yes good i love how this came out

yes or no?

yes, we came from the darkness,
with only matches to light our way. they flickered
with every tiny gust that whispered across us
but we faced hurricanes and emerged, still holding the flames. 

yes, i let you in because i couldn’t bear to keep you out.
you took hold of a heart that forgot how to beat
and taught it how to draw breath with all of the starlight inside you.

yes, i love you. no, i won’t say it.

yes or no?

no, don’t leave, the air is brittle and cold
and so am i, but you make me want to be warm.
i think i could find the sun in your smile if you stay long enough.

no, i won’t let them take you
when i only just found myself in your eyes. 

no, this isn’t the end. this is our start. you claimed us as home
and a beginning has never tasted as sweet
to a tongue so used to bitterness.

YES OR NO? // l.s.

Inktober Day 11 - The Orpheus Family

Complete with Simba.

Happy Birthday Ruko!!!

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Thank you guys for letting me use your beautiful Rukos<33 

I met Daveed and I was super starstruck the only thoughts in my mind were 1) so pretty up close 2) so talented 3) I have read so much dirty fanfic about you
Fortunately I only said 2
He is so brilliant, y'all. I was blown away by how fast he raps and how good he was with the crowd and how easy he was to talk to after. He just came out into the crowd and spent a good half hour chatting with people. I made him laugh which was unbelievable and the Smile is even better when it’s happening a foot away from your face


Cute fluff with a bit more focus on Yoosung’s thoughts! Struggled a bit with this one, trying to phrase it right, but I like how it came out.

Yoosung x Reader

Yoosung can’t tear his eyes away from you. Gosh, you’re pretty. Pretty gorgeous. Has he told you how amazing you look today? Not that you don’t look amazing every day. But he can’t get over the way you’re your hair perfectly frames your face and how you make those clothes look so good.  And when you smile, yes just like that, his stomach does belly flops from a mile high diving board. He’s falling in love all over again. He can’t help it. You’re just so… beautiful.

He’s never denied that physical attraction was important to him. But he got so attached through just the messenger that, and he remembers it well, he had told himself it wouldn’t matter. You were beautiful on the inside. And then you met, and he realized you were absolutely stunning on the outside.

His eyes are glued to your lips. Technically, your smile. But your lips are tantalizing, just begging him to kiss them. And they’re moving.

Oh. You’re saying something.

“Yoosung? Earth to honey~” you chirp.

Honey. God, he loves hearing you say that. It makes pleasant shudders ripple through his entire being and he could listen to you say ‘honey’ for the rest of his life without complaints. Your lips are moving and he can’t look away, not even for a second.

He swallows down the nervousness in his gut and inches closer to you. “Can I hold your hand?” he murmurs.

Your laugh swallows him whole and he glances up at your eyes, lit up so bright and cheerful. A tiny nod is all the permission he needs and he grabs, greedy, wanting, at your hands.

For a moment that satiates his needs. This is enough. More than enough. He tries to tell himself that over and over but it’s not working. So his Adam’s apple bobs and he stares intensely into your (so beautiful how is he not drowning in them) eyes, and asks… “Can I hug you?” He doesn’t move from tracing your palm with his fingers, waiting for permission.

You lean closer to him, enough for him to inhale your smell, and it’s driving him nuts. “You can hug me,” you say. You’d make a great voice actor. Your voice is nice and soothing, a balm to his soul.

He hopes you know how wonderful you are. He loves holding you, pulling you close to him and wrapping around you. His heart is pounding so hard it’s painful but he doesn’t dare move away. You need to know that his heart beats for you. That it races when you’re around. That you mean so much to him that he could die. He buries his face into your hair and stills, relaxing in your presence and your scent.

He’s fairly certain he can fall asleep like this. Part of him wants to drag you to bed for some much-needed cuddles. He’s about to ask when you speak instead. “Yoosung?”

“Y-Yes?” God. Damn. He loves the way you say his name, and when you pull away to look at him, his stare is drawn to your lips. You’re biting them, and every movement is too much; he’s too aware of the way your tongue peeks out to lick your lips. He doesn’t even realize that he’s leaning closer to your face, eyelids fluttering. Only when your noses are touching and your breath is hot on his lips does he realize. “Can I kiss you?”

Your smile is a weapon that should be handled more carefully. “Of course,” and he’s certain you know it. You have him wrapped around your little finger and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You fit perfectly in his arms and he doesn’t have to bend too much to press his lips to yours. When he moves to pull away, you follow. It’s too much. With a flush, Yoosung only parts when he’s completely out of breath, panting for air.

He bumps his forehead to yours, steadying himself in your arms. Before, he’d always feel so restless, trying to find something to do with himself. But here with you, he feels relaxed. Normal. Content. He loves it. “Can I love you?” he asks.

You’re always so obvious about your laughter – even when you try to contain it, he can see the shakes in your shoulders. “Well, you promised you would when you married me~”

Your smile is contagious.

Yoosung thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world; the way you smile, the way your eyes light up, the tangled mess of your hair when you wake up beside him… “Is that a yes?” he mumbles, offering another shy peck to your cheek.

“Yes. It’s a yes.”

His eyes brighten and he leans in with more fervor, squeezing you around the waist. His head ducks into the crook of your neck as he drops kisses all over your face, your jaw, your shoulders. “I love you, wifey!” And he couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Bonkalore did an amazing illustration of Saladin and I’m just in awe how it came out. Everything from the expression to the movement, the items in the room, all the nice details on the feathers, hookah, and pillows, and just the feel of the scene and how nice and intimate it is. Bless ya Bonka! 

seagoddessmai  asked:

OK Chelsea Momma can we just talk about how good our kings looked in these damn teaser pics?! Like OMG!! SLAY THIS SHIT BABIES!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ at the same time though...YOUNG...FREAKING...JAE!!!! I have NEVER!! EVER!! seen him in any way but a pure lovable angel ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. Until his teaser pics came out...And now I'm all like...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’—โค๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜“...Almost gave me a damn heart attack!! Like they fucking up my bias list real quick!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚



My OTP is not canon, but I don't care and stop telling me otherwise

Well we all know about “Trials of Apollo” and stuff, Solangelo being canon, right? And I completely understand people fangirling (fanboying?) over it, screaming, drawing love, painting comics, writing fanfiction.
I’m actually pretty happy with it, too. I mean, a children’s, or a teenagers book with open gay stuff, how cool is that! And, yes, Solangelo is kind of cute, sunshine and darkness, softness and sarcasm, they are surely good together.

But, please, for Hades sake. STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO SHIP.

I deeply, truly ship Percico. I have zero hopes that they actually will be together, but that doesn’t stop me from creating a thousand AUs in my head. Percy and Nico has been my OTP since “Son of Neptune” came out, and that’s not going to change. I have my preferences with Percy over Will, and I have this kind of childish belief in “first true love”, when your first love should be happy and beautiful. At least in books. Or arts. Or just anything.

But ever since the “Hidden Oracle” came out, every time I say anything about Percico, every fan of the fandom, - at least those I’ve met - is deeply offended, and they are almost screaming in my ears like seagulls “SOLANGELO! CANON!!! SHIP SOLANGELO!!! ITS OFFICIAL!”

Calm down. I know.
But the thing is - I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care. I surely respect your ships and canon, I’m not going to argue and prove stuff, I just want to ship what I want.
Respect other ships, respect others opinions. Thank you.

Hopeless Romantic in the Rain

In which you and Simon confess to each other whilst running around in the rain.

Requested? Yes. 4 times lol. i love you all. 

Do you ever notice how much you really like someone? Like, you may not have noticed it before, but suddenly they do something and bam, you just realised you’ve got feelings for them. As if it came out of nowhere. And now you can’t help but stare into his blue eyes and stop thinking as he talks to you about what he loves, and all you can imagine is him talking like that about you. For me, it’s kinda weird, because we’re really good friends.

Simon had taken me out for dinner today. I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed myself. I really enjoy his company; he’s funny, his kind, he’s generous and he’s a gentleman. He even payed for the entire night.

‘Can I take you somewhere before we go home?’ He asked me with a small smile, his dimples still showing in his cheeks.

'Yeah!’ I was bouncing with excitement. We ran out of the restaurant after we paid, seeing as it was raining, and threw ourselves into his black rover so that we didn’t get completely drenched.

'Oh my god, I’m so unfit.’ Simon laughed, resting his hand on his stomach and the other on the steering wheel. He was panting from the 20 meter sprint, and some of his blonde hair was now stuck to his forehead.

'No you’re not. Trust me, if there’s one person who’s unfit, it’s me.’ I told him and we both laughed. 'Turn the car on! Please! I’m cold!’ I urged him. I was freezing, even though it was summer and I was wearing my raincoat.

'Turn the car on? You mean the engine? The heating?’ He asked, making me sound stupid.

'You know what I mean!’ I shouted playfully and he turned the key around in order to start the engine. I immediately pressed the chair warmer button thing, feeling my bum heat up instantly.

I sighed happily as I sunk into the passenger’s seat. 'Better?’ He asked, changing gears and beginning to drive. I loved the sound of the harsh summer rain batting against the roof of the car.

'Definitely,’ I giggled. Within moments, we were on the highway and I had no idea where he was taking me.

'There’s still rain running down my forehead,’ Simon chuckles but kept his beautiful blue gaze on the road ahead. I looked sideways to see a couple of raindrops trickle down his face from the hair that was plastered to his forehead.

'Here,’ I leaned over and pulled my fingers through his hair softly so that his hair returned to its usual, perfectly styled quiff.

'Thank you,’ He said warmly. I was so tempted to kiss the dimple in his cheek right there and then, but he was driving, and I didn’t know how he’d react.

Simon’s Point of View

My mind was going wild. Wild with thoughts about her. I repeated her little giggle over and over again, making me smile subconsciously.

'What are you smiling about?’ She asked, bringing me back to reality. I couldn’t believe she was sitting next to me in my car after we had just gone out on a date.

'Nothing,’ I lied. She took my word and went silent again, only for her to turn up the volume on whatever song was playing on the radio. I loved how comfortable she made me feel. It’s like I could really be myself around her.

I don’t know how to explain how I feel about her. It’s just overwhelming. It’s like she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Everything she does makes me want to hug her, to squeeze her to death because  she’s just that adorable, or to cover her flawless face in kisses. I hope it’s not too obvious I like her.

She didn’t know where I was driving to, but I knew she’d like it. I already knew she’s a hopeless romantic.

Y-N’s Point of View

He parked the car infant of a huge park. Obviously, there was nobody here right now because it was raining so hard. You could almost see each individual raindrop hitting the grass, causing mud to splutter around it. Usually, there would be dogs running around chasing each other, and couples going for runs together, or small families enjoying a family barbecue.

I heard Simon unbuckle his seatbelt next to me, and then felt him lean over to unbuckle mine.

'Are you serious?’ I laughed at him, staring at the weather outside.

'It’s what you’ve always wanted to do, right? To stand outside in the pouring rain and run around without a care?’ He asked. I looked into his eyes, which were full of hope, and felt my heart flutter for a brief second.

'You know me too well,’ I smirked. And with that, I flung the car door open and ran outside into the grass. I loved the sound the soaked grass made underneath my boots. I had my hood on, but as I kept running in the rain, the wind pushed it back, allowing the rain to make my hair drip.

'Come here!’  I heard Simon giggle, running after me. I squealed and ran faster just to get away from him. The rain was dripping down my face, probably ruining the little makeup I had applied. But right now, I didn’t care. All that mattered is that I was doing something I’d always dreamed of doing, and I was doing it with Simon.

Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped around my waist and picked me up into the air. I was twirled around, and then turned so I was facing Simon, who’s hair was also completely ruined by now.

'You look cute,’ I laughed. I didn’t even think before the words came out of my mouth.

'So do you, Y-N.’ Simon chuckled and put me down, keeping his arms around my waist. My heart was beating insanely fast.

And as if it was a dream, I watched his eyes flutter closed before I did the same thing. I could feel his breath warm up my face slightly as I was engulfed in his smell. His lips pressed against mine in the most memorable kiss. This was happening. Simon Minter was kissing me.

His lips locked with mine repeatedly, and I never wanted it to end. Fireworks were going off in my chest and my stomach and my veins were tingling with excitement. I wrapped my arms around his neck, then tangled my fingers through his wet hair, pulling him closer to me, getting completely lost in the moment.

We both pulled away at the same time, breathless, looking into each others eyes.

'I love you so much,’ He whispered, his pink lips brushing against mine lightly as he spoke. A smile spread across my lips, and I felt as if I was glowing with happiness.

'I love you too,’ I whispered back. It felt good to be completely honest with him.

He held me tightly, pressing his body against mine as he hugged me, his face buried in the curve of my neck and collarbone. I felt him press light kisses to my soft skin, causing goosebumps to form in my neck and on my arms. I closed my eyes contently.

I was rly proud of this one :)

I posted this when I first started this blog, but reposting now just because I kinda love how some things came out … like Lauren’s face. She has kinda quirky bone structure and this is really the first time I felt like I really got it. I also love her her blouse came out, how the fabric moves and there’s a sense of depth. Sometimes that’s hard for me when painting fabric, so I was thrilled it worked so well (yes, these are things artists obsess over). I also lurve Lauren’s hair, how it lays and falls. Sometimes, I’m tempted to go back and do a bit more work because Bo feels not quite as successful (though it’s a good likeness). The background, meanwhile, was a happy accident. I had no idea what I was going to do and started pulling some stuff from my old photos for ideas and found a pic of an old wall and falling in stone staircase. That got duped, flipped, lots of color and contrast play, more paint and voila. To me it evokes wings and crossed swords…which just seems perfect for Bo.

My mum’s reaction to Growl:

-They’re all very good at singing
-*after I pointed out their AMAZING DANCING* Well yes, but their singing is better
-But.. how do you understand what they’re saying?

-Yeah they’re very good looking

-Which one is your favourite? (me: *sweats cause they’re all bias wreckers*)

-*when the rap came on and they did that flippy thing* Oh my gosh!

-*video ends* Well that was interesting

-But I see why you like them

My dad’s reaction to Love Me Right:

-*Is low-key judging me and my music taste*

-Well, they’re not Queen are they? *walks out dramatically*