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between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Paring: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

Fantasy Collab

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Stereotypical (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Part two! It’s gonna be a sloooooow burn. (sorry, not sorry) Mention of Naomi Campbell; just saying: I don’t mean anything by it. I love her. Ok? Ok. 

“You enjoying yourself?”

James leaned over your shoulder just as you told another model to take his shirt off (one of the perks of your job)

You snickered, “Always. I love my job”

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Apples and Heroes

Originally posted by kissthejotun

Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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Bend Over My Lap A.I

Originally posted by loserxhemmo96

warning: smut

word count: 1600+

summary: dominant!ashton - y/n cheats on ashton because she’s unsatisfied but he proves her wrong

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon!! this is written by Hannah whoop whoop. Keep your eyes pealed for me and Hannah’s secret project, details will be coming in the near future so keep your snacks on the ready!

requests are not open! you can request as many times as you want :))

find Hannah here: @lukeasfuck

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“What do you mean?” Ashton asked me and I saw his face start to quiver. 

“I slept with another man.” I looked down, trying to avoid his burning gaze. 

“You slept with another man?” He repeated in disbelief and I nodded my head. I looked up and could see the hurt in his eyes before he broke eye contact and looked at the ground. His expression was grim before he turned around and stalked to the kitchen sink, dropping his fork into the sink of soapy water.

I could see his arms clench as he gripped onto the counter and he slumped his head down, making my heart drop. How could I do this to the man I love? Yes, I had been unhappy and unsatisfied, but that gave me no reason to do what I did. I had no excuses.

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One of his moods (S.M. smut)

A/N: Shawn, waking you up in the middle of the night by eating you out. This wasn’t requested or anything but I do take requests as well as submissions so…. if you’re interested. Also, I am extremely tired at the moment so if this is crappy and short I’m sorry :) 

  “mmm fuck” I moan. I feel hands on my thighs and a warm wet tongue on my core.

   Consciousness washes over me but I’m still too tired to open my eyes. I reach my hand down to where the pleasure was coming from and I feel a familiar head of hair between my legs. I can tell by the chirping of the birds and the lack of light shining on my lids that it can’t be past 6 am but Shawn is one for spontaneity so this isn’t a huge shocker. 

   His hand finds my own that rests at my side and locks our fingers together, he gives a little squeeze as his tongue slowly drags itself up my folds. When the tip of his tongue meets my clit, he holds it there and applies pressure before beginning to flick it lightly. I open my eyes as another moan slips past my lips. His tongue leaves my bundle of nerves and I can hear him swallow some saliva. “am I mouth watering?” I tease, my voice drowning in rasp from slumber. He chuckles and I see his shadow sit up and soon after, he’s crawling up my body. “You are, actually” I can almost hear the smirk I know he’s wearing. 

   "Taste" he whispers and his lips meet mine. The soft pink muscle that was just working wonders on my center is now doing the same in my mouth. His, lips are so slick which makes our kiss very noisy but I’m not complaining and neither his he. He nudges my head to the side and gives himself access to my neck which he begins to nibble and lick on. With my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms wrapped around his broad back, I pull him closer and now I can feel that he’s still fully clothed. He must be in one of his “this is all about you” moods. I’m definitely not arguing with that. His hand leaves the side of my face and slides down to my core. 

He rubs me until his fingers are coated and begins to massage circles on my clit. My head falls back and it feels as though every bit of air has been vacuumed out of my body. He finds my lips again but this time he uses no tongue. He gives me a nice, deep kiss. Then another. Then a third. My toes curl as I feel my stomach tightening from how close I am. My slow breathing has now turned into full on pants and my head is absolutely spinning. He hisses against my lips before gently tugging my bottom one with his teeth and letting it snap back. “ahh Shawn please don’t stop” I whimper. 

 "I won’t” he groans.

 I can tell that having me come undone underneath him is satisfying by the way he’s moaning without me physically pleasing him. My back arches as my legs start to subtly quiver. “fuck…yes baby mmm” 

 “that feels good?” He asks, face directly above mine, looking for any sign of me not enjoying this. 

  That’s one thing that annoys me about my little Shawnie. He’s never sure of himself even when I’m literally telling him how good he’s making me feel. “I’m gonna-yes oh shawn…shawn” My moans are getting louder and louder but I can’t help it. “fuck Y/N you sound so damn sexy” I hear him say but too wrapped up in this burning sensation inside me to tell him how cheesy he sounded. My nails run down his back with enough caution to not actually injure him. Just wanna leave a couple red lines. 

  His fingers move quicker now that he knows I’m almost there. He dips his hand down to collect more of my juices before continuing to rub me. Over and over and over. “oh I’m there-fuck Shawn! Ohhhh” he finally pushes me over the edge and he keeps drawing circles on my clit to ride out my orgasm. His name is the only word leaving my mouth. I come down from my high, Shawn’s hand no longer moving but still resting on my center.

    He leans down to kiss me and I feel a smile stretch across his mouth before we part. “Was that ok?” He chuckled. “Babe…” “I know. You hate when I ask but I just…I like to be sure that I’m giving you what you need” he says nervously. “You are giving me what I need, Shawnie. That was amazing…random but amazing” I laugh and he laughs too. He rolls off of me and pulls the blanket over us. 

 “What was that for anyway?” I ask as I yawn, still drunk off of sleepiness. 

 “I just couldn’t sleep. Don’t worry about it you can return the favor later on” once again, I can hear him smirking by the tone of his voice. I shake my head and cuddle into him. He loves being the little spoon. 

 I feel myself drifting off….I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.

Whatever else you might want to say about STAR WARS fandom, I have SO MUCH AFFECTION for it, there are so many people writing really good stories and drawing really beautiful art and coming up with really great scenarios and especially in PT fandom there’s a group of people that I never have to apologize for being a fan of the prequels. I don’t have to feel like I’m expected to preface everything with qualifiers, instead I can just whole-heartedly embrace what I love and that it’s good for me, that I honestly enjoy it genuinely, that this part of fandom absolutely embraces the good and loves these characters and this world/galaxy with me.

Every time I sink into a really good fic, when I come out of it, I remember, yes, I am so glad to be here, I’m so glad there are others who are filled with just as much genuine love for these characters as I am. So here’s another list of fics that give me that happy, fizzy feeling of being in a fandom I love. (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

Soldier, Poet, King by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & mace & dooku & palpatine & cast, sith!obi-wan, 91.9k wip
   Second chances are very rarely given, but the Force smiles upon two of its favorite children and returns them to a time before their actions have met their consequences. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, seeks redemption while Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, disillusioned with the Jedi Order and its Code, falls to the Darkness.
Capture and Release by Rocket_Sith, obi-wan/anakin, some bondage, 13.9k wip
   Anakin’s past comes back to haunt him unexpectedly during a mission. What starts as Obi-Wan’s attempt to help him face his fears takes on a life of its own and evolves into so much more.
wicked thing by imaginarykat, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, nsfw, sith!obi-wan, 97.3k wip
   In which Anakin recognises the Council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid ass decision, he elects to ignore it.
untitled by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, ~1k
   prompt: 40. exes meeting again after not speaking for years au
Time To Go by light_mantled_albatross, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 19.7k
   A version of the “Anakin doesn’t find Ventress at the end of season 5, with the result that Ahsoka gets Dramatically Sentenced To Death” plotline.
untitled Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan fic by stonefreeak, obi-wan & anakin, 4.4k
   ask: do Anakin and Obi-Wan FINALLY talk after Anakin’s panic attack? Even a little??
Echoes of Mortis by wreckageofstars, obi-wan & anakin/padme & ahsoka, 67.3k
   Post-Mortis Arc AU. In a universe where the Father failed to take away Anakin’s vision of the future, the Hero With No Fear struggles with the knowledge of what he will become and the knowledge of who, exactly, is responsible. Drastic steps are taken and in the process things go a little bit…sideways.
Conspiracy Theorist Obi-Wan Kenobi by tcf-dendral, obi-wan & cast, 1.1k
   His hindsight, Obi-Wan thinks, was not twenty-twenty in this instance, and he wishes he had thought ahead to the possible consequences of what seemed like an inconsequential action at the time. Mostly, he would do better in the future to remember how information, true or not, tends to spread like wildfire across the HoloNet.
untitled by phosphorescent-naidheachd, padme & cast, ~1k
   Picture Padmé – not a Sith, not particularly Force sensitive, but Palpatine’s protégé and confidant nonetheless.
Do Not Compel Me So by Mithrigil, anakin & cast, 1k
   Anakin has always had an easy time getting what he wants. (He never means to do it.)
untitled by cadesama, anakin & aphra, 1k
   windona asked: Prompt: Pre-ESB, Vader has a chance to send a message to Luke without Luke knowing it’s Vader.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & palpatine, 1.4k
   prompt: Obi-Wan gets a bit grumpy with a droid. He shouldn’t. He knows he shouldn’t - Jedi ways and all that. But it’s private and he has too much to deal with without an analysis droid rating his performance as Chancellor
Let your heart be light by imaginedestiel, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 5.1k
   Obi-Wan does his best to keep Anakin warm while they celebrate a little time off together.
hold the harmony (breathe) by engmaresh, obi-wan/anakin/padme, 1.7k
   Of course their ship crashed. Of course there’s a blizzard, with no hope for immediate help. But they’ve got blankets, food, and well, each other. In which Anakin and Padme invite Obi-Wan into their bed blanket fort.
Death’s Shade by Susan Zell, obi-wan & anakin & cast, 30.9k
   A devious plot by the enemy is initiated that could wipe out the Jedi without firing a weapon, leaving Obi-wan Kenobi fighting for his last breath as Anakin races to save him.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Toafo Uhila

Hey, Kat! It’s my birthday! Have a fic!


Their first meeting goes something like this:

It starts with a chūnin in a sandy village trying desperately to not die of boredom. It starts with a beautiful blond leaning up against a wall, dressed in casual clothing and watching the night life as it bustles around them. It starts with a drunk jōnin swaggering over and pinching the other’s ass, earning a yelp from the blond. “Very nice ass, sugar,” he slurs out and leans in to try and get a kiss, only to receive a fist to his face. He staggers back, dropping his bottle and reaching up to clutch at his now freely bleeding nose. His friends immediately leap to his aid, coming up in a defensive formation.

“How dare you,” the blond hisses and the hitai-ate with a leaf engraved on it gleams in the moonlight. Through his drunken haze, the jōnin staggers forward and raids the pouch on his thigh for a kunai, raising it high. Pale, white light glints off of the blade and the blond rolls his eyes.

“That is quite enough. I do believe I’ve warned you before, Eiji.” A redhead lands gracefully on the ground, lips drawn into a thin, unimpressed line. There’s a large gourd on his back and what looks like gold sand is spilling out from the opening at the top. “Consider yourself in quite a bit of trouble.” The blond shivers slightly, enjoying the glide of the redhead’s voice as it forms each word. Opposing village or not, it’s a silky smooth tone that he, if he was being completely honest with himself, wouldn’t mind murmuring filthy things into his ear.

Eiji snarls and takes a step forward, spitting out, “Look here, you—” but his friends quickly drag him into the nearest shadows and the redhead turns to the blond.

“You are well, no?” the redhead asks. “Perhaps you shouldn’t venture into things that you can’t handle.” Never mind. He wants to spike the other in the face. Preferably with the nearest, heaviest, sharpest object he can find.

The blond twitches slightly, the vein in his jaw spasming. “I,” he begins and it’s perfectly polite, a thin undertone of agitation gliding just underneath the surface, “am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.” The unspoken ‘asshole’ does not go unheard.

“Well then,” redhead says and the amusement in the tone makes the blond want to murder him right then and there, “I shall let you take care of yourself, then.” And with that, he’s gone, the sand below him swallowing up his form.

“You absolute asshole,” the blond spits, scowling at the now empty spot.

“Hey, kiddo!” The blond spins on his heel and turns the vicious glare on the now approaching male.

Yes?” he grinds out through clenched teeth.

Jiraiya raises his hands in the universal sign of surrender and smiles like he isn’t facing a pissy blond. “You ready for the exams?”

Minato’s scowl morphs into a sharp smile that’s little more than teeth. “Oh, yes.”

And that was the end of their first meeting.


Their second meeting kinda goes like this:

Minato actually does get around to punching the redhead in the face.

“That wasn’t nice,” the redhead slurs and his voice is still amazing, even with a severely bleeding nose. It’s not quite as smooth as usual, just slightly rough due to him pinching his nose to stop the blood from getting all over his jōnin vest, but it’s still enough to make Minato shiver with need.

He’s only a newly minted jōnin himself, but the blond is certain that with both the Hiraishin and his Rasengen, he can take on the world. Maybe.

“Yes, well,” he returns, coolly, “maybe you shouldn’t startle me while I am making seals.”

The redhead rolls his eyes and curls healing chakra around his nose, snapping it back into place with a rather sickening crack.

Minato’s lips twitch up just slightly. He had actually broken the other’s nose with the force of his punch. That had been one of the most satisfying things he’s done in quite a while. “I do apologize,” redhead drawls, sounding anything but apologetic and Minato barely resists the urge to leap to his feet and punch him again.

“Liar,” he mutters under his breath, mentally cursing his weakness for smooth voices.

The other still hears him. “I’m hurt, pretty.”

He raises his fist and shakes it just slightly. “Call me pretty again….” Minato hisses and trails off, blue eyes gleaming with promised death.

“Very well.” the redhead says, raising his hands in surrender. “I shall see you later….pretty.” And then he’s gone, leaping over the rooftops before the blond can retaliate.

“You son of a bitch!” Minato bellows after him, fury painting every single word. He sinks back down to the ground and picks up his brush, mentally vowing to make the other pay.

He still doesn’t know the redhead’s name.

That was the end of their second meeting.


Their third meeting goes a little like this:

Minato’s smile is like death, all thin and evil with his lips pulled back to reveal far more teeth than psychically possible. The redhead in front of him shivers slightly and takes a step back, understandably wary. “Good evening,” the blond says, smile widening even further.

“Ah, uh, good evening, pretty?” It’s definitely phrased like a question and Minato’s eyes slide closed into little ‘U’s when the redhead takes a step back. The other shinobi in Konoha’s bathhouse, the ones who know about Minato’s vicious temper, carefully sidle out of the blond’s line of sight. They have no interest in being caught up in the explosion.

“Duck,” Minato purrs out. The redhead blinks confusedly at him for a moment and then yelps when the blond punches him in the face, again, as hard as he can.

“The fuck was that for?” he slurs out, clutching at his freely gushing nose.

“I did warn you about calling me 'pretty’,” the blond says easily, dropping his towel and sliding into the water.

“Honestly,” a third voice complains and Minato glances up when Orochimaru steps into the hot spring. A dark glare is all that’s needed to clear the entire place out, leaving just the three of them in the water and the Sannin relaxes with a sigh. An evil smirk flickers over their lips. “I hope you realize, Namikaze, that I will not be explaining to sensei if this becomes an international incident.”

Minato’s smirk is just as sinister. “Well then, Orochimaru-sama,” he says sweetly, “if you won’t say anything, then I won’t tell sensei about you spending lots of, ah, time with Hatake-sama.” He grins innocently when Orochimaru slips underneath the water, surfacing with a loud splutter. “Oops, was that supposed to be a secret? So sorry,” the blond coos, not sounding the least bit sorry.

“You!” the Sannin splutters, coughing as they spit out a mouthful of water.

“Should I come back later?” the redhead asks, looking like he wants to be anywhere but here at this exact moment. There’s a crack as he snaps his nose back into place for the second time in a row.

“I will string you up by your balls and feed you your own liver if you so much as twitch,” Minato says, a blue eye flickering to glance at the other.

The redhead scowls. “I don’t even know your name,” he complains.

“Oh? So sorry. I should give it to you, then.”


Minato shrugs. “I don’t know yours.”

Orochimaru heaves a ragged sigh and drops their head into their hands. “You punched a Suna jōnin without ever learning their name. Great. Just fucking great. And here I was hoping Jiraiya hadn’t managed to infect you.”

A beaming smile is his answer and the blond leans back against the edge of the pool, basking in the warmth of the water and the sunlight. “Sensei has been nothing but a perfect role model,” he says, the very picture of innocence.

“That’s…that’s what I was afraid of,” the Sannin breathes weakly, looking very much like they wish they had access to alcohol at this very moment. They sigh and drag a hand over their face, shoving dark hair out of golden eyes.

The redhead takes the chance to bolt for the entrance; he abandons his clothing and escapes wearing nothing but a towel, yes, but at least he makes it out alive and in one piece. Konoha shinobi, he thinks, shivering at the howl of rage that echoes behind him, are insane.

And that was the end of their third meeting.


Their fourth meeting is explosive:

Rasa’s in the middle of speaking with two other jōnin sensei about the final part of Konoha’s chūnin exams when what feels like a bucket of water is dumped over his head. A quick swipe of his fingers in the substance reveals purple paint. Purple glittery paint. The vein above one of his eyes twitches, and he can already see his comrades causally backing away from his seething form. Laughter echoes above him and Rasa spins on the ball of his foot, gold dust already writhing as it escapes from the gourd on his back.

There. On the roof. It’s that damn blond from before; the one who broke his nose twice already.

On a better day, Rasa wouldn’t even consider trying to murder an allied shinobi. On a better day, he might even laugh at the prank, then go take a shower. On a better day, he wouldn’t be brandishing a kunai and trying to rip someone’s throat out. Today…today is not one of those days, and Rasa snarls furiously, lunging forward before he can even get a grip on his temper. The blond dodges to the side, flipping gracefully onto another roof and covers his mouth again, smirking between his fingers. Rasa sees red.

“I,” he hisses, so close to actually committing murder, “am going to rip your throat out.”

“Kinky,” the blond calls back and his smile widens further at Rasa’s snarl of rage. “But you’re going to have to catch me first.” His form flickers once, then vanishes in a burst of yellow; he reappears further down the road, waves a hand, and then vanishes again.

Rasa screams in fury, his comrades snicker, and he immediately leaps to give chase. He’s going to drown the other in their own blood.

He still has no clue to their name, other than their last.

That’s the end of their fourth meeting.


Their fifth meeting is even worse:

Murder is not an appropriate way to deal with frustrating coworkers.

Murder is not an appropriate way to deal with frustrating coworkers.

Murder is not an approp— Rasa cuts his thoughts off halfway through the sentence and growls at one of his fellow shinobi. Not even three hours after he had attempted to hunt down and murder the blond—He failed, pretty miserably too—and his coworkers are already smirking at him.

“Quite the spitfire, ah?” one says, pushing brown hair over her shoulders, lips quirked up in that infuriating smirk Rasa has come to hate.

I will drown you in your own blood,” he hisses, partially because he’s furious and partially because he can’t leave that response unanswered. She puts her hands up in the universal sign of surrender, but the smirk on her face doesn’t change. Rasa narrows his eyes at her, darkens his glare, and hopes that nothing else can go wrong.

The universe, as always, likes to prove him wrong, and then laugh at his misery.

With a flash of bright yellow light, the blond reappears on the rooftop. He doesn’t even look tired, and there’s a massive grin on his lips. “Wow,” he says, looking pleased with himself, “only three hours before giving up? That’s sad.” He shakes his head slowly, almost like he’s disappointed. “Not a lot of fun with a chase. Peaks really quickly without touch and absolutely no stamina at all.”

Beside Rasa the brunet chokes, then starts laughing hysterically, mouthing 'No stamina’ like it’s a prayer from Kami itself. On her left, the ginger begins cackling and slumps against a wall in an attempt to stay upright. Rasa fumes, and because he’s petty like that, pops the cork on his gold dust just so he can flood the area with sand.

Glancing around when the dust has settled somewhat, Rasa’s already feeling smug at the sight of the ginger and brunet cursing his name as they spit the grit out of their mouths. His gaze flickers upwards, and the redhead is already preparing for the sight of the blond in the same situation, when he actually gets a look.

That fucking bastard is wind affinity and running a Kami-damned slipstream, the sand-filled air shifting around him, never once touching the Konoha jōnin uniform. Rasa would be impressed if he wasn’t in the middle of contemplating murder.

Just before he can actually use his chakra to fill the other with spears made of sand, he laughs, bows, and vanishes in a burst of yellow. The veins in Rasa’s jaw jump.

And that was the end of their fifth meeting.


Their sixth meeting is simultaneously worse and better:

“I would like to introduce my successor, Namikaze Minato,” Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen says, gesturing towards the doors of the Halls of the Kage Council. Namikaze, Rasa thinks with a slight twitch, sounds awfully familiar. He glances up just as the doors open and snarls when a horribly familiar blond practically skips through.

“YOU!” Rasa bellows and slams a hand down on the table hard enough to spread minute cracks along the surface. The other Kages jerk at his volume, but the redhead is too furious to care.

“I wasn’t aware that you two knew each other, Rasa,” Sarutobi says, looking like he’s half an inch away from pinching the bridge of his nose.

“He broke my nose,” Rasa seethes. “Twice.” White eyebrows shoot up and Sarutobi actually reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose, an exasperated sigh escaping his mouth.

Namikaze smiles sunnily at him. “You startled me while I was working on my seals.”

“You punched me because I called you pretty,” the Kazekage informs him flatly.

“Yes, well, that too,” the blond says with a careless shrug, and Rasa makes a sound like a boiling teakettle. Namikaze merely beams in his direction and takes a seat. “Now, where were we?”

Murder is not an appropriate response to annoying Kage, Rasa thinks, sinking into his own seat with a mute sort of fury, but I sure wish it was.

Day with Dad - reidxreader

Anon requested: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Spencer have a six year old daughter and the reader is sick so Spencer spends the day with his daughter?

ok this is such a cute request I love it.

I’ve read one shots where the daughter’s name is Harper as in Harper Lee the author so I used that in this story, i can’t for the fucking life of me remember who’s fic it was so if anyone knows who i’m referring to pls tell me. i’m gonna try to figure it out so i can give them credit for the name but right now my mind is blank. i think it was @dontshootmespence but i can’t be sure??? gaaaahhhhh anyway enjoy this i hope u like it!

Originally posted by lizthirose

Due to your tossing and turning all night you hadn’t slept very well. Thankfully, your husband had a flexible work day today and you had off. 

At 9 am — possibly the latest your six year old daughter ever slept in — you opened your eyes and began to say good morning to Spencer, but your throat was so sore that it hurt.

He furrowed his eyebrows. He lifted the back of his hand to your forehead and commented, “You’re warm. How are you feeling, do you think you might be sick?”

“I didn’t sleep much last night,” you admitted weakly. “I’m probably sick. My throat hurts, I have a headache, and I’m hot and cold at the same time.”

He pouted. “I’m sorry, love. I’m going to spend the day with Harper so you can get some rest.” Spencer gave you medicine and everything else you’d need, kissed your forehead, and closed the bedroom door behind him after getting ready for the day ahead of him.

Harper, your six year old daughter, was sitting on her bed trying to tie her shoes when Spencer walked in. She had impressively gotten dressed without being asked. Harper huffed and looked up at her dad with a defeated expression.

“Do you want to come into work with daddy today?” Spencer asked. He crouched down next to the pink bed and tied her shoes as her mood changed and she squealed with excitement.

“Is aunt JJ gonna be there?” she asked. Spencer smiled, “Of course!”

Harper jumped off of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Spencer followed, then brushed through her hair and braided it. He’d like to think he’s gotten pretty good at that.

“Where’s mommy?” she asked. Spencer picked the small girl up to bring her to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Mommy’s sick today, but she’s going to be okay. We can go give her a kiss before we leave.” he replied. Harper seemed satisfied with that answer, she nodded and sat down to eat her cereal as Spencer made himself coffee and her, chocolate milk.

After breakfast, Spencer carried his bag on one arm and Harper in the other to your bedroom. You were finally sleeping.

Spencer held a finger to his lips to tell Harper not to say anything. She kissed your cheek and whispered, “Bye mommy,” and Spencer kissed your forehead and said, “Bye, Y/N.”

And with that, Spencer drove to the BAU with Harper singing along to the radio in the back seat. He didn’t particularly like this kind of music but she did, so he’d keep it on.

“Hey, Hotch,” Spencer said into the phone. “Y/N is sick today and can’t watch Harper, so can I bring her in with me for a little while? I won’t be there long today anyway.” He secretly prayed that he’d say yes, because if not he was kind of screwed here.

On the other end of the line, Hotch smiled. Harper was so sweet, and after the case the team had dealt with last week, they needed a distraction. “Yeah, Reid, that’s fine.” They hung up.

Spencer parked in his spot, holding his daughter’s hand as they walked into the building and then into the elevator. (He let her press the buttons, she seemed to like that.)

They walked off the lift. Harper immediately let go of her dad’s hand to run over to JJ.

“What in the world are you doing here?” JJ asked excitedly. She picked her up and hugged her.

“Mama’s sick, so daddy brought me here.”

JJ nodded. “So, have you had a good day so far with your dad?”

Harper nodded. “Yeah! He said we’re going to go to the park later.”

“Well, that’s exciting,” Derek commented as he walked towards them. 

“Uncle Derek!” Harper exclaimed. He picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face. Spencer was almost afraid the poor girl would explode, this was so much excitement in so little time. 

Penelope came out of her office. She immediately squealed when she saw Harper. She asked her who did her hair, and Harper proudly told her that her daddy did it. Everyone seemed impressed by this. “What?” Spencer asked, chuckling, “You think I have a six year old daughter and don’t know how to do her hair?”

As Harper happily talked and played with Spencer’s team, he smiled gently at how wonderful she was. She was just like you. 

Harper was sweet and caring, she was considerate and beautiful, she was fun and positive. All of which she got from you. On the other hand, she was thoughtful and questioning, and cute and persistent, much like himself. She had his brown eyes which you loved, because every time you looked at her there was a reminder of the beautiful life you’d created with Spencer.

After a little while, everyone was sad that they had to get back to work. Spencer set his daughter up next to him at his desk with some paper and crayons he’d found in his drawers, because she loved to draw and that’d keep her occupied.

It had been about 15 minutes. “Daddy,” she said, moving to sit in his lap, “I drew this for you.”

He smiled proudly at the small picture she’d colored in. It was clearly supposed to be of your family, with you and Spencer on the sides and Harper in the middle holding both of your hands. “This is so good, sweetheart. Can I keep it here?”

She smiled. “Yeah! Put it there.” She placed it in front of an actual photo he had of her in a frame. He laughed at his daughter.

After Harper gave everyone on the floor a hug, and I mean everyone, she and her dad left. They went to the park, and then to lunch, and then back home to check on her mommy and watch a movie in the living room.

Harper ran straight to your bedroom after walking through the front door. You were awake this time, and pulled her into bed next to you.

“Are you still sick, mama?” 

Truthfully, you still weren’t feeling your best but you didn’t feel very sick anymore. The medicine proved to be effective and sleep was very helpful.

“Not anymore, baby. How was your day with daddy?” You asked. You smoothed her hair back while she cuddled into your side.

“Great!” She said, then proceeded to tell you every detail of her day. Spencer walked in and laid next to her.

For about an hour, the three of you laid under the covers of your bed and watched whatever show Harper decided she wanted to see. You loved your little family, with an adorable daughter and a perfect husband. 


anonymous asked:

Prompt: winter soldier abducts Tony to be his new handler and falls for him

I’m really liking this idea, so I might write some more parts to go along with it, though I’m not sure…. I hope you like it though!

The Asset wakes up in a room filled with light. He keeps his eyes shut, face calm, and breathing regular, though the usual slivers of fear make their way through his chest.

He’s gone through this countless times. He wakes up, sits still, and waits for his Handler to bring him to the chair for recalibration. It will hurt, and he will scream, so they’ll dial it up to teach him silence.

This time is different, however, as the light isn’t harsh and cutting, but soft. The room is warm, not freezing cold, and the soft clatter of what sounds like cooking reaches his ears.

His eyes flash open, adapting immediately to the lights, and he takes in the scene in front of him. A man moves around the brightly lit kitchen, talking to himself as he does so. He’s too young to drink with this century’s laws, short and unhealthily skinny, with large brown eyes that make the Asset want to… he’s not sure what he wants to do.

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anonymous asked:

Jimon "Are you flirting with me?”

The thing is, Jace is a perceptive person. Had to be in his line of work and all his of his training demanded it: know your enemy, know your surroundings, be ready for any scenario.

So, yeah. Considering the amount of times this skill has saved his and that of the people under his charge, he’d say he’s quite perceptive. Which is why is the whole Simon situation disturbed him so much.

At first it’d seemed pretty normal. Simon was hanging around the Institute every other day, looming over them and asking all sorts of pointless questions. In other words, pretty standard Simon Behavior. At the time Jace just assumed it had something to do with Clary.

And it’s Simon, so to say he was acting weird was like stating the obvious, but this was a brand new kind of strange. For example, one morning he and Clary were sparring and Jace knocked the feet from under her. Simon literally clapped and cheered. 

It was two weeks before he realized Simon was standing around him even when she wasn’t there.

“So, uh,” Simon had said, leaning over the table a crooked smile on his face. “What does this thing do?”

Jace frowned at him, looking up from the blueprints he’d been analyzing. “That’s a knife. It cuts people?”

Simon threw him honest-to-god finger guns. “Right. Savage.”

Jace nodded at him, impatient, and got back to work.

“And, uh… Do you like using knives?”

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alright i was gonna save this to be a big surprise but this story’s too good to pass up

buckle up yall this one’s a long one

so right now i’m working on something i call a Slow Sequence, which is just the parts of jack and casie that arent just jack and casie lost in the woods. they’re top down more traditional rpg segments where you can manage your inventory, relax, and engage in some good old wholesome messing-with-casieisms

here’s an early look:

i’ve been working on this for the past week now and i’ve basically got them ready to go, ready to replace the existing shop sequences with an entirely new screen that allows you to do a little exploration and conversation before you get back out into the world and into Fast Sequences (the normal game). this morning in particular i was working in over drive. probably because i’ve been working my ass off on commissions and i might be in a like, productivity frenzy

i managed to crank out a new tileset i liked, some new dialogue, developed a vision for Casie’s Outpost (it’s probably not actually called that, but it’s the outpost that casie lives at, so let’s call it that for now) (it’s either that or “outpost 22″ which just doesnt make any sense yet so like lesser of two evils here) in a couple hours

and then i ran out of memory.

gm8.1 has a very particular quirk that i like that makes it really good at rapid prototyping and it’s that it saves all of the shit you do to ram instead of the hard drive. this means that you can start a game really fast without having to wait for an entire new save cycle and recompilation which makes it really good for brute forcing code, which is basically the breadth of my programming playbook. hit it over and over until it works. unfortunately, hitting things over and over will eventually (read: after 4+ hours of work with very large files) swamp gm’s alotted memory, and cause gm to lock up. but running out of memory is a hunter not unbeknownst to its prey. i have a contingency. my contingency is to save immediately, and have backups in case something goes wrong. which sometimes it does.

i would say it’s like a 90/10 chance

anyway, today this corrupted my file.

and corrupted my automatically generated backup save file. 

because i accidentally hit the save button twice.

this was about an hour and a half ago. yes, the filename for this subproject was literally just called ‘fuck’. that was the word that was on my mind at the time. i dont think i was upset or anything i was just like ‘fuck’ but like, thats how i always am. the intention was to just import the project into gms and then merge it wholesale with the main jack and casie project, so the title of the 8.1 version mattered very little. you should see the rest of them. i have 4 files called temp0 through temp4 and some of them are just backups of the same file

anyway, if i had just failed to save or something (or just closed the window without trying to save) i would have lost 30 minutes worth of work. but because i took my shots, i lost weeks of work. like, the majority of the month of february. there’s supposed to be a demo out in march. march is in 7 days.

i went to bed and began to rethink my options. and also fall asleep, because i have been up for like 19 hours and i had just eaten and basically i was a mess of debuffs at that very second. fortunately, because i am a big fuckin showoff and enjoy rubbing my shit in people’s faces, i had a cache of shit lying around on discords and slacks and line chats i guess that i could just re-integrate back into my tileset proper but that would still leave me without the conversation engine which is stupidly robust and involved and took the majority of the time (the rest of the time was like, not even drawing the tileset: more like working out what the fuck non-enemy things would look like in jack and casie) i had spent on coding fuck.gm81. i had already done it once though so i had worked out the theory, so i just had to do it again. which i could do! it would just take all day.

there’s an exhibition tomorrow. and i was falling asleep. it was at this very second i realized that my mistake in accidentally pressing a finicky touch keyboard button twice had actually ruined pretty much everything, and decided to actually fall asleep in order to hide from my problems

so i laid there for like 45 minutes, ostensibly trying to go to sleep. not even really mad at this point or even like upset. more like that perfect trance like state of being simultaneously so infuriated but also so completely defeated that youre aware that raising a hand at all in protest is a waste of energy so instead you decide to just fuckin sit there, grimacing, trying to will a solution into existence

game maker studio has an import function that pulls information from a .gm81 file. it’s kind of finicky and kind of weird because it reads every asset one at a time and imports them one at a time so it’s kind of slow but you get to see a nice big bar that fills up as gms works its way through your file. it’s pretty satisfying. also, fuck.gm81 wasn’t an empty file. it was like 92kb or something. it wasnt corrupted in that it disintegrated or something and all the packets were destroyed, it was more like something was just being read wrong by gm8.1

i realized this all at once. i then realized i was screaming

importing it to gms worked

not perfectly, but well enough

i could fix a broken system in a heartbeat. or at least faster then i could build a new one.

the biggest problem is the obvious corruption. apparently, because i ran out of memory building backgrounds, the backgrounds are what got corrupted. in particular the main tileset that i had been working on for the past couple days had completely been replaced by just a sheer 255 255 255 black. but more importantly all the new art i had done for casie and company are OK, and my code is OK, and after a little digging i found a screenshot i had posted around of Casie’s Outpost in development

and now i just have to

rip my own

pixel art

but it beats doing it over again!

Imagine face masks and pillow talk with Chris.

A/N: Look who had some time before bed to write? :D This is inspired by a conversation I had with the lovely @chrisevanshh about face masks. I just couldn’t resist, Ava. 😂

You rested your head on Chris’ chest, which rose and fell steadily as he kissed your hair with a satisfied smile dancing on his lips. It had been another predictable night in, in the beautiful Los Angeles home that you shared with your boyfriend. Let’s just say the two of you were making full use of the time you had left together before you both left for your respective trips; his being a work trip, and yours being a holiday that minimized your time without him.

You’d learned over the years that a holiday was always good to take your mind off missing your boyfriend, so every time he left the state- you did too, choosing a new city or country to explore for as long as your visitor’s visa would allow before returning home to deal with the lonely repercussions of long distance. The first few weeks were always the hardest, even with Dodger’s company- you hated being in that house without Chris, so Japan it was.

It was pretty obvious that neither of you were ready to leave the other, in fact- there hadn’t been a single discussion about the upcoming trips you were both about to take because that wasn’t a conversation that could be had without tears. What made things worst this time was that Chris was going to be gone for nine months instead of six, he wasn’t even gone yet and you could already feel how long and hard those nine months were going to be. You could visit him, yes, but you both knew what it was like after the visits- that couldn’t last more than a week tops- ended.

“Your hands are so short and stubby,” you giggled softly as you entwined your fingers with Chris’; you heard him chuckle softly because this wasn’t the first time he’d heard you tell him that. “They’re like mine,” you looked up and him and grinned, “we’re hand twins.”

“Your hands are nothing like mine.” He laughed, pulling your entwined hands up to take a closer look though he already had every inch of your body memorized like his favorite song. “They’re so long and straight and soft, like a baby’s butt.” He teased and you giggled, pulling your hand out of his to make little chomping movements.

“Yeah, they’re also like little chubby baby hands.” You used your hand to chomp his nose and he laughed, wiggling his nose. “Chomp chomp chomp,” you said then giggled to yourself. “Do you remember Deadpool’s baby hand in the movie? It was so weird, chomp chomp.”

“You’re so weird,” he chuckled, taking your hand in his and locking his fingers with yours. “And your hands are perfect, like everything else about you.” He kissed your fingers and you smiled, which falter when you heard him heave a sigh. “I’m going to miss you,” he mumbled into your hair.

You said nothing in response, you just played with his fingers because you didn’t want to start that conversation just yet. You had until Friday at the airport to say your goodbyes, until then- it was going to be sunshine, rainbows, and weird conversations that made you giggle.

“What time’s your flight?” He asked as you simultaneously tried to change the subject with, “do you want to do a face mask with me?” He narrowed his eyes at you before darting his gaze to the clock hanging on the bedroom wall, “are you- it’s like three in the morning, Y/N. Why on earth would we do a face mask now?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t we?” You pulled your hand away and sat up, grinning. “C'mon, it’ll be fun.” You heard him sigh as you hopped off the bed and disappeared into the ensuite with the dim light of your bedside lamp guiding you.

Of course, Chris knew what you were doing; you always did things like these when he brought up anything involving your respective departures. But seeing as he didn’t want to upset you, he went along with whatever form of distraction your mind came up with. The other night when he’d tried to talk about scheduling FaceTime sessions, you’d changed the subject with ‘Cookies & Cream’ ice-cream and 'Aladdin’; two things you knew he couldn’t say no to, and so- that conversation was successfully postponed.

“Here you go, it’s cucumber and melon.” You tossed the packet at him and sat back down on the bed, tearing the foil packaging open. “It’s not one of those painful peel off ones,” you chuckled when you saw him studying the back of the packet. “I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Good,” he chuckled, ripping his packet open. “Because bearded me would not appreciate that at all, nor would he find it relaxing. Okay, um-” he pulled the white cloth mask out of the packet with narrowed eyes. “How am I meant to do this again? Does this-” he tried to put it on upside down, making you laugh. “That doesn’t seem right, there’s two holes for the mouth?”

“Don’t pretend like this is the first time you’ve used one of these, Mr. fancy-actor-man,” you teased him and he chuckled. “If you want me to do it for you, just ask,” you put your packet aside and took his mask out of his hands. “Lie down and close your eyes.” You instructed and he did as you asked. “Just gotta line it up with your eyes, nose, and mouth before I smooth it out. There,” you gently patted it down then smiled at him when he opened his eyes.

“Do I look beautiful yet?” He quizzed, striking a finger gun gesture under his chin.

“You know you’re always beautiful, baby,” you answered and chuckled when he did. “Now I just gotta get mine on,” you laid down as he sat up, taking your packet from your hands. “I thought you didn’t know how to do it?” You teased him as he helped you with yours.

“Mr. fancy-actor-man just wanted his pretty girlfriend’s perfect hands on his face,” he managed a wink despite his facial movements being restricted by the face mask; you laughed. “Stop laughing,” he chuckled. “I can’t put this on you if you don’t stop.” You pressed your lips together and closed your eyes, trying not to smile at how gentle he was being. “Done and done.” He booped your nose as you opened your eyes, making you giggle.

“Do I look beautiful yet?” You quizzed, striking the same finger gun gesture under your chin.

“Maybe in half an hour,” he answered and laughed when you scoffed, slapping his arm. “I’m kidding,” he chuckled. “You know you’re always beautiful, baby.” He winked again, causing his face mask to slip slightly. “It’s like my face is melting off,” he laughed and readjusted it before laying back down; you both closed your eyes. “I don’t understand how people find this relaxing, it’s like a wet cloth over my face.”

“It smells really nice though,” you said and heard him hum in agreement.

“Hey, baby?” You felt him slip his hand into yours and you entwined your fingers with his, humming to prompt a continuation from him. “We’re going to have to talk about it eventually, you know that right?” You heaved an overly dramatic sigh and he chuckled softly. “We don’t have to talk about it now, but eventually. You’re leaving on Friday-”

“We can talk about it then,” you cut him off. “We’re relaxing now, Chris.”

“What are you so afraid of, Y/N?” He asked, propping himself up on an elbow as he looked over at you; you opened your eyes when you felt his gaze burn into your skin. “It’s not like this is our first time experiencing long distance, we’ve been dating for years- we survived the previous Marvel movies fine, so why are you being so weird about this one?”

“Because you’re going away for nine months this time, Chris,” you said then peeled off your mask and sat up. He sighed and did the same; he grabbed a tissue for you and himself to wipe of the remaining residue. “Nine months is a long time, I’m just worried that we won’t make it this time.”

“Are you serious?” His eyes narrowed but there was a smile on his lips; you nodded and he chuckled. “Y/N-” he took your hands in his. “I love you, you know that right?” You sighed and nodded. “No, I don’t think you do if you’re legitimately concern about this.”

“I do, I just-”

“I see the rest of my life with you,” he cut you off, smiling. “You are everything to me, there is no future without you. Do you understand that? When I close my eyes, you are all I see.” You felt your lips quirk into a smile. “And I’ll bet you anything that nine months isn’t going to change that- in fact, I’ll bet you my entire net worth.”

“What if it does?”

“I fly over, write you a check, and win you back while I’m at it.” He smiled when you chuckled, realizing how ridiculous you were being for worrying about any of it. “I promise you, I’m not going anywhere.” He cupped your face in his hands and pecked your lips. “And I’m not letting you go anywhere either.”

“I love you, Chris,” you smiled.

“I love you too, worry wart,” he smiled.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #22

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gen Lovers! No, I didn’t do this on purpose. I’m just slow on getting the recs out this week. It’s becoming less every week and more every seven to ten days. But I have some good ones this week/somewhat-more-than-a-week!

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

(Not) A Competition by beloved_key
Words: 3,176 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Normally, Lance is pretty good at letting Shiro know he’s not feeling his best. Better than the other paladins, anyway. But when Keith issues a challenge on the morning Lance wakes up with a bitch of a cold, before Lance can go to Shiro, well… It’s not like Lance can just back down, right? Besides, he’s not even that sick. He’ll be fine. Definitely. Based on a prompt by whumpcity on Tumblr
My Comments: SUCH a well-written sickfic, ahhh, I love it. Everyone is in character, and Lance is a dumb teenage boy, but oh my, I do love him. I have the feeling this is just getting started, and I can’t wait for more.

Usual by temporalgambit
Words: 1,953
Author’s Summary:  A pit stop on an unfamiliar planet brings unintended consequences. Allura runs damage control.
My Comments: All the paladins are sick! And apparently Alteans don’t get colds, so Allura is VERY concerned. Extremely cute and fluffy.

Collision Course by winterysomnium
Words: 5,342
Author’s Summary: Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.
My Comments: SUCH A GOOD AU. I am all for any fic where Keith gets adopted, by as many people as possible, please. Based on that “Dads of Marmora” art you’ve probably seen, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out. I love the conclusion.

A Tale of Space Cake by imagymnasia
Words: 2,793
Author’s Summary: Hunk’s got a surprise for the Castle of Lions gang– one the Alteans aren’t too sure about.
My Comments: Hunk is the cutest and the sweetest and the best. It’s so nice to see everyone so happy, too, and the ending was perfect. Hunk and Allura!

Scattered by avidbeader
Words: 27,974 (WIP 11/?)
Author’s Summary: Separated by Haggar’s parting shot, the Alteans and their new Paladins must regroup and find one another across the galaxies. Along the way, they will discover tragedy, treachery, and hope. Season 2 AU, no ships.
My Comments: Really good action fic following the Season 1 finale. I got sucked into all of the paladins’ separate adventures really quickly, and it’s so satisfying to watch them slowly reunite. I’m really worried about Keith, though.

We’re Onto Something by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,269
Author’s Summary: Over their years of friendship, Lance and Hunk slept pressed together many times. All that changed were the places. Until things did change.
My Comments: Sweet, fluffy Hance. This is exactly how it would go for them, just a sweet slow slide from casual friendship to something not quite so casual.

Shook the Bones of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,295
Author’s Summary: Little things begin to add up, until Shiro is forced to face another change about himself. From a request on Tumblr: Shiro has a metal skeleton.
My Comments: The title is completely appropriate. This is sad and horrific, not in a blood and gore way, but in a fundamental violation kind of way. Poor Shiro. I really liked the ending, though. Powerful stuff.

and every color illuminates by contagionangel
Words: 14,881
Author’s Summary: In a reality without Shiro’s dramatic escape and crash, how might the other pilots find the blue lion? Keith as a twenty-year-old dropout who’s left society to be an amateur archaeologist out of a desert shack. Three of the Garrison’s remaining best and brightest invade his life, in a way that’s great and kind of terrible. He makes the best life choices he can, and they get him to space. (Same AU as “your sacred stars won’t be guiding you”, but can be read on its own.)
My Comments: Pre-Polydins. This fic is insanely beautiful. I love how everyone slowly becomes incredibly important to each other, and I love their separate journeys of learning and understanding. I love that they had time to PREPARE. Still want more in this ‘verse, though. They’re not complete until they have Shiro with them. A fundamental puzzle piece is missing, and it itches.

A Name Is a Powerful Thing by windscryer
Words: 2,221
Author’s Summary: Green wants to know why her Paladin has more than one name and ends up learning how her Paladin came to her from so far away.
My Comments: What a lovely, satisfying fic. I love the green lion’s voice in this, and how she and Pidge/Katie communicate. The curious kitty and the curious paladin–they’re beautiful together.

Aftermath by tristen84
Words: 1,975
Author’s Summary: After his ordeal at the Blade of Marmora base, Keith turns out to be in worse shape than he thought. Hunk and Lance try to help.
My Comments: I believe there was a call for more post-ep 8 Keith whump? Yes, it is here. I especially like that it’s Lance and Hunk who do the supporting in this one.

Lost and Found by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 4,030
Author’s Summary: “Keith?” Shiro’s voice is barely a whisper, hoarse and wavering with disbelief. Conflicting emotions seize Keith’s heart at the sound of Shiro’s voice: utter relief in that they’ve finally found him; sheer horror in that they’ve found him here.
My Comments: Mild Sheith. What Shiro went through in this one is absolutely brutal and horrific, but at least we’re focused on the rescue and hugging afterward. Very good, protective Keith here. Shiro deserves to be protected and comforted, especially after something so harrowing.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:
Road Trip to End Times by VelkynKarma
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Aid by Haurvatat
Thread the Needle by Emerald_Ashes
bombs and bullets by ashinan
One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny
how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Where No One Goes by earthstar
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Remember Me For Centuries by 0bviousLeigh (now complete)

Any Other Way.

A chapter of ‘Beyond The Brink of Madness’ that occurred to me this morning so I decided to quickly write it up. Set immediately after ‘Scrapping’. H xxx p.s. full story (20 chapters) here:

Claire smiled as she felt the bed sag. Jamie stretched along the edge of the mattress and gently pressed his palm against her forehead.

“Mmm. Your skin is so cool.”

She murmured. The answering grunt from her left made her crack one eye open and squint into the dimly lit room. The light sent shooting pains through her head and made her stomach lurch and Claire promptly closed her eyes again and groaned.

“Ye’re burning up lass.”

The concern in his voice was prominent and Claire forced a thin smile 

“It’s just a touch of cold and fever. Bree and Jenny had it last week, I’ll be fine.”

“But wi’ the bairn so far along…”

“We’ve a couple of weeks to go yet.”

Claire spoke with more certainty than she felt and forced her eyes open again. She could make out the fuzzy outline of her husband’s face, ruddy brows lowered in a worried frown and mouth set in a grim line.

“Stop it, Jamie. You’re worrying about a sniffle and a headache.”

She said sternly and was rewarded with another grunt and a gentle prodding at her throat.

“What are you … ah! No your hands are cold!”

Claire swatted weakly at him and the fingers withdrew

“I was feeling for ye glands.”

“They’re not swollen, I already checked.”

“Did ye no’ give me a fair terrible ear-bashing for self-diagnosis not two weeks past?”

Jamie clucked his tongue against his teeth as he pulled the blanket up over her shoulders

“You are not a doctor. I am.”

“Right now ye are a patient.”

He said firmly and the bed moved again as he stood up.

“I’ll bring ye a wee pot of tea and some soup.”

“No soup.”

Claire shuddered at the thought of trying to eat.

“Ye must try a bit Claire, the bairn needs nourishment and ye didna take a bite yesterday…”

Claire knew this was true and although her stomach shivered at the thought of food, she nodded gently against the pillow.

“Alright, bread then. Dry. No butter.”


She could hear the satisfied smile in Jamie’s voice and imagined throwing something suitably heavy at him, bloody know-it-all.

A little while later the door opened again and Claire forced herself to sit up, not wanting Jamie to lift her. The huge swell of her belly made the task ungainly and undignified and she would just as soon manage alone.

“I brought you some bread, Mama.”

Claire startled at the little voice and blinked in confusion at Bree.

“Honey, you shouldn’t be in here. You could get sick again.”

“It’s OK Mama, I don’t mind.”

Bree padded over and carefully placed a neatly packaged tray on the bed before sitting on the edge and crossing her legs neatly beneath her. Claire settled back against the pillows and sighed. Her head was pulsing but the sight of the carefully sliced bread made her stomach growl and the baby stirred, pressing his heel against her in apparent encouragement. 

“I baked that loaf.”

“You did?”

Claire looked at it and raised her eyebrows in pleasant surprise. Bree had not taken to baking with any great aptitude and Jenny had insisted that she keep practicing despite the continual stream of heavy, sunken bread that came from Brianna’s efforts.

“Yep, Aunt Jenny only helped me take it out of the oven, everything else I did myself.”

Bree smiled and Claire smiled broadly back at her. She seldom had the luxury of sitting in her child’s company with no task at hand besides the consumption of food, just the two of them.

“Have you tried it?”

“Not yet, but it smells good and the texture is right.”

Bree nodded happily and Claire carefully folded a piece in the cloth napkin on the try, breaking it in half and handing Bree the larger piece, making sure not to touch it. The bread tasted heavenly and Claire made sure to make many appreciative noises as they ate, watching Bree glow with pleasure at the praise of her baking skills.Once they had finished the bread Bree produced another slice from her pocket, lovingly wrapped in a clean handkerchief. 

“Here Mama, have some more.”

Claire took it and raised the food to her lips, inhaling the scent and smiling as she bit into it, an exaggerated and elaborate bite that made Brianna laugh. 

“How are you, baby?”

Claire asked when the food was finished and Bree had moved the tray onto the floor.

“I’m OK. I’ve been learning how to fight with Da.”

“Uh …right well,”

Claire frowned and then shrugged

“How is that going?”

“Pretty well, I just need to practice more.”

Bree grinned. Claire cocked her head to the side, the food seemed to have helped with her headache as well as the nausea and she became aware of the changes in her daughter in a way she had not noticed before amid the hustle and bustle of life at Lallybroch. In the seven months they had been back, Bree had lost almost all of the puppy-fat she had when they arrived. Her face had slimmed down and the strong, Viking bones she had inherited from her father were more prominent. Her arms were slim and muscular from the increase in her outdoor play and her movements had become more graceful, more self-aware. Even sat on the bed in her older-cousins cast off breeks and shirt, there was a poise and a readiness about Brianna that had not been there before. Bree had not simply survived the huge upheaval in her life, she had thrived! 

“You’re growing up so fast, Bree!”

Claire smiled, her eyes wet with memories of the fiery haired babe who had come squalling into the world nearly a decade ago and changed Claire’s life forever. 

“Don’t cry Mama!”

Bree scooched up the bed and pressed herself against her mother’s side, small arms encircling her as best she could.

“I’m sorry. I’m not crying, not really. I’m just so damn proud of you Brianna Ellen. I don’t tell you it enough but I am so, so proud of you.” 

“You tell me plenty Mama!”

Bree laughed, and Claire snorted wetly into her handkerchief. 

“Alright well I still want to tell you more. You’re such a wonderful daughter and I know you are going to be a simply exceptional big sister to this baby.”

Bree looked up at Claire before tucking her head under her mother’s chin and letting Claire smooth her hair.

“I’m going to try.”

Bree slid down the length of the bed and rested her chin on her hand, pressing a kiss on Claire’s belly.

“Hi Baby. This is your sister, Brianna. I cannot wait to meet you.”

“I’m sure he canna wait to meet ye either.”

Bree looked up at her father, leaning against the door and grinned


She said firmly and Jamie nodded

“He or she. I dinna mind as long as they are less trouble then their older sister.”

He teased, stepping into the room and placing a delicate kiss on the top of Claire’s head before settling himself next to Brianna on the bed.

“Did you get her to eat it all?”

He murmured in his daughter’s ear and Bree nodded almost imperceptibly. Jamie squeezed her shoulder gratefully and Bree’s lip quirked up in a small proud smile.

“I should get up.”

Claire began to push the bedclothes off but a large hand covered her fingers and she looked up to see identical blue eyes giving her identically stern looks.

“Ye are to stay in bed, Sassenach. Dinna make me tell ye twice.”

“Yeah Mama. You need to rest.”

Claire opened her mouth to protest but closed it again. She might have stood a chance against one Fraser, but two … it was a lost cause.The three of them spent the next half an hour talking and catching up on the events of the past few days. Claire and Jamie listened proudly as Bree recited a poem she had written at school and received an actual smile from the school master, a formidable old chap who was slow to praise and quick to scold.

“You must get your gift of language from your father; I was never any good at poetry.”

Claire sighed and Jamie grinned

“I dinna ken about that Sassenach. Ye told me that one about beans being good for the heart…”

“Ha! And even that was cribbed from someone else.”

“I know that one too!”

Bree cried and recited the verse with a theatrical finish, pressing the heels of her hands against her mouth and filling the room with a raspberry before collapsing into giggles.  

“Aye verra good.”

Jamie said dryly and stood up, seizing the back of Bree’s shirt and breeks and lifting her like a drunk about to be thrown from a tavern.

“I think we ought to let ye Mam get some rest.”

“Bye Mama!”

Bree called, still fizzing with mirth as she was carried from the room, Jamie pretending to throw her ahead of him.Claire watched them go and thanked all the God’s she could name for her good fortune in being here with her family, for the love they shared and the joy that filled her soul like a balloon filling up with air. She swung her legs out of bed determined to get up and join the rest of her family.


Jamie’s head poked around the door and Claire looked up at him, still lost in her warm thoughts about her sweet and gentle husband.

“Keep your arse in that bed. I’ll bring ye soup later and if ye dinna eat it, I’ll be shoving my cold fingers down your shift again.”

Claire lay back and sighed. She wouldn’t wish to have him any other way.

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RFA trying to get a hyper!MC to go to bed? Maybe she had wayyyy too much coffee or something? I really like your hcs so I wonder how you might do this one. Thank you! ^^

Aw thanks so much! It means so much to me that someone likes my writing! Sorry this took me a while… I don’t really know what it’s like to be hyper T - T


  • How could you have so much energy for 11:30 in the evening?
  • He stares at you from the couch as you time yourself for another round of 2048. Eyes glued to the screen, you play again and again, trying to beat your own five minute record.
  • Yoosung gets the uncomfortable feeling that that crazed expression on your face is similar to how he looks like when he plays LOLOL.
  • He becomes alarmed when he looks up from his notes an hour later to find you bustling about the kitchen trying to bake brownies. You were a terrible cook!
  • It was a dangerous idea to keep his eyes off of you for even a minute when you were in one of these moods.
  • You would become unpredictable and listless after a day spent lazing on the couch.
  • He supposes it makes sense for so much inactivity to make way for hyperactivity.
  • He stops working and approaches you.
  • “MC? Don’t you think it’s about time to go to bed?”
  • “No.”
  • “It’s getting late, and you didn’t really get a lot of sleep last night either…”
  • “No! I want to bake you something for breakfast. I’m not the best baker, but this time will be different. You like brownies, don’t you, Yoosung?~”
  • He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. How was he going to get you to bed with that attitude? There would be no arguing with you now. Shouldn’t she still get some sleep, though?
  • Yoosung is too timid to protest, but he’s so worried that you’ll end up burning the flat down that he tries to stay awake to watch over you.
  • Before he knows it, his eyelids are drooping. He ends up falling asleep on the counter just before you’re about to stick the pan the in oven.
  • Luckily, you decide to stop when you see how exhausted your boyfriend is. He’s snoozing away with his head in his arms, snoring lightly with his mouth slightly open.
  • You feel guilty once you realise that you probably terrified him by trying to cook unsupervised. You poke his nose. “Yoosung?”
  • “Huh…? MC?”
  • “Let’s go to bed, okay?”
  • “That,” He says through a soft, half-lidded smile, “would be awesome.”


  • She suspects you’re tipsy, judging from the way you’ve been chattering away non-stop for the past half hour.
  • She pats herself on the back for not drinking herself. Leading you home when you were this excited was bad enough, but leading you home while both of you were intoxicated? Jaehee shivered t the thought of it.
  • She braces herself for a night of exasperation.
  • Being tipsy seemed to send you into a spontaneous burst of activity. All of a sudden her reserved girlfriend would be talking, eating, and laughing without pause.
  • Jaehee’s eyes widen in panic when you choose to sprint across the street and into the apartment building without so much as a glance at the passing traffic.
  • MC is really talented. Was she a gymnast in another life? Or perhaps a track star? If I’m not mistaken, she was wearing her six-inch stilettos just now, right?
  • She chases after you and finds you in the living room trying to draw a portrait of yourself and your darling “Baehee”.
  • Jaehee is surprised to discover that she finds this behavior endearing. Though, it’s unfortunate that you’ve nearly knocked the lamp over from laughing too hard when you forget to draw eyes on yourself.
  • “Baehee! Come look at this! Don’t I look like a mop?”
  • “MC? Isn’t it about time we get to bed?”
  • “Wait, wait, wait. Let me draw Zen in here, too.”
  • Jaehee bites her tongue to refrain from asking you to rethink your artistic interpretation of Zen. That’s a horse?! Please don’t tell me she’s saying that Zen is that horse.
  • “Look, Baehee! It’s Zen! He’s a pony because of his ponytail!”
  • Okay, now it’s definitely time for bed.
  • She’s gone crazy. The alcohol must be interfering with her memory…
  • “MC, let’s go to sleep now.”
  • “But why? Don’t you like my drawings?”
  • “Yes! But Zen would like this drawing even more! In fact, if you sleep now, maybe you can wake up early enough to catch him before his next rehearsal! In fact, I’ll join you!”
  • “Really?!”
  • “Yes! You’ve captured his likeness perfectly. He will be so glad to receive such a… lifelike portrait!”
  • You giggle before beaming back at her. “Okay! I’ll go get changed now. Don’t forget!”
  • Jaehee sighs and massages her temples.
  • I hope Zen will forgive me for this.


  • Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let you binge on all those sweets just because “A girl has to live every once in a while, OK?” 
  • He was getting drowsy, but you definitely weren’t. 
  • It was 1:30… You would typically be asleep by 11:00. 
  • As delightful as it was to see you acting so playful, you definitely didn’t giggle this much. Ever. And that half-crazed look in your eyes wasn’t normal either. 
  • You were totally on a sugar high. 
  • When you weren’t scrolling through memes or doubling over with laughter from the most insignificant of details, you would poke his cheek or tug on his shirt, asking him to feed you another bite of chocolate cake. 
  • It’s rare for Zen to be the one nagging you to go to bed. Still, he shakes his head and puts the plates away. “No, MC. It’s time to go to sleep. Don’t you have class tomorrow?”
  • “One more bite? Please~?” 
  • It takes everything in him to resist that pleading look on your face. Why does she have to be so cute? Maybe… No. No, Zen. Don’t give in. “Sorry, babe. Bedtime.” 
  • He turns to leave, but it takes him a few moments to realise that you haven’t been following along behind him. “MC?” Fuck! He walks back to the dining room. 
  • You’ve gone into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and were about to slice yourself another piece of cake. “NO!” 
  • He runs to the kitchen just before you’re about to take a bite, sweeping you into his arms bridal-style. “No! Zen! One more bite!” You struggle against him, but Zen only sighs and lifts you away.
  • He looks at you. “Be a good girl, please?” 
  • “But you always stay up this late…”
  • “Yeah, but you don’t.” 
  • Is surprised that he’s being the “responsible” one tonight. 
  • He tries to conceal his fatigue as he carries you up the stairs. Though, you’ve already taken notice of how tired his eyes look. 
  • “I guess I shouldn’t have had all that chocolate, huh?”
  • He laughs. “Maybe not.”
  • Zen smiles when kiss him on the cheek and say you’ll “be a good girl tonight” just for him. 


  • He doesn’t understand where all your energy is coming from.
  • He himself was exhausted from the party the two of you had just attended, yet here you are - multitasking like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Jumin has to admit that it takes some skill to be able to keep Elizabeth the 3rd fully occupied while simultaneously building a tower out of a deck of cards. 
  • However, he also thinks that your constant laughter coupled with the frantic way you’re running about is rather unusual. 
  • He finds it entertaining until you’re holding Elizabeth the 3rd up in the air the way Rafiki held Simba up on Pride Rock in the Lion King - it’s giving him flashbacks of Saeyoung and he definitely isn’t having any more of that. 
  • He gets up and pries Elizabeth free from your grasp. 
  • “But, Jumin! How can I make a card palace for Elizabeth if I can’t even tell if she’s going to fit in it?
  • “MC? Don’t you think it’s time to go to bed?”
  • You frown. “No.” 
  • “No?”
  • “I don’t think I can go to bed. There’s so much to do! Tell me- have you ever built a tower from marshmallows and uncooked pasta? Oh! I should make a tower for Elizabeth! Give her here, Jumin. Elizabeth~” 
  • Oh boy. He gets the idea you’ll be up to nonsense until morning if he doesn’t get you into bed now. Besides, he doesn’t want to see anyone rough-housing with Elizabeth - the poor thing looked terrified. 
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd and I will be going to bed now.”
  • “No!” You whine. “She’s meant to be the highlight of my creation.”
  • “It’s late, MC. Let’s get to bed. Please?” He watches you contemplate his suggestion before adding, “Bed, MC. Or I’ll make you.”
  • He meant for that line to imply some innuendo, so it’s a bit of a blow to his pride when you narrow your eyes at that last remark. How infuriating. Finally, he promises that Elizabeth the 3rd can sleep next to you if you agree to go to bed now. 
  • The enthusiasm at which you accept that concession almost makes him want to pout. Elizabeth over me…?
  • He realises he’s lost when you turn to him from the top of stairs and ask. “I really am feeling restless, Jumin. Should I take a shower? Or will you make me do that, too?” 


  • He doesn’t find anything unusual at first. Sure, he thought you were a bit more lively than usual - after all, trying to teach yourself how to juggle at 10:00 is a bit eccentric even for Saeyoung. 
  • But he knows something is off when you suggest doing pilates this late in the evening. He raises a brow at you. But… she hates physical activity…
  • Now you’ve stolen his glasses and are giggling at your own appearance in front of the mirror. Yeah, okay. She’s acting strange.
  • “MC? Why is the coffee pot empty?”
  • “I drank it all~” You reply, flashing him a satisfied smile. 
  • There’s no way he’s going to let you pull an all nighter. He’s experienced firsthand what you’re like when you’ve been deprived of sleep and he isn’t exactly fond of the zombie you become. 
  • Saeyoung tries to lure you to bed in a playful way. 
  • “Hey, MC! I’ve got a really good idea.”
  • You look up from the robot dog you’ve been decking out with ribbons. “What is it?”
  • “Let’s play a game.”
  • “Yes!”
  • “I’ll hide my glasses, and you’ll try to find them. The winner gets one free wish.” 
  • “You’re on!” 
  • He’s blind for the next hour and a half, but the effort wears you out. You had climbed bookshelves and crouched down to check the undersides of his sports cars - all to no avail. 
  • Saeyoung can’t believe his plan worked. He thought you would lose focus and set about doing some other silly task - like decking him out with ribbons, for example. 
  • He melts when he sees you yawning because the sight of it reminds him of a puppy. “Saeyoung? I think I lost.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • You rub your eyes. “Where are they? Your glasses? Aren’t you blind right now?”
  • “I am. But now that you’ve lost you have to grant my wish.”
  • “Hmph. Don’t say something corny like ‘be mine forever’. I’ll punch you.” 
  • Saeyoung laughs. I knew she’d say that. “No. For now Iet’s just get some rest. Okay?”
  • You nod and give him a thumbs up. “You’ve got it, Captain.” He tucks you into bed and settles in beside you, chuckling to himself as he removes his glasses from the back of your hoodie. 
How We Care

Originally posted by nctinfo

Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I might name OC, I don’t really like using (Y/N), It’s just a personal preferance, I have nothing against it. It’s getting difficult to keep using pronouns too, I guess it doesn’t really work for longer works.

Chapters: 나쁜 짓 | Cliché| Spotlight| How We Care

After a month of constant work she woke up to a sore body and a headache.

“Fuck.” She whispered to herself as she sat up. Reaching for her phone she dialed her assistant’s number.

“Yes ma’am?” She answered immediately.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to come in today. E-mail anything important that comes up today, I’ll finish them at home.” She raked her mind to recall anything important she had today.

“Ma’am you have a meeting scheduled with a Mr Naka.” She cursed but rolled her eyes at the very unsubtle alias.

“I’ll handle it.” She murmured more to herself.

“Ma’am are you unwell?” Her voice sounded concerned.

“It’s nothing, I just have a headache.” She gave a get well soon and she smiled.

“Oh one more thing?” Her assistant hummed, “Try to avoid Mr. Jung today.”

She took a long hot shower to unwind her muscles but it seemed to be a futile. She got out groaning somehow feeling worse, it was definitely a fever.

She dried her hair and sat down on the bed dialing Yuta’s number. He picked up after three rings.

“Yes?” His voice sounded distracted.

“Good afternoon Mr Naka.” She said as her lips tugged at the edges.

“Oh it’s you. Sorry I didn’t check the id.” His tone changed a little.

“You seem busy, sorry for distracting you.” She offered her best professional courtesy.

“Not at all. Tell me what do I owe this pleasure to?” She heard the smile in his voice, he was always smiling.

“I won’t be able to meet you today-.”

“Why?” He asked before she could finish making her huff in annoyance. She hated being interrupted.

“I won’t be able to meet you because, I may be ill. I don’t think I can go out.” She sighed at how stupid this all was.

“You may be ill?” He questioned.

“I am ill. That’s all I had to tell you Mr Nakamoto. I’ll call you when I-” He interrupted again.

“That’s fine. Just give me your address, I’ll come to you.” She frowned.

“There’s really no need for that, I’m not going anywhere.” She tried to show him logic.

“You haven’t given me anything in a month.” His voice sounded playful.

He toyed with a pen with a grin that didn’t leave his face, he was starting to enjoy teasing her a lot.

“Fine I’ll just meet you outs-”

“Don’t be stubborn.” She huffed again as he cut her off and his grin just grew wider,  “Just tell me where you live, It’s not like I’ll post it on the internet.” She mumbled a begrudging fine and hung up. As soon as he received the text he got up and grabbed his coat.

“Yuta!” A voice called him urgently. He turned around to see his colleague looking at him, “Where are you going?”

“I have a new lead, I’m going to go follow it up.” His colleague sighed at his words.

“I knew you’d forget.” Yuta only looked at her lost.

“I set you up on a date with my friend today?” She questioned him, trying to make him remember, “You asked me to do it you brat!” She threw a pen at him in annoyance.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to get this story. I’ll meet her in the evening.” He shifted in his spot, more restless than guilty. He walked away after finishing, not waiting for a reply.

An hour later Yuta stood in front of the door of an apartment, his palms somehow sweaty. He blamed the bag in his arms as he knocked on the door, but he couldn’t explain his dry mouth.

“Why do you not have a doorbell?” He asked as soon as the door opened. He stood back a second to take in the sight in front of him, there she stood in pajamas and a large jumper. Her hair was a mess and she was in glasses, sniffing as she wiped her nose. Yuta was so used to seeing her in precisely tailored clothes, heels and immaculate make up. He wasn’t expecting her being so human.

“I don’t need one. Plus the sound is obnoxious.” She said with a hoarse voice that made Yuta feel bad.

“It’s a good thing you’re really sick. I thought you were avoiding me.” He said with a laugh to lighten his own mood.

“You give yourself too much credit. Come in.” She moved out of the way for him to enter.

“I bought lunch.” He said raising the bag in his hand. He turned back when she didn’t respond to see an unknown expression on her face.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She said after a moment’s hesitation, he smiled in return.

While eating he noticed how tired she looked and how red her face was. He ate quietly, it was none of his business and he knew it but he chewed the inside of his cheek.

“Don’t you have anyone to take care of you?” She looked up at him like she was not expecting that question. She then looked like she didn’t even understand what he meant.

“You’re sick and you keep working.” He pointed at her open laptop on the table, “Don’t you have anyone who will make you something warm to drink and buy you medicine?” His eyebrows knit together and she felt more confused. He sounded almost angry. She couldn’t understand why.

“I took a painkiller after I woke up. And I can take care of myself.” She said with a confident voice.

“That’s not what I asked you. I don’t doubt that you can take care of yourself, I’m asking if you have someone who will take care of you anyway.” He understood that he was crossing a line but he couldn’t stop himself from speaking.

“No.” That’s all she said as her expression hardened. He picked up their empty bowls before she could get up.

“Go to bed. I’ll stay till you’re asleep and clean up for you.” He said with a tone that left no room for argument.

“Why are you doing this? Why do you care?” She asked baffled.

“I told you, you’re no use to me dead. Go to bed.” She was still baffled but she obeyed, not having the energy to fight.

Yuta finally sat down satisfied after the place looked organised. He finally picked up his phone and cursed, seeing a string of messages from the girl he was meant to meet today. He typed up a quick apology, stating he had a sudden emergency and then threw his phone to the side. He’d been waiting for this date for weeks, but now his life had suddenly been altered. He needed to prioritise now if he wanted to realise his ambitions and he knew who held the key to that.

He went to the store to pick up some fever medicine and ingredients for his grandmother’s udon soup. He remembered how his grandmother took care of him when he was sick, putting a moist towel on his forehead, feeding him her udon and telling him stories till he fell asleep.

He was busy cutting vegetables when he heard a loud knock. He walked up to the door and opened it, not expecting Jung Jaehyun to be on the other side.

“Who are you?” Jaehyun’s voice sounded annoyed.

“I’m a friend. I’m just taking care of her till she gets better.” He said cautiously, not knowing what he knew.

“Gets better from what?” His voice was bitter and laced with distrust.

“She has a fever, we were supposed to meet today to, uh, catch up.” Yuta laughed awkwardly.

“Where is she now?” He let out a frustrated groan.

“She’s asleep.” He raised a brow, “I’ll let her know her boss came when she wakes up. Yuta saw his expression hardened and he smiled.

“I need to know when my campaign manager can’t come to work, let her know that.” Jaehyun gave him a curt smile, “I didn’t catch your name by the way.”

“Nakamoto Yuta.” He extended his hand and Jaehyun shook it.

“Hope to see you again soon Yuta.” His voice was cold despite his words.

“Hopefully.” Yuta laughed.

She sat up as Yuta offered her a bowl. She took it and mumbled a groggy thanks and he chuckled.

“Did you make this?” She asked after having a taste. He nodded proudly and she gave him the same unknown look.

“You’re being so kind I don’t know what to say.” She mumbled with a shy voice, a blush sneaking up her cheeks.

“My grandmother told me that no grandson of hers should ignore women, children and the sick in need. You are two of those, I just don’t want to be disowned.” She chuckled at his declaration. Yuta decided he liked the sound.

After she finished he took the bowl away and came back with a glass of water and two pills. She let out an incredulous scoff but took the contents from his hands.

“Oh your boss came by before.” Yuta informed her like he remembered suddenly. She froze at his words, hesitating with what to say next.

“W-What did he want?” She was careful.

“I guess he wanted to know why you didn’t come to work today. He could have just called but I guess you deserve a little extra.” He laughed more to himself, she picked up her phone eagerly and lit up the screen. 57 missed calls and 17 messages.


She sighed and threw her phone onto the bed.

“You should have woken me up.” She groaned as she rubbed her forehead.

“I told him you were asleep, he didn’t ask me to wake you. He knows you need rest.” She wanted to scream. The guilt was eating at her, was he worried the whole day? Did he shout at everyone more than usual because he was annoyed at her? Was he afraid?

“It’s fine.” She lied, “I’ll call him tomorrow morning.” Yuta nodded.

“You call me cocky, yet you don’t even tell your boss you’re taking time off.” She smiled at that. He was right, maybe she did get a little cocky. He won’t exactly fire me.

She walked Yuta to the door as he instructed her on when to take her medicine.

“Thank you, for today.” She was overwhelmed but still her gratitude was genuine, “I’ve never had anyone take care of me like that.” Yuta couldn’t describe how his heart felt at those words.

“I’ll come back tomorrow to check on you.” He grinned at her.

“That won’t be necessary Yuta.” She said gravely and he laughed, ignoring the way his insides felt when he heard her say his name. He walked out of the building with a small smile on his face, noticing a car on the other side of the road. A bike passed by at that moment, illuminating a somewhat familiar face inside the car but Yuta was busy thinking of how maybe she wasn’t as daunting as she seemed.

Jaehyun watched as he watched the guy from earlier walked away from the building, he briefly glanced at his car but made no note of it. Jaehyun waited till he was gone completely to step out and walk into the building.

His knock on the door was answered by a smile that seemed to fade when she saw him.

“Expecting someone else?” He asked, his tone razor sharp.

“I was going to call you.” She avoided making eye contact, stepping aside as he stepped in and gently shut the door.

“When? After I get a call from the hospital?” He tried expertly to hide the misery in his voice, she noticed.

“It’s not that bad.” She backed away from him a little, the space suddenly suffocating.

“That was the guy from the gala right? The one you were talking to at the bar?” He moved closer as she moved away.

“Hm-n-yes.” She struggled with her words.

“I didn’t know you had any friends, or maybe I don’t know about this particular one.” He dropped his jacket on the floor.

“I-Jaehyun stop I’m sick you’ll catc-” She turned around to walk away but he already grabbed her and turned her around. Kissing her like a starved man, she tried to push him away but his body was much stronger and his mind was more unwavering. He guided her back till she dropped onto the couch. He stood over her watching as he loosened his tie, taking in the sight of her breathless and flushed. He sat down at the edge where her legs were, picking up one to place on the back on the sofa behind his neck, and one on his knees, situating himself salaciously between them.

He smirked at her as she watched him carefully, like a deer watching a tiger, wary of each move. He gently traced patterns inside her thigh, watching her bite down on her lower lip, still watching his face.

“I was so worried today.” He turned his head to kiss her leg, tracing his lips on the smooth skin, “I couldn’t focus on anything.” He turned to look at her once, satisfied she was still watching, “I finally decided to just come see you before I went insane sitting and waiting.” He continued to brush his lips against her soft skin as he traced patterns on the other leg.

“You could have just asked me assistant.” She winced when he suddenly bit down where his lips were, tracing his tongue over it after to soothe the pain.

“I did. She told me you told her not to say anything.” His hand moved up her thigh and down, breaking her skin into goosebumps.

“I was so irritated, I just wanted to come see you to settle my nerves.” His hands came up to her clothed heat, tracing up and down the slit in an infuriating pattern.

“But then some guy is at the door instead of you.” He pushed her underwear aside, “Talking to me like I’m some intruder, telling me he’ll pass on a message to you?” He chuckled darkly as he inserted one finger into her easily, making her gasp softly.

“I wanted to pull him out from here, show him his place.” Her back lifted off the sofa as he pumped harder.

“Announce exactly who I am to your friend.” He slid another finger in, curling them inside and making her mewl.

She heard the sound of her own blood rushing mixed with the sound of his fingers pumping in and out at an unbearable pace, she looked again to see him watching her, his eyes wild. He smiled down at her when he noticed her watching, his dimples prominent even from the strained angle.

She moaned his name.

“Say it again baby, I love hearing you say my name like that.” He kept up his pace and she said his name again.

“Just like that, just for me.” He pressed his thumb down on her clit and she came whimpering, breathless and satiated.

They stayed like that for a while before he quietly got up and noticed she was already asleep, he sighed and picked her up in his arms and took her to her bedroom. She groaned and writhed in his arms when he lifted her off the sofa.

“Go to sleep.” He said firmly and looked down to see her watching him. He smiled genuinely but she kept looking at him, then she lifted her hand and brushed it gently under his eyes.

“You look tired.” She said.

“So do you.” He countered.

“I’m sorry I made you worry today, I should have called.” He laughed, gently placing her on the bed.

“You must be really sick if you’re apologising to me.” He sat down at the edge and looked down at her lovingly, running his fingers through her hair like how he knew she liked it, “Do you want me to stay?” His voice was incredibly quiet. Like he was afraid of something breaking the bliss they were currently sharing.

“If you want to.”  She said but moved into the bed anyway. He only smiled and nodded.

“Your clothes are in the second drawer.” He got up and followed her instructions, emerging from the bathroom later in a t-shirt and joggers. He quietly slipped into bed after that and pulled her close to him, she knew that she was uncomfortably warm but Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind.

That’s Good to Know (Mark)

For: Anonymous

Prompt:   Mark joins you on a big family holiday, with fluff. (I didn’t know if you meant holiday as in vacation or holiday as in Christmas or New Year so I went Christmas)

When you’d asked Mark if he’d like to spend Christmas day with your family he’d been nervous to accept the invitation. You’d been dating for a while, almost six months, but with his busy work schedule you hadn’t yet had the chance to introduce him to your parents never mind the rest of your family and there you were asking him to meet them all at once. But he’d accepted, despite the nerves and now he was standing beside you, holding your hand in a vice like grip, a somewhat stiff smile on his face as you waited for your parents to answer their door.

“You’ll be fine.” You murmured, giving his hand a squeeze. You felt a little nervous too, your parents hadn’t been a huge fan of your last boyfriend, your brother and your grandmother hadn’t been either. But this was Mark, you reminded yourself, trying not to let the nerves show. You’d been younger then, your judgement hadn’t been the best. But you knew better now and Mark… Mark was everything your last boyfriend hadn’t been. He was kind and polite and respectful. He was perfect boyfriend material. Surely they would see that. “They’ll love you.” Not sure which one of you that you were trying to convince the most.

Mark turned to you, eyebrows raised. “And you know that for sure, do you?”

“Yes.” You insisted. If you liked him, there was no way they wouldn’t like him too but before you could tell him this you heard footsteps coming down the hall and you snapped your attention back to the door.

Mark did the same, forced smile back on his face.

And it was your mother who answered.

“Y/N.” She exclaimed, immediately pulling you into a hug. You felt Mark reluctantly let go of your hand and you returned the hug, wrapping your arms around your mother and squeezing her tight. Your own work schedule was almost as busy as Mark’s and it felt like forever since you’d last seen her.

And then she was letting you go and you were taking a step back. “Mum, this is Mark.” You told her, gesturing to your boyfriend. “Mark, my mum.” You said next, nodding at the woman in front of you.

“It’s nice to meet you Ma’am.” Mark said, bobbing his head respectfully.

For a second your mum said nothing and you caught Mark scuff one shoe across your doorstep, obviously worried. “Ma’am.” She repeated at last and for a second you thought she might be offended. And then she smiled. “Well aren’t you precious.”

“Um…” Mark mumbled, obviously unsure of how to take that. “… thank you?” he ventured.

“You’re welcome.” She said, still smiling brightly. “It’s nice to meet you too.” She stepped back from the door and gestured down the hallway. “Come on in.”

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Your mum was smitten. She kept saying things like “He’s adorable” and “Isn’t he sweet” whenever she thought he wasn’t listening. And she was right. Mark was adorable and he was sweet. You just didn’t know if that was enough to endear him to your brother and your father. Adorable and sweet didn’t appeal to them as much as it appealed to her.

But you needn’t have worried. When your brother asked the question “Do you follow basketball?” and Mark had answered with an enthusiastic yes that was your brother sold. He was a simple man.

Your dad had taken a little longer to come around. All Mark got out of him for a while were one word answers, curt nods and the odd brusk question about his line of work. But you’d been expecting that, you knew that was what was worrying him the most, Mark’s profession. When your relationship went public he knew you’d be under scrutiny too and he didn’t like that idea, he’d told you so more than once. And he didn’t like the fact that Mark had so many other admirers, so many fans, all telling him how great he was. Wouldn’t that go to his head, make him arrogant? You’d argued of course, told him Mark wasn’t like that. He had his head screwed on properly, he was mature for his age, sensible. Your dad hadn’t listened.

It was over dinner that his attitude began to thaw. Mark had started talking about how much he missed spending the holidays with his family. He’d started singing his own parents’ praises and boasting about how amazing his brother and sisters were. He’d pulled out his phone so he could show your mother and grandmother pictures of his nieces. Using your phone at the dinner table was usually a no in your house but they’d asked. And when your mother and grandmother were done cooing over how cute his nieces were your dad had taken a look too before handing the phone back to Mark, the stony look he’d had on his face since you’d both arrived softening.

Then dinner was over and Mark well and truly earned himself a spot in your dad’s good books by offering to help your mother clear the table and fetch dessert. Your mum had tried to refuse the offer but Mark had insisted saying she must have been cooking all day and it was the least he could do and she’d given in.

“He seems very down to earth.” Your dad had said when Mark was out of earshot and you knew right then that Mark had won him over, coming from your dad that was a huge compliment.

And with your mum, dad and brother all on side the only person left to impress was your grandmother. Your grandmother, being your favourite person on the planet was the person you wanted to warm to Mark the most. She was incredibly important to you and as such you wanted her to get to know your know your boyfriend, to get to like him. But your grandmother was notoriously hard to read and other than tell him how cute his nieces were she hadn’t said much over dinner. You just hoped she’d decide she liked him before the day was over. If she didn’t that wasn’t going to make you like Mark any less but it would be upsetting. 

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

A few hours later and Mark was sitting beside your grandmother on the couch. Your grandmother had a family photo album open in her lap and was showing him pictures of your brother and yourself when you were children. You watched them from the doorway with interest. Mark was giving her his full and undivided attention and your grandmother was clearly in her element. They looked completely comfortable in each other’s company and you couldn’t help smiling.

“So Grandma seems to like him.” Your brother said from behind you and you jumped slightly, your hand going to your chest.

“Yeah, she seems to.” You agreed, ignoring the amused look on your brother’s face. Sneaking up behind people wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever.

“Mum and Dad do too.” He added.

“I guess.” You said, your gaze going back to your boyfriend. Your mum was sitting beside him now, reaching over him to point to one of the pictures in the album your grandmother was still holding, your dad sitting in an armchair to their left. You watched as he said something and Mark smiled, not the forced smile he’d used on your mum when she’d answered the door earlier, this smile was wide, genuine. Then Mark nodded, said something in reply and your dad laughed. You felt your heart swell. He was surrounded by your family and he looked at home. He looked like like he fit.

“You really like him, don’t you?” your brother said quietly.

You’d been so caught up in watching Mark that you’d almost forgotten he was there. “Yes.” You said, not able to tear your gaze away from the scene in front of you. “I really like him. He makes me happy.” You admitted. It wasn’t something you’d voiced aloud yet but you more than liked him, you loved him and you were so incredibly glad your family were on their way to loving him too.

“That’s good to know.” Your brother said, apparently satisfied. “As long as it stays that way then I’m okay with him sticking around.”

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and repeated the words “That’s good to know,” instead. Mark didn’t need his permission to stick around, that was up to you, but you appreciated it, it was nice to hear.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“See, you had nothing to worry about.” You said as Mark pulled out of your driveway. Your grandmother especially had been reluctant to let him leave, telling him he was welcome to visit her any time. “I told you they’d love you, didn’t I?”

“Love’s a strong word.” Mark said, “but yeah, they didn’t seem to hate me, that’s something.”

You shook your head. He’d never been the best at taking a compliment but that was ridiculous even for him. “I know my family.” You informed him. “Believe me, they loved you.”

“If you say so.” Mark said, still unconvinced.

“My dad thinks you’re ‘a down to earth young man’,” he’d said it again as you’d been getting ready to leave, Mark had really left an impression on him if he’d said it twice in one day, “my brother didn’t try to warn you off, my grandma kept telling me to make sure you eat properly and I’m pretty sure my mum is almost as in love with you as I am.” You finished as you pulled up at a red light.

“Really?” Mark asked, turning to look at you.

And it was only then you realised exactly what you’d just said. ‘Almost as in love with you as I am’… that was tantamount to a confession. You felt your face flush red. “Um… yes?” you ventured, not sure how Mark was going to take it, or if he’d even noticed what you’d said. Maybe he hadn’t, maybe you were safe…

“And just how in love with me are you?” he asked. His tone of voice was light but you couldn’t quite decipher the look on his face.

You could tell him that it was just a figure of speech… or you could tell him the truth. You took a deep breath and decided to go for it, if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear after six months of dating then it probably wasn’t something he was going to want to hear ever. “I’m ridiculously in love with you.” You admitted, the words coming out in a rush. You really were. When you were together you were blissfully happy, when you were apart you couldn’t stop thinking about him. You loved him, there was no denying it.

“Seriously?” he said, his expression still unreadable.

“Seriously.” You told him.

“Good.” He said, and noticing that the light in front of you had turned green he moved his attention back to the road.

“Good?” you echoed. Good? You’d told him you loved him and all he could say was good?

“Hmm.” Mark hummed with a nod as you left the traffic lights behind you and you continued on your way. “That’s good to know.”

Was he serious? “Glad I could help.” You said shortly, irritation mounting. Why wasn’t this as much of a big deal to him as it was to you? He might not love you but you’d thought he at least cared about you. That hadn’t been the reaction of someone who cared.

It was a good five minutes before either of you broke the tension that was mounting between you and Mark was the one to break it. “It’s good to know…” he said quietly, “… because I love you, a lot and I didn’t know if you felt the same way. You do though, so that’s nice.” And with a cough he leant forward and turned on the car radio.

Relief washed over you. When he hadn’t responded the way you’d thought he would you’d thought a break up was on the horizon. Your family had only just gotten to know him, they’d have been devastated. And then his choice of words caught up to you. “Nice? That’s the best you can do?” you asked, unable to help a smile.

“Yes, nice.” Mark grumbled, not appreciating your teasing tone on the slightest. “Do you want me to take it back?”

“No…” you said quickly, smile widening. He was obviously embarrassed and that was adorable. “… no. Nice is good. I’ll take nice.”

“Good because that’s all you’re getting.” Mark told you, doing his best to sound gruff but the flicker of a smile that accompanied the words let him down. He was happy as you were right now, you could tell.

A Mystic Meeting

Title: A Mystic Meeting aka the Mystic Messenger ficlet no one asked for and I still wrote

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Zen
Word count: 6760

Summary: In which Rika actually dies (rotten bitch), V befriends MC and makes her a new member of the RFA, no drama happens, MC has multiple months to plan the event and actually get to know the characters and yet they never meet in that time…until they do. Enjoy.

It had been many months since MC had joined the RFA – almost half a year at this point! - and yet no one but V had met the mysterious girl and new organizer of their infamous parties. Sure enough she was added to the chat room and everyone was allowed to talk to her through texts and call, yet all the boys and Jaehee were more than eager to finally be able to put a face to the tender voice on the other side of the line, to the kind words and encouragement on the screen. Hell, the girl didn’t even have her own emoticons! The RFA members had nothing to go by and V was always cryptic about her, never revealing anything about how MC might look. At first everyone was rather frustrated about it, especially Yoosung.

Since Rika died he’s even more secretive. It’s not fair!!!
Calm down, Yoosung. I’m sure he has a reason.
Maybe MC just doesn’t want us to know what she looks like…
I don’t believe that. Why wouldn’t she want us to know?
Maybe she’s really ugly?

I can’t believe you!
No Lady is ugly!
Yes, Zen’s right!

Hold on a moment…
Didn’t you do a background check on her, Seven?
Yes, so?
Shouldn’t you know what she looks like?

V refused to let me look into those files!

So what you’re saying is, you don’t know what she looks like either?
We’re in the same boat for once?

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Barry and Iris, Through The Years #2 "Pillowtalk"

Iris and Barry have a little heart to heart after their first time

Barry pulled Iris into his chest and laid a tender kiss on her forehead. Their skin was slick with sweat, still covered in the afterglow of their dalliance, but he wanted her as close as possible.

Iris placed a thoughtful hand to his chest, right over his heart.

The rhythm was so fast, it knocked against her hand. If Barry wasn’t a speedster, it would be cause for concern. Now, it’d just become a facet of who he was; another thing added to the list of thing that made him special.

Barry placed his hand on top of her own and gave it a tiny squeeze. She smiled until her eyes met his face. He lay there, stone-faced, staring at the ceiling.

“Are you okay, Barr?” Iris asked. Maybe this had been a mistake.

“Yeah…I’m good,” he said half-heartedly.

“Okay” is what she said but, “Was it good?” was what she thought. This had not been her first rodeo. Nor had it been his. But it had been their first time together.

It had been the first time, they had ever physically expressed their love for each other. It had been the first time, they’d ever seen each other at their most vulnerable, feral stage.

The transition from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend had been the most natural thing in the world. Iris loved Barry endlessly, had for many years. At first, she didn’t want to believe that her love for him had developed into something more, but eventually, she couldn’t deny it.

But the thought of becoming lovers had terrified her. Kissing was one thing, but crossing that line, and allowing herself to be completely open to him was another.

It wasn’t an easy thing; stripping away their safeguard and succumbing to their physical desires. It’s not that she hadn’t wanted to; she had, more than anything. She burned with fire for Barry, and it had been hard to resist him for as long as she had. But this made things real.

Before, they’d had the guise of chastity to protect them. They had taken things, agonizingly slow. If it all went wrong, they would probably be able to bounce back from it. Now that sex was involved, things would never be the same between them. If their relationship didn’t work out, their friendship might not ever feel familiar again.

“What’s wrong?” Barry asked, her silence making him uncomfortable. “Did she not like it?”

Barry had only ever had two serious girlfriends. And even though he had a working knowledge of anatomy, he always questioned himself when it came to sex. And those were regular women. This was Iris”

“Iris?” He asked again. He really wished she’d say something.

“Was it good, baby? Was I good?” Iris blurted out, worry evident on her face.

“You were amazing, Iris. It was mindblowing.”

Her face softened. “I was worried.”

Barry chuckled in disbelief. “Worried?”

“I know it sounds silly. But I was worried that you wouldn’t like it. That I wouldn’t be able to satisfy you.”

“Iris, that’s crazy thinking.”

Iris sat up on the bed and pulled the sheets up to cover her bare chest.

“Not really. Barry, you have had years to build up this fantasy of us. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live up to it.“

You gotta admit that’s a lot of pressure,” she added.

Barry laughed again. “Don’t you know that no fantasy I’ve ever had could compare to what we just shared..and you’re right I have loved you for years. But it just amplified the experience.”


“Yes. I didn’t know that I could feel that good. You’re breathtaking. Your body-” He couldn’t even find the words.

“I was worried too,” he added, after a moment.

Iris laughed this time. “Why?”

“I mean, I-”

“Am perfect.” Iris interrupted. “You were so loving and tender with me, Barry. You are an amazing lover.”

Blood rose to Barry’s cheeks. He hated that he’d had to ask. But she had been so damn quiet the whole time. And she wouldn’t even look at him.

“Seriously? I couldn’t tell if you were enjoying yourself.”

“Barry,” she said, an heir of embarrassment in her voice, “I was soaked. You definitely satisfied me, baby.”

Barry bit back a smile. He had been worried about finishing prematurely, but it had been Iris who came first, soaking him and their bed sheets. Still, as a scientist, he knew that physical arousal didn’t always equate pleasure. Hearing her confirm that she was satisfied was like music his ears.

“Well, I’m glad,” he said, relieved.”

“You had doubts? Why?”

“Well, you wouldn’t look at me. And you didn’t moan. Like at all.”

“I was holding them in!.” Her words came out in a roaring laugh, way louder than she’d intended them too.

Barry laughed too .“Why?”

“Because! I–“


“I was afraid that you wouldn’t like how I sounded. Or that you wouldn’t like my sex faces.”

“Iris-” he said, in astonishment “. I’d love anything about you. And that’s not a lie. “

“I mean, I know but-”

“No buts.”

Barry sat up, and pulled her onto his lap, allowing the sheet that was covering her to fall away. He bit his lip at the sight of her bare chest and slid his hands down her waist.

“Iris West, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. There’s nothing you could ever do to turn me off. “

” Aww, baby, do you mean that?“

"More than anything.” He took her arms and placed them around his neck and, once again, slid his hands down her slender frame.

“Let’s try this again… If you’re up to it, of course.”

“I think I am.”

“And this time, no holding back. I wanna see your sex faces,” he said before he brought his mouth to hers.

She laughed against his teeth. “Deal”

“For what it’s worth, your O face is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen” Iris added, once they parted.

Barry chuckled. “Good to know. I couldn’t have hidden it if I tried”

You can also read and comment on AO3. PLEASE let me know what you think. Thanks! :)

DA Fic: Six Things Varric Left Out of The Tale of the Champion

I was trying to sort out a sense of Jocelyn Hawke and Varric’s relationship over time, so I wrote a series of DA2-era scenes.

Basically Varric’s impressions of Hawke with a lot of buried pining.

Varric POV, one-sided (for now) Varric/Hawke, eventually background Hawke/Anders.

One: First Impressions

“So,” Varric’s new prospective partner says. “That was a pretty good show you put on for us.”

Varric tilts his head and looks up at her, startled but keeping his cool. She’s bracing one elbow against the table, leaning toward him, with a sly grin on her face and a glint in her eye. She’s got a sharp face — pointed chin, angular cheekbones — and her eyes are an unusual blazing blue-green. Not a classic beauty, but a striking face, under the smudges of dirt and the messy dark hair flopping into her eyes. Hawke has an interesting reputation already; the mismatched, well-worn armor attests to that, but her face is even more interesting than Varric would have expected. She looks like she belongs in a story.

“What show?” he asks casually, settling back into his chair.

Hawke scoffs. “Don’t give me that.”

At Hawke’s side, her sister stirs nervously. “Let’s not…” she says before trailing off, teeth worrying at her lower lip. She’s a little shorter than her sister, her face a little softer and rounder; the same dark hair, but in smooth waves, tied back with a bit of bright ribbon. Most would call her prettier than her elder sister, but to Varric’s eye, she’s less vivid. More inclined to fade into the background, he’d wager. Not that he’d blame her, considering what he’s heard about her.

“It’s all right,” he says, with a reassuring smile, and Bethany smiles back, shyly. A dimple breaks the soft line of her cheek, a bit of unexpected sunshine in Corff’s dingy taproom. “I’m just curious what makes you think that was a show.”

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