yes hat


*80s synth music playing in the background*

The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

Edit: You can now get this as a print here!

okay so i’ve been thinking a lot about Portal!Villainous.

Black Hat’s hat turrets would probably look like this:

(i’m no engineer, so i really wouldn’t know if this thing works lol)

and 505 is Core #505. he’s a friend

i also realized a few… implications.

BH becomes a potato at some point.

and Core!Flug is placed in the chassis.

and… y’know.

nerdy-ghoul22  asked:

Could you draw BH and Dr. Flug about to kiss but BH goes all horrific and scares the absolute shit out of Flug? I don't know why I want it but I do!

It isn’t a french kiss until you rip your face open revealing your horrific amount of teeth set in incomprehensibly undulating flesh


Él es un bailarín tonto!

Jr 145 and Jr 240

just a quick art of em as grown ups cause they stand out from the rest 


the grumpy kid that mostly agrees with Donald and always tells the harsh truth

  • some of his quotes from the comic:

Donald: it’s like I’m talking to fregin wall

jr145: fregin wall

bunny kids: nooo no no no papa no

jr145: ok yes

bunny kid: you sound like an older version of me

jr145: no he doesn’t


the one that got Felix’s hat, she’s brave and friendly

Oswald: is that that guy’s hat?

jr240: yes! he gave it to me

(when bunny kids grow up they change color, develop charp fangs and some of em develop longer tails)

(the boys get their dad’s blue eyes and the girls get their moms’s dark brown eyes)