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What is Motorcity?

Motorcity is a cartoon that was running on Disney XD for a while, before Disney mis-managed the crap out of it, then cancelled it and sat on the rights and didn’t do anything with them, like a bunch of jerks.  It’s available on iTunes, and it’s also on kimcartoon (altho there’s an audio error in those. I’m thinking about uploading my corrected copies somewhere so people can get them?? stay tuned)

ANYWAY.  In the Far Future, a guy called Abraham Kane (AKA Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker AKA The Joker) decided he didn’t like Detroit and he wanted a new city there instead.  So he built his new city over top of Detroit, called it Detroit Deluxe.  Deluxe is run by Kane Co. which is run by Abraham Kane.  

(((^^^ The difference between a villain and a supervillain??? PRESENTATION.)))

So now that the whole stupid “human rights” thing is out of the way upstairs, his only remaining problem is the people who would rather live under the city, in old Detroit AKA “Motorcity”.  Kane’s like “well, time to destroy this dump and build More Deluxe! :)” and Motorcity is like “hey fuck u we literally live here” and Kane’s like “I don’t know I can’t read all of a sudden”.

Our main characters have chosen to combat his drones, nano-viruses and private army with COLORFUL AND ECLECTIC CARS.   Our main is an ex-commander from the aforementioned private army, his name is Mike Chilton and I love him.  He’s good at basically everything, and you would think that would make him obnoxious but actually he’s a reckless, adorable puppy-dog mom friend who likes helping and driving too fast and diving off buildings and believing in people.  He’s also canonically mixed-race, so that’s kinda neat.  

He’s a Good Boy.

(And yes, the people who did the character design were also involved in Gorillaz, personally I like the aesthetic of Motorcity way better but they are similar in a lot of places)


  • it got cancelled, so  there are only 20 episodes.  And it does take an episode or two for it to get its feet under it.  
  • YMMV, but I would say the first episode I really really liked was episode 5. (And not just b/c the Duke of Detroit is a fukkin gift, holy crap)
  • not enough ladies, and also they fall back on that thing that’s like “nerdy guy likes the Cute Girl, doesn’t take a hint” and it’s really annoying tbh.  Both characters involved deserved better.
  • Rule of Cool.  This show makes 0 sense sometimes, you gotta lean into that to enjoy it tbh.  It is a silly, silly show (until the finale, then it fukkin destroys me every time)


  • Gorgeous, colorful backgrounds and character designs, super-unique style, #aesthetic for days.
  • a really fun, varied cast.
    • VILLAINS, the villains are so good.  Mark Hamill’s villain voice-acting is second to none.  A bizarrely flamboyant rock-star mob boss played by the lead singer of Twisted Sister, who is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil.  A disillusioned eco-terrorist with fascinating bio-weapons and a ruthless/single-minded obsession with doing the same thing to Deluxe that Kane wants to do to Motorcity.  
  • If you don’t mind some silliness/Rule of Cool, the episode plots are fun and I enjoy them. :)
  • Mike’s best friend is really anxious and scared of a lot of stuff and they’re adorably comfortable with each other and they have special nicknames for each other I’m sorry I have a lot of feelings about these nerds.  (can u tell what splickedy’s ship is lol)
  • There’s a lot of room for character interpretation and backstory and stuff, and a lot of implied worldbuilding that’s super fun to build on.
  • the creators are/were really cool with fandom, altho they’re busy with other shows now.  (the head writer retweeted one of my videos!! :D :D :D  I’m still super jazzed)
  • in conclusion it’s cute I love it and I love the characters.


Yes I got obsessed with this emotional hell-hole too there’s no escape now.
Like holy shit I could go on about my headcanons and ideas of Kraglin and Yondu for hours, specially Kraglin and all the little detail things I’m obsessed with about him in the movies but yeah, for everyone’s benefit let’s not do that.

This movie ruined me. : )

Originally I wanted to make it into a gif, but then Sai crashed on me like 5 times and my tablet freaked out so yeah I’m Done, it’s good as it is.

And yes, the background is the courtesy of uncle google, if I my comp could handle Krita I would have made a space background myself but yeah that’s for another time. As for the non-ghost Yondu coloring, the color of Yondu’s shading could have been better, but oh well I’m just gonna have to do better next time. Either ways I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

Kraglin and Yondu belong to Marvel

Art by @mexcraziness

Also since I can’t put in any links (thanks tumblr) check out my DeviantArt!

Frost (Chapter Six)

So this chapter has some of my favorite moments of the entire fic. No spoilers, but I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)

“Is there a reason for this particular banquet?” Tony asked, adjusting the necklace he wore every day so it lay better against his shirt. “It seems like you people do an awful lot of feasting.”

“And whatever could you mean by ‘you people’?” Thor teased, coming up behind Tony to help. “This color is lovely on you, Anthony.”

“Yes well, your servants seem to think you and I need to match at all times.” Tony rolled his eyes. “But we do look good all decked out in red, don’t we?”

“You shine brighter than I, my love.” Thor turned him from the mirror and brushed gentle fingers through Tony’s hair. It was getting longer and starting to curl and it made him look soft and young and Thor adored it. “Red might be my favorite color on you.”

“I thought blue was your favorite color.” Tony teased, and stood on his toes for a kiss.

“I rather believe nude is my favorite color on you.” Thor murmured into his lips and Tony laughed.

“I believe you.”

Thor sighed, more of a growl than anything, and lifted Tony into his arms before turning towards the bed, pushing the covers down to lay Tony out across the soft sheets.

“I thought we had a banquet to go to.” Tony protested half heartedly, feeling the electricity between them already rising to the surface, and when he ran his hand down Thor’s chest, sparks jumped between them. “Do we have time to–”

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okay so something about improving as an artist

I finally figured out why something kinda bugged me when people would say ‘wow you improved a lot!’

When you look at art someone has done, you’re only seeing the end result. You’re not seeing the time spent on something.

There’s been comparisons made between pieces of my art, between something I spent 6 hours on vs. something I spent 1 hour on, and the 6 hour one is considered an improvement.

In reality, I just spent more time on it. It’d be more noticeable as an improvement to myself if I had done it in a shorter amount of time–e.g. closer to 1 hour.

Like, a comparison.

This is from May 10th, 2016

and this is from December 14, 2016

(yay for inadvertently doing a ‘draw this again meme’) Looks like an improvement–and it is, yes, I got better at posing. #2 is drastically better than 1. But technique wise? While I used different techniques for both, actually didn’t adopt new techniques between these two time periods. Anatomically and color-wise I made conscious choices for both of them–while it was a good decision to use a color curve, and to go slightly more realistic on proportions, it wasn’t a change in my skill level, just my judgement. I also made a conscious decision to put more effort into #2, while #1 was more of a speed-doodle.

#1 isn’t fairly indicative of my ability. Look at this piece from February 29th, 2016, months before #1:

It blows the first image out of the water, despite being older. BUT, it’s about on par with the 2nd, save for maybe posing wise.

There is still a drastic improvement between Etna to Curly Brace #2, however:

It’s time.

Image 3 took almost twice as long as image 2.

Basically, improvement can be understated with respect to time: if your improvement isn’t so much you getting ‘better’ as much as it is you producing the same quality in a shorter period of time, most people won’t notice it.

Meanwhile improvement gets exaggerated with respect to experimentation and intentionally shorter things.

I’m not denying there’s mechanical improvements as well, but they’re a lot more subtle, I feel.

So yeah that finally puts into words some mixed feelings I’ve had for a good year now yay.

Only Us (Part Four)

Originally posted by lauraharrier

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 2170

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

“Not your best Y/N.” Mrs. Linden passed me placing my recent algebra test on my desk. I turned it over revealing my score. I groaned internally as I read it. D-, I hated algebra. “See me after class.” She added before carrying on giving the rest of the students their tests. I cowered furrowing my eyes at the paper as the end of class drew closer. The bell rang out signaling the end of the class. I stood up as I grabbing my test walking to the front of the room. The rest of the class slowly made their way out of the classroom. “Y/N.” Mrs. Linden nodded sitting at her desk. “I had asked you if you would attend tutoring lessons. And obviously you haven’t taken me up on that offer.”

“I don’t really have time—”

“School is very important Y/N. You need it to get further in life.” She responded. I opened my mouth to reply before she started again. “That is why I am giving you no choice. Ned has agreed to tutor you—I believe he talked to you already.”

“Yeah he did.” I responded.

“Good.” Mrs. Linden smiled and stood up. “Meet him in the library. He should be expecting you.”


“This is the only option Y/N Y/L/N. You will fail unless you start getting better and it seems like you aren’t putting forth any effort. So this is your only option.”

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starlumen  asked:

On art chain between you and nekophy, I dunno if I have a right answer on the second last panel of yours. I saw "not mine" and "mine". So that "not mine" is Reaper's code ? I just dunno, so better ask you instead 😁

Good question! And an important one, too. You might have noticed that, even though we haven’t seen too many character’s ‘codes’ just yet, they’re all different colors and no two look exactly alike. The way a character’s code is interpreted in this AU is much like a fingerprint - absolutely unique to the individual. No two will ever have the exact same looking code - no two share a color or how the code looks.

So while yes, Goth is ‘genetically’ made from Geno and Death, he has a code all his own that’s unique to the little bean. :)

What all the code from different characters share in common is that they have similar ‘traits’, meaning that they can be ‘read’ and similarities can be noticed. When Fatal sees something marked as ‘mine’, it’s because he sees something that the particular character has in common with his Paps (for example, like how Goth and Papyrus both are friendly). The ‘not mine’ refers to him seeing something that the character and his Paps don’t share in common (like how Goth likes dark humor, but his Paps doesn’t).

Hope this clears things up a bit! Also this is totes important information, might be good to keep in mind <3

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Saw You in a Dream, Pt. 1

hoseok x reader
genre: angst + dancer!au + roommates!au
word count: 7843
warnings: sexual references + language
pt. 2

“I know you’re in love with him.”

There’s an ache in your heart, a hole, desperately needing to be filled, unwilling, unable, to actually ask for that. Nostalgia colors your voice, wanting what cannot be, wanting what you had. 

The mirrors reflected his every movement, every breath, every huff, every sly glance, every drop of sweat that falls down his face and traces the veins of his neck. The music falls through him, entangles with his soul and runs through his every artery. You see the way his chest rises and falls, and the rhythm pulses through him in waves of gold magic, and he contorts his body in a way that seems almost painfully difficult but he is at ease. Hoseok’s face, a mask of cold, empty passion, doesn’t flush red like yours does when you dance and instead remains calm. Here, he is in his place of ultimate happiness, his metaphorical heaven of meadows and blue skies and flowers and butterflies. The soft tap of his feet of his feet as he flips across the room and the swaying of his dancer’s hips and the flourish of his hands as he leaps through the air, these all make him seem more lively.

The music speaks to him and ends, and you are left staring in awe, and you feel winded; your soul has left your body to try to find where his goes when he dances.

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Been playing a lot of Mystic Messenger and named my MC Todoroki.

So have this sketch~☆

Showing You Off- Johnny Gaudreau

Originally posted by giganticism

Ok so here we have Johnny being well… Johnny… no vegetables involved, but clothes which he needs much help with as well so… enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you please do an imagine where you’re dating gaudreau and you’re shopping but you go into a store where a girl you used to be friends with works there and you get upset and Johnny basically shows you off to her


              “Are we almost done?” Johnny whined as he followed you into yet another store.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I'm currently renovating and redecorating my place, and I'd like to order a commission from you when I'm done to hang up but I have a question! I love the sketch style you do but I also would like something with a little color, would you be able to do a sketch+color instead of a lineart+color? (Not that ur lineart isn't good!!! I just love the look of sketchy things 😍😍)

[ !!!! yes i can totally do that for you! but you’re cool i totally get that, sketches sometimes look better than lineart bc they are more fluid!! ty!

Naughty Girl

Pairing: Professor!Dean x Student!Reader

Request: Can you write a really smutty collegeproffesor!dean and collegestudent!reader fic?

(2): Hey! Is it possible if you could do a smut with Dean as your boss or one of your professors? Your amazing btw

100 Kink List: 22. Spanking

Warnings: teacher/student relationship, smut, dirty talk, spanking, professor kink

Words: 2418

Note: Ah, yes, more Dean smut. This is 98% smut, so…enjoy my little nymphos (I think I am going to start calling you all that from now on)

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Hey guys!!! OMG I just realised I hit 1k followers!!!! HOW?!!!!!

To celebrate this milestone I’ve decided to do blogrates and see your wonderful blogs! 

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So there it is! Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat or have any questions, requests :)

  • Prologue: just setting the Victorian patriarchal mood
  • No Place Like London: check ur privilege 
  • The Barber and His Wife: throwback thursday
  • The Worst Pies in London: in THIS economy… 
  • Poor Thing: she was asking for it
  • My Friends: some shit’s gonna go down
  • Green Finch and Linnet Bird: curse my feminist conscience
  • Ah Miss: I’ve been at sea for months and I need a wench
  • Johanna: nuclear ovaries disaster
  • Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir: Order now for only 19.99!
  • The Contest: the actor playing Pirelli needs to show off 
  • Judge’s Song: Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins
  • Wait: keep calm and carry on
  • Kiss Me: more like frisk me
  • Ladies in their Sensitivities: shut the hell up beadle
  • Pretty Women: tits & ass, yes, tits & ass
  • Epiphany: hot dad temper tantrum
  • A Little Priest: Any pun you can do I can do better
  • Good That’s Good: i’ll do anything for money
  • Johanna Quartet: SO DRAMATIC
  • By the Sea: this could be us but you playin’
  • City on Fire: zombie apocalypse
  • Wigmaker Sequence: you men and your inability to differentiate between hair colors
  • Not While I’m Around: mrs. Lovett, textbook sociopath
  • Final Sequence: eat your heart out, Hamlet
  • Finale: we’re murderers; you’re murderers. Have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

did u see that josh is still wearing nailpolish in his insta? i have So Many thoughts. like him n his friends n his sister all paint their nails just to be silly but for some reason josh can't stop looking at his own damn hands. they just look so pretty?? every time the polish catches his eye it makes him feel happy and Right, almost. like Right-er than he's ever felt. so he secretly touches them up for weeks, and when his sister leaves she tucks a lil jar of polish into his pocket bc she Knows

(i don’t have instagram so this is news to me)

and yes josh wearing nail polish is so good? and him just loving his nails so much and trying new colors and getting better at doing it until his sister jokes about being jealous that he can paint them so well. he really doesn’t care that a lot of people think it’s odd because he’s happy with it and never wants to stop. (sometimes he entertains the possibility of doing other things he was told not to.)

one day tyler sits down in front of josh while he’s painting his nails a soft shimmery grey and asks if josh can do his too, and he’s happy to oblige because he likes tyler’s hands, entirely soft save for his fingertips from where he plays the ukulele and the bass and the way the colors look different on him and how the sickly-sweet paint spreads over the shape of his fingernails and he’s glad to share these oddly tender moments, from his sister to himself to tyler.

isharan  asked:

"Good boy, you've done so well" - Techienician please and thanks!!

(You got it, my love!)

Techie, Matt has come to understand, is full of contradictions. He thinks nothing of breaking into private servers and hacking his superiors, but will flinch if someone even slightly raises their voice in his direction. He required basically no coaching when it came to sucking cock, but kissing seemed to puzzle him, require a few lessons–not that Matt minds teaching him everything he knows. (Not that Matt is really any expert himself, but he knows a thing or two, and he enjoys imparting that knowledge to a willing student like his boyfriend.)

And while Techie is eager to touch, and be touched, and kiss and touch and nip and coax sounds out of Matt, he is highly unwilling to get undressed, or get into much of anything unless the room is dark.

It’s not something Matt wants to push. If Techie doesn’t want to, that’s his own business. But sometimes, Techie seems almost like he’s going to strip, only to stop suddenly, embarrassed. 

One night, they’re kissing, Techie’s breath hot on Matt’s neck, and it’s so lovely–Matt can’t help but slip a hand under Techie’s shirt. Slow but certain, wanting,  “Can I…?”

Techie bites his lip. “I….I mean. It depends. Will you….mind?”

“Mind? Mind what?”

“I just don’t want to, to disappoint you, or anything like that…”

“There’s nothing about you that will disappoint me.”

Techie smiles thinly, but still seemed unsure, so Matt adds– “Maybe I can turn the lights pretty low. Not all the way off, but close. Would that be good?”

“Oh! Oh, that would be–a lot better. I would like that more.”

“Ease into it, yeah?”

“Yeah, yes.”

Matt goes and turns the light down, as promised, so Techie is just dimly visible, but visible, he’s there in the low orangey-yellow light, a color that makes Techie’s hair seem to melt away. He shimmies out of his shorts, then looks over at Matt expectantly, as if unable to continue without some encouragement. 

“You’re doing great,” Matt says. “Go on. If you like. Keep going.”

Techie lets out a soft laugh, nervous, but not frightened, maybe. He pulls off his shirts, all together, and Matt grabs him, not roughly but firmly, pulling him close, Techie just in his underwear, Matt in disbelief at how soft Techie is, how nice he feels. “More?” Techie suggests, still a bit quavery but sounding braver now, he’s initiating now, which pleases Matt to no end. 

“More,” Matt agrees, pressing kisses into Techie’s stomach, up his chest, between the lines of his ribs. 

It’s the last bit that’s left, his underwear, and he takes a deep breath before he does it, knowing that he will be fully bare for Matt to sort of see. Matt moves his head back down Techie’s torso, back down his tummy, lower, lower.

“Good boy,” Matt says, making Techie gasp. “You’ve done so well.”

If Techie wasn’t hard enough before, he is now, whimpering and twisting in Matt’s grasp. “Your turn,” he manages, as Matt kisses his hip. “I want to see you, too.”

It is such an easy request, Matt thinks, one he is happy to fulfill. “Of course, honey,” he says, pulling his shirt over his head. “Of course.”

“We could–I’d like to see you and–maybe we can pull the lights up a little more.”

Matt is even prouder now.

“Of course, Techie. Anything you want.”

Update Nyarlathotep and Meowleister

You may have seen the wonderful box that Narly (aka Nyarlathotep) and Meowleister arrived in a few weeks ago.  Well, Narly was here for a spa and some eye painting, and Meowleister was in for restuffing and surface cleaning.  Here are their before photos:

Meowleister only had surface cleaning, but Narly took a bubble bath:

Meowleister got restuffed and chubbiness approved:

Then Narly had some little wounds stitched, and a heart put in (it matched his outer colors and was dark, so I thought it was appropriate):

His person approved his chubbiness:

His person wrote: “Ha ha yup! Looks like he’s had a good meal of non-believers! I like it! “

Then it was time to fix up his vision:

Seeing 20/20 again and feeling great, the duo flew home to their person and the snails (yes, they come from the same family as the racing snails a few years back).

Their family wrote:

Meowleister and Narly just got home! Wow are they fat and squishy again! Narlys eyes look so much better now and Meowleister doesn’t look like he’s been dumpster diving anymore. I can’t tell you how happy I am and how nice it is to have these two troublemakers back home!They’re going on the bed tonight in their respective places and they’ll never have to worry about dumb roommates throwing them ever again. Once again thanks Dr Beth! I’ll most likely be in touch with you again soon!

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zeurin: What Am I To You? |


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