yes he didnt want to hurt them but he also didnt want to lose them

Rika's back and MC gets left P. 4

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

  • Rika felt a sense of satisfaction
  • She got off being the one everyone considered the most
  • sure, she lead MC to the RFA
  • sure she made a lot of trouble for MC and the rest of the members
  • But the one thing she did not want anyone to forget or even ever know really was
  • it also meant she could take her out of rfa with ease
  • And they wouldn’t ever know it was her or care if all went to her plan

– Yoosung –

  • From the last time MC invited Yoosung over, he remembered where she now lived
  • Why didn’t I visit her sooner?
  • Yoosung made his way to her building, knocking repeatedly and waiting for a response
  • Where is she? It’s almost midnight…
  • He almost gave up when she didnt answer either calls, text, or the door
  • Rika! Yoosung was surprised to see his cousin walk by
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing here so late?”
  • I came to see if MC is okay, shes been MIA for a while
  • “She’s fine! I talked to her not too long ago and she said that she was going to visit her family for a few weeks. I forgot to tell you guys about it too… sorry.”
  • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Though, it would have been better if she told us herself…
  • “I dont know the details, but something about one of her family members being recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.. Yeah, it was terrible. She said they started to cough blood and she went to go help them through the process. Poor MC.”
  • You’re genuinely concerned for MC, you’re so nice Rika.
  • “Ofc, shes a memeber of the rfa too!”
  • Sorry, its just i know you dont know her that much, but im glad you guys get along well. Do you know when she’ll be back?
  • “I think after the funeral. Though it may be longer since i dont know how shell be okay after all of that. Next time we talk, ill ask her, okay? How about we go visit V? Im sure hes awake and wouldnt mind if you came over for a sleep over”
  • Yoosung felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew MC was physically okay
  • He felt bad that she didnt tell anyone that she was leaving to tend to a sick family member
  • But he felt that he would forgive her since she seemed more of a private person
  • I should get her a gift basket when she comes back; poor MC will be greiving when she returns- I could add chocolates and that coffee she likes with an uber soft blanket. Yeah, i wil do that for sure when RIka tells me when she comes back
  • Yoosung wanted to be a shoulder for MC when she came back since she was there for him when Rika was gone
  • he wanted to prove to her and himself and RIka that he was more than just a college student who played a lot of video games; that he was also a capable man

– Zen –

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: MC! Please call me when you get this!

Rika: Zen, I forgot to tell everyone that MC went back to her home country to take care of a sick family member. I didnt want to say anything right away but she told me just recently that it may be a while before she returns because of how bad things are …

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: Oh no that’s terrible. Is her family member in that bad of condition for MC to leave without saying bye?

Rika: I am afraid so. From what I know, they are really ill that it is now deemed terminal.

Zen: Oh man, i really thought something happened to MC

Rika: What do you mean?

Zen: I dont know, I thought maybe she got bored of us and left us or something happened to her health wise. I hope she knows that we are all here for her when she comes back

Rika: Dont jinx anything! I’ll let her know though that you were worried whenever we talk again ^^

Jahee: Please do. Id feel much better though if I could talk to her soon. Do you think you can let her know to call me please?

Rika: I will pass the message along!

Zen: me too please, I really miss her :c

Rika: I will, you guys worry too much ^^ dont worry guys, everything will be perfectly fine ^^

Zen: alighty then, i gotta go and meet some directors to talk about my wonderful gorgeous face making its appearance on stage soon, bye~

Jahee: Oh my heart!

Rika: Good luck!

Zen has left the chatroom.

  • He didnt trust Rika
  • He didnt even trust Jahee at the moment
  • He knows he saw MC at the store that night
  • And it seems highly unlikely that she would just leave without explaining the situation
  • Especially if someone she cared about was really sick
  • Would she?

– Jahee –

  • From what Mr. Han had been accumulating she knew what was going on somewhat
  • Though if the rest of rfa should know she didnt feel like she had a place to tell them
  • She did abandon MC just like the rest did
  • She wont deny that what the rfa did to MC was abandon her at a time she would have needed them 
  • despite all MC probably gave up to help them 
  • But she didnt want anyone to be in the unknown
  • Although, she didn’t know if Rika was lying or telling the truth maybe rika did know mc was sick and didnt want to tell because MC said so
  • Jahee didnt want to risk anything by letting the cat out of the bag cringing
  • For now all she felt like she could do was gather as much as she could about people with pneumonia 
  • She would look into it since that was all Mr. Han told her
  • Maybe find some coffee as well for MC and maybe chocolates as she thinks about pleading for forgiveness 

– Jumin –

  • He had no right to act like he should care for MC anymore
  • The moment they all left her, everyone in the rfa lost all the rights to care for MC
  • The only thing he could do was offer her the best treatment possible when he found out what she had it made him very uncomfortable to not know what she was suffering from
  • aside from the stabbing pains of being betrayed that he couldn’t fix for her
  • but that was only if Seven could find a way into breaking MC out of there
  • But he knew the longer they waited the worse she would get
  • When he saw MC through the camera on Sevens screen, he knew he never wanted to know what it felt to lose someone again
  • After he though rika died, he felt like his world tipped over
  • But if he loses MC, he knows he wont ever have a reason to go on living with himself
  • He did find comfort knowing that MC never seemed to have had lost her personality and all that made her so easy to be around
  • By the looks of it, it was all thanks to Paco who never seemed to leave her side
  • Are you almost done?
  • “I want her out of there as soon as possible as well, okay?”
  • Jumin was taken back with how Seven snapped
  • “Dont let it get to you, he always gets like this”  the famous ‘Vanderwood’ who leaned on the side of the wall said
  • I dont want to know
  • He decided he didnt want to get into what Seven did on his own time also bc ‘Miss’ Vanderwood was slightly scaring him
  • “Just get the IP address so we can get there and go”
  • “I cant just do that! Well, I can but there seems to be more stuff this guy is feeding me atm and its all about MC”
  • “Look at it when you get her out of there! Poor girl must be seconds away from kicking the stupid bucket”
  • Excuse me?
  • “DOnt take it to heart, he gets angry when he has to wait before a job”
  • “Shut the fuck up, I still have my taser, you oaf”
  • What do you mean hes feeding you?
  • “I mean, this Unknown guy wants her found but for some odd reason he cant let her go… idk myself, but it looks like hes just doing his job
  • “What makes you say that?”
  • “RIght here it says: Job. No. Yes.- Unknown
  • Isnt that a good thing then? That means we can get MC out faster
  • JUmin didnt care for all the extra side stuff
  • He wanted to just get to the point and storm in there to save MC and take her to the doctors he had on standby
  • Just hurry up!
  • “I would want to bu- OH shit”
  • Jumins heart stopped for a millisecond thinking that MC died
  • When he didnt see anything abnormal on the screen that showed MC he was confused
  • But looking at what Seven saw
  • He understood
  • Is that Rika?

– 707 –

  • Watching RIka give MC injections of unknown substances made him physically want to scream
  • Why would she do that?
  • What was she even giving MC?
  • Where is Unknown?
  • “Damn, white loaf can really go on strong” he ignored Vanderwoods snide comment focusing on V holding MC down so Rika could give her another injection
  • “Let’s go now Seven, no more playing around!”
  • Okay okay, let me just get this on my laptop so we can watch as we go
  • “If we take my helicopter we could be there quicker”
  • Yeah lets do that
  • Seven was in a daze
  • As he looked into the breadcrumbs Unknown was giving him
  • He began to wonder why Unknown even took MC away if he was going to help them in the end
  • Unless he too was forced into do this all
  • But why would Rika do this? What could she gain from this?
  • “Please dont”
  • Seven turned to look at Jumin who looked at him when they heard MC’s voice
  • “Ready or not here it comes~” Rika sang
  • “You both may want to look away” Seven heard Vanderwood say before turning away
  • Not once had he ever looked away from the screen while on the job

  • You begged her to stop
  • Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same anymore
  • You began to remember names and faces but you couldn’t match them together
  • Please stop this, it hurts!
  • “Sweetie, you’re dying anyways, this is me being merciful and helping you go faster. Be thankful.”
  • What about that other stuff? What was that other stuff?
  • “It will all be over quickly if you just listen to her, please MC”
  • You turn to look at the stranger with the sunglasses: who’s MC?
  • Am I MC? Are they talking to me ?
  • You think you know them but you can’t match any faces or names at all
  • “I’d ask if you have any last words you want me to give to someone but at this point, you probably don’t know if you have any friends or family “
  • You shake your head trying to think
  • Somewhere someone has to know who you are
  • Why can’t I talk?
  • You panic; thrashing your body away from the woman and man
  • “Stop it!” You hear it before you feel a stinging sensation on your cheek
  • “Like I said,you’re already dying “ the woman says as she huffs for air
  • The look on her face scares you
  • It looks like she’s enjoying whatever is happening
  • “You should never talk to strangers “ you feel the weight of something hard crash on you holding your face down on the now cold floor
  • “Don’t ever go to places you don’t know”
  • The pressure intensifies making your head build more pressure like it will explode
  • “Rika, that’s too much” you hear the man from earlier
  • Help me please! you silently beg 
  • You wonder why he doesn’t help you
  • “Stay out of this V”
  • You feel something stab your shoulder
  • Then you don’t feel anything at all

– Vanderwood –

  • Seven was annoying
  • Richie rich was annoying
  • They all were pissing him off
  • The rush to get to where this girl was chaotic
  • He was used to the silence that Seven would accompany him with
  • But not like this
  • This silence was deafening and suffocating

– V –

  • He didnt want to harm MC
  • she was one of the good ones 
  • but he didnt want to make Rika any worse than she already was
  • He knew 707 or Jumin must have caught on by now 
  • with the help he got from Unknown, he knew they would make it but not soon enough
  • He made sure that whatever happened; it would all be on him 
  • Even if MC may never wake up again
  • even if Rika would spend a lot of time in the hospital 
  • even if Jumin and everyone in the RFA should come to hate him
  • even if he should become the villain; 
  • he would do whatever it takes to preserve Rika’s legacy and love and pride
  • He just needed for MC to hold onto life 
  • She was already sick 
  • and the medication he had replaced with the medication Rika wanted Unknown to give her seemed to have been working 
  • He made sure Unknown gave her the treatment she needed
  • But he didnt anticipate for Rika to inject her with a strong dose of whatever she had made for MC
  • By the looks of it 
  • it definitely was not the same that he had Unknown give her

– Unknown – 

  • Any minute now, it would all be over 
  • one way or another, MC would no longer suffer
  • He knew that by lying to Rika he was compromising his safety as well as Saeyoung’s
  • But he couldnt kill MC slowly
  • not with what RIka had made for her 
  • No. 
  • Instead, he made sure he gave her the medication she needed 
  • he made sure that Saeyoung would find the bread crumbs he left 
  • He expected Rika to pull something big for the finally so he made MC an antidote to what Rika had 
  • he didnt give it to her yet but he would have to leave it for Saeyoung to find if Paco didnt find a way of getting the vile out of his jacket before they got to MC
  • All he needed now was to find a way to make amends 
  • To MC and to everyone else 
  • but he would do that after he found a way to forgive himself and Saeyoung 
  • because if he didnt make him hate him; none of this would have happened 
  • and MC would have had treatment for this and have never been involved 
  • When would Saeyoung see how toxic both were to everyone else?
  • Especially to someone good and simplistic and perfectly normal like MC. 
  • Did Saeyoung even know?
  • Did his brother know how toxic both brothers were to everyone?
  • Like how toxic they were to one another.
My first time (Blacked)

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the naughty)

They always say you will remember your firsts. Your first kiss, your first date, your first boyfriend, your first time. What they never tell you is you’ll always remember the first time you were blacked. Nobody prepared me for this. Nobody warned me of the long lasting effects from it. In fact, I was always told that it was something that should never be done. Before I get into my first time. Let me give you some background about myself.

I was born in a small Southern town. Like in most southern states, there were plenty of black people around. Some nice people, some..not so much. When you’re young you don’t see thing in certain ways. As you get older though things become clearer.  I was a good girl growing up. My parents southern princess. A cute dirty blonde haired girl that loved dresses, boots, horses, camping and being outdoors. All my friends were white in school. Its not that I was racist, I didn’t know what racism really was. It just seemed that I had more in common with white kids. I was a Southern Baptist, showed up early for Sunday school. Everyone in our church was white, most of the people my age were fellow classmates at my school. We just all blended well. There were quite a few black kids in my school. I wasn’t mean or rude to them. Id talk, laugh, cut up and be friendly but we just weren’t friends. Why? I don’t know. Nothing was wrong with any of them. They were really nice kids. Not trouble makers or thugs. Fast forwarding as I grew up my looks and body developed more and I started getting more attention from guys both white and black guys. I never dated a black guy before. My parents would lose their lid. My parents are good people. They will do anything for you, regardless of color. Ive seen them help white people, hispanic people and yes even black people in times of needs. However there was just something that made them say no when it came to their white daughter. The “N word” was dropped a few times in my house by my parents. It never seemed to be directed towards any certain individual but maybe seeing something on TV would spark the reaction. I have to admit, I have said the word myself. So with all the attraction of course I dated a few boys throughout Jr High and into high school. All of this is really irrelevant because I know what you’re all reading for. So lets just jump ahead….

The night it happened I had been dating my boyfriend at the time (Tommy) for about 7 months. He was truly a nice guy but also still a hormone filled teenage boy. He was 17 and I was 16. I had had sex with 2 other boys previously. Tommy knew, maybe thats why he liked me…maybe not..I dont really know. He never made any hints or advancements about sex until about 6 months into dating. I liked Tommy. He was a really cute boy and came from a really great family but I had felt so heart broken after being with the past two boys that I was just scared to be with anyone again. Tommy started to get more persistent about getting together and I just had to keep telling him no. 

One Friday night after a football game we were invited over to a classmates house. Their parents were out of town for the weekend so they were going to throw a little party. Tommy & I showed up a little later then everyone else. After the game we stopped and had a late dinner and then made phone calls giving our parents excuses as to why we wouldn’t be home. I had changed from my jeans into a skirt & heels that I had hidden in Tommy’s car (I liked to dress mature for dates but my parents usually made me change before going out so we had to hide clothes for me to wear haha). While at the party Tommy brought up now would be a good time for us to hook up for the first time. We had a way to be alone and could slip away easily into one of the bedrooms. I still stood firm on my stance. I “loved” Tommy but I just didnt want to do that again. We got into a little argument and just decided to walk away from each other for a little bit. He went to hang out with some of his friends and I went with some of mine. After a little while Tommy approached me again and asked me to go upstairs with him. I asked him why and he said “because I want you…everyone else you’ve dated has had you…I want you too”….I was stunned when he said this. At the time he said this I didnt know if he meant it the way I was taking it. Did my boyfriend just call me a whore? Taken aback I tried to explain to him that I wanted to be with him and I didnt care about the other guys any more but I just wasnt ready yet. The time will come and when it does he will be the first one to know and that it will all be worth the wait. Then he said something that broke my heart. “You’ll spread your legs for everyone else but seem to have no problems keeping them closed for a guy who’s good to you.” As the tears started to roll down my cheeks, he just walked away from me and eventually left the party. I was totally crushed as I tried to casually find my way to somewhere private where I could crawl up in a ball and just die. 

I ended up in one of the bedrooms closets. It was a small walk in but private enough where I would be alone. I guess my sobbing was louder then I expected as I was heard from the hallway by another boy from school. Marcus was 18, a senior. Tall athletic type. He wasnt a typical jock. He was a really nice guy to everyone and was a really good student. He was the type of guy who you wanted to take home to your parents….if your parents were ok with you bringing home a black guy. Marcus found me sitting in the floor and sat down with me. He asked me what was wrong and after telling him I didnt want to talk about it he eventually broke me and I reluctantly started telling him the story. I knew who Marcus was but I probably havent said 5 words to him in school. Seniors just never seemed to talk much to underclassmen. After telling him everything, Marcus slid over closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer against him. He told me there’s nothing he could say or do to make me feel better but it never hurts to just have someone there while you cried. I leaned against his shoulder/chest for what seemed like forever crying and crying until i couldnt breath. Once my tears dried up a bit Marcus started joking with me and making me laugh. It was a nice feeling going from my world crashing to being able to laugh. As I leaned up to wipe the rest of the tears away I made the comment about looking like a raccoon from my make up. Marcus reached over wiping around my eyes cleaning them up the best he could with his thumb and looked me in the eyes and told me that I was beautiful. My heart fluttered. I just went from a boy I loved telling me I was a whore to a guy I barely knew telling me I was beautiful. The compliments he gave me were so flattering. I couldnt believe this handsome black athlete was spending his party time in a closet with a crying wreck of a white girl. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and told him thank you for everything tonight. I left the closet to go find Tommy and eventually discovered he had left. This night was just getting better. My bf calls me a whore and then leaves me at a party with no ride. I was ready to go home but nobody else was leaving and I didnt want to make anyone else take me. After walking around for a bit I decided I just wanted to be alone and I would just go back to that closet and crash until morning. I went back upstairs and opened the closet door. When I did Marcus was still sitting in the floor. I looked at him confused and he smiled and looked up at me. I asked him laughing why he was still sitting in the closet alone. He smiled and told me that it still smelled like me and he liked the way I smelled. I cant describe what it was I felt but I just knelt down beside him, leaned in with my hand on his face and kissed him on the lips. I couldnt believe it as it was happening but I was kissing my first black guy. I had never had any desires to do this before but this guy was treating me how I wanted my boyfriend to treat me. I felt Marcus hands move to my waist as he pulled me away. He looked up and asked me why I did that. I told him because I wanted to and I leaned back in and kissed him again. He again broke my kiss. He smiled at me and gave me more compliments but told me that if I wasnt ready to sleep with my boyfriend then why was I coming on to him. His hands never left my hips as I could feel his fingers reluctantly squeezing my body. I smiled at him and told him that sex with Tommy is suppose to be meaningful. I wanted it to be special and important. He gave me a laugh and asked, “so whats sex with me suppose to be?”…After a brief pause and gave him a smile and said “fun?”…. Looking back I it doesnt make sense why you would have meaningless sex with a guy you dont really know but wont with your boyfriend but when your emotions are a wreck. You make decisions you could regret later on. This wasnt one of them.

Marcus pulled me on top of him as I positioned myself and straddled his lap. His hands explored my body as I kissed him almost lovingly. Each time his fingers found a new spot he would squeeze my body and I would moan into his mouth. My skirt was hiked up and bunched around my hips so I could straddle him. My thong still tucked tightly up my ass. His hands moved up to take my shirt. Breaking our kiss just long enough for my top to go over my head before our lips were together again. I was almost a C cup at 16 so I had a nice chest on me. As our kiss grew longer I felt his hands run slowly up my back and with ease my bra was unclasped. I had to laugh to myself in my head. All the boys that have struggled taking my bra off and this guy just did it with ease. Like he knew his way around the female body. 

He pushed me away a bit as my perky young breasts were freed. He leaned in with his mouth and began sucking gently on my nipples. His hands were all over my body and his mouth was sucking and licking on my nipples. He made them so hard and erect. I was getting so turned on. I looked down and saw his dark lips on my white breasts and a fire was turned on inside of me. Before switching to my other nipple I took the break to reach down and help him out of his shirt…oh my God this man was an adonis. He wasnt like overly huge and muscular but he was just toned and fit. He smiled at me as I ran my fingers over his chest and arms. He was such a specimen. My fingers traced along his body as they rippled over his abs. He laughed as I smiled and asked me what was wrong? I shook my head and told him I had never been with a boy like him before. He laughed and asked “you mean fit?” and I nodded replying “yes….and black”. I reached down and started to undo his belt and he grabbed my hands to stop me. I looked at him confused as he smiled and said “you first”. I quickly got to my feet, pushing my bunched up skirt down my legs. I could see his eyes all over me and they locked right to the lace of my thong. My fingers hooked the waist as I slowly pulled them down before stepping out of them. Standing naked in front of Marcus he took me in as he brought me back down on the floor with him. Laying me on my back as he moved to my feet, looking down at me smiling. I couldnt believe what I was doing but my legs parted for him, exposing myself t him. Sure I had sex before, 2 guys maybe 5 times total…but I still had a great looking tight little pussy. Not to brag but I knew what was between my legs was something special when I heard Marcus let out a sigh of pleasure. He started to lean down between my thighs but my hand stopped him. Not yet I told him as I raised up and my hands found his belt. Pulling it loose as I looked up at him smiling. A smirk on his face as he said “You really never been with a black guy?”…..I smiled shaking my head and told him no as I unfastened his jeans, unzipping the fly and slipping my hand inside. 

As soon as my fingers felt it my head snapped up and looked at him. “OH FUCK” I said as he started to laugh. I pulled and pulled until this thick piece of meat was hanging out of the fly of his jeans. I stared in awe at the size of this thing. Dont get me wrong, he wasnt a porn start but semi hard he was already bigger then all my boyfriends..including Tommy. What absolutely amazed me was the thickness of this thing. I wrapped my fingers around it to give it a gentle tug and my fingers wouldnt even touch. He worked his jeans off as he stayed on his knees. I completely forgot about him wanting to go down on me as I adjusted myself onto my hands and knees and leaned down and wrapped my lips around him. I felt his cock start to grow as my tongue made contact with it. His hand found its way to the back of my head. Pulling my dirty blonde hair back from my face as he let out a moan. My lips started moved up and down his long thick black cock. Each time I went down he would let out a moan. I had never given a blowjob with my eyes open before, I know that might sound strange however I couldnt not look and watch. I loved seeing my pink lips slide down his black shaft. Every time I watched it disappear into my mouth I could feel him throb as well as feel my panties soaking wet and clinging to me. My head bobbed slow…and then fast. Working as much of his cock as I could. Id twist my mouth around and get a glimpse of his big, low hanging balls. Ive always heard the racist terms describing black men. Greasy, smelly whatever….but none of them ever described this. This was heaven…this was DELICIOUS! I bobbed my head faster, making sure my tongue found that thick vein on his underside. I worked his cock lovingly. I could feel him throbbing inside my mouth. Each slurp made his swinging balls tighter and tighter. When his balls stopped swinging and hanging and that sack was nice and tight…I knew he was ready. My mouth slide up around the head as i sucked just the head nice and slow. I felt his fingers tightly grip on my head and heard him say I was about to make him cum. Without warning I felt that hot black shoot from his cock and onto the top of my mouth. Then another and another. His cock throbbed each time he shot a load into my mouth. My mouth quickly filled and I started swallowing his thick load. He was just like I imagined. His cum was delicious. He tasted amazing. Was his because he was black? Was it his diet? Who cares!?!  I wanted to feed from his love pipe for the rest of my life!

I finished him off, or so I thought in my mouth and raised up onto my knees with him. Smiling as I wiped his mouth getting his approval. I told him that was the most delicious blowjob Ive ever given. I told him I hated swallowing because it just taste so salty but he tasted so good. Thats when I realized I had ruined this whole thing. I made him cum and cum hard and a lot. I apologized telling him I was sorry. He was confused asking me what i was apologizing for. I said “I know you wanted to have sex with me but I made you cum”….he laughed and said “so?” I never had anyone cum before and could still keep going but before I could explain that I thought we were finished I looked down and his saliva shined black cock was still rock hard, sticking out towards me with a long string of cum dangling from the head. Seeing him ready for me again I felt like the odds were against me. You dont have a condom do you? I never bought condoms before. I always left it up for the guy but I dont think he was planning on having sex tonight. He shook his head and told me no, asking if he really needed one. I looked down at his cock. I had never been taken bareback before. Mainly because I wasnt on birth control but I wanted this. I shook my head no and began to turn around on my hands and knees. Positioning myself for him as I looked back over my shoulder and told him to not cum inside of me. He positioned himself behind me, smiling as he slapping his cock against my wet pussy lips. I waited for him to agree but he never did. Instead he slid his cock nice and slow into me. Parting my tight pussy lips his thick black cock suck into me like perfection. Its like his cock was perfectly sculpted to fit inside of my white pussy.

I felt his hand slide around my hips. His fingers hooked my hip bones as he began to pull me back to him while thrusting forward. My head sank into my hands as I leaned on my elbows. It was long before my moans were loudly filling the closet. Marcus wasnt like any other boy I had been with before. Not just physically either. Marcus knew what he was doing and my body responded. With each thrust, each squeeze. Everything he did my body reacted to. If there was a pace that needed to be set, he set it. If there was a spot that needed to be hit, he hit it. Before I knew it a screaming groan filled the closet as I exploded all over him. My God this guy made me cum in the matter of minutes. Im so use to the poor stroke game of white boys that I have to play with my clit and hope I get off before they do. Here I am cumming like never before on this black guys cock and he just tightens his grip and fucks me through it. One of his hands found its way to my long dirty blonde hair. Wrapping it around his fist as he pulled my head back and fucked me harder. “How do you like it?” he asked me. I told him I loved it…He smacked my ass hard and said “no, how do you like to be fucked?”…..I never had anyone ask me that before. Sex was always so vanilla and boring. Suck his dick till its hard, lay back, spread legs and lay there till he cums. His hand again came across my ass. He wanted an answer. The only thing I could think of was Tommy calling me a whore. I blurted back out to him, “fuck me like a whore” ….his hand again smacked my ass “fuck you like Tommys whore?” he asked…my pussy was throbbing I was going to cum again on his cock. “Im your whore…fuck me like Im your whore”

He pushed my head down into a pile of clothes in the floor. Forcing my back into the “perfect arch”…He held my head down and pounded my tight little pussy from behind until my legs started shaking and I exploded again cumming all over his cock. Squealing with pleasure, never having a 2nd orgasm before in my life. His cock just keep pumping my pussy. With each thrust I could feel my juices running down my thighs. i adjusted my head the best I could to look back under me and between my legs. My thighs were slick and shiny. Every time his cock thrust in you could see a stream of pussy juice run down my legs. My pussy had room for only one thing…Marcus. I watched in awe and ecstasy as his cock thrust in and out of my pussy. His balls slapping up onto my clit. He was easily twice the size of the two boys I had been with and I was able to take every inch of him. 

It wasnt long before I was cumming for a third time. I had never cum 3 times in a night…I dont think I had cum 3 times in 3 days before. He was fucking me like a whore and I was loving it. Ive never cum so hard. Im pretty sure I had to bring eyes back as they were starting to roll in the back of my head. When I looked down again I could see his balls tightening again. I could still taste him in my mouth. He heard me tell him to pull out right? He’s going to get close and pull out and cum in my mouth again and I can swallow it once more. I felt his fingers digging deeper into me. His strokes long, deep and powerful but slowing down. I look at his balls again and they’re not moving. His sack is hugging them tight and I look back over my shoulder and see him looking at me, he’s there….and he’s not leaving. I cant stop him…I wont stop him…I dont want him to stop. I look him in the eyes…he’s ready and I tell him “cum inside me!” The room is filled with his groan, quickly followed by my moans as I feel his big black cock exploding inside of me. I can feel spurt after spurt inside me. He buries himself as deep as he can, using me to drain his balls. There wont be a 3rd round. He’s emptying his sack inside me. Im taking every drop. He pulls back and gives a few more thrusts releasing the last few drops. Finishing himself off inside of me. 

I crash to the floor on my stomach. He falls on top of me. His cock buried in my pussy as we both pant heavily gasping for breaths. Im in heaven. For meaningless sex nothing has ever felt better physically or emotionally then this. I feel his cock slowly retracting from me until he slides out. I feel him gush out of me. I filled…Im filled full! Marcus pulls my hair to the side, kissing me behind the ear and says “you’ll take care of that right?” Take care of it I think to myself, Im 16…you just shot the biggest load in the history of mankind into my pussy. Im not on birth control. Im going to get pregnant…with a BLACK baby. My parents will disown me. My church isnt going to let me back in the doors…Im ruined!….but my body nor mouth can connect the thoughts in my head. I simply nod and moan out “yes” to him. He uses my thigh to clean his cock, stands up dressing himself leaning down kissing me on the back of the head one final time and leaves me laying in the middle of the closet floor. I wasnt committed to black men just yet. This was my first. Are they all like this? If so then Tommy was right. I am a whore. Im a whore for black men.

I fell asleep in the floor. I woke up a mess. Pulling my thighs apart looked like a grilled cheese made with swiss chees…how’s that for an image? I found a towel in the nearby bathroom and wiped myself as clean as possible. I still had 2 problem. I needed a ride home….and I needed to take care of what Marcus just did. I texted Tommy and apologized for our fight. I told him i was wrong and he was right. Maybe I was a whore but if I was going to sleep with my other boyfriends then I should sleep with him too. I knew this is what he wanted to hear. I told him I was still at the party and didnt have a way home. If he would come get me, he could have me. I asked how much money he had on him and he asked if I wanted him to stop and get condoms first. I told him no, I wanted him to enjoy me like he should have. I was going to take him bare and let him cum inside of me….only if he promised to get the morning after pill for me. Without hesitation, Tommy agreed. Tommy picked me up about 45mins later. We went back to his parents house (who were gone). I told him how horny I was as he wasted no time getting me into his bedroom. His dick was so hard I didnt need to give him a blowjob to get him ready. Once my clothes were off he was 5 inches into me pounding away. This wasnt exciting me at all. This was awful. If it wasnt for Marcus still inside of me, my pussy would be as dry as sand right not for Tommy…But he loved it. Less then 10mins Tommy was done. Laying on his back gasping mumbling about how great it was. It was hard to pretend to have enjoyed it but I put on a good act until I got him dressed again and out the door. Tommy took me to the pharmacy and paid for my morning after pill. He watched me take it saying “I dont want to get you pregnant”…I couldnt help but to reply “I dont want you to get me pregnant either”….he didnt get it obviously. 

I learned so much in that 24 hours. I discovered Tommy was a complete tool, black men are amazing in bed…or closet floors. I also learned that you can easily sucker a white boy into doing anything for you with the promise of pussy.

I broke up with Tommy 3 days later. Im 18 now and Ive yet to have sex with a white boy since that day. Believe me, you all will soon learn all about my adventures!

father + husband!park woojin

summary: what would having park woojin as a father and husband be like? 


  • i think woojin would b a great dad honestly and a husband
  • his proposal would be super cheesy. he’d have some cameras around but its pretty private
  • its the cutest thing ever
  • he’d be an aMAzing husband
  • treats u right
  • there are some arguments in between about like jealous n stuff
  • since i think woojins a pretty jealous cutie pie
  • but there wont be quite a lot
  • he knows how to treat u and his kids right!!
  • tbh the genes would probs be mainly from him sorrybut
  • like maybe one of his kids having his snaggletooth?? CUTE
  • one of them having his rapping skills yes
  • and duh,
  • you’d have a talented family
  • kinda runs around the house
  • probably would have a pet
  • his kids love their hyungs/uncles/oppas ??? lol
  • would get jealous over them lol
  • he’d take his wife imma just put ‘you’ lol and kids to some behind the scenes
  • sometimes you dont tag along to photoshoots n stuff“where’s y/n?” daniel asks
    “she didnt want to come. she didnt want to know the spoilers” woojin says
    “i see- OOF! hi little one,” daniel feels a kid smash on his broad back
  • sometimes you dont want to bc spOILERRRRS
  • everyone in wanna one is a great uncle lmfao?
  • ong makes ur kids laugh so much they could probably die
  • “whos ur favourite uncle?” wanna one members gather around
  • “uncle ong!” ur kids say in union
  • woojin laughs
  • he’d be very caring, keeping an eye on his kids or he’d ask a staff member
  • “thats right” cocky ong says “ah u all are so cute! come give ur uncle ong  a hug!”
  • but tbh all the kids would probably like all their uncles but ong is lowkey #1 in their hearts lol
  • SO
  • what happens around the house?
  • obviously the wanna one members come around. lowkey just for the kids tho
  • the kids are fuckin terrified of jaehwans laugh like one time jaehwan was chasing them and laughing lol
  • and ur daughter was like “dad!!! tHERES A PSYCHO IN THE HOUSE!! MUMJSDHRHCH”
  • they love daehwis hair so much
  • “kekkeke,” your daughter laughs as she plays with daehwis hair
  • obvs they love ong bc hes so funny
  • ong tells ur kids jokes and then they pass it on to u and woojin
  • and ur like
  • they live for minhyuns looks like they always touch his face lmfao
  • when u and woojin are on a date or something u leave them with their fave uncles and they adore jisung so much bc hes like their next mum 
  • jisung: shall we go out for dinner??
  • ur kids: H*CK YEAH
  • ur kids love jihoon. so fucking much. they make jihoon do nae maeum soge jeojang 25/8
  • ur daughter is probably the one who has a crush on jihoon
  • “jihoon oppa! do u have abs???”
  • insert daniel giggling in the background
  • jihoon gets shy and says yes until ur daughter lifts up his shirt
  • your son(s) aim to be as sweggy as guanlin, so they look up to him very much
  • “u-uncle guanlin!! am i $weggy yet???”
  • jinyoung often gives ur children piggybacks
  • “uncle jinyoung!!! piggyback??”
  • jinyoungs on the floor as he just gave them one each, breathing heavily, “ah…”
  • now, to daniel
  • they like to go to daniels place bc yknow, cats
  • “uncle daniel!!! dye ur hair blue!!”
  • “okay cutie.” daniel pinches their cheeks
  • whenever u and woojin have to let ur children stay at their place
  • and they like to snuggle on sungwoon and make him sing them to sleep
  • woojin takes care of u a lot ok
  • if ur sick he makes sure that youre eyed on 24/7
  • the sweetest husband ever :’)
  • like woojin might not be experienced but he definitely learned some advice from jisung mum
  • if it was sickness he had no idea about jisung and google are his first priorities lol
  • the kids tend to hug u and always say: “get better mum! fighting!”
  • the kids love playing wanna one on tv
  • probably would do their greeting
  • “daddy!! teach me ur greeting!”
  • “you do this: all i wanna do, wanna one!”
  • they do it along with him and its sUPER CUTE
  • you find woojin having the cutest moments with ur children, like when they make cookies and theyre like messing up the entire thing and woojins like “ah! dont do that love!”
  • and he does the same with you, hes so thankful for u as his wife 
  • like playing uno and when u lose ur children go boo but then one of ur kids are like “dont say that to mummy! it hurts her feelings!”
  • you laugh bc of how cute
  • woojin just smiles widely bc Hes dying loWkey
  • Ok this is gonna get a bit angsty:
  • obviously being married will have some arguments
  • but i guess the arguments would probably involve the children like their grades, hanging with other people and not acknowledging the other person whos feeling neglected, jealousy
  • maybe his kids would feel mad at him too
  • and you as well 
  • like coming home extremely late, which is likely woojin since you only do day shifts
  • “daddy.. you weren’t at dinner,” his son says
  • “im sorry..” he knows that you’re upset bc you cant be seen
  • “where’s your mum?”
  • “shes upstairs”
  • woojins a little bit upset
  • “are you mad at me?” he asks his son
  • “a little bit.. but we’ll sort it out”
  • if its a big reason to fight your children would find out immediately bc of the shouting and they all begin to cry
  • and you and woojin turn to them
  • “g-go back upstairs, munchkins,” you say
  • “n-no.. why are you and dad fighting?” your daughter bursts into tears, “we dont like you fighting like this..”
  • “i-its just.. a couple thing.. dont worry, okay?” woojin says, “we’re just… overwhelmed..”
  • your daughter runs away to go upstairs crying and you and woojin feel guilty, you couldnt help but shed some tears
  • “please sort it out..” your son sighs before going upstairs too
  • ok, so when its you that makes woojin upset:
  • sometimes you’re a little bit stressed and woojin wants to calm you down but you kinda snap at him
  • “y/n, calm down-”
  • “how can i calm down, woojin?! this is so important to me and if i don’t do it right-”
  • you stare at him, your gaze softening
  • “im s..sorry i uh..”
  • “i get it. you need time alone.” he walks to the door and slams the door behind you
  • just know that woojin will always be there
  • he loves u and his children very much
  • will actually do anything his children says
  • he loves them so much
  • sometimes when ur children have bad nightmares u all snuggle in one bed
  • so cute
  • supposed to be non idol smh me smh me smh me kill me
  • ALSO just saying just bc i find gifs on google does not mean that i steal these gifs! i dont credit gif owners but just know the credits go to them :)
7.07 Thoughts

First off - the leaked scripts were real. It was actually pretty annoying. I felt like I was watching the episode twice. I hope Season 8 doesnt have a lad leaker. I really do. I enjoy watching the episodes raw. And lets be completely, dead honest here - I would not have known about the leaks or seen them accidentally if I wasnt as active on Tumblr. At least on Reddit I can choose to avoid certain subreddits. On tumblr, if someone posts a spoiler there is absolutely no way of blocking it preemptively. I dont want to have to leave Tumblr next season…

My sister (the family that is visiting right now, that I posted about not too long ago that we do not get along), doesnt watch GoT because she doesnt have HBO. She keeps up via snapchat and posts on Facebook. She thought that Longclaw blinking was super important, if that helps you understand how she keeps up with GoT. In gifs and screaming southerners on facebook. Anywho, when Jon said he pledged himself for D@ny, my sister leaned over and whispered “that made her super horny.” Yes. I didn’t see “horniness” in Danish Pastries eyes, but that was literally what was written in the leaked script - so obviously it translated to a very VERY casual viewer. So I asked her it she thought Jon was in love with D@ny and she acted like I was crazy for even asking. Obviously he likes her. Like a boy is mean to his crush on the playground, she said. That didn’t make me feel much better.

Honestly, I dont think Emilia is a bad actress. I think she plays stern, cold boss bitch very well. Or screaming entitled delusional girl. (which I honestly mean because Emilia is such the opposite in real life) And when directors told her to play heart eyes, she did heart eyes. I dont think shes a bad actress. I just find D@ny as a character boring now. Up until saving the Wight Hunters, she hadnt done anything redeemable or “good” since maybe Season 2-3. Anywho- off track.

All this talk about honor and keeping his word and being Ned Starks “son” really struck me. He promised to fight for the north no matter the odds. So him pledging to D@ny is his own way of protecting the north. Protecting his family. But how can he talk about honor and keeping his word if he’s secretly undercover? I really think he’s being sacrificial. Thats something Jon would do. Give up his dreams and personal gain to save everyone.

When Cersei, the coldest, baddest, most heartless bitch in all of Westeros, talks about how seeing just ONE wight made her fear for the ones she loves - imagine how JON FEELS seeing thousands of them. He is AFRAID for his family. He will so whatever it takes to protect Sansa, Arya, Bran and the North who chose him as their leader.

I dont know if Jon realized immediately, that once Viserion died the NK had him. If Jon did, then that absolutely would have put him on express mode.

Now - one big thing when Jon was with Ygritte and the Wildlings, is that they ALWAYS said “burn my body so I dont end up like them.” I can just imagine Jon remembering those words every time he thinks of Sansa, Arya and Bran or the coming walkers. That he doesnt want his loved ones to turn into wights - because it was even what the wildlings feared most. Its a fate worse than death. He burned Ygritte. He’s burned so many people so they dont turn into wights. He is trying to save his family from that morbid fate.

Then we have Theon and Jon talking. So - I think Jon’s “it might look that way on the outside” is a hint at his undercover/sacrificial ways. But, whats also really interesting to me, is that Theon brings up RAMSAY. And Jon narrows his eyes like “yea, tell me more about that monster who hurt my Sansa.” As if he wants to hear about Ramsay and what Theon went through - as if to understand Sansa more. To get more insight on what happened to her. Theon bringing up Ramsay would make Jon think about Sansa here.

And they’re talking about THEON saving his SISTER. And Jons response is “why are you talking instead of doing? What are you waiting for?” YES. YES. YES.

Jon is so sure that the right thing to do is to put yourself in danger to save your family - your sister. He doesn’t think about it. His answer is instinctual. Because thats what hes doing now. JUST DO - dont think. His answer is everything to me. SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Sansa didnt seem that upset when Petyr suggested Jon wants to marry D@ny. Which to me says Sansa has NOT considered a romantic relationship with Jon - YET. And what usually happens in romantic plots, is that theres an awakening moment that brings one of the interests to realize what they want. Maybe this is Sansas wake up call. That the idea of Jon marrying another leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. But we dont see full on jealously in this episode, really. At least I didnt.

Okay - now to boatsex. We have a brief moment of Jon standing in front of her door before knocking. He goes TO HER. Which bothers me. I just cant imagine canon!Jon initiating sex with anyone. Hes too noble and honorable. Sex outside of marriage? Possible bastard babies? Reading signs wrong? But this could be a moment where hes deciding - welp, I have to do this to earn her undying loyalty for good.

Im not completely sold on ignoring my “he’ll fuck the first girl who isnt his sister” or “he has to prove something” headcanons either. I mean, I believe he is giving into D@nys affections because he has nothing else to lose. Sansa is his sister. D@ny is beautiful. And Jon might see something good in her, especially after she has postponed her quest for the throne to save mankind - but deep down their characters are so different that HOW could he really be in love with her?

And the fact that their sex scene is over cut with exposition and dialogue means that this scene is more than just a romance. Its a plot point. It has to be spelled out. Its still mysterious. D@ny is in love, but Jon? Jon searches into her eyes as if he has to convince himself to stay hard.

I think Jonsa is endgame - but the real question here is, does he love Sansa or D@ny? Will he love both? Or does he love neither?

I have more posts about the other characters this episode, the writing, and the problems soon. This is just my quick post episode Jonsa reaction. My phone is at 4% so I will have to come back later. (OMG PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME) Lets just say that I think JonxD@ny is fanservice, and that we shouldnt trust D&DBs writing completely or write any possible outcome and plot turn off. And love each other, we have fanfiction and remember they are fiction. (but Jonsa is endgame ;) )

OH- And “the dragon and the wolf”? The writers obviously thought they were being clever to get a double meaning out of a title, about Rheagar and Lyanna and Jon and D@ny. Doesnt mean theyre a couple - theyre just the most important plot reveal this episode. :p

anonymous asked:

I saw you reblogged a supergirl post, are you fan? cause if you are, what is your opinion on the comicon situation?

wow, sorry i never expected a question like this. yes i am part of the supergirl fandom. and trust me it is one of the most toxic, vile, disgusting fandoms i have been part of. and yes i have an opinion of the comicon situation. It might be an unpopular opinion but it is my opinion and that is what you asked for. 

But compared to the posts i have seen floating around on tumblr, i think my opinion is pretty level-headed.

im gonna put it under the cut cause i think i might rant. 

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lets take a moment and think about nathaniel wesninski’s probable possible reappearance bc apparently i love pain and suffering

  • neil josten has been through a lot of shit
  • that basically goes without saying, but bc of it hes a stronger person
  • but it also means that theres more that can be held or used against him, and that can still very much get to him
  • there has to be times when neil was pushed past his breaking point bc there are a lot of people that want to see him crack
  • nathaniel was buried in baltimore with his father, yes, but he never died like nathan did
  • nathaniel was just buried under the layers of neil josten that were built up as he continued to live his life at palmetto and after
  • at some point though, neil is bound to lose control over neil josten. hes bound to submit himself to the person he was before palmetto, and even more so before he was on the run
  • when neil loses control over himself, he yields control to the part of him that is still nathaniel wesninski

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EXO-M : Earthquake

Xiumin: r u fucking kidding me
Chen: lol im gonna text suho hyung that luhan hyung is injured lol
Luhan: ME??? WHY
Chen: im sorry hyung ill say tao instead better?
Tao: bitch why me 
Chen: cuz suho hyung will have a funnier reaction 
You: the earthquake was like 6.1
Tao: OMG
You: IKR I—
Tao: MY BEAUTIFUL FACE COULDVE GOTTEN HARMED OR SOMETHING but dont worry the handsomeness is unharmed wanna touch it
You: um 
Kris: im unharmed too wanna stroke my face
You: how bout no
Kris: u missin out babe
You: no cuz-
Tao: yeah she aint touchin no galaxy body
Kris: excuse u everyone wants to touch some of this body even you do
You: um
Chen: thats not what you said when you were with sehun
Kris: um what
Chen: lol
Kris: i cannot
Tao: ge pls
Tao: wait whAT 
Tao: GE—
Chen: ew take your taoris somewhere else specifically in a room not this one
You: wait what does this have to do with the earthquake
Kris: excuse u but while there was the earth doing the chimichanga my bby touchin other mens dicks like this is a must hear
You: but did you check up on the k members too like are they fine
You: r u serious
Luhan: ikr we aint about that sharing life amirite minseok
Xiumin: lol
You: this isnt what i meant—
Xiumin: i mean people outside of exo have-
Xiumin: like sometimes changmin would and even n when ken aint being loyAL AND WHERE R U GOING LUHAN WHY ARE YOU TAKING OUT THE SHOTGUN
Luhan: brb totally not gonna go to sm and jellyfish
You: um 
Chen: lol
You: i meant earthquake wise i mean is everyone ok
Chen: im goin back to sleep go check on lay hyung
You: wow ur not gonna be concerned too
Chen: my bed wants me just like everyone wants the jongdae ass 
You: ok well at least if i talk to yixing he’ll be sane and angelic about it—
Lay: aye lmao the unicorns gave me a ride
You: fuck this im outtie

Im sorry ill make a more you x members one

You: but
Kris: she rejectin u i mean obviously she wants me i mean who doesnt
Tao: excuse u what makes u think she wants u when she can have me
Kris: at least i didnt cry and lost my image in a haunted house
Tao: at least my image didnt lose in the first episode
Kris: bitch u wanna go
Tao: ill fucking take off my rings for this what u want
Kris: basketball
Tao: uh
Chen: lol why fight about it? r u injured at all [name] shall i take care of ur wounds
Lay: but i can heal them therefore go to me rite
Lay: r u telling me u dont see my unicorn right now
Chen: no i
Lay: it was hiding but now its out and ready
Lay: um yes u do i mean do u see him ima name him yixing jr hes cute rite he may sound small but once you see him youll be surprised how big he is
Lay: no wait im talkin bout my-
You: um
Xiumin: dont listen to them [name] are you hurt anywhere are you ok
You: um im ok thank-
Luhan: wait what would you do if she was injured
Xiumin: i’d treat her wounds??
Luhan: would u nurse her and everything?
Xiumin: yes i mean maybe but why
Luhan: here hold this
You: what do u want me to do with this glass shard aND LUHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING
Xiumin: ITS A TINY-
Luhan: dont worry bby its ok i love u wanna kiss
Xiumin: ..
Luhan: xiu where u goin XIU WAIT BBY COME BACK
You: fuck this im goin back to sleep