had a biology question, do you have a minute to stay and help me out.”

“If you were talking to me in biology I probably could have helped you then,” he teased.

“Don’t get smart,” you rebuked, but smiled all the same. It sucked being mad at Peter.

~Mod Lillian (Yeah that was a pretty good song. Thank you for your request.)

roskiiart  asked:

What does Percy do for a living? Does he like humans?

He catches fish for a living
And yes, he loves human, he enjoys seeing how they react to his small catch

anonymous asked:

What does it means "Bless his heart, he said yes"?

Hi anon! Thanks for the ask.

Darren has told the story of how we went to a dinner and a concert with Chris after his first day on the set. He has told it more than once. There’s a great post from Michelle about that (x), but to recap…

Darren shared this story publicly for the first time for a BTS interview in spring 2011, but he didn’t say much, he didn’t even mention the concert. I believe Darren had this date in mind also when he was describing what the perfect date is in his view for the interview in People Magazine in fall 2011 (x). In that interview, he was talking more in general terms.

The story didn’t really start unraveling until later. In summer 2014, it was actually Max Adler who revealed that Darren and Chris went out to a dinner and a concert after Darren’s first day. The first time Darren really told the story publicly was for the BTS interview for Klaine wedding episode in fall 2014. Chris was sitting next to him. In that interview, Darren said: “And I was like ‘do you wanna come?’ And bless your heart.” By ‘bless your heart’, he was referring to Chris agreeing to go out with him.

Darren repeated the story again for the Paley Fest interview in spring 2015. In that, Darren said: “Here I am, just meeting Chris Colfer for the first time and I’m like ‘This is a long shot, man, but I’m going to this concert. Do you want to come?’ Bless his heart he came with me.”

And he told it again for the interview with Alan Cummings in fall 2015. In that, Darren said: “I asked him. I was like ‘I know we don’t know each other, but our characters might have to get to know each other a little better. So if you want to come with me, if you like Sutton Foster, it’d be my treat.’ And bless his heart, he said yes!”

So… Darren has, more than once, used the line “bless his heart” about Chris agreeing to the dinner and concert on that first night. Why? I can’t read his mind. The words tell us that he is at the very least grateful that Chris agreed to it. I think it goes beyond this though. I think he feels grateful to have Chris in his life, a sentiment that is undoubtedly shared by Chris too. They feel grateful to have each other. I don’t think that has changed through the years and the struggles. If anything, the feeling has grown stronger.

people need to chill.

-the show isn’t sexualising jughead. you are. he was shirtless because he was taking a shower and we were being shown where he was sleeping. would you have preferred if he’d had a shower with clothes on?

-archie isn’t a “fuck boy” for sleeping with a teacher. he is a teenager going through puberty which a lot of the time means finding people attractive and wanting to have sex with them. also he was a victim in this situation and it’s pretty fucking gross that you’re blaming the child in the situation and not the adult who knows better.

-yes bughead are in a romantic relationship. does that automatically mean he isn’t ace? no. nor does it mean he is straight just because he happens to be with a girl.

-the show may or may not be queerbaiting us, but we are only on the SEVENTH episode. who knows what future may hold, every character could come out as gay or bi next season for all we know. like damn, the show is only new chill.

-as a biromantic ace i find it disturbing that people are jumping down the throats of those who watch the show because it’s so called “straight” like stop. stop making everything so serious and stop making people feel bad for enjoying something. tv is supposed to be an escapism not another way for society to attack one another.

Jefferson/Reader - Part 3

It’s finally ready. I’m so sorry for the long wait. Like I said I had a really hard time with this one for some reason. Thanks so much for your patience. 

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Part One Part Two

Word Count: 6121

When your alarm went off the next morning you felt like you hadn’t slept at all. Your talk with Lafayette had done nothing except make you more frustrated. You had tossed and turned and didn’t quite remember falling asleep in the first place. A yawn and a good stretch later you wandered your way into the kitchen to rummage for a spoon and bowl. It seemed like a fruit loops kind of morning and as you ate you once again started thinking about what you had heard Laf say before you walked out the door.

Ils sont tous deux si obstinés qu'ils ne verront jamais qu'ils sont vraiment pareils.

As you drain the last of the milk from the bowl and put it in the sink you scoff at the thought. It was already creeping close to your first class of the day and you were still in your pajamas.

“Where does he get off saying that? I mean yes I’m stubborn, but Jefferson and I being alike? Please that’s total bullshit,” you say to your own reflection in your bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

You dressed quickly and as you shut the door your only thought was that you were going to prove Lafayette was wrong.

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Bruises - A Riverdale Imagine

Archie x Reader

A/N:  i love polite requesters :) they make me so happy. also- this one is long, which i haven’t done in a long time, so that makes me super happy!

Requested by: @hayley0005
“Hey could i request a imagine with Archie Andrews with the prompts 4,15,and 17 mainly just the first two if threes to much. Kinda where something goes down between them a fight idk and archie flips out on a guy or someone basically overreacting thinking reader needed help just tense between the two. haha. Hope it makes sense.”

4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
15. “I don’t need saving. Not now! Not ever.”
17. “You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?”

Warnings: mentions of cheating, a small (physical & verbal) fight & just a lil angsty- but i didn’t forget the fluff!

Word Count: 1517


Reggie Mantle didn’t know when to quit.

We had dated for a while- nearly eight months- and I thought everything was prefect, until I found out that he had cheated on me. Multiple times. With different people.

Ever since, he’s been trying to get me back. I’m with Archie now, the red-headed man of my dreams, but even that isn’t enough for Reggie to leave me alone. He knows we’re together- the whole school does- but he just doesn’t care. Reggie doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants; which, unfortunately, happens to be me, in this case.

I was standing at my locker, packing my bag with all the materials I needed to bring home, when Reggie appeared next to me. I groaned, but didn’t turn to face him. “What do you want, Reggie?” I ask, obviously annoyed.

“You. But you already knew that,” he responds, without missing a beat.

I roll my eyes and close my locker. “And you already know that will never happen,” I shoot back.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting? Maybe just a little?” he asks, trailing behind me as I begin to walk away.

I turn around immediately, my hair flying over my shoulder. “You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re kidding,” I say, growing angrier with every word. *** “You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?” *** I shout.

That’s when Archie joins us, looking very concerned. “What’s going on?” he asks sternly.

“Nothing,” I say, glaring at Reggie. “Let’s go.”

“Oh come on, babe, don’t be like this. Can’t you just let it go?” Reggie whines.

Before I can respond, Archie takes a step closer to him, and spits, “She’s not your ‘babe’ anymore.”

Reggie scoffs and rolls his eyes, stepping around Archie and closer to me. “Why don’t we let her decide that, yeah?” he says, taking my hand. Immediately I pull it back, out of his grasp, but it’s too late. Archie shoves Reggie against the lockers, jabbing a finger to his chest.

*** “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!” *** he shouts. Reggie’s beginning to look more and more angry.

“You better back off, Andrews,” he says menacingly.

“Leave her alone and I will,” Archie hisses. The two boys are incredibly close, standing nearly nose to nose. My heart is pounding- both with anger and with fear.

“Come on, Archie,” I say, desperate to get out of this situation. Archie looks to me, then back to Reggie, and takes a step back. He picks up his backpack, which he had previously thrown to the ground, and begins walking towards me.

That is, until Reggie calls, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, beautiful.” In the blink of an eye, Archie’s turned around, and I barely have time to process the fact that his fist is flying towards Reggie’s face. It connects with a sickening crack, and for a moment, Reggie just looks stunned. But then that look of confusion turns to one of anger, and Reggie is swinging back.

A full-on fight breaks out. Fists are flying everywhere, they’re falling to the floor, and I begin to notice drops of blood staining the white tile.

“Stop it, both of you!” I shout desperately. But it’s no use. I’m not even sure they can hear me.

It doesn’t take long for a teacher to step in, breaking up the boys and walking them both to the principal’s office.

What a great way to end the day.


I don’t bother staying to see how much trouble Archie is in. I don’t want to know just yet.

“Why did he have to step in?” I keep asking myself. I was fine! Annoyed, tired, and upset, but still fine. I was leaving. I was walking out when Archie had to say something, press Reggie’s buttons. None of that had to happen.

I’m not a princess. I don’t need him to “defend my honor.” I can take care of myself. I understand that he was trying to stand up for me, but all it did was get him a busted face and a week-long suspension.

After a few hours, once I’ve calmed down, I decide to walk over to Archie’s house. I know he’ll be grounded for getting into a fight, but I’m sure Fred will let me see him, just this once- after all, the man adores me; plus, he’ll understand why I need to talk to him.

It takes me about ten minutes to reach Archie’s house. I knock on the door, and- as I’d suspected- Fred answers. “Hey, there, kiddo,” he says, a small smile lighting up his face. “I’m assuming you’re here for Archie?”

“Yes,” I sigh. “I’m sure you’ve grounded him, which is definitely the right thing to do,” I ramble, and he chuckles. “But I need to talk to him. Just for a few minutes. There are some things we have to sort out,” I tell him, as I begin to blush slightly.

“I figured you’d be over sooner or later,” he smiles. “But knowing you, I didn’t think it would be for a couple of days,” he laughs, and I can’t help but laugh with him. “He’s upstairs, in his room,” Fred tells me, letting me inside. “He’ll be un-grounded next, when he goes back to school.”

“Thank you,” I whisper, hugging the older man. I turn to the stairs, but quickly turn back around and ask him, “Do you have any ice-packs?” He laughs and grabs one out of the freezer, handing it to me. He smiles as I walk up the steps, heading straight down the hallway to Archie’s room.

His back is to the door. He doesn’t notice me standing there; he’s too engrossed in strumming that guitar of his. I stand there for a few moments, listening to the soft music before I bring attention to myself.

“I’m surprised you can still play with how bruised your hands must be right now,” I say dryly, and I nearly flinch at how harsh I sound.

He whips around immediately, and I’m not prepared for what I see.

His lip is split and swollen, and looks like it must be incredibly painful. His right eye is a deep purple, and is practically swollen shut. I doubt he can see anything out of it. All in all, it looks like somebody decided to smash his face with a baseball ball.

It feels as though all the air has left my body, and I’ve forgotten how to breathe. But I don’t cry.

I walk over and sit on the edge of his bed, facing him. “Damn,” I mutter, reaching out to stroke his cheek. He still flinches, even though I’m being as gentle as possible. Seeing him like this breaks my heart.

“Why’d you have to do that?” I breathe out, my voice barely above a whisper. I can feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes.

He shakes his head. “He needs to learn when to back off,” he defends himself.

“Yes, he does,” I say, exasperated. “But that doesn’t mean you start a fight with him!”

“He wouldn’t leave you alone! What was I supposed to do? Let him stand there and call you 'babe’? I had to do something. I had to- to save you,” he finishes.

*** “I don’t need saving! Not now, not ever!” *** I snap angrily. “I am perfectly capable of handing situations by myself.”

“I know, I just…” he trails off and looks down.

I sigh, exhausted. “Get up,” I tell him.

He looks up at me, confused. “What?”

“You heard me,” I tell him as he stands up. “He busted your face, not your ears.”

I pat a spot on the bed, right in front of me. He sits down, and I very carefully press the ice pack to his eye. He winces. “That was really stupid,” I tell him, and he gives a small laugh. “But I love you anyway.”

I lean into him and press a gentle kiss to his cheek- the one that’s not swollen and covered in bruises. “I love you too,” he whispers.

So adding on to how the Twelfth Doctor is said to have chosen the face he has to remember the lesson Donna taught him when he saved Caecilius in Pompeii (“Just save someone”) and then also the lesson taught by Caecilius’ descendant John Frobisher who appeared as a villain in Torchwood (“Just because the universe doesn’t care doesn’t mean you shouldn’t”)

Colin Baker has said the key to his portrayal of the Sixth Doctor is that he’s “passionate about justice,” and was more rash/blunt than the Fifth, who was mostly very polite

and lo and behold, during the Fifth Doctor’s tenure Colin had previously played Commander Maxil, a Time Lord who shot the Doctor under orders from the Gallifreyan High Court. AKA The literal representation of injustice in that particular episode

I’m emotional about the Doctor choosing his faces because he was inspired by somebody else okay