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BTS reacting to you sexting them - vocal line

bts reacting ♥ to you sexting them ✿ rap linevocal line

Jin: It was always something about his face and his smile, an invisible veil of purity that had you mistake him for an angel. Jin was one the most handsome, or even the most handsome, men you have ever seen. 

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Poetry and Panties

Word count: 1,824

Warning: smut, blowjob, fingering, fluff!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: It’s your one year anniversary with Cas and the night starts off really lovely and cute but then things get heated in a competition to come before the pizza arrives.

Tags:   @badwolfy08

A/N: Thank you everyone for 100 followers! This is the celebration fanfic, and if you don’t like the smut, the fluff is at the start which is pretty cute so I hope you enjoy!

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Tonight you had something special planned for you and your boyfriend Cas. It was your 1 year anniversary, but you two had been best friends for long before that because you had been hunting with the Winchesters since before Cas arrived. Cas had been an amazing best friend and boyfriend for the past year but you hadn’t got a lot of date nights due to the release of Amara and Cas being possessed by Lucifer for a while, and you didn’t need date nights as per say but you always enjoyed spending a night alone with Cas.

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Alec looked a little nervous in the first gif, as if contemplating whether his idea was good or not. Then he approached Magnus and he smiled a little wider and I can imagine him thinking “Yes, yes.”

And can we appreciate how Magnus didn’t even lean at Alec. He just waited expectantly for Alec to make the move.

Their smiles light up my day.  

Until the preview came out, of course /flips tables

BTS reaction to their daughter wants to marry them

Anonymous said :

Can I have BTS reaction when their 5-year-old daughter says she’s gonna marry them when she’s grownup because they are just so perfect? Thank you 😘

Hi darling~thanks for requesting !’s your requested ship and I hope you like it >< .

P.S : I read it ( 3-year-old ) ,I don’t know if this affects but in case you found something strange ;) .

Jin :

Jin’s daughter was setting on her father’s lap while he was doing for her a braid she asked him to do ,why ? ..because she is her dad’s model and bestfriend ,and he will never refuse an order from her ! .

She stood in front of the mirror to see what her dad made ,but she was so short to even see her forehead ,Jin came and held her up between his arms .She looked at her hair and smiled brightly ,that smile which lights Jin’s day and make him the happiest father ever .She looked at him and kissed his cheek , with a childish keen tone she said :

“ You are the best daddy ever !” ,that made Jin look proudly at himself in the mirror .

“aren’t I ? ..and now ,because I’m your perfect dad ,what will you do for me ?” He said with warm eyes as he kissed her chubby cheeks .

“what I will do ? ..ummm ” she said while looking at her fingers ,it’s a habit to look at her fingers and move them randomly while thinking ,that was the cutest thing Jin has ever seen .Then ,with wide eyes and a huge smile she said .

“I’m going to marry you when I am 23 !” ..she said while pointing at his nose .He had that shocked face and weird smile ,then put her on the ground .

“ohh babe ,I know I’m that pefect and you won’t find someone like me but .. you can’t marry me ! know why ? ,because you will be always your perfect dad’s princess ! ,let’s make some cupcake !” .

Suga :

When Suga has to make or produce a new song ,it’s so normal to see his daughter next to him in the studio ,because it’s her favorite time ,and he likes to spend time and share his achievements with her ! .She was on his lap that day when he finished making the song and decided to let her play with the piano or ,teach her how .While pressing randomly on the keys and laughing at every sound she was hearing ,she asked him .

“daddy ? know how to play on this thing ?” ..she asked while looking up at him ,so he looked back at her .

“yes baby-girl ,this thing called the piano ,and those are the keys ,and I think I can play for you anything you want !” She smiled widely and looked admiringly at him .

“ohh ,really ? you can play that song in Tom and Jarry ? ” she asked while waiting for his answer with wondering eyes .

“yes I can ,listen to this ! ” , he started playing professionally and she was so shocked yet so happy because of his skills .She hugged him the moment he finished ,so he did back ,then looked at him and said :

“can I marry you ? so you can play it for me everyday before I go to bed ? ” ..she said in an innocent way ,so his gummy smile suddenly showed up .

“and why ? ..I can play it for you everyday before you go to sleep even if you didn’t marry me ” he said while playing with her hair and smiling ,so she pouted .

“NOO ,I’m going to marry you ! ” she said while burying her face in his chest .

“as you like my angle ” ..he said as he started playing the song all over again .

Rap Monster :

It was the learning hour ,as Namjoon was calling it .Him and his daughter ,everyday ,were sitting to the dinner table as he was telling her about random things in the world or history ,anything she wanted to ask ,he was there for her to answer  .One day ,he was telling her about the history of the T.V ,in a very simple way ,so her small mind can understand .

“and then the colored T.V was in every house in Korea ! ” ,he said while swiping some photos in the iPad ,he always used visible tools to teach her .Suddenly she asked with opened mouth :

“waah dad ,how do you know all these things and they happened before you were born ?” ,he giggled .

“well ,books and helpful websites are available for anyone !” ..he said as he placed his chin on his hand ,so she looked at the library in the other side of the room .  

“so you read all these ? ” ,he nodded with a shy smile ,so she shouted with her eyes locked on the books with shocked face .

“I HAVE THE BEST DADDY EVER !” ..then she stood on the chair and hugged him ,so he did back .

“you know you can read these too ? ..and maybe more ? ,so you can learn about anything in the world ?” ,he said as he pointed at the bookshelves near them .

“NO ! ..I hate reading ! .. ” she said as she locked her arms near her chest with a frown .

“baby ? ..and how do you imagine to learn about what you want ? ” he said with a stunned face ,she took a minute before she found the solution .

“I can marry you ! you can always read books and give me learning hours !” ..she said with a huge smile ,he giggled at her childish thoughts .

“but you know you have to love reading now or then ! ” ..he said with a warm smile which showed his dimples .

“ok ,but I’ll marry you anyway ” ,she said as she smiled brightly and opened the iPad again .

“now tell me about the history of dolls  daddy ! ” she said as she showed him a photo of her teddy bear and sat to hear his lecture .

J-hope :

He was teaching her some simple dance moves in the practice room under their house .She loves to see her dad dancing in a professional way ,so she got jealous and wanted to be as good as him .That moment ,when she was in her dancing clothes ,she entered the room and he was doing some break dance moves in an amazing way ,with her penguin walk she ran toward him as the music was finished ,so he held her and swung her in the air ,which made her giggles get higher and higher ,she screamed the moment he stopped .

“YOU ARE AMAZING !” She screamed as she hugged his head .

“ohh and you are a perfect daughter ” he said as his dimples were shown and he kissed her cheek a long one .

“dad ? ..I want to marry you when I grow up ” she said with a cute tone ,so he laughed so hard .

“ohh babe ,you can’t marry me ,cuz you are my little princess ” she frowned ,as if she was that close to cry .

“but dad ,I want to learn those dance moves when I grow up !” ,he held her closer .

“and you will learn them ,you don’t have to marry me ,mom will get mad ” he said with a huge smile .She giggled ,they always used  to talk about you in your back ,that made her laugh so hard .

“ok ,but promise me you’ll teach me this dance ! ” she said as she started to whisper so you won’t hear .He nodded and went to the player .

“I promise ,and now ,let’s dance a little ! ” .

Jimin :

He was sitting near her on her bed before she fell asleep ,talking about how you both met, fell in love and got married .As she was smiling ,hugging her teddy bear he finished and said :

“then you were born and our life became totally perfect” ..she smiled

“I like it ” with a simple whispering way she said it ,which made him take a quick kiss and whisper :

“yes me too ” ..

Then she started playing with her teddy’s hands in a cute way ,he smiled again and said :

“I know you have a question ,ask ..” , she mumbled after he finished :  

“you said you love mom so you married her ?” She said while staring at the wall .

“yes ,if you love someone you should be loyal and love him forever ,and that what I wanted when I thought about marrying mom !” He said while patting at her hair ,so she looked up at him .

“so ,can I marry you ? ..because I love you ?” She said with an innocent look and shiny eyes .He giggled which made his eyes turn into two black crescents .

“ohh babe ,I love you too!” He said as he stole a kiss from her cheek .

“so can I marry you ?” ..yes he tried to make her forget that question cuz he didn’t know how to answer ,so he made a weird smile and got up .

“sure babe ,any time ,go to the dreamland ,good night angel !” he said as he waved for her ,got out and shut the door behind him .

V :

They were watching a family series they used to watch everyday ,when a marriage scene came and and she shouted out loud .

“I HAVE A DRESS LIKE THIS DAD !” ,he giggled and looked down at her ,being silly till the max :

“yeh ,you should get married too !” ,he threw that sentence and didn’t realize that his daughter was thinking about it the whole time ,so she suddenly stood up ,turned off the t.v and looked at him with a smile .

“I want to marry you dad !” ,a boxy smile made its way on his face ,then sat and looked warmly at her .

“why ? still a little cutie ” he said while squeezing her cheeks ,which made her pout :  

“but I want to wear that dress and get married ! ” ..he kept looking at her with a smirk on her face , a while and he said with a keen happy wide smile .

“you wanna get married ? ” she nodded with a smile ,so he took her and entered the room .

“then let’s get the bride ready ! ” ,she didn’t know he was planning for a new game ,when he got her ready from head to toe ,then changed to his formal suit and started a photography session like a real bride and groom ,and she was having fun doing it too ! .

Jungkook :

Kookie and his daughter sat on the grass ,admiring the sky and talking about the clouds’ shapes when his girl looked up at him and said :

“dad ! .. I want to marry you !” In the cutest tone and the most innocent way ,he used to hear this tone when she is that happy ,so he couldn’t resist but smile ,we can’t ignore the fact that he got nervous and shocked from his daughter’s sudden comment but ,that didn’t stop him from enjoying his girl’s childish thoughts and have fun while she is in that spontaneous age ! .

“ohh ,wh- ..why ?” He said with a hesitant voice ,so she looked down at her dress and said ..mumbling :

“because ..because you said you married mama because you love her ,and I love you !” ..that moment Jungkook couldn’t control himself but smile widely his bunny one ,super happy because how his daughter thinking so highly of him .

“ohh ,ok ..I’ll marry you ,but we need to ask mom if she agrees ” yes he was surprised but in the same time he was so glad of the way his daughter expresses her feelings ,so he kept admiring her as she ran straight to you to ask for your permission .

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I really wish I wasn’t so scared of men. Men are ordinary human beings. Men are amazing. Men are soft. Men are feminine. Men are masculine. Men are tough. Men are protecters. Men are lovers. Men are interesting. Men are humans. I know this…

But, growing up in a household with no men. Having the only men you’ve known to be slackers, to be condescending, to be violent, to be abusive… is really damaging. To have a father who literally says that he hates you, really doesn’t make men look good as a whole from a teenager’s perspective…

And then to find the one place where I can openly talk about my struggles, only to be met with ‘Men are trash’ ‘All men are rapists’ 'All men should die’ 'Men don’t deserve love’, etc. For a while, I really truly believed men were horrible… just for being men. Just for being born a way they can’t help.

Do you man-haters realize how damaging that was?

Every day at school I was scared of my teachers. Every store I went to I made my mom come in with me because I was terrified there would be a creepy man. I didn’t talk to my own neighbors because of the same reason… I became violent towards my male classmates, told them they were all inherently abusers, oppressors, and rapists. I was scared of being alone with family members, amazing people, because they were a little rough around the edges.


IM TIRED of seeing 'Well men aren’t oppressed so it’s ok’, 'Men are terrible, so they deserve it!’, 'Men are all sexist!! And rapists!! And abusers!!’ because it does NOTHING. It does not teach young women to 'protect’ themselves!!! It teaches them to be scared of EVERYTHING!!! It teaches impressionable young men that they deserve to die!!! And that’s NOT okay!!!!
Instead of pushing the rhetoric that men are all inherently terrible because they were born with a penis, we should teach defense moves!!! how to recognize abusive relationships!!! how to GET OUT OF abusive relationships!!!

Thankfully, I don’t see the world like I did when I was younger (although I’m still cautious), and thanks to some wonderful men who came into my life, I’ve come to love men, to embrace them, to appreciate their role in society.
To any young women out there, who are terrified of the world because of what they see online, don’t be. Yes, it’s good to be prepared (pepper spray, taking a defense class, etc), but men are kind and loving, I swear, you just have to find the good ones!! Your neighbor is not a rapist, your mailman isn’t a pervert, your uncle isn’t going to hurt you, and not all men are terrible!!! Be cautious, but not so much where you are terrified of every interaction!!!


Note from Mod Gotham: Wrote this as a way to process my 03x04 feels… 

It had been perhaps fifteen minutes since John and Willie’s heads had disappeared over the far rise. Yet Jamie still stood rooted to the spot, fists clenched, breathing hard.

Had John not recovered, Willie would have spent even more time with them – time with Ian, and time with Claire.

Claire. God knew his wife had the Blessed Mother’s own patience with everything concerning him – including, now, his bastard son.

No. Not a bastard – a wee bit spoiled, perhaps, but he had a fine man for a father. The man Jamie himself had chosen – the only man he trusted to raise Willie in the way he would have, had he been able.

Movement behind him – a raccoon, perhaps, or a skunk? He was still getting used to such strange creatures in the Colonies…

Heaving a final sigh, Jamie turned to return home to the cabin. To his family.

To his wife.

He found her on her knees amid her wee garden, carefully digging a shallow trench with the one small metal spade he had bartered from a Moravian in exchange for six deer pelts.

The afternoon sunlight struck her hair. Crowning her with gold. His Queen.

She looked up at the rustle of dead leaves on the forest floor – wiped her brow with the back of a grimy sleeve – and beamed at him.

“Are they off, then?”

Slowly, carefully, Jamie sat in the dirt, folding his legs, facing her.


He hesitated – sighed.

“I need to tell you some things, Claire.”

She cocked her head, brows furrowed. “What kind of things?”

He smoothed the edge of his kilt over one knee. “Things I should have told ye long ago. Only – I mean to tell it to you all at once, and I beg yer indulgence to listen to what I have to say. Then ye can yell or scream or brain me wi’ the spade afterward. I only want ye to listen.”

Gently she lay down the spade, and pushed it to his side – out of her reach – as a sign of good faith.

“I can do that. But what’s this about? You’re scaring me – ”

“It’s about William and how he came to be.”


Claire’s eyes widened, but to her credit said nothing.

“I did promise ye honesty, once. And I dinna make idle vows, aye?”

He watched the pulse in her neck race.

“You did. And you don’t. So. Speak.”

Jamie flattened his palms to cup his grimy knees. Eyes focused on his wife. His heart. His love. His soul.

“I had been at Helwater for about a year. Working as a groom named Alex MacKenzie – but ye ken that.”

She nodded.

“So. The lady Geneva – she was the elder daughter of the Dunsanys. Her younger sister, Isobel – you would have liked her, Claire. She is the one John married. And no, please dinna say anything about *that,* all right?”

She pursed her lips, but kept her promise.

Jamie cleared his throat. “So. I learned that Geneva was betrothed to the Earl of Ellesmere – a man old enough to be her grandsire. And I dinna ken what happened, but before I knew it, she was asking me to accompany her on her daily rides through the estate. Trying to learn about my background, how I came to be at Helwater.”

His jaw clenched with memory – eyes more than ten years away. “And then – and then, Claire, three days before her wedding, she approached me in the stable. I was filthy – shoveling manure. And she asked me – no, she *demanded* me – to come to her bed. Just as if ye’d ask me to pass ye the butter at breakfast.”

Claire moved to take his hand – but he raised his own hand to stop her.

“I was no’ but a servant to her. She – she *joyed* in the fact that she thought she could tell me what to do. It was all, ‘Yes, milady’ or ‘Of course, milady.’ And it’s no’ about my pride – I wasna angry about that. It was…”

His voice trailed off. Still he wouldn’t – couldn’t – meet Claire’s gaze. Absently he watched a squirrel scamper up the oak tree beside the cabin. Listening to his wife breathe, and the rustle of fabric as she bunched and unbunched her apron in her work-hardened hands.

“She threatened to tell her parents about who I really was – said they would throw me back into prison. I didna mind that, I had survived prison before. But then – ”

He inhaled sharply, breaths coming shallow. Looking anywhere but at her.

“Then when she saw I didna care about that, she named Ian and Jenny. Threatened to send redcoats to Lallybroch.”

He couldn’t hear or see anything, save Geneva’s smirk, and the way the wind swayed the ridiculous feather on her ridiculous hat, and the horses whinnying in their stables. And remember how it had taken every ounce of strength to not fall to his knees.

But then Claire was there – kneeling before him, her hands framing his face, murmuring soft words of love.

Thunderstruck, he searched her beautiful, beautiful eyes – and then physically recoiled.

But she didn’t let go. Her hands slipped to his shoulders – gripping him tightly.

“It’s all right, Jamie.” Her voice was soft – loving. “You did what was necessary to survive. She didn’t give you a choice.”

He swallowed, throat thick.

“She didna use force, Claire. But – but…”

She sank down a bit – hands slipping down his arms, gripping his fingers in hers.

Could she feel him trembling so?

“Go on.” Patient. Encouraging.

“I made love to her, Claire.”

Face burning with shame. Eyes wide and glassy with tears never shed.

“I couldna help myself, Claire. She – she tried to tell me what to do, but she was a virgin. God help me, I was gentle wi’ her. And I – I – finished.” He swallowed. “Claire – Claire – it had been eleven years since I sent ye away. And I’d only lain wi’ one woman, for one night, in that whole time. I’ll tell ye all about that too – ye deserve to know. But on that night, wi’ Geneva – it felt so, so good to be wi’ a woman. Not to have that pain anymore.”

He looked down at their joined hands, tracing her iron ring with his thumb.

“She wanted my body. It was – a transaction. It wasna personal. She didna ken how to touch a man – she didna even look at me. And after I left her room, and went back to where I slept in the stables, I felt so verra empty.”

He slid the pads of his fingers to trace the tendons on the inside of her wrist – feeling her pulse flutter.

“And that night, Claire,” he whispered, voice cracking. “That night I dreamed of you.”

For what could have been hours they sat there, in silence, not looking at each other, holding hands. Maintaining physical contact – the first – and best – way they could communicate.

“Were you afraid I wouldn’t forgive you?”

Slowly he clenched his good hand into a fist.

“Because there’s nothing to forgive, Jamie. Nothing.”

He shook his head sadly.

“Because I lay with her, Claire – she died. That sin is on me. And yet again I broke my vow to you – to be faithful to you, always.”

She heaved a deep, tired sigh. “But you thought I was dead. I don’t blame you for what you did – and I certainly can’t hate you for it. Or hate William.”

“But – ”

“And stop thinking you killed her. It’s more likely that poor medical care killed her – had she been attended by a proper doctor, she would have lived. You said she survived the birth, yes?”

He nodded tightly. “So I was told.”

“So she had a bad doctor. Had I been there, Jamie – I promise you she would have lived. I promise you that.”

He bit his lip so hard it drew blood.

She leaned forward to kiss it away.

And the dam broke – and Jamie buried his hands in her hair, kissing her desperately. Savoring the copper tang of his blood on her lips.

She pushed him to the ground – heedless of the dirt and leaves – and showed him just how much she loved him.



With shaking hands he pushed up the front of his kilt – and the front of her skirts.

She smiled against his lips, and reached down to guide him home.

His gasp was everything, until –

“I – I give ye my body, Claire.” His head thrashed side to side, voice hoarse, on the edge of ecstasy.

She eased up – traced his eyelids open – watched his pupils dilate.

“I love you, Jamie.”

Fresh tears – her or him?

“I love ye, Claire,” he sobbed, broken. “I love ye.”

She held him as he fell apart, and kissed him, and put all of his broken pieces back together.

When EXO’s Parents Don’t Approve

contains: angst / secrets / tears / rudeness / (fictional) evil parents!

((There’s no way these boys could have come from the parents I made up here, so this is all very dramatized!))

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

“It’s clear that your “significant other” doesn’t really appreciate you, Minseok… is this just about your fame?  I think it is.  Call me back, and we can talk more about it, next steps, et cetera.  Love you, son.”

Your eyes were full of tears when the voicemail ended.  You looked up at him, sitting on the other side of the couch with his head down.  What had you done to prompt this reaction from his parents?  You loved Minseok with all your heart.  He grounded you and made you want to be a better person.  You couldn’t imagine losing him because of something like this.

“I’m sorry, Jagi…  I just thought you should know about this,” he said, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Is this why we haven’t been seeing each other lately?  Are you breaking up with me?”  You were trying hard to keep your composure.

He scooted over and put his arms around you.  “Absolutely not.”

“But your father–”

“I only wanted to let you to know because this has been going on for a while now, but I don’t want you to worry about it beyond just knowing.  I’m going to take care of it.”

“If it’s been going on for a while, then how do you know you can fix this?”

Minseok sighed.  “It has been hard.  My parents have been pushing back, but I’m not going to give up.  I love you, ______.”

“I love you too…”  Your tears spilled over and he pulled you against his chest, reassuring you over and over that he knew you loved him, he was going to fight this, and you two would be together for a very long time.

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// Junmyeon

“I have enough to pay you off so you’ll leave my son alone, since it’s clearly just the money you’re after.  What’s your price?”

You were speechless as you stood in front of his mother, eyes wide.  A price?  She wouldn’t be saying this if you also came from a wealthy family… but that wasn’t what you loved about Junmyeon at all.  He cared for you in so many ways without using his money, just by being there, listening to you, and offering you his comfort whenever you needed it.  You often forgot how wealthy he actually was.

Junmyeon took you out of the apartment into the hallway and you just stood there, still too stunned to cry or do anything but stare at the wall.

“Listen… I’m so sorry, ______.  If I had known this was how they really felt, I would have dealt with them before bringing you to meet them.”

“I understand, I didn’t make a good first impression…”

“No, no.  You were wonderful.  I… I don’t know where this is coming from.  Just leave it to me, okay?”

You went back inside to find his mother with her arms crossed.  You stayed behind Junmyeon as he defended you, explaining how much you loved him and how much he loved you.  You never knew that he noticed the little things you did for him, like folding his socks and packing extra vitamins in his bag before a tour, and you knew that he loved you, but based on his words, you realized it ran deeper than you could have imagined.

“______ is the love of my life, I’m sure of it.“

He took your hand and kissed the back of it.  You weren’t sure if his impassioned plea had gotten through completely, but his mother’s face had softened somewhat and you felt more love for him than you’d ever felt for anyone or anything.

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// Yixing

“My son is too sweet to see through your lies, but I’m not.  Stay away from him, before you break his heart.”

His father had met with you in secret at a cafe and had left you with that.  You sat in the booth, unable to think of what to do.  All you could think about was how you couldn’t envision your life without Yixing.  You still hadn’t gotten over how lucky you were to have him in your life at all, but you were certain you’d feel hollow if not for his constant outpouring of love for you, from little things like good night texts when he was far away, to writing songs about you on the spot.  You wouldn’t dream of breaking his heart.

Your phone buzzed, and you saw it was Yixing calling.  You answered on impulse, not sure what you were going to say to him.

“Baobei, I’m coming home early today!  Are you home?“


“Where are you?  You should come home.”

“…I don’t know if I should.“  You told him what his father had said and then concluded with, “I don’t want to strain your relationship with your parents, so–”

“Which cafe are you at?“

He was there faster than he should have been able to arrive, with a mask on, but it wasn’t long before someone recognized him and began taking pictures.  He realized he hadn’t thought that through and later met up with you at his house.

“I’m sorry,“ he said when you arrived.  His eyes were bloodshot.  “I wasn’t thinking… I just couldn’t wait to see you.“

Yixing had been completely unaware that his parents felt this way about you.  You ended up spending the rest of the day in each other’s arms comforting each other about the situation and coming up with a plan to prove to them that your love was real.

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// Baekhyun

“You’re one of the most popular idols in Korea… of course someone like that is only with you to live out some sick fantasy.  You’d be foolish not to stay away.“

Baekhyun went straight to his fellow members to ask their advice for how to handle what his parents had said to him.  He told you about it next, and you nearly broke down.

“Baek… I don’t understand why they would say something like that.  I thought they liked me when I met them last week.  I didn’t want to be too affectionate because it was just the first time they’d met me, should I have done more?  Is this because of that?”

“No.  It’s a number of things, but they all have to do with me being in EXO.“

“I know you’re not supposed to date while you’re an idol… should we break…?“  You couldn’t finish your sentence before he silenced you with a soft kiss.

“No, no, no, Jagi.  That wasn’t what I wanted you to get out of this.”  He cupped your cheek.  “Don’t ever say that again.“

He laid out how he was going to deal with his parents, how he would convince them that you were the one for him and you were here to stay.  In the middle of his talking, you began to cry because he loved you so much.  He rubbed your back as he finished talking, having to repeat over and over how much you loved each other and how he would show that to his parents.

“My older brother found love, and they just want to make sure I do, too.“

“I understand,” you said.  You would want that for your child, if you had one.

“And I have found it, so we’re going to show them!“

You smiled and, overcome with affection, kissed him for a straight hour.

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// Jongdae

“Jongdae, stop being ridiculous.  You can do much better than someone who is with you only for your idol status.  How can you not see this?  It’s clear not just to us, but to the entire family.”

Jongdae sat next to you on the couch and paraphrased what his parents had told him when he told them about you, and you were appalled that their instant reaction was so viscerally against you before they had even met you.  They only knew that you weren’t an idol, and that was enough for them to assume you didn’t really love him.

Of course you loved him!  He teased you a lot, but behind all the jokes you knew he cared about you deeply, sometimes more than he ought to, when you were the one being irritating.  He had such a big heart and always made you feel like royalty with all his love.

“So… what does this mean?“ you asked.

“It means we need to take a trip to Siheung.  They wouldn’t be able to say those things if they met you and saw us together.”

“Okay…“ you said, but you weren’t completely sure.  “You know I love you, right?“

“Of course.  You know I love you, right?”


“Then that’s all that matters right now.”

He pulled you into his lap and said that you two didn’t need to talk about this anymore until you planned a trip to his hometown.  He cuddled you so hard and kissed you so many times that you felt no need to worry about his parents; you’d get through this together.

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// Chanyeol

“…In the house?  Right now?”

“Yes, in the kitchen, making dinner.”

“Afterwards, it’s time for ______ to go.  For good.  You have a career, and I don’t want you to be distracted by someone who doesn’t value you.”

“What are you saying?  ______ does value me!“

You were taking a plate down from the cabinet when you heard him yell into the phone and the outburst made you drop it.  He was next to you within seconds, looking down at the broken plate.

“I’m hanging up,” Chanyeol said into the phone before putting it in his pocket and picking you up, carrying you away from the shattered glass and into the dining room.  “…I’m sure you heard that,“ he said, and you nodded, looking to him to explain.  “It was my dad, but I don’t want you worry about it at all.  I’ll take care of it, after I take care of the glass, after we eat your delicious meal.”

You looked down at your lap.  “He doesn’t like me.  I knew it.”

“Don’t worry about it.  I’m going to take care of it.”  He squeezed your hand before leaving the room.  He came back with two plates of the meal you’d prepared and you began to eat in silence.

You couldn’t believe that Chanyeol’s father thought you didn’t value his son.  He was the only one you’d ever loved so much.  He always made you feel warm and happy… but perhaps you weren’t making him equally as happy?  Had Chanyeol said something to his father to make him think that you weren’t enough for him?

You felt your foot being nudged under the table, looked up and saw Chanyeol giggling at you, then his smile faded.  “You’re not eating, Jagi.  You’re not still thinking about what my dad said are you?  I’m not going to rest until he changes his mind, but you don’t have to lift a finger or think about it at all.”

You smiled and played footsie back with him.  You’d try to forget for now.

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// Kyungsoo

“It’s not about you, and it never has been, don’t you see that?  Of course it’s about your music and your acting career… who wouldn’t want to be with you?  There are millions of people who want to be with you, but that doesn’t mean they can or they really love you.  ______ tricked you, son.  Please let go, as soon as possible, before you get hurt even more.“

You knew he’d been heartbroken before, very badly, so you understood that his parents were worried about that happening again.  But you knew you weren’t going to hurt with him, you had no plans of ever leaving him unless he sent you packing, so your first instinct when he told you about what his parents had said was to defend your love for him.

“Kyungsoo… I love you, not your career.  I love your eyes, nose, lips, I love how you take care of me, I love how you make me feel loved all the time, how you always call me out on my–“

“Jagi, I know.  I told you because I just wanted you to know, not because I needed you to remind me.”  He took your hand and squeezed.  “This isn’t something you need to do anything about.  Just continue to be yourself, and even if they’re stubborn, even if it takes years, they’ll love you too one day.“

Years... you thought about years with Kyungsoo and it made your heart warm to know he was thinking that far into the future.  You hadn’t admitted it to him out loud, but you were also thinking that far ahead.  You couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

“I hope it doesn’t take years,” you said, looking up at him shyly.  “I’d like for us to be on to other things years from now.”

Kyungsoo blushed and said, “Me too.”

He pulled you closer to him and changed the subject to some problems you had been having, ones he said he would talk through with you until you found a solution for them, and you felt confident he would find a solution for the issue with his parents too.  He was so smart.

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// Jongin

Jongin didn’t get out of bed that day.  He liked to sleep in when he didn’t have a schedule, but it was past noon, so you checked on him to make sure he wasn’t sick or anything.


He was lying on his bed with his phone in his hand, staring up at the ceiling fan as it rotated.  His expression was blank and he didn’t look up at you when you called his name.

He still didn’t move when you got in bed next to him, and he only looked at you when you cuddled up to him.

“What’s wrong?”

He lifted his arm and pushed play on his voice messages.

“…Everyone loves a great dancer… but you’re so much more than just a great dancer.  And I know ______ doesn’t see you that way.  You need to find someone who appreciates all of you, not just the part of you that makes you an idol.“

You were in disbelief.  “Was… was that your mother?”

He nodded and sighed.  “I’m sorry, Jagi…  I just don’t know what to do.  I called her back and left her a voicemail saying how much we loved each other, but I don’t know if it was enough…”

“I guess that’s all we can do for now…”  You stroked his hair, glad that he had defended your relationship and knew not to doubt your love for him just because his mother was unsure.  “Let’s get out of bed though, hm?  I made brunch.“

He finally took hold of you and gave you a tight hug.  “I love you so much, ______.”

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// Sehun

You went over to his parents’ house to play with Vivi, and you overheard something not meant for your ears.

“This isn’t a discussion.  ______ has to go.  It’s just your fame, trust me.  That’s all it is.“

Your face fell as Vivi wagged his tail in front of you, demanding you throw the tennis ball again.  What were you to do?  You thought you and Sehun were perfect together.  You couldn’t hear his response to his father, but you knew he must be defending you.

When he reappeared in the living room with his father, you pretended like you hadn’t heard anything.

“Come on, let’s go,“ he said quickly, not waiting for you before he opened the front door.  You dropped Vivi’s toy, put on your shoes, and made sure to bow to his father before Sehun shut the door behind both of you.

In the car, you were both quiet.  What was going through his head?  Was he considering what his father had said?  Was he trying to figure out the best way to let you down easy?

“So…” you began, no longer able to handle the silence.  “I thought we were going to stay for dinner?”

He didn’t answer for ten seconds.  “…I love you, ______.”

Your eyes widened.  “I love you too, Sehun.”

“A lot, okay?“

“A lot, too.“


He kept his head forward and continued to drive.  When you got home, he told you he had a phone call to make and that you could get dinner afterwards.  He went outside and you cracked the window so you could hear bits of his side of the conversation.

“…not with me just for the fame!  I want to be with ______.  It’s not about the fame.  It’s not about the fame.  It’s not about the fame.  We love each other.  It’s. Not. About. The. Fame.“

Your heart warmed and you decided you would buy him a “just because” gift soon, since he still didn’t know you knew about any of this.

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Home, part eleven

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: One last part left - epilogue 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade? 

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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welcome2fanpagesinc  asked:

Hey I love your blog! Can I get a 15 and 82 for Bucky Barnes????? Thanks ♡♡

Title : Scars.

Summary : When you can’t sleep you decide to go to the training room, where an unexpected type of ‘training’ happens between you and a fellow fighter.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : scars, sad reader, oral smut (m receiving), smut in general.

Pairing : Bucky Barns x reader

Prompt : (15) “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” (82) “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

A/N : ommgg sorry this took so long to answer, I’ve been working on my wattpad stories and on here and school has been stressing me out. Just sorry, but please enjoy this!

master list | requests | prompt list | my wattpad

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It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, the two of you rolling around on the training floor and making a mess of each other, but it happened.

It was late at night and you couldn’t sleep, so you did what you always did and you went to the training room. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and put on your work out gear; tight fitting pants, a sports bra, and tight jacket. You weren’t to confident when it came to your body. Your were in perfect shape, you had to be if you were going to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, but it was your scars that you wanted to cover up and hide.

Walking down to the training room you began wrapping your knuckles, just to get a hard start. When you walked in, you were surprised to see another person in their- James Buchanan Barnes also known as Bucky Barnes or The Winter Soldier. The sight of Bucky shirtless and sweating made your stomach tighten and a familiar warmness pool in your lower area. Trying to shake off the feeling you walk over to the punching bag, finishing wrapping up your knuckles and setting up your stance. From the corner of your eye you could see and feel Bucky’s eyes watching your every move.

Taking a deep breathe or began punching, letting your bottled up anger take over and flush out. Bucky stopped what he was doing and watched you punch and kick the sand filled bag. After a few minutes you felt a pair of hands on your waist, stopping your movements. Your heart beat sped up, thumping so hard you thought that for sure it would break your rib cage.

Bucky’s hot breath fanned over your neck, goosebumps riddling the exposed skin. “You need to keep your hips square and feet planted, you were losing your balance when you came down from a kick.” His voice was barley above a whisper, but just as clear as water. You nodded slightly, your mouth growing dry as Bucky’s hands held your hips with a firm grip. There was only one thought in your head, and you all wanted was for Bucky to be holding your hips down to the floor and slamming his hips into yours-

“Y/N? You still there?” Bucky chuckled. You nodded.

“Yeah, sorry, sorry.” You shook your head, taking your defensive stands once more. Bucky nodded at you and you began punching and kicking again. Now you weren’t losing your balance, you were landing every time your legs came down from a kick. The pooling in your stomach grew when Bucky’s grip on your hips tightened, making your breathe quicken even though you weren’t even tired. You stopped, turning around slowly to face Bucky. He looked down at you confused.

“I want you. Right here. Right now.” You said, voice choppy since your mouth was so dry. Bucky’s eyes widened as he processed your words. Before he could say anything back you stood on your toes and pressed your lips to his. Not forcefully, but passionately. It didn’t take long for him to close his eyes and kiss back, which surprised you in all honesty. Bucky’s hands gripped your waist tightly, slowly moved down and gripping your ass in his big palms. You gasped into his mouth, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. The two of you battled for dominance, Bucky ultimately winning. You let his tongue roam your mouth, searching and memorizing every inch. You pulled away to catch your breathe, breathing heavily.

You moved down to your knees, eyes level with the growing tent in his shorts. He groaned as you palmed in gently, his eyes fluttering closed. You pulled down his shorts and boxers in one swift movement, his erection standing at attention. Blinking, you move your hand up and down in slow movements to get him fully hard. Once he was you place his tip in your mouth, earning a growl from the man above you. His hands quickly found their place in your hair, pushing your head down further until his tip reached the back of your throat. You held back a gag, your eyes watering slightly. You moved your head along Bucky’s shaft, hollowing out your cheeks swirling your tongue around him. Low moans and whimpers of your name fell from his mouth, egging you on until  he twitched in your mouth.

“Princess, fuck, I’m gonna cum. Fuck… I’m cumming.” He groaned as he spewed his load into your mouth. You let the salty substance fall down your throat, until it was completely gone. He pulled back from your mouth, chest heaving with each breathe he took. He pulled you up to your feet, hands smacking your ass as he began to rid you of your clothes.

You stopped him when he went to remove your jacket, arms wrapping around your stomach protectively. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what you were doing.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks, hands rubbing your arms softly. You looked down, head hanging low.

“I don’t want you to see my scars.” You mumbled. Bucky moved your arms from around your stomach and slowly took off your jacket. His finger tips traced the slash mark scars across your stomach, some going to the middle of your back.

“If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” Bucky said softly. You looked up at him, the second your eyes met his lips were back on yours. Your pants and sports bra were thrown next to your jacket, and you were hoisted up into the air with your arms and legs wrapped around his toned body. “Are you ready, baby?” You nod, arms tightening around his neck as he slid into your slowly. You gasped, mouth gaping open as Bucky pushed all the way in till the hilt. You bit your lip, nodding at Bucky to begin moving. He did what you wanted, thrusting in and out of your wet pussy. Your moans went from small whimpers to loud cries as he hit every right spot inside you.

“Feels so good, such a pretty little pussy wrapped around my cock. Feels good doesn’t it, doll? My cock spreading you apart and ripping apart your insides?” Bucky growled. You nodded, whimpering at his words. “Use your mouth, beautiful, I know you can.”

Breathing heavily, your voice came out as a weak cry. “Yes! Your cock feels so good inside me, Bucky. God, I love it, I love it so much.” Bucky’s lips twisted upwards into a smirk, his hips thrusting harder and faster. The familiar coil in your stomach tightened even more as you neared your high. Your head fell back, ass cheeks slapping against Bucky’s thighs with each hard thrust. You could tell he was getting close as well with how his movements started to falter. With a loud scream of his name you came undone around Bucky’s shaft, his own orgasm being set off by yours. He gripped you tighter as he came inside you.

The two of you breathed heavily as he pulled out of you, the mix of your liquids dripping down your inner thighs. Letting out a relieved sigh you and Bucky dressed your selves. As you slid on your jacket, Bucky grabbed your hand, squeezing your hand gently and leading you back to his room.

lunnamazingworld  asked:

Hey mate. Here again hihi. Well, you reposted your post about request so... there I am. I dont know what you want to do, but... I will be happy with anything you do. I love everything :3 So, heres the thing... you could draw Murdoc being a little possessive with 2D? Or write something like this? Maybe an imagine hahaha sorry, im getting nervous again

Here you go! Yeah, haha, I reblogged it just to keep it around so that people know! Thank you so much for that <3<3 I love the ideas people come up with for images and stories– I just want to make it real for them! Don’t be nervous, I’m happy to do this for others! :D 

Hm…now for writing it out, I’ve never done an imagine before so… how about this? 


Murdoc: What the bloody hell were you talking to that guy for? 
2D: Who? Him? He was asking who I came with. So I told him I was here with my boyfriend! 
Murdoc: Oh…well then… rrrright. Yes. That’s right. Good. Now, hmm, stay here. Don’t move or talk, to anyone else. 
2D: Are you…jealous? 
2D: heh, jealous~ 

Request by @lunnamazingworld

Thank you for your request! This is definitely helping me become a better artist and author for everyone! ​


I can’t find the ask, but a nonnie asked for either Lysaedion’s first kiss for first time. I have to say, this became a little more angsty than I expected.


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Our first kiss was minutes before the final battle.

I had been hastily strapping on my armor in the General’s tent when Lysandra came charging in. She shifted from ghost leopard to her human form, stopping only feet away. I glanced up at her, unsurprised by her presence.

“I came to see if you needed any help suiting up,” she said, “but it looks like you’re doing fine on your own.” I gave her a curt nod, unsure what to say. Clearly, there had been more to her sudden appearance than just that, but I couldn’t let myself be distracted.

“Okay then. I’ll see you out there.” She went to leave, but I reached out and snatched her wrist.

“Don’t go.”

I heard her sharp intake of breath, and she turned back to me. I glanced down at the carpet, marveling at the fact that she was still wearing a dress, even going into battle. Gods, she was going into battle against Erawan’s army with little training and less experience. I’d have to position someone with her, make sure she-

I shook my head to clear away the thoughts. It was not the time or place for me to let what I felt for Lysandra, the beautiful warrior with a heart of gold, take precedence. I had an army to lead, and I couldn’t afford to risk so many lives for the sake of hers, even if I loved her. I knew she could hold her own.

Before I could process what was happening, Lysandra grabbed the front of my armor and pulled me to her chest, capturing her lips with my own. It was nothing like I had imagined our first kiss to be; slow and steady, like we had all the time in the world.

Instead, it was filled with hot burning passions and unspoken love. It was the clash of tongues and teeth, fast and urgent. I lost myself in the kiss, committing every inch of her to memory. My fingers dug into her hips, and hers moved to cup my face. The tenderness of the gesture warmed my heart, and I knew then that she loved me the same way I loved her.

The clang of metal on metal outside the tent brought us back to reality. My vision was blurry and my heart raced as I pulled away. Her chest was heaving when she spoke.

“Did you mean what you said on that beach?” Her startlingly green eyes burned with passion, searching the very depths of my soul. “About marrying me,” she clarified, hands shaking as they moved to rest on my metal-clad chest.

“Yes,” I breathed, brushing my thumb along her cheek. “What about it?” She leaned into my touch, biting her lip to keep it from trembling.

“Ask me again.” Her voice was pleading, and she looked up at me, her eyes brimming with tears. She inhaled deeply, hugging me close and resting her head on my shoulder.

“I love you, Aedion Ashryver, Wolf of the North. I love you, and I need you to know it, because if I don’t return from that field today, at least I will die knowing that I’ve told you.” Blood pounded through my body at the raw, unchecked emotion in her voice.

Lysandra loved me. She loved me, and wanted me to propose. As my silence stretched on, I became more and more aware of the places our bodies touched; how perfectly they fit together. As if we were hewn from the same stone. I tucked a piece of her lovely brown hair behind her ear, pressing a soft kiss to her brow.

“I love you more than anything on this Earth, Lysandra, Lady of Caraverre.” I brushed my lips along her cheekbone, and she let out a shaky breath. “I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, and the flame of that love will never be extinguished.”

Love will make a man do crazy things. Add the adrenaline of an impending battle, especially one that you don’t expect to return home from, and you’ve got someone that is fearless and bold.

But I knew it wasn’t the adrenaline that made me say what I did when I dropped to a knee on that dirt floor, clasping her hand like it was my most prized possession. I raised my head, memorizing the sparkle in her emerald green eyes, the vulnerability of her tear stained cheeks and wobbling lip.

“When we return from those killing fields today, Lysandra, I don’t want us to forget this moment. I don’t want this day to be one that we look back on only as a day of slaughter, and that nothing truly good came of it.” I took a deep breath.

“Marry me, Lysandra. Make me the happiest man on this green Earth and be my wife.” I poured every ounce of love and hope and adoration I had into the words, praying she would understand that this was not a decision I made out of desperation.

“Yes, Aedion Ashryver, I will honor you by being your wife until the end of my days.” A sob escaped her lips, and I rose up to pull her into a crushing hug. In that moment, I didn’t give a shit how many men awaited us on that field. I would single-handedly slaughter each and every one of them to keep her from harm. I peppered her skin with my lips and she cried into my shoulder, the saltwater soaking into the leather.

“Come back to me tonight,” she whispered through her tears, stroking a hand through my hair.

“I promise I will come back to you, Lys.” Hellas damn me if I broke that promise. I would tear heaven and hell apart to find my way back to her. I willed steel and iron determination into my voice, lifting her head from my shoulder.

“We both will return tonight.”

I pressed a final kiss to her lips before untangling our arms, taking up the sword of Orynth. I sensed her shift at my side, turning back to find the green eyes of a ghost leopard staring up at me. I held out my hand, and she nuzzled her head against it.

“Together. We’ll go together.”

Ask for a Devitt one-shot and you shall receive.

Originally posted by finnfreezedemon

“Fuck, lass! Are you almost done fucking my shit up?” Devitt growled. He sat on the small black couch, me standing over him. Every few moments or so I could tell he was checking out my chest. I didn’t expect much less from him.

“Actually, yes. And I think I un-fucked your shit.” I laughed softly.

“Good thing chicks dig scars,” he winked, rubbing the bandaid on his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Devitt,” I rubbed his arm. “Women do love guys with scars.”

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Welcome Back

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Yeah, yeah, I’m back from the dead. Sorry my loves, college is hell right now but I’ll try to start updating more regularly ok? Just don’t forget about me. 

Now this one was a bit of an unplanned thing, so it may be a series, I have quite a few unplanned things in google docs. 

Enjoy ~Admin Kae



LENGTH: 2.6k


“I f-fucking hate you”

I know you do baby.

I gave a small noise acknowledging that I heard her but kept my focus on the feeling of her clenching around me, feeling her nails dig into the skin of my shoulders as mine dug into the skin of her hips. I watched her beneath me intently; Her high pitched moans and the glorious way she lost herself when she was with me was making it that much harder to control myself. Her curls were sprawled out against the dark green satin sheets and pillowcases, her pretty pink lips were slightly open with her eyes shut. Her legs were spread with me in between them, my absolute favorite place to be.

F-fuck, faster” she commanded in a harsh breath.

I chuckled, leaning down and teasing the shell of my ear with my teeth.

“I thought you hated me” I said teasingly, my voice breathy and barely stable.

“Just because I hate you d-doesn’t mean you’re not a good fuck, ah Jumyeon”.

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Fluff Friday, May 26th| fox fire

tfw when you crawl out of hell to participate in @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart ‘s Fluff Friday(s) 

(I have so much respect for them it’s not even funny, every time someone asks me how/why I started writing I tell them a super exciting story about three brilliant writers and if you read their work, you will be BLESSED and inspired its like MAGIC) 

Prompt(s): ghibli, runaway

Pairing: madasaku

there was only one thing in my heart while writing this and that was Kamisama Hajimemashita :((

She was a terrible person, she was sure of it.

Sakura pulled her knees in tighter, trying to merge with the rough bark of the tree that sheltered her from the rain. Her eyes were wet, not from the raindrops but from the guilt of what she had done.

 A tiny part of her told her she hadn’t had a choice, that Ino would be out of there soon enough and Ino was the one who told her to run. Her fingers curled around a broken arrow. It was better than nothing.

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Demonstrate/Theo Raeken Smut

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  can you make a theo raeken imagine/smut where the reader starts to hate the pack because since theo came back to town the pack told her to stay away from him/ are overprotecting asf but she finds theo attractive and theo convinces her to go against the pack & she become bad & they become the badass couple of beacon hills - I’m sorry for my english but hope you understood & I also love your page

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So apparently TV Line, a website I quite like, ranks Arrow 7th of the Berlanti’s shows, saying it’s inconsistency is why ratings are down.  That’s fine that’s their opinion.

Personally I LOVE ARROW…including ALL it’s inconsistencies. It’s what makes it Arrow. I love that I have no idea what will happen and sometimes it is not logical. I don’t need it to be logical - it’s a TV show I watch for entertainment. And the fact that it isn’t logical makes it possible that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Originally posted by olivergifs

I’m putting him first because this is a show about Oliver Queen. I love how they have transformed him from the Ollie of Season 1 to the man he is today and how they are showed through the flashbacks how he came to be the man he was in Season 1. Yes, I’m sure people can point out inconsistencies but I don’t care about them - I love how we have since this man grow. I love how he loves Felicity, his family and friends. Oliver Queen is a good man and I feel privileged to have watched 5 seasons of stories that explained how he became that way.


Originally posted by queensarrow

Anyone who follows me, knows I ADORE Felicity Smoak. She is a precious badass cupcake (right @memcjo?). I love watching her share Oliver’s journey. She is an amazing character, an equal and a challenge to Oliver to help make him a better man. She is also a better person due his influence on her. Felicity’s went a shy IT girl to a woman who challenged Slade, Ra’s al Ghul and ARGUS. She is fearless and shares Oliver’s mission to keep Star City safe. I’ve enjoyed the small glimpses into her private life but I’m here for the mission.


Originally posted by queensarrow

The man who steers the ship. He has been an anchor for Oliver in the beginning keeping him grounded - to a navigator now - to ensure TEAM ARROW stays on the right course. He is the moral code of the team. The Yoda. The voice of reason and he does all this and looks good. He truly is a blessing!


Originally posted by olicity-i-believe-in-you

Their love story has brought me such joy. Hell, I now write fanfiction about them! If John is the navigator - Olicity is fuel that keeps it all going. From the moment Felicity and Oliver met and Season 1 - it has been full systems go. Even when they are not together they generate a ton of heat - heart eyes anyone? They make it other better. They make the show better even if they are not together.

I guess what I wanted to say, is I know I’m only one fan but I love it all. I’m not unhappy with the show. I was truly only angry once in 5 years - that’s amazing. So I’m here for it all and I’m grateful for it all. TV Line can give it whatever number it wants - it will always be #1 to me.

Feel free to ignore if you don’t agree. I won’t mind - everyone is entitled to their opinion, this just happens to be mine.

Thanks to those who made the gifs!

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Music Series: A Lovely Night from La La Land

I’ll be honest…I’ve not seen ‘La La Land’. I’m sure at some point I probably will. I know it won loads of awards, and let’s be honest…Ryan Gosling is a bit of a babe, although I’m not generally that into blondes. For some reason it’s one of those movies that I keep putting off watching and I don’t know why. I have very little idea what it’s even about, and it’s been ages since I’ve seen the trailer, so this imagine is based 100% off lyrical interpretation, take it or leave it.

This is “A Lovely Night” from La La Land, performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. You can hear it HERE on Spotify, and it is on my Harry Styles Imagines Spotify playlist as well. Thank you for the suggestion, Anon! xo



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yarrayora  asked:

ok but speaking of tintin what does his fellow journalists, the one working in the same newspaper as him, think of this adventurous guy

Honestly, I feel like it would be Complicated.

Like his fellow journalists feel like they should be annoyed with this guy.  There he goes, travelling all over the world while they’re stuck doing local news, probably thinks he’s so good getting all these far-flung impossible stories, it’s not like they can be real anyway he must be making them up, no one just fights gorillas in towers in Scotland that doesn’t just HAPPEN.  He’s frustratingly popular and his articles are always in high demand and he hardly ever seems to come into the office, does he think he’s better than everyone else?? fuck that guy.

That’s how people think they should feel about him.

Except for the little problem that Tintin is too damn likable for his own good.

Every so often a new journalist will get hired on, and they’ve seen this guy’s articles, they’ve heard the stories, and they’re all ready to be nasty (and jealous) of this guy… until the very next time Tintin comes into the office and they talk for like five minutes.  At which point you can’t help but like Tintin, because Tintin seems to genuinely and sincerely like just about everyone else.  Tintin absolutely thinks you are fascinating and he can’t wait to talk about the latest article you’ve been investigating about greengrocer price hikes and he might tell stories about his adventures if prompted but he’s so engaging and so humble about it all, as if being invited to fly to the fucking MOON is no big deal, and he just happened to be in the right place at the right time that every single reporter leaves feeling… well, not only good about him but good about themselves.

So yes, Tintin, despite all expectations and common sense, is incredibly well-liked by his colleagues.