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6x05: Street Rats

100 times captain swan made me cry: #59

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Hello yes I follow you on Snapchat and would like to ask: what kind of cupcakes are the ones in your story? They look good and I'd like to try to make them sometime! Sorry to bother! Have a great day!! 🌻🌼💖💐🌸💖🌷💖🌺🌹

Oh ya! They’re peanut butter cup cupcakes! Here’s a link if you wanna try em out!


Ella tried to continue. “As I was saying. We need to-”

“Join forces and declare ourselves the best looking couple in school. I agree.”

“No!” She yelled agitatedly.

“But we are most likely the hottest ones in school. I’m definitely the hottest vampire and you’re the hottest fairy. As for witches then it’s kinda hard to pick.”

“Oh please. I’d win that one too.” She had been staring at Ibis with amusement as he talked. Yes, he made good true point. He was also one annoying motherfucker. The nerve to even imply that there could be someone hotter than her. “Now. The point of why you’re here is that… I’m sure you’ve heard about Eden, right?”

He was caught off guard. Why would she mention Eden? Wait -WAS the baby HIS? “Yes…”

“First off. It’s not yours.”

He would’ve let out a big breath if he’d been breathing at all. “Whoa. Whose’-”

“An even worst asshole.”

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24 25

Ok just a forewarning - while I love your enthusiasm - I rather not get spammed over and over by the same user like this please?

So due to that (since there were other asks with numbers) I narrowed the selection to this! (also these will go quick.)

14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory 

PJ. I mean… gosh dang I have yet to talk to y’all about his Mediplane backstory! OOOOOOH BOY HOWDY…

It’s worse. It’s worse than UT PJ’s story… idk how I did it but it’s worse.

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?

YES I DO. That was a thing I did a lot in school, in college with friends, and still to this day! I believe it’s good to share OCs like that with others cause it helps develop them more into their own character!

16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?

 UH…UM… TAKUMI (my first male OC made in 2010 - and from his own story too! Called “Kaku Mayoke. He’s the student counsel president so I bet he would be smart… [plus he does look like a typical nerd o-o])

17. Any OC OTPs? 

*points to OmniPJ*

18. Any OC crackships? 

UH… well Josefin and my interpretation of Swap sans started as a crackship…?

21. Your most artistic OC

PJ. Yep hands down PJ. Mira would be second. 

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?

I would meet Hikari (aka Sailor Sun) and apologize to her about how I had her before I”M SORRY YOU WERE A MARY SUE HIKARI…

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)

Pretty much any OC that was made between 2006 and 2009. They were ALL Mary Sues…

Okay so, I had the best and at the same time worst dream:

Dragon Age 4 was being released, quite a bit sooner than I was expecting, and without much of a marketing campaign, surprisingly, so the plot was still somewhat a mystery to most people. One day Bioware just was like “hey, DA4 comes out tomorrow, go get it!”. So far so good :D So I go to the store the next day to get the game - yes, I don’t order it online or buy a download link, I even make the effort to drive to the next city to go to a store. Anyway, I don’t remember what was on the cover of the box, I do remember though that on the back there was a list with some achievements you can get in the game… and I think one of the first ones I saw was along the lines of “meet up with Dorian and talk about what happened in the last years” - and I got so excited. I knew Dorian would make a return, but just seeing it confirmed on the official box just made it better. There were some other achievements listed too - and some where exclusive to elves, other exclusive to qunari, dwarves, and humans, so apparently they were trying to increase the replay-value of the game by giving each playable race own achievements. I found that a neat idea, because it hinted at something like a more personal story tied to your origin happening in the game, which I greatly approved of.

Back at home I immediately start up the game and it turns out that you can play your Inquisitor again! And I’m freaking out because it feels like all my dreams and expectations I had about the game are coming true, and I’m so excited. So I import a savegame from DA:I with Tamlen and he looks really cool with the updated graphics. The CC is kinda weird and wonky though, with a rather unusual interface and some options that don’t really make sense for a CC (which, as I’ve heard, is quite common in dreams - interfaces and the like often don’t make much sense). So I look for the voice slider, because I want to be sure that Tamlen has the right voice, before I confirm everything… but I can’t find the voice slider anywhere. I have a bad feeling but try to stay positive and click start. I don’t remember if there was a opening sequence, but I do remember that you start out in a big, spooky old castle - not Skyhold, another place - and that according to your (not very accurate) map of northern Thedas you’re somewhere at the border between Antiva and Tevinter. I get excited again because there are some waypoints in Antiva you can travel to, too, not just Tevinter. And so I start walking around the castle a bit and trigger a scene where Tamlen says something - and ugh, the voice. They changed the voice actor.

Little bit of background info: I played all the DA games so far in German, and so far there have been a lot of recasts among the VAs - which has always been a huge pet peeve of mine. 

But yes, it turns out they now changed the voice actors for the Inquisitor, and apparently there’s now only one voice available per gender - therefore no voice slider in the settings. It’s nowhere close Tamlen’s voice in Inquisition, much higher and generally a bit off, as if the VA doesn’t have much experience yet with video games and I’m just like… what were they thinking? I message my friend about it because I’m upset, but she’s like “Hmm, maybe the old VA just didn’t have time for DA4, so they had no choice but to recast him?” And I’m like, yeah, probably. It’s a big project after all and maybe it was just bad timing. So I decide if I really can’t get used to the new voice I’ll just switch the game to English.

So far so good… but then… as I walk around the creepy castle, Hawke suddenly walks through one of the doors. And first I’m like “what, why? shouldn’t you be somewhere else? this doesn’t make sense”. So I wait for my Hawke, who’s male, to give an explanation for what he’s doing at the border between Antiva and Tevinter while he should either be at Weisshaupt or in the Fade or dead or at least not here, depending on my DA Keep choices. And then Hawke opens his mouth and I almost lose it immediately.

Little bit of more background info: in the German version of DA2 they didn’t only mess up Zevran’s appearance, but also his voice. Just like most of the other former DA:O companions he got a new voice actor, and instead his VA from Origins became the one voicing male Hawke (because the VA is really, really nice, and apparently they wanted him to play a bigger part instead of a minor cameo one - which is more than deserved and justified, but it still made me sad). 

But now I’m standing here with Hawke in my dream of DA4, annoyed that they replaced my quizzy’s awesome VA - just to recast the VA as Hawke. As if he didn’t already had a nice voice, no, now they had to take the Inquisitor’s VA and give it to Hawke too. So Hawke now keeps talking and talking and I get angrier and angrier because I’m stuck with a weird voice while Hawke again “stole” my favourite VA from the previous game. And I’m just so done that I end up beating up Hawke in game without logical reason, only because I’m angry at the localization team, who let me down one too many times.

Fairy Tail ch.537 spoiler

Everybody is just like yeah mavis & zeref got their happy end mashima did a good job.
am I the only one who cried when they died? I mean well yes they are happy in after life or whatever but I wanted them to be alive. I expected them to die, but still they were precious charas to me & I really loved them the whole time and could always understand their actions. They are my otp since I know them. Maybe I am getting this all wrong but I have the feel nobody is actually sad they died.
But because of their death I am not worried about Natsu, bc it’s a fact macarov died, but he came back after zervis’ death, means that must’ve kinda healt him. And Natsu decided to be human anyway, so I believe he is no demon any longer since this last wave wasn’t death but live. I hope since mashima killed zervis, he may make nalu canon next chapter. That would be nice…
I know my opinion is strange, but rn I am just sad.

Huehue.. I’m still on the process of formulating things if I really want that position. Quality Engineer is not bad at all but I’m still thinking of other options like Supplier Quality Control/Engineer which is available to this certain company that my former classmate is working at. I wanna work on the field like in a production or something ‘coz it’s more challenging than to stay at the office for paperworks. No harm done, I’m just saying that I don’t want to be put in a monotonous working environment tho. There’s a lot of possible positions, there’s a lot of time and there’s a lot to come.

Yes, I badly wanted to work ‘coz I got a plate full of goals to achieve but I still have one sem to go. Good thing, I can have time to think of which opportunity to grab.

Me: opportunities stop right there
Also me: having all the time in the world.

God, please let me choose according to your will. Thy will be done my Lord, not mine.

literally like i study american history regularly it’s a si and i cannot name one founding political figure that was a good person. this country was built on genocide and yes every founding father would’ve voted trump and no i don’t care about the letters yes ive read all of the available ones i could find no i don’t care if they “prove” laurens fucked hamilton or whatever i literally do not care!!!!!! they were racists you theater kid

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Yo Will, Have you met Yanderplier? I feel like you two would be friends.

“Met? yes. FrieeEends? I would say so~ I try to be friEnds with everyOne, even Dark, and take the LEADER role in the friendships. Unless I have a good reason to not be frienNds with you…you’re con-sidered my friend!!” He took a sip of his hot tea and set it back down on his coaster.

 Wilford opened his drawer and took out Polaroid pictures.

 “I actually have some PICtures from one of our adVENtures to the park~ In this picture Yandere is SMiling with me near a po0ond and we’re both very stUNNing as usual. In this one, Yandere looks like he’s aNnoyed with me, but that’s just a little game pEOple play with mE~ In this last one, Yandere is stand-ing next to a person that died mysteriously when he poKed them with his coool swOrd. It was a well spent 3 hOurs!” Wilford put the pictures back in the draw and drank more of his tea.

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Do you guys have a Haruhi Fujioka?

          If by “you guys” you mean my friends and I then yes — @naturallyhosting is our MAIN Haruhi. However, that doesn’t mean that the fandom as a whole doesn’t want to see more Haruhi blogs. We do. Trust me. 

          Also, let me get real with you for a second. Each and everyone of us get in messages like this on the daily. This is the first time that I’ve ever received one, but I live vicariously through my fiancé ( @hostprince ) so I’m quite aware of the 593485934 asks that flood into his inbox every. single. day. I get it. You guys have good intentions — you want to join the fandom and all that. BUT PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF SPACE DADDY ABOVE. PLEASE stop asking us if we have this muse or if we want to see that muse. We’re all getting really tired of seeing these asks okay. It’s nothing against you. In fact, let me break it down.

         When people see a group of great writers together, they automatically feel the need to join. They want to be included. Guess what? YOU CAN BE! But only if you put forth the effort on your blog through your writing. We know when people are passionate about their muses and we also know when people want inclusion. We’re not even an exclusive group, so that was never our intention. And yes, we love the fact that more people want to join the fandom. It would be amazing to see the side characters /  minor characters appear because it means someone cared enough about this character to give them more life than the canon material ever did. HOWEVER, we are almost always disappointed when people join and fucking drop the blog within an hour because they aren’t getting the same amount of attention we are. 

          ROLEPLAYING IS ABOUT FUN. Join the fandom as a muse YOU want to play, not as a muse SOMEONE ELSE wants to see. Join the fandom because you love this or that character for your own sake, not because SOMEONE ELSE wants you to. JUST DO YOU. Do you!! That’s literally all we want! 

          And by the way, we’re not entirely exclusive to each other. This means we’ll happily write with another blog of the same muse. We’re all grouped together because the muns put forth effort to be friends first and foremost. We know we like each other’s writing. That’s it. Not for any other reason. 

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70-75 for the unusual questions :D <3

70: Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? 

Oh dear…um. No? If it’s nothing super dangerous, I’m fine with anything. Also maybe nothing that requires him to travel a whole lot (guess that counts as dangerous tho) or makes him famous xD sorry all 50 celebs who are into me, I guess that was it for you.

71: Can you curl your tongue? 


72: Ever won a spelling bee? 

That’s not a thing here I think xD tho I was the only one to get one complicated word right once, so maybe that counts?

73: Have you ever cried because you were so happy? 

Dude yes, I have. Mostly over movies/characters/songs/friends and that stuff tho so I suppose it’s more like…crying from good feels, not necessarily happiness just feels overload?

74: Own any record albums? 

No :(

75: Own a record player? 

My family has one, but since I don’t have any records I don’t use it.

Thanks for asking!

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Can i request a scenario with mark I loved the ravenclaw one.. can you write where he's headboy and Y/N is headgirl of Ravenclaw but they are very competitive so people think they hate each other but someone catches them making out?

got7!hogwarts scenarios are my fave like yes this would be so good

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I read a meta/theory a while back (can't remember who it was, it could've been you actually) which said they thought that Cas could be a prince of hell or he could like turn into one. What's your thoughts on this? Again, it was a while ago and I can't remember much else about it so sorry I couldn't give more details!

Yes it was @k-vichan I believe ! It is a great theory and has potential :)

I think its more likely that Cas is simply shown something that makes him do what he did as a choice because that fits his story Rather than being possessed / prince of hell but it’s still a good theory!

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following on from your anon, i would, however, like to see someone official call jughead by his full name; we got a hint towards it when the sheriff was interrogating him and we saw his files, but even then keller called him jughead. it's got to come out at some point, and i can definitely see it more in a threatening/intimidating situation than a romantic/affectionate one!

Yes I do agree with you I think an acknowledgement of his name would be a good in to his hatred for it and some of the things I suggested in my other ask, but I feel like we might get that this season especially with Jughead looking and living a lot more like FP now. And yes I do think it’ll come from a figure of authority rather than as an affectionate thing because Jug doesn’t see anything affectionate about the name Forsythe (I’m actually really curious as to what his mom called him now in this canon and whether that has any bearing on his feelings towards it)