yes halsey is in it 3 times

mawkish-waspish  asked:

You have a great blog, I figure u have great taste in music too. Can I ask for a recommendation?

aw yes hmm today i really like these songs and singers <3 i hope you like it

  1. empty gold - halsey
  2. new americana - halsey
  3. the hills - the weeknd. 
  4. prisioner - the weeknd ft lana del rey. 
  5. prom song - lana del rey. 
  6. riptide - vance joy. 
  7. oceans - seafret . 
  8. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko. 
  9. first time he kissed a boy- kadie elder. 
  10. settle down - the 1975. 
  11. mrs potato head - melanie martinez

Ok so I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

My problem with the tweet: “He’s my boy. Always will be” is that:

1. Ryan doesn’t speak like that (at least as far as we know).

2. At the time of the tweet Ryan was barely tweeting (if at all) most of the time it was Sh*ne. Yes, it was Sh*ne even when he said “Ryan’s going to answer some questions now”. Sh*ne himself said it last year that Ryan hasn’t tweeted in YEARS. And I believe it. Z has said how anti internet he is (to the point that sometimes I think Dottie 🐶 is the one who posts on his instagram account lol

3. Sh*ne uses the expression “my boy” a lot. He referred to Ryan like that many many times. It was ewww.

(P.S. The tweet to Halsey? That was Sh*ne).

Look, I’m not saying it wasn’t him, I’m just saying there’s a big chance it wasn’t.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel that way. But it’s still sad af and I can’t shake off the feeling that we were “played” big time. Sh*ne tried to push a Brendon and Ryan comeback for a while (the whole “campaign” was so cringeworthy…)

I’m so glad they aren’t affiliated anymore.